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					Spring 2010

              The Magazine of Lexington Christian Academy

              “We want our students and teachers to lose themselves
              in what they’re doing so they can find themselves anew.”
                                                            See page 12.
Homecoming & Reunion Weekend 2010                                                                     Save the Date
                                                                                                        October 1–2

                                    Plan to attend this year’s Homecoming!
                                    Saturday Highlights
                                    NEW! Homecoming Banquet, including:
                                      • 8th Annual Distinguished Alumni Awards
                                      • 2nd Annual Induction Ceremony for LCA’s Athletic Hall of Fame

                                    Other Special Events:
                                    50th Reunion—Class of 1960
                                    35th Reunion—Class of 1975
                                    Alumni Dessert Reception with Former and Current Faculty & Staff (1:00 p.m.)
                                    Plan to join us for great athletic events, the Fall Festival for kids,
                                    and the traditional BBQ under the white tent!
                                                                                                                        a 0 or a 5
                                                                                                         sses ending in
                                                                                           ar for all claestone reunion!
                                                                             2010 is the have their mil
                                                                                      to                                ittee for your
                                                                                                                                     ning comm
                                                                                                                    g a reunion plan            e Cook at
                                                                                                   tance coordinatin Alumni Relations Adriann u.
                                                                                If you’d like assis ntact Director of
                                                                                                  co                             nne.cook@lca.ed
                                                                                    class, please                            ria
                                                                                                            x129 or email ad
                                                                                             781-862-7850                                 ern Press Time:
                                                                                                                  Academy Lant                    10
                                                                                                 nion Plans as of                   ne 11–13, 20
                                                                                  Upcoming Reu mencement Weekend, Ju
                                                                                            —Com                                  @ya
                                                                              Class of 1950                       at iambettyanne
                                                                                                   Joy Fagerstrom                           2, 2010
                                                                                    Contact: Betty                        kend, Oct. 1–
                                                                                                —Hom     ecoming Wee
                                                                                Class of 1960 ick Schuhmacher at dicknj
                                                                                        Contact: D                                             2010
                                                                                                                               d, Oct. 1–2,
                                                                                                                ing Weeken
                                                                                                 —Homecom                       cs
                                                                                 Class of 1975 avid McCowan at davidm@fc
                                                                                         Contact: D                              10
                                                                                                                  —July 24, 20
                                                                                                 Class of 1990    , or
                                                                                                             ancock at fdha
                                                                                             Contact: Faye HDuprey at
                                                                                             Jane H  agopian
Table of Contents

Board of Trustees Chairman         The Magazine of Lexington Christian Academy
James M. Bolton ’72
Robert A. Lawrence
Treasurer                          2             From the Head of School
Joshua D. Bennett ’93
Diane C. Cambourelis ’82
                                   3             Trustee News
Mark Boivin                        5             New in Leadership Roles
Steven DesRochers
Michel T. Doreau                   6             The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Stephen H. Haig
Todd L. C. Klipp
Thom C. Lachman                    7             The Fantasticks
Andrew G. Mills
Charles T. Pu
Beth Somers Stutzman               8             Sports
Wallace W. Wadman
Frank E. Wheatley III              10            Scene around Campus
Trustees Emeriti
Richard Armstrong ’53
Gordon J. VanderBrug
                                   12            Lost and Found:
Head of School
                                                 Teaching and Learning
Mark R. Davis                                    in LCA’s Middle School
Director of Marketing
Editor, Academy Lantern            15            Scene around Campus
Theresa Anne Morin
Director of Development
Shelley Reese Cornish
                                   16            Alumni on Campus
Director of Alumni Relations
and Development Events             18            Scene around Campus
Adrianne C. Cook
Designer                           19            Class Notes & Reunions
Catherine Stramer
Charlie Gallagher, Chip
                                   24            In Memoriam
Vander Brug, and other
LCA Faculty, Staff, Students,                    Upcoming Events
Parents, and Alumni
Mission Statement
Lexington Christian                Cover painting by Soo Ji Jung ’10
Academy is an independent
college preparatory school
that exists to educate young
men and women in the arts
and sciences in the context of
a complete commitment to
the historic Christian faith.
LCA admits students of any
race, color, national and
ethnic origin to all the rights,
privileges, programs, and          “In her painting, senior Soo Ji Jung’s goal was to paint less from
activities generally accorded or   representation, and to approach her work from a conceptual direction.
made available to students at      She created this painting as a triptych in hopes of conveying a
the school. Questions should be
directed to the Head of School.    journey through three seasons of time with the color carrying the
                                   idea of shifting moods and attitudes. The branch links the story,
      The Academy Lantern
   is published biannually by      anchoring our passage through time and through the piece visually.”
 Lexington Christian Academy.      —Art Teacher Lyh-Rhen Lam
     The Academy Lantern
      Spring 2010 | Page 1
         From the
       Head of School

                                       Greetings from LCA!
                                       Dear Friend of LCA:
                                       A family new to our Academy once asked me what distinguishes LCA from other independent
                                       schools. My immediate response was the fact that we are intentionally Christian in the very fabric
                                       of our Academy, and that while there are many faith-based schools, LCA is distinctive in its
                                       approach. I’d like to share some additional thoughts on this with you.
     Lexington Christian Academy reflects the deep and lasting contributions of the historic Christian faith as we passionately educate
     young men and women in the arts and sciences. Over the course of 2,000 years, Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant Christians have
     had an indelible influence on society. Each of these important branches of Christianity is wonderfully represented throughout our
     community, in which our commitment to faith and learning is at the core.
     We are a school that places a premium on the concept of honor in how we approach faithful learning. We honor our parents and
     partner with them in the education of their sons and daughters. We believe everything that happens in our school teaches. Our students
     participate in an exceptional learning experience through the wisdom and guidance of great teachers. Twelfth graders honor our sixth
     graders by treating them with respect, visitors are greeted with smiles and held doors, lunchroom conversations are uplifting, and
     students are respected for their unique, image-bearing qualities of God. Our overarching goal is to honor God throughout each day.
     We are a school that is committed to Truth in our curriculum. We intentionally engage students with the Essential Questions facing
     our world today. Easy answers aren’t the goal, nor are trite responses to complexities ranging from earth origins to how should we
     live in a postmodern global community. Veritas—Truth—is taken seriously. Through the liberal arts in our college-preparatory
     Academy, LCA focuses on developing in students creative problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. The wise instruction and
     guidance of a gifted faculty result in our diverse student body being equipped to meet the needs of our global culture.

LCA was founded in Boston in 1946 by Christians who were educational visionaries. We carry forth today with a
Strategic Vision for preparing leaders to serve God and positively impact culture and creation.
     We pray for our students as they are preparing for excellent college placement and for a life of faith and service. We are a school that
     knows at its core the importance of aligning faithful hearts with responsible actions as our students and graduates go out into the
     world. Our vision is much grander than merely speaking of the successes of our students in academics, arts, athletics, and college
     matriculation, although we are certainly proud of our students and their distinguished accomplishments. We are reflecting on all
     that we teach and what it will result in when our students are 35 years old, perhaps married, perhaps parents, community members,
     church members, and so on. We seek to graduate joy-filled and confident young men and women who recognize their responsibility
     to God and the people of this world. Academics, co-curricular activities, community, parents, teachers—LCA seeks to promote a
     learning culture of honor, truth, and responsibility in light of today, tomorrow, and all eternity.
     All of us—students, teachers, staff, and trustees—thank you for your support of the uniqueness that is Lexington Christian Academy, here in
     Greater Boston, in the heart of New England, in the Eastern United States, in North America, in just one locale of God’s grand world. We
     hope you enjoy this issue of our Academy Lantern. Inside these pages you’ll find evidence of God’s sustaining hand on our school, founded
     in Boston in 1946 by Christians who were educational visionaries. We carry forth today with a strategic vision for preparing leaders to serve
     God and positively impact culture and creation. Thank you for your partnership with LCA at this time in our Academy’s history!
     Yours sincerely,

     Mark R. Davis
     Head of School, Parent ’10

          The Academy Lantern
           Spring 2010 | Page 2
                                                                                                                 Trustee News

Armstrong and VanderBrug Elected Trustees Emeriti
Since LCA’s founding in 1946, the men and women of our Board have held the Academy
“in trust” with their dedication to the school’s mission.
Last fall, at their Annual Meeting, our Board of        Trustee Emeritus Dr. Gordon J. VanderBrug
Trustees appointed Richard (Dick) Armstrong             (P ’86,’92,’97) served for nearly three decades on
’53 (P ’78,’79) and Gordon VanderBrug, Ph.D.            LCA’s Board, including a decade as chairman. He
(P ’86,’92,’97) as the first Trustees Emeriti of        shares, “I believe with all my being in the place
Lexington Christian Academy.                            of Christian education in God’s kingdom here
                                                        on earth, and in Lexington Christian Academy’s
According to Head of School Mark Davis,                 particular role in our part of His world.” LCA’s
the newly established Trustee Emeritus status           Christian perspective is the heart of Lexington
allows LCA “to recognize trustees who have had          Christian Academy, Gordon says, and is
a historic and significant impact on LCA and            fundamental to the school and what distinguishes
have helped make us the school we are today.            us from other quality secondary schools.
Additionally, these wise and faithful leaders
                                                                                                             Richard (Dick) Armstrong ’53
continue to have insights into the life of the          Gordon—who earned a B.S. in mathematics from
school, which will strengthen our Strategic             Calvin College, an M.S. in mathematics from
Vision.”                                                Wayne State University, and a Ph.D. in computer
                                                        science from the University of Maryland—recently
Trustee Emeritus Richard (Dick) Armstrong               received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the
’53 (P ’78,’79) believes deeply in the mission          University of Maryland and was inducted into his
of LCA and attests that his time as a student           alma mater’s Alumni Hall of Fame.
was transformative. “For me, it goes back to the
influence of my teachers,” he says. “That time          Gordon’s career interests have been in turning
was God’s workshop in my life.” Dick went on to         leading-edge computer science developments
Wheaton College and was then drafted into the           into commercially viable businesses. In 1996 he
Army. Following his military service, he began          co-founded iBasis, which earned global success.
his civilian career in social work as the director of   Gordon received recognition as a VON Pioneer
                                                                                                             Gordon VanderBrug, Ph.D., and
a juvenile center. Dick concluded his career as a       by (1999) and Entrepreneur of the         Cathy VanderBrug
senior vice president of ServiceMaster.                 Year by the Boston Business Journal (2001). The
                                                        company, iBasis, was sold in 2009, and Gordon
When his work with ServiceMaster brought his            presently serves on the board of the Richard D.
family to the Boston area for a few years, his two      Van Lunen Foundation. He and his wife, Cathy
oldest children, Rick and Barbara, were able to         (LCA’s former director of development), live
attend LCA. (His youngest, Brent, was too young         in Lexington and have three children (Jackie
to attend.) Serving on LCA’s Board of Trustees          ’86, Michael ’92, and Renee ’97) and five
during those years, Dick remembers that their           grandchildren.
most significant work was paying off the mortgage
the school had been carrying.                           LCA is pleased to announce that Dr. Gordon
                                                        VanderBrug will be the Commencement speaker for
Dick is a member of the Board of Trustees at            the Class of 2010 on June 12.
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (serving
as chairman for many years). He also previously
served as interim president of both World Relief        “We must always work for academic excellence.
and Pioneer Ministries. Dick and his wife,              Our parents and students expect it,
Miriam, live in Wheaton, IL, and in Fort Myers,
FL, and have eight grandchildren.
                                                        and, more importantly, God expects it.
                                                        He tells us to develop our minds and our bodies for His
                                                        service, and to take our respective parts in His kingdom.”
                                                           —Trustee Emeritus Gordon J. VanderBrug, Ph.D., P ’86,’92,’97

                                                                                                                   The Academy Lantern
                                                                                                                   Spring 2010 | Page 3
         Trustee News

                                   Boivin and DesRochers Appointed to Board of Trustees

                                   In the fall of 2009, the Board of Trustees elected   Of his role on LCA’s Board, Mark says, “I am
                                   two new members, Mark Boivin (P ’09) and             humbled and excited to be part of a group of
                                   Steven DesRochers (P ’11, ’13). James Bolton         strong Christian leaders who are committed to
                                   ’72 (P ’06, ’08, ’14), chairman of the Board of      serving LCA and supporting its growth. LCA
                                   Trustees, says, “God’s hand was clearly at work      has an outstanding history and I believe it has a
                                   in leading the Boivin and DesRochers families        bright future. I have great expectations of how
                                   to LCA, and I feel personally blessed that Mark      God is going use and bless this community for
                                   and Steve have agreed to join the Board and use      His glory.”
                                   their gifts and talents in service to God through    Trustee Steven DesRochers
                                   their work at LCA.”                                  The DesRochers family comes to LCA from
                                   Trustee Mark Boivin                                  Londonderry, NH, commuting almost an
                                   Originally from Connecticut, the Boivins             hour each way. Steve explains, “In our circle
                                   recently returned to New England after living        of friends, LCA has always had an outstanding
     Mark Boivin                   in Danville, VA, for several years while Mark        reputation for being the Christian school to
                                   served as president and CEO of DanChem               attend, but we never really considered it because
                                   Technologies, Inc.                                   of the distance. Slowly the Lord started putting
                                   As the Boivins considered the opportunity to         the pieces in place for us to investigate schools
                                   move from Virginia to Massachusetts, they began      for our boys. Once we started looking at LCA,
                                   to pray about finding a Christian school with a      we knew the Lord wanted us to partner with the
                                   strong academic program for their youngest son,      Academy in the education of our two sons.
                                   Joey, who was in eleventh grade. Mark shared his     “We were impressed with every aspect of LCA: the
                                   prayer request with a member of his Bible study      Admissions process, the academic reputation, and
                                   group, Steve King, who was the mens basketball       the availability of athletics and arts. After a family
                                   coach at Averett University. Steve said, “I know     meeting which included prayer and discussion
                                   about LCA! I have friends who love that school.”     about the sacrifice it would take from each of us
                                   After speaking with the LCA family, visiting the     to get the boys to and from school (we leave at
                                   school, and continuing to pray, the Boivins were     6:00 a.m.), our family unanimously committed to
                                   convinced LCA was the right fit for Joey. They       LCA. A big part of our decision came from the
     Steven DesRochers             were also thrilled that within a year Steve King     wise words of fellow trustee Wally Wadman (P ’87,
                                   accepted the position as LCA’s athletic director     ’89): ‘My father said, I want to leave my children
                                   and boys basketball coach.                           two things: my faith and a good education.’ My
                                   Mark and his wife, Fern, live in Quincy, and         wife, Cyndi, and I have taken those words to heart
                                   have three children. Joey, graduated from LCA        and believe it is our calling as well,” says Steve.
                                   in 2009 and attends Virginia Tech. Mark and          Steve and Cyndi have two sons, Carter ’11
                                   Fern attend South Shore Baptist Church and are       and Cameron ’13. The family attends Calvary
                                   part of a church-plant group working to spread       Bible Church in Derry, NH. Steve also serves
                                   the gospel on Boston’s South Shore.                  as treasurer on the New England Board of the
                                   Mark has a chemical engineering degree from          Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Steve earned
                                   Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MBA           his B.S. in computer science from the University
                                   from University of New Haven. He is currently        of New Hampshire and worked in the software
                                   senior vice president of corporate development       engineering field before founding Brix Networks
                                   at Ensign Bickford and serves on the boards of       Inc. in 1999. Brix was sold to EXFO in 2008
                                   Ensign Bickford Real Estate and International        and Steve continues to work for EXFO as senior
                                   WoodFuels.                                           director of the research and development group.

“It is an exciting time to be a part of LCA and see the school continue to transform how they teach the best and
brightest young Christian men and women—not only from New England but from all over the world—
equipping them for a variety of opportunities. I am excited about where our LCA graduates will find themselves
and anticipate many will be our future leaders in all aspects of society.”
 —Trustee Steven DesRochers, P ’11, ’13

           The Academy Lantern
            Spring 2010 | Page 4
                                                                                                               New in
                                                                                                           Leadership Roles

Morin Accepts Post as                                Cornish Named Director
Director of Marketing                                of Development
Lexington Christian Academy is pleased               The Academy is pleased to announce
to announce Theresa Morin as the newly               Shelley Reese Cornish as the new director
appointed director of marketing. Theresa joins       of development. A graduate of Eastern
the LCA community as a full-time member of           Nazarene College and Emerson College,
the Administrative Team after working with           Shelley has devoted her career to opening
the Academy for over a decade as the managing        doors for individuals by making high-quality
editor and writer for this magazine and other        education more accessible. Her previous work
LCA communications.                                  in development, constituency relations, and
“The director of marketing position was              admissions at ENC, Babson College, The Sage
established to advance LCA’s Strategic Vision        School, and Lasell College has allowed her
and to help the Academy maximize enrollment          to see the impact philanthropy can have on
and giving,” explains Head of School Mark            changing lives and communities.
Davis. “Theresa is a seasoned marketing              Mark Davis, head of school, welcomes Shelley
expert with a focus on matching vision with          as the newest member of the Administrative           Theresa Morin
strategic results. She brings extensive experience   Team. “Shelley’s background in development
in school-related marketing and a strong             at the day school and collegiate level provides
knowledge of LCA in particular. She has              a breadth of knowledge and experience which
demonstrated her dedication to promoting the         matches the desire of LCA’s Board of Trustees
distinctives of LCA’s mission.”                      to help the Academy become one of the best
Theresa welcomes the opportunity to tell             Christian schools in the country,” says Mark.
LCA’s story in this broader role. “I am excited      Shelley is an active member of the Council for
to be working more closely with our trustees,        the Advancement and Support of Education
administration, faculty, staff, students, and        (CASE) and the National Association of
alumni to advance LCA,” she shares. Her              Independent Schools (NAIS), and presents at
passion is to help make it possible for more         conferences regionally and nationally. Shelley has
families to experience LCA as an academy and         served as head steward at the Uxbridge Church
community that shines brightly in Greater            of the Nazarene, as president of the Beta Chapter
Boston and the surrounding region.                   of Phi Delta Lambda, and as the executive
A graduate of Gordon College with a B.A.             director of the Nazarene Youth International’s       Shelley Reese Cornish
in English and concentration in psychology,          eastern regional youth event. Shelley and her
Theresa has devoted her career to public             husband, Ben, live in Hopedale, and attend the
relations, marketing, journalism, and publishing     First Congregational Church of Hopkinton.
in both the not-for-profit and for-profit sectors.   Shelley is thrilled to join the LCA community,
This included full-time and consulting roles         saying, “I believe deeply in the power of both
with Christian Book Distributors, Beth-Israel        faith and learning to change lives and I look
Deaconess Hospital, Landmark School, Parkside        forward to helping ensure our faculty continue
Christian Academy, The John Templeton                to have the resources and facilities needed to
Foundation, National Hemophilia Foundation,          nurture our students intellectually, artistically,
and Northshore Christian Network.                    athletically, and spiritually.”
Theresa has served on the Vision Team at             Recognizing the strong legacy of giving and
First Congregational Church of Hamilton,             leadership at LCA, Shelley notes, “I am humbled
the Rockport Chamber Music Festival Board            and honored to be following in the footsteps of
of Directors, and the Gordon College Alumni          Cathy VanderBrug and look forward to carry-
Homecoming Committee.                                ing on the tradition of excellence she inspired
A native of New England and a resident of            among colleagues, alumni, and friends of the
Wenham, Theresa is a longtime member of the          Academy.” Shelley succeeds Cathy who served as
First Congregational Church of Hamilton.             LCA’s director of development for 17 years.

                                                                                                                 The Academy Lantern
                                                                                                                  Spring 2010 | Page 5
         Middle School

                                  LCA Middle School Theatre Presents
                                  The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
                                  Widely known as America’s first short story, Washington Irving’s tale still captures our imaginations
                                  after 200 years. Kathryn Schultz Miller’s artful adaptation, combined with the inventive theatrical
                                  imagination of LCA’s Middle School acting troupe, brought the story of the hapless Ichabod Crane
                                  and the Headless Horseman to vivid life last fall.

                                  Director’s Notes
                                  People commonly speak of acting as an opportunity to “hide” inside a character, when it’s
                                  actually just the opposite. A truly courageous actor allows the character to be a “glass” to her
                                  inner self (her experiences and imagination, hopes and fears, beauty and ugliness), and in so
                                  doing, actually becomes a “mirror” to the inner self of the audience member. Merely revealing
                                  one’s talent is a safe and comfortable act, and, as a result, holds no power other than to
                                  impress—its power never makes it past the edge of the stage. But honest self-revelation, though
                                  an uncomfortable and sacrificial act, is also a contagious one. It’s amazing how often directors
                                  forget the centrality of this actor-audience dynamic, but the continual courage and honesty I see
                                  in LCA student-actors always brings it back loud and clear.

                                  When I chose The Legend of Sleepy Hollow as this year’s Middle School production, I was
                                  concerned whether the story contained enough big ideas, questions, or themes. But as I began
                                  to witness the students infuse their characters with their own imaginations, experiences,
                                  and senses of humor, I realized that even a story as silly as this one could be, in a real sense,
                                  revelatory. There is something uniquely inspiring about witnessing a team of middle school
                                  students do the opposite of hiding. In doing so onstage, they remind and inspire those of us
                                  offstage to go and do likewise.

                                  —Andy Macdonald, Arts Division Head

“There is something uniquely inspiring about witnessing a team of middle school students do the opposite of hiding.”

          The Academy Lantern
           Spring 2010 | Page 6
                                                                                                Upper School

“The show only works if the audience is willing to bear that weight of remembering.”

LCA Upper School Theatre Presents
The Fantasticks
The original New York production of Schmidt and Jones’ The Fantasticks opened in 1960
and ran for 17,162 performances before finally closing in 2002, making it the world’s longest
running musical. This past February, LCA’s dynamic Upper School actor-singers infused the
songs and characters with such meaning that they left audience members with no choice but to
“try to remember . . . and follow.”

Director’s Notes
Rather than a big, brassy up-tempo show starter, The Fantasticks begins with a lilting
waltz called “Try to Remember.” And instead of dancing with toothy smiles, the cast
quietly faces the audience and sings. It’s an unorthodox way to begin a musical, and it
offered our cast a great challenge. Would this first song be a mere pleasantry, melodic
and wistful but ultimately forgettable? Or would it turn the tables on the audience’s
expectations and extend a compelling invitation to not just “sit back, relax, and enjoy
the show,” but instead to “try to remember, and follow”?

As with all acting, the only way to “sell” it is to truly mean it. There was no way to
“perform” this song other than for each actor to simply look out into the audience with
a genuine memory behind his or her eyes. Remembering can be a dangerous business,
even the sweet memories. But the show only works if the audience is willing to bear
that weight of remembering. And as always in theatre, to get the audience there, the
actors must lead the way and go there first.

This may all sound a little lofty for high school actors. Aren’t the kids just there to
have fun? That’s what I love about working with LCA students; when given the
opportunity to go for depth and impact rather than mere entertainment, they don’t
balk. They understand that we need these stories. And we need these students to tell
us these stories because they are younger and closer to certain truths; they haven’t had
time to build all the walls that we’ve built to remain safe. Just as they need us to lead
them into adulthood, we need them to lead us back to places we may have forgotten.

—Andy Macdonald, Arts Division Head

                                                                                                The Academy Lantern
                                                                                                 Spring 2010 | Page 7

2009 Fall Season Recap
When our athletes took to the fields last                                             goal!
                                                               r   celebrates another
fall they did not just start a season—they   Boys Varsity Socce
ushered in an era with the team name
Lions. With the new moniker and fresh
look—a logo designed by Ryan Flynn ’00
—our teams were poised in every way for
great seasons.
Boys Soccer took home their second
straight Eastern Independent League title,
advancing all the way to the semi-finals
of the New England Preparatory School
Athletic Council Class D Tournament.
The team finished with a record of 12-2-                               Tim Patrie ’10 was elected to   Kallan Roys ’13 feeds Marley   Lily Gantchev ’13, covered by
                                                                       the MA All-State Soccer Team.   Vazquez ’11 for the shot in    Corrie Vander Brug ’13, beats
7. Senior Tim Patrie, in addition to being                                                             Girls Varsity Soccer.          her defender up the field.
named 1st Team All-League in the EIL,
was elected to the 2009 Massachusetts
                                             EIL 1st Team All-League Players
All-State Soccer Team. As a striker, Tim     Boys Soccer
scored 12 goals and handed 14 assists on     Senior      Midfield Geoff Kishbaugh
his way to leading the team in points.       Senior      Midfield Michael Oliver
                                             Senior      Striker   Tim Patrie
Girls Soccer also had a successful season,   Senior      Defender Kjell Pu
finishing 6-4-5 and taking fifth place in
                                             Girls Soccer
the EIL. Varsity Golf (fourth place in       Junior       Striker  Marley Vazquez
the EIL), Boys and Girls Cross Country,      Senior       Defender Liza Davis
and Field Hockey also provided exciting
moments throughout their seasons.            Senior           Matt Dattilo
                                             Senior           Paul Mahoney

Cat Grimm ’10 shows her school spirit!

                                                                                                 Luke Smith ’11 an
                                                                                                 Cross Country. d Eric Donovan ’13 advance fro
                                                                                                                                              m   the pack in Varsi

                The Academy Lantern
                 Spring 2010 | Page 8

                                                                                                                                        2009–10 Winter Season Recap
                                                                                                                                        LCA’s winter season was another banner year
                                                                                                                                        for the Boys Wrestling team, as the squad
                                                                                                                                        achieved its fifth straight EIL Undefeated
                                                                                                                                        Championship, going 9-0 in League play.
                                                                                                                                        The team also won its fifth straight EIL Tour-
                                                                                                                                        nament Championship, placing a League
                                                                                                                                        record of seven weight-class champions! An
                                                                                                                                        LCA record of nine individuals qualified for
                                                                                                                                        the NEPSAC Wrestling Tournament, which
                                                                                                                                        was hosted by LCA in February (read more
                                                                                                                                        on page 15). Seniors Nathan Calandra, Paul
                                                                                                                                        Mahoney, and Josh Watts also qualified for
                                                                                                                                        the National Prep School Wrestling Tourna-
                                                                                                                                        ment, representing the highest number ever
                                                                                                                                        sent from LCA. Nathan was named the EIL
                                                                                                                                        Regular Season MVP, claiming 30 matches
                                                                                                                                        on his way to becoming LCA’s all-time leader
                                                                                                                                        in wrestling wins.
                                                                                                                                        On the court, Girls Basketball won 10
                                                                                                                                        games to a berth in Pool B for the EIL
                                                                                                                                        Tournament. The team was led by seniors
                                                                                                                                        Esther Brown, Liza Davis, and Kaitlin
                                                                                                                                        Edin-Nelson. Kaitlin was named EIL 1st
                                                                                                                                        Team All-League. The season for Boys
                                                                                                                                        Basketball was highlighted by a come-from-
                                                                                                                                        behind win over Concord Academy in the
                                                                                                                                        Battle of Lexington and Concord. The win
                                                                                                                                        proved to be the deciding victory for LCA’s
                                                                                                                                        triumph in the Battle, allowing LCA to
               Josh Watts ’10 br
                                ings his opponent
                                                                                                                                        retain possession of the Colonial Red Drum.
                                                  to   the floor for Varsi                                                              The Boys team was led by senior co-captains
                                                                          ty Wrestling.
                                                                                                                                        Carl Damas and Mike Oliver.

                                                                                                                                        2010 Spring Season Update
                                                                                                                                        The spring seasons got a very wet start, with
                                                                                                                                        over 50% of the games being postponed
                                                                                                                                        or cancelled in the first two weeks of the
                                                                                                                                        competitive schedule. After the wet grounds
                                                                                                                                        took some time to dry out, though, our
                                                                                                                                        teams hit the fields hard! Currently, all four
                                                                                                                                        Varsity teams—Boys and Girls Lacrosse,
                                                                                                                                        Baseball, and Softball—are pursuing .500+
Emily Picardi ’11 gets into the lane for a shot.                                                                                        records. The JV Baseball team, along with
                                                                                                                                        the four Middle School teams, continue to
EIL 1st Team All-League Players                                                                                                         work hard on the fundamentals of the game
Girls Basketball                                                                                                                        as well, building foundations for the future
Senior     Forward Kaitlin Edin-Nelson
                                                                                                                                        successes and joys of Lions Athletics. We’re
Wrestling                                                                                                                               excited for how the seasons will finish up!
Freshman 103                  David Newell                                                                                              —Steve King, Athletic Director
Sophomore 171                 John Fanis
Junior    152                 Luke Smith
Senior    125                 Nathan Calandra
Senior    130                 Paul Mahoney
Senior    160                 Ben Watts
Senior    189                 Josh Watts
                                                            Coach King instructs the team during the Battle of Lexington and Concord.
                                                            The game and Battle were won by LCA.

                                                                                                                                                     The Academy Lantern
                                                                                                                                                      Spring 2010 | Page 9
               Scene around

                                                  Three Seniors Named National Merit Finalists
                                                  Head of School Mark Davis is proud to announce that the National Merit Board has recognized eight
                                                  LCA seniors for their academic achievements—National Merit Finalists Amy Desmond, Rachel Durn-
                                                  ing, and Roman Madaus; National Merit Commended Students Carl Damas, Katherine Haig, and Sylvia
                                                  Wright; and National Achievement Award Winners Kaitlin Edin-Nelson and Stephanie Godlewski.

                                                  “It is with a sense of gratitude and pride that we recognize our three outstanding seniors as National
                                                  Merit Finalists,” Mark says. “I am personally proud of each of our National Merit awardees for their
National Merit Finalists, seniors Roman Madaus,   scholarly achievements, as well as for the manner in which they have honored God, their parents,
Rachel Durning, and Amy Desmond.
                                                  teachers, and peers during their tenure at LCA. Along with their teachers who have served as their
                                                  guides along the way, I congratulate each of them for this significant honor.”

                                                  Interim 2010
 Spiritual Emphasis
                                                  With 46 classes offered during Interim 2010,                Dr. Tom Adams’ “Team-Based Video Game
        Week                                      there was no end to the impact on the whole                 Development.” Senior Bible teacher Jeremy
  Every year the LCA community                    student—head, heart, and hands. Interim Director            Alexander examined theology as it relates to the
  takes time out of a busy week                   Janet Newell praises the contributions of all who           film industry, and history teacher David Jackson
  to deliberately focus on how                    expanded the world of students through academic,            mixed his passion for baseball with his other
  God the Father, Son, and Holy                   enrichment, travel, and service opportunities.              passion, American history, as he took students
  Spirit is moving in the lives of                                                                            through a case study of baseball as a reflection of
  our students, faculty, and staff.               She highlights guest faculty and LCA’s teachers,            American society.
  This year’s Spiritual Emphasis                  noting Harvard Professor Jonathan Whetstine’s
  Week, February 22–25, kicked                    biology course on DNA and genetic research;                 According to Janet, “The program expands
  off with local youth worship                    Harvard Professors (and LCA parents) Tim                    student knowledge and builds connections
  band Outlier Praise (including                  Nelson and Kathryn Edin’s in-depth look into                between what students learn in the classroom
  members Robyn Gonnerman                         history and political science with their course             and the world in which they live. It is, in essence,
  ’11 and Caleb McKenney                          on world inequality; and MIT researcher                     a reflection of the creativity of our Creator;
  ’11) leading worship. (Melissa                                                                              a microcosm of His diverse world in which
  Christmas ’96, is the youth                                                                                 everyone is unique and precious in His sight.”
  and band leader.) The band was
  followed by a message from LCA                                                                              Interested in being a guest teacher for Interim 2011?
  alumnus Pastor Mo Christmas                                                                                 Email Interim Director Janet Newell at
  ’92, from International Family                                                                    
  Church in North Reading.
                                                                                                              Interested in reading about how Interim impacted the
  Then, from Tuesday through                                                                                  life and future career considerations of Allie Parker ’12?
  Thursday, LCA hosted the                                                                                    Visit
  New Haven, CT-based band
  Out of Hiding, featuring singer
  and speaker Justin Kendrick.                    “Team-Based Video Development.” Instructor: Dr. Tom Adams
  After leading worship each day,
  Justin and his band members
  spent time with students in
  classes and at lunch.

                                                                                                              “A Whirlwind Week of Opera.” Instructor: Mrs. Mary Bulger.

                                                  “It’s in the Genes: From DNA to Cells to Organisms.”
Outlier Praise Band from International            Instructor: Dr. Johnathan Whetstine.
Family Church in North Reading.

                The Academy Lantern
                Spring 2010 | Page 10
                                                                                                                             Scene around

                                                  LCA Presents
                                              Students and Culture:
                                             Cultivating Inquiry
                                            across the Curriculum
Special Evening Program for Parents, Educators, and Youth Leaders
May 6, 2010
Keynote: David Kinnaman, author of UnChristian: What a New Generation Really
Thinks about Christianity . . . and Why It Matters, and President of the Barna Group                                       “As Christians of all generations
                                                                                                                           allow Christ to transform their
                                                                                                                           hearts, minds, and actions, their
Cultivating Inquiry across the Curriculum                                                                                  expressions of the Christian faith
May 7, 2010                                                                                                                will change, resulting in an influence
                                                                                                                           on society that we have not
Keynote: Andy Crouch, author of Culture Making: Recovering Our Creative Calling                                            experienced in decades.”
Keynote: Ryan Glomsrud, Postdoctoral Fellow, History, Harvard University                                                   —David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons
Featuring: David Kinnaman, Dr. Martha MacCullough, and Rev. Dr. Gregg Meserole

Natalie Cecere ’10: A Curious Mind and a Caring Heart
“Many students are excited about animals in the           Regional High School of Arts and Sciences, and eight
classroom, but senior Natalie Cecere is the only          years of advanced math classes every weekend during
student who came in every day before school to check      the school year. She’s also lent her leadership and ser-
on the snake, feed it, and handle it,” marvels biology    vice to the Campaign to Outlaw Dog Racing in MA;
teacher Alan Kalf. “She is also the only student who      to LCA’s school newspaper, The Beacon, as editor in
has spent some 20 hours on her own to dissect a rat       chief; and been a lifeguard.
just because it was interesting!”
                                                          Along with all these things, Natalie has another signifi-
Natalie, who graduates this spring, is finishing up a     cant passion: the adoption of children. “I was adopted
yearlong independent study under the guidance of          from China and so was my sister Amelia (though from
science teachers Alan Kalf and Irene Campbell. Her        different parts of China and adopted at different times).
initiative and motivation prompted her to propose, and    I was adopted in 1992, which I think only had around
her teachers accept, her study of Comparative Dissec-     290 adoptions at the time,” Natalie shares. Since she
tion. “What makes Natalie really stand out is her love    came to the U.S., Natalie, along with her mother, has
of learning,” says Alan. “Her interest seems born from    been raising awareness about American adoption of
a love of animals and strong powers of observation,       Chinese orphans. She has traveled to China several
combined with the patience it takes to absorb things,     times, and three years ago she was one of 30 American
notice patterns, and to find irregularities: ‘I noticed   teenagers invited by China to Beijing to represent all
these bumps on the skin, and I was wondering if that      50,000 Chinese orphans adopted by Americans. She
was normal.’ Natalie wants to learn about animals and     delivered the keynote speech at the opening ceremony
she makes it a priority. She sets time aside for it.”     before the minister of civil affairs and other dignitaries.   Natalie Cecere '10 at her lab bench.

Natalie’s curious mind and caring heart have led her      “Throughout my school career, the effect of human
to pursue a wide-range of opportunities on campus         interaction and care on the environment was always
and off. In Biology Lab at LCA, she rescued several       present,” Natalie shares. “As I progressed throughout
aquatic wildlife and studied and cared for them. She’s    the years, the message became more apparent. If I can
participated in the Design Camp Program at the            play a part in making the world a better place, what
University of Massachusetts (Lowell), the MIT Keys        better way than to be involved and do what I can?”
Program for girls on Saturdays as a middle schooler to
promote leadership and interest in science and math,      Natalie will be spending her three-week Senior Internship
the Adventures in Medicine Program at Tufts School        at the Museum of Science’s Live Animal Center with
of Veterinary Medicine, workshops at the Minuteman        fellow seniors Cat Grimm and Geoff Kishbaugh.

                                                                                                                               The Academy Lantern
                                                                                                                               Spring 2010 | Page 11
Teaching and

                                and Found
                       LostLearning in LCA’s Middle School
                   Teaching and

                                                                                             Painting by Soo Ji Jung ’10
                        The student was in a mild panic. “Mr. Sharon? Um, I can’t
                        find my homework. I know I did it, and I put it in my
                        binder—I know I did. I think I did. May I please go to my
                        locker?” It was eighth grade Bible class, and the assignment
                        was to read and take notes on the Gospel of Luke, chapter 15.
                        That a student would misplace her homework was not all that
                        unusual (middle schoolers do these things now and again); what
                        was unusual was that Luke 15 contains the cluster of three
                        parables all having to do with losing things—a coin, a sheep,
                        a son. As the young lady in question left for her locker, those of
                        us still in the room, students and teacher alike, began to smell
                        irony in the air the way you might sniff bacon cooking in the
                        kitchen downstairs.

The Academy Lantern
Spring 2010 | Page 12
                                                                                                               Teaching and
by John Sharon, Director of Middle School and Bible Teacher
In a few minutes, the student came back crestfallen; clearly the
homework was not in the locker. She walked into the middle of a
discussion of these parables—these parallel stories—that Jesus was
telling. Students were beginning to “unpack” them and see that
each time the lost item was found, someone threw a party. One
student noticed that the items became even more valuable once
they were lost and found, and it was at that precise moment that
the girl who had lost her homework (who wasn’t engaged in the
discussion) let out a joyful shriek from her desk. “I found it! Here
it is! It was in my Bible the whole time!” The parable of the lost
homework became the focus of our discussion for the rest of class.

I’ve thought a lot about that day in Bible class last fall, and it
occurs to me that it was a microcosm of what we’re trying to do
in LCA’s Middle School. Whether it’s through the curriculum,
through our teaching, or through the exploration of Essential
Questions, we want our students and teachers to lose themselves in
what they’re doing so that they can find themselves anew.

Curriculum                    The LCA Middle School curriculum is a rich one, full of depth and breadth. In Language Arts classes students
read fiction selected to introduce them to a world that might be unfamiliar and to challenge them (through the power of stories) to
solve problems in ways they couldn’t learn from a textbook. In Math they must tackle complexities and stretch their minds as they work
their way through the stages of mathematical development. In Science they discover God’s wonders as revealed through creation and
experimentation. In Foreign Language study and the Arts they come to understand the rich diversity and expressions of humanity in God’s
kingdom. Through Athletics they build strength, skill, and sportsmanship that support their whole person. In Bible they delve into the
mysteries of God as revealed in Scripture even as they come to realize that they will never know God as fully as He knows them.

In other words, this is a curriculum designed to capture and enrich the imagination. But no curriculum, no matter how rich, can do its job
unless it allows students to lose themselves in it. Otherwise, learning becomes drab and robotic.

                                                                       Teaching                Much of good teaching is hard to describe
                                                                       and even harder to nurture, but it involves inordinate amounts
                                                                       of time for planning and forethought and trial and error. LCA’s
                                                                       Middle School teachers are masters of their craft because they know
                                                                       instinctively that any lesson plan worth its weight needs to connect
                                                                       with the students both where they are and where their teachers
                                                                       want to take them. Good teachers know this, and our Middle
                                                                       School teachers are among the best I’ve ever worked with.

                                                                       The lost and found metaphor works for teaching too, because good
                                                                       teachers always remember that it’s never about them. It’s always,
                                                                       always, always about the students they are trying to reach. Teachers
                                                                       have to lose themselves in the class, lose themselves to their students,
                                                                       and lose themselves to what they want their students to become.

                                                                       Once, a long time ago when I was having a challenging time
                                                                       reaching the students in my classroom, I had a supervisor hand
                                                                       me a copy of the school’s magazine. “Read the Class Notes,” she
                                                                       said, “and remember that these remarkable adults were middle
                                                                       schoolers once, too.” In effect, I was being told to lose myself to
                                                                       the future; it was a lesson I never forgot.

“We want our students and teachers to lose themselves in what they’re doing so that
they can find themselves anew.”
                                                                                                                The Academy Lantern
                                                                                                                Spring 2010 | Page 13
           Teaching and

                                    Essential Questions At LCA we organize
                                    our curriculum around what we call Essential Questions. These are,
                                    for lack of a better term, big ideas that we want our students to wrestle
                                    with. We don’t want to feed them pat answers, nor do we expect all of
                                    these questions to be answerable in neat, five-bullet form. Rather, the
                                    Essential Questions are what drive teacher and student to come beside
                                    one another to explore a given topic in-depth.

                                    In Bible class, for instance, we might explore why, in the Gospels, the
                                    Pharisees were both opposed and attracted to Jesus all at once, or why
                                    God chose Moses—a man initially filled with doubt in his own abilities
                                    and who might have had a speech disorder—to lead the Israelites out of
                                    Egypt. Or in Language Arts we might ask, “What makes a piece of
                                    writing good? What can we learn about ourselves when we read great
                                    literature?” These are questions that require students and teachers
                                    to leave the comfort of assumptions behind in order to delve deeply
                                    into nuance and shades of meaning. In short, to do this well means
                                    losing ourselves together in order to find our way to Truth.

                                    In this GPS-driven age, we often don’t like the idea of getting lost. It’s
                                    too scary, too fraught with danger or at least fear of the unknown. I
                                    know of someone who, with no navigation system or map of any sort,
                                    deliberately drives to an unfamiliar place just so that she can get lost.
                                    For her it’s a spiritual discipline. It heightens her senses, she says; it gives
                                    her a renewed awareness of her environment. It makes her more reliant
                                    on God. It makes her pay attention.

                                    That, in the end, is why we want our students and teachers to lose
                                    themselves in what they’re doing every day in LCA’s Middle School. It
                                    makes us more alive, more attentive, more attuned to the Teacher who
                                    guides us in everything we do.

                                    John Sharon serves as director of middle school, Bible teacher, chapel
                                    coordinator, and coach. He and his wife, Amy, are the parents of Emma ’15
                                    and Walter, who will become a member of LCA’s Class of 2017 this fall.
                                    When John arrived at LCA in 2007, he brought with him nearly 20 years of
                                    teaching experience in English, history, and Bible, and a passion for diversity
                                    issues facing independent schools. He has served on the faculty of the National
                                    Association of Independent Schools’ Summer Diversity Institute, and was a
                                    co-founder of the Commission on Diversity in Independent Schools. John is also
                                    a singer, songwriter, and harmonica player who has performed with various
                                    artists and recorded with a New England folk group called the Heaths.

Leading and Serving beyond LCA’s Middle School
Back in January, when the devastating earthquake struck Haiti, Director of Middle School John Sharon challenged LCA’s Middle School
students to take the lead in organizing relief efforts on behalf of the Academy.

After many brainstorming sessions with Middle School student leaders (some that included Upper School prefects as well), the students
decided to host a co-ed basketball game with Upper School students squaring off against faculty and staff. They also designed special
T-shirts to sell with “Blue Crew” written in Creole: Blé Ekip. Then, Jim Bowdring, a sixth-grade parent who works in the printing
business, designed and donated special “LCA/Hope for Haiti” wristbands for the students to sell.

The basketball game was a rousing success—the gym was packed, the game was close (faculty and staff won by three points), and the
money raised from ticket sales, T-shirts, and wristbands totaled nearly $1,200. Everyone had a great time raising money for a terrific
cause. The money will be donated to Haiti through World Vision International. See for fundraiser pictures.

            The Academy Lantern
            Spring 2010 | Page 14
                                                                                                                Scene around

LCA Hosts NEPSAC Wrestling Tournament                                                                         The Blue & White
On February 19 and 20, LCA hosted the 2010 NEPSAC (New England Preparatory School
Athletic Council) Wrestling Tournament. The Tournament, well regarded as the premier wrestling
                                                                                                              Goes Green
event in New England, brought together 245 wrestlers and 100 coaches representing 46 schools.                 Visit for more news and
                                                                                                              stories on these highlights and
“An event of this magnitude does not go well unless you have enthusiastic people stepping up to help,”        more . . .
says Athletic Director Steve King. “This was not a wrestling event, or an athletic event, it was an Academy   •	 Art	Teacher	Chip	Vander	Brug	
event that needed support from all parts of our community—from students, to faculty and staff, to                wins Best of Show award for
parents. Enough cannot be said for the volunteers. LCA is a special place because, amongst many factors,         the Calvin College Alumni
it is a community that demonstrates tremendous hospitality and a welcoming spirit.”                              Ceramic Competition
With an estimated 1,200 people traveling through LCA during the weekend, one should not be                    •	 David	DeLuca	’11	and	Paul	
surprised that the Dining Room planning was crucial to the experiences, and stomachs, of all                     Park ’10 are invited to the
those in attendance. LCA’s guests gave rave reviews on the menu offerings, prepared by LCA                       All-State Festival Chorus
parents under the direction of Chef Susan Watts, wife of history teacher Dr. David Watts, and                 •	 Advanced	Senior	Research	
mother of senior wrestlers Josh and Ben and sophmore Rachel.                                                     student presentations May 26
Out on the mats, LCA’s team won its 5th-straight Eastern Independent League Championship,                     •	 Service-bound:	Garrett	Dean	
going undefeated once again in League play. (See page 9.) Steve says, “Our wrestlers are trained                 ’10 earns Congressional
at a high level and compete as such. Our coaches are, in large part, to thank for that. They also                Nomination for Air Force; his
contributed greatly to the operation of the NEPSAC Tournament. Coach Getchell and his crew                       mother, Lacey, is enlisting in
did an outstanding job keeping things running smoothly at the head table.”                                       the Army
Steve, who is finishing his second year as athletic director at LCA, says, “I was amazed by the spirit        •	 Luca Politi ’11 is admitted
of our community in hosting and participating in this event. I knew that LCA was a special place                 into the All-Academic
to be, truly as an extraordinary light in the New England region, but I am even more certain now                 American Fencing Team, and
that our community is unlike any other in our country.”                                                          is a top student of Advanced
                                                                                                                 Italian Language/Culture at
                                                                                                                 Harvard University
                                                                                                              •	 Fencer Tim Hanley ’15 quali-
                                                                                                                 fies for the Junior Olympics
                                                                                                              In an effort to better steward
                                                                                                              our financial and environmental
                                                                                                              resources as we keep you
                                                                                                              informed, we’re attempting
                                                                                                              to find the balance between
                                                                                                              printing news and posting news.
                                                                                                              We welcome your suggestions
                                                                                                              on what you’d like to see in
                                                                                                              the Academy Lantern and on
                                                                                                              our website. Please email our
                                                                                                              editor, Theresa Morin, at
                                                                                                     We look
                                                                                                              forward to hearing from you!

Members of the LCA Community Support
the Local Efforts of Rotary International
This winter, Director of Alumni Relations Adrianne Cook was inducted into the Lexington Rotary Club, one of more-than 33,000 Rota-
ry clubs across the globe. Adrianne, as LCA’s representative, meets weekly with other local professionals dedicated to service, high ethical
standards, and international fellowship and cooperation. Adrianne notes, “One amazing benefit of being a member of Rotary is helping
to bring Interact, Rotary’s service club for secondary schools, to our campus. Interact Clubs foster leadership and responsible citizenship,
while also providing a wide variety of opportunities for our students.”

Joining Adrianne at one Rotarian lunch meeting this winter was Sam Doran ’12, who was the featured speaker for the annual joint meeting
of the Lexington Rotary Club and the Lexington Lions Club. According to the Colonial Times, Sam’s “well-researched presentation on
the Town of Lexington from 1881 to 1893 detailed the major events that helped to transform Lexington during that significant period of
growth” in America’s history. A resident of Lexington, Sam received an award from Doug Holmes, president of the Rotary Club, for his work
as an unofficial archivist for the Lexington Historical Society and as a protégé of historian S. Lawrence Whipple. Thankfully for Lexington
Christian Academy, Sam also has an interest in our school’s history. You can follow Sam’s blog, The Lantern Chronicles, at
                                                                                                                 The Academy Lantern
                                                                                                                 Spring 2010 | Page 15
                Alumni on

  LCA Kicks off                               2LT Frank E. Wheatley ’04 Returns to Campus
  New Year with                               for Alumni Day
  Alumni Day
  Athletes and alumni were in
  high gear on January 9, as
  alumni, faculty, staff, and
  parents enjoyed this year’s
  Alumni Day festivities.
  “To have alumni return to
  campus who haven’t been
  back in quite some time is
  always a thrill. You can see                                                                               Sporting his new LCA T-shirt is Frank with friend Ryan Patrie 03.
  on their faces all their LCA
  memories come back to them                                                                                        Frank observes that there are three types of runners
  as we walk through the halls.               Frank Wheatly ’04 receives T-shirt from Athletic Director Steve King. who show up to the races: good runners, bad run-
  Today’s event was such a won-                                                                                     ners, and non-runners. “The good runners are ex-
  derful time to reconnect and                “I have an unreasonable passion for free T-shirts,”                   perienced. They pace themselves, and they are not
  remember how important the                  reveals Frank Wheatley ’04, with good humor. “For- intimidated by those around them. They usually
  relationships made here truly               tunately I am deployed to Iraq, where opportunities leave with free T-shirts,” Frank shares. “Bad runners
  are,” says Director of Alumni               exist for soldiers who are willing to endure running                  are the most prevalent at races. They do not consis-
  Relations Adrianne Cook.                    various distances to be rewarded with a free T-shirt!” tently pace themselves, and start too quickly out of
  For more information about                                                                                        a foolish desire to pass everyone at the start of the
  Alumni Day, visit A                There are typically two to three races each month                     race. Non-runners are the most admirable. They
  photo album of pictures from                on Victory Base Complex, the largest Forward                          are not influenced by faster people passing them,
  the day has been uploaded                   Operating Base in Baghdad. Race distances range                       they run with a sense of purpose, and they value the
  to the Lexington Christian                  from 5K to full marathons. Frank says, “I enjoy                       event and the cause more than anything else. These
  Academy Facebook page.                      races for many reasons, but the most important is                     three types of runners are obvious at races. I know
      Become a fan of LCA                     the break they provide from the routine of physical these truths because I am a bad runner. . . .”
         on Facebook!                         training. While many people do not enjoy running,
                                              the idea of running with hundreds of other people                     Visit for the rest of Frank Wheatley’s
                                              and a prize to strive for, changes a standard run into entertaining and insightful story of some of life on
                                              an exciting community event.”                                         base in Baghdad.

                                                                                              Fantasticks Alumni
                                                                                              On Saturday, February 6, an alumni reception was held
                                                                                              before that evening’s performance of The Fantasticks. It was
                                                                                              nine years ago that LCA performed the same musical, under
                                                                                              the direction of Rhonda Lajoie Hawthorne, and alumni
                                                                                              from the cast and crew were invited to return to campus and
                                                                                              relive the fun from their year. Alumni from 1956 through
Molly Joseph ’02 and Cat Grimm ’10—both       Jon Howland ’01 and Jessica Kanach ’00          various years up to 2009 also came out that night and
stage managers for LCA’s productions of The   reconnect at the reception.                     enjoyed catching up and a great performance.

Academy Fund Cabinet
Special thanks to our Academy Fund Cabinet
members who have helped us raise over
$400,000 to date toward our goal of $575,000
for this year’s Academy Fund. Pictured from left
to right, Steven Gilchrist ’02, Laura Donovan,
Michael Stevens ’87, Elsie Petrocelli, Richard
Schuhmacher ’60, Debra Sawchuk, Beth Somers
Stutzman, and E. Mary White. Missing from
the photo, Daniel Erickson ’92, Betty (Joy ’50)
Fagerstrom, Thomas Leavitt ’81, Cindy (Colby
’72) Miller, and Jillian Woods ’02.
               The Academy Lantern
               Spring 2010 | Page 16
                                                                                                                                 Alumni on

Founders’ Week Events
To honor our treasured history, Founders’ Week
was established during the month of April this
year. Events held during the week of April 19
included a Senior Class Luncheon and a Spring
Tea. Director of Development Shelley Reese
Cornish shares the importance of honoring
our past, saying, “Celebrating Founders’ Week
gives us an opportunity to reflect on the rich
and vibrant history of Christian High School
and Lexington Christian Academy; to praise
God for all the blessings He has bestowed          Alumni and friends gather for the first Founders’ Week Spring Tea.    Phyllis Martin and Edith (Luke ’56) Johansen
on our community; to thank those who have                                                                                look over photos from the past.
given abundantly of their time and resources
to make LCA the remarkable place it is today;
and to help our current students and families
know they are part of a legacy that has been
transforming lives since 1946.”

Officially welcoming the graduating seniors into
the Alumni Association has become a rite of
passage. Including the Senior Class Luncheon
in the Founders’ Week festivities made it even
more meaningful as members of the Class of
                                                   Three of LCA’s first ladies—Phyllis Martin, Grace Strodel, and Rose   Ron Sanderson ’60 shares another terrific
2010 were honored on Tuesday and alumni            Davis.                                                                tale from his CHS history with Director of
from our earliest graduating classes were on                                                                             Development Shelley Reese Cornish.
campus Friday for the Spring Tea.
                                                   education and I am privileged, as you are, to
Hosted by Rose Davis, wife of Head of School       continue in its support with my time, treasures,
Mark Davis and mother of senior Liza Davis,        and talents. For what we do today shapes our
the Tea included local alumni from the Classes     tomorrow, and I see nothing more important
of 1950–1962, who were invited to spend an         than teaching, through relationships as Jesus
afternoon with special guests Grace Strodel and    did, that we are made in His image and here to
Phyllis Martin.                                    glorify and enjoy Him forever!”

Rose shared with our alumni, “In a few weeks      To read Rose Davis’s remarks in full, visit
our daughter will join you as an alumna of LCA.
I am forever grateful for my children’s Christian

2009 Distinguished Alumni Awards
The LCA community is grateful for the count-
less ways our 2009 Distinguished Alumni have
contributed to our Academy, to the greater                                                                               Susan M. Mullen ’85, Service to Community,
community, and to the careers and services of                                                                            with her family.
our world.

Congratulations to Alumni Fund Cabinet
Member Richard W. Schuhmacher ’60, for his
Service to Alma Mater; NICU Nurse Susan M.
Mullen ’85, for her Service to Community; and
Scientist and Attorney Sharon M. Walker ’84,
for her Service to Profession.

To read the complete profiles of our               From left: Bill and Rebecca (Schuhmacher ’89) Noke;
                                                   Jill (LCA’s Executive Assistant) and Richard Schuhmacher ’60,
Distinguished Alumni, visit        Service to Alma Mater; Kendra (Schuhmacher) Bradley; Isaac
                                                   Schuhmacher; Jeffrey Schuhmacher ’93; Amy Richardson; and
                                                   Lisa Schuhmacher ’84.                                                 Dr. Sharon M. Walker ’84, Service to Profession,
                                                                                                                         with her husband, Eric Schuhmacher.

                                                                                                                                The Academy Lantern
                                                                                                                                Spring 2010 | Page 17
            Scene around
   Seniors Perform 10th
   Anniversary Evening                                                          Music for the Seasons
                                                                                Middle and Upper School students performed their much-
   at the Globe                                                                 anticipated annual concerts this year: The Christmas
   by Karen Elliott, English Faculty                                            Concert on the evening of December 18 at St. Brigid Parish
   For the last 10 years just before                                            in Lexington, and the Spring Concert on April 13 at the
   Thanksgiving Break, seniors get the                                          National Heritage Museum in Lexington. Under the direction
   assignment that now feels like a rite                                        of music teachers Ben Hawkins, instrumental director, and
   of passage here at LCA—“Evening                                              Dan Schmunk, choral director, students performed a global
   at the Globe.” From that point                                               repertoire for a delighted and proud audience.
   they begin forming groups and
   working on scenes from Shake-                                                In addition to the two annual concerts, Ben notes that during
   speare to perform on a night during                                          the Christmas season, “the students were given another
   the second week of January.                                                  opportunity to showcase their hard work. Upper School
   I love helping the seniors get up                                            ensembles performed a community outreach concert at
   on stage and recite Shakespeare,                                             Countryside Bible Chapel earlier that week.”
   something most of them have
   never done. Something happens                                                Ben is particularly proud of his Middle School performers
   to all of them, and to me, when                                              this year: “Always a highlight from my perspective is the
   the lights go up and they walk                                               Beginning Band students. All of us who have played an
   onto the stage. Suddenly they                                                instrument know what a challenge it is during those first
   step into a character who they                                               few months. And on that night they did a great job of
   never thought they’d understand
                                                                                showcasing their hard work. This class of five has really done
   and they speak in (what feels
   like for so many of them) a                                                  an exceptional job of laying down a good foundation for their
   different language beautifully                                               future growth as Instrumental musicians,” he says.
   and eloquently. So much of this
   is attributed to my best friend                                              For the Spring Concert, the Middle School Beginning Band
   and former LCA English teacher                                               and Middle School Chorus took their audience from the
   Elizabeth Eckert Coburn, who                                                 “March of the Brigadier Guards” to the Caribbean folk song
   took me to lunch one winter day                                              “Four White Horses,” respectively. Representing the range
   back in 2000 and shared the idea                                             of the Upper School repertoire, the Chamber Strings offered
   with me. The rest is LCA history.                                            Beethoven’s “Sextet, Op. 18,” the Wind Ensemble, “Ye Banks
   Our students feel safe to try new                                            and Braes o’ Bonnie Doon,” the Chamber singers, “Be Thou
   things and can “go for it” on                                                My Vision,” and Chorale, “Zum Sanctus.”
   stage. They learn to take risks, to
   work in groups for an extended          Music brings us to worship and to wonder, and we’re grateful for all the ways our students inspired
   period of time, to take charge of       us through the seasons this year.
   an assignment and make it their
   own, and, as a result, they bond
   as a class more than ever before.
   I look forward to many more
   “Evenings at the Globe”!

Chorale and Chamber Singers Release CD
Members of Chorale and Chamber Singers gathered for a marathon session on Saturday, April 10, to
professionally record their diverse repertoire of inspirational music. The result? A mid-May release of
Praise His Holy Name! Visit for more details and information about purchasing a CD.

                                                                                                                     LCA Chorale and Chamber Singers
             The Academy Lantern
             Spring 2010 | Page 18
                                                                                                                 Class Notes &

                      from the                  Webb, Gordon Fagerstrom, and me. Evie,              is our refuge in every storm. But Don does
                                                Gordon’s wife, wasn’t feeling well, so had she      say that growing old is not for sissies! We will
                      Alumni                    been there, she would have made it seven.”          celebrate 52 years of marriage this coming
                      Office!                                                                       June and we hope to take an extended trip in
                                                Carol (Mathisen) Fitzgerald Simpson sent a
                                                                                                    June after our second granddaughter graduates
Happy Spring! We hope you enjoy                 lovely Christmas letter to the Alumni Office
                                                                                                    from high school in Wisconsin. We will head to
reading what some of your classmates            with wonderful photos of the many family
are up to. If we haven’t heard from you                                                             West Virginia and then proceed north to New
                                                gatherings she and her loved ones had over
in a while, please let us know what is                                                              England, where we hope to see many of you.”
                                                2009. There were weddings, a Fitzgerald
happening in your life.
                                                family reunion, and a Simpson family party to
We love to hear when classmates get             celebrate Carol’s husband, Frank’s, birthday.       1960
together. Next time this happens for                                                                Reunion Reminder: Class of 1960
you, please take a photo and send it                                                                Your milestone Reunion is this year! Your
to me ( with              1951                                                classmate Richard (Dick) Schuhmacher
a note. We’ll include it in the next            Chuck and Pearl (Luke) Hershelman let
Academy Lantern.                                                                                    is beginning to plan this great event for
                                                the Alumni Office know that they moved to
                                                                                                    Homecoming Weekend. Please email Dick at
In addition to this bi-annual magazine          Sebring, FL, just after Christmas. According
and our website (, we now email                                                    or the Alumni Office
                                                to their plans, they were to arrive at their new
“Alumni eNotifies” approximately every                                                              at, or call the Alumni
                                                home on Chuck’s birthday!
five weeks. If you haven’t been receiving                                                           Office at 781.862.7850 x129, to make sure we
them, please send me your email address                                                             have your current contact information.
so I can add you to our mailing list. The       1953
Alumni eNotifies are an easy way to find                                                                                     Brown University
                                                Don and Mary Ricker wrote in their
out about upcoming alumni events, as                                                                                         Professor of Neurosur-
                                                Christmas letter, “This year has again
well as what is happening here on campus                                                                                     gery Conrad Johanson
that might be of interest to you.               been one filled with many blessings.
                                                                                                                             writes, “This past
                                                Don has been busy with his garden, yard
We’re all looking forward to hearing                                                                                         January, I was a visiting
                                                work, committee meetings at church,
from you!                                                                                                                    scientist to Austral
                                                being Grandpa, and celebrating his 75th
Adrianne Cook                                                                                       University in Valdivia, Chile. During the time
                                                birthday. Mary has enjoyed baking, canning,
Director of Alumni Relations                                                                        there, the activities included giving lectures
                                                freezing, sewing, knitting, and being
                                                                                                    to the students and faculty, and meeting with
                                                Grandma. We have both enjoyed singing
                                                                                                    neuroscience staff to discuss their research
                                                in the choir, Sunday school, trips with
1950                                            our church S.A.L.T. (Senior Adults Living
                                                                                                    projects. My wife, Nancy, accompanied me
Reunion Reminder: Class of 1950                                                                     on the trip to South America which included
                                                Triumphantly) group, and having all our
Your milestone Reunion is this year! Plans                                                          some touring of Valpariso and Santiago. This
                                                grandkids in the States this past year.”
are underway to have your 60th Reunion                                                              past fall it was my good fortune to present our
over LCA’s Commencement weekend,                                                                    scientific work at the International Neuro-
June 11–13. Details will be sent out            1955                                                chemistry Meeting in Busan, South Korea.”
soon—please make sure we have your              Reunion Reminder: Class of 1955                     The goal of Conrad’s biomedical research is
current contact information by updating the     Your milestone Reunion is this year! Jean           to “alleviate suffering from high intracranial
Alumni Office at 781.862.7850 x129, or email    Copeland Tabor has one in the works for             pressure, find new therapeutic agents to treat
Adrianne Cook at         this summer. Please contact the Alumni              brain fluid imbalances, and to devise strategies
                                                Office at 781.862.7850 x129, or email               to minimize neural stem cell loss in the brain
Betty (Joy) Fagerstrom keeps in close touch for more information.         (so that we can maintain cognition longer in
with the Alumni Office. At the end of the                                                           life).” Conrad appreciates the connections he
summer she wrote, “Thought you might                                                                has—and discovers—with his fellow CHS/
be interested in this. The Conference (at       1956                                                LCA alumni. He recently found out that one
Rumney) is officially over for the summer but                         Pat (Smith) Cole writes,
                                                                                                    of the published reviewers he had cited in an
we had a small singspiration on our porch                             “Life continues to be full
                                                                                                    article for a research journal is an LCA gradu-
last Sunday night. Of the 17 who came,                                and eventful even though
                                                                                                    ate from the 1980s. He says, “Small world,
six were CHS alumni. What do you think                                we’ve been retired for five
                                                                                                    isn’t it, with a lot of wonderful surprises. God
of that? Marilyn Nickerson Buck, Lillian                              years. Health problems
                                                                                                    is good, with His manifold blessings.”
Hustins Migliorini, Janet Fagerstrom, Fred                            do not deter us as God

                                                                                                                  The Academy Lantern
                                                                                                                  Spring 2010 | Page 19
            Class Notes &

                                                   Class of 1959 Celebrates
                                                   50th Reunion
                                                   The Class of 1959 celebrated their 50th Reunion at
1962                                               the home of Richard and Jo-Ann (Fullerton) Jensen
Always working to keep his classmates connected,
                                                   on Cape Cod. There were 13 of the 33 classmates in
Joe Fitzgerald sent in a terrific article on his
                                                   attendance with their spouses. Surprise guests were Sue (Peterson ’61) Roney, Alumni Director Adrianne
classmate Bradley Clarke. Joe wrote, “The
Bradley Clarke that emerged in this piece is the   Cook, and their very special teacher whom they all love dearly, Grace Strodel.
same one I remember from 20 Garden Street in       After a two-hour Hy-Line cruise through the Cape Cod Canal, the Class shared a delicious meal at the
Cambridge. I felt both pride and nostalgia as I    Beachmoor Restaurant, right on the Bay. The evening closed with dessert at the Jensens. “There was
read of the high regard in which you are held.”
                                                   so much fun and love exhibited among us all that we can’t wait for our 55th Reunion! Mrs. Strodel has
The Boston Globe article is entitled “Transit      already been invited!” reports Reunion Representative Jo-Ann (Fullerton) Jensen.
Archeology,” dated Saturday, December 26,
                                                   Classmates in attendance were Marilyn (Nickerson) Buck, Bob Gardner, Joanne (Powell) Haller,
2009, and tells the amazing story of Boston’s
                                                   Reverend Jim Harding, Lois (Nelson) Hubley, Reverend Paul Hubley, Evelena (Cummings) John-
abandoned subway network. Bradley is
the president of the Boston Street Railway         son, Reverend Bill McNeilly, Carl Schauffle, George St. Cyr, Joan Welsh, Don Werenko, and Helen
Association and assisted in a tour of this         (Espenhaim) Williams. Phone calls were made to David Danforth, Paul Findley, and Eric Lidh.
network which casts light on how our current
T system was developed. Noah Bierman, the
article’s author, states that Bradley “probably    1970                                                      1980
knows as much about the Massachusetts Bay          Reunion Reminder: Class of 1970                           Reunion Reminder: Class of 1980
Transportation Authority’s past as anyone.”        Your milestone Reunion is this year! If you’d             Your milestone Reunion is this year! If you’d
                                                   like to help coordinate a planning committee              like to help coordinate a planning committee
Classmate Dr. Frank Raymond emailed,
                                                   for your class, please contact the Alumni                 for your class, please contact the Alumni
“Thanks for keeping our family on the
                                                   Office at 781.862.7850 x129, or email                     Office at 781.862.7850 x129, or email
alumni listing for up-to-date news and
                                                   Adrianne Cook at                   Adrianne Cook at
progress. I do wish we lived closer, but the
Lord has placed us in great pastures in Ohio.
We are planning on attending our 50th              1975                                                      1981
Reunion in 2012. Hello to all my classmates        Reunion Reminder: Class of 1975                           After noticing her name on the “Miss-
and I hope to see you soon!”                       Your milestone Reunion is this year! Classmate            ing Alumni” list on LCA’s website, Lisa
                                                   David McCowan is in the process of starting               (Duecker) Gallington contacted the Alumni
                                                   to plan it for Homecoming Weekend. Please                 Office. She shares, “My husband, Carl, and
1965                                               contact the Alumni Office at 781.862.7850                 I have been married 26 years. We have two
Reunion Reminder: Class of 1965
                                                   x129, or email Adrianne Cook at adrianne.                 grown children, Lorissa and Jonathan, and
Your milestone Reunion is this year! If you’d
                                          to make sure we have your                    two grandchildren, Sirius and Airianna. I
like to help coordinate a planning committee
                                                   current email and mailing address.                        work for Procter & Gamble and recently au-
for your class, please contact the Alumni
                                                                                                             thored a book entitled Friendship’s Promised
Office at 781.862.7850 x129, or email
                                                                                                             Land. I serve as an area representative for
Adrianne Cook at            1979
                                                                                                             the Ohio Valley District Alliance Women
                                                   After a successful career as a landscape architect,
                                                                                                             Ministries for the Christian & Missionary
                                                   Lt. Col. Scott Anderson joined the U.S. Army
1968                                               following the events of 9/11. He received his
                                                                                                             Alliance church.”
Dan Kiser, the Massachusetts Basketball
                                                   training at Fort Knox in Kentucky and was
Coaches Association Chairperson, contacted
the Alumni Office to let us know that Paul
                                                   then transferred to Fort Sheldon in Mississippi.          1982
                                                   Through hard work and his heartfelt                       The Boston Globe reports that Kevin
Rouse has been named the MBCA Division III
                                                   commitment to his country, he rose to the rank            Sowyrda will be managing media relations
North Coach of the Year. The Hall of Fame
                                                   of major in the U.S. Army.                                for Christy Mihos’ campaign for governor of
Banquet was held on November 22, 2009, at
                                                                                                             Massachusetts. Kevin has been a press aide
The Hogan Center at The College of the Holy        In 2009, Scott was promoted to Lt. Colonel
                                                                                                             for the Weld administration and former Bay
Cross in Worcester. Paul has been a head           at a ceremony held at Fort Sheldon with his
                                                                                                             Windows columnist.
basketball coach for 34 years and earned this      daughter and parents in attendance. Scott
award in his first year of coaching in Weston.     believes the education he received while at LCA
Congratulations, Paul!                             greatly contributed to his accomplishments.

              The Academy Lantern
              Spring 2010 | Page 20
                                                                                                                    Class Notes &

1985                                                                                                     1995
Reunion Reminder: Class of 1985                                                                          Reunion Reminder: Class of 1995
                                                     At Christmastime 2009, four classmates from
Your milestone Reunion is this year! If you’d                                                            Your milestone Reunion is this year! If you’d
                                                     the Class of 1999 got together for bowling
like to help coordinate a planning committee                                                             like to help coordinate a planning committee
                                                     and dinner. Pictured left to right; Julie Steele,
for your class, please contact the Alumni                                                                for your class, please contact the Alumni
                                                     Joshua Gabrielse, Keith McClymonds, and
Office at 781.862.7850 x129, or email                                                                    Office at 781.862.7850 x129, or email
                                                     Matt Scerra.
Adrianne Cook at                                                                  Adrianne Cook at

1989                                                 is currently training for her second Ironman        1998
Kristina Hughes’ company, Holdon Log, The            triathlon in Lake Placid, NY.                       Emmett Doreau was born to Phil and
Standard in Performer Organizational Tools,                                                              Heidi Doreau on October 4, 2009.
celebrates the one-year launch of Performer-         Robert Huegel sends in a brief update that          Emmett was 8 pounds, 3 ounces, and the
Track webware. Kristina notes, “It’s amazing         back in November of 2008 he was hurt in a           first grandchild for Trustee Mike Doreau
that we have now been assisting the global           roofing fall and has been disabled since. “I        and his wife, Kathleen.
performing community with running their busi-        am looking at a few more surgeries, but, the
nesses as a business for almost 10 years. Whether    Lord willing, I’ll be mostly healed and walking
                                                     somewhat normally sometime in the spring of
performers are at home, on tour, running around
                                                                                                                             Christina Galanes
on their iPhone, Gphones, Blackberries, etc. for     next year.” Please keep Robert in your prayers.
                                                                                                                             married Jake Van
daily appointments, they now have had their
                                                                                                                             Riper on August
info at their fingertips for the past year with      1993                                                                    15, 2009, in an
PerformerTrack so they can be centered, han-                              Stacey (Hallman)                                   outdoor ceremony in
dling auditions and networking events with ease,                          Blaisdell received a                               Kimberton, PA. LCA
turning contacts into connections, embellishing                           graduate certificate           alumni in attendance were Stefanie (Chin)
on what’s working and eliminating what is not                             in Applied Behavior            Lau ’98 and Sarah (Halsey) Chatigny ’00.
to ultimately leverage this information to move                           Analysis (ABA) from
their career forward. We’re eliminating the strug-                        UMass Boston in July
gling actor mentality one performer at a time.”      2009. In November 2009, Stacey passed the
                                                                                                         Reunion Reminder: Class of 2000
Reunion Reminder: Class of 1990                      board exam to become a Board Certified
                                                                                                         Your milestone Reunion is this year! If you’d
Your milestone Reunion is this year! Classmates      Behavior Analyst. Stacey works as a behavior
                                                                                                         like to help coordinate a planning committee
Faye Hancock ( and Jane                specialist at the Northshore Education
                                                                                                         for your class, please contact the Alumni
Hagopian Duprey ( are               Consortium in Beverly, MA. She assists
                                                                                                         Office at 781.862.7850 x129, or email
in the process of starting to plan it. Check         children with autism and intensive special
                                                                                                         Adrianne Cook at
out the LCA Class of 1990 Facebook                   needs, helping to build behavior supports
page. Please contact the Alumni Office               within the classroom environment. She lives                              Janet Creech sent
at 781.862.7850 x129, or email Adrianne              in Salem, with her husband, Marc, and their                              us this update, “I
Cook at to make                children Noah (5) and Chloe (3).                                         graduated with my
sure we have your current email and                                                                                           master’s in speech-
                                                     According to Stacey, “My inspiration to pursue
mailing address.                                                                                                              language pathology
                                                     behavior analysis came from my son, Noah.
                                                                                                                              from Worcester State
                                                     Noah was diagnosed with an autism spectrum
                                                                                                         College in December 2008. I’m now
                       1991                          disorder at age three. Through intensive
                                                                                                         working for an early intervention agency
                       Keri (Claiborne) Boyle        applied behavior analysis therapy and by the
                                                                                                         in Woburn. I provide speech therapy to
                       writes to announce            grace of God, Noah has made tremendous
                                                                                                         children under age three in their homes and
                       the birth of her third        gains and is truly a success story. He will be
                                                                                                         am enjoying the challenge. Included is a
                       (“and final!”) baby.          entering kindergarten in the fall, and will be
                                                                                                         picture from my graduation.”
                       Nolan Andrew Boyle            able to be educated in a typical class in public
was born on February 24, 2009. He joins big          school. Knowing what ABA therapy can do for
sisters Riley (6) and Kayleigh (4). Keri and         kids with autism, I wanted to learn as much
her husband, Andrew, live in Wellesley, MA.          as possible, and be able to help other kids gain
Keri is a triathlon and running coach, and           the skills they need to be successful in life.”

                                                                                                                      The Academy Lantern
                                                                                                                      Spring 2010 | Page 21
           Class Notes &

                     Adrian Wright emailed        Class of 2003
                     the Alumni Office            Gathers for the Holidays
                     with this news: “A           On Saturday, December 26, 2009, most people
                     quick update from our        were resting after a busy holiday. Not so for
                     neck of the woods!           some of the members of the Class of 2003
                     My wife, Cassandra,          as they got together at Kinsale, a restaurant
                     and I are thankful           in Boston. “The Reunion was a blast! The
                     for God’s generous           venue was great and we had a good turnout.       Back row: Austin Klipp, Laura Laver, Lauren
                     gift to us—our first         Obviously we would have liked more, but it       Clark, Ryan Patrie, Nate Macchia, Dave Reid, and
                     child, Sukey Maureen.        was still great seeing everyone who did come.    Shant Broukian. Middle row: Christina Kammel,
She was born July 31. I’ve included a few         We had about 16 people from our Class attend.    Helen Vetrano, Jenn Chuli, Luke Anderson,
pictures from her first couple of days.                                                            and Tegan Cody. Front row: Elena (Lombard)
                                                  The picture shows almost everyone there,”
                                                                                                   Woychowski, David Showalter, and Jenna Byrnes.
“A bit about the rest of our lives—we are         Reunion Representative Jenna Byrnes shares.
currently living near Pittsburgh. Cassandra
and I met at Geneva College and we’ve           Steve says, “I have worked as a seasonal           2003
been married for four years. Cassandra runs     park ranger with the MA Department of                                         After graduating from
a small business out of our home and I’m        Conservation and Recreation since April 2007.                                 Liberty University and in-
working as a software developer for a medical   I mainly work at the Charles River Esplanade                                  terning for a public policy
robotics firm. I also take evening classes      in Boston. Last year, I took over writing the                                 firm in Washington, D.C.,
toward a master’s degree in information         weekly staff newsletter for the north region                                  Ryan Patrie has come
technology at Carnegie Mellon University.       rangers in the Division of Urban Parks. At the                                back to LCA to work in
We are active in our local church, and my       end of the season in November, I compiled a        the Admissions Office. In addition to his vital role
brother, Brian (Wright ’06), lives nearby       55-page booklet that was an overview of the        in Admissions, Ryan is also the LCA Girls Varsity
while he attends Geneva College.                summer season for the seasonal rangers. Each       Soccer coach and Boys Varsity Lacrosse coach.
                                                year that I have worked at the DCR I have          After a successful and enjoyable first season as the
“We look forward with anticipation to my
                                                written an essay about a different topic related   Girls Soccer coach, Ryan says, “I am glad to be
sister Sylvia’s (Wright ’10) graduation from
                                                to parks and recreation. My most recent essay      back in the awesome community that is LCA and
LCA this year. My time at LCA was a blessed
                                                was about two parks in the Boston area—JFK         be a part of the athletic program that was greatly
one—the friendships that I made there will
                                                Park in Cambridge and MacDonald Park in            responsible for my valuable high school experience.
last for many years, and I learned much
                                                Medford. I was selected as the 2009 DCR            As an LCA Lacrosse alumnus I am excited to be
about our great and holy God.”
                                                Ranger of the Year for the Division of Urban       back coaching the program that brought me my
                                                Parks and Recreation. Outside of work I            first experience with the great sport of lacrosse.”
2002                                            started a blog last year where I write about
                                                social issues, history, and current events. Here                           Announcing their
                                                is the link: http://articlesbystevengilchrist.                             engagement is Carolyn
                                      ”                                                            Welch and Erich
                                                                                                                           Fournier! After her
                                                                      Abbie (Prescott)                                     graduation from LCA,
                                                                      Wrights married Chris                                Carolyn attended
                                                                      Wrights on June 6,           Gordon College and received her bachelor’s
Steve Gilchrist was one of our alumni who
                                                                      2009 in Lewisville,          degree in English in 2007. She is finishing her
visited campus for Alumni Day in early
                                                                      NC. “We now reside in        master’s degree in education, also at Gordon.
January. Following his visit, he writes, “My
                                                                      Clemmons, NC. Chris          Her goal is to start teaching middle school
girlfriend, Serena, and I had a great time
                                                owns Wrights Nursery and Landscaping               English this year. Erich attended UConn and
at the LCA Alumni Basketball Game last
                                                and I work as a Research Coordinator in the        graduated with a mechanical engineering
weekend. It was a lot of fun to be back and
                                                Health and Exercise Science Department at          degree. He currently works as a development
talk with former classmates and teachers
                                                Wake Forest University. Monica Wallace             engineer for Thermo Fisher Scientific in
and meet new alumni.”
                                                played the piano for the ceremony and my           Hudson, NH. Carolyn writes, “We plan
                                                father, Rev. Dr. Glenn Prescott (former            to marry late spring 2010. We have fond
                                                LCA faculty member) officiated.”                   memories of our time at LCA.”
             The Academy Lantern
             Spring 2010 | Page 22
                                                                                                                       Class Notes &

2004                                              graduate and start working in the engineering           The photo included is of Sam with Cameron.
Reunion Reminder: Class of 2004                   consulting industry. I must say that being able         Sam writes, “Over spring break of 2009 I
Your milestone Reunion is this year! Plans        to work at an engineering consulting firm for           went to Ave Maria, Florida, and helped install
are in process, so please make sure the           my Senior Internship at LCA has opened a lot            Marshall and Ogletree’s ‘Opus 5’ organ in
Alumni Office has your email address. Email       more employment opportunities than I ever               the oratory of Ave Maria University. At some
Adrianne Cook at           thought when I was a high school senior!”               point during this year I will be doing a recital
                                                                                                          at Tremont Temple in Boston. I continue to
                       Jacob Russell visited                                                              serve as the organist for the Washington Street
                       campus with his beauti-    2006
                                                                                                          Baptist Church in Lynn as I have been since
                       ful daughter, Julia. He    There’s engagement news for Roberta Giardi
                                                                                                          my freshman year at LCA. ”
                       couldn’t stay long as he   and Dave Sulouff! The couple shares, “Dave
                       was flying back out to     proposed at the end of May and we’ll be
                       San Diego, CA, where       married in Massachusetts next June, after               2009
he is currently serving in the Navy.              Roberta graduates from William and Mary.
                                                  To update everyone—Dave’s completing his
                        Violet Wright was         second year in a four-year industrial plumbing
                        married to Kyle Finley    apprenticeship in Norfolk, VA. He’s doing
                        (LCA’s assistant boys     really well and loving his work. Roberta is a
                        varsity basketball        senior at the College of William and Mary               It was wonderful to see the many LCA
                        coach) on June 20,        and will be applying to law school this fall.”          graduates who returned to campus over
                        2009, in Winchester,
                                                                        In October 2008,                  Christmas break. Pictured here are
MA. Violet’s sister, Sylvia ’10, was her maid
                                                                        Sam Nelson played in              members of the Class of 2009 with Mrs.
of honor, and her brothers, Adrian ’01 and
                                                                        a master class taught             Kate Caley, director of college advising.
Brian ’06, were ushers. Other LCA alumni in
attendance were Michele Calandra, Stephanie                             by the Grammy-
Kon, Matt Steele, and Peta-Gaye Stewart.                                nominated organist                     Follow us on Twitter.
                                                                        Cameron Carpenter.                Become a fan of LCA on Facebook!

Reunion Reminder: Class of 2005
Your milestone Reunion is this year! If you’d
                                                  Welcome Back to Campus,
like to help coordinate a planning committee
                                                  Class of 2009
for your class, please contact the Alumni
                                                  The Alumni and College Advising Offices hosted
Office at 781.862.7850 x129, or email
                                                  this year’s “Welcome Back for the Holidays, Class
Adrianne Cook at
                                                  of 2009” Reunion on Friday, December 18. Many
This past May, Elizabeth DiRusso graduated        classmates were already back for their Christmas
magna cum laude with a bachelor’s of art          break so there was a terrific turnout. After a
degree in writing, literature, and publishing     delicious lunch and a time for reconnecting, LCA’s
from Emerson College. Elizabeth says,             youngest alumni met with current juniors and
“Fellow 2005 classmate Mike Kennedy also          seniors to talk about their first semester. They represent a wide variety of colleges from around the
graduated with me. I’m now working at             country. Some general questions were offered by our alumni director, such as, “What has been
Barefoot Books in Cambridge, MA—a small           the best part of your semester so far?” The students all agreed that they were very well prepared
children’s book publishing company.”              for college-level writing! Another question was “What advice would you give to our juniors as they
                                                  anticipate the college search process?” Students were given a chance to ask questions more specific to
Jennifer Himottu shares, “As a Class Note
                                                  individual college choices.
(or life update!), I recently graduated from
Worcester Polytechnic Institute with my           “One comment the new freshmen all agreed upon had to do with the importance of actually visiting
degree in civil engineering. I decided to turn    college campuses,” said Kate Caley, director of college advising. “Last year’s seniors strongly advise
down a project management job opportunity         actual visits to get the feel of a campus and its programs. Virtual tours, while a helpful start, simply
to enroll in Cornell University’s master’s of     do not provide enough information.”
engineering program. Next May, I hope to

                                                                                                                        The Academy Lantern
                                                                                                                        Spring 2010 | Page 23
           In Memoriam

In Memoriam                                       Elaine (Perkins) Leiter ’74
                                                                         Elaine (Perkins) Leiter
                                                                                                     David Woodbury ’56
                                                                                                                           David S. Woodbury,
George Cook ’56                                                          died October 22, 2009,                            of South Carolina,
                      George C. Cook died                                in Abilene, TX, after                             died on August 22,
                      on December 4, 2006,                               a nine-year battle with                           2009, following a
                      of thyroid cancer. His                             cancer. Accord-                                   brief illness. He was a
                      former colleague Pat                               ing to her sister,                                retired machinist from
                      Harper shares, “He                                 Bette (Perkins ’57)                               Signet Tool & Die
                      always found time to        Brinkley, “Elaine was an amazing Christian         in Peabody, MA. David’s classmate Edith
remember his friends, old and new, and            woman. We were blessed with her presence           (Luke) Johansen reflects, “Dave was a very
left us with an indelible friendship. He          for several years beyond her life expec-           good friend to both me and my husband. I
lived life with such passion and no regrets.      tancy.” Elaine graduated from Whitworth            visited him several times while he lived in
What a lesson we all learned from him.”           College in 1980 with a B.A. in English.            Peabody and he visited us in Dorchester.
Betty Anne (Hewitt) Bantz relates how             She pursued a two-year program in TV               More recently I had enjoyed long talks with
glad she was that George attended their           production in Spokane, WA, and interned            him via telephone. My last conversation
45th Reunion, “It was so good to see him!         at WBZ TV in Boston. In July 1988 Elaine           with Dave was on August 2 at which time
Here’s a picture of us at our 45th in 2001.”      married Sgt. Don Leiter, USAF. At the              he signed off by saying, ‘I’ll be talking to
                                                  ceremony, Don’s daughter, Crystal, promised        you again soon.’ He loved hearing from his
J. D. Jenkins ’56                                 to be Elaine’s daughter, and Elaine promised       friends.” David is survived by his daughter,
                       John David Jenkins         to be Crystal’s mom. In 1989 the Leiters           Kathleen J. Woodbury; three sons: Donald
                       (J. D.) of Lititz,         welcomed the birth of Robert Benjamin              J. Woodbury (and wife, Kari), Dr. David
                       PA, passed away on         Leiter. Don’s service in the Air Force took        M. Woodbury (and wife, Tracy Ann), and
                       September 13, 2009.        the family to England and then to Texas. In        Daniel R. Woodbury (and wife, Kristina); a
                       J. D. earned his B.S. in   Abilene, Elaine served as church secretary         brother, Freeman Woodbury; three sisters:
                       biology from Atlantic      and enjoyed Cursillo activities, hot air           Jean Spalding, Cynthia DeCosta, and Linda
Christian College, and then served in the         ballooning, riding motorcycles, and her many       Woodbury; and six grandchildren. He was
Army as a special agent assigned to the           friendships. Elaine was preceded in death by       predeceased by a son, Timothy Charles
Pentagon Counter Intelligence Force. After        her parents and one brother, Samuel Warren         Woodbury.
the military, he worked as a claims adjuster.     Perkins. She is survived by her husband, son,
                                                                                                     Editor's Note: Our gratitude to Betty Anne
Passionate about the Civil War (both his          daughter, and two grandchildren; sister; and
                                                                                                     (Hewitt ’56) Bantz for helping us honor her
great-grandfathers served), J. D. was a           her mother- and father-in-law.
                                                                                                     classmates in this Academy Lantern.
volunteer for the Civil War Living History
and Reenactment Group, the Little Big             G. David Rivers ’56
Horn Associates, and the Custer Battlefield                              G. David Rivers passed
Historical Museum Association. He was a                                  away on July 13, 2009.
                                                                         He is survived by his
                                                                                                     Former Faculty
44-year member of the National Intelligence
Corps Association and a 36-year member of                                wife, Kristin, 5 children   Former LCA math teacher (1971–1976)
the Counter Intelligence Corps Association.                              and their spouses, 12       Judith E. DeJong, of Cascade
J. D. also was an active volunteer with Big                              grandchildren, and 2        Township, MI, died on October 29, 2009.
Brothers, Big Sisters of Lancaster. J. D. was     great-grandchildren. David was most recently       Judy was recently retired as principal of
a guest lecturer (in Civil War uniform) for       a Hawaii resident. According to his lifelong       Ada Christian School. Surviving are her
LCA’s history classes. In 2003, he received       friend, David Leveille ’56—#44: “David—            husband of 39 years, Richard DeJong;
LCA’s Distinguished Alumni Award for              #33—was an inspiration to all of us who            her children, Christy and Tim Haig ’97,
Service to Community. His commitment to           benefitted from his wisdom and insights. He        Brian and Emily DeJong, Michele and Sam
his alma mater led him to establish the John      was one of God’s most significant warriors. He     Williamson, Nathan DeJong, and Andrew
David Jenkins Memorial Scholarship Fund           leaves a wonderful legacy for us to cherish and    DeJong; her grandchildren, Michael Haig,
for academically qualified students who are in    uphold, and I will be forever grateful for the     Jonathan Haig, and Cody DeJong; her
need of financial assistance. J. D. is survived   added meaning he gave to my life. May David        mother, Wilma Mulder; her siblings and
by his brother, Paul M. Jenkins, of Lititz, and   rest in peace and may his family be uplifted by    their spouses, Robert and Karen Mulder,
several aunts, uncles, and cousins.               God’s amazing grace, now and forever.”             Merrie and Jack Bannink, Marcia and Ron
                                                                                                     Handlogten, Loree Thayer, Dave and Jane
                                                                                                     Mulder, Paul and Sheryl Mulder; and many
                                                                                                     nieces and nephews.

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