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Don Chase in the Morning for April 14 - WKML.doc


									Don Chase in the Morning for April 14, 2011

Here is your weather forecast for April 14 & 15:
Today: Sunny & 77
Tonight: Clear & 58
Friday: Partly sunny & 78

Congrats to those in the WKML Family celebrating birthdays:
The Coal Miner‘s daughter, Loretta Lynn is 76
Baseball great Pete Rose is 69
Brian Anderson
Juanita Barnes
Laura Bass
Tammy Baxley
Sally Black
Fred Burgess
Tommy Burke
Victoria Collier
Carolyn Comfort
Erin Connolly
Gregory Cooper
Jacqueline Edison
Reginald Evans
Mary Farley
Cody Goodwin
Christen Hall
Lamar Holden
Alyssa Johnson
Melissa Jordan
Thomas Lemrow
Bridget Lewis
Eden Locklear
Nancy Lupo
Joey Michael
Traci Hyatt Nardi
Zachary Nobles
Sara Norris
Annie Pate
Carrol Pittman
Jeffrey Pittman
Kimberly Ramirez
Alana Rauhoff
Debbie Roberts
Bonita Rogers
Frances Russell
Claudette Saia
Courtney Sanderson
Jaythan Sanderson
Bobbi Smith
Tommy Thompson
Diana Tijerina
Jorge Tijerina
Ed Weeks
Linda Watson
Justin Willis
Daulton Wilson
Tammie Wright

Congratulations to Fred Burgess on winning ―Chick-fil-A‖ for a day.‖ A breakfast
biscuit, a chicken sandwich combo meal for lunch and a spicy chicken sandwich for
dinner. E-mail your birthdays and anniversaries to Don‘t
forget the name of the person celebrating the birthday and their daytime telephone
number. THANXXX! Don.


#1 Country Album --- Thanks to a nice performance and multiple nominations at
the ACM Awards, Jason Aldean's My Kinda Party is once again the nation's number-
one country album. It sold 23,000 copies last week, according to the latest
SoundScan figures. Zac Brown Band's You Get What You Give also stays at
number-two, but with a 29 percent increase over last week. Taylor Swift's Speak
Now jumps up a notch to number-three after her fun performance of "Mean" at the
ACMs. Lady Antebellum's Need You Now also moves up a spot to number-four, and
Sara Evans's Stronger follows suit, going from number-six to number-five.

Grascals --- The Grascals are celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Andy Griffith
Show with their newest album, Dance 'Til Your Stockings Are Hot and Ravelin'. The
musical tribute includes such classic front porch pickin' songs as "Dooley," "Stay All
Night" and the original jingle, "Mayberry's Finest." Dance 'Til Your Stockings Are
Hot and Ravelin' is available on iTunes, and videos for a number of the tracks are
already on YouTube.

Lewis, Leona --- Could British songstress Leona Lewis be the next pop star to cross
over into country music? She writes on Twitter, "I love a good country song. I hope
I get to go to Nashville one day and just write with the amazing songwriters there
and ride some quarter horses."

Lynn, Loretta --- Happy Birthday to the original "Coal Miner's Daughter," Loretta
Lynn, who turns 76 today. Loretta continues to influence a generation of
entertainers while still stretching her own creative wings. She is planning to release
a follow-up to the popular 2004 album Van Lear Rose, produced by Jack White from
The White Stripes.

McEntire, Reba --- Reba McEntire, who just wrapped up a year of touring with
George Strait, is ready for a vacation. She says this summer she's looking forward
going to the South Pacific and doing nothing by relaxing. She tells us, "I find a
shade tree and my book and I just chill."

Parton, Dolly --- Dolly Parton thinks her hit "I Will Always Love You" would make a
great wedding song for Prince William and Kate Middleton. On the British TV show
Lorriane, Dolly said, "Elton John could play for me and I could sing the song -- he
could sing a duet with me. I'm sure he was probably invited. I wasn't invited."

Pickler, Kellie --- Kellie Pickler is working hard on her next album, and she's taking
her time to be sure it balances her artistic ambitions with commercial appeal. She
tells the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, "I want to go in and cut the most country,
backwoods -- some dirty country music. But I've got a lot of people to answer to,
and I've got to make certain people happy."

Rascal Flatts --- Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts is adjusting to first-time fatherhood
just fine. But he did have a moment when they were leaving the hospital when he
had his doubts. He says, "I just wanted to say to the nurses, 'Are you sure about
this? I don't think either one of us is trained to do this." Four month-old Madeline
Leigh is the spitting image of her father. Jay's wife Ali says, "My sister calls her

Twain, Shania --- Shania Twain's alleged stalker, Dr. John Palumbo, will stay in
police custody at least until tomorrow following a bail hearing in Canadian court
yesterday. Palumbo, who was arrested at last month's Juno Awards for violating a
restraining order, is charged with criminal harassment and failing to abide by a
court order.

A truck spilled 30 gallons of used cooking oil onto the streets of Cranston, Rhode
Island, leaving the city smelling like French fries. Cranston Deputy Fire Chief Keith
Newman said the oil was held in 5-gallon containers, which fell off the truck in
different spots around the city. Newman said his clothes smelled like fries when he
got back to the fire station.

While most people will tell you the cops should spend more time going after
murderers and thieves instead of drivers with a broken headlight, motorists in the
southwest Ohio town of Hamilton have nothing but good things to say about their
police chief. Hundreds of drivers are off the hook for more than 900 speeding
tickets automatically issued by one of those mobile police cameras. The camera had
been stationed in a park in Hamilton on April 2nd at the same time a youth soccer
tournament, the Mid-American Soccer Classic, was being held. Chief Neil Ferdelman
said he canceled the tickets because of the tournament, which he says drew many
out-of-towners who were unaware the camera was being used. The tournament‘s
director says there would have been consequences for next year‘s event in
Hamilton had the chief decided to pursue the tickets. At $95 each, the 900 tickets
would have totaled more than $86,000. The chief says 70 of the tickets were
mailed. Those motorists have been sent letters telling them, never

It‘s time now for Officer Don‘s Police Blotter, a service of Holmes Security Systems.
U.L. Listed, locally owned with a local monitoring station. That means faster
response time for you. And, isn‘t that what you‘re looking for in a security
company? Call 483-6922 or online at Holmes. That‘s H-O-L-M-E-S Electric

A man was arrested after hiding inside a Wichita, Kansas, Walgreens store until it
closed ... so he could steal a case of Bud Light. Police showed up at the Walgreens
after a burglar alarm was tripped at the store. When they got there they found a
25-year-old man lurking nearby with a case of beer. He reportedly told officers he
decided to hide inside the store because employees refused to sell him the
brewskis. The only problem with his brilliant plan was that he tripped the burglar
alarm on the way out.

A Florida mom was arrested and charged with DUI after she crashed her SUV into a
mailbox, a traffic sign, and some bushes ... on the way to pick up her kids from
daycare. According to reports, 38-year-old Lisa Finley could not stand on her own
and kept falling asleep in the police car. When asked where she was headed, Finley
said she thought she was on her way to pick up her 2-year-old and 4-year-old from

If you‘re going to steal a car you might not want to ask the cops for help with gas.
Officers in West Fargo, North Dakota, busted a young man who wanted a gas
voucher. Assistant Chief Mike Reitan said the 19-year-old showed up at a police
station looking a gas voucher. The department works with a local charity to provide
help with gas in emergencies. The suspect told police he had to get to funeral in
Wisconsin. Reitan said the car the young man was driving had been reported
stolen. Officers arrested him and it doesn‘t look like he‘ll make it to the funeral.

Police in Coral Springs, Florida, said a female motorist officers were trying to pull
over for having faulty brake lights decided she need some food instead. An officer
attempted to pull over 64-year-old Roberta Spen Monday afternoon, but the woman
pulled into a McDonald‘s drive-thru and ordered lunch. Officer Courtney Vassell
pulled up next to Spen‘s vehicle and told the woman to pull into a parking spot.
Instead, Spen received her food and took off with Officer Vassell in hot pursuit.
Spen finally pulled over but refused to roll down her window and provide Vassell
with her license and proof of insurance, even after being told she would be arrested
if she didn‘t. Instead, Spen sped off again, leading Vassell on another chase. She
was finally boxed in by several other patrol cars at a red light. In one last attempt
to break loose, Spen allegedly threw her vehicle into reverse and tried to squeeze
between two cop cars, but that didn‘t work either. She was once again boxed in,
and once again refused to roll down her windows. Officers had no choice but to
break window and physically remove her from the vehicle as she was trying to wash
down her burger. She was arrested on a variety of charges. No word if she got to
finish her lunch.

Welcome to today‘s Don Chase Secret 2 Success, a service of Bible Alive Ministries.
Dr. Ralph Richardson, teacher.
Our motto is ―Expect Great Things To Happen.‖
Welcome to today‘s Don Chase Secret 2 Success, a service of Bible Alive Ministries.
Dr. Ralph Richardson, teacher.
Question? What is causing you stress this morning? A test at school, a deadline on
a project at work, you‘re behind on yardwork, there‘s a strange noise coming from
your car, you‘re not prepared for Monday‘s tax deadline. William F. Halsey gives us
the key to dealing with bumps in the road. ―All problems become smaller if you
don't dodge them but confront them.‖ ―All problems become smaller if you don't
dodge them but confront them.‖ Got a problem? Face it head-on, deal with it and
get it behind you.
Thanks for being here for today‘s Don Chase Secret 2 Success, a service of Bible
Alive Ministries. Dr. Ralph Richardson, teacher.


Major League Baseball scores from yesterday/last night:
Detroit 3, Texas 2
Kansas City 10, at Minnesota 5
Oakland 7, at Chicago White Sox 4
Toronto 8, at Seattle 3
San Diego 3, Cincinnati 2
LA Angels 4, Cleveland 3
NY Yankees 7, Baltimore 4
Philadelphia 3, at Washington 2
Milwaukee 6, at Pittsburgh 0
Tampa Bay at Boston Postponed
Florida 5, at Atlanta 1
Colorado 5, at NY Mets 4
Chicago Cubs 9, at Houston 5
St. Louis 15, at Arizona 5
San Francisco 4, LA Dodgers 3

Games today/tonight:
Colorado at NY Mets 12:10 PM
Colorado at NY Mets 3:40 PM
Minnesota at Tampa Bay 6:40 PM
Baltimore at NY Yankees 7:05 PM
Philadelphia at Washington 7:05 PM
Milwaukee at Pittsburgh 7:05 PM
Florida at Atlanta 7:10 PM
San Diego at Houston 8:05 PM
Seattle at Kansas City 8:10 PM
Detroit at Oakland 10:05 PM
St. Louis at LA Dodgers 10:10 PM

BARRY BONDS: Guilty of Obstruction of Justice
Barry Bonds, baseball's all-time home run leader, was convicted yesterday of a
single count of obstruction of justice, but a federal jury couldn't reach a verdict on
the charges that Bonds knowingly lied about using steroids or human growth
hormones. After deliberating since Friday, the jurors found that Bonds had been
evasive in front of a grand jury, but couldn't agree on the three counts of perjury.
After the verdict was read, one juror, a 60-year-old engineer who identified himself
only as Steve, said the players that testified at the trial about their own drug use
were "true heroes. I believe there is one man who just couldn't do it because of
who he is."

Major League Baseball's all-time hits leader Pete Rose turns 70 today. "Charlie
Hustle" played 24 seasons in the majors for the Reds, Phillies and Expos. On
September 11th 1985, Rose broke Ty Cobb's all-time hits record. In 1989, Rose
was banned for life from Major League Baseball for betting on games and is
ineligible for induction into the Hall of Fame.

KOBE BRYANT: Fined $100,000 for Anti-Gay Slur
Kobe Bryant was fined $100,000 for yelling an anti-gay slur at a referee during
Tuesday's Lakers-Spurs game. In a statement, NBA Commissioner David Stern
said, "Kobe Bryant's comment during [Tuesday] night's game was offensive and
inexcusable. While I'm fully aware that basketball is an emotional game, such a
distasteful term should never be tolerated." Kobe issued a statement saying his
comment "should not be taken literally" and "the words expressed do NOT reflect
my feelings towards the gay and lesbian communities and were NOT meant to
offend anyone." The Human Rights Campaign, a civil rights organization working to
achieve equality for gays and lesbians, initially said his apology didn't go far
enough, but applauded the NBA fine. Kobe later made a phone call to HRC
President Joe Solmonese, who applauded Kobe for his "swift apology" and said they
had "a very sincere conversation in which he expressed his heartfelt regret."

Sunday at 12noon, it's the Aarons 499 from Talladega Superspeedway.


AMERICAN IDOL: On last night's American Idol...
-Paul McDonald kicked things off with Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll," from
Risky Business. Steven Tyler said, "I love your crazy, wild abandon."
-Lauren Alaina did Miley Cyrus' "The Climb," from Hannah Montana: The Movie.
Jennifer Lopez said, "You sang it so beautifully, so beautifully."
-Stefano Langone did Boyz II Men's "End of the Road," featured in Eddie Murphy's
Boomerang. Steven said, "This is so not the end of the road for you. This is the
-Scotty McCreery did George Strait's "I Cross My Heart," from the movie Pure
Country. Randy Jackson proclaimed, "A star is born on this stage."
-Casey Abrams rocked an ascot for a jazzy take on Nat King Cole's "Nature Boy,"
featured in Moulin Rouge. Randy said, "I thought it was genius."
-Haley Reinhart did Blondie's "Call Me" from American Gigolo. Randy found it a bit
-Jacob Lusk did Simon & Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water," used in The
Pursuit of Happyness. J-Lo said, "God bless you and God bless your voice."
-James Durbin closed out the night with a screaming rendition of Sammy Hagar's
"Heavy Metal" from the film of the same name. Steven Tyler said, "Outstanding,
Durbin. You just had to get that out, didn't you?"
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all? J. Lo -- according to
People. The magazine named her the World's Most Beautiful Woman. The 41-year-
old says, "I feel happy and proud. Proud that I'm not 25!" Others making the
magazine's annual list are Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner and Beyonce.

Daytime Lineup:
Live with Regis & Kelly (Syn) Courteney Cox and New York Knick star Amar‘e
The View (ABC) Tracy Morgan.
The Oprah Winfrey Show (Syn) Oprah‘s bloopers and blunders.
Dr. Phil (Syn) Young women in trouble.
The Martha Stewart Show (Syn) Glamour editor-in-chief and cookbook author Cindi
Leive, Whole Living food editor Shira Bocar, and how to create a beautiful saltwater
aquarium for your home with City Aquarium‘s Justin Muir.
The Tyra Show (Syn) Kid internet superstars.
The Ellen DeGeneres Show (Syn) ‖American Idol‖ cast off Pia Toscano, Kate Walsh,
Paul Reiser and speed-rapper George Watsky.
Rachael Ray Show (Syn) Bindi Irwin and Jarod The Animal Guy.
The Doctors (Syn) The Doctors go on location to answer your health questions.
The Dr. Oz Show (Syn) Should you demand a thyroid guard?
The Wendy Williams Show (Syn) Sinbad and Maria Menounos from ―Access
The Talk (CBS) Josh Holloway.
The Gayle King Show (OWN) Dan Abrams and Kathy Bates. (R)

Primetime Lineup:
Wipeout (ABC)
Grey‘s Anatomy (ABC)
Private Practice (ABC)
The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
Rules of Engagement (CBS)
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CBS)
The Mentalist (CBS)
American Idol (Fox)
Bones (Fox)
Community (NBC)
The Paul Reiser Show (NBC)
The Office (NBC)
Parks and Recreation (NBC)
30 Rock (NBC)
Outsourced (NBC)
Piers Morgan Tonight (CNN)

Late Night Lineup:
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (NBC) Tyler Perry, Kendra Wilkinson and Bright
Late Show with David Letterman (CBS) Seth Meyers, New York Knicks Carmelo
Anthony and TV on the Radio.
Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS) Kristen Bell and Jason Aldean.
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC) Kathy Bates, Chris Pratt and Lupe Fiasco. (R)
Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC) Florence + The Machine. (R)
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (COM) Ricky Gervais.
Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC) Tom Arnold, Allison Brie and Francis & the Lights.
The Colbert Report (COM) Caroline Kennedy.
Conan (TBS) Matthew Morrison, Alexis Bledel and Queens of the Stone Age.
Lopez Tonight (TBS) Anne Hathaway, Anthony Anderson and Sum 41.
Tavis Smiley (PBS) Robin Wright and author Rebecca Skloot.
Chelsea Lately (E!) Hayden Panettiere, Fortune Feimster, Natasha Leggero and
Sarah Colonna.


On this day in 1912, the Titanic -- on its maiden voyage from England to New York
City -- struck an iceberg and sank, killing more than 15-hundred people. There
were 706 survivors.

ASLEEP ON THE JOB: Was Biden Napping During Obama's Speech?
Vice President Biden was caught napping or in deep thought while President Obama
spoke to the nation yesterday about his plan to cut the deficit. And Biden
apparently wasn't alone -- a woman seated directly behind the vice president also
appeared to snooze or at least close her eyes. Possible Republican 2012
presidential candidate Mike Huckabee had another take. During a guest spot on
Glenn Beck's Fox News show, Huckabee said Biden wasn't sleeping, he was praying.
"He was praying that nobody will find out just how disingenuous they are about
actually cutting the expenses and hoping and praying that the American people
don't catch on to the games that they're trying to hoist upon us."

TSA CONTROVERSY: Criticized For Frisking a 6-Year-Old
The controversy surrounding the Transportation Security Administration's pat-
downs of air passengers is back, and this time the uproar is over an agent giving an
enhanced pat-down to a six-year-old girl. Sensing something wasn't right, the
child's mother, Selena Drexel, asked her husband to videotape the pat-down, which
occurred last weekend when the family was in the New Orleans airport before
catching a flight home to Kentucky. After video of the incident went viral, TSA
again came under under attack for their aggressive security tactics. Representative
Jason Chaffetz called the incident "another example of the mistreatment of an
innocent American at the hands of TSA."

Freaky Things People Try To Check In At The Airport
The Virgin Atlantic blog recently sent out a request to staffers working the check-in
desks at the airline‘s various global destinations. They wanted to know about the
strangest items that passengers have tried to have stowed in the cargo hold. From
a giant wheel of cheese to a car engine, the survey revealed that passengers are
willing to try and check in just about anything you can imagine, as demonstrated by
the lady who had her family carry her unwrapped, unpackaged bath tub to the
counter at JFK. Other items include:
-A pet tarantula hidden in a passenger‘s coat at JFK airport.
-A dead cow wrapped in plastic at JFK airport.
-A bag of cutlery previously stolen from a Virgin Atlantic flight at the Delhi airport.
-A bag of sand and seawater by a couple who fell in love on the island of Grenada
and wanted a memento of the place where they met.
-A bag of soil and coconut trees at Grenada airport.

What Are You Going To Do With Your Tax Refund?
With little just a few days are left to file taxes, and the average expected return
around $3,000, many consumers are still torn on how they‘ll use their refunds. A
new survey from Experian revealed that while the majority of Americans plan to
save at least half of their refund, nearly one in three intend to blow it all. With the
average consumer owing more than $4,000 in bankcard debt at the end of
December, larger sums of money, such as tax refunds, are a great opportunity for
consumers to make significant progress toward achieving their financial goals,
which can include paying off credit card debt or buying a home. Other highlights:
-Of the portion of their refunds that Americans plan to save, 52% are planning to
build up their savings. Aother 16% will take a vacation.
-A few Americans are making sensible spending decisions. Of the 51% who plan on
spending a portion of their tax refund, 32% will pay living expenses and 19% will
pay down credit card debt.

Top-Selling Celebrity Perfumes
Celebrity fragrances are more popular than ever. Just this year we‘ve seen scents
launched by Katy Perry, Fergie, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian. The top 10 best-
selling celebrity perfumes from 2010 brought in $215 million in the U.S., according
to Euromonitor International. But which celebrity sells the most? That would be the
late Elizabeth Taylor‘s White Diamonds, according to Forbes‘ list of the top-selling
celebrity perfumes. The Top 10 Best-Selling Celebrity Perfumes:
White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor $54 million
Driven Derek Jeter $27 million
Heat Beyoncé Knowles $21 million
Unforgivable Sean ―P. Diddy‖ Combs $18 million
NYC Sarah Jessica Parker $18 million
Fancy Jessica Simpson $18 million
Harajuku Lovers Gwen Stefani $18 million
Usher for Men Usher $16 million
Glow Jennifer Lopez $12 million
In Bloom Reese Witherspoon $12 million

Does ‗Idol‘ Hate Fat People?
Former ―American Idol‖ judge Simon Cowell once made a comment about a
contestant‘s weight, and now apparently the size of audience members is also an
issue. Ashley Kauffman, a 19-year-old ―Idol‖ studio audience member, claims that
she was kept from taking a front row seat at a recent taping because a male studio
employee told her that she was too fat. Kaufman says that she was kept from
sitting with friends, who all arrived early to the show and were promised excellent
seats. But a spokesperson for FremantleMedia, which produces the show, has shot
down Kauffman‘s claim, insisting that it is ―simply untrue.‖ The company says that
despite what Kauffman said, she did not sit alone or in the back of the theater. In
fact, she was seated in a row that included a VIP guest of judge Steven Tyler ―just
four rows behind their friends, directly in camera shot, in some of the best seats in
the house.‖ Cowell once quipped that the stage would need to be widened for
former contestant Mandisa, who has since lost
more than 100 pounds.

How To Be A Super Couponer
There‘s shopping, bargain shopping and then there‘s extreme couponing – a breed
of savvy shopping that goes beyond just clipping coupons. It has gotten so popular
that extreme couponing now has its own reality show! TLC‘s new reality series
―Extreme Couponing‖ follows shoppers as they plan and plot their way to extreme
savings. Each episode introduces viewers to America‘s most extreme ―super
couponers,‖ who demonstrate their shopping skills and share why they are so
driven to grab the deals. ShopSmart magazine offers these ―Super Couponers‘ Top
-Check your grocery store‘s policy: Some stores will double and even triple coupons
on an item (usually up to a certain amount, typically 99 cents, max). But
sometimes that‘s only on certain days of the week, so find out ahead of time and
plan your shopping accordingly.
-Save your coupons for when items are on sale: Plan ahead using weekly sales
flyers to match deals with available coupons. But also take your entire coupon file
to the store with you; many stores don‘t advertise all deals.
-Take inventory mid-month: Many coupons expire at the beginning or end of the
month, so take time in the middle of each month to see what coupons in your stash
need to be used ASAP.
-Track price cycles: Items usually go on sale at regular intervals. Keep a log of the
price of items you buy most often, so that you know how much they usually cost,
when they will likely go on sale, and when a sale is really a good deal.
-Watch closely during checkout: Cashiers sometimes neglect to properly scan all
coupons and store-loyalty cards. And if you accidently picked up the wrong product
size, you could end up wasting a coupon.
-Don‘t automatically reach for store brands: ShopSmart‘s tests over the years have
shown that store brands are often just as good if not better in quality than national
brands. But with the right combination of sale price and coupon savings, a national
brand might actually be cheaper.
-―Stack‖ coupons to maximize your savings: Some stores include additional
coupons in their weekly circulars and in the e-mail newsletters sent to loyalty-card
holders. You can use a store coupon on top of a manufacturer‘s coupon for even
more savings.
-Shop at stores that accept competitors‘ coupons: Strange as it may seem, some
stores do so; after all, they want your business! Make one of them your go-to spot
and take other stores‘ exclusive coupons with you when you shop. Sign up for
loyalty cards at all of the stores in your area to get insider deals.
-Use coupons on trial sizes: Unless a coupon stipulates that you can‘t, using a
coupon to buy trial sizes of items could make them free.
-Don‘t toss those expired coupons: Your store may still accept them – don‘t be
afraid to ask.

Turn Off The TV And Tune Into Physical Activity
Kaiser Permanente is promoting active living with the kick off of Screen Free Week,
April 18-24. The goal of the Screen Free initiative is to challenge children and
families to turn off their televisions, video games, and significantly limit time online
during the week by replacing sedentary behaviors with physical activities that
promote better health. Obesity among children is an epidemic in the United States.
Obese children are at increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure,
high cholesterol, and other obesity-related health problems. According to The
Kaiser Family Foundation, children aged 8-18 now spend more than 7.5 hours per
day consuming media in some capacity with the explosion of smartphones, tablets,
increased use of laptops, etc. — an increase of one hour per day since the report
five years ago. These figures do not include time spent texting. Approximately 70%
of children also have a TV in the bedroom. Beyond Screen Free Week April 18-24,
parents are strongly encouraged to put limits on all forms of screen time year-
-Turn off the TV during meals to encourage family conversation and interaction.
-Keep TVs out of children‘s bedrooms.
-Create ―screen-free‖ days on the family calendar.
-Replace screen time with physical activity like walking, playing sports, or other
active games. Active play time develops mental, physical, and social skills.
-The maximum amount recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics is 2
hours of television each day for children over age two. TV is not recommended at
all for children under age two.
-Do not use TV time as a reward.

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