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									HUNT & CO.’S 1850


“ in all places, where there are objects worthy of detail or observation, there should be a short printed
Directory, for the use of the stranger.” Dr.Johnson.

ILMINSTER is a small market town and parish in the hundred of Abdick and Bulstone, 135 miles W.S.W. from London, 48 S.S.W.
from Bristol and Bath, and 12 S.E. from Taunton, which is the nearest railway station; it is well built, many of the houses are large,
and several of the shops are handsome and superior, and have the appearance of carrying on an excellent trade. This town enjoys an
especial and very ancient privilege, that of granting licenses and proving wills. The market place has lately been much improved;
shambles which formerly stood there, and were extremely unsightly, are now removed, and the market-house has been adapted to
meet the public convenience with far greater accommodation; the Crown inn has also been newly built, and has now a commanding
stone front which adds much to the appearance of that part of town. Ilminster as it stood originally was of greater extent, but owing to
severe fires which have from time to time taken place, its dimensions have been considerably curtailed, the parish church, which is
styled a quarter minster, and stands about the centre of the town, possesses great claims for admiration, it is a spacious cruciform
gothic edifice, its pinnacled and beautiful tower rises in graceful proportion from the intersection, and its peal of bells strike upon the
ear with a peculiar richness and melody of sound; the interior of the church can boast of some very ancient monuments. There is a
grammar school here, founded by Edward the VI th., possessing great advantages and exhibitions to the universities, and there is also
an excellent commercial school; the business of the town principally depends upon the assiduity of its trades-people, formerly the
woollen trade flourished here to a very considerable extent, but now it is nearly obselete; there is a branche of Stuckey’s bank, and
there are chapels for the various Dissenters; the market days are Wednesdays and Saturdays, and an annual fair is held on the last
Wednesday in August. The principal inns are large and capable of affording every accomodation, and from them run coaches daily to
Taunton, Bridport, Weymouth, &c. Ilminster is situated in a valley surrounded by a rich fertile undulating country, possessing great
attraction as regards salubrity and beauty of scenery; at the entrance of the town from the Ilminster and Crewkerne roads; the lodges
of Dillington park ( the seat of the lord of the manor ) with its embankment, and the view of the distant hills beyond the town, have a
very striking and pleasing effect. In the centre of this place the two main roads, viz. London and Taunton, and Bristol and Exeter,
intersect each other. The magistrates hold monthly meetings in the winter season, and the lord of the manor a court annually. The
population in 1841, amounted to 3,227.

  Post-Office, Silver street, Post Master, William Thomas Hagley. Letters delivered from London and all parts at 7 a.m., and from
Axminster, Chard, Lyme, Crewkerne, and Bridport, at 7 p.m. DESPATCHES for Axminster, Chard, Lyme, Crewkerne and Bridport, at 6
30 a.m. For London and all parts at 7 p.m. Box closes at 6 45 p.m. Late letters may be despatched by affixing an extra stamp, till 7
p.m. Money orders granted and paid from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.

         Gentry, Clergy , &c.

Allen Rev. Chas.,Jeffery, Stocklinch
Allen Rev. John, Church yard
Baker John , Townsend
Bernard Madame Georgina, Silver street
Burnard Mrs. Catherine, East st
Collins Mrs. Mary, West street
Collins Robert, Horton
Collins Samuel, West street
Eastmead John S. West street
Freeborn Rev. John Wm West st
Hine Mrs. Mary, Haselwell
Hull Joseph, West street
Hyde Rev. William, Donyatt
Lee John Lee, Dillington house
Manley Rev. Henry, Packington
Masters John, Cornhill house
Molle Mrs. Agnes, Silver street
Mules Rev. Jno. Hawkes, Vicarage
Ommanney Lieut. John C. East st
Palmer Miss Margaret, West st
Palmer Rev. Henry, Broadway
Paull Mrs. Esther, Silver street
Shorland Misses , West street
Slater Rev. James, Broadway
Speke William, Jordans
Stayner James, East street
Summers Mrs. Ann, Ditton street
Sutton Mrs. Alicia F. & Miss Juliet, Ditton street
Whitfield Rev. Edwd. West street
Woolley Thmas, Court barton

        Auctioneers and Appraisers.

Tapscott, William R. and Henry, ( & surveyers) Cornhill


Clarke William Charles, West st
Hickman Edwin, West street
Jacobs Eliza, Silver street
Leigh Robert, Knot oak
Moore William & Son ( & confectioners), West street
Trickey George, Silver street
Wallbridge George, Ditton street
Webb Louisa, East street


Stuckey’s Banking Co. Market pl. Agent, Stayner James, draw on Robarts, Curtis, & Co. London

        Beer Retailers.

Bowring Edward, Ditton street
Harris Simon, Ditton street
Hill James, Ditton street
Spark William, West street
Watts John, Ditton street


Cape Francis, Knot oak
Clarke John, East street
Harris Simon, Ditton street

        Booksellers and Stationers.

Moore John ( and printer ), Silver street
Stoodley Elizabeth, East street

        Boot ans Shoe Makers.

Barber Thomas, Silver street
Batten John, Court Barton
Dinham Eli, Silver street
Eastment Edwd. Silver street
Every Richard, East street
Gould Samuel, East street
Harwood Joseph, Langport street
Hockaday Charles, Ditton street
Hockaday Henry, Strawberry bank
Meacham George, West street
Savidge William, Court Barton
Stowell John, Langport road
Stowell Thomas, Silver street
Taylor William, Ditton street
Towells Charles, Frog lane
Warry William, East street
Webb Eli, West street
Webb Samuel, East street
Wheller John, Ditton street
Wootten Peter, East street
Wootten Samuel, West street


Lumbard George ( & maltster ), East street
Tapscott Wm. Robert, Cornhill
        Brick & Tile Maker.

Lang Giles ( & potter ), Chard road


Blackmore John, Horton
Bowring Edward, Ditton street
Brown Hugh, Winterhay
Bryant John, Broadway
Murren William, Love lane
Phelps George, Langport street


Champ James, West street
Cotterill John, West street
Hazelwood Henry, New road
Legge Hugh, Strawberry bank
Munden Charles ( & Builder ), Love lane
Patch William; ( & builder ) West st
Taylor John, Silver street
Way John, West street
Wilkins Thomas, Knot oak

        Chemist and Druggists,

Hagley Wm. Thos. Silver street
Mullett Charles, West street
Williams George, Silver street

        Clothes Salesmen,

Morris Henry, Strawberry bank
Kirby Thomas, Court Barton

        Coach Builders.

Cooper Thomas, Ditton street
Hull John, Town End

        Corn Dealers.

Lang Thomas ( & coal merchant ), Silver street
Minson & Taylor, Strawberry bank


Banger William, Haselwell
Dyer Joseph, West street

        Fire & Life Assurance Agents

Alliance ( F & L.) Lang Thos. Silver street
Atlas ( F & L.) Langworthy Vincent T. Haselwell
County ( F.) and Provident ( L ), Patch William, West street
Farmer’s ( Fire, Life, & Hail ), Stephens Simeon, Market place
Globe ( F. & L.), Brown Chas. J. East street
Minerva (L.), Moore Charles, Silver street
National Loan ( F.& L.), Morris Henry, Strawberry bank
Norwich Union, ( F.& L.), Lawrence John H. Bay cottage
Royal Exchange, (F.& L.), Palmer Samuel, Market place
Star, (F.& L.), Taylor John H. East street
Sun, (F.& L.), Paull Thomas, Town end
West of England (F.& L.), Lang and Coombs, Silver street

        Grocers & Tea Dealers,
Lang & Coombs, Silver street
Stephens Simeon H. Market place & Ditton street
Stoodley Elizabeth, East street

        Grocery & Sundries — Dealers in

Banfield Charles, Silver street
Berryman John, Stawberry bank
Brown George, West street
Burrow Thomas, Strawberry bank
Clarke Wm. Chas. West street
Eames Hester, West street
Holbrook John, Silver street
Morris Henry, Strawberry bank
Shutler Samuel, East street
Stuckey Mary, West street
Wallbridge George, Ditton street

        Hair Dressers.

Luxton John, Silver street
White James, Silver street


Kerby Sarah, East street
Wills Eli, Silver street

        Inns and Hotels.

Crown, ( commercial & posting house ), East street, Lumbard George
George, ( & posting house ), Langport street, Loaring John
Grapes, ( commercial ), Cornhill, Tapscott William Robert
White Horse ( & commercial ), Town end, Read John

        Inns and Public Houses,

Angel & Crown, West street, Dawney Charles
Bell, Strawberry bank, Tapscott John
Dolphin, ( & posting house ), Silver street, Kerby John E.
Lamb, Horton, Cossins William
Nelson’s Arms, East street, Legg Samuel
Swan, Ditton street, Kerby Elizabeth

        Ironmongers, Braziers, &c.

Lang & Coombs ( and copper workers ), Silver street
Perry Thomas, West street
Perry William, East street
Stephens Simeon, Market place

        Linen Drapers.

Cooper Henry, Cornhill
Dean Charles, North street
Eames Hester, West street
Morris Henry, Strawberry bank
Palmer Samuel, Market place and Silver street

        Milliners and Dress Makers,

Beer Martha, Ditton street
Goodrich Harriet, West street
Hucklebridge Phoebe, Langport st
James Martha, East street
Keates Elizabeth, Silver street
Norris Harriet, Silver street
Patten Mary, Ditton street
Phillips Eliza Ann, Silver street
Slade Laura, Market place

        Painters, Plumbers, & Glaziers

Dunn James, East street
Goodrich Thomas, Silver street
Spark William, West street
Towells Charles, Court Barton

        Saddle & Harness Makers.

Dinham Eli, Silver street
Eames Edwin, Ditton street
Gould Robert, West street
Taylor John Henry, East street

  Marked thus * take Boarders.

*Baker Emily & Sarah, Town end
*Brown Ann W. East street
Commercial ( Free ), Court Barton; master, Hewings William
*Grammar, Church yard; master, Allen Rev. John; assistant master, Freeborn Rev.   John W.
Hewings William, (commercial ), Court Barton
Lake Sarah, West street
*Lawrence John Hy. Bay cottage


Baker John, jun. North street
Brown Charles Joshua, East street
Langworthy Vincent Trevanion, Haselwell
Rutter John, West street
Woodforde George Augnstus, Chantry

        Stone Masons.

Armstrong John, West street
Barber William, Silver street
Holbrook John, Silver street
Legg Samuel, East street
Taylor Anasias, Silver street

        Straw Hat Makers.

Banfield Charlotte, West street
Perry Mary, East street
Warry Elizabeth, Silver street


Adney Arthur, West street
Burt Giles Richard, West street
Masters John, jun. Cornhill house
Mules Chas. Hawkes Marwood, Silver street


Batten Henry, Strawberry bank
Burrow Thomas, Strawberry bank
Clarke John, Court Barton
Colmer William, West street
Cross William, West street
Eames Samuel, Silver street
Hurt John James, Silver street
Palmer Samuel, Market place & Silver street
Phelps William, East street
Sheppard Henry, West street
Walker Francis, West street
Walker Francis, Silver street
Wheeler Joseph, East street

        Turners and Patten Makers,

Coombe Alfred, Langport street
Coombe Robert, Court Barton

        Veterinary Surgeon,

Ansten James, West street

        Watch and Clock Makers,

Hansford John, West street
Turner John, West street


Hazelwood Henry, New road
Willey John, Ditton street

        Wine and Spirit Merchants.

Lang Thomas, Silver street
Lumbard George, East street
Tapscott Wiliam Robt. & Henry, Cornhill


Basket Maker, Bartlett Joseph, Strawberry bank
Chimney Sweeper, Cox Robert, Ditton street
China & Glass Warehouse, Gould Samuel, East street
Clothier, Hine Samuel D. Rush mills
Confectioner, Patten Jas. East st
Dyer, Ottrey Jane, Ditton street
Fancy Repository, and Boot and Shoe Warehouse, Rowles Elizabeth, East street
Flax & Tow Spinner, Hutchings Saml. West street & Chard road
Newsvender ( & Postman ) &c., Murly Samuel, Silver street
Nursery & Seedsman, Webb Wm. West street

        Law and Public Officers,

Baker John, jun. assistant clerk to the magistrates of the Ilmunster division, and to the commissioners of land, assessed, property, and
income taxes, and clerk to the trustees of the Ilminster turnpijk roads, and registrar of the peculiar court of Ilminster, North st
Langworthy Vincent Trevanion, inclosure commissioner for England and Wales, Haselwell
Mules Chas.H.M. Medical inspector of factories in the Ilminster division, and registrar of birth, deaths, and marriages, Silver st.

        PUBLIC OFFICES, &c.

ENGINE HOUSE, Strawberry hill, keys at Joseph Hawkins and S. Barber’s
GAS WORKS, Chard road, propietor, Thomas Lang, Silver street
INLAND REVENUE OFFICE, the George Inn, Langport street, officer, John Johnson
MARKET HOUSE, Market place
STAMP OFFICE, Silver street, sub-distributors, Giles and Coombs.


BRIDPORT, Royal Mail, daily, from the Dolphin Inn, Silver street, at   3 15 p.m
LYME, Retaliator Mail, daily, from the George Hotel, at 3 15 p.m.
TAUNTON, Retaliator Mail, at 11 15 a.m. to meet the Express train;
  Prince Albert Coach at 2 p.m.( both daily ), from the George Hotel; and the Royal Dorset Mail, daily, from the Dolphin Inn, at 10
30, a.m.; Accommodation Omnibus, from the Grapes, Cornhill, every Mon. Thurs. and Sat. at 8 a.m.
WEYMOUTH, Prince Albert, daily, from the George Hotel, at 3 15 p.m.
YEOVIL, .; Accommodation Omnibus, from the Grapes Inn, every Fri. at 8 30, a.m.

        WAGGONS, VANS, & c.

 Ford’s waggon, from the Crown, Tues Thurs. & Sat. at 2 p.m.

CREWKERNE, BRIDPORT,   &c. Mon. Wed. and Fri. at 2 p.m

EXETER, French’s   Waggon, from the same Inn, Tues. 10 a.m.

WELLS, BRISTOL, AND BATH,   Edward’s Van, from the Dolphin,

  Tues. Thurs. and Sat. at 5 30 a.m., returning to Chard, Axminster, and Lyme, at 8 p.m. Crocker’s Van, from the same Inn daily, to
all parts of the kingdom.


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