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									      The newsletter of The Irish Girl Guides
               Bantreoraíthe na hÉireann

                   Guiding—Come and Join In!
Trefoil News   February 2007                    Page 1
  Trefoil News                                     February 2007                                   Issue No: 567
  Published by The Irish Girl Guides, Trefoil House, 27 Pembroke Park, Dublin 4
  Printed by: Richardson and Watts, 36 Thornville Park, Raheny, Dublin 5
  The Editorial Team of Trefoil News reserves the right to edit material submitted.

                                                   Table of Contents
    Message from the Chief Commissioner                                                              Page 1
    Noticeboard                                                                                      Page 2
    Brownie Branch Chairman                                                                          Page 4
    Executive News                                                                                   Page 5
    The Irish Girl Guides Photography Competition 2007                                               Page 6
    Development Education                                                                            Page 7
    Stitch’s Diary                                                                                   Page 11
    Campa Le Chéile                                                                                  Page 12
    Active Citizenship                                                                               Page 13
    Outreach Project Update                                                                          Page 14
    Squelch 2007                                                                                     Page 15
    The Journey                                                                                      Page 16
    Go Global!                                                                                       Page 17
    Public Relations Officer                                                                         Page 18
    Development Officer - West and Central Midlands                                                  Page 19
    Penpals                                                                                          Page 19
    Farewell and Welcome                                                                             Page 20
    Ladybird Guide Branch                                                                            Page 22
    Valentine’s Day Activities, St. Patrick’s Day Activities, Ladybird International Competition
    Brownie Guide Branch                                                                             Page 27
    The Heritage Badge, The Gaelic Badge St. Patrick’s Day Crafts, Brownie International
    Guide Branch                                                                                     Page 34
    Gold Award 2007, International Women’s Day, History of Guiding Puzzle, National Guide
    Hike Day, Meeting Ideas, Childminder Information Activity List
    Senior Branch                                                                                    Page 37
    Lightweight Weekend 2007, The Chief Commissioner’s Award
    International                                                                                    Page 39

Front cover image: Maigue District Craft Day, photograph by Susan Griffin
  Chief Commissioner
Message from the

                         Dear Friends,

                         Happy World Thinking Day.

                         In 2007 W.A.G.G.G.S. are asking us to dig deep into our pockets and give generously to the
                         W.A.G.G.G.S. Thinking Day Fund so that girls can discover their potential and….
                         •      Take the lead. Giving girls the chance to develop leadership skills in a friendly and
                                supportive environment.
                         •      Grow. Allowing girls to develop friendships and self esteem.
                         •      Speak out. Providing girls with the opportunities to discuss issues that affect them
                                and their peers, and to take action.

                         World Thinking Day is a day on which Girl Guides and Girl Scouts throughout the world
                         remember their sisters in Guiding and celebrate international friendships. It is a time for
                         special ceremonies, parties and activities that foster an appreciation of the uniqueness and
                         similarities of people everywhere. I ask that you and your girls join me in contributing to the
                         W.A.G.G.G.S. Thinking Day fund. We can make a difference.

                         You can also contribute to World Guiding by buying a cloth W.A.G.G.G.S. badge for only €1
                         from the Distribution Centre (or order via the web). All the profits from this badge will go
                         towards helping Guiding in Armenia and Guiding in the Africa and Arab Regions. Why not
                         organise a night to tell your girls about W.A.G.G.G.S. and present them with the badge as a
                         link to all their 10 million friends around the world.

                         Don’t forget about A-wear-ness Day! As well as promoting it to the girls why not encourage
                         your Leaders to wear part of their uniform, even just their pin.

                         In this issue we say a very fond farewell and thanks to Lesley Bulman-Lever, Chief Executive
                         of W.A.G.G.G.S. and warmly welcome on board to Mary McPhail who will be taking up the
                         post shortly.

                         I would also like to congratulate Lua Clarke who is the first and very deserving Leader to be
                         awarded our Citizenship Award. Congratulations Lua and I look forward to giving you a big
                         hug and personally congratulating you when we meet at the Branch weekend.

                         In this issue you will read details of our exciting new Development Education Badge. Thanks
                         to everyone involved in its design and a special thanks to Hazel Murphy (volunteer) and
                         Gráinne O’Brien in National Office who spearheaded this project.

                         Enjoy this issue of Trefoil News which is packed with ideas for Valentine’s Day and St.
                         Patrick’s Day. Thank you to everyone who contributes to making Trefoil News a “must read”
                         magazine. Thank you for all that you do to make The Irish Girl Guides one of the most
                         successful youth organisations in Ireland.

                         Yours in Guiding,

                                                                                Jillian van Turnhout
                                                                                Chief Commissioner

                                    Contact: Jillian van Turnhout, Chief Commissioner, c/o I.G.G., 27 Pembroke Park,
Trefoil News   February 2007                                                                               Page 3
                                    Dublin 4 Email: chief.commissioner@irishgirlguides.ie
                                                      N.Y.C.I. Website                       National Spring Clean

                                              The National Youth Council of Ireland        Why not take part in the annual
                                              (N.Y.C.I.) has developed a new               National Spring Clean, which runs for
                                              international website to promote and         the whole month of April. Run by An
                                              disperse international news                  Taisce, there are events and clean-ups
                                              and international opportunities, such as     around the country. In 2005, nearly
                                              seminars and workshops, which are open       2,500 tonnes of litter was collected, and
                                              to all young people in Guiding (usual age    a third of that was then recycled. For
                                              range 16-30). Check out their website at     full information and to request a pack,
                                              www.international.youth.ie                   see the An Taisce website at
                                                  Drogheda Girl Guides                     Or email them direct at:
  I.G.G. World Thinking
      Day Postcard                            Drogheda Girl Guides have set up a new
                                              website at www.girlguidesdrogheda.com
The Irish Girl Guides World Thinking          and they would like to invite all I.G.G.
Day Postcard is now available at the          members to come and visit their site!
Distribution Centres and online at the
I.G.G. web shop at

At a cost of €1.00, it’s the ideal thing to
send to all your Guiding friends on
Thinking Day!

                   ICE                        emergency situation, Emergency Services          Distribution Centre
                                              personnel and hospital staff would then be
                                              able to quickly contact your next of kin,               News
A useful idea to pass on to your family
and friends. The concept of ‘ICE’ is          simply by dialing the number stored as
                                                                                           The Distribution Centres have
catching on quickly. It is a simple, yet      ‘ICE’. For more than one contact name,
                                                                                           lightweight rain ponchos in stock for
important method of contact during            simply put in ICE 1, ICE 2, ICE 3 etc.
                                                                                           Ladybirds, Brownies and Guides to
emergency situations.                                                                      wear in the St. Patrick’s Day parade.
                                                                                           They are transparent so will keep the
As mobile phones are carried by the
                                                                                           girls dry while still allowing their
majority of the population, all you need
                                                                                           uniforms to be seen. The sizes are:
to do is store the number of a contact
                                                                                           Child, one size - 75 cm from the
person(s) who should be contacted
                                                                                           shoulder to the hem.
during an emergency as ‘ICE’ (In Case
                                                                                           Adult size, one size - 90 cm long, also
of Emergency).
                                                                                           available for taller girls. Price €1.00
The idea was thought up by a                                                               each.
paramedic who found that when they
                                                                                           Ladybird Baseball caps are available in
went to the scenes of accidents, there
                                                                                           the Distribution Centres. They are navy
were always mobile phones with
                                                                                           with an embroidered ladybird over the
patients, BUT the paramedics didn’t
                                                                                           left ear. €8.20. Great to wear at a St.
know which numbers to call. He
                                                                                           Patrick’s Day parade.
therefore thought that it would be a
good idea if there was a nationally                                                        Are your girls wearing the World
recognised name for this purpose.                                                          badges made for us by the Guide
                                                                                           Association of Armenia? They are
Following a disaster in London, the
                                                                                           €1.00 each. All profit goes to
East Anglian Emergency Service
                                                                                           W.A.G.G.G.S. for use in the Arab and
launched a national ’In Case of
                                                                                           Africa regions.
Emergency’ campaign. In an

Page 4                                                                                        Trefoil News         February 2007
            World Thinking Day Money
                                                                                         Thinking Day Fund


                       Please send your
                      World Thinking Day
                    money, plus the form to
                   the right (so we know who                                         Leader Name
                    you are!) to Frank O’Neill
                  in National Office after your
                    Thinking Day Ceremony.
                     Please make cheques
                     payable to The I.G.G.
                   World Thinking Day Fund.

                                                                                     Return to: Frank O’Neill, The Irish
                                                                                     Girl Guides, 27 Pembroke Park,
                                                                                     Dublin 4.

                                          Dates for Your Diary


            2nd      IGG Branch Weekend                   2nd    Women’s World Day of               1st   April Fool’s Day

            3rd      Tu B'shvat Jewish                                                              1st- National Spring Clean
                     Festival                             8th    International Women’s              30th Month
            7th      Regional Development                                                           8th   Easter Sunday
                     Officer’s Meeting                    10th IGG Go Global Day,
                                                               Dublin                               9th   Bank Holiday
            14th Valentine’s Day
                                                          16th- Campa Le Chéile                     21st IGG Executive
            17th IGG Programme and                        18th Activity Staff training                   Committee Meeting
                 Training Committee
                 Meeting                                  17th St. Patrick’s Day                    21st IGG Council Meeting

            18th Chinese New Year—                        19th Public Holiday                       22nd IGG Management Day
                 Year of the Pig
                                                          21st Spring Equinox
            20th Shrove Tuesday
                                                          23rd Irish Cancer Society
            21st Ash Wednesday                                 Daffodil Day

            22nd World Thinking Day                       31st IGG Go Global Day,
            24th IGG Executive
                 Committee Meeting                                                                        Guiding Dates are
                                                                                                               in italics!

Trefoil News             February 2007                                                                                       Page 5
                                     New Chairman for the
                                   Brownie Branch Committee!
 Brownie Branch needs a new Chairman. Listed below is a basic ‘job description’, so that anyone considering the position can
 evaluate the commitment. The Brownie Branch Committee assists and supports the Chairman in her work.

 The Brownie Branch Committee
 •     promotes and encourages the Brownie Branch within Guiding
 •     organises and co-ordinates the events and affairs of Brownie Branch at national level
 •     liaising with the National Training Committee, ensures that adequate training is available for Brownie Leaders
 •     reviews and revises the content of the Brownie Branch Programme as required
 •     makes suggestions for and reviews the needs and policies for this age group

 The Chairman of Brownie Branch is responsible for:

 •       chairing the committee meetings at least 4 times a year

 •       making sure there is a representative from each Region on the committee and that they attend their Regional meetings
         to pass on information

 •       taking the responsibility for the running of events and activities e.g.
                 1.    Brownie Branch Weekend
                 2.    Articles for the Brownie Branch section of Trefoil News
                 3.    Brownie Branch challenge
                 4.    National Brownie Table Quiz
                 5.    Brownie Branch section of the Annual Review

 •       putting ads in Trefoil News for the events

 •       attending Programme and Training Committee meetings (4 per year) plus joint Executive/Programme and Training
         Committee meetings (2 per year)

 •       co-ordinating reviews and updates of the Brownie Branch programme and the Brownie Branch section of the Handbook

 •       liaising with ad hoc committees where appropriate

 •       approving new promotional material for Brownie Branch

 •       helping with the organisation of the Branch weekend with the other Branch Chairmen, and getting trainers for it

 •       arranging trainers for Conferences, if asked to do so

 If you are interested in being nominated for this position, please contact Maureen Dillon, National Programme and Training
 Commissioner, c/o National Office as soon as possible. Deadline for applications: 22nd February 2007.

Page 6                                                                                    Trefoil News        February 2007
           The Executive Committee of The Irish Girl Guides
           meets to discuss policy issues and to ensure the
           smooth running of the organisation for all its
           members. Here is a snapshot of some of the
           decisions made at the December Executive
           Committee meeting:

        Assistant Leader’s Warrant
 It was agreed that the holder of an Assistant Leader’s
 warrant is not allowed to enrol anybody. Enrolments can                              F.E.T.A.C.
 only be carried out by a holder of the full Leader’s warrant.   The F.E.T.A.C. External Examiner came in to National
                                                                 Office on 15th November to go through the material for 11
                      Resignation                                candidates for the Guiding module.
 Margaret Patterson, Regional Commissioner, South East
 Region                                                            National Youth Council of Ireland
                                                                 Linda Peters and Jillian van Turnhout attended the N.Y.C.I.
                     Appointment                                 meeting for C.E.O.s and Heads of Organisations on 9th
 Celestine Fennessy, Regional Commissioner, South East           November. Topics discussed included the work of the
 Region                                                          Youth Work Assessor, implementation of the Youth Work
                                                                 Act and Garda vetting.
 Pat O’Brien, Regional Commissioner, South West Region           Finola Gallagher, Jennifer Dowling and Jillian van Turnhout
 Maureen Dillon, National Programme and Training                 attended the N.Y.C.I. Conference and Assembly on 25th
 Commissioner                                                    and 26th November 2006. Congratulations were expressed
                                                                 to Jennifer Dowling who was elected to the Board of
            Council of Irish Guiding                             N.Y.C.I.
                                                                              Treasurers’ Meeting
 The I.G.G. members on the C.I.G.A. Committee for 2007
                                                                 The next Treasurers’ meeting will be held on Saturday
 are as follows :
                                                                 September 29th 2007 in National Office.
 Deputy Chairman                   Margaret Dunne
 International Commissioner        Maura Fitzgerald
 Ordinary Members                  Jillian van Turnhout          Forthcoming Dates for Executive: 24th February, 21st
                                   Jill Kavanagh                 April and 9th June 2007
 Hon. Treasurer                    Irene Reale
                                                                 The Chief Commissioner along with all members of the
     Support for Belarussian Guides                              Executive Committee is happy to discuss any questions
                                                                 you have, any input on our decisions, any thoughts you
 Five countries have been asked to support Guiding in
                                                                 have on our future direction.
 Belarussia by contributing US $1,000 each. I.G.G. has
 agreed to do this using money from the Georgia fund.               WE ARE THERE TO SERVE YOU, OUR MEMBERS

 Trefoil News        February 2007                                                                               Page 7
                                                                                          Sponsored by
                                                                                        Castlewrixon Stone

                                                                                                  Castelwrixon Stone
                                                                                        Castlewrixon, Ballyhea, Charleville,
                                                                                                      Co. Cork
                                                                                                  Tel: 063-81673
                                                                                            Email: castlew@eircom.net

                                                        Trefoil News and the Public Relations
                                                    Committee are pleased to announce the Third
            Six Digital
                                                       Annual Photography Competition.

The competition is open to all members of I.G.G. whether they be Ladybirds, Brownies, Guides, Senior Branch or Leaders. All photos
should be Guiding related and those depicted must be in uniform. Entries from last year should not be re-sent.
                 The subject matter is only limited by your imagination. Oh, and of course the six categories we have chosen:
1.       Our Guiding Family           2. Coolest Leader                   3. Fun and Games
4.       Action in the Community 5. Caught in the Act!                    6. It’s a Small World After All
     One winning photo will be chosen from each category, plus two highly commended photos. Jillian van Turnhout, Chief Commissioner,
                 Claire Ranson, Education Officer and Editor of Trefoil News and Susan Griffin, Chair of the Public Relations
                                                     Committee will judge the photos.
The deadline for entries is March 20th 2006. Winning photos and a collage of other entries will be featured in the May/June edition of
Trefoil News and on the I.G.G. website. Photos may be used in I.G.G. publications and the website—please tick the relevant box on the
form below if you do not wish your photos to be used in this way.
Entries should be posted to: Photo Competition, The Irish Girl Guides, 27 Pembroke Park, Dublin 4
Digitally minded? E-mail: trefoil.news@irishgirlguides.ie Please compete the form below and send one form with each photograph (the
form can be photocopied) and please include a self addressed stamped envelope if you would like us to return your photos.
                                                        Happy Snapping!



     Competition category

     People in photograph

     Event/place in photograph and date

     I give permission for my photograph to be used by I.G.G. in publications or on the website        Yes                 No

     Stamped addressed envelope enclosed
                                                                             Dev. Ed.


                                   The new Dev                       Dev Ed Training Opportunity
                                    Ed Badge                     Have you worked with a Unit for over one year? Are you
                                  Great news, the new Dev        interested in global issues and development education?
                                  Ed badge has been
                                  launched!                      If so, you may be interested in doing the Global Youth Work
                                                                 Training Course which is accredited through the Open
                                   The syllabus is available     College Network.
                                   from National Office and it
                                   is packed with activities     The course will be run by the Global Centre for Education
                                   for Brownies and Guides       and I.G.G. has funding for up to 2 Leaders to participate.
                                   which will make learning      The course will take place over 2 residential weekends in
                                   about Development             Cork on the 23rd-25th February and on the 30th March-1st
                                   Education fun for both        April.
girls and Leaders. Don’t worry if you are not sure what Dev.
Ed. is, the idea is that our Leaders will be able to learn       This is an excellent opportunity to receive accredited
about Dev. Ed. along with their Unit as they work towards        training in Dev. Ed. and the following topics will be covered:
the badge.
                                                                 •      Principles of Global Youth Work
All you need to do is to complete 4 activities from the          •      Understanding Globalisation
syllabus which has activities under 8 headings (See below).      •      Information, resources and support for Global Youth
Poverty & Hunger                      Justice & Fair Trade       •      Applying Global Youth Work in practice
Education for World Citizenship       Human Rights
Global Interdependence                Environment                No experience is necessary except to have worked as a
Democracy & Peace                     Gender                     Leader for at least one year.

Under each heading there are games and activities ranging        Contact Gráinne at National Office as soon as possible for
from smiling for peace to looking at the unequal distribution    more details and an application form. Closing date for
of resources in the world through the biscuit game! We           applications is 15th February 2007.
have tried to make all the topics accessible so we would
love to hear how you are getting on with the badge and all       Hazel Murphy                       Gráinne O’Brien
feedback is welcome of course.                                   I.G.G. Rep. For Dev Ed       Guiding Development Officer

In this month’s Trefoil News we have included activities
from the Environment section of the badge which can be
used for both Brownies and Guides– see overleaf.

The complete syllabus is available from Gráinne in National
Office. As soon as you have completed four activities, the
badge can be bought at the Distribution Centre for €1.00
We hope you have fun doing the badge!

Trefoil News        February 2007                                                                                   Page 9
                             Getting Warmer...
          Aim: To help understand climate change

          Materials: A room big enough for running around.
          NB– You can do this activity outside also.

          Begin with a quick brainstorm on activities the group does every day that
          need energy or fuel e.g. switching on lights, travelling by car, watching
          the television etc. Allow enough time so that plenty of energy-using activi-
          ties are named.

          Divide into two teams (A & B) separated by a marked line across the mid-
          dle of the room. The teams stand at opposite ends of the room.

          A member of team A runs to the other side of the room calling out an ac-
          tivity mentioned earlier and tries to touch anyone on team B before run-
          ning back to her own side. Team B has to try catch her. If she is captured
          for more than 3 seconds, she is out of the game. Team B then has a go. If
          necessary, introduce a rule that participants cannot take a rest of more
          than 20 seconds.
          NB– To make the game safer, tell the girls they can only catch each other
          by the hand.

          After about 10 minutes, end the game. Ask how people are feeling.
          Are they hot from all the running around?
          What happened in the game?
          Was there a clear winner?
          How did it feel to be captured?

          Using the climate change fact-sheet, explain that this is what is happening
          in the air around us.
          When we switch on a light, have a shower, use a sheet of paper, drive in a
          car or light a fire, we are contributing carbon dioxide and other gases to
          be released into the atmosphere. The gases are trapped in the atmosphere
          and form a blanket around the earth that heats up, in the same way a
          greenhouse does. It is the effect of millions and millions of people, par-
          ticularly in rich countries, doing the same that contributes to global

          Discuss what the effects of global warming can be as an introduction to
          the next game, SHARK!

                                                             Adapted from making a difference, OWW 2005

Page 10                                                                Trefoil News     February 2007
          Aim: To examine the effects of climate change
          Material: One sheet of old newspaper per person
          Place sheets of newspaper randomly on the floor so that
          there is just enough room for everyone to stand on one.
          Explain that the newspapers are islands and the floor is
          the sea.

          Everyone begins by moving around the sea. When the
          leader calls ‘shark!’ everyone has to stand on an island.
          Anyone touching the water is gobbled up by the shark and
          is out of the game.

          After the first round announce there is a hurricane and
          remove some sheets.
          After the second round announce there are floods and
          remove more sheets
          After the third round announce the water is rising
          because the ice-caps are melting and remove more

          At the end of the game there may be one or more
          winners. Encourage the girls to use teamwork to help
          each other stay on the islands.

          Discussion: Does global warming affect us, how?
          Has anyone been in a storm—how did they feel?

Trefoil News   February 2007                                          Page 11
              Climate Change Fact sheet
          Climate change is caused by the release of too much carbon dioxide and
          other gases into the earth’s atmosphere. The gases form a blanket
          around the earth which traps heat. These gases are released when we
          use fuel such as petrol, gas and coal or when we use electricity which is
          produced from these sources.

          The planet is getting warmer resulting in rising sea levels and an in-
          crease in extreme weather events such as floods, tornados, droughts.

          Rich countries use more energy than poor countries and therefore are
          more responsible for climate change.

          The effects of climate change are felt mostly by people in developing
          countries where hurricanes, floods and droughts affect their livelihoods
          and health.

          We can help reduce climate change by using less energy e.g. by switch-
          ing off lights in our homes, walking or cycling instead of driving and in
          many other ways.

                  Ways to save energy and help reduce climate change:

          Reduce, re-use, recycle! The energy saved by recycling one aluminium
          drinks can is enough to run a TV for three hours.
          On your bike: try cycling or walking instead of driving everywhere. It
          uses less energy and is healthier too.
          Use more eco-friendly goods: e.g. energy saving lightbulbs,
          rechargeable batteries etc.
          Say no to packaging: when you are at the shops try and buy goods that
          have less packaging. Also try and buy things in bulk instead of
          individually if you can. That way less waste will be created.
          Switch off: Don’t leave lights on and switch electrical goods off
          completely– even if your TV is on standby, it is still using valuable
          Tell your friends: Tell people about the things you do to save energy
          and they might try it for themselves!

Page 12                                                            Trefoil News    February 2007
                                        Stitch’s                My next outing was to the Campa Le Chéile meeting for the
                                                                big international camp that The Irish Girl Guides are holding
                                                                this summer. I met some of the C.O.s and Camp Activity
                                         Diary                  Staff and Mary Clarke who is the Camp Chief. They were
                                                                all very busy getting ready for camp, and Mary asked me if
                                                                I would be joining them at camp! I can’t wait to go to
                                       Hello everyone! I        Campa Le Chéile, ‘cos camp is always great fun and there
                                       have been a very         will be lots and lots of girls there, both from Ireland and
                                       busy little stitched     from different countries around the world. I’m really looking
                                       person over the last     forward to it and I shall do my best to help Mary and
                                       few months,              Mammy Maeve with anything they need doing for camp.
                                       travelling all over
                                       the country and          I was off on my travels again and had a fab time with the
                                       getting to meet          Cealla Guides. We played loads of games and the girls
                                       loads of I.G.G.          taught me some new ones, like ‘Ship, Sea, Shore’. I then
          Me and Santa!
                                       members!                 went and had a great afternoon with the Silver Birch
                                                                Brownie Pack in Clones, Co. Monaghan. They were
Back in October, I had a fantastic weekend with the Bray        celebrating Hallowe’en and I was very brave and wasn’t
Brownies and the Belmont Brownies in Enniskerry National        afraid of the scary spiders. We sang songs, made wishes,
Cottage. It was so cool to be at the cottage with all the       and watched a video about filling shoe boxes. We
Brownies, and we had loads of fun. I tried glass painting,      finished with a tea party and had lots of yummy chocolate
bead craft and French knitting. We went on a walk to            cake and malteser squares.
Knocksink Woods, where it rained loads, but we all had our
raingear and wellies on and we enjoyed splashing in the         In November I went and visited the Brownies of Ballymore
puddles. Back at the cottage we did some cooking and I got      Eustace. We played games and sang songs and went on a
to lick the wooden spoon (shh! Don’t tell the Brownies!). We    night away in Roscommon! It was so exciting and Wise Owl
had brilliant fun at the cottage and the Brownies gave me       and Snowy Owl looked after us all. The cottage was lovely
loads of lovely hugs and kisses when I left.                    and we had fun making ‘Get Well’ cards for poor Tawny
                                                                Owl, who was sick and couldn’t join us for the night. We
                              In October I had a big            also had a disco and the girls did loads of dancing.
                              adventure, when I went skiing
                              with the Tivoli, Ballybrack and   My final trip for 2006 was to Longford and I visited the
                              Rathmichael Guides. You can       Ladybirds, Brownies, Guides AND Leaders of Longford
                              see me here in my ski boots.      area. I met the Clondra Brownies, the Longford Ladybirds,
                              We were up in Kilternan on        the Camlin Brownies, the Cairn Brownies, the Longford
                              the dry ski slope there. I had    Guides and lots of Leaders and Young Leaders! It was
                              a go at skiing on my own, but     such fun and I even got to meet Santa Claus too! The girls
                              I found it a bit hard with also   performed at the party and they were really talented. Some
                              holding my umbrella and           girls sang, some danced and some told really funny jokes. I
                              camera and scarf and              had such a good time and I loved being in Longford, I hope
                              everything, so Emma, one of       I can visit again soon!
                              the Young Leaders took me
                              with her and we went all the      2006 was a really busy year for me, but I hope to meet
                              way from the top. I was a bit     even more Ladybirds, Brownies, Guides and Leaders in
                              nervous but it was great fun.     2007, especially as my Mammy told me that meeting me is
                                                                part of the Outdoor Awards this year! That is so exciting
                               My next trip was to Taney        and cool—I’ll get to meet all the girls who are doing the
                               Brownie Pack and we went to      Outdoor Awards! I can’t wait!
                               St. Nahee’s Church in
                               Churchtown. They have an
                               amazing tapestry there and I
                                                                                      Love from            Stitch
                               had great fun meeting all the                                                xxxx
                               Brownies. I then went and
                               visited the Ballymore Eustace    If you’d like me to come and visit your Unit or go with you
                               Ladybirds. There are lots of     on your camp or holiday, please contact my Mammy Maeve
  Me in Ski Boots
                             Ladybirds in Ballymore Eustace     at 01-6683898 or email her at info@irishgirlguides.ie
and we went on a trip all round the village. We went into the              Me and the Ladybirds and Guides of Longford
Gallery and had our photos taken and we saw Gerry in the
Chemist (he was so funny!) and I tried on the apron in the
Butcher’s Shop. We all remembered our Green Cross
Code and I got my hair trimmed at the hairdressers, so I
am looking very smart!

Trefoil News        February 2007                                                                                    Page 13
Calling all members of Trefoil Guild, Senior Branch Guiders, Ladybird
Leaders, Brownie Leaders and Guide Leaders – Campa Le Chéile needs
YOUR help!

                           Reminder for Campa le
                                Chéile ’07!
                     This camp runs from the 7th–14th of July and
                     will be held in Tattersalls, Co. Meath. Apply
                     now before it’s too late! Unit Leaders
                     received a letter in December asking to
                     apply for our international camp if they
                     hadn’t already done so. Thanks to all the
                     Units who have applied. You need to send
                     in the two passport sized ID photos for each
                     person in your group a.s.a.p. Send to Mary
                     Clarke, Camp Chief, c/o National Office, 27
                     Pembroke Park, Dublin 4..

                     If you are a Brownie, Ladybird or Senior
                     Branch leader, we need you too! You can
                     apply for Central staff or Activity staff, or
                     you can work with your local Guide group
                     on their camps.

                      Activity Staff Training Weekend
                     If you plan on attending Campa le Chéile as                           Time to get ready for camp!
                     Activity Staff, this weekend is essential. It’s
                     on the weekend of 16th-18th March. The
                     venue is Enniskerry. The programme                       Apply now for Activity Staff if you haven’t
                      includes getting to know other staff                    done so already. Forms are available from
                     members, allocation of duties and training               your Region or National Office and should
                     in activities. More information will be listed           be sent directly to Mary Clarke, c/o National
                     in the March edition of Trefoil News.                    Office.

                                         Camp Photos from Solas Camp in 2002, I.G.G.’s last international camp

 Page 14                                                                               Trefoil News              February 2007

    Our first Award for Active Citizenship goes to Lua Clarke,            With all these tremendous community activities, it’s a wonder
    a Brownie Leader who is very active in her community.                 that Lua finds time for Guiding at all, but she has been
                                                                          running St. Aideen’s Brownies in Howth for 38 years. When
    Lua has been running the Howth Summer Project for 26                  St. Aideen’s had a waiting list of nearly 70 girls wanting to
    years. The project runs every day for the month of July and           join, she set up a second Brownie Unit, Beann Eadair
    over 300 girls and boys from age 4 to 15 enjoy many                   Brownies, which has now been running for 30 years as well.
    activities. The children enjoy bowling, swimming, sports,
    crafts, cookery, arts, picnics and outings. At the end of each        Lua is a wonderful example of an Active Citizen and she has
    Project, Lua manages to persuade a celebrity to come along            enriched the lives of countless people in her community.
    and present plaques and prizes to all the children.                   Many congratulations Lua, on being the first recipient of the
                                                                          I.G.G. Active Citizenship Award!
    Lua has just joined her Church Committee, and is involved
    on behalf of the youth of the parish and their needs.

    Lua has been involved in the Howth Community Group for
    more than 11 years. She used to act and do set painting for
    their plays, but now runs the box office and the door for all
    their plays and pantomimes.                                           If you would like to nominate someone for the Active
                                                                          Citizenship Certificate, please complete the form below and
    She has recently written a book to celebrate 50 years of              send it to :- “Active Citizenship”, c/o I.G.G. National Office,
    Scoil Mhuire Primary School in Howth. It took her a year to           27 Pembroke Park, Dublin 4.
    research and write and is now published and on sale at the
    school. Another fantastic achievement.

                             Active Citizenship Nomination Form

Name of individual or group you would like to nominate

Contact details of individual or group (address to which the certificate should be posted)

Details of contribution the individual or group has made/is making to their local community

Your name

Your contact details

    Trefoil News         February 2007                                                                                      Page 15
                                          Outreach Project Update
                      The theme of the project was ‘One World, Diverse Cultures’ and it included 3 Fun Days and a week long
                      summer camp in 2006. The idea behind the project was to reach out to immigrants and ethnic minority
                      girls aged between 7-12 in Corduff, Dublin 15, to give them an introduction to Guiding and to help them
                      to integrate into their local community. If you would like more information about the project then contact
                      Catherine at National Office, or email outreach@irishgirlguides.ie

                     Things are looking good regarding             The Outreach Project presentations and training sessions
                     I.G.G.’s Outreach Programme. As you           at the Regional Conferences have been completed. They
                     learned in January Trefoil News the           were received very well and gave people an opportunity to
                     Outreach Committee has been                   find out exactly what the Outreach Project, which took
                     extended for another year. Mary               place in Corduff, Dublin 15 in 2006, involved.
                     Emmett has kindly agreed to stay on
                     as chair and most of the other                Next on the agenda for Outreach is a visit to the Branch
                     members have decided to stay on the           Weekend which as you all know will take place from Friday
Committee. We hope to have a few new members this                  2nd to Sunday 4th February. These sessions will take place
year also. We are all very enthusiastic about what we can          with Ladybird, Brownie and Guide Branch on Saturday 3rd
achieve in 2007.                                                   February and will be centred on issues that could arise as a
                                                                   result of having immigrant and ethnic minority girls in your
We have even better news this month, the Youth Affairs             Unit. There will also be a few case studies on girls with
Section of the Department of Education have agree to give          behavioural problems. The results of these case studies will
us additional funding for our Outreach Programme so that           be published in Trefoil News later in the year.
we can continue well into the future. They would like I.G.G.
to pilot this type of Outreach initiative in the Youth Work        If you have any queries regarding Outreach, feel free to
sector. This is a very important and meaningful role and it is     contact Catherine, the Outreach Development Office in
a great privilege for I.G.G. to have been chosen to carry out      National Office or at outreach@irishgirlguides.ie
this work. The Outreach pack and Outline/Template for
Future projects are part of this role. These publications will
now be used not only by members of I.G.G. but by all
organisations in the Youth Work sector. The Outreach
Committee is currently working on these publications.

                    Outreach Project Committee Interest Form
  Name: ________________________________________________________

  Address: _______________________________________________________________________________________

  Unit/Branch: _____________________________________________________________

  Region: _________________________________________________________________

  Contact Telephone No.: ____________________________                 Email Address: _____________________________

  Reason for applying (Attach separate sheet if necessary): ______________________________________________



  Relevant experience both Guiding and non-Guiding (Attach separate sheet if necessary): _______________________



  Signed: ______________________________              Date:______________________
                               c/o IGG Resource Centre, Cork

Trefoil News   February 2007                                   Page 17
Spirituality is … a journey of exploration and searching. Both inner and outer.

                                                                that come out of it: polite, sweet or rough, correct or
                   Dare to …..                                  incorrect; my voice, loud or soft; and all my actions,
Ask for what you want                                           whether they be to others or to myself.
Believe in Yourself
Change your mind                                                I own my fantasies, my dreams, my hopes, my fears.
Do what you love
                                                                I own all my triumphs and successes, all my failures and
Enjoy each and every day
Follow your heart’s desire
Give more than you receive                                      Because I own all of me, I can become intimately
Have a sense of humour                                          acquainted with me. By so doing, I can love me and be
Insist on being yourself                                        friendly with me in all my parts. I can then make it possible
Join in more                                                    for all of me to work in my best interests.
Kiss and make up
Love and be loved                                               I know there are aspects about myself that puzzle me, and
Make new friends                                                other aspects that I do not know. But as long as I am
Nurture your spirit                                             friendly and loving to myself, I can courageously and
Overcome adversity                                              hopefully look for the solutions to the puzzles and for ways
Play more                                                       to find out more about me.
Question conformity
Reach for the stars                                             However I look and sound, whatever I say and do, and
Speak your truth                                                whatever I think and feel at a given moment in time is me.
Take personal responsibility                                    This is authentic and represents where I am at that moment
Understand more, judge less                                     in time.
Volunteer your time
Walk through fear                                               When I review later how I looked and sounded, what I said
Xperience the moment                                            and did, and how I thought and felt, some parts may turn
Yearn for grace                                                 out to be unfitting. I can discard that which is unfitting, and
Be Zany                                                         keep that which proved fitting, and invent something new
                                                                for that which I discarded.
                                            by Meiji Stewart
                               From Relax, God is in Charge     I can see, hear, feel, think, say and do. I have the tools to
                                                                survive, to be close to others, to be productive, and to
                                                                make sense and order out of the world of people and things
My Declaration of Self-Esteem                                   outside of me.
I am me.
                                                                I own me, and therefore, I can engineer me.
In all the world, there is no one else exactly like me. There
                                                                I am me and I am okay.
are persons who have some parts like me, but no one adds
up exactly like me. Therefore, everything that comes out of     Satir, V (1970) A Goal of Living. Available in poster form
me is authentically mine because I alone chose it.              from Celestial Arts. The poster is called ‘I am me’.
I own everything about me; my body, including everything it
does; my mind, including all its thoughts and ideas; my
eyes, including the images of all they behold; my feelings,
whatever they may be: anger, joy, frustration, love,
disappointment, excitement; my mouth, and all the words

Page 18                                                                                  Trefoil News          February 2007
                 Do you or your Guides want to learn more
                       about International Guiding?
The International Committee is hosting two days in Dublin and Cork which are open to Guides
over 12, Senior Branch members and Leaders. This is your opportunity to ask all those
questions about going abroad and about taking a group abroad.

The dates for these days are as follows:
          Dublin - 10th March 2007                       Cork – 31st March 2007

Places are limited per region, so it is vital that you get your application in a.s.a.p. and check
regional availability with your Regional Commissioner. Cost per person is €14 if application is
received before Friday 2nd February and this will increase to €16 per person if received after this
date. Applications will not be accepted after 23rd February.

Applications to: Adele Mealey, c/o National Office, 27 Pembroke Park, Dublin 4.

                           Go Global! Application Form


Tel:                                             Email:

Region:                                          Unit:

Please tick the box beside the venue that you would like           Dublin


Return to: Adele Mealey, c/o National Office, 27 Pembroke Park, Dublin 4.

Trefoil News   February 2007                                                            Page 19
                                                       Public Relations
                                                Nominations are sought for Public Relations Officer for The Irish Girl Guides.
                                                Susan Griffin, the current Public Relations Officer, will finish her first term of
                                                office in April.

                                                Below is a basic job description, so that anyone considering the position can
                                                evaluate the commitment.

                                                Job Description

                                                •      Be responsible for the external public relations for I.G.G.
                                                •      Coordinate effective media coverage for the organisation
                                                •      Take an active part in the production of I.G.G. publicity material
                                                •      Organise trainings and make resources available which enable the
                                                       members of the P.R. Committee to carry out their role effectively

•    Chair Public Relations Committee meetings
•      Attend Executive Committee meetings
•      Attend Programme and Training Committee meetings (or send deputy)
•      Ex Officio member of National Standing Committees
•      Cooperate and coordinate with ad hoc committees as needed

The P.R.O. has the support of the Guiding Development Officer in National Office, whose job description includes the
allocation of 3 days per month for P.R. related work.

Expenses regarding travel and administration costs in conjunction with the post will be paid out of I.G.G. funds.
If you are interested in being nominated for this position, please contact your Regional Commissioner before 1st March 2007.
An election is held, even in the event of there being only one nomination.

Page 20                                                                                    Trefoil News          February 2007
        Part Time
    Officer needed for
    West and Central
    Midlands Region
                Do you have a spare 18–24 hours per week?
              Do you want to work for a growing organisation?
          Do you want to be paid for doing something that you love?

                         ……then this is the job for you.

   A part-time Development Officer is needed for West and Central Midlands Region which covers counties Galway,
   Roscommon, Leitrim, Longford, Westmeath and part of Offaly.

   Brief Job Description:
   The role of the Regional Development Officer is to develop and support Guiding locally. The Regional Development Officer
   works in conjunction with the Regional Commissioner and the Regional Team to help recruit Leaders and provide on-going
   support to all Leaders in the Region.

   The Regional Development Officer is supported by the Chief Executive Officer and attends three meetings/trainings per year
   with the other Regional Development Officers employed by I.G.G.

                                                    Deadline: 12th February 2007
                                               Apply in confidence with letter and c.v. to
                                        Linda Peters, C.E.O., The Irish Girl Guides, 27 Pembroke Park, Dublin 4
                                       Phone: 01-668 3898 email: linda.peters@irishgirlguides.ie

                                                         Pen Pals                                                      Guides, Senior
                                      Ladybirds and Brownies—make friends internationally!                        Branch and Leaders
                          At this time of year, we get many requests from Girl Guide and Girl Scout Units           Pen Pals—post or
                          overseas who would love to link up with Ladybird and Brownie Units in Ireland.             email your name,
                          You can exchange postcards and badges, send photos and learn all about                   address, age, date of
                          Guiding overseas. It’s a great way to make friends and lets Ladybirds and                 birth and Unit to the
                          Brownies get involved in the international aspect of Guiding. In the last year we                Postbox
                          have made links between Irish Guides and Guides in South Africa, Germany, USA,                  Secretary
and the West Indies among other places—Irish pen pals are very popular! All you have to do is fill in the
details of your Unit below and post to: Postbox Secretary, The Irish Girl Guides, Trefoil House, 27 Pembroke Park, Dublin 4.
Alternately you can send the information by email to postbox@irishgirlguides.ie If you link with an international Unit (by email or
post), ALL correspondence is done through the adult Leaders of each Unit to ensure the safety and security of everyone involved.

Unit Name                                          Number of Girls in Unit                      Age Range

Leader Name                                                       Leader Email                                 Tel


   Trefoil News         February 2007                                                                                      Page 21
                                       Farewell and Welcome
In late 2006, W.A.G.G.G.S. Chief Executive Lesley Bulman-Lever left W.A.G.G.G.S. for pastures new and we now welcome
new C.E.O. Mary McPhail to take the helm. The Irish Girl Guides would like to take this opportunity to thank Lesley for all her
hard work and to wish her well and to welcome Mary. Below is Lesley’s Leaving Message and opposite, the press release
celebrating Mary’s appointment.

Page 22                                                                                    Trefoil News         February 2007
Trefoil News   February 2007   Page 23
February sees two important dates. On the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day, we have the opportunity to present a friend or
family member with a token of our love. On the 22nd of February we celebrate World Thinking Day, along with Ladybirds
around the world. We’re also getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day on the 17th of March. In this issue of Trefoil News we have
plenty of activities and crafts for you to celebrate these days with your Units.
                                                                                                         The Ladybird Committee

                      Valentine Coupon                                                  Circle of Friends

These Valentine Coupon cards are simple to make, print            An Ice Breaker game that needs no equipment.
and fill out. The coupon can be for a big hug, a chore you
will do (like washing the car) or just a loving message.          Method
                                                                  1.    Everyone stands in a circle one behind the other.
Method                                                            2.    The idea is that you slowly sit down on the knees of
1.    Print out the Valentine’s Cards and Coupons for                   the person behind you.
      each girl (see templates on page 25).                       3.    Everybody is depending on the person behind them
2.    Get the girls to cut out one each and colour them in.             to save them from falling over. All going well, you
3.    Cut along the dashed lines (this is where you insert              have a circle with each girl sitting on the knee of the
      the coupon).                                                      person behind them.
4.    Fold the card in half.
5.    Fill in the coupon with a promise to undertake a
      chore or task.                                                                   The Potato Game
6.    Insert each of the four corners of the coupon into the
      four slits that you cut in the card.                        Materials
                                                                  •      One potato for each girl
You now have a nice Valentine’s Card for a friend!                •      A bag or sack

                           Jug Handles                            1.    Everyone sits around in a circle. Give each girl a
Method                                                                  potato and ask her to look at it and get to know it
Pair off each girl and ask them to stand with their arms                well.
linked and their hands on their hips and to form a circle         2.    Collect up all the potatoes, put them in the sack and
around the room. One pair does not link arms and instead                shake them up, then empty them out on the floor or
one chases the other round the playing area.                            on a table.
                                                                  3.    Ask them to pick out their own potatoes.
At any stage in the race, the person being chased can stop
running by linking into a pair. When this happens, the            Discuss
person on the other side of that pair now becomes the             How easy was it to find your potato?
person being chased. When a person is caught, they                What made it easy/difficult?
become the chaser.                                                What does this tell you about potatoes?
                                                                  What can we learn about groups of people from this
Rules                                                             experiment?
•       It is important that couples stand with their hands on
        their hips so people can link easily.                     This is a useful exercise to show how we are all the same
•       Standing couples should not interfere with the            under the skin and share characteristics just like potatoes,
        chase.                                                    which are mostly brown, roundish and knobbly. However, it
•       The person being chased cannot run outside the            also shows that each individual is unique, just like every
        playing area.                                             Ladybird.

Page 24                                                                                   Trefoil News        February 2007
                        Walking Game                                           St. Patrick’s Day
All the players are asked by the Leader to walk around the       Materials
room changing pace regularly. The Leader then calls ‘Walk        •      Hole punch
like a ….                                                        •      Scissors
        Russian Leader                                           •      Paper connectors
        As if you are sneaking round the house                   •      String
        As if you were walking in a fashion show                 •      Colouring pens/pencils
        As if you can’t bend your knees’                         •      One template print out (below) for each girl

All the players copy what the Leader says. This is a fun         Method
activity which is full of energy.                                1.    Print out the copy of the leprechaun template below
                                                                       and make a copy for each girl in your Unit.
                                                                 2.    Ask the girls to colour in their leprechauns.
                                                                 3.    Punch holes in the large black dots on the template
                                                                       and assemble your leprechaun using paper
                                                                 4.    Tie a piece of string to the top of the head and make
                                                                       a loop. By pulling the loop up and down, you can
                                                                       make your leprechaun dance!

                 Valentine Sweetie Box

•      A piece of paper
•      Pencil
•      Two sheets of acetate (or other thick, clear, flexible
•      Scissors
•      Hole punch
•      Red or pink yarn
•      Valentine sweeties

1.    Fold the piece of paper in half and draw half a heart
      along the fold line. Cut out the heart. This will be the
      template for the project.
2.    Cut two identical hearts from the plastic (make them
      at least as big as your hand or bigger—depending
      on how many sweeties you want to put in the heart.)
3.    While holding the two plastic hearts together, punch
      holes all around the edges.
4.    Start weaving yarn around the edges of the heart,
      connecting the two together. When there are only a
      few inches left to weave, stop weaving and fill your
      heart with sweeties.
5.    Finish the weaving and tie the yarn off with a knot.

If you wanted to add to this craft, you could always make
sweeties with your Unit and some simple, no cook recipes
are listed on the websites below:

Trefoil News        February 2007                                                                                Page 25
                       St. Patrick’s Day Activity Sheet

          My name is

Page 26                                           Trefoil News   February 2007
                 Valentine Card and Coupon Template

                                 Happy Valentine’s Day

                               To My Valentine
                               This coupon is good for:


Trefoil News   February 2007                              Page 27
                 The Ladybird Guide International Competition
             Did you know that you have over 10 Million Guiding friends throughout the world?

There are four special homes in different countries that you share with these friends. These are called
World Centres, and members can visit.

To enter the competition, match the World Centre to the correct country and colour in.
Send your decorated entry with your name, your Unit Leader’s name and the name of your Ladybird Guide
unit to:
The Ladybird Guide International Competition, The Irish Girl Guides, 27 Pembroke Park,
Dublin 4

To arrive by 28th February.


Page 28                                                                    Trefoil News     February 2007

                                                               3.     Fold 15cm. length of green, white and orange ribbon
                 Ideas for the                                        in half and staple on to end of circle. If you cannot
                                                                      find ribbon then colour in one piece of paper 15cm
                Heritage Badge                                        long in green white and orange. Colour in length
                                                               4.     Glue circle onto back of brooch so that ribbon hangs
Heritage Badge Part 2: Make a model or collage of an item             from bottom of badge.
from ancient or medieval Ireland i.e. stone circle, rath,      5.     Fix safety pin to back of brooch with tape.
dolmen, fort, beehive hut, celtic cross, old church, round
tower, Tara brooch, Ardagh chalice, Book of Kells etc.
Explain its use and how it was built or crafted.               Tell a Story
Craft—Tara Brooch                                              The Children of Lir
                                                               Heritage Badge Part 3: Dress a doll in traditional Irish
Badge                                                          costume or read an old Irish legend or myth and be able to
                                                               tell the story to the tester in your own words
•      Copies of Tara Brooch (below) on white card             The Children of Lir
•      Glue                                                    Long ago there was a king in Ireland called Lir who was
•      Colouring pencils/markers                               the father of four beautiful children, a son, a daughter and
•      Stapler                                                 twin sons. Their mother (daughter of the High King of
•      Coloured paper/stickers                                 Ireland) died when they were still young and needing
•      15cm green, white and orange ribbon per person,         loving care. And so it came about that King Lir, who dearly
•      Tape                                                    loved his four children and wanted them to have a new
•      Safety pins                                             mother, married his wife's sister, Aoife, and gave them into
                                                               her charge.
1.      Cut out brooch shape and also another circle of card   Aoife, seeing King Lir playing with the children and giving
        as shown.                                              them so much of his time became jealous of them and
2.      Colour in the brooch and decorate with stick-on        thought how she might have her King all to herself and
        “Jewels” as required.                                  the children out of the way.
                                                                                                          continued overleaf

                                                                                      Circle with

                       Tara Brooch template

Trefoil News        February 2007                                                                              Page 29
                 One night she secretly bargained with a           listen to it. Moreover, ye shall retain your human reason;
                 druid for the use of his magic wand and           and ye shall not be in grief on account of being in the
                 made her plans while the children were            shape of swans".
                 asleep. Next morning when they woke to
                 a beautiful summer's day, Aoife had               And she chanted this lay "Depart from me, ye graceful
perfected her plan. "Come with me" she said to the                 swans, the waters are now your home. Your palace shall
children, "Today I am going to take you to the lake and            be the pearly cave, Your couch the crest of the crystal
when the sun gets hot you can all go into the cool water           wave, And your mantle the milk-white foam!"
for a swim".
                                                                   Lake of Sorrow: Lough Derravaragh, in Westmeath, is
                                 She led the children to the       where the Children of Lir were doomed to spend 300
                                 edge of the lake and told         years as swans. A sad and sorrowful heart had Lir when
                                 them to go to bathe; and as       he heard about his children. He went and spoke to them at
                                 soon as they had got into         the lake and understood what Aoife had done. He allowed
                                 the water, she struck them        Bove Derg use his druidical magic wand, and turned her
                                 one by one with a druidical       into a demon of the air. She opened her wings, and flew
                                 fairy wand, and turned them       with a scream upwards away through the clouds; and she
                                 into four beautiful snow-         is still a demon of the air, and she shall be a demon of the
                                 white swans. And she              air till the end of time.
                                 addressed them in these
                                 words "Out of your home,          And so at the end of 300 years on lake Darvra, 300 years
                                 ye swans, on Darvra's             on the sea of Moyle and another 300 years on the lake
                                 wave; With clamorous birds        isle of Glora in Mayo. They lived in this manner till holy
                                 begin your life of gloom.         Patrick came to Erin with the pure faith; and until Saint
                                 Your friends shall weep           Kemoc came to Inis Glora.
                                 your fate, but none can
                                 save, for I've pronounced         The first night Kemoc came to the island, the childen of Lir
the dreadful words of doom."                                       heard his bell at early matin time, ringing faintly in the
                                                                   distance. The three brothers were more affrighted than
After this, the four children of Lir turned their faces to their   Finola so she explained to them "This is the voice of the
stepmother; and Finola spoke, "Evil is the deed thou hast          Christian bell and now the end of our suffering is near; for
done, O Aoife, thy friendship to us has been a friendship          this bell is the signal that we shall soon be freed from our
of treachery; and thou hast ruined us without cause. But           spell, and released from our life of suffering; for God has
the deed will be avenged, for the power of thy witchcraft is       willed it." And they changed a low, sweet, plaintive strain
not greater than the druidical power of our friends to             of fairy music, to praise and thank the great high King of
punish thee; and the doom that awaits thee shall be worse          heaven and earth".
than ours. Our stepmother loved us long ago, our step-
mother now has wrought us woe: With magical wand and               Kemoc heard the music from where he stood; and he
fearful words. She changed us to beautiful snow-white              listened with great astonishment. He went to the shore of
birds; and we live on the waters for evermore, By                  the lake and spoke to them and asked them were they the
tempests driven from shore to shore."                              children of Lir. They replied, "We are indeed the children
                                                                   of Lir, who were changed long ago into swans by our
Finola again spoke and said "Tell us now how long we               wicked stepmother"
shall be in the shape of swans, so that we may know when
our miseries shall come to an end." Aoife said; "Three
hundred years on smooth Lake Darvra; three hundred
years on the Sea of Moyle, between Erin and Alban; three
hundred years at Irros Domnann and at Inis Glora on the
Western Sea. Until the union of Largnen, the prince from
the north, with Decca, the princess from the south; until
the Taillkenn shall come to Erin bringing the light of pure
faith; and until ye hear the voice of the Christian bell. And
neither by your own power, nor by mine, nor by the power
of your friends, can ye be freed till the time comes"

Then Aoife repented what she had done; and she said
"Since I cannot afford you any other relief, I will allow you
to keep your own Gaelic speech; and ye shall be able to
sing sweet, plaintive, fairy music, which shall excel all the
music of the world, and which shall lull to sleep all that

Page 30                                                                                    Trefoil News        February 2007
"I give God thanks that I have found you," said Kemoc,
"for it is on your account I have come to this little island in          Ideas for the
preference to all the other islands of Erin. Come ye now to
land, and trust in me; for it is in this place that you are              Gaelic Badge
destined to be freed from your enchantment" He brought
them to his own house and, sending for a skilful workman,          Gaelic Badge Part 1: Read an Irish legend and explain it to
he caused him to make two bright, slender chains of silver;        the Pack in Irish or English.
and he put a chain between Finola and Aodh, and the
other chain he put between Fiachra and Conn. So they
lived with him, listening to his instructions day by day, and      Tell a Story
joining in his devotions. They were the delight and joy of
the cleric and he loved them with his whole heart.                 The Salmon of Knowledge
The king who ruled over Connaught at this time was                 A long time ago in Ireland there lived a very wise old man
Largnen, the son of Colman; and his queen was Decca,               named Finnegas. He knew everything about nature, birds,
the daughter of Finnin, king of Munster, the same king and         animals, plants, clouds and the stars. But he always
queen whom Eva had spoken of in her prophecy long                  wanted to know more. He lived beside a river where there
ages before.                                                       was a magic fish. Everyday he stared into the water hoping
                                                                   to see this magic fish - the Salmon of Knowledge, swim by.
Queen Decca was seized with a strong desire to have                Whoever caught and ate this fish would know all there was
them herself so she went to the King and besought him              to know in the world. Lots of people, including Finnegas
that he would go to Kemoc and get her the swans. The               tried to catch this fish but they had no luck.
King went to Kemoc who refused to allow him to have
them and the King became very wroth and seized the two             One day a small boy called Fionn McCumhaill and his
silver chains, one in each hand, he drew the birds from the        mother came by. Fionn's mother wanted Finnegas to teach
altar, and turned towards the door of the church. The king         Fionn about the world. Finnegas agreed. Everyday
had proceeded only a little way, when suddenly the white           Finnegas sat by the river teaching Fionn all he knew about
feathery robes faded and disappeared; and the swans                the world. Then one day, a huge fish swam by. Finnegas
regained their human shape, Finola being transformed into          was so excited because he was sure this was The Salmon
an extremely old woman, and the three sons into three              of Knowledge. He ran to get his fishing net. The salmon
feeble old men, white haired and bony and wrinkled.                was strong. It jumped and twisted and turned in the net for
Finola turned towards Kemoc and spoke...                           a long time. Eventually Finnegas landed the fish. 'Hurray'
                                                                   they both cheered and Finnegas fell to the ground,
“Come, holy cleric, and baptise us without delay, for our          exhausted.
death is near. You will grieve after us, O Kemoc; but in
truth you are not more sorrowful at parting from us than           Finnegas was too tired to cook the fish so he left Fionn in
we are at parting from you. Make our grave here and bury           charge, with this warning 'No matter what happens - Do not
us together; and as I often sheltered my brothers when we          eat any of the fish'. Fionn did as he was told and cooked
were swans, so let us be placed in the grave - Conn                the fish over a big fire, turning it two or three times. After a
standing near me at my right side, Fiachra at my left, and         while a bubble appeared on the side of the fish. Without
Aodh before my face.”                                              thinking, Fionn burst the bubble with his thumb. 'Ouch!' he
                                                                   yelled as it burnt him. He immediately put his sore thumb
Then the children of Lir were baptised and they died               into his mouth to cool it and make it better.
immediately. And when they died, Kemoc looked up; and
lo, he saw a vision of four lovely children, with light, silvery   After some time Finnegas woke up. He was very hungry
wings, and faces all radiant with joy. They gazed on him           and he was looking forward to having the salmon for his
for a moment; but even as they gazed he knew they had              tea. He called Fionn who came immediately. He then
gone to heaven; but when he looked down on the four                noticed something strange about the boy. His eyes seemed
bodies lying before him, he became sad and wept".                  bluer and his cheeks redder. He also looked bigger and
                                                                   stronger. Then Finnegas knew what had happened. 'Did
And Kemoc caused a wide grave to be dug near the little            you eat any of the fish ?' he asked. 'No, ....but ....while the
church; and the children of Lir were buried together, as           salmon was cooking a bubble came up on its side and I
Finola had directed-Conn at her right hand, Fiachra at her         burst it with my thumb' Fionn replied.
left, and Aodh standing before her face. And he raised a
grave-mound over them, placing a tombstone on it, with             'Then you, and not I, are the one to get the gift of
their names graved in Ogham; after which he uttered a              knowledge from the salmon' Finnegas said sadly. 'You
lament for them, and their funeral rites were performed.           must go now, I can teach you no more - Good Luck!'
                                                                   From then on, if Fionn needed to know anything he just put
                                                                   his thumb in his mouth and he knew what to do. Fionn grew
                                                                   up to be a great and famous leader in Ireland.

Trefoil News         February 2007                                                                                    Page 31
                 Sing a Song                                   Craft
                 The Fields of Athenry                         St. Brigid’s Cross
Gaelic Badge Part 2: Sing an Irish song or recite an Irish     Gaelic Badge Part 5: Make a St. Brigid’s Cross in any
poem                                                           material and know a little about St.
               The Fields of Athenry
                                                               Weave St. Brigid's Cross
       By a lonely prison wall                                 Materials
       I heard a young girl calling,                           •      16 pieces of straw or other
       “Michael, they are taking you away.                            weaving material, each 8"
       For you stole Trevelyan's corn,                                long
       So the young might see the morn,                        •      Thread to tie off the ends
       Now a prison ship lies waiting in the bay."
       Chorus                                                  1.      Fold the first two pieces in half, slipping 1 side of 1
       Low lie the fields of Athenry                                   piece through the fold of the other. Fold a third piece
       Where once we watched the small free birds fly.                 in half over the second piece. (See the diagram)
       Our love was on the wing                                2.      Continue adding folded pieces, lapping each piece
       We had dreams and songs to sing                                 over the one you just placed previously.
       It’s so lonely ’round the fields of Athenry.            3.      When all 16 pieces have been placed, take the
                                                                       loose ends of the last piece and tuck them under the
       By a lonely prison wall                                         piece they face.
       I heard a young man calling                             4.      Pinch the loose ends of each arm of the cross
       "Nothing matters, Mary, when you're free                        together and tie tightly with thread.
       Against the famine and the crown,                       5.      Clip the loose ends as close as possible to the tie.
       I rebelled, they ran me down,
       Now you must raise our child with dignity."

       By a lonely harbour wall,
       She watched the last star falling
       As the prison ship sailed out against the sky
       Sure she'll wait and hope and pray,
       For her love in Botany Bay
       It’s so lonely ’round the fields of Athenry

Sing a Song
The National Anthem

Gaelic Badge Part 4: Be able to sing the chorus of the Irish
National Anthem

       Sinne Fianna Fáil
       Atá faoi gheall ag Éirinn,
       buíon dár slua
       Thar toinn do ráinig chugainn,
       Faoi mhóid bheith saor.
       Seantír ár sinsear feasta
       Ní fhágfar faoin tíorán ná faoin tráill
       Anocht a théam sa bhearna baoil,
       Le gean ar Ghaeil chun báis nó saoil
       Le gunna scréach faoi lámhach na bpiléar
       Seo libh, canaíg Amhrán na bhFiann.

Page 32                                                                                Trefoil News         February 2007
                St. Patrick’s Day

Pot of Gold Craft

Make a small rainbow and a pot of gold.
•      Paper Plate
•      Toilet Tissue or Paper Towel Roll
•      Glue
•      Paint
1.      Cut down the toilet tissue or paper towel roll so it is
        about 2 inches high. Paint it black (figure 1).
2.      Cut the paper plate in half. Cut out an arc shape
        from the outside edge of the paper plate (Figure 2).
        Make sure the end of the arc can fit into the hole in
        the painted toilet tissue roll. Paint the arc so it looks
        like a rainbow (figure 3).
3.      Once the paint is all dry slide one end of the rainbow
        into the black toilet tissue roll (figure 4). Glue in
        place. You now have a pot of gold at the end of a
        rainbow! For an added touch, put a line of glue
        around the top edge of the toilet tissue roll and
        sprinkle on gold glitter or sequins.

Trefoil News          February 2007                                 Page 33
                 Craft                                         3.    Glue the circle to the bottom of the ice cream
                 A Puffy Shamrock                              4.    Cut a piece of green felt to go around the container.
                                                                     You may need two pieces of felt.
                                                               5.    Glue the felt around the container.
                                                               6.    Punch a hole right below the lip of the container.
                                                                     Repeat on the opposite side. (You may need to use
•      Coloured paper
                                                                     the scissors if the hole punch has troubles.)
•      Scissors
                                                               7.    Trace around a large circular object that is as big
•      Glitter, string, paint—items to decorate with
                                                                     around as a piece of felt is wide.
•      Glue
                                                               8.    Cut out the circle. This will be the floppy part (brim)
•      Stapler
                                                                     of the hat.
•      Newspaper
                                                               9.    Sit the ice cream container, open side down, on the
Instructions                                                         middle of the felt circle. Trace around the container.
1.      Cut two shamrocks from white or light coloured         10. Cut a circle out of the middle of the felt large circle
        paper.                                                       about 2" inside the lines. Discard this inner circle.
2.      Next decorate one side of each piece. They can be      11. Make snips in the felt from the cutout area to the
        decorated with sponge paint, string paint, markers,          drawn lines to create "tabs". This will allow you to
        glue and glitter, whatever.                                  push the "tabs" up inside the hat and glue in place.
3.      Next, staple the two shapes together, leaving a hole   12. Turn the ice cream container/hat on the flat end. Lay
        at the top.                                                  the circle with the snips on top of the open end of
4.      Stuff with crumpled up newspaper and finish                  the container. Run a bead of glue around the inside
        stuffing. Voila! A Puffy shamrock!                           of the container near the rim.
                                                               13. Push the tabs up into the container and against the
                                                                     glue. (Note: This is where the hot glue comes in
                                                                     handy as it sets up quickly. If using hot glue, only
                                                                     run about a 3" length of glue at a time.)
                                                               14. Once the glue has set up, punch a hole in the felt on
                                                                     the brim of the hat next to the hole on the ice cream
                                                                     container. Repeat for other side.
                                                               15. Cut a strip about 2" wide out of the black felt.
                                                               16. Cut a 4" square out of the grey felt.
                                                               17. Cut a rectangle in the middle of the grey felt about 1
                                                                     1/4" x 2". Discard the little piece of felt.
                                                               18. Check positioning of the black band by laying it
                                                                     around the hat about an inch above the brim. Cut off
                                                                     any excess felt where it meets in the back.
Craft                                                          19. Lay the grey (buckle) over the black band as shown
                                                                     in the photograph. Once the layout is satisfactory,
A Leprechaun Hat                                                     glue in place.
                                                               20. Cut the piece of ribbon in half.
Materials                                                      21. Thread one piece of ribbon from the inside of the hat
•      1/2 gallon round ice cream container, clean and dry           to the outside. Tie a double or triple knot on the
       (you do not need the lid)                                     inside of the hat with one end of the ribbon. Take
•      4 pieces of green felt                                        the piece of ribbon on the outside and push down
•      1 piece of grey felt                                          through the hole in the brim.
•      1 piece of black felt                                   22. Repeat with the other piece of ribbon.
•      1 yard of green ribbon about 1/2" wide                  23. Place the hat on your head and tie the ribbon in a
•      Scissors                                                      bow under your chin.
•      Ruler                                                   Have fun with your new Leprechaun hat!
•      Black permanent marker
•      Tacky glue or Hot glue gun
•      Hole punch
•      Large circular object (however wide the felt is)

1.      Trace around the bottom of the ice cream container
        on the green felt with the black marker.
2.      Cut out the circle.

Page 34                                                                               Trefoil News         February 2007
   The Brownie Guide International Competition

Did you know that you have over 10 Million Guiding friends throughout the world?

There are lots of things that you have in common with each one of those girls and women. Some of these
are shown on this page, and their names hidden in the grid below.

To enter the competition, find the words listed and colour in the symbols
Send your decorated entry with your name, your Unit Leader’s name and the name of your Brownie Guide
Unit to:
The Brownie Guide International Competition, The Irish Girl Guides, 27 Pembroke Park,
Dublin 4.

To arrive by 28th February

                          G    S   T   R   A    X   N   G   A   S   R   L
                          T    H   I   N   K    I   N   G   D   A   Y   O
                          M    O   L   I   O    F   O   S   A   N   E   L
                          F    U   U   C   H    W   A   G   G   G   S   S             Trefoil
                          F    R   J   R   D    F   K   M   S   A   U   T
Our Cabana
                          J    C   H   W   C    R   R   V   X   M   Q   R
                          E    H   S   E   P    A   X   L   O   D   G   E
                          P    A   D   D   U    S   B   D   F   H   R   F
                          A    L   B   A   O    V   H   A   Y   F   P   O
                          B    E   G   K   E    C   N   B   N   S   R   I
                          M    T   W   O   R    L   D   F   L   A   G   L           Our Chalet
    Sangam                M    O   T   T   O    T   L   Y   B   M   I   T

                                                                                     Pax Lodge

   Thinking Day
                                               World Flag

          ‘Be Prepared’


Trefoil News   February 2007                                                                  Page 35
                                   CALLING ALL GUIDE LEADERS
                                       GOLD AWARDS 2007
                               GOLD AWARDS DAY – 19TH May 2007
                                        Taney Centre in Dundrum, Dublin
All completed Gold Award forms need to be with Sylvia Richardson (Guide Branch Chairman) by end of March.
Each form must be photo-copied for the Distribution Centre so you can buy the Gold Award pins for your Guides.
On the Gold Award Day only certificates are awarded. All Guides must have reached their 13th birthday to attain
their Gold Award.

Please forward Gold Award forms to: Sylvia Richardson c/o National Office, 27 Pembroke Park, Dublin 4.

At the beginning of March International Woman’s Day is           Question 7
celebrated so we have decided to use this as a theme for this    The name of B.P.’s wife before her marriage
month’s Guide Programme. International Women’s Day (8th
                                                                 Question 8
March) is an occasion marked by women’s groups around the
                                                                 She later became our
world. This date is also commemorated at the United Nations
and is designated in many countries as a national holiday.       Question 9
When women of all continents, often divided by national          We now call her
boundaries, come together to celebrate their day, they can
look back to a tradition that celebrates at least nine decades   Question 10
of struggle for equality, justice, peace and development.        The special Guide Day celebrated all over the world
                                                                 Question 11
World Thinking Day has just been celebrated so we have           The date of this day
included a puzzle to help Guides refresh what they have
learned about the History of Guiding.                            Question 12
                                                                 Whose birthday is it?
A Puzzle for the History of Guiding and the                      Question 13
World Flag                                                       What does the blue background in the World Flag
Answer the questions listed below and then join the dots on      represent
the diagram opposite.
                                                                 Question 14
Question 1                                                       What does the gold colour of the trefoil in the World Flag
What was the full name of the founder of Scouts and Guides?      Represent?
Question 2                                                       Question 15
Some Guides showed up at a rally held at                         What do the two stars on the World Flag represent?
Question 3                                                       Question 16
The initials of the Founder                                      What does the compass needle represent?
Question 4                                                       Question 17
The lady who helped start the first Guides                       What does the curved line at the bottom of the trefoil
Question 5
Her relationship to B.P.                                         Question 18
                                                                 What happened in 1911?
Question 6                                                       Now go back to the name of our Founder. What shape do you
The name of the first Guides                                     have?

Page 36                                                                                 Trefoil News      February 2007

                                                                                              Year Guiding
                                                                                              began in Ireland

                               12th/13th May—National Guide Hike Day
Put these dates into your diary now! The weekend of the 12th and 13th of May has been designated for National Guide
Hike Day. We’d like every Unit in the country to get out and have a walk or hike in your local area. You choose the route,
according to the capabilities of your Unit and get out and have fun! More information will follow in the next edition of Trefoil
News, but put the date in your diary now!

Trefoil News       February 2007                                                                                      Page 37
    Public Speaker                                                  Vote
    Ask each Guide the week before to prepare to speak on           Women got the vote in Ireland in 1928. Find out when
    their favourite subject for 4 minutes (Part of the Public       women got the vote in 3 other W.A.G.G.G.S. member
    Speaking badge). This activity will start them on the road to   countries. (Part of Voting Badge syllabus)
    having the skill of public speaking. It would be best to have
    a few Guides doing their speeches every week for a few          My World Challenge optional challenge
    weeks so all are not bored listening for the whole meeting.     Know the importance of keeping dangerous articles and
                                                                    substances out of the reach of children (part of Child
                                                                    Minder badge). List the dangers that may be found in each
                                                                    room on the table below.


    Dining Area

    Sitting Room



Childminder Information Activity List                               •      Don't babysit if you are ill - you won't babysit to the best
(Patrol Leaders Handbook—new edition due out in March                      of your ability and you may pass on the illness
2007)                                                               •      Arrive in plenty of time and talk to the parents and write
                                                                           down anything relevant
Childminding Information Activity                                   •      Ensure parents leave their contact number and two
Ask each member of the Patrol to draw up a form which could                other contact numbers in case of emergency
be completed by parents to give all the information that should     •      Do not leave the house at any stage while the
be left with a child minder. Compare these forms.                          parents are out
The form might include such information as:                         •      Nothing must interfere with your responsibilities as a
•       Contact numbers for parents, grandparents, neighbours,             childminder, and if at any stage the children need you,
        doctor                                                             your homework must be put aside or the
•       The time the parents expect to be home                             television turned off while you care for them
•       The child's bedtime                                         •      Don't smoke or drink alcohol
•       Any rules regarding tv, homework, friends visiting,         •      Make sure that any heater or fire is kept guarded and
        snacks, diet etc                                                   never let a child use matches
•       Any medical problems or allergies                           •      If you are listening to music or watching television make
•       Is the bedroom door left open and is the light to be               sure that the children can be heard above the volume
        turned off?                                                 •      Make a quiet check on babies every half hour and on
•       Where is the first aid equipment stored?                           older children every hour
                                                                    •      Only use the phone in an emergency
Childminder Responsibilties                                         •      Unless previously agreed with parents, do not invite or
Ask the Patrol to write down 10 responsibilities of                        allow your own friends to visit
childminders. Compare the responsibilities stated with the          •      Respect the privacy of the people you are babysitting for
following:                                                          •      Leave the house as it was when you arrived
•       Always tell your own parents the name, address and          •      Give parents as much warning of cancellation as
        telephone number of the family for whom you are baby-              possible

    Page 38                                                                                 Trefoil News         February 2007
The Senior Branch team invites you to come along to the……………

Join us on this year’s Lightweight Weekend in Connemara! A great opportunity for members of Senior Branch (14.5-26 years)
to walk in the hills and get a taste of the outdoors.

Taking place on April 27th-29th 2007 (from Friday to Sunday) - return on Sunday with a refreshed brain, ready to start your
studies anew.

We spend Friday night indoors to check and sort gear. On Saturday we head out onto the mountains where you’ll learn how to
navigate competently, read maps and look after yourself when hiking. There are walks for every ability, so even if you’ve never
hiked before, polish your boots and come along! We camp in lightweight tents on Saturday night and do a smaller walk on

Interested in a fun-filled weekend experiencing the joys of lightweight camping? If so, please send a €20 non refundable
deposit (full cost €45) together with the application form below to: Gillian Finan, c/o National Office, 27 Pembroke Park, Dublin

                                 2007 Lightweight Weekend Application Form
Name:                                                                                         Date of Birth:


Telephone:                                 Email:                               Unit:

Please list any dietary requirements:

€20 deposit enclosed                       Send form to: Gillian Finan, c/o National Office, 27 Pembroke Park, Dublin 4.

Trefoil News        February 2007                                                                                    Page 39
                      Application Form                                                                         Attach passport
                                                                                                                  photo here
                          Chief Commissioner’s Award
                   Saturday 30th June – Saturday 7th July

  Name:                                                      Home Phone No:

  Address:                                                   Mobile Phone No:

                                                             Email (you check regularly!):

  Would you prefer to receive future information by email or post?

  Date of Birth:                                             Other Team Members:

  Unit Name:                                                 1.

  District:                                                  2.


  I am planning to take part in this year’s Lightweight Camp Weekend.          YES/ NO
  Previous Experience: (e.g. Campcraft, Lightweight camps, other expeditions etc.)

  I enclose a non refundable deposit of €30 and 1 passport size photo

  I recommend the above applicant to take part in the Chief Commissioner’s Award 2007. She is prepared
  physically, in character, training and experience.

  Leader or Commissioner’s Signature:


  Name of local newspaper(s): (With contact numbers        T-shirt Size:
  if possible)

                                                                  S        M      L      XL

Please return to: Gillian Finan, c/o National Office, 27 Pembroke Park, Dublin 4..             Closing Date: 1st May 2007.

Page 40                                                                                       Trefoil News      February 2007
                                                International Games
                                                      If you’re stuck for something to do for World Thinking Day,
International                                             try one of these games, with an international focus.

The World Restaurant                                                    ‘Why do you think it isn’t fair?’
                                                                        ‘Who took the decision to send you to a poor table or
Age 10 years upwards                                                    a rich table?’ etc.
                                                                 5.     After the discussion has gone on for some time, the
                                                                        Leader can ask:
•      Card
                                                                        ‘Can any of you suggest a solution to this problem?’
•      Sugar
                                                                        Many people will propose sharing the food and
•      Cups
                                                                        drinks among the different tables. When the
•      Iced Cake
                                                                        suggestion is accepted, all will have a balanced
•      Biscuits
•      Fruit
•      Tea                                                       Two remarks could be usefully made at the conclusion of
•      Coffee                                                    the session:
•      Spoons                                                    •      While people sitting at the table representing poor
•      A Knife                                                          countries may have suffered some discomfort by not
•      Four tables                                                      having enough to eat, it is impossible for them to
                                                                        ‘live’ the feeling of anxiety experienced by people
                                                                        living in miserable conditions who do not know
1.    Prepare four tables, each labelled with the name of a
                                                                        whether there will be food at all the next day.
      country. Two of them should be industrialised
                                                                 •      People living in conditions of extreme poverty know,
      countries and the other two should be developing
                                                                        through the impact of the mass media, that other
                                                                        people in their own country and in the rest of the
2.    Industrialised Country No. 1—this country is richer
                                                                        world live in conditions of over abundance and
      than the others. It has a large, rich iced cake,
                                                                        luxury. This only increases their feelings of frustration
      biscuits, fruits, coffee, tea, milk, sugar, cups and
                                                                        and bitterness.
      spoons, but no knife to cut the cake.
3.    Industrialised Country No. 2—this county has the
      same elements, but no knife, and no coffee, tea or         Bump Ice Breaker Game
      sugar.                                                     Materials
4.    Developing Country No. 1—this country has plenty of        •      Music
      coffee or tea and a knife but nothing else.                •      A large space for the girls to move about in
5.    Developing Country No. 2—this country has plenty of
      sugar, some biscuits and spoons but nothing else.          Method
                                                                 1.    When the music starts all the players walk around in
Method                                                                 all directions, bumping gently into as many others as
1.    Cards are distributed at the entrance, with the names            possible.
      of countries, assigning a table for each diner. Cards      2.    When the music stops each player stops and links
      should be allocated so that 3/4 of those present are             arms with her nearest neighbour, exchanging names.
      divided between the tables for developing countries 1      3.    When the music starts again the players should
      and 2 and the other 1/4 are at industrialised                    remain in linked pairs and continue to walk around
      countries 1 and 2.                                               the room, this time avoiding bumps and continuing to
2.    Generally the reaction of the less privileged tables             talk to their partners.
      comes quickly. One of the rich tables comes to the         4.    The music stops again and the pairs separate. Each
      poor tables and requests to borrow a knife. The poor             player now grabs two other people who link arms
      table refuses or agrees in exchange for half a cake              and introduce themselves.
      etc.                                                       5.    The music starts again and the groups walk around
3.    The Leader should take the opportunity to ask                    and talk until the music stops. From now on each
      general questions, such as:                                      time the music stops, the Leader calls out a different
      ‘What is wrong with the meal?’                                   number and the groups form and reform accordingly.
      ‘Is something bothering you?’ or                           6.    When the Leader feels that all the girls have talked,
      ‘What is happening, why don’t you start eating?’ etc.            she can start making the groups bigger and bigger
4.    Taking advantage of some of the comments made,                   until the whole Unit is one large group linked
      the Leader can ask further questions:                            together.

Trefoil News         February 2007                                                                                  Page 41
                                                       International News
                                                    For all International events, contact Gráinne, International Secretary
International                                     (international@irishgirlguides.ie) as soon as possible for further details.

                                                                          YOUTH in Action
                                                                      If you are considering an
                                                                      exchange with a Unit abroad,
Celebrate! Motivate! Activate! That’s the motto of the 12th           the YOUTH in Action
European Guide Conference, which will be held in                      programme may be a good
Portorož, Slovenia from 5th to 11th May, 2007. Six                    place to start.
members of I.G.G. will be attending the conference and it
looks like they will be extremely busy! It will also be a very        The YOUTH in Action
special conference for I.G.G.’s Diane Dixon as it marks the           Programme of the European
end of her term as Chairman of Europe Region.                         Community offers funding for a variety of opportunities for
                                                                      young people aged between 13 and 30 years who are
                            The Europe Region of                      resident in 30 countries (the 15 Member States of the
                            W.A.G.G.G.S. represents 65                European Union and other countries within the
                            national Girl Guide and Girl              programme). Funding is available to youth groups (for
                            Scout organizations from 38               example a Guide Unit) who engage in projects which match
                            countries in Europe most of               the objectives and priorities of the programme.
                            whom will be represented at the
                            conference. However, there will           Priorities of the Youth In Action Programme
                            in fact be three conferences              1) European citizenship
                            running concurrently during this          2) Participation of young people
week. As well as the 12th European Guide Conference,                  3) Cultural Diversity
there will be the 19th European Scout Conference and the              4) Inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities
12th European Joint Guide and Scout Conference. So there
will be plenty of opportunity for our delegates to meet up            What is a Youth exchange?
with members of other European associations to share                  A Youth Exchange allows one or more groups of young
ideas and experiences.                                                people to host or to be hosted by a group from another
                                                                      country in order to participate together in a joint programme
During the conference itself, the theme for the first two days        of activities. These activities involve the active participation
will be ‘Celebrate’, the theme for the middle two days is             of young people and are designed to allow them to discover
‘Motivate’ and for the final two days will be ‘Activate’.             and become aware of different social and cultural realities,
Amongst the many items on the programme will be a                     to learn from each other and to reinforce their feeling of
Europe Market where associations display what they have               being European citizens. Young people can thus explore
to offer. It will be a chance to show off what I.G.G. is doing        similarities and differences between their cultures.
as well as gaining inspiration and ideas from our European
counterparts.                                                         The Youth Exchange must have a theme, which the groups
                                                                      wish to explore together because of its relevance to their
Slovenia itself is situated in the heart of Europe. It borders        everyday experience. The chosen theme should be
with Italy to the west, the Adriatic Sea to the southwest,            translated into the concrete daily activities of the exchange
Croatia to the south and east, Hungary to the northeast,              activity. Examples of themes are participation of young
and Austria to the north. The conference venue is close to            people in society, racism, local heritage, environment etc.
the Venetian port town of Piran which is famous for its
medieval buildings and cobbled streets. Whether our                   If you have an idea for an exchange project that you would
delegates will have the time to explore however is another            like to do with a Guiding Unit abroad, contact Gráinne,
issue - there will be a packed schedule and not much time             International Secretary in National Office. You can also
for sightseeing!                                                      have a look at www.leargas.ie for more details of the Youth
                                                                      in Action programme and how to qualify for funding.
Watch this space for more news on the European
                                        Conference,                   Remember if you decide to participate in this programme,
                                        including profiles            you must contact the International Committee to let them
                                        of our I.G.G.                 know before you begin the process.

Page 42                                     Portorož                                           Trefoil News          February 2007

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