Model Horse Mania 2011 by keralaguest


									                   Model Horse Mania 2011
                   "Where Friends Meet To Compete"
                           March 26, 2011
                          Nicholasville, KY
                        Show holder: Cristy Brown

            We Are Now a NAN Qualifying Show!!
Model Horse Mania is back!! Bring out your show string and join
us for a day of fun, friendship & lots of great eye candy!

                        OF Breyer
                         OF Stone
                        Artist Resin

                     Presenting our judges:
               Lynn Rhea, judging OF Breyer
          Anna Tackett, judging Custom and China
         Heather Jackson-Lain, judging Artist Resin
       Betsy Groff, judging OF Stone and Collectability
Directions & Lodgings.

Model Horse Mania 2011 will be located at:

Nicholasville City County Park
Big Blue Building
400 Park Lane
Nicholasville, KY 40356
Directions from New Circle Road:

Take the Nicholasville Road Exit. Turn South onto Nicholasville Road.

Go south on Nicholasville Rd approx. 10.2 miles. You will pass Fayette Mall on your right. (If
Fayette Mall is on your left, you are going the wrong way.

You will see the NSA museum on your right. Turn left at that stoplight. Go straight through
residential district until you come to a stoplight. Turn right at stoplight onto Main Street. Make
left onto Longview Dr. (between Minit Mart & Napa). Go straight on Longview Dr. to stop sign,
at stop sign turn right. Follow Green signs to City County Park. Go to the only Big Blue
Building. Congratulations, you're there.

Directions from Man O'War Blvd.:

Turn South on Nicholasville Road and go straight for approximately 8.8 miles.

You will see the NSA museum on your right. Turn left at that stoplight. Go straight through
residential district until you come to a stoplight. Turn right at stoplight onto Main Street. Make
left onto Longview Dr. (between Minit Mart & Napa). Go straight on Longview Dr. to stop sign,
at stop sign turn right. Follow Green signs to City County Park. Go to the only Big Blue
Building. Congratulations, you're there.

Super 8                       859-885-9889

Holiday Inn Express              859-885-8080

Howard Johnsons               859-887-8712
                                     Halter Class List
                   Maximum of 3 models per Halter Class per Entrant

China & Mass Produced Resins                    Artist Resins
1)   Light                                      1) Arab
2)   Gaited                                     2) Part Arab
3)   Spanish                                    3) Other Light
4)   Sport
5)   Stock                                      4) American Saddlebred
6)   Draft                                      5) Tennessee Walking Horse
7)   Pony                                       6) Other Gaited
8)   Other
9)   Foal                                       7) Andalusian
                                                8) Other Spanish
Collectability Division                         (Spanish Mustang here)
1)   Breyer Test Run (5 or less produced)
2)   Stone Test Run (5 or less produced)        9) Thoroughbred
3)   Woodgrain/Charcoal                         10) Warmblood
4)   Chalky/Pearly/Flockie/Other                11) Carriage
5)   Breyer Decorator                           12) Other Sport (Standardbred)
6)   Stone Decorator
                                                13)   Quarter Horse
                                                14)   Appaloosa
Customs                                         15)   Paint
1.   Arabian                                    16)   Other Stock (Mustangs)
2.   Other Light
3.   Gaited                                     17) UK Draft
4.   Spanish                                    18) European Draft
                                                19) Other Draft
5. Warmbloods
6. Sport Horses/Carriage (TB/SB etc.)           20) British Pony
7. Colored Stock                                21) European Pony
8. Other Stock (QH, Mustang, etc.)              22) Other Pony

9. Draft                                        23) Other Pure/Mix
10. Pony                                        24) Donkey/Mule/Exotics
11. Other Pure/Mix
12. Donkey/Longears/Exotics                     25) Light/Gaited/Spanish Foals
                                                26) Sport/Stock Foals
13. Light/Gaited/Spanish Foal                   27) Draft/Pony/Other Foals
14. Sport/Stock Foals
15. Draft/Pony/Other Foals
Breyer Original Finish             Stone Original Finish

1)   Arab                          1) Arab
2)   Part Arab                     2) Part Arab
3)   Morgan                        3) Other Light
4)   Other Light
                                   4) American Saddlebred
5) American Saddlebred             5) Tennessee Walking Horse
6) Tennessee Walking Horse         6) Other Gaited
7) Other Gaited
                                   7) Thoroughbred/Standardbred
8) Andalusian                      8) Warmblood
9) Paso Fino/Peruvian Paso         9) Other Sport
10) Other Spanish
(Spanish Mustang here)             10)   Quarter Horse
                                   11)   Appaloosa
11)   Thoroughbred                 12)   Paint
12)   German Warmblood             13)   Other Stock
13)   Other Warmbloods
14)   Carriage                     14) UK Draft
15)   Other Sport (Standardbred)   15) European Draft
                                   16) Other Draft
16)   Quarter Horse
17)   Appaloosa                    17) European Pony
18)   Paint                        18) American Pony
19)   Mustang                      19) Other Pony
20)   Other Stock
                                   20) Other Pure (including Spanish)
21) UK Draft                       21) Other Mix
22) European Draft                 22) Donkey/Mule/Exotics
23) Other Draft
                                   23)   Light/Gaited/Sport Foals
24)   Welsh Pony (All Sections)    24)   Solid Stock Foals
25)   British/European Pony        25)   Colored Stock Foals
26)   North American Pony          26)   Draft/Pony/Other Foals
27)   Other Pony

28) Other Pure/Mix
29) Donkey/Mule/Exotics

30)   Light Foals
31)   Gaited Foals
32)   Spanish Foals
33)   Sport Foals
34)   Stock Foals
35)   Draft Foals
36)   Pony Foals
37)   Other Foals
                    Model Horse Mania 2011
For Model Horse Mania, the following definitions will apply:

Original Finish Breyer:     This includes all plastic Breyers. Hartlands or any other mass produced
PLASTIC type model that has not been altered from its factory finish is included in this division.

Original Finish Stone:         All horses produced in plastic by the Peter Stone Company show here.

Custom:     ANY (plastic, china, mass produced resin) model that has been altered from it's original
finish. Custom glazed china will show in this division.

Artist Resin:   Any model that has been cast in a limited run from an artist’s original sculpture. The
model may be finished by the sculpting artist or another person.

China/Mass Produced Resin:           These include Hagen-Renaker, Beswick, North Light, Border
Fine Art, Black Horse Ranch resins, Breyer Porcelains or resins, Hartland resins or any other widely
produced china or resin models.


The entry fee is $50 and includes 1 lunch. If someone will be attending the show with you and they
want to eat lunch at the show, please include an extra $5.00 per lunch with your entry. Entries should
be received by the show holder no later than March 19, 2011. Due to space constraints, we are limited
to approximately 30 showers. We will accept day of show entries if space allows but please let the
show holder know that you are planning to come ahead of time so that table space can be reserved for
you. All entry fees must be paid before start of the first class.

Your paid entry will include one six foot table to set your entries on. There will not be extra tables
available due to space constraints. Entrants may sell from their tables at no extra charge. This year
our “Official Vendor" will be Wind Ridge Farm Collectibles. Current 2011 Breyer merchandise is not
permitted to be sold by any other person at Model Horse Mania.

Each paid entry will receive a Door Prize ticket. We are lining up some great raffle items, as well as
Door Prizes. Information on raffle items will be announced soon. If you would like to make a
donation, please contact the show holder. Raffle tickets may be purchased for $1 each or 6 for $5.
You must be present to win raffle items.

The show hall will open at 8 a.m. with the first classes called at 9 a.m. Please have your models ready
to go at the time classes are called. We will have a brief question and answer session at 8:45 a.m. with
the judges.

All models will be required to be tagged with NEW tags with the following information:
 Side A: Model's Breed & Gender
 Side B: Model's Name & Owner's Initials (First, Middle, Last)
Only Side A should be showing while the model is on the judging table.
Model Horse Mania is a NAMHSA member show. All first and second place Equines in all
NAMHSA approved classes will receive a NAN card.

No halters (except for molded on), felt or other accessories will be allowed in Halter Classes.

Unsteady models may be laid down on the table for judging. Owner should be available to turn model
over at the judges request. If the owner is not available, the judge has implied permission to turn the
model over. Felt pads, towels, etc. may be used to cushion model.

Judges decisions are FINAL. Please feel free to ask the judge questions between classes. Arguing
with the judge(s) will not be tolerated.

There will be a 3 minute set-up between Halter classes. Please remove your entries promptly when
asked to do so. Unattended models will be sent to the Pony Pound, requiring a .25 bail.

If your test run is a realistic horse color, it may be shown in open halter as well as the collectability
class, however you may not identify the model as a test run in the halter class. Documentation is
encouraged in the collectability division.

Classes may be combined and/or split at the judges or show holders discretion.


Appropriate behavior is expected in the Show Hall at all times. Animals, smoking, rude language or
behavior, alcoholic beverages or running will not be permitted in the Show Hall. Parents are
responsible for the behavior of their children and are asked to please keep them under control at all
times. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated. The judges and show holder reserve the right to ask
anyone to leave the Show, without refund of fees, for violation of any of the Show Hall rules.

NEVER touch any model without the owner's permission!

Lunch and drinks will be provided to each paid entrant, and you are free to bring snacks and/or
beverages of your choice. We will announce what we will be serving as soon as it is finalized.

Model Horse Mania, the Show Holder, Judges and /or the Show Hall are not responsible for any
breakage, damage, theft or loss of your belongings occurring at the show or on the grounds.
Model Horse Mania 2011 Entry Form
NAME _________________________________________________

ADDRESS _____________________________________________________________________

CITY/STATE/ZIP ______________________________________________________________

PHONE (_____) _______________________

EMAIL _____________________________________________

Number Of Lunches I will need__________ (Each paid entrant gets 1 paid lunch. Helpers or
others attending the show with you will need to pay for their lunches at $5.00 per person)


_________ Entry Fee ($50)

_________ Extra Lunches ($5)

_________ Total Enclosed

Please make checks and money orders payable to Cristy Brown. PayPal is also accepted, however the
entry will be $53 to cover additional fees that PayPal Charges. Please contact Cristy Brown for
PayPal information.

Mail completed entries to:

Cristy Brown
202 Ridgewood Drive
Nicholasville KY 40356
859-327-2668 cell (please no text messages)

By signing here, I agree to abide by all the rules and regulations set forth by Model Horse Mania
2011, the Showholder and Show Hall.


If entrant is under 18, parent or legal guardian must sign here:


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