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									Dennis Swick
February 13, 2005

                           The Swicks in Canada
Special thanks go to Brenda Young, James Hoover, Jeff Swick, Pat Irvine, Louise
McConachie, Gloria Nardecchia, Rita Swick, David F. Swick, Jack Swick, Lowell
Thomas, Cathy Fowler, Philip Douglas Campbell, Lawrence Coomber, Brent R.
Reidenbach, Dayton Swick, Doris Swick, Ken and Patricia Whiteside, Helen Swick Ross,
Ron and Irene Swick, Dianna Lynn Smith, Jim Swick, R. Robert Mutrie and Barbara
Schwitzgebel for their help in this project.

                          First Generation in Canada
6.53 Martin (1733/34) and Magdalena Elizabeth Swick children:
 7.532 Male Swick
+7.533 Martin Swick, b. 1761 married Mary Martin and they had 9 children. (1830
census OH, Fairfield Co., Richland Twp., OH) He was born in Greenwich Twp., Sussex
Co., NJ and died before 1840.

 Jack Swick writes, “I think that there were two Martin Swicks in Fairfield
County: Martin b. abt. 1761 and Martin b. abt. 1776. Here is what I have on Martin; he
was born abt. 1761. Born in Greenwich Twp. Sussex County, New Jersey, married Mary,
father Martin Swick baptized 5 Jan. 1734 and mother Elizabeth. He died between 1830-
        John b. 1800 in Greenwich Twp.,
        Peter b. 1802 in same ?, Mary b. abt. 1813 in same ?,
        Thomas b. 1816 in Fairfield County, Ohio,
        Elizabeth b. 1815-1820,
        Catharine b. 1818,
        Margaret b. Sept. 1819,
        Emeline b. 1821
        Martin b. 1826
        These were also born in Fairfield County. I have additional marriage and
sometimes death dates”.
(Pat Irvine writes Martin married Polly and had a son, Peter in 1802).

Louise McConanchie writes, “Martin of 1761 married Mary Unknown.” Gloria
Nardecchia writes, “ Now Martin 1761 married Elizabeth.“ Sent by Pat Irvine: ID:
I9051, Name: Martin Swick, Sex: M, Birth: 1761 in Greenwich Township, Sussex
County, NJ , Death: Bef 1840; Father: Martin SWICK b: 5 JAN 1733/34 in Montgomery
Township, Somerville, Somerset County, NJ; Mother: Magdalena Elizabeth, b: ABT
1738 in Greenwich Township, Sussex County, NJ; Marriage: Mary Martin; Children:
Peter Swick b: 1802 in NJ

[Sce: Lowell Thomas].
Died 1820 in Fairfield Co.,OH. He married Mary/Martha , b.1782 in NJ, d. 1820-30 in
Richland Twp., Fairfield Co., OH.. He left Northumberland Co., PA about 1806
(tax records). Jack Swick says he went to Fairfield Co., OH. Martin was an officer in the
1794 insurrection. He is also listed in the Military Census of 1793 for Alexandria Twp.,
Hunterdon Co., NJ. He probably married late and could have had some children in the
beginning who aren’t listed in the Census. (1820-30-40-50 census from Richland Twp.,
Fairfield Co., OH.) In 1820 there is a Census taken of Martin Swick in Fairfield,
Richland, OH

Louise Mc Conachie writes, “I have Martin b 1761 married to Mary unknown. In those
days Mary was sometimes known as "Polly". I have unknown son, unknown daughter,
John Baker Swick b.1800, Peter b.1802, Mary b.1813, Thomas b.1816, Elizabeth b.1815,
Catherine b.1818, Margaret b.1819, Emeline b.1821, and Martin b.1826”.

(Sces. 1.. Title: GEDCOM File: 18 august; Author: Philip Douglas Campbell,
1402 Oak Ochd Rv. Rd. Waterport, NY 14571 or 6610 Clarkson University, Potsdam,
NY 13699; Date: 18 AUG 2003. ID: I2562, Name: Martin Swick., Marriage: Mary
Unknown. Children: John B Swick. Sources: Title: Family Search, IGI Record [Sce:
Lawrence Coomber].

7.534 John Swick, b. 1763/4 in Greenwich Twp, Sussex, NJ, d. July 13, 1849 in Franklin
Twp., or North Swickley Twp., Beaver Co., PA. Rita Swick writes, “ John SWICK b:
1764 in Lancaster County, PA”. Pat Irvine writes John died 13 Jul 1849 in Perry Twp,
Beaver, PA.

David F. Swick states he died 7/16/1849 in N. Sewickley, PA. Lowell Thomas says he
was b.1764 in Lancaster Co., PA (In the 1810 Census for Beaver Co., N. Swickley Twp.,
A). He first married (1) Susan Thomas.

Cathy Fowler writes Jesse Swick’s death certificate, a son of John and Susan, that Susan
Thomas was born in Ireland. Then (2) Miss Mary Reno (moved to PA ca. 1780 according
to Gloria Nardecchia), and later (3) Nancy Mary Reno, b. 1775 in PA. They married after
1795. He died 7/17/1849

(Cathy Fowler: John Swick –Pedigree chart; 1850 census).
John Swick, NJ line R 10361. Appl. 11/27/1837 in Beaver Co., PA age 73. Soldier lived
in Sussex Co., NJ. Enlisted soldier is son of Martin Swick, served with his uncle Lt. Peter

(Sce. Index to Revolutionary War Service Records, Vol. IV:S-Z. Trans. Virgil D. White;
The Nat. Hist. Pub. Co., Waynesboro, TN, 1995.)
From: Reidenbach, Brent R, HRC-Alexandria ;
Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2004 8:09 AM. Revolutionary War Pension Requests:
“John Swick, son of Martin Swick - Applied for a military pension due to service in the
Revolutionary War but request was denied mainly because of insufficient evidence of
service. According to his pension request, a letter dated 29 March 1939 from a Dr. J.
Howard Swick and a letter dated 8 June 1934 from a James Ezra McQuiston of Salt Lake
City, Utah. John Swick, son of Martin Swick, allegedly enlisted in Captain Maxfield's
(assumed to be Maxwell) company of New Jersey volunteers commanded by Colonel
Jacob West. After six weeks of service he was taken out of service and sent to Easton,
Pennsylvania where he was placed under Drum Major Jacob Allshouse to learn to beat
the drum where "he believed when he was removed he was placed on the rolls as a
substituted for his father but did not know if it was a New Jersey or Pennsylvania
organization and remained in Easton until around the close of the war." He also
maintained that his uncle, Peter Swick, was a lieutenant in the army at the same time of
his service however, his claim provided no proof of Peter Swick's service”.

Also from Brent Reidenbach: “There was a letter request for John's record from the
above McQuiston on May 28,1934 and it was answered on 8 June 1934 from A.D.
Hiller, Asst. Administrator.” Beaver County, Pennsylvania.

        Personally appeared before the subscriber a justice of the peace and for said
county John Swick a resident of the county of Beaver aforesaid who being duly sworn
according to the law, that he enlisted in New Jersey four and a half miles from Easton
Pennsylvania at a place called the Straw tavern under Lieut. Pettigrew who at that resided
in Easton and was taken to Amboy where he remained about six weeks when Gen. Wm.
Maxfield took him out and sent him to Easton saying that he was too young to carry
arms, being between fourteen and fifteen years of age, under command of Drum Major
Jacob Allshouse, for the purpose of beating the drum – that he cannot say whether he was
in the New Jersey line or a militia or whether after his removal to Easton he was placed
on the roll as a substitute of Martin Swick his father, and remained in Easton until about
the end of the war, - the Col. Jacob West commanded a regiment to which he first
belonged but is not certain whether of the regular army or militia he cannot say, - That his
Uncle Peter Swick was a Lieutenant in the army of the same time under Gen. Maxfield, -
That he cannot ascertain anyone now living who has a knowledge of his having served, -
That his discharge was signed by a colonel whose name he cannot now remember, but
that afterwards it was lost and that afterwards he got a certificate from Capt. John
Maxfield signed by him and Peter Swick and two other persons, and further saith not.

    Sworn and subscribed before me this 19th day of June AD 1838 – John Swick
                                   W. Clarke
                      State of Pennsylvania, Beaver County

I, John Scroggs, Pro-Honorary of the court of common pleas in and for said county do
hereby certify that the herein named W. Clarke is and was at the time of signing the
within deposition an acting justice of the peace in and for said county duly comes
forward and testifies and swears and that full faith and credit is passed, ought to be given
to all but official acts as such and that his signature to the within deposition is genuine. In
testimony whereof I have said court at Beaver the 22nd day of June AD 1838. John

We, Sampson Piersol and Solomon Bennett and William McQuiston residing in the
county of Beaver, in the state of Pennsylvania do hereby certify that we are well
acquainted with John Swick who has subscribed and sworn to the to the above
declaration that we believe him to be seventy three years of age, that he has for years
been reputed and believed in the neighborhood where he resides to have been a soldier of
the revolution, and that we concur in that opinion.

Sworn and subscribed in open court the day and year aforesaid.
Sampson Piersol, Solomon Bennett, William McQuiston

And the said court do hereby declare their opinion, after the investigation of the matter
and after putting the interrogatories prescribed by the War Department that the above
named applicant was a Revolutionary soldier and served as he states and the court further
certifies, that it appears to them who have signed the preceding certificate are residents of
the county of Beaver aforesaid and that they are credible persons and that their statement
is entitled by credit.

        I, John A. Scroggs, Clerk of the court of common pleas of Beaver County in the
state of Pennsylvania do hereby certify that the foregoing contains the original
proceedings of the said court in the matter of the application of John Swick for the
pension in the testimony whereof I have hereunto my hand and seal of office this 27th of
November A.D. 1837.
John A. Scroggs.
(original copy sent by David F. Swick).


From Brent Reidenbach: War of 1812
The following Swick family members served in the military during the War
of 1812 and there are cards on file at the National Archives:
David Swick, Private - Swift and Dobbin's Regiment of NY Volunteers;
Also made a pension request
Andrew Swick, Private - Swift and Dobbin's Regiment of NY Volunteers
Martin Swick, Private - 2nd Regiment (Patterson's) Pennsylvania Militia
Tunis Swick, Sergeant - Willcock's Cavalry Regiment, NY; Also made a pension request
Tunis Swick, Captain - Swift and Dobbin's Regiment of NY Volunteers;
Also made a pension request .

Queen Anne, who well understood the policy of England, to retain her own subjects at
home, encouraged the emigration of Germans, sent some of those whom she had invited
in 1708 and 1709, to Virginia; settled them above the falls of the Rappahannock, in
Spotsylvania county, where they commenced a town, called Germanna. The locality was
unpropitious. They moved some miles further up the river where they soon drove well.
From this settlement they spread into several counties in Virginia, and into North

7.535 Peter Swick, b. 1766 in NJ. He died 4/1/1856. Jack Swick writes, “The problem
being that Peter b. 1766 and Peter b. 1772 may be the same person. The 1851 census
shows him b. 1772, his gravestone says 1766.You have identified Martin's wife as
Magdalena Elizabeth. Madge Covert was pretty sure that her first name was Elizabeth.
I agree that Martin and Elizabeth's children were: Anthony, Martin, John. I'm not as sure
about Tunis and Peter. I am more skeptical about Mary Elizabeth, Mary Catherine and
Mary Magdalena. They were born in Lancaster Co., Pa. The other children in New
Jersey”. Louise McConanchie writes, “Peter of 1766 married Mary Ross. Parents: Martin
1733/34 and Magdalena Elizabeth Midge Covert states, “There was a Peter Swick who
married Mary Ross in 1793 in Greenwhich Church, Sussex Co., (Now Warren Co.)”

From The Ross Family of New Jersey, compiled by Robert L. Ross, Gateway Press Inc.,
Baltimore, 1990. Joseph Ross was born in 1750 in Westfield, NJ and died in 1838 in
Cincinnati, OH at the home of his daughter, Joanna Ross. Some records say he was
buried at Pleasant Ridge, Cincinnati. Others say at the Methodist Episcopal Church of
Madisonville, Hamilton Co., OH. Some believed he moved to Cincinnati when he was
80. He served in the Revolutionary War and received a pension in 1831 at the age of 84.
Emory Armstrong Ross, his great grandson, records his family in Genealogy and
Biography Sketch of the Ross Family 1764,. His children were: Stephen Ross, b. 1772 in
New Jersey. Stephen married Mary Clark, b. 1773. They married in Westfield, NJ in
1793. They lived in NJ until 1795; Joanna Ross married Jonathan Robinson; Daughter
who married Mr. Sweke and lived in Canada. (This must be Mary Ross and Mr. Sweke
must be Peter Swick); Daughter (this must be Elizabeth Ross) who married Peter Melick
and lived in Canada. They had Joseph and Katy.

(This information comes from the Ross book. The information regarding Mary’s father as
being John Ross is incorrect. The information regarding her mother as Mary Clark is

      From Lowell Thomas, “Joseph Ross married Margaret Willams 30 Nov 1767 in
the Westfield Presbyterian Church”.

       Brenda Young writes, “(Joseph Ross) had Stephen, Joanna married Jonathan
Robinson, a daughter married Mr. Sweke and lived in Canada and a daughter married
Peter Melick and lived in Canada. The Mr. Sweke is Peter Swick. Joseph Ross is a
name in both the Peter Swick and Peter Melick families in Ontario. Joseph Ross Melick
donated the cemetery where they all ended up being buried--Melick Cemetery. I wish the
person who sent it to me would of continued the family so I could follow it in Ohio. This
is why the 1st generation of the Peter Swick and Peter Melick families did not inter-
marry in Ontario. The wives were sisters, Mary Ross and Elizabeth Ross.”
        “Peter Swick married Mary Ross, 6 March 1799, by J.P. John Maxwell,
Greenwich Township, Sussex County, New Jersey. [The Genealogical Magazine of New
Jersey, Volume 69, Number 2, Hold Number 212, Page 50]”

       “Children of Peter and Mary: William, Margaret, Stephen, Nancy A, Lavinia,
Benjamin, Maria, Mary Ann, Peter, Rebecca and Joseph. Mother Mary would have been
47 years old when Joseph was born. The other children listed have to be children of
William son of Peter and I believe a couple of children were Benjamin's.”

Jack Swick says, “Peter in Canada - gravestone b. 1766 or 1851 census b. 1772 -
married Mary Ross 1793 Greenwich Twp. Sussex Co., N. J. moved to Canada abt. 1810 –
died 1 April 1856, buried Melick Cemetery - Known sons: Joseph, b. 1817; John, b.
1819; and Erastus, b.1823.

( LebanonTwsp-Swack.html).
Mt. Bethel Evangelical Lutheran Church (the Swack church), Lebanon Township,
Hunterdon County. Founded 1844; built 1844; abandoned 1896. “The ruined remains of
this church, built in 1844, is one of the most obscure in Hunterdon County, deserving
only the barest of mentions in Snell’s history, even during the days when it flourished.
Even the cemetery is neglected. It is known to a few today, and in its time, as the Swack
church, for the mason who built it, one Jacob Swackhammer or “Stuttering Jake” as he
was called. When a New York minister was denied the pastorship of the Lutheran church
in Oldwick, he determined to get even by building his own a dozen miles away. When he
left for another church, this congregation declined slowly until it was sold to the Albright
Methodist congregation, who could not pay for it; the church was eventually sold to the
Spruce-Run Lutheran church, which operated it as an outpost from 1864 until 1896.
Some local residents want to tear the remaining walls down, as the cost of stabilization is

The Argument for 1766:
Brenda Young of Canada writes, “My Peter died in 1856. Head stone states age 90
which would make him born 1766 and Birds family bible states age 86 which would put
him born 1770. The late Margaret Covert who had worked on the Swick family for years
stated in a letter to me about my Peter Swick: "If Peter Swick had been married in the
Straw Church where the Melicks were so numerous then I would say Peter definitely was
the son of Martin Swick and Elizabeth. If Peter and Mary were married in the Bethlehem
Church, no problem. He is the son of Peter Swick and Anna. But this nasty man was
married in Greenwich Presbyterian Church. This church is about a mile from the Straw
Church. The churches were originally farther apart and the Straw church was an
offshoot." “When Margaret (Covert) died we were still trying to locate original material
for proof. She thought for sure that my Peter was the son of Peter until I started sending
her different original material from Ontario. Like Mary Ross was the sister of
Elizabeth Ross who married a Peter Melick and both families settled in Ontario next
door to each other.”(Sce. Brenda Young).
        Brenda Young writes, “Peter Swick and his best friend Peter Melick came to
Canborough Township, Haldimand County from New Jersey about 1800. Peter Melick
was married to an Elizabeth Ross. Peter Swick was married to a Mary Ross. It is believed
that Elizabeth and Mary were sisters since the two families did not intermarry in the first
generation in Canborough. From the tombstone in the Melick Cemetery, Haldimand
County- Peter Swick died 7/1/1856 so he was 90 years old and a native of New Jersey.
The transcribed Birdsall Family Bible states that Peter Turk died at home of his son Peter,
Jr. Tuesday morning 7/1/1856 age 86 years. “I have only a copy of the Bible in print and
notes in the pages say that Turk should be Swick.” The Bible also says that Peter Turk
immigrated from New Jersey in Spring of 1800 from Greenwhich, New Jersey age 30
years old with Peter Melick first settlers pioneers in Canborough Twp., Haldimand Co.
Census Peter is living with John and Erastus and he is 78 years old, a farmer, born USA
and Presbyterian in religion. Both Peter and Mary are buried in the Melick Cemetery,
Canborough Twp., Haldimand Co., ON. It is said that Mary was one of the first burials in
the Melick Cemetery. Peter was in Captain Charles Askin 3rd Regiment, Lincoln Militia
{MG 19, A 3, Vol. 41} and it appears that Mary as well as some of the other wives went
with the regiment to cook and wash clothes. The wives and children appear in the Askin
papers as receiving rations. Their children appear from the month of May 1813”.
         “On page 30, Elizabeth Ross, widow of Peter Melick, was buried beside her
husband in 1839. The oldest son, Joseph Ross Melick donated a portion of the land in the
corner of his farm as a free public burying ground. In the history “Canboro Township,
1850 - 1950”, it is noted on page 9 that there are early school attendance records and
November 13, 1809 and February 2, 1811 Peter Swick, Peter Melick, Joseph Trudo, John
Allair, Benjamin Canby, Matthew Lymburner [plus many more] are all listed as attending
school. Since many of the children of these people were not born yet it is believed that
the fathers and other adults were attending the school”.
        Brenda Young states, “The Assessment for 1842 in Canborough Township shows
that Peter Swick, and Erastus had 220 acres on Lot 2, Block LWP15. Joseph had 7 acres
and John had 10 acres both on the same property as Peter Swick, Sr. #6007, Bargain and
Sale in Canborough Twp., Haldimand Co., Ontario, Canada agreed to 15 Feb. 1817 and
registered 9 Oct. 1821 Benjamin Canby to Peter Swick part of Lot 15, Concession 1,250
acres. #7322 Bargain and Sale agreed to -17 Feb. 1846 and registered 12 April 1859
Samuel Birdsall to Peter Swick, Sr. SW Part Lot 15 Concession 128 acres”.

(From Brenda Young: Revolutionary Census of New Jersey, Stryker Rodda, Hunterdon
House, 1986. 1778-1780: Peter Swick. Bethlehem, Hunterdon County).

                    First Generation in Canada (continued)
7.536 Mary Elizabeth Swick, b. 1/23/1769 (1767) in Lancaster Co., PA. Married Peter
Rush. From Gloria Nardecchia, “Elizabeth b. 23 Jan. 1769 - christened 7 May 1769
Alexandria German Reform Church, NJ - source: Jerseyman Vol. 3 , 4 June 1897 -
nothing more on her.”
7.537 Mary Catherine Swick, b. 1770 in Lancaster Co., PA. Married John Roads.
7.538 Mary Magdalena (Zwick) Swick, b. 9/15/1775 (2/15/1775) married Peter Stemen
in Rockingham Co.,VA. on 4/23/1798. She died 1/27/1852 in Allen Co., OH. He was
born in Redstone, Fayette City, PA. says Peter Stemen, b. 1771 in
Redstone, Fayette Co.,PA married Mary Magdalena Swick in Rockingham, VA. She is in
the “Davidson Family Tree” and is buried in the Salem Mennonite Cemetery in Allen
Co., OH. Early Settlers in Allen County [Ohio] Mennonites were among the early settlers
of the area...Allen County was organized the same time as the neighboring Putnam
County to the north and Van Wert to the west...first in Sugar Creek Township and later
Marion Township to the west, developed a small but sturdy Mennonite community. In
1831, the same year in which Sugar Creek Township was formed, John Stemen of
Fairfield County, OH, came prospecting through the dense hardwood forest to look for
suitable site for a home. Stemen, a son of Mennonite deacon, Peter Stemen, (1771-1856),
purchased on Aug 8, 1831, about 54 acres of land for $69.19, at a rate of $1.25 per acre.
The John and Nancy (Stukey) Stemen family was joined in 1834 by the family of his
older brother Christian and Margaret (Moyer) Stemen and their five children. They
purchased a tract of land on the banks of the Ottawa River for nearly $3.00 an acre. In
1837 came 66 year old Deacon Peter and Magdalena (Swick) Stemen paid $1,000 for a
quarter section (160 acres)) in Marion Township, three miles west and one mile south of
Salem Church. The following spring Peter Stemen Jr. and his wife Mary (Blosser) joined
them by purchasing for $1,550 a quarter section adjoining Salem Church. In 1841 the
deacon’s 94-year-old father Christian Stehman joined the pioneers (1747-1844) and the
family of Peter's brother, Henry and Mary (Berry) Stemen. Henry (1775/1855), an early
pioneer in Fairfield County, had been ordained a Mennonite minister in 1809 and bishop
in 1820. Daughter Barbara and her husband Samuel Sherrick as well as daughter,
Magdalena and her husband Henry Sherrick accompanied the bishop's family. Also
at the same time came Deacon John Sherrick (1778-1857) with his wife Mary, David and
Eve Campbell, John Burkholder and wife and Joseph Lamen who was single. Here was
the leadership and nucleus for a church. All of them came from Fairfield County. Earlier,
beginning at the turn of the century, the Berry's, Stemens, Sherricks, Brennemans, and
others had settled in that central Ohio county. Many of them originated in Rockingham
County, Virginia, but some came from Pennsylvania. Soon after the arrival of the 1841
group, a congregation was organized and services were held in the homes of members.
"The bishop and the two deacons also acted as trustees in the early years. No early
records exist, but years later (1911) at a reunion they named 20 charter members - the
above named 1841 group in addition to Peter and Magdalena Stemen, Peter and Barbara
Diller, and Henry and Elizabeth Funk.

[Sce: OH/allen/history/early.txt4.17929 -](Sent by Pat Irvine). A few
Mennonites arrived in America in 1683 and lived in the Germantown area of Philadelphia
the oldest settlement in the U.S. More arrived in the early 1700s. Philadelphia became
the port of preference for Amish and Mennonite immigrants. Many of them lived briefly
in the village of Germantown but then -moved on to other parts of Pennsylvania, Virginia
and Ohio.

Today the largest concentrations of Mennonites are found in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana,
Illinois, Kansas, California, and Virginia. How did the Mennonite Church begin? During
the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century, Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli led a
movement separating from the Roman Catholic Church. Small groups of reformers
throughout Europe felt the existing church did not meet God's standards or the needs of
the people. In 1525, in the middle of this religious upheaval, a small group of young
adults who had been meeting for Bible study and prayer in Zurich, Switzerland, felt
convicted to re-baptize each other. Their actions were a third way of responding to the
Christian message: forming a church around the belief that adults should be baptized on
confession of faith and that they should be separated from the world and the state.
During the next decade, a Catholic priest in the north of Holland was observing and
carefully following the development and expansion of the Anabaptists. In 1536, Menno
Simons joined the Anabaptists, whose network was growing in spite of intense
persecution to the members and martyrdom for people in leadership. Menno was born in
1496, and was 40 years old when he made the change from Catholic priest to Anabaptist
leader. From his studies of the –Scriptures, Menno began to write and teach about
community, mutual aid, sharing of resources, support to widows, their children and the
poor, sister/brotherhood among believers, simple life-style, nonresistance, nonviolence,
and peacemaking . These dimensions of Christian life are today observed to a greater or
lesser degree by the broad spectrum of present Anabaptist-Mennonites. The denomin-
ational name "Mennonite" was first used as a nickname, but through the centuries has
become an accepted label.

[Sce:] (Sent by Pat Irvine).
Peter Stemen was born 1711 in Fayette Co., PA and was a Mennonite. Martin Swick,
1780-1850, lived in Fayette Co., PA.
Steman / Swick – VA to OH
(1) Christian Steman, b. 28 May 1747. He was a minor in 1755. According to his Bible
record he was born 28 May 1747 and he died 28 Aug 1844 Allen County, Ohio. He was
buried in the Mennonite cemetery. He married Hannah Bar (18 Apr 1750-15 Jul 1834),
daughter of Henry Bar on 1 Apr 1770.

(2) Peter Steman, b. 2 Jan 1771. He married Magdalena Swick. He moved from
Rockingham County, Va., in 1803 to Fayette County, Pa. and then to Fairfield County
Ohio in 1807.

   (3) Christian Steman, b. 23 Apr 1799, Rockingham County, Va.
   (3) John Steman, b. 12 Sep 1800, Rockingham County, Va.
   (3) Peter Steman, b. 15 Sep 1802, Rockingham County, Va.

(2) Christian Steman, b. 18 Apr 1773.
(2) Henry Steman, b. 26 May 1775. He married Mary Beery, daughter of Nicholas Beery
at Rockingham County, Va. They moved to Fairfield County, Ohio in 1803. He was a
Mennonite Bishop.
(2) Anna Steman, b. 5 Oct 1777.
(2) John Steman, b. 17 Apr 1780.
(2) Samuel Steman, b. 12 Nov 1782.
(2) Francis Steman, b. 5 Jan 1786.
(2) Johannes Steman, b. 10 May 1788.
(2) Elizabeth Steman, b. 24 Jun 1791.
(2) Michael Steman, b. 21 Jan 1794.
(2) Maria Steman, b. 9 Feb 1796.
(Se. Pat Irvine).

Linda Dietz - February 27, 1999

          Mennonites were among the early settlers of the area. Formed in April 1820
only 17 years after the new state of Ohio was carved from the Northwest Territory, Allen
County was organized the same time as neighboring Putnam County to the north and Van
Wert to the west. In the northwest section of Allen County, first in Sugar Creek
Township and later Marion Township to the west, developed a small but sturdy
Mennonite community.

          In 1831, the same year in which Sugar Creek Township was formed, John
Stemen of Fairfield County, Ohio, came prospecting through the dense hardwood forests
to look for suitable site for a home. He lodged and ate his meals with the Indians. He
scouted in the southern part of "The Great Black Swamp" that covered 14 northwestern
Ohio counties including Allen. Poor drainage and dense forests characterized much of the
area. The felling of trees splashed mud and water to great heights. Mosquitoes swarmed.
Malaria lurked constantly, awaiting the unsuspecting colonist. But the soil was
unbelievably fertile and easily cultivated after it was drained. Here the government had
set aside "canal lands" and prospects looked bright for the farmer willing to work hard.

           Stemen , son of Mennonite deacon, Peter Stemen, (1771-1856), purchased on
August 8, 1831, about 54 acres of land for $69.19, at a rate if $1.25 per acre. He situated
one mile west and one-half mile south of the present Salem Church. Being one of the
earliest settlers in the western part of the county forced him to cut his own path through
the trees. He found treachery and questionable means the white man had by this time
spirited away the Indian claims to their hunting grounds in Allen County. Hundreds of
Senecas left in 1831, as did most of the Shawnees the following year. One group, the Hog
Creek tribe, did not leave Allen County till 1833.

          The John and Nancy (Stukey) Stemen family was joined in 1834 by the family
of his older brother Christian and Margaret (Moyer) Stemen and their five children. They
purchased a tract of land on the banks of the Ottawa River for nearly $3.00 and acre. In
1837 came 66 year old Deacon Peter and Magdalena (Swick)Stemen and paid $1,000
for a quarter section (160 acres) in Marion Township, three miles west and one mile
south of Salem Church. The following spring Peter Stemen, Jr. And his wife Mary
(Blosser) joined them by purchasing for $1,550 a quarter section adjoining Salem

         In 1841 the pioneers were joined by the deacon's 94-year-old father Christian
Stehman (1747-1844) and the family of Peter's brother, Henry and Mary (Berry) Stemen.
Henry (1775-1855), an early pioneer in Fairfield County, had been ordained a Mennonite
minister in 1809 and bishop in 1820. Daughter Barbara and her husband Samuel Sherrick
as well as daughter Magdalena and her husband Henry Sherrick accompanied the
bishop's family. Also at the same time came Deacon John Sherrick (1778-1857) with his
wife Mary, David and Eve Campbell, John Burkholder and wife and Joseph Lamen who
was single. Here was the leadership and nucleus for a church.

          All of them came from Fairfield County. Earlier, beginning at the turn of the
century, the Berrys, Stemens, Sherricks, Brennemans, and others had settled in that
central Ohio county. Many of them originated in Rockingham County,Virginia, but some
came from Pennsylvania. The 1841 exodus from Fairfield was only the first of other
migrations that within several decades seriously depleted Fairfield's Mennonite
population but greatly strengthened Allen County's.

          One of the family lines represented was the George and Susan (Funk) Berry
family who moved to Fairfield in 1816 with their seven children. Susan Funk was a sister
to Joseph Funk, noted musician of the Virginia Mennonites in pre-Civil War days. The
Berry's oldest daughter Barbara married Henry Brenneman 1791-1866), son of Abraham
(1744-1815) and grandson of Melchior Brenneman, Jr.(1718-1794), whose father was the
pioneer Melchior Brenneman (1665 - 1737) who arrived in 1717.

          Bishop Henry Stemen already had long experienced as a frontier preacher and
Mennonite "circuit Rider." He traveled widely by horseback in the Ohio wilderness
holding communion services, ordaining bishops, ministers and deacons, and ministering
to scattered Mennonites in the counties of Wyandot, Wood, Seneca, Williams, Clark,
Logan, Fairfield, and Franklin. Apparently an eloquent speaker, he seems to have been
the only Mennonite bishop in western Ohio for a number of years.

(Baptismal record, NJ Raleables Revolutionary Census, History of Hunterdon and
Somerset; 1810, 1880 census, Beaver Co., Green Twp., Pa.; The Hunterdon County New
Jersey Militia 1792, by Hiram E. Deats, Sec. of the Hunterdon Co. Historical Society,
1936 has in Alexandria Co.:Martin Swick and Peter Swick. Also from Jack Swick and
Lowell Thomas;, Pat Irvine and David F. Swick)

                          Second Generation in Canada
7.535 Peter (1766) and Mary Ross Swick’s children:
8.5351 William Swick, b. 1799 married first Nancy Lymburner.
William Swick later married Harriet Carpenter. Harriet and William married 20 May
1834 [appeared in the British American Journal]

Brenda Young writes, “Mrs. Theal’s records states that William who married Nancy
Lymburner had the following children: Robinson, Almira, Adeline, Erastus and Sarah
plus other unknown children. Erastus’ death certificate states that his parents were Peter
Swick and Mary Ross.
[sent to Brenda Young by Tom Passingham] Brenda Young writes,“Erastus’s bible
records show his children and the marriage of Joseph and Maria [Joseph was a son of
Peter and Mary]”. She also states, “From the St. Catharine’s Journal of 1841 Tavern
Owners 1837-1841 William Swick is listed as #38 and had a tavern in Gainsborough
Township, Lincoln County, March 8, 1841. Then there is no trace of William and Nancy.
Is it possible that later that after Nancy’s death, William’s new wife did not want the
children and Peter took the children in? Mary was far too old to have children at 57
years of age. On April 9 1829 in the 1st Regiment Haldimand Militia, William Swick was
listed as 29 years of age and Benjamin Swick was listed as 21 years of age. [Men of
Upper Canada, Militia Nominal Rolls, 1828-1829, 1995, Ontario Genealogical Society].
If this age was used with the date of 1829 William would have been born the same year
as Margaret but with the bible page stating that she was born 13 Nov 1800 and William
was listed before Margaret would put his age ca 1799. If using 1829 and Benjamin age 21
this would put him born the same year as Lavina and he is in the Askin list after her so
this should put him born ca 1809 or 1807”.

Brenda Young writes, “In the 1828 census Canboro: William had males under 16-3
erased to 1, females under 16-4, one male over 16 and one female over 16. So it would
be Wm and wife, four daughters and either 3 or 1 sons under 16”.

8.5352 Peggy (Margaret) Swick, b. 11/13/1800, d. 10/22/1877 m. John Lymburner.

8.5353 Stephen Swick, b. 12/8/1801; d. 10/11/1837. Married Almira Lymburner
on 8/18/1825. She was born 11/26/1808 in Caister Twp., Lincoln County. She was the
daughter of John Lymburner and granddaughter of Matthew Lymburner.
Brenda Young writes, “There are bible pages for Stephen who married Almira
Lymburner and the children are not his”.

8.5354 Nancy A. Swick, b. 1805.

8.5355 Lavina Swick, b. 8/31/1808 m. Nahum Pond Thayer.
ID: I24875, Name: Nahum Pond Thayer, Birth: 30 Jul 1800 in Niagara On, Canada;
Death: 26 Oct 1851 in Greenfield,Wayne Co, MI . From the book of THAYER , many
facts are wrong on this family including the following on Nahum; He was the son of
Jarvis/Susannah not Silas, who was a grandfather. Thayer Family History:

“As you know, your grandfather on your mother's side was ____ Thayer, and that's all I
know. I never saw him. His wife, your grandmother's maiden name was Lavina Swick.
They were both Cannecks, came to Michigan at an early day and settled close to Detroit
in what was afterward Wayne County. Your mother (Almyra) had uncles and aunts and
cousins enough in Canada, down on the Grande River, to have started a good size state.
The Swicks, Lembergers, and lots of others whose names I've forgotten; and none of
them stopped short of from twelve to sixteen and upward in a family. They used to come
stringing over the river to our place like quails around a wheat stack. Good Lord, boy, if
you ever go down on Grand River in Canada and meet a man, call him cousin; tell him
your grandmother was a Swick, related to the Lembergers (sounds Dutchy) and Thayers,
and you will not lack for entertainment.

Your grandfather Thayer's family consisted of seven sons and three daughters, Ben,
Jarvis, Cyrus, Peter, Nahum, William, and Oliver, Almyra (your mother), Margaret and
Lavina. Margaret married Theodore Evans, raised a family of three girls, but who they
married or where they went to I don't know.

But all of your mother's brothers and sisters, except Peter, who went to Wisconsin, were
in Michigan.

The last I knew of them, Lavina married Dar Fisk, had one child and died years ago.
Of the boys, Ben, the oldest, lived a bachelor till nearly fifty then married a German girl,
that's all I know of Ben.

Jarvis married Jane McDonald and raised a whole lot of kids. I remember Theron, Albert
and William. Jarvis died years ago.

Cyrus and William both went out to Kalamazoo, Michigan, married sisters I think, but
have forgotten the name. They both raised families but I know nothing further.

The last I knew of Peter he was still a bachelor.

Nahum married a girl by the name of Louise Platner, had three children, two girls and
one boy. The son Albert was a policeman in Detroit some years ago and was killed while
an officer. Nahum died when Albert was quite young. What became of the rest of them, I
don't know.

Oliver, the youngest of the family, when we came west lived with your grandmother
Thayer on the old home farm where your mother was born and raised. Ben and Jarvis
also lived on the same farm. Ben and Oliver,(both single then) and Grandma lived
together; Jarvis in a house of his own nearby.”

History of the Worden and Thayer Families written by Rufus Rypha Worden, to His
Son Edward O. Worden--17 May 1905. (Sent by Pat Irvine).

8.5356 Benjamin Swick, b. 1809.

8.5357 Maria Swick, d. 5/4/1832, m. Brooks.

8.5358 Abby (Abigail) Swick

8.5359 Peter Swick, Jr., b. 1813-20; d. 1/1885. Married Rachel.
Brenda Young writes, “Peter stayed married to Rachel. His will dated January 12, 1885,
#3302, states to wife Rachel, son Seth and daughters Nancy Ann Parker, Lucy Jane
Parker and Alsena Parker”.

Note: Any statement that says that Peter Swick of 1813 was married to Georgena is
incorrect because of the fact that Georgena was the wife of Peter’s son Seth Swick in the
1891 census of Seneca Twp., Haldimand County, Ontario. Georgena was supposedly
born 1858 in England.

(Below is a list of names that Brenda Young has no proof that they were the children of
Peter and Mary’s except for Erastus. Brenda writes, “There is too many children for Peter
and Mary and too much in conflicting stories about who was whose brother. I think that
Benjamin died young and Peter and Mary brought the kids up. The 1851 Seneca Census
is missing and I believe that it was this census that would help straighten out some

8.53501 Mary Ann Swick married Jacob Forsyth.
8.53502 Joseph Swick, b. 1818. M. Maria Farr. (His mother would have been 47).
#7323 Bargain and Sale agreed to 17 Jan. 1850 and registered 12 April 1859 Peter Swick
Sr. to Joseph Swick W. Part Lot 15 concession 157 acres. Due to histories it appears that
Joseph was possibly a change-of-life baby for her.(from Brenda Young)
8.53503 Rebecca Swick, b. 1819; d. 10/14/1899. m. James Lymburner. (Mary would
have been 48 at the time).
8.53504 John Swick, b. 1820, d. 12/8/1895. m. Mary Shurman/Sharman. (Mary would
have been 49). #3132 Bargain and Sale agreed Jan. 1853? And registered 11 Jan. 1855
Peter Swick Sr. to John Swick part of W 1/2 Lot 15 concession 128 acres. (From Brenda

From: R. Robert Mutrie,
3 Lewis Street #3, Fort Erie ON L2A 2P6. R. Robert writes, “ John Swick (c. 1819) and
his wife Mary Sharmon lived at Canborough Twp., Haldimand Co. then moved to
Charlotteville Twp. by 1871. Absalom Swick (c. 1828-) and his wife Martha Kelly settled
in Walsingham Twp. Peter Swick (1846-1909) and his wife Mary Ecckles settled in
Charlotteville Twp.” He says, “I have compiled a Norfolk County Swick genealogy as a
part of my "Long Point Settlers Genealogies" series.” If anyone is interested in it, write to
him at either address above.

8.53505 Robinson Swick, b. 1821; d. 2/12/1884. married Diana Vaughan
(Mary would have been 50).
8.53506 Nechobecker Swick, b. 1821 (Mary would have been 50).
8.53507 Erastus Swick, b. 5/1/1823; m. Jane Smith (Mary would have been 52).

From Brenda Young, “According to the death certificate in Michigan, Erastus was son of
Peter and Mary Swick and James was his brother. Mary wife of Peter would have been
52 when Erastus was born and 57 when James was born. I find this highly unlikely. She
could not possibly have children every second or third year for 30 YEARS well into her
fifties almost 60!!!!”

8.53508 James Swick, b. 1828. m. Eliza Smith.
8.53509 Emira Swick married John Smith.
8.535010 Adeline Swick married William Dennis.
8.535011 Sarah Swick married Alexander Dennis.
(From Brenda Young)

                           Third Generation in Canada
8.5351 William (1799) and Nancy Lymburner Swick’s children:
(This is only conjecture on the part from a researcher who started in the 1930's looking
for the Swick and Lymburner families).
9.53511 (John) Swick
9.53512 Robinson Swick
9.53513 Almira Swick
9.53514 Adeline Swick
9.53515 Erastus Swick
9.53516 Sarah Swick
9.53517 Joseph Swick m. Margaret Johnson.
9.53518 Nancy Swick, b. 1840 and died 31 years 2 months and 16 days later.
9.53519 Henry Swick, b. 1841
(Sent by Brenda Young)

8.5351 William (1799) and Harriet Carpenter’s children:
9.535101 William Swick, b. abt. 1837. First married Nancy Oliphant.
Later married Mary Lambert.
(Sce. Brenda Young).

8.5353 Stephen (1801) and Almira Lymburner Swick’s children:
9.53531 Absalom Swick, b. 5/4/1826 in Haldimand Co., d. 4/30/1894 married on
2/27/1851 to Martha Kelly, b. 1831.
9.53532 Catharine Swick, b. 2/10/1832. Catharine Swick married James Smith
according to the family bible.
9.53533 Stephen Swick Jr., b. 10/27/1836; d. 2/16/1884.
9.53534 Naham Swick., b. 1/15/1830 m. Rachel Lymburner.
9.53535 Burwell Swick, b. 9/15/1833 married Barbara Travis.
9.53536 Lavina Swick, b. 1/29/ 1827/28; d. 8/1828
9.53537 James Benjamin Swick, b. 11/16/1837; d. 4/10/1839.
(Sce.: Brenda Young; James Hoover)

8.5359 Peter Swick, Jr. (1813) and Rachel’s children:
9.53591 Seth Swick married Georgena.
9.53592 Nancy Ann Swick married a Parker
9.53593 Lucy Jane Swick married a Parker
9.53594 Alsena Swick married a Parker
(taken from will dated January 12, 1885).

8.53502 Joseph (1818) and Maria Farr Swick’s children:
9.535021 Delbert Swick, b. ca. 1868 in Canboro Twp., Haldimand Co., buried in
Fonthill Cemetary, Welland Co.,ON. Welland Motorman whose weight was 325 passes
away (News clipping. Welland, Ont., Jan. 16 - (Special) -- Hurschea Swick died
yesterday afternoon at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Del Swick. He was 30
years old and weighed 325 pounds. He was the last of three brothers whose combined
weight was over half a ton. All have died within a few years, their excessive weight
being the primary cause. Hurschea was a motorman on the street railway. (Sce. Louise

                          Fourth Generation in Canada

9.53517 Joseph and Margaret Johnson Swick’s children:
10.535171 Wilson Fralick Swick, b. 1852, d. 2/3/1928 and funeral 2/5/1928 in Canboro
Cemetary. He married Margaret Johnson, d. 4/23/1966. Funeral at Cudney’s funeral
home in Welland and buried at Ridgeville, ON. They had 25 grandchildren and 11 great-
(From Ron and Irene Swick, Dianna Lynn Smith, and Jim Swick
of Canada)

9.535101 William (1837) and Nancy Oliphant and then Mary Lambert’s children:
10.5351011 Orland Swick, b ca 1865,
10.5351012 Edna Swick, b ca 1868,
10.5351013 William H. Swick, b ca 1870,
10.5351014 Benjamin Edger Swick, b ca 1875,
10.5351015 Albert Lavern Swick, b. abt 1876 m. Ella Jones.
10.5351016 Nellie Mae Swick, b ca 1883
10.5351017 Almer Bruce Swick, b ca 1887.
(Sce. Brenda Young).

9.53531 Absalom (1826) and Martha Kelly Swick’s children:
10.535311 Stephen Swick, b. 1852 m. Caroline Brown. He was born May 14, 1852 in
Seneca Twp., Haldimand Co., Ontario, Canada, and died May 14, 1937 in Forestville,
Norfolk Co., Ontario [daughter's residence]. He married Caroline Brown on November
24, 1883 in Walsingham., Norfolk Co., Ontario, daughter of George Brown and Elsie
Boughner. She was born October 09, 1846 in Middleton Twp., Norfolk Co., Ontario, and
died April 27, 1923 in Walsingham Twp., Norfolk Co., Ontario, Canada. From 1861
census of Seneca Twp., Haldimand Co., under Absolom Swick; preformed by Rev.
William Anscomb; witnessed by James and Maurice Anscomb. 1881 census of
Walsingham Twp., Norfolk Co. under Absolom Swick. 1901 census of Walsingham
Twp., Norfolk Co., Ontario [Lists Stephen and Caroline as residing on 50 acres located
Lot 9, Con. 8]. Simcoe Reformer news item dated May 24th, 1934; "Forestville Man
aged 84 step-dances on Birthday" Family gathering to celebrate Stephen Swick's 84th
birthday at his daughter's residence in Forestville.

James Hoover sends, “I have several family photo's taken of the group at my
grandparent's home. Tillsonburg News obituary dated June 3rd, 1937 on p-10, c-3; "Died
in 85th Year- The funeral was held recently of the late Stephen Swick of Forestville who
died at the home of his daughter Mrs. Cameron Rohrer following a short illness. The
service was conducted by Rev.H.Burkholder and internment was in the Cultus cemetery.
The pallbearers were Fred Cline, Marshall Howell, Elon Hoover, Charles Reeves,
Thomas Leedham and Leman Howick, The late Mr. Swick who was in his 85th year was
born in Cayuga and had been a resident at Forestville practically all his life retired 8 years
ago. He was a member of the United Church. surviving are 3 daughters, 4 brothers and 8
sisters". H. W. Wildfang MD of Langton attending listing cause of death of Stephen,
Heart failure complicated by asthma and bronchitis. She is buried at United Church
cemetery, Cultus, Norfolk co., Ontario, Canada”.
(Sce. Caroline Brown and James Hoover)

10.535312 Elmira Swick, b. 4/26/1852
10.535313 Margaret Jane Swick, b. 1853
10.535314 Catharine Swick, b. 1857
10.535315 Sarah Ann Swick,
10.535316 John K. Swick, b. 4/25/1859
10.535317 Martha Swick, b. 11/11/1860.
10.535318 Ellen O. Swick, b. 1862
10.535319 Absalom Swick, Jr., b. 1856
10.5353101 Edna Elizabeth Swick, b. 1867
10.5353102 Wesley Swick, b. 9/14/1872
10.5353103 Ebenezer Swick, b. 11/25/1876, d. 5/11/1948. Married in 1906
Phoebe Ann Rohrer, b. 3/3/1871, d. 4/1961. Ebenezer Swick of South Walsingham
married Mrs. Phoebe Ann Wingrove of North Walsingham 27 Jun 1906 at Walsingham
Centre [SR19060720] [also see BC19060711 and BC19060718]
Sce. R. Robert Mutrie, 3 Lewis Street #3, Fort
Erie ON L2A 2P6, (Ontario, Canada)

10.5353104 Dorothy Swick, b. 1868.
(Sce. Brenda Young, R. Robert Mutrie, and James Hoover)

9.535021 Delbert (1868) Swick’s children:
10.5350211 male Swick
10.5350212 male Swick
10.5350213 Hurschea Swick was a motorman.
(Sce. Louise McConachie)

9.555555 Michael Bochar (Boczar) and Maria Bilyk:
They lived in Vishy Lubyanke, Ternopil, Ukraine which is near Zbarazh in the western
Ukraine. They lived their married life here. Their children:
10.5555551 Franco (Boucher) Bochar
10.5555552 Kasimir Bouchar
10.5555553 Anthony Bouchar
10.5555554 Paul Bouchar, d. 1947, m. Katharine Draganuik in Vishy, Lubyanke,
Ternopil,Ukraine, and then died in Carnegie, Philadelphia, PA.
10.5555555 John Bouchar, b. 5/28/1886 and married Teckla Kundaral in 1905 in Vishy,
Lubyanke, Ternopil, Ukraine. They died in Saskaton, Saskatchewan, Canada.
10.5555556 Alexandra Bouchar married Safron Swick. “Alexandra Bochar was the only
daughter of Michaelo Bochar and Maria Bilyk. She married Safron Swick and they
homesteaded in Saskatchewan in the Fish Creek area .They had a family of one daughter
Anna and four sons. Their sons were Andrew (no children), Harry, Mike and John”.
Michaelo (Boczar) Bochar in the 1800’s was part of the Ukraine under the Austrian rule
but totally controlled by Polish nobles. People that immigrated to Canada were called
Austrians even though they spoke Ukrainian. When the Ukrainians came to Canada they
were called Galicians since they were from the region of Galicia. The Bochar family
came to America in the early 1900’s

(Sce. Jeff Swick of Canada). Tracing Our Roots: Descendents of Michaelo and Maria
Bochar and Descendents of John Hewko, compiled by Naden Hewko, September, 2000.
This book gives a little history and states that the Slavic people were in the area of the
Ukraine and that Austrian-Hungarian empire ruled a part of this region which was Poland
and Russia. In the 800’s the Slavic civilization called themselves Rusyns (Roos-ins) not
to be confused with Russians whose language was developed by Kiev and those along the
rivers of the Black Sea. They spoke Ukrainian (which means “borderland”). It is a Slavic
language. In 968 Christianity was introduced and Vladimir, son of Princess Olha, was
baptized as a Christian. The language spoken of the Ukraine was developed for those
who converted to Christianity. By 1200, the Tartars swept across the Ukraine. By 1300,
Lithuania and Poland were dominated by those who held to serfdom. By 1400, people
joined the bands of Cossacks who wanted their land to be made free. Divisions occurred
between the Poles and Tartars. The land became scarce as fathers would divide up their
lands, and their sons would divide up their lands, till nothing was left. So that by the early
1900’s, thousands left for political and economic reasons for North America.

*Notice: In the next sections Dennis Swick has only supplied the names of those that still
might be living. This is meant to protect their privacy. There is obviously more
information available.

                            Fifth Generation in Canada
10.535171 Wilson Fralick (1852) and Margaret Johnson Swick’s children:
11.5351711 Robert Swick
11.5351712 Arthur Swick
11.5351713 ----- Swick who married John Crosby
11.5351714 ----- Swick who married David Pettigrew
11.5351715 ----- Swick who married George Coyne
11.5351716 George Swick, b. 1/12/1878, d. 11/26/1955 in Welland Hospital in Welland,
Ontario but buried 11/29/1955 in Ridgeville, Ontario married Mary Emeline/Elizabeth
North on 9/11/1901 in Smithville, Ontario.
(From Ron and Irene Swick, Dianna Lynn Smith, and Jim Swick of Canada)

10.5351015 Albert Lavern Swick (1876) and Ella Jones’ children:
11.53510151 Victor Orlando Swick, b. abt. 1900 m. Catharine Creighton.
----“Neff Young Scrapbooks- probably a Port Colborne newspaper- At the residence of --
----his brother, Charles Swick, RR #1 Wainfleet, on Tuesday morning, April 25, 1961, ---
----Victor O Swick; in his 62nd year. Husband of Catharine Creighton and dear father of
----Gordon Swick, Winger; Douglas Swick, Wainfleet; Mrs. J. Ross (Helen), and Mrs. J. -
----Coldin (Jean), both of Toronto. The funeral will be held fromt he H. L. Cudney -------
----Funeral Chapel, 241 West Main Street, Welland, on Friday, April 28 at 2 p.m. ---------
----Interment in Fonthill Cemetery”.(Sce. Brenda Young).
11.53510152 Charles Swick married Eva.
11.53510153 Rita Swick married Ernie Hodgson
11.53510154 Lloyd Swick who married Evelyn.
11.53510155 Harry Swick married unknown. No family.

(Sce. Brenda Young; Doris Swick; Ken and Patricia Whiteside; and Helen Swick Ross)

10.535311 Stephen Swick (1852) and Caroline Brown’s children:
11.5353111 Edna Elizabeth Swick m. Joseph Cameron Rohrer. Edna was born
September 22, 1885, Walsingham Twp., Norfolk Co., Ontario; d. August 26, 1947,
Walsingham Twp., Norfolk Co., Ontario, Canada. She married Joseph “Cameron” Rohrer
April 01, 1903 in Walsingham Twp., Norfolk Co., Ontario, son of Jeremiah Rohrer and
Hannah Stackhouse. He was born October 19, 1882 in Walsingham Twp., Norfolk co.,
Ontario and died June 24, 1961 in N.G.H. She is listed in 1901 census of Walsingham
Twp., Norfolk Co. under Stephen Swick.

The 1901 census of Walsingham Twp., Norfolk Co. under John H. Rohrer.
James Hoover sends, “Joseph Cameron worked all of his life as a Blacksmith. It was
probably on his brother John Harrison Rohrer's farm that he meet Elizabeth Swick who
was employed there as a domestic. After their marriage, Cameron and "Libby" lived on
the Hazen Rd., southeast corner, 8th conc. Walsingham Twp., near Walsingham Center.
This farm was first owned by Cameron's grandfather John, passing down to Jeremiah and
then to Cameron. It was known in the area as the Rohrer Homestead. Josie [Josephine]
and Doc [Stephen] were born here in a log cabin. Cameron heard of, applied and was
hired by a Company that was sitting up a land development company along the Front
Road from St Williams to Turkey Point. He was one of the blacksmiths that was hired
and the family moved to the Front Road in 1914 just east of where the Bert Schram farm
was located. Flossie [Flopsie] was born here. When this development company went out
of business, Cameron was able to take over the blacksmith job in Erie View, [1919] this
is where Edna and Murray were born. Around 1930 they were on the move again, this
time to Forestville where he took over the blacksmith job that had been vacated a number
of years earlier, when the Hoovers [Paternal Ancestors] moved their blacksmith shop up
the road a couple of hundred feet and turned it into a general store. By the early 1940's
automobiles were making inroads into the blacksmith business and this made necessary
yet another move to the Forestry Station, St. Williams [1943] where there was still a need
for a "Smithy". They had a nice place on the Forestry Station, just across the road from
where the Trout pond is located now. I believe that all of us kids can remember it
vaguely, if not well, "Libby" became quite ill in the mid 40's. When she passed away in
1947, Cameron and Murray moved into St Williams proper, on east street past the
Anglican Church on the south side. When he remarried he moved over to the foot of
Washington St. just off the entrance to Johnson's cemetery. He lived there till he passed
away in 1961.

Simcoe Reformer article: Observes his 77th Birthday dated Oct 23rd, 1959. Cameron was
a member of the Free Methodist Church and a life member of the Loyal Orange Lodge.
Funeral service was conducted from the Johnson Bros. funeral home in St Williams with
Free Methodist minister Rev. Redvers Brown officiating.

11.5353112 Sarah Jane Swick, b. July 29, 1888, Walsingham twp., Norfolk co.,
Ontario; d. February 24, 1969, Walsingham Twp., Norfolk Co., Ontario[obit]. She
married Edward LaForge August 27, 1903 in Houghton Centre, Norfolk Co., Ontario, son
of Peter LaForge and Francis Gillet. He was born June 20, 1877 in Windham Twp.,
Norfolk Co., Ontario, and died August 24, 1964 in Walsingham Twp., Norfolk Co.,
Ontario [obit]. She is listed in the 1901 census of Walsingham Twp., Norfolk Co. under
Stephen Swick. Wedding preformed by Rev. Alex Devers witnessed by Mrs. W.B. Gates
and Mrs. A.W. Devers. Sarah and Edward had a daughter [Florence] who passed away at
6 months. At this time researcher is not sure were she would be placed in the siblings but
would guess she was probably one of the early children.

11.5353113 Evelina "Lena" Swick, b. February 02, 1891, North Walsingham Twp.,
Norfolk Co., Ontario; d. October 08, 1970, Stonecrest Lodge, Tillsonburg, Middlesex
Co., Ontario [obit]; m. William Burton “Bertie” Fick on April 01, 1908 in Clear Creek,
Houghton Twp., Norfolk Co., Ontario, Canada; b. May 05, 1880.
(Sce.: James Hoover)

10.5353103 Ebenezer (1876) and Phoebe Ann Rohrer Swick’s children:
11.53531031 Lorne Swick, b. 3/12/1908
11.53531032 Bruce Swick, b. 11/30/1909, d. 1968.
11.53531033 Lorenza Swick, b. 5/22/1912, d. 1969.
11.53531034 Ida Margareita Swick, b. 6/12/1914
11.53531035 Daisy Belle Swick, b. 4/10/1917.
11.53531036 Ada Swick, b. 12/19/1918 married Frank Clifford Starling, b. 12/13/1912.
(Sce.: Brenda Young)

10.5555556 Alexandra Bouchar and Safron Swick’s children:
11.55555561 Anna Swick. Anna was the oldest child and only daughter of Alexandra
and Safron Swick. She married John Yarmie and they lived in Brooklyn, New York.
They had four children: daughters Matilda and Helen (Lynn) and sons Alex and Peter.
Harry’s son Jules stayed with them when he played hockey in New York.

11.55555562 Andrew Swick, no children.

11.55555563 Harry Swick, b. 3/25/1904. He married Molly Prociuk. Molly Prochiuk
was born on November 2,1904.They were married on November 20,1925. The couple
settled in Leonard, where they operated the general store and post office. They also
served as the bank for the three grain elevators in town. Harry was employed at Victoria
and Holy Family Hospitals. During the summer months Molly raised turkeys and
chickens on the farm. Harry passed away on May 17,1968. Molly remained in Prince
Albert until 1980 when she moved to the Pioneer Lodge in Wakaw. She later moved back
to Prince Albert.

11.55555564 Mike Swick. He married Jean. Mike and Jean lived in Drumheller, Alberta
where he worked in the coal mine. They had four children: Matilda, Dan, Michael and
Terry. Mike died in the 70's (1970’s) and Jean remarried.

11.55555565 John Swick, b. 6/20/1908. John Swick was born to Alexandra (Bochar) and
Safron Swick on June 20,1908. He attended school at Sniatyn (named after a village in
Ukraine). Mary Michayluk, the child of Yurko and Sophia Michayluk was born in the St.
Julien district on September 16,1917. She received her early education at Kolomyia
school. On October 14,1934, John and Mary were married and lived in the Fish Creek
district for about six months. They bought a farm SE 24-42-1 W3rd in the St. Julien
district. They had three children: Eugene, Steven, and Sylvia . They farmed together until
Mary, after a lengthy illness, died on January 14,1954. In 1965 John retired from
farming and moved with Sylvia to Wakaw. There Sylvia continued her schooling. John
entered the nursing home at Wakaw and passed away on January 17,1968. The farm was
sold to Fred Bokaruk a year earlier.
 (Sce. Jeff Swick of Canada; Tracing Our Roots: Descendents of Michaelo and Maria
Bochar and Descendents of John Hewko, compiled by Naden Hewko, September, 2000)

                           Sixth Generation in Canada
11.5351716 George (1878) and Mary Emeline/Elizabeth North Swick’s children:
12.53517161 Edwin Swick, d. 1946, m. Minnie Broughton.
12.53517162 Leslie Marcus Swick, d. 1960-1970’s. He married Bertha Sourwine
(her family was Florence (Sourwine) Fiebelkorn, Lillian (Sourwine) Landell, Annie
(Sourwine) Smith m. Ward Smith, Jim Sourwine, Charlie Sourwine).
12.53517163 Leota Swick, d. 1970’s m. Walter Woehl. They have 4 children.
(From Ron and Irene Swick, Dianna Lynn Smith, and Jim Swick of Canada)

11.53510151 Victor Orlando Swick (1900) and Catharine Creighton’s children:
12.535101511 Gordon Victor Swick, b. 8/26/1919, d. 8/17/1999 married (1) Aileen
Nicholls, b. 1916, d. 1976. Gordon Swick married (2) Doris Martin in 1980 in Dunnville,
ON (Ontario)..
12.535101512 Douglas Swick, b. 4/1921 who married Marion Port Colborne or Marion
Lambert -in Ontario.
12.535101513 Jean Swick, b. 10/14/1925
12.535101514 Helen Swick, b. 12/4/1928 m. Norman Ross.
(Sce. Doris Swick; Ken and Patricia Whiteside; and Helen Swick Ross)

11.5351872 Charles Swick and Eva’s children:
12.53518721 Anita May Swick married Mr. Nicholls.
(Sce. Doris Swick; Ken and Patricia Whiteside; and Helen Swick Ross)

11.5351873 Rita Swick and Ernie Hodgson’s children:
12.53518731 Marjorie Hodgson, who died
12.53518732 Phylis Hodgson, who has 4 sons and lives in Florida.
(Sce. Doris Swick; Ken and Patricia Whiteside; and Helen Swick Ross)

11.5351874 Lloyd Swick and Evelyn’s children:
12.53518741 June Swick who lives in Welland, ON.
(Sce. Doris Swick; Ken and Patricia Whiteside; and Helen Swick Ross)

11.5353111 Edna Elizabeth Swick m. Joseph Cameron Rohrer:
12.53531111 Eveline Josephine Rohrer was born June 10, 1904 in North Walsingham
Twp., Norfolk Co., Ontario, and died February 11th, 1994 in the Norview Nursing Home
at Simcoe, Ontario, Canada. She married Awdry Adrian Rohrer on August 28, 1924 in
Walsingham Twp., Norfolk Co., Ontario, son of Stephen Rohrer and Theresa Wolven. He
was born February 15, 1900 in Walsingham twp., Norfolk co., Ontario, and died
February 11, 1994 in Norview Nursing Home. Awdry and Josie operated the farm that
had been handed down to him from his father [Stephen Price Rohrer] which had been
originally owned by his grandfather Daniel Rohrer. James Hoover writes, “Their children
Nina and Ted were born there. As a young lad, I can remember visiting this farm many
times especially on Sunday afternoon with Mom and Dad. Do you remember the radio
programs like The Shadow, The Lone Ranger, and The Green Hornet, well they were
always on the radio after chores and supper. In 1947 they sold this farm and moved to a
new farm located on lots 22 & 21, conc.1 Walsingham twp., just a few miles west of St
Williams where they eventually retired from farming. Awdry Rohrer and Grandfather
Rohrer were 2nd cousins. He is buried at Fairview/Franklin cemetery.”

12.53531112 Baby Rohrer, b. June 09, 1907, Walsingham twp., Norfolk co., Ont. [br]; d.
June 09, 1907, Walsingham twp., Norfolk co., Ontario. Burial: Stillborn

12.53531113 Stephen "Doc" Rohrer, b. May 27, 1913, Walsingham twp., Norfolk
co.,Ontario; d. May 19, 2004, N.G. He married Nettie May Wilson on June 26, 1937 in
Bride's Home, Vittoria, Norfolk co., Ontario, daughter of Grassette Wilson and Elizabeth
Olds. She was born April 11, 1917 in Vittoria, Norfolk co., Ontario, and died July 27,
1998 in Memorial Hospital, Tillsonburg, Oxford co., Ontario [obit].

James Hoover writes, “Stephen was employed for many years with the Long Point co., as
a guide, break wall builder and caretaker. He worked as a fishing guide on Long Point
Bay with his own boat. He also owned and operated several fish grounds in the Bay.
When they moved to Delhi, "Doc" was working at Morse Chain Mfg. Co. in Simcoe, he
remained there until his retirement. In 2000 residence for Stephen is listed as the Fern
Lea Trailer Park, west of Delhi, Ontario. In 2003 after several minor strokes and falls his
family felt it would be much better and safer for him to be placed in the Delhi Nursing
Home. Stephen passed away at the Norfolk General Hospital with cause of death listed as
cancer and heart; arrangements were conducted from the Jeffrey W. Glendinning Funeral
Home, Clark Chapel in Port Rowan with Rev. Tom Sero officiating. He is buried: Walsh
United cemetery, Walsh, Norfolk co., Ontario, Canada.

12.53531114 Flossie Rohrer, b. July 31, 1915, Walsingham twp., Norfolk co., Ontario,
Canada. She married Leonard Maylin on March 18, 1936 in United Church Manse,
Vittoria, Norfolk co., Ontario. He was born May 25, 1911 in London, England, and died
December 13, 1990 in N.G.H.

James Hoover says, “Len was employed for a number of years at the Woollen Mill in
Vittoria, Ontario. This was were he and Flossie meet. She was working as a sales clerk in
one of the stores. After their marriage they lived in Vittoria until the early/mid 1940's,
they moved to the Simcoe area [Hillcrest] when Len got a job at American Can. He
worked there until his retirement in the mid 1970's. As a hobby he produced fine
homemade wines [that he couldn't drink, diabetes] and the Rohrer Family History. Len
and Flossie worked on the Rohrer History and for many years, their volunteered time and
work helped other researchers at the Eva Brook Donly Museum in Simcoe. The research
into the Rohrer and Swick families at the Museum was cut short only because of his
untimely death and Flossie's failing eyesight. [Would he have loved the computer]”. He is
buried at Fairview/Franklin cemetery, Walsingham twp., Ontario, Canada.

12.53531115 Edna Elizabeth Rohrer, m. Harold Romaine Hoover, son of Jesse Alton
Hoover and Ann Johnson. She was born April 28, 1918 , North Walsingham twp.,
Norfolk co., Ontario; she passed away at Norfolk General Hospital on March 3, 1974.
She married Harold Romaine Hoover December 16, 1936. He was born September 12,
1906 in Forestville, Charlotteville twp., Ontario and died November 13, 1953 in St
Williams, Norfolk co., Ontario. Simcoe Reformer wedding announcement: "Wedding
ceremonies held at the home of Miss Margaret Parker with Rev. Frank Darke, pastor of
the Port Rowan Baptist Church officiating". Tillsonburg Observer wedding
announcement dated Dec.24th, 1936 on p-4, c-5 states, "A quiet wedding was solomized
at the home of Miss Margaret Parker on Wednesday Dec. 16th, 1936 when Miss Edna
Elizabeth Rohrer of Forestville was united in marriage to Mr. Harold Romaine Hoover,
eldest son of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hoover of Forestville. Rev. Robert F. Drake,
pastor of the Baptist Church at Port Rowan officiated. After a short wedding trip Mr. and
Mrs. Hoover will reside in Forestville". She is buried at Johnson cemetery, St Williams.
Norfolk co., Ontario.

James Hoover writes, “Dad was from the Hoover's of Forestville and points east. I have it
from a good source that he dated Aunt Flossie several times, but she was seldom home
because of her working in Vitoria, Dad apparently decided that Mom looked better, she
was always home, the rest is history. When Harold and Edna married they moved into the
pool hall [Dad had purchased it just before the wedding] located in St Williams with
living quarters above and with the new addition added to the back it was really a neat
place to be born and raised in. At an early age I can remember the tables and playing pool
on them. Dad had to drag over the sitting benches so I could reach and see over the top's
of the tables. I believe that I spent a great deal of time downstairs, at least from wake up
till bed time. This went on till my first day at school, on returning home and being meet
at the corner by Mom, one of the Pool room fellows [Tom Cope, I think] asked me if I
had learned anything, when I answered "Not a hell of a lot" that changed forever more
the amount of time spent downstairs. Marie and Carol were born here also. I'm not sure
when Earl Lord and Dad exchanged properties [probably around 1944] and we moved
from the Pool Hall up the street, [Mom and Dad's health was not good] just the other side
of Jewell's old garage. I know that we were living at the new place when Pat and Bill
were born. It was here they discovered that Dad was a lot sicker then they had first
thought. At that time he was working at the Forestry Station. After a battery of tests in
Hamilton and Toronto they discovered a tumor on the brain. They had an experimental
operation for removal and had preformed it several times but with no guarantees. After
talking it over with some family members Dad decided not to have it. Just before Dad
became to sick to work, we moved down to where Carol and Joe are now living and it is
here that he became bedridden and passed away in 1953”. He is buried at Johnson
cemetery, St Williams, Norfolk co., Ontario.

12.53531116 Murray Rohrer, b. October 14, 1920, Erie View, Walsingham twp., Norfolk
co., Ontario, Canada; d. May 10, 1999, Norview Nursing Home, Simcoe, Ontario
[cremation/obit]. Funeral service arrangements made by the Ostrander's funeral home in
Tillsonburg with the urniment and graveside service with Rev. Jim White of the Port
Roawan United Church officiating. Burial: Mt. Pleasant cemetery, Walsingham Center,
Norfolk co., Ontario [obit]
(Sce. James Hoover).

11.5353112 Sara Jane Swick (1888) and Edward Laforge’s children:
12.53531121 Jessie Pearl LaForge, b. March 10, 1906, Rowan Mills, Houghton twp.,
Norfolk co.,Ontario; d. February 03, 1976, N.G.H. She married Edward Edmond
Winkworth on December 09, 1925 in Baptist Church Parsonage, Simcoe, Norfolk co.,
Ontario, Canada. He was born 1901 in Garnet, Haldimand co., Ont., and died 1991 in
Walsingham twp., Norfolk co., Ontario [obit]. He is buried at Mt. Pleasant cemetery,
Walsingham Center, Norfolk co., Ontario.

12.53531122 Hazel LaForge, married Edward Hill.
12.53531123 Alice LaForge, b. Houghton twp., Norfolk co., Ontario; married Edward
12.53531124 Bertha Elta LaForge, married Edward Norman Louks.
12.53531125 Lillian Irene LaForge, married Emeric DeFauw at St John de Brebuef
Roman Catholic Church, Delhi, Norfolk co., Ontario.
12.53531126 Kathleen LaForge, b. 1921, Houghton twp., Norfolk co., Ontario; d. May
26, 1993, Health Care Centre, Port Dover, Norfolk co., Ontario, Canada [obit]. She
married (1) Joseph Edward Columbus. She married (2) (?)Duwyn. She is buried at Port
Dover cemetery, Port Dover, Norfolk co., Ontario, Canada [obit].
12.53531127 Florence May LaForge; married Robert Neil McPhail.
12.53531128 Francis LaForge; married George Bruce Hayden
12.53531129 Charles Lloyd LaForge
12.535311201 Theodore LaForge
12.535311202 Lena Viola LaForge; b. 1920
12.535311203 William Edward LaForge
 (Sce. James Hoover).

11.53531031 Lorne Swick (1908)
12.535310311 Dayton Swick
12.535310312 Gilbert Swick
(From Dayton Swick)

11.53531036 Ada Swick (1918) and Frank Clifford Starling children:
12.535310361 Douglas Frank Starling
12.535310362 Donald LeRoy Starling
12.535310363 Earnest Lloyd Starling
12.535310364 Larry Paul Alexander Starling
12.535310365 Charles Thomas Starling
(From Brenda Young).

11.55555561 Anna Swick and John Yarmie’s children:
12.555555611 Matilda Yarmie and Martin Politsky (live in New York)
12.555555612 Helen (Lynn) Yarmie. Helen married Eddie Schubert. (live in New York)
12.555555613 Andrew Yarmie (live in New York)
12.555555614 Peter Yarmie (live in New York)
(Sce. Jeff Swick of Canada; Tracing Our Roots: Descendents of Michaelo and Maria
Bochar and Descendents of John Hewko, compiled by Naden Hewko, September, 2000)

11.55555562 Harry Swick (1904) and Molly Prociuk’s children:
12.555555621 Peter Swick was born in 1926. Peter was born in Cudworth Hospital on
May 30, 1926 to Harry and Molly Swick. He was educated at Leofnard, Wakaw and
Prince Albert Collegiate. He graduated in 1947 from the Saskatoon Normal School. His
first teaching assignment was in a one-room log school and well ventilated between the
logs. Being small in stature many of his fifty students towered over him. He spent eight
years teaching in the Mont Nebo-Shell Lake area before deciding on a move to Dodsland.
There he met and later married Rita Doreen Hughes who had been born to a farm family
at Netherhill on April 8,1933. Rita had graduated from the Saskatoon Normal School in
1952 and also taught at Dodsland. Peter and Rita married in 1959. Prince Albert became
home and Peter commuted to Spruce Home School in the Prince Albert Rural School
Division where he was principal for eighteen years. Peter retired in 1981 after almost 35
years of educating Saskatchewan youth. He passed away July 21,1991 and is buried in
Prince Albert. Rita retired and after Peter’s death moved to Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta to
be closer to her daughters and grandchildren.

12.555555622 Julius Swick b. May 3,1927, the younger son of Harry and Molly Swick.
He attended school at Leofnard, Wakaw and Prince Albert. Jules moved to Saskatoon in
1944 and was employed with Piggott Construction in the summer months. During the
winter he played hockey in eastern Canada and in the United States. He stayed with Anna
SwickYarmie’s family during this time of 1949-1950. He married Laura Bodman on
October 1,1954.They had three children: Jeff, Don and Juli. Juli Michelle was born
November 7,1963 and passed away in 1975. Jules continued in sports and was a referee
in the Western Canada Hockey League for 22 years.
(Sce. Jeff Swick of Canada; Tracing Our Roots: Descendents of Michaelo and Maria
Bochar and Descendents of John Hewko, compiled by Naden Hewko, September, 2000)

Both boys attended St. Bertha School at Leofnard. Later they sold their store and moved
to Wakaw where they lived for two years. When Molly’s mother passed away the family
returned to the farm in the St. Julien district for two years. They then moved to Prince
Albert where their sons finished school. (Sce. Jeff Swick of Canada; Tracing Our Roots:
Descendents of Michaelo and Maria Bochar and Descendents of John Hewko, compiled
by Naden Hewko, September, 2000).

11.55555563 Mike Swick and Jean’s children:
12.555555631 Matilda Swick
12.555555632 Dan Swick
12.555555633 Michael Swick
12.555555634 Terry Swick
(Sce. Jeff Swick of Canada)

11.55555564 John Swick (1908) and Mary Michayluk’s children:
12.555555641 Eugene Swick. Eugene was born at Wakaw and attended school at
Kolomyia. He left school to work at home on the farm. Later he took elevator manager’s
training and worked for the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool as a relief agent at Asquith,
Langham, Duck Lake and Cupee. Eugene married Irene Zaleschuk. Eugene and Irene
have three children: Denise, Belinda and Sheldon.

12.555555642 Steven Swick. On May ll he married Cecile Redl of Wakaw. They spent
the next six years at Westlock where their children were born: Venessa Lynn and Sidney
James .

12.555555643 Sylvia Ann Swick. Sylvia Ann (Sally) was born in St. Julien. She married
Robert Osatchak. They have two sons: Cory Robert and Quinton Shawn.
(Sce. Jeff Swick of Canada; Tracing Our Roots: Descendents of Michaelo and Maria
Bochar and Descendents of John Hewko, compiled by Naden Hewko, September, 2000)

                        Seventh Generation in Canada
12.53517161 Edwin (1946) and Minnie Broughton Swick’s children:
13.535171611 Ron Swick, adopted at age 13, married Irene Carter and live in Welland,
Ontario, Canada.
(From Ron and Irene Swick, Dianna Lynn Smith, and Jim Swick of Canada)

12.53517162 Leslie Marcus and Bertha Sourwine Swick’s children:
13.535171621 Donald William Leslie Swick, b. 8/1933 married Gladys
Elaine Sibbett, b. 5/1933 d. 9/1999. Lived in Welland, ON.
13.535171622 Eva Eileen Swick married George William Rozell.
13.535171623 Rita Swick married Mr. Kinach and she lives in Smithville, ON.
13.535171624 Betty Swick married Mr. Schram and they live in Welland, ON.
13.535171625 Donald Swick lives in Welland, ON. He had a son: Peter Swick.
(From Ron and Irene Swick, Dianna Lynn Smith, and Jim Swick of Canada)

12.535101511 Gordon Victor Swick (1919) and Aileen Nicholl’s children:
13.535105111 Patricia Swick who married Ken Whiteside
13.535105112 Jane Swick
(Sce. Doris Swick; Ken and Patricia Whiteside; and Helen Swick Ross)

12.53510512 Douglas Swick (1921) and Marion Port Colborne or Marion Lambert’s
13.535105121 Marion Swick married Bill Wickerson. They had daughter, Karen
13.535105122 Janet Swick.
(Sce. Doris Swick; Ken and Patricia Whiteside; and Helen Swick Ross)

12.53510514 Helen Swick (1928) and Norman Ross children:
13.535105141 David Ross, b. 4/11/1948. Died in a car accident in England 10/30/1967.
(Sce. Doris Swick; Ken and Patricia Whiteside; and Helen Swick Ross)

12.53531111 Evelina Josephine Rohrer (1904) and Awdry Adrian Rohrer‘s
13.535311111 Nina Lorraine Rohrer, b. July 29, 1926, Walsingham twp., Norfolk co.,
Ontario; married Harley Perry on April 22, 1954. Burial: Fairview/Franklin cemetery,
con.1, Walsingham twp., Ontario, Canada.

13.535311112 Edwin Burton “Ted” Rohrer, b. June 27, 1930, Walsingham twp., Norfolk
co., Ontario. He married Jane Janette Fleming in United Church Parsonage, Port Rowan
Ontario. She was born in Tillsonburg, Dereham twp., Oxford co., Ontario.
 (Sce. James Hoover)
12.53531113 Stephen "Doc" Rohrer (1913) and Nettie May Wilson’s children:
13.535311131 Gerald “Jerry” Edwin Rohrer was adopted. He married (1) Marilyn Ruth
Mitchell, daughter of Carlton Mitchell and Florence Garton. He married (2) Elaine
[Boughner] Baldwin. (Ontario, Canada)

13.535311132 Joseph Wilson Rohrer. He married (1) Judith E. Lawrence, daughter of
John Lawrence and Sylvia Argo.

 13.535311133 Glenda Dianne Rohrer. She married Yvon Robert Latulippe. He is the son
of Albert Latulippe and Laurette Gregoire.
 (Sce. James Hoover).

12.53531114 Flossie Rohrer (1915) and Leonard Maylin’s children:
13.535311141 Robert Edwin Maylin. He married Marilyn E. Burridge, daughter of
Howard Burridge and Elsie Bernice. (Ontario, Canada)

13.535311142 George Albert Maylin. He married Kathleen Borawa on Long Island, New
York, daughter of Frank Borawa and Minnie (last name?). George and Kathleen reside in
New York.
(Sce. James Hoover).

12.53531115 Edna Elizabeth Rohrer and Harold Hoover’s children:.
13.535311151 James Elon Hoover, born in St Williams, Norfolk co., Ontario, Canada.
He married (1) Kathleen Vera Adams in United Church, Simcoe, Norfolk co., Ontario,
Canada, daughter of James Adams and Eva Johnston. He married (2) Barbara Ruth
Boden McWatters in St John Anglican Church, Hamilton, Wentworth co., Ontario,
Canada. She was born in Hamilton, Wentworth co., Ontario. James Hoover writes,
“Father passed away a few months into my 11th year at school. Several days after the
funeral, Bob McCall who lived just across the street talked to Mom. The next week, I
started a three-year career at the McCall Boat Factory. I was taken under-wing by many
of the men that worked there at the time, to mention a few that I remember, Pottie
Clemens, Harold Gray, Charlie Bunt, Mel Oatman, Bill Ferris, and last, but not least, Nile
Trickett. In their own way everyone helped us as much as they could. (Later) [paternal
cousins] Des and Ollie Johnson stepped in and talked Mom into letting me train in St.
Williams for the position of Operator-Telegrapher at the CNR station with agent Dick
Thompson, they had heard of this job opportunity from their brother Murray Johnson,
who at that time was a CNR Station Agent in Hagersville, Ontario. My Grandmother
Hoover was a Johnson and the boys were her nephews. With financial help from them, I
… worked spare board till I was permanently stationed in Stoney Creek, Ontario. I
remained with the C.N.R. (and later) quit the railway and got a job at the Steel Co of
Canada, in Hamilton, Ontario. At that time the pay was almost double. I remained there
until I retired as a overhead crane operator.”

13.535311152 Anna Marie Hoover. She married Donald Ross Winkworth, son of
Edward Winkworth and Jessie LaForge.
13.535311153 Carol Elizabeth Hoover. She married Joseph Samuel Codling, son of
Albert Codling and Stella Lloyd. James Hoover writes, “As a prelude to a "chiveree"
while the wedding ceremony was taking place in the Church, one of Carol's brothers
removed the back seat from the groom's car and the newly married couple had to stand all
the way to Simcoe where they were getting their wedding photos done. It mysteriously
reappeared after Mom got involved. [I have no idea which brother it was that would do a
thing like that]”.

13.535311154 Patricia Gail Hoover. She married Wayne Patrick Engell, son of
Phillip Engell and Grace Charlton. Wayne was adopted by Phillip and Grace Engell.
Wayne's biological mother’s name is Francis Mesaros from Nixon, Ontario, living in
California, USA.

13.535311155 William “Bill” Harold Hoover. He married Sharon Lynn Rockefeller,
daughter of Harold Rockefeller and Alice Lowen.
(Sce. James Hoover).

12.53531121 Jesssie Pearl LaForge (1906) and Edward Edmond Winkworth’s
13.535311211 James Winkworth, b. 1928 m. June Marie Brandon, September 30, 1949
in Baptist Church Parsonage, Port Rowan, Ontario. She was born 1932, Walsingham
twp., Norfolk co., Ontario; d. 1977, Walsingham twp., Norfolk co., Ontario [obit].

13.535311212 Earl Winkworth.
13.535311213 Harvey Winkworth, b. 1931, Walsingham twp., Norfolk co., Ontario;
d. February 15, 1984. He married Francis Louise Brandon, daughter of Charles Brandon
and Francis Marie. Funeral service conducted from the Ostrander Funeral Home, Clark
Chapel in Port Rowan with Rev. Roy Wiley, St Williams United Church officiating.
Burial: Newkirk cemetery, St Williams, Norfolk co., Ontario.

13.535311214 Evelyn Winkworth.
13.535311215 Donald Ross Winkworth. He married Anna Marie Hoover, daughter of
Harold Hoover and Edna Rohrer. James Hoover writes, “After Dad passed away Marie
finished her schooling while working part time at Cline's Bakery in St.Williams. Marie
eventually gained employment at the Bank in Port Rowan and worked there for many
years until a back injury suffered at the bank forced her retirement. Until Marie and Don
retired for good, she was able to help out at the Park working in the store and doing the
bookkeeping. Children are listed below under Anna Marie Hoover”.

13.535311216 Charles Arthur Winkworth. He married Harriet Barbara Alice Codling.
13.535311217 Doris Edna Winkworth. She married Charles Elam Moore, son of
Elam Moore and Ruth Wingrove. He was born 1929 in Walsingham twp., Norfolk co.,
Ontario [obit], and died September 30, 2000 in N.G.H.. Tillsonburg News marriage
announcement (states), "Weds at Port Rowan - A quiet but pretty wedding was
solemnized by Rev. Homer G. Brown, minister of the Neal Memorial United Church at
the parsonage last Wednesday afternoon when Miss Doris Edna Winkworth daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Winkworth, Walsingham and Charles Elam Moore, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Chauncy Moore, Walsingham were united in marriage. The Bridesmaid was Miss
Gladys Townsend, St Williams and the Groom was attended by the Bride's brother,
James Winkworth, Walsingham. Immediately afterwards the Groom and Bride left for a
short Honeymoon trip and will reside in Walsingham on their return".
Charles is buried at Mt. Pleasant cemetery, Walsingham Centre, Norfolk co., Ontario.
(Sce. James Hoover).

12.53531126 Kathleen LaForge (1921) and Joseph Edward Columbus’ children:
13.535311261 Georgette Columbus. She married Brian Hoover. (Ontario, Canada)
13.535311262 Charles Columbus. He married Karen (last name?).
13.535311263 Barbara Columbus. She married Len Reniewick.
(Sce. James Hoover)

12.53531126 Kathleen LaForge (1921) and (first name ?) Duwyn’s children:
13.535311264 Douglas Duwyn. He married Fran (last name?) (Ontario, Canada)
13.535311265 Dennis Duwyn. He married Pat (last name?).
13.535311266 Danny Duwyn. He married Mary Ellen (last name?).
13.535311267 Sylvan Duwyn. Married Gabriel.
(Sce. James Hoover)

12.555555621 Peter Swick (1926) and Rita’s children:
13.5555556211 Ralph Ray Swick
13.5555556212 Lauree Lynne Swick married Daniel Kent (Dan) Quinlan and put down
their roots in Fort Saskatchewan. They have three sons: Daniel Kent (Kent) and twins
Cody James and Riley Thomas.
13.5555556213 Allison Arlene Swick. Allison and her husband Jeffrey Dale Buchanan
were married in Prince Albert. They have two sons: Brandon Walker and Colson Parker
(Sce. The information regarding Peter and Rita Swick was written by Rita; Tracing Our
Roots: Descendents of Michaelo and Maria Bochar and Descendents of John Hewko,
compiled by Naden Hewko, September, 2000).

12.555555622 Julius Swick (1927) and Laura Bodman’s children:
13.5555556221 Jeffrey Swick. He married Cathie Spanier.
They have two children Andrea and Vanessa.
13.5555556222 Donald Swick. He married Rae Geisbrect.
They have three children: Serena, Alec and Evan.
13.5555556223 Juli Michele Swick, b. 11/7/1963 and d. 1975.
(Sce. Jeff Swick of Canada; Tracing Our Roots: Descendents of Michaelo and Maria
Bochar and Descendents of John Hewko, compiled by Naden Hewko, September, 2000)

12.555555641 Eugene Swick and Irene Zaleschuk’s children:
13.5555556411 Denise Swick.
13.5555556412 Belinda Swick.
13.5555556413 Sheldon Swick.
(Sce. Jeff Swick of Canada; Tracing Our Roots: Descendents of Michaelo and Maria
Bochar and Descendents of John Hewko, compiled by Naden Hewko, September, 2000)

12.555555642 Steven Swick and Cecile Redl’s children:
13.5555556421 Venessa Lynn Swick.
13.5555556422 Sidney James Swick
 (Sce. Jeff Swick of Canada; Tracing Our Roots: Descendents of Michaelo and Maria
Bochar and Descendents of John Hewko, compiled by Naden Hewko, September, 2000)

12.555555643 Sylvia Ann Swick and Robert Osatchak’s children:.
13.5555556431 Cory Robert Osatchak.
 13.5555556432 Quinton Shawn Osatchak .
(Sce. Jeff Swick of Canada; Tracing Our Roots: Descendents of Michaelo and Maria
Bochar and Descendents of John Hewko, compiled by Naden Hewko, September, 2000)

                         Eighth Generation in Canada
13.53517161 Ron Swick and Irene Carter Swick’s children:
14.535171611 Ronald Edward William Swick married Diane Demers.
14.535171612 Tammy May Swick married Mark Cote.
14.535171613 Dawn Marie Swick, b. 4/1965 and d. 4/1965
14.535171614 John William Swick married Lynn Carrier.
(From Ron and Irene Swick, Dianna Lynn Smith, and Jim Swick of Canada)

13.535171621 Donald William Leslie Swick (1933) and Gladys Elaine Sibbett’s
14.5351716211 Peter Donald Swick.
14.5351716212 Pamela Sue Swick.
14.5351716213 James (Jim) Leslie Swick.
14.5351716214 Daniel William Swick, b. 1960, d. 1961
14.5351716215 John Paul Swick.
14.5351716216 Charles Thomas Swick.
(From Ron and Irene Swick, Dianna Lynn Smith, and Jim Swick of Canada)

13.535171622 Eva Eileen Swick and George William Rozell’s children:
14.5351716221 Virginia Mary (Rozell) White, raised in Welland, lives in Nanaimo, BC.
14.5351716222 Dianna Lynn (Rozell) Smith m. Malcolm Smith.

13.535171625 Donald Swick’s child:
14.5351716251 Peter Swick.
(From Ron and Irene Swick, Dianna Lynn Smith, and Jim Swick of Canada)

13.535311112 Edwin Burton “Ted” Rohrer (1930) and Jane Janette Fleming’s
14.5353111121 Darell Edwin Rohrer (Ontario, Canada). He married Karen Ann Ferris,
daughter of Arnold Ferris and Nina Baldwin.
14.5353111122 Diane Louise Rohrer married Rev. James Miller. Diane and Rev. James
Miller where married in St Mark's Anglican Church, London, Ontario by Rev. Paul
(Sce. James Hoover).

13.535311131 Gerald “Jerry” Edwin Rohrer and Marilyn Ruth Mitchell’s children:
14.5353111311 Gregory B. Rohrer. (Ontario, Canada)
14.5353111312 Travis Owen Rohrer married Lisa Marie Burleigh.
(Sce. James Hoover).

13.535311132 Joseph Wilson Rohrer and Judith E. Lawrence’ children:
14.5353111321 Jody Elizabeth Rohrer (Ontario, Canada). She married Tim Dedrick.
Tim has 2 children named Eric and Ashleigh from a previous marriage.
14.5353111322 Aaron Richard Grassett Rohrer. He married Lacy Matthews,daughter of
Edward Matthews and Janet Robinson.
(Sce. James Hoover).

13.535311133 Glenda Dianne Rohrer and Yvon Robert Latulippe’s children:
14.5353111331 Jason Todd Robert Yvon Latulippe. (Ontario, Canada)
14.5353111332 Brandon James Stephen Latulippe married Lisa.
14.5353111333 Morgan Brett David Andrew Latulippe married Natalie.
(Sce. James Hoover).

13.535311141 Robert Edwin Maylin and Marilyn E. Burridge’s children:
14.5353111411 Robin Lynn Maylin (Ontario, Canada). She married Stuart George Hill,
son of Doug Hill and Hilda Howey.
14.5353111412 Kevin Robert Maylin.
 (Sce. James Hoover).

13.535311142 George Albert Maylin and Kathleen Borawa’s children:
14.5353111421 Wendy Lynn Maylin (Ontario, Canada)
(Sce. James Hoover).

13.535311151 James Elon Hoover and Kathleen Vera Adams’ children:
14.5353111511 Deborah Denise Hoover (Ontario, Canada). She married Dwayne
Laverne Davis, son of Laverne Davis and Mildred Snively. Debbie and Dwayne
14.5353111512 Marilyn Christine Hoover. She married Donald Ross Chapman, son of
Edward Chapman and Sylvia Woodward

14.5353111513 Robert Romaine Hoover. He married (1) Cheryl Rose Walker, daughter
of Hiriam Walker and Shirley Alward. He later met (2) Margaret Louise Chase, daughter
of Alden Chase and Thelma Grasse. Rob was employed at Stelco Co, Nanticoke,
Ontario, Canada. Later he applied and enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces and has
since been posted at Shilo, Man., Camp Borden, Ontario, Oromocto, N.B where in he and
Cheryl separated. Cheryl moved back to Ontario with the two girls and Rob was posted to
Wainwright, Alta. Their divorce was granted. Margaret (Megs) Louise Chase) and her
first husband, Daniel Crocker had one child; a daughter Shannon. Megs and Daniel were
later divorced. She remarried Lloyd McLaughlin who legally adopted Shannon, Lloyd
was killed in an ATV accident in New Brunswick. Shannon gave birth to a son Chase
Colby Lloyd. Later Robert Hoover and Margaret divorced.

14.5353111514 Heather Norine Hoover. She married (1) William Hewitt; (2) Roger
Carrsqueirra; (3) Andrew Stroud in St Cecilia's Church, Port Dover, Norfolk co., Ontario,
(Sce. James Hoover).

13.535311151 James Hoover and Barbara McWatters’ children:
14.5353111515 Jon McWatters (Stepchild).
14.5353111516 Lynn Irene McWatters (Stepchild).
14.5353111517 Cindy Donette McWatters (Stepchild).
(Sce. James Hoover)

13.535311152 Anna Marie Hoover and Donald Ross Winkworth’s children:
14.5353111521 Peggy Suzanne Winkworth. She married James Wallace Waldick, son of
Wallace Waldick and Audrey Burton. The Marriage was preformed by Protestant
Minister Rev. Donald Pletsch, witnessed by Mrs. Gwen Smith [sister of the groom] and
Jim Graham.

14.5353111522 Ross Lee Winkworth, b. November 20, 1959, N.G.H.; d. December 31,
1987, Woodstock, Oxford co., Ontario [obit]. She is buried in Johnson cemetery, St
Williams Ontario.

14.5353111523 Rosemarie Dawn Winkworth. She married (1) Merrill Dwight Hoffman,
son of Merrill Hoffman; (2) Trevor Kirton, son of Robert Kirton and Janet Hammond.
(Sce. James Hoover).

13.535311153 Carol Elizabeth Hoover and Joseph Samuel Codling’s children:
14.5353111531 Gordon Harold Codling (Ontario, Canada).
14.5353111532 Pamela Annette Codling. She married Hubert Aurel Guindon, son of
Aurel Guindon and Bertha.
14.5353111533 Jennifer Rebecka Codling. She married Paul Douglas Neumann, son of
Walter Neumann and Marjorie Bouck.
 (Sce. James Hoover).

13.535311154 Patricia Gail Hoover and Wayne Patrick Engell’s children:
14.5353111541 Evan Wayne Charlton Engell. (Ontario, Canada).
He married (1) Bettianne Marie Hedges; (2) Ann Louise Braithwaite, daughter of
William Braithwaite and Betty Foote.
14.5353111542 Thomas Allan Engell (he moved to California)
(Sce. James Hoover).
13.535311155 William Bill Harold Hoover and Sharon Lynn Rockefeller’s children:
14.5353111551 Tina Louise Hoover. (Ontario, Canada) She married David Neil Adcock,
son of Neil Adcock and Isabel.
14.5353111552 Joanne Lynn Hoover. She married Larry Brock Fick, son of William Fick
and Evelyn Deming.
(Sce. James Hoover).

13.535311213 Harvey Winkworth and Francis Louise Brandon’s children:
14.5353112131 Wayne Winkworth (Ontario, Canada)
14.5353112132 Sandra Louise Winkworth. She married Richard “Rick” Kennedy.
14.5353112133 Ricky John Winkworth. He married Rose Marie Oakes.
(Sce. James Hoover).

13.535311217 Doris Edna Winkworth and Charles Elam Moore’s children:
14.5353112171 Dianna Ruth Ann Moore (Ontario, Canada). She married Terry Lee
Helmer, son of Ronald Helmer and Florence Price.
14.5353112172 Janice Moore. She married George Gates.
14.5353112173 Linda Moore.
14.5353112174 Joan Edna Moore. She married Gerry Wayne Ferris.
(Sce. James Hoover).

                         Ninth Generation in Canada
14.535171611 Ronald Edward William and Diane Demers Swick’s children:
15.5351716111 Ronald Robert William Swick.
15.5351716112 Travis Robert Swick.
15.5351716113 Rebecca Marie Swick.
(From Ron and Irene Swick, Dianna Lynn Smith, and Jim Swick of Canada)

14.535171612 Tammy May Swick and Mark Cote’s children:
15.5351716121 Mark Edward Cote.
(From Ron and Irene Swick, Dianna Lynn Smith, and Jim Swick of Canada)

14.535171614 John William and Lynn Carrier Swick’s children:
15.5351716141 Josh Edward Normand Swick.
15.5351716142 Kassadie Mackala Swick.
(From Ron and Irene Swick, Dianna Lynn Smith, and Jim Swick of Canada)

14.5353111121 Darell Edwin Rohrer and Karen Ann Ferris’ children:
15.53531111211 Steven Edwin Rohrer. (Ontario, Canada)
(Sce. James Hoover).

14.5353111321 Jody Elizabeth Rohrer and Tim Dedrick’s children:
15.53531113211 Ian Dedrick. (Ontario, Canada)
(Sce. James Hoover).
14.5353111322 Aaron Richard Grassett Rohrer and Lacy Matthews’ child:
15.53531113221 Stephen Aaron Joseph Rohrer (Ontario, Canada)
(Sce. James Hoover).

14.5353111331 Jason Todd Robert Yvon Latulippe’s child:
15.53531113311 Kayle Kimberlee May Latulippe (Ontario, Canada)
(Sce. James Hoover).

14.5353111411 Robin Lynn Maylin and Stuart George Hill’s children:
15.53531114111 Calvin Robert Hill (Ontario, Canada)
15.53531114112 Fraser Cameron Hill.
(Sce. James Hoover).

14.5353111511 Deborah Denise Hoover and Dwayne Laverne Davis’ children:
15.53531115111 Monica Lynn Davis (Ontario, Canada)
15.53531115112 Jeremy Laverne Davis.
15.53531115113 Tanya Dawn Davis.
(Sce. James Hoover).

14.5353111512 Marilyn Christine Hoover and Donald Ross Chapman’s children:
15.53531115121 Connie Christine Chapman (Ontario, Canada).She married Ryan King,
son of James King and Christina Yuriste.
15.53531115122 Chadwick Elon Chapman. He married Karen Joanne MacDougall.
(Sce. James Hoover).

14.5353111513 Robert Romaine Hoover and Cheryl Rose Walker’s children:
15.53531115131 Bobbie-Jo Hoover (Ontario, Canada)
15.53531115132 Tia Marie Hoover
(Sce. James Hoover).

14.5353111514 Heather Norine Hoover and Roger Carrsqueirra’s children:
15.53531115141 Matthew Tyler Carrsqueirra
(Sce. James Hoover).

14.5353111514 Heather Norine Hoover and Andrew Stroud’s children:
15.53531115142 Logan Stroud. (Ontario, Canada)
15.53531115143 Connor Stroud.
(Sce. James Hoover).

14.5353111521 Peggy Suzanne Winkworth and James Wallace Waldick’s children:
15.53531115211 Sonny Wallace Waldick (Ontario, Canada)
15.53531115212 Jeffery James Waldick
 (Sce. James Hoover).

14.5353111523 Rosemarie Dawn Winkworth and Trevor Kirton’s children:
15.53531115231 Ryan Robert Kirton (Ontario, Canada)
15.53531115232 Jessica Marie Kirton
 (Sce. James Hoover).

14.5353111532 Pamela Annette Codling and Hubert Aurel Guindon’s children:
15.53531115321 Jeremy Joseph Guindon (Ontario, Canada)
15.53531115322 Daniel Aurel Guindon
(Sce. James Hoover)

14.5353111533 Jennifer Rebecka Codling and Paul Douglas Neumann’s child:
15.53531115331 Kyle Christopher Neumann (Ontario, Canada)
(Sce. James Hoover).

14.5353111541 Evan Wayne Charlton Engell and Bettianne Marie Hedges’ children:
15.53531115411 Taylor Joseph Isaac Engell (Ontario, Canada)
15.53531115412 Cody Thomas Engell
(Sce. James Hoover).

14.5353111551 Tina Louise Hoover and David Neil Adcock’s children:
15.53531115511 Natashia Lynette Adcock (Ontario, Canada)
15.53531115512 Samantha Adcock
 (Sce. James Hoover).

14.5353111552 Joanne Lynn Hoover and Larry Brock Fick’s children:
15.53531115521 Olivia Louise Fick (Ontario, Canada)
15.53531115522 Brock William Fick
(Sce. James Hoover).

14.5353112171 Dianna Ruth Ann Moore and Terry Lee Helmer’s children:
15.53531121711 Michael Helmer. He married Christina Huck (Ontario, Canada).
15.53531121712 Robert Helmer.
(Sce. James Hoover).

                        Tenth Generation in Canada
15.53531115111 Monica Lynn Davis’ children:
16.535311151111 Amanda Davis
16.535311151112 Josh Davis
16.535311151113 Jonathon Davis
(Sce. James Hoover).

15.53531115112 Jeremy Laverne Davis and Crystal Boudreau’s children:
16.535311151121 Allison May Davis (Ontario, Canada).
(Sce. James Hoover).

15.53531115121 Connie Christine Chapman and Ryan King’s children:
16.535311151211 Samantha Christine King (Ontario, Canada)
16.535311151212 Sylvia Dawn King
(Sce. James Hoover).

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