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Update on Rehabilitation and

                    Kuntoro Mangkusubroto
            6 December 2005, Kartika Chandra Hotel, Jakarta
                                                        Pledges vs Actual Projects
                                                                                                    In USD million

                            Pledged Funds                                Effective Commitment (MoU)

                NGOs                      982                                         982

         Red Cross/
                                   600                                   320
       Red Crescent

     Bilateral Donor                            1,414                           679

  Multilateral Donor                        1,203                             541
(incl. EU, ADB, IDB, IOM)

                MDTF          450                                       307

     United Nations          391                                          391

                    GoI                                                                               ’05-’06
                                                           2,100                            1,357
       (debt moratorium)                                                                              budget

   Total                    $7,1 b                                       $4,5 b

                                   Source: BRR Project Concept Note database, BRR Commitments/MOUs/Pledges database

•The reconstruction of 78,000 houses has been
   planned for 2006
•16,500 of these houses have been completed.
•The rebuilding of 15,500 houses is already in progress.
• In coordination with the IFRC, the emergency plan for temporary shelter
  is underway to move all those in tents into shelters by March 2006
• BRR, with the support of the President of Indonesia, will accelerate
  Aceh-Nias housing reconstruction by directly implementing projects in
• BRR will implement the reconstruction of 40,000 houses in 2006
• NGOs will reconstruct 38,000 houses in 2006

• Two new hospitals completed, six in progress
• Health Centers: 40 completed, 72 in progress.
• Health Clinics: 103 in progress
• Department of Health offices: two offices completed, one in progress
• Satellite Health Clinics: 42 completed, 13 in progress.
• Childbirth Facilities: 461 childbirth facilities completed
• Sustainable monitoring of nutritional problems
• Training of child specialist health workers
• Provision of food supplements
• Promoting health program to tsunami affected communities
• Chicken pox and cholera immunizations, and malaria prevention

• 35 arterial bridges have been rebuilt
• 235 km of arterial roads have been rebuilt
• Ulee-Lhee Port construction began on July 28
• The Banda Aceh – Meulaboh road project (247 km) began August 25,
  2005 to be completed in 2007.
• Malahayati Port has entered the tendering process for contractors
• Meulaboh Pier, a key entry point for essential supplies, will be completed
  in February 2006.
• In coordination with BRR, the Indonesian Government is overseeing the
  reconstruction of Sabang Port to become the main distribution avenue
    for logistics, trade and transportation
• In Aceh Barat a new seaport is under reconstruction
• In Aceh Singkil and Aceh Barat airfields are undergoing reconstruction
• Key airfield repaired in Banda Aceh

BRR is developing school building standards for student safety,
including earthquake resistance.

• 55 kindergartens have been planned, with 12 completed.
• 221 primary schools have been planned with 74 already
• 56 secondary schools have been planned, and 21 have been
• 34 higher education buildings have been planned, with 34
• In total, 366 schools have been planned, with 119 already
• 943,008 textbooks distributed

By coordinating with NGOs, agencies and donors, BRR strives to
make the whole greater than the sum of the parts by strengthening
coordination mechanisms that are more efficient and inclusive for
this process.

  • 30,926 hectares of rice fields/farms up and running
  • 4,951 microfinance loans granted
  • 7,000 workers to receive livelihood skills training in 2005
  • Target of 24,000 workers to take part in Cash for Work
    programs in farm field rehabilitation in 12 regencies
  • Cash for Work for 600 hectares of fish pond rehabilitation
    planned by the end of 2005
                             and Agriculture

Rehabilitating the Agricultural Sector

 –12,961 hectares of agricultural land has been rehabilitated.
 –227 metric tons of seeds have been distributed
 –1,645 metric tons of fertilizer have been distributed
 –893 units of agricultural machinery distributed

Rebuilding the Aceh and Nias Fishing Industry

 –1,210 boats built, with a further 7,234 planned
 –129 fish markets have been constructed, with a further 156
 –19,299 shrimp farms have been created.
                               and Social Affairs

                Religious facilities
–121 prayer halls have been planned, with 33 completed
–141 mosques have been planned, with 43 completed
–319 religious schools have been planned, with 65 completed

                  Support to Women and Children
–In total, 581 religious facilities have been planned, with 141 completed
–Legal assistance for women and children
–provision of free Birth Certificates
–development of Women Centers
–Hotline counseling for children
–Training for volunteers in trauma counseling
–Training in parenting skills
–Women’s counseling
–Development of the Women’s Financial Institution Co-operation
–women’s economic generation assistance
–Free information and services for Family Planning

–Prevention: identify potential areas of weakness that may give rise to
 corrupt practices and recommending improvements to strengthen the
 integrity of the systems concerned.

–Education: getting the messages clear and targeted on the imperative
 of high ethical standards. This means getting messages to staff and
 officials on how to apply the highest standards and to the wider
 community on how to work with BRR while maintaining high standards.

–Investigation: review specific activities to ensure they comply with
 procedures and to the maximum extent possible prevent the loss of
 resources through potentially corrupt practices.
                  BRR Reconstruction Activity Focuses
                                  Will Shift Over Time

                                                Institutional, Social and
       Housing                                     Human Resource


                                                           Economic and Business

2005             2006                 2007       2008               2009
                                                                 End of BRR
                                                        Main Enablers

1. Strong Support from the President:
  • Presidential Regulation (Perpres) 70/2005 as revision to Perpres 80/2003
  • Perpres 69/2005 enables BRR to arrange visas, working permits, customs
    clearances, and tax exemptions for foreign grants
  • Presidential Instruction (Inpres) 15/2005 regarding the implementation of
    MoU between Government of Indonesia and Aceh Freedom Movement
   (GAM) gives higher level of assurance to security aspects of the
   reconstruction effort in Aceh

2. Aceh-Nias Trust Fund
    accelerate project implementation and maintaining the same level of
     transparency and accountability

3. BRR  Reshaping its focus
                             BRR: A Dynamic Organization

In the beginning…                  New organization structure

Focused on:                        Focuses on:
 – Setting up the agency            –Delivery
 – Developing sector plans          –Actively coordinate in the
 – Conducting fast track project     regions
   approval                         –Monitor and de-bottleneck
 – Developing Government budget     –Ensure that gaps are filled

                                        Operations        Policy and     Back-up and
                          Nias                             Strategic       Support
                        Calang                                            Services
                                    • Regional
                      Meulaboh          offices          • Regional      • Secretary
                                    •   Housing            Devt.         • Finance &
                           Etc.     •   Infrastructure   • Labor &           Accounting
                                    •   Capability         Human         • Mgmt.
                                        building           Resources         Service
                                    •   Business &       • Social,           Center
                                        economic           Religion, &   •   Monitoring &
                                        devt.              Culture           Evaluation
                                    Other Important Enablers

1. Continued support from:
   - Line Ministries
   - Local Government
   - Civil Societies
   - Donors
   - NGOs

2. Better and stronger coordination among stakeholders

3. Amendment or New Regulations, e.g.:
   - Perpu on Land
   - Government Regulation on tax and custom exemption of grants &
                               Enhanced Model For
                Stakeholder Coordination is Required
                         Phase II Objectives…
                         • Collectively identify major
                          obstacles, policy concerns – and
                          how to resolve

                         • Build better knowledge base of
                          needs and programs

                         • Foster collective action to guard
                          against bad practices or programs

                         • Agree to and uphold a common
                          set of core recovery principles

Not just talking together, but working together, for the people…
Thank You

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