Tsunamis and Earthquakes

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					Tsunamis and Earthquakes
       What mysteries lie within them?

  By Angela, Chiara, and Matias
    What are Earthquakes?
• Big movements on earth
• Big shakes that can break things
      What are Tsunamis?
• They are a powerful wave or a giant
  wave the tsunami is so strong it can
  destroy New York.

      How Earthquakes Cause
• An earthquake
  suddenly moves the
  sea floor.
• This jolt moves water.
• This water, caused by a
  sudden movement is a
  giant wave, and is
  larger the stronger the
  quake is.  
          Tsunami facts
• There have been 20 tsunami on earth.
• In Japanese the word tsunami means
  harbor wave.
• The tsunami is caused by a earthquake
  or volcano.
• Tsunamis can race across the water at
  the speed a jet goes across the sky.
         Earthquake facts
• We don’t feel earthquakes below 2.0
• Earthquakes below 4.0 usually don’t
  cause damage
• A 6.0 earthquake can be strong
• 7.0 is a dangerous earthquake
• 10.0 is the strongest
         Tsunami Damage
• Tsunamis can cause a lot of damage. They
  get very tall at the shore and land on
• People can drown. Houses are smashed to
  bits as if they were toys.
• Trees are ripped out of the ground easily.

• Tsunamis can cause a lot or damage.
  Everything is taken out to sea.
        What Tsunamis Are
• Tsunamis a
  powerful wave or a
  giant wave they can
  destroy things
  depending on how
  tall it is.
• Very tall ones can
  destroy towns.
        Earthquake Damage
•   Cause tsunamis
•   Damage buildings
•   Damage houses
•   Kill people
•   Can make holes on
    earths surface


•   Jar
•   Pencil
•   Roll of paper
•   Tape
•   Table
                 Our Lab

•   Moms would shake the table
•   We pulled the paper
•   Depending on the table movement
•   The lines would be different depending
    on the hardness

 Clip Art
•   How are tsunamis caused?
•   Will a 6.0 earthquake be felt?
•   Do earthquakes occur underwater?
•   What does the word tsunami mean in Japanese?
•   Do tsunamis go slowly across the ocean?

             Answer # 1

• They are caused by earthquakes and by
  volcanoes and other movements.
             Answer #2
• Yes they can be felt
                     Answer # 3
• Yes, earthquakes occur under water.

                  Answer # 4
• Harbor wave

              Answer #5
• No, they go very fast

More Questions?

      Clip Art
Well, what are you waiting for? Why
 are you reading this? Clap and
 cheer as loudly as you possibly
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