Top Taiwan Global Brands 2007 Winners announced

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					         Top Taiwan Global Brands 2007 Winners announced
         ASUS crowned the Most Valuable Taiwanese Global Brand,
                followed by TRENDMICRO, ACER and HTC,
                         all valued over $1 billion
         ?/span>TOP 20 Taiwan brand aggregated value up by 33%

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. TAIPEI, TAIWAN, July 31, 2007 ?Organized by the Bureau of
Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and executed by the Taiwan External Trade
Development Council (TAITRA), BusinessNext and Interbrand, the survey of the Top Taiwan
Global Brands 2007 is presented on July 26. ASUS replaces last year     champion and ranks
first, while HTC ranks 4th.

Taiwan    top global brands grew strongly in 2007, with the Top 20 brands being 33% more
valuable than last year and a total brand value reaching NT$280.546 billion (US$8.444
billion). This follows a strong year of general growth in Taiwanese companies, reflecting
improved brand momentum.

The release of the Top Taiwan Global Brands reveals that Taiwan is not only a global leader
of ODMs, EMS and in the supply chain, but also has a good opportunity in regional and global
branded market. This development conforms to the      randing Taiwan?initiatives launched by
the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economics in collaboration with the private

The 2007 top ten winners are ASUS, TRENDMICRO, ACER, HTC, MASTER KONG, D-LINK,


For the past four years, only the Top 10 Taiwan Global Brands are awarded. However, in light
of the brilliant performance of the Taiwan global brands coming from a good variety of
industries and stronger brand management, the top 20 brands will be given awards in the
Fifth Annual Valuation of Taiwanese Global Brand Values.

Master Kong is the winner of this year    ising Star?special award among the top 20 with an
increasing CAGR of 26% since 2004. The        merging Brand?special award goes to Global
Union, a premium brand of bathroom and kitchen equipment. Global Union has successfully
established fast-growing and high-margin brands of GOBO in China, Danze and Gerber with
its particular strength in the USA. The Emerging Brands special award is subject to the
potential nominated brands outside of the top 20.

All the top 4 Taiwan Global Brands 2007 reached a climax with value exceeding US$1 billion.

The value of the top 4 Taiwan Global Brands 2007 increased with ASUS valued at NT$39.748
billion (US$1.196 billion), TRENDMICRO at NT$37.944 billion (US$1.142 billion), ACER at
NT$35.524 billion (US$1.069 billion) and HTC at NT$34.385 billion (US$1.035 billion.)
According to TAITRA President Chao Yung-chuan, the list reflects Taiwan brands as
blossoming to their full potential and the competition between the top few ranks is stiff, with
ASUS replacing TRENDMICRO this year, which ranked first in the past four years. The total
brand value of the top four companies has exceeded NT$140 billion, showing that Taiwan has
cultivated many globally competitive enterprises. MASTER KONG, MERIDA and GENIUS
enjoy a growth rate of over 70% in brand value, reflecting the momentum of Taiwanese

The abundant and vibrant industry clusters supported by the government and the private
enterprises have been very helpful in the development of the Taiwan Global Brands.
Enterprises in similar fields like A-DATA and TRANSCEND, U-LEAD and ZYXEL have also
made their brands stronger in the international arena while competing with its competitors in
Taiwan and abroad. The achievements of the top Taiwan Global Brands bring Taiwan closer
to its goal of brand diversity.

The fifth annual league table of Taiwanese global brands is conducted according to
Interbrand    methodology. It has been used to value the World      100 most valuable brands
(published by BusinessWeek). The brand valuation methodology combines financial analysis,
the Role of Branding Index and the Brand Strength Score, providing a concrete indicator for
Taiwan brands in the global market.
                                Top Taiwan Global Brands 2007

                                                          Brand          Brand
  Rank                                                                               Growth?(2006-
                   Brand            Company            Value(Million Value(Million
2007(2006)                                                                               2007)
                                                          USD)           NTD)

  1?(2)            ASUS      ASUSTek Computer             1,196         39,748           13%
  2?(1)      TRANDMICRO      Trend Micro                  1,142         37,944           3%
  3?(3)            ACER      Acer Incorporated            1,069         35,524           25%
  4?(- )            HTC      High Tech Computer           1,035         34,385             -
  5?(4)      MASTERKONG      Tingyi ( Cayman Islands       726          24,112           79%
                             ) Holding Corp.
  6 (10)           D-LINK    D-Link Corporation            347          11,531           40%
  7?(7)            ZYXEL     ZyXEL Communications          321          10,677           25%
  8?(6)           MAXXIS     CHENG SHIN RUBBER             309          10,271           17%
                             IND. CO., LTD.
  9?(9)           JOHNSON    Johnson Health Tech.          302          10,035           21%
                             Co., Ltd.
 10?(5)            BENQ      BenQ Corporation              293           9,749           -27%
                             Synnex Technology
 11 (11)          SYNNEX     International                 269           8,925           16%
 12?(8)            GIANT     Giant Inc.                    248           8,238           -1%
 13 (12)      ADVANTECH    Advantech Co. Ltd.              234           7,785           13%
 14 (14)         A-DATA    A-DATA Technology               199           6,612           46%
                           Co., Ltd.
 15 (13)     UNI-PRESIDENT UNI-PRESIDENT                   187           6,213           -9%
                           ENTERPRISES Corp.
 16 (15)      TRANSCEND    Transcend Information,          184           6,108           43%
 17 (16)       GIGABYTE    TECHNOLOGY Co.,                 111           3,681           5%
 18 (18)         MERIDA    MERIDA INDUSTRY                  99           3,297           71%
                           Co., Ltd.
 19 (19)         GENIUS    KYE SYSTEMS Corp.                98           3,269           85%
 20 (17)          DEPO     DEPO AUTO PARTS                  74           2,442           5%
                           IND. Co., Ltd.

     Rising Star and Emerging Brand 2007
    Rising Star                      MASTERKONG
    Emerging Brand                   DANZE
                                     (GLOBE UNION INDUSTRIAL CORP.)
Top Taiwan Global Brands 2007

Founded as Multitech in 1976, Acer designed Taiwan first mass-produced computer for
export in 1980. Acer now ranks as the world No. 4 branded PC vendor and was voted
Reader Digest gold-medal computer Trusted Brand for the ninth consecutive year in 2007.
Acer is growing faster than its key competitors and in the first quarter of 2007 achieved its
desire to be the #3 global PC brand. The brand is viewed increasingly as a global brand.

A-DATA is one of the world largest memory product and flash peripherals providers. 2007
has been a strong year of growth for A-DATA in a competitive market, with the brand moving
up to #4 in global flash memory and retaining its #2 ranking in DRAM. A-DATA successfully
distinguishes itself from price-oriented competitors through product and brand development.

Advantech, established in 1983, is a manufacturer of industrial computers and computer
peripheral equipment. Their expertise lies in the extensive customization of ePlatform
services and the brand remains, in 2007, the global leader in embedded motherboards.
Advantech plans to shift from being a product company to a solution provider, which it hopes
will increase brand exposure in the future. (

Launched in 1990, ASUS is a leading provider of computers, communications, and consumer
electronics (3C) solutions. As one of the leading notebook brand in innovation and quality,
ASUS was named top in quality and service by the Wall Street Journal Asia. The brand has
established two successful milestones with its notebooks in recent years:?the launch of the
leather notebook series and the ASUS-Lamborghini notebook series. The ASUS notebook
business is estimated to grow 64% in 2007 and the brand is poised to expand further into the
U.S., Japanese, and Korean markets. (

BenQ is a well-known regional consumer electronics brand that principally manufactures,
develops, and sells computer peripherals and telecommunication products. In 2005, BenQ
acquired Siemens AG mobile devices to become the world sixth largest handset maker.
But the acquisition failed after one year. Nevertheless, with its attractive brand image, BenQ
has much potential to emerge as a strong industry player. The economic trend of emerging
markets, such as China, also bodes well for BenQ, as the need for 3C products is likely to
rise. (

With a history of over 30 thirty years, Depo is a manufacturer and seller of various car
accessories.?It changed its name in the last few years from a Mandarin one to reflect a more
international brand.?While U.S. sales and penetration have increased significantly, Depo is
moving into the original equipment sales market, where it has won contracts with GM as well
as with Daimler Chrysler. (

D-Link is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of advanced networking,
broadband, digital, voice, and data communications solutions. The brand has had a brisk year
of growth, sustaining its #1 position in networking routers. Future progress looks encouraging
for D-Link as it emerges as a strong globally-recognized brand in its market, with promising
growth potential in WiMAX, UWB, and Digital homes. (

Established in 1983, Genius is a leading PC peripherals company, manufacturing,
processing, and trading electronic and optical products. Genius is the second largest mouse
provider in the world and the brand has a particularly strong presence in Russia, Latin
America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, where its market share is more than 30%.
Genius has had a good year with strong revenue growth following the success of its wireless
mouse products. (

Developed for the Taiwanese market in 1981 and internationally in 1986, Giant has become
one of the world best known and biggest bicycle brands, producing bicycles, indoor fitness
equipment, exercise machines, and related spare parts. In 2006 Team T-Mobile win in the
Tour de France on Giant bikes helped the brand gain awareness and strengthened its
superior image. Giant uses its differentiated products and excellent quality to build its brand.

GIGABYTE ?/span>is a manufacturer of computer hardware products, best known for its
motherboards, and graphics accelerators. In recent years, GIGABYTE has invested
considerable resources to develop consumer electronics including Notebook PCs, mobile
phones and digital home appliances, leveraging its known brand strength in the IT industry.

Founded in 1997, High Tech Computer Corp. (HTC) designs, manufactures and markets
innovative, feature rich Smartphone and PDA Phone devices.

Since its establishment, HTC has developed strong R&D capabilities, pioneered many new
designs and product innovations, and launched state-of-the-art PDA Phones and
Smartphones for mobile operators and distributors in Europe, the US, and Asia. These
machines are available as HTC devices and as products individually customized for operator
and device partners. (

Johnson specializes in the designing and production of fitness and rehabilitative medical
equipment. The Johnson brand has grown strongly, at an estimated 40% a year, and has
been winning a number of leading health awards, particularly for its treadmills. Although its
operations commenced in 1976, Johnson products have been marketed actively only since
1995. (

Master Kong
Master Kong is the renowned instant noodle brand of Tingyi Holding Corp and has become a
household name in China since its launch in 1992. Master Kong enjoys high brand
recognition, supported by a strong manufacturing base and logistics network. In addition, an
AC Nielson study in 2006 showed that the brand has been China instant noodle market
leader for the past ten years. The past year saw Master Kong experience sales and margin
improvements, and strong performance of both its high-end noodle bowls and green tea in an
expanding market. (

Maxxis of Cheng Shin Rubber Co. manufactures high quality tires used in motorcycles,
bicycles, and lawn and garden machines, among other devices. Ranked #12 in the global tire
market and the Taiwan market leader, Maxxis has had a strong year, with growing market
share and a sustained price premium. The brand maintains its exposure through international
sponsorship deals; its adoption by General Motors as a major supplier also strengthens its
brand reputation. Further, Maxxis has plans to set up hundreds of entres of
Excellence?service centres in the UK to boost its brand image. (

2007 is looking to be a strong year of growth and brand image improvements for Merida, as
shown by its rising profit margins and strong financial outlook. The bike manufacturing
company has moved forward in the past three years and is recognized as one of the top
global bicycle brands. (
Synnex Corporation is a global IT supply chain services company, with strengths in IT
distribution, contract assembly, and logistics services. Synnex is Taiwan largest hi-tech
product distribution and service provider, and the corporation has made consistent brand
investment in the past few years. A rising sales contribution from China and the newly added
handset distribution business in 2007 has also helped drive Synnex sales and profit growth.

Since its founding in 1988, Transcend has focused on building its own brand, and recently
revitalized its corporate identity in 2007.?Specializing in computer memory modules, and
various multimedia products and accessories, Transcend broke record with its sale of 5
million memory cards and USB flash drives in March 2007. Such success is the result of its
successful marketing campaigns and stronger brand perceptions. Transcend has always
sought to create trends by developing daring new peripherals to suit the modern lifestyle in
order to capture market share. (

Trend Micro
Trend Micro Incorporated is a global leader in network antivirus and internet content security
software and services. The brand has been the global leader in the internet gateway
protection for the last seven years. Trend Micro has seen a solid year of growth in the
increasingly competitive global market of 2007. (

Founded in 1967, Uni-President is Taiwan largest food company and one of its largest
conglomerates, exporting everything from food products to animal feeds through its
companies and affiliates. Within Asia, the brand is a strong leader in beverages and gains a
distinct advantage through diversification and channel ownership. Its upcoming sponsorship
of the 2008 Olympics is likely to strengthen the Uni-President brand and challenge Master
Kong market share. (

ZyXEL, launched in 1989, is primarily a provider of complete broadband access and
networking solutions for service providers, businesses, and home users. The brand focuses
on simple modern design to differentiate itself from competitors and this has contributed to its
positive brand image and the high regard it receives from the broadband SME market. In
2007, ZyXEL sustained its #1 position in wireless gateways and has grown its wireless router
share through strong design focus and improved marketing. (

Rising Star Brand

Master Kong
Master Kong is winning the noodle war in China, gaining substantial market share from its
major competitor and other smaller brands in the market.?The brand has developed a
substantial price premium over its competitors through its focus on launching innovative,
higher-end products, such as noodle bowls and cups.

Tingyi consistency in its communications of the Master Brand through its chef icon has
ensured unrivalled recognition of Master Kong amongst China instant noodle and ready-to-
drink tea brands, contributing to substantial brand strength improvements, from 47 in 2005 to
53 this year. Master Kong has increased its brand value by 101% in the past three years (a
CAGR of 26% since 2004). (

Emerging Brand

Although Danze was established by Global Union as recently as 2000, it has developed a
strong position as a premium, high-margin brand of bathroom and kitchen equipment. Danze
is the company fastest-growing and highest-margin brand, with particular strength in the
U.S. (

Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)
The Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) was founded in 1970 to promote
Taiwan foreign trade and competitiveness in world markets. Over the past 36 years,
TAITRA has played a key role in the development of the Taiwan economy. TAITRA is jointly
sponsored by the government and commercial associations and is viewed by all as the
business gateway to Taiwan for the international business community.


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