Item Number-TL1097 Dumb Waiter _Stannah Lift_ Three Story Stannah

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					Item Number-TL1097

Dumb Waiter (Stannah Lift)

Three Story Stannah Microlift Service Lift (Dumb Waiter)

You are viewing a stainless steel Stannah Dumb Waiter Lift. As documented in the
photos it comes with five hatches which were split between a single hatch in the
basement a double on a ground floor and a double on a first floor. This system came out
of a bistro pub which unfortunately didn’t work out.
It has had a quiet life. This has been taken out very sensitively and is complete. We
would be happy to help with the handover and make shore instillation is as painless as
possible (We would charge a fee for this) it is actually not too hard to handle if you know
how it goes together. The height levels are completely changeable to suet the building
you have it’s just a question of adjusting the cables. This item cost about 25K
installed and as we understand it they got a great deal. We are looking for
about 5K.

50C, 50Kg. Double Decker Microlift

This is a collection only item and we would ask customers to collect within 10 days of
completion of auction. Sold as seen and cash on collection please

We will deliver for 50p per-mile.

When identifying an item of interest just send us a return email quoting the
item number with your questions or order and we will contact you directly to
plan collection/delivery.

We are always interested in purchasing goods. If you have a requirement for
our services or you have relevant items for sale we are always keen and willing
to pay cash.

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