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									               Scenic rim

Printed 2008

             Scenic rim


  Regional Map                  2   Romance and Indulgence          10
  Visitor Information Centres   3   Family Fun                      22
  Welcome to the Scenic Rim     3   Nature and the Great Outdoors   28
  Events                        4   Wineries and Regional Cuisine   38
  History and Heritage          6   Adventure                       50


           Escape to a utopia of lush rainforests and spectacular          A burgeoning food and wine region, the Beaudesert region
   landforms, home to ancient and rare creatures, and within easy          embraces Tamborine Mountain (actually a plateau), Mt Barney,
       reach of Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Northern New South            Lamington National Park, Canungra, the Lost World Valley,
               Wales. The     Scenic Rim is Gondwana country –             Beaudesert and Kooralbyn. As well as glorious natural blessings,
      World Heritage-listed national parks that are living, breathing      the local communities have a buzzing arts and cultural
       remnants of the great rainforests that once covered the             tradition and a strong ecological conscience.
                                            super-continent Gondwana.
                                                                           The Boonah region has a rich farming history and is a gateway
    The region gains its name from a semi-circle of mountains              to many of the region’s geological drawcards: Main Range
    stretching from the Main Range and Mt Barney National Parks            National Park, the seven rugged peaks of Mt Barney National
          in the west to Lamington National Park in the Gold Coast         Park and Moogerah Peaks National Park. The countryside around
 Hinterland. As well as this backdrop of ranges and distinctive            Boonah has become a natural magnet for talented artisans
    peaks, the region encompasses the vibrant regional centres of          and the region’s townships, such as Kalbar, Harrisville and
                                     Beaudesert, Boonah and Ipswich.       Rathdowney, are impeccably preserved.

  The Scenic Rim is the perfect symmetry of natural splendour,             Ipswich, Queensland’s oldest provincial city, is an enticing blend
    heritage charm and urban pleasures. Relax in luxury mountain-          of heritage charm, metropolitan sophistication and expansive
 top accommodation or elegant country retreats in the foothills            green spaces. Its rich legacy is evident both in the city centre
  of majestic peaks. Enjoy wine in the vineyard it came from, stop         – in its historic churches, lovingly restored Queenslander homes
  at roadside stalls loaded with fresh produce from fertile volcanic       and grand civic buildings such as the former town hall and post
               soils or learn to cook with the region’s natural spoils.    office – and in its western townships – in the grand old pubs of
                                                                           Marburg, Grandchester, Rosewood and Walloon.
    Explore the wilderness alongside innovative museums,
                   art galleries and cultural hubs. Indulge in genuine,    Whether you’re in the market for romance, adventure or
       country-style hospitality or the urban delights of sumptuous        family fun, make the Scenic Rim your weekend playground...
                    cuisine prepared by award-winning chefs and            that’s if you can resist the temptation to
                                                       passionate cooks.   stay for longer.

                         Catch your breath, collect your thoughts and invigorate your soul.

 IpswIch VIsItor InformatIon centre                                        tamBorIne mountaIn VIsItor
 Queens Park, 14 Queen Victoria Parade, Ipswich                            InformatIon centre
 Open daily. Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm, Sat, Sun and Public Holidays 9am – 4pm   Doughty Park, Main Western Road, North Tamborine
 P 3281 0555 E info@discoveripswich.com.au                                 Open Sun – Fri 10am – 3.30pm, Sat 9am – 3.30pm
                                                                           P 5545 3200 E info@tamborinemtncc.org.au
 Boonah VIsItor InformatIon centre
 Bicentennial Park, Boonah-Fassifern Road, Boonah                          Beaudesert communIty arts and
 Open daily 9.30am – 4pm P 5463 2233 E vic@scenicrim.qld.gov.au            InformatIon centre
                                                                           Westerman Park, Mt Lindesay Highway, Beaudesert
 rathdowney VIsItor InformatIon centre                                     Open daily 9am – 4pm
 Mt Lindesay Highway, Rathdowney                                           P 5541 4495 E bdstarts@bigpond.net.au
 Open Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, 9am – 2pm, Thurs 12pm – 5pm, Fri 9am – 2pm
 Weekends, Public Holidays and School Holidays 9am – 4pm                   Beaudesert hIstorIcal museum and
 P 5544 1222 E info@rathdowney.org.au                                      InformatIon centre
                                                                           54 Brisbane Street, Beaudesert
 canungra VIsItor InformatIon centre                                       Open daily 9am – 4pm
 12/14 Kidston Street, Canungra                                            P 5541 3740
 Open daily 9.30am – 4pm
 P 1300 881 164 E visitor@queenslandshiddenoasis.com

 All centres are closed Christmas Day and Good Friday | For more information visit www.thescenicrim.com.au

                                                            january                                                    may
Sophisticated urban culture, country-                   dugandan dIVe
                                                                                      IpswIch festIVal Beaudesert
style hospitality and charming quirks                   Boonah.                       Ipswich.              rotary eco                                country
mingle effortlessly in the spirited                     Annual skydiving charity      Featuring the Ipswich expo                                      and horse
communities of the Scenic Rim.                          event to raise money for      International Tattoo.            Beaudesert.                    festIVal
                                                        cancer research. Hosted       www.ipswichfestival.com.au       www.ecoexpo.com.au
Spend time with chatty locals,                          by the Dugandan Hotel.
                                                                                                                                                      Ten days of
eccentric characters and sociable hosts,                                                                                                              equestrian and
and the human experience will linger                                                                                                                  community events.
                                                                                                                       Boonah show                    Purchase a Mt Barney
in your memory long after you arrive
                                                                                                                       Boonah.                        Discovery Passport
back home.                                                                                                             www.boonahshowsociety.org.au   during the festival to
                                                                                                                                                      enjoy the hospitality
All three regions boast a buzzing                                                                                                                     of six leading local
calendar of festivals and events.                                                                                                                     operators.
Ipswich’s calendar reflects its rich
heritage and strong theatrical, musical
                                                        february                                                                                      www.chfest.com

and choral roots; the Boonah region’s
strong artistic presence is reflected in
                                                        ValentInes day                may IpswIch herItage festIVal                                   opera on the
                                                        February 14th.                Ipswich.                                                        mountaIn
its all-embracing arts festival; and the                                                                                                              Cedar Creek Estate
                                                        Why not romance your          Queensland’s oldest provincial city showcases
collective artistic and environmental                   loved one?                    its heritage with a full diary of events during                 Vineyards and Winery.
conscience of Beaudesert’s mountain                     See page 10.                  this week-long Heritage Festival.                               A picnic lunch and
communities is regularly on show.                                                     As well as self-guided heritage trails around                   popular light opera.
                                                                                      greater Ipswich and a Heritage Faire at the                     www.cedarcreekestate.com.au

                                                                                      Woodlands mansion at Marburg, a number of
musIcal notes                                                                         private historical residences will allow visitors a             KalBar show
The Scenic Rim’s mild winters make June an ideal                                      privileged peek into their magnificent homes.                   Kalbar.
time for Opera on the Mountain, where families                                                                                                        www.kalbarshow.com.au

can enjoy a picnic lunch and popular, light opera
at Cedar Creek Estate Vineyards and Winery.
Throughout the year, Albert River Winery and
O’Reilly’s Canungra Valley Vineyards offer live jazz
on Sundays, while Jazz Meets Opera (Peppers
Hidden Vale) in October. In the Boonah region, the
musical community is drawn to Zengarra Country                                        rathdowney                       mothers day                    carnIVal of
                                                                                      herItage                                                        horsepower

House and Pavilions, where accomplished pianist                                                                        For some great ideas
Christine Leah holds music appreciation talks and                                     festIVal                         to celebrate with              Ipswich.
high teas. The B&B also organises music picnics in                                    Rathdowney.                      the family.                    Incorporating the
their grounds several times a year. For a picnic with                                 www.rathdowney.org.au
                                                                                                                       Check out page 22.
jazz bands visit the ladies at the Nardoo Lavender                                                                                                    and Ipswich Cup.
Shop on Sundays during spring.                                                                                                                        www.ispevents.org.au

                                                                                                                       australIan geographIc
a theatrIcal feast
The city’s Festival of Theatre program at the                                                                          weeK
Ipswich Civic Hall attracts quality dramatic,                                                                          O’Reilly’s Rainforest
comedic and musical productions from around                                                                            Retreat, Lamington
the world. Local theatre is just as healthy, with                                                                      National Park.
the Ipswich Little Theatre performing year-                                                                            www.oreillys.com.au
round at the Walter Burley-Griffin designed
Incinerator Theatre.
www.ipswichcivichall.com.au                                                           art In the                       herItage day                   Queensland
                                                                                      olIVes                           Harrisville.                   day
                                                                                      Lost World Valley,               www.scenicrimtourism.org.au    Templin Historical Village.
                                                                                      Lamington National Park.                                        A day to celebrate with
                                                                                      Art making festival and                                         historical exhibits and
                                                                                      workshops.                                                      working demonstrations.
                                                                                      www.queenslandshiddenoasis.com                                  www.scenicrimtourism.org.au

 july                                                          september

                             august                                                                                                                         december
                             canungra                          wIldlIfe                      Jazz meets                       o’reIlly’s                    pestIVal
                             show                              festIVal                      opera                            annual BIrd                   The Bearded Dragon,
                             Canungra.                         The Centre, Beaudesert.       Peppers Hidden Vale,             weeK                          Tamborine.
                                                               Plus enjoy a series of        Grandchester.                    O’Reilly’s Rainforest         A weekend of toad
                                                               free wildlife workshops       www.hiddenvalelodge.com.au       Retreat, Lamington            hunting, racing
                                                               held throughout the year.                                      National Park.                and frivolity.
                                                               www.liveatthecentre.com.au                                     www.oreillys.com.au           www.beardeddragon.com.au

                             cycle epIc 2008                                                 thrIll seeKers?                                                o’reIlly’s frog
                             Peppers Hidden Vale,                                            Canungra Hang Gliding                                          weeK
                             Granchester.                                                    Classic + Canungra                                             O’Reilly’s Rainforest
                             P: 07 3311 2450                                                 Paragliding Cup,                                               Retreat, Lamington
                                                                                             Canungra.                                                      National Park.
                                                                                             www.chgc.asn.au                                                www.oreillys.com.au

wIngate parK 2               KalBar art                        sprIngtIme on                 defence aIr                      KalBar country
parK                         show                              the mountaIn                  show                             day
Ipswich.                     Wiss Emporium, Kalbar.            Tamborine Mountain.           RAAF Base, Amberley.             Kalbar.
Half marathon.               www.scenicrimtourism.org.au
                                                               Flower and Garden                                              Showcasing all things
www.park2park.com.au                                           Festival.                                                      country at the Kalbar
                                                               www.tmgc.org.au                                                Primary School.

chrIstmas                                                      Beaudesert                    Queensland                       to marKet, to marKet
In July                                                        show                          model raIlway                    One of the joys of a weekend visit to the Scenic
Peppers Hidden Vale,                                           Beaudesert.                   show                             Rim is a trip to a local farmers’ or arts-and-craft
Grandchester.                                                  www.scenicrimtourism.org.au   The Workshops Rail               market. For all sorts of bibs and bobs, or for dew-
www.hiddenvalelodge.com.au                                                                   Museum, Ipswich.                 laced local produce and breakfast options, pop
                                                                                             www.theworkshops.qm.qld.gov.au   into one of the region’s markets.
                                                                                                                              Brookwater Gourmet Markets, Brookwater Golf
                                                                                                                              Club Carpark, Tournament Drive, Brookwater,
                             ncra natIonal                     september spar arts festIVal                                   3rd Sunday of the month, 6am-11am.
                             rodeo fInals                      Boonah.                                                        Boonah Country Markets, Springleigh Park,
                             Ipswich.                          See the streets come alive in this two-week                    Coronation Drive, Boonah,
                             Briggs Road Sports                festival celebrating the community through                     2nd & 4th Saturday of the month, 7am-12.30pm.
                             Complex, Flinders View.           the arts.                                                      Beaudesert Markets, Dick Westerman Park,
                                                               Awarded the community event of the year in                     Enterprise Drive, Beaudesert,
                                                               2006 and 2007, the festival is a significant cultural          1st Saturday of the month, 7am-12pm.
                                                               event in the region.                                           Beechmont Village Fair, Old Beechmont School
yulefest -                                                     The festival comes to an end with the Street Arts              site, Beechmont & Binna Burra Roads,
chrIstmas In                                                   Spectacular, involving around 250 community                    3rd Sunday of the month, 8am-11am.
July                                                           members in song, dance and drama.
                                                                                                                              Tamborine Mountain Country Markets,
Tamborine Mountain.                                            Arts Boonah also run creative workshops                        Showgrounds, Main Western Road, Tamborine
                                                               throughout the year.                                           Mountain, 2nd Sunday of the month, 8am-1pm.
                                                                                                                              Tamborine Mountain Local Produce Market,
                                                                                                                              Showgrounds, Main Western Road Tamborine
                                                                                                                              Mountain, every Sunday, 8am-2pm.
                             youth arts                        fathers day                   Boonah                           Jimboomba Country Markets, Jimboomba
                             proJect                           Spend some time               orchId show                      State Primary School, 3rd Saturday of the month,
                             The Centre, Beaudesert.           with Dad in the great         Boonah.                          7am-12pm.
                             Exhibitions, theatre,             outdoors…
                                                               See page 28.
                             poetry, live music,
                             workshops and more.

                     History    and


st mary’s, Ipswich

While the Scenic Rim area offers many urban pleasures                    park in Queensland. For those staying at a nearby B&B, the 3km

                                                                                                                                                 history and heritage
                                                                         Witches Falls Circuit makes a glorious morning walk through
and innovative experiences, the region is dripping with the
                                                                         lush vegetation.
past, something its communities have so lovingly preserved.
Everywhere you turn, there’s evidence of natural, pioneering,            The region’s settlers have had an eventful history with the
colonial and modern history.                                             picturesque yet challenging terrain, the fruits of which visitors can
                                                                         enjoy today. Be rewarded by panoramic views after driving the
                                                                         steep passage to Spicer’s Gap, a pass in the Great Dividing Range
                                                                         discovered in 1847 and used by pioneers to transport supplies
  the region is dripping with the                                        on bullock drays from the coast to the agricultural region of the
                                                                         Darling Downs. Today, it’s a popular destination for campers and
 past, something its communities                                         bushwalkers. From Governor’s Chair Lookout, admire the same
    have so lovingly preserved                                           extensive view from the west enjoyed at this popular resting spot
                                                                         by early governors travelling through the gap.

                                                                         On the other side of the Scenic Rim, the O’Reilly family has a
                                                                         long association with the area. Located in Lamington National
                                                                         Park, O’Reilly’s Guesthouse opened in 1926 after a challenging
                                                                         construction requiring materials to be transported by horse to a
                                                                         mountain-top 15km from the nearest road. Visiting guests have
                                                                         much easier access today, and also have the opportunity to visit
                                                                         the site of the 1937 Stinson Rescue (led by bushman Bernard
                                                                         O’Reilly) on a guided walk conducted each year.

                                                                         herItage traIls & chance encounters
                                                                         Whether historic churches, pubs, homesteads or even
                                                                         cemeteries take your fancy, Ipswich’s 13 heritage trails satiate
                                                                         every curiosity. Likewise, four self-guided heritage trails –
                                                                         Colourful Characters, Feathered Friends, Inspiration and Serenity
                                                                         – each tell an intriguing story while showcasing the delights of
                                                                         the Boonah region.

natural splendour                                                        History also awaits incidental discovery, in places where
                                                                         memories of prominent men and women from the region’s past
Most immediately apparent is the area’s stunning natural
                                                                         live on. The legacy of the remarkable Sidney Cotton (the real-life
heritage, particularly the national parks that decorate the semi-
                                                                         spy upon whom author Ian Fleming is said to have based his
circle of mountain ranges that make up the Scenic Rim, from the
                                                                         James Bond character) endures at the country retreat at Peppers
Tamborine Mountain and Lamington National Parks in the east to
                                                                         Hidden Vale, his ancestral home. In Harrisville, visitors can
the Mt Barney and Main Range National Parks in the west.
                                                                         take pleasure in the same surroundings enjoyed by filmmaking
Witches Falls National Park on Tamborine Mountain is a piece of          pioneer Charles Chauvel, who shot scenes in the district for his
living history, recently celebrating a centenary as the first national   first film, Moth of Moonbi.

By far one of the best ways to relive history, though, is to soak
it in with a cold draught beer at an endearing country pub. Every
rural township has one: try the Dugandan Hotel in Boonah or
the Royal Hotel in Harrisville; head west of Ipswich to Walloon,
Marburg, Rosewood and Grandchester; or quench your thirst right
in the heart of Ipswich at the Hotel Metropole. The Beaudesert
region also has a fine array of watering holes to experience at
Tamborine Mountain, Beaudesert, Canungra and Rathdowney.

         memories of prominent
        men and women from the
          region’s past live on

a town In mInt condItIon
Just north of Boonah in the Fassifern Valley, time stands still
in the neatly manicured township of Kalbar. Walk the streets
to admire heritage-listed Wiss Emporium (circa 1909), a mixed
business established by one of the town’s first settlers. It now
operates again as a store on weekends, selling everything from
designer fashions to miniature horse-drawn wagons. Wiss                 splendId proportIons
Cottage, the adjacent family home, is still a private residence
                                                                        Enthusiastic guides enhance the historical lesson at Woodlands
but is reputed to be kept in close to original condition. Stay a
                                                                        of Marburg, one of the jewels in the crown of the region’s
little longer in Kalbar at one of two luxury B&Bs – a late Victorian
                                                                        heritage. In the very north of the Scenic Rim region, just west
Queenslander, Stark House, or the stately turn-of-the-century
                                                                        of Ipswich, Woodlands is a mansion with a vibrant history and
Wiss House.
                                                                        enviable location overlooking the Marburg Valley. The estate was
                                                                        lit with electricity before Parliament House in Brisbane, and had
hIstory In mInIature                                                    various lives as a family residence, a missionary seminary and as
History buffs should not leave the area without a visit to the          part of Ipswich Grammar School. The homestead is now open to
Templin Historical Village Museum. Open Sundays, the quaint             the public seven days, with a restaurant serving dinner on Friday
“replica” village is a collection of twelve original buildings dating   and Saturday nights and lunch on Sundays. With Warrego Wines
back to the first settlement by German immigrants in 1870               just down the road, it makes a pleasant day trip.
below the cliffs of Mt French, which can be seen to the south
of the museum. The village buildings include a one-room school,         hIstory on tracK
church, dairy and blacksmith’s shop, and house historical items
                                                                        The birthplace of rail in Queensland, Ipswich is a mecca for
including a collection of over 100 garments spanning a century.
                                                                        train buffs young and old, with three main attractions allowing
Two key venues conserve the Beaudesert region’s past in                 visitors to interact with history. A must-see is The Workshops
miniature. The Beaudesert Historical Museum is housed in two            Rail Museum in North Ipswich, a recent winner in the Australian
parts: the slab Pioneer Cottage (1875), furnished to reflect the        Tourism Awards, where you can relive the romance of rail or
life of the early pioneers, and Historical House (1885), which          look into its future in a cutting-edge environment. Later, follow
contains memorabilia from the 1937 Stinson crash. At Eagle              the Cobb & Co Tourist Drive carriage-wheel road signs west to
Heights, the Tamborine Mountain Heritage Centre consists of six         Grandchester to Queensland’s oldest surviving railway station
distinct buildings, a street-front windmill and displays of wagons      or visit the Rosewood Rail Museum to ride aboard a steam
and farm machinery. Step inside and take a step back in time.           locomotive (the last Sunday each month).

                                                                                                   history and heritage
                              W o o d l a n d s                       o f   M a r b u r g
Experience the history of a bygone era at the heritage-listed
Woodlands of Marburg estate, only a 45 minute drive from
Brisbane and Toowoomba. Woodlands now hosts Murder
Mystery nights in the sandstone cellar and is also home to a
vineyard and quaint chapel. Enjoy lunch or dinner on weekends
in the Mansion, with its original rich cedar walls and marble
fireplaces. Overlooking the Marburg Valley, the property
provides a unique function, conference or wedding venue.
Woodlands has recently undergone restoration and renovation,
and accommodation is available onsite.
t 07 5464 4777
e info@woodlandsofmarburg.com
w www.woodlandsofmarburg.com
  174 seminary road, marburg, Q 4306

                                                    W i s s           H o u s e
Award Winning Wiss House is situated in a peaceful picturesque
valley, boasting a high level of contemporary comfort while
oozing charm of yesteryear, stay and unwind from the hectic city
life. The four guest rooms are fully air-conditioned and tastefully
decorated in antiques with luxury bedding. Enjoy afternoon tea
on the verandah overlooking the extensive views. Take a dip
in the pool/spa or relax in the mature gardens. Dine on meals
prepared by our chef. Be pampered with an in-room massage, or
ride a bike through the picturesque valley on quiet country lanes.
TV, DVD, library and off street parking are provided.
t 07 5463 9030 or 0410 404 641
e reception@wisshouse.com.au
w www.wisshouse.com.au
  7 ann street, Kalbar, Q 4309


0 ::
If the ideal formula for a romantic getaway is luxurious              BreaKfast In Bed

                                                                                                                                                romance and indulgence
surroundings, service that pre-empts your every need, gourmet         It’s about five degrees cooler up on the plateau, making
food and wine, and pampering for your body and mind, then the         Tamborine Mountain the ideal summer retreat or winter escape.
Scenic Rim is the perfect destination.                                Here, there’s no shortage of B&Bs furnished with sparkling new
                                                                      double spa baths, stately four-poster beds, cosy fireplaces and
Tamborine Mountain, just 45 minutes from Brisbane and
                                                                      magical views. Two B&Bs that exemplify the region’s pride in
the Gold Coast, is the traditional couples’ destination, but
                                                                      hospitality and seclusion are Witches Falls Cottages and Pethers
with a Peppers resort and a plenitude of quality boutique
                                                                      Rainforest Retreat.
accommodation in each of the Ipswich and Boonah regions, all
three regions offer something unique.

Indulge in nature’s beauty and unravel from the frenetic pace of
city living in sublime seclusion.

        there’s no shortage of
   B&Bs furnished with sparkling
   new double spa baths, stately
  four-poster beds, cosy fireplaces
          and magical views                                           Witches Falls Cottages are stone gable cottages nestled among
                                                                      towering rose gums, featuring private courtyard gardens that
                                                                      make a lovely setting to enjoy the generous barbecue hampers
                                                                      delivered by the ever-so-genial hosts. For romantics, the nearby
                                                                      Lions Lookout offers majestic views at sunset. Though tucked
                                                                      away behind an unassuming security gate, Pethers’ spacious
                                                                      timber and corrugated iron treehouses, appointed in lush tropical
                                                                      rainforest, exude luxury. The captivating architectural design and
                                                                      furnishings of the main lodge can be enjoyed by the public as
                                                                      well as guests when the restaurant opens on weekends.

                                                                      In Lamington National Park, the O’Reilly family has been
                                                                      providing gracious hospitality for over 90 years in a spectacular
                                                                      natural setting at O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat. Their canopy
                                                                      suites are the lap of luxury, and nature lovers will relish the
                                                                      interpretive rainforest walks. On a neighbouring peak is another
                                                                      popular mountain rainforest hideaway, Binna Burra Mountain
                                                                      Lodge, also with outstanding views and nature-based activities.

                           s c e n i c              r i M        V i e W          c o t t a g e s
  Experience a romantic escape just for couples at Scenic Rim View
  Cottages. Set within a rural bush setting, these award winning
  cottages are private, peaceful and secluded. Featuring cosy
  wood fires, double spas, plasma TVs and stylish oak and leather
  furnishings, every detail has been considered for your supreme
  comfort. Large verandahs showcase majestic views to the Great
  Dividing Range. All meals are catered for - indulge in a romantic
  three course candle-lit dinner served to your cottage. A great
  selection of local wines are also available. Close to surrounding
  wineries, national parks and quaint country villages. AAA HHHHH
  t 07 5464 6508
  e scenicrimviewcottage@bigpond.com
  w www.scenicrimviewcottages.com.au
    357 old rosevale road, warrill View/Boonah, Q 4307

For the ultimate in rural elegance, indulge in the deluxe lodgings
at Peppers Hidden Vale, located 30 minutes drive from Ipswich
near Grandchester. Couples can enjoy a range of active pursuits
on this 10,000-acre working cattle property, but can also unwind
with yoga or a massage. On the western edge of the Scenic
Rim, Peppers Spicers Peak Lodge sits literally on top of the
mountain. With just ten suites, the lodge offers an intimate
experience, including unforgettable dining.

Other elegant quarters in which to wake to the sounds of
nature across the region are Scenic Rim View Cottages
(Warrill View), Thistledown Country Retreat and Tuckeroo
Cottages (Rathdowney), Parkview Colonials B&B (Ipswich)
and Mountain Edge Lodges (Mount Tamborine).

              wake to the sounds
                  of nature

                                     P e P P e r s                    H i d d e n   V a l e
  Imagine having room to think. Room to relax and unwind.
  At Peppers Hidden Vale, there’s over 10,000 acres of
  breathtaking outback scenery to help you clear your head. And
  with its elegantly restored individual accommodation cottages
  scattered amongst beautiful country gardens, you’ll enjoy the
  utmost in privacy. Of course, once you’ve emptied your mind,
  you can fill your day with a wide range of activities, including
  horse riding, bushwalks, 4WD tours, massage and beauty
  treatments and fine dining.
  From $130 per person twin share including breakfast.
  t 07 5465 5900
  e hiddenvale@peppers.com.au
  w www.hiddenvalelodge.com.au
    617 mount mort road, grandchester, Q 4340

                                 W a l l a b y                   r i d g e     r e t r e a t
  Our secluded location in the western foothills of Tamborine
  Mountain is only the beginning of the many pleasant surprises
  in store for you. Enjoy our stunning views whilst relaxing in our
  boutique, self-contained accommodation. Lounge around the
  sparkling salt pool or bubble away in the romantic hilltop spa.
  Be spoilt with our home baking and breakfast baskets or let us
  arrange a personal massage in the comfort of your own room.
  The perfect base to explore the attractions of Lamington,
  Tamborine and Canungra.

  t 07 5543 4340
  e oasis@wallabyridge.com.au
  w www.wallabyridge.com.au
    88 Bambling road, canungra, Q 4275

                                                                                                                                              romance and indulgence
           W i t c H e s fa l l s                                            aV o c a d o s u n s e t
               c o t ta g e s                                                b e d & b r e a k fa s t

Hidden in scented gardens and tall gum trees these cottages are      Avocado Sunset is an exclusive Bed and Breakfast
for the couples who want to relax. From here you can walk to the     accommodation situated at Tamborine Mountain offering four
nearby pleasures, the rainforest circuit trails, wineries, cheese    stylishly themed guest suites with spa bath/claw foot bath,
factory and distillery, antique shops and North Tamborine’s main     log fires, air-conditioning, scrumptious breakfasts and the
street of culinary delights.                                         mountain’s best views with amazing sunsets.
Alternatively you may choose to stay in, prepare your own            Mount Tamborine provides a peaceful atmosphere to enjoy a
barbecue and relax by the fire, soak in the double spa and indulge   relaxing break away. We are close to many great restaurants,
in a luxury retreat.                                                 wineries, the cheese factory, the award winning distillery and
You can even pamper yourself or your partner with a visiting         numerous bush-walking trails.
massage and/or beauty therapist treating you in your own
private rainforest, zen or rose garden.

t 07 5545 4411                                                       t 07 5545 2365
e chiefwizard@witchesfallscottages.com.au                            e stay@avocadosunset.com.au
w www.witchesfallscottages.com.au                                    w www.avocadosunset.com.au
  cnr hartley & main western road, north tamborine, Q 4272             186 Beacon road, north tamborine, Q 4272

lamington national park

        romance and indulgence
                                 M o u n t a i n                       e d g e   l o d g e s
  Boutique Accommodation and Fine Food. Feast your eyes
  on the stunning panorama unfolding before you, it truly has few
  equals! Soak up the tranquillity while your stress ebbs away,
  replaced with a sense of relaxed bliss.
  Wake up to bird song and marvel at the sunrise over the ocean.
  Relax in the freedom and privacy of your beautiful air-conditioned
  lodge or cosy up in front of the fire.
  Try authentic Spanish and Mexican cuisine at Café LA JOYA and
  enjoy your delicious breakfast hamper indoors or on the patio.
  t 07 5545 3437 or 0407 453 437
  e jean@mountainedge.com.au
  w www.mountainedge.com.au
    387 henri robert drive, tamborine mountain, Q 4272

                                 n a r d o o                 l a V e n d e r         s H o P
  As one of Queenslands’ major lavender suppliers we carry
  a wonderful array of lavender products, creams, soaps and
  essential oils that will pamper you from head to toe.
  Complementing the lavender products is a selection of garden
  accessaries, décor pots and old treasures. We also have a
  fantastic range of specialty gift lines.

  Open Every Day 9:30am - 4:30pm

  t 07 5545 2308
  e nardoolavender@bigpond.com
    41/47 lahey road, north tamborine, Q 4272

                                                                      Body, mInd and soulmates

                                                                                                                                               romance and indulgence
                                                                      For urban dwellers, indulgence often means time to do those
                                                                      things we enjoy but don’t often find the time for. Perhaps a
                                                                      round of golf with your loved one at the Greg Norman-designed
                                                                      course at Brookwater Golf Club or at Queensland’s first public
                                                                      course at The Kooralbyn Resort takes your fancy?

                                                                      As well as enjoying the region’s sumptuous cuisine, foodies will
                                                                      relish the therapy that cooking as a pastime can provide. Escape
                                                                      to the Lost World Valley down below Lamington National Park
                                                                      for a cook-and-stay package at Worendo B&B Cottages and Wild
                                                                      Lime Cooking School.

                                                                      Most good B&Bs can arrange private massages in your room
                                                                      – at some, pampering is the emphasis! The hosts at Zengarra
                                                                      Country House and Pavilions at Moogerah, not far from Boonah,
                                                                      recommend their weekend pamper package for couples, which
                                                                      includes a full day of massage, body therapies and cleansing
                                                                      teas. As well as the more traditional therapeutic massages,
                                                                      Songbirds Rainforest Retreat at Tamborine Mountain can
                                                                      book individual yoga classes, meditation and even counselling
                                                                      sessions for you to enjoy in your luxurious villa. Visitors to
                                                                      Ipswich are not forgotten, with traditional Thai therapies awaiting
                                                                      in the other world that’s behind closed doors at the Jamie Durie-
                                                                      landscaped Spa Orient, Springfield Lakes.

                                                   s P a            o r i e n t
Spoil yourself beautiful….. Spa Orient is a genuine day spa
using a tantalising array of traditional therapies and beauty
treatments dedicated to improving your health and wellbeing.
Relax and let our expert Thai therapists release your tension and
relieve your stress using a unique blend of age-old traditions
in massage and natural healing. Every element of your Thai
spa experience has been considered in this rustic surrounding.
Tropical gardens and relaxation areas, traditional and customised
treatments are all designed to reticulate health and beauty.

t 07 3818 2055
e admin@spaorient.com
w www.spaorient.com
  shop 7 & 8, 1 springfield lakes Blvd, springfield lakes, Q 4300

                     P e P P e r s                 s P i c e r s               P e a k           l o d g e
All inclusive Gourmet Experience from $545pp twin share.
Peppers Spicers Peak Lodge is recognised as one of Queensland’s
premier gourmet dining getaways, where award-winning chefs
will take you on an unforgettable journey of culinary imagination
and sophistication. Centred around a sumptuous seven course
degustation menu, the Gourmet Experience also includes a
mouthwatering lunch, lavish breakfast and all drinks. Surrounded
by the spectacular peaks of the Main Range National Park, just 90
minutes from Brisbane, there’s no more unique place to indulge
your taste for the finer things in life.
t 07 4666 1083
e spicerspeak@peppers.com.au
w www.spicerpeaklodge.com.au
  wilkinson road, maryvale, Q 4370

tamborine mountain

Finally, indulgence might mean trying something you’ve never

                                                                                                            romance and indulgence
done before, whether that be drifting gently over peaks and
valleys in a hot air balloon – or getting married! For added
romance, Hot Air balloon flights, based in Beaudesert, will
transport you to O’Reilly’s Canungra Valley Vineyards afterwards
to toast your journey with a champagne breakfast. Floating
Images in Ipswich can also lift you towards the heavens for an
indulgent view of the Scenic Rim.

With its natural splendour and close proximity to Brisbane and
the Gold Coast, the Scenic Rim provides the perfect backdrop
for weddings. The mountain-top seclusion of Tamborine
Mountain is an irresistible setting for wedded bliss, with
a diverse array of venues ranging from historic churches,
wedding gardens, vineyards and fairytale cottages to dedicated
wedding retreats. The splendidly English village-styled Lisson
Grove caters particularly well for wedding parties, as does
the Tamborine Gardens Wedding Chapel. Further north near
Ipswich, wed in style at Woodlands of Marburg in your choice
of the estate’s chapel, grotto or in its sweeping grounds
under beautiful Jacarandas and Bunya Pines. With a variety
of reception venues, Woodlands can cater for weddings of
any size. Throughout the region, a number of other historic
homesteads have facilities for your big day.

          indulge in nature’s
     beauty and unravel from the
      frenetic pace of city living

                  c o u n t r y                 b l u e             b e d   &   b r e a k f a s t
 Country Blue Bed and Breakfast provides a truly relaxing country
 hospitality experience in the natural surrounds of the Scenic
 Rim. Romantic weekend, body massage, hair and beauty
 treatments, special occasions or a short break from the rat-race
 – all can be catered to at Country Blue. Laze by the palm shaded
 salt water pool, play a game of tennis, test your skills on the
 putt green or simply sit on your private balcony and watch the
 wallabies skip by.
 For bookings please contact: Barry & Sue Gilbert.

 t 07 55431 927 or 0415 208 780
 e countryblue@overflow.net.au
 w www.countryblue.com.au
   92 worendo street, Veresdale via Beaudesert, Q 4285

zengarra country house

        0 ::
                                                                                                              romance and indulgence
                           Z e n g a r r a                       c o u n t r y   H o u s e
A luxury resort hidden on 75 acres of Mount Greville yet
only an hour from Brisbane. Three private suites in a huge
house surrounded by grassy meadows and bush. Decks and
large swimming pool look out over tree covered Scenic Rim
mountain peaks. Christine plays classical romantic music on the
grand piano or concert marimba then you dine at the French
antique table before curling up on the chesterfield in front of a
roaring log fire. Pamper massage packages and breakfast in
bed packages see our website – spoil yourself – you deserve it.

t 07 5463 5600
e mail@zengarra.com
w www.zengarra.com
  2225, lake moogerah road, moogerah, Q 4309

s P r i n g               c r e e k              M o u n t a i n           c a f é   &   c o t t a g e s
Situated 1,050 metres above sea level, Spring Creek Mountain
Café and Cottages overlooks the Condamine Gorge, The Border
Ranges and World Heritage listed rain forests.
Choose from the fantastic menu of contemporary Australian
cuisine as you relax in the surroundings of the open-air café.
Stay the weekend in one of our luxury cottages and watch the ever
changing landscape from your bed or lounge chair. Whether you
are looking for a relaxed setting for lunch or a weekend getaway;
Spring Creek Mountain Café and Cottages can cater to every need!
t 07 4664 7101
e springcreek@westnet.com.au
w www.springcreekcottages.com.au
  spring creek road, Killarney, Q 4373


tamborine mountain

Keeping your adorable whippets entertained on a family

                                                                                                                                                    family fun
holiday can be a challenge, so you’ll be pleasantly surprised
by the diversity and depth of children’s activities in the Scenic
Rim region.

Ipswich, in particular, is a hub of youthful activity, with a veritable
offering of pursuits – of the cultural, creative, educational,
physical and downright fun variety – many of them free and
available seven days a week!

     children won’t even realise
  they’re learning, so engaging are                                       learnIng through play
        the activities on offer                                           As the first gallery in Australia to feature a dedicated children’s
                                                                          gallery – Lottie’s Place – the Ipswich Art Gallery is a stimulating
                                                                          destination for the whole family. The gallery offers free
                                                                          programs year-round, such as the baby-and-toddler exhibition
The greater Boonah region’s many camping grounds, cabins
                                                                          “Bright and Shiny”, a program inspired by an Italian approach
and caravan parks offer abundant opportunities for the whole
                                                                          to childhood education which embodies the philosophy,
family to connect with nature, while Tamborine Mountain’s
                                                                          “learning through play”.
thundereggs, glow-worms and cane toads are sure to intrigue
knee-high visitors to the Beaudesert region.
                                                                          BIg, loud fun
                                                                          Children won’t even realise they’re learning, so engaging
                                                                          are the activities on offer at The Workshops Rail Museum in
                                                                          North Ipswich. At this award-winning attraction there’s a huge
                                                                          model train to marvel at, a high-tech tilt train simulator to ride,
                                                                          a workshop and blacksmith’s shop to visit, and a mini-station
                                                                          – Nippers Railway – with fabulous interactive displays to explore.
                                                                          Renowned for its first-class school holiday events, the museum
                                                                          has sourced inspiration for its exhibitions from the train journeys
                                                                          featured in Thomas the Tank Engine and Harry Potter.

                                                                          return to nature
                                                                          Still in Ipswich, in close proximity to the city centre, is the
                                                                          impressive 22-hectare Queens Park, which combines shady
                                                                          picnic spots, play facilities, kiosks and a recently expanded
                                                                          Ipswich Nature Centre.

                     l a k e            M o o g e r a H                     c a r a V a n                   P a r k
  Come and explore beautiful Lake Moogerah, nestled in the
  spectacular mountains of the Scenic Rim. Relax and unwind
  as you take in the breathtaking scenery by day, or around the
  camp fire at night. Plenty to do all year round for the whole
  family. Bring your fishing line or walking shoes or for the more
  adventurous your canoe, sailing or ski boat. Just one hour from
  Brisbane, less than two hours from the Gold Coast. Facilities
  include: lakeside campsites, powered sites, boat ramps,
  toilets, hot showers and laundry facilities, playground, kiosk
  and camp kitchen.
  t 07 5463 0141
  e robynmason2@bigpond.com
  w www.moogerah.com
    muller park road, moogerah, Q 4309

Wander the boardwalks connecting the well-tended native

                                                                           family fun
animal habitats – home to emus, wallabies, gorgeous goannas
and the cute-as-a-button southern hairy-nose wombat. Calm the
kids down after their flying-fox expedition in the park’s Children’s
Playground with a tranquil amble through the Japanese-inspired
Nerima Gardens. A new addition to this city that does “green”
so well is the River Heart Parklands, where riverside boardwalks,
restored wetlands, sculptural walks, water features and
barbecues create an ideal setting for family fun.

         the vast Lake Moogerah
       is paradise for camping and
         watersports enthusiasts

Likewise, Boonah’s open spaces present a myriad of
opportunities for family bonding. The vast Lake Moogerah, to the
south-west of Boonah, is paradise for camping and watersports
enthusiasts (think kayaking, water-skiing, sailing and fishing),
with easy access to the Moogerah Peaks National Park. Bring
your own boat or kayaks to launch from two public boat ramps,
or sit back and lap up the lakeside serenity.

Farmstays are a must, whether your destination is Cedar Glen         non-romantIc antIcs
Farmstay in the Lost World Valley or Lillydale Hostfarm in the       The thunderbirds are go at Thunderbird Park, where adventure
foothills of Mt Barney with local personalities Doug and Pam         collides with nature in six colossal attractions. Swing through
Hardgrave. At these working farms, city kids will be mesmerised      the SAS-style ropes course at Adventure Parc, fossick in the
by the simple pleasures of collecting eggs, milking the cow,         world’s largest thunderegg mine, blaze through the purpose-
attending to a Noah’s Ark of farm animals, horse riding and          built mountain bike park, play laser skirmish like your favourite
learning to crack a whip. Parents, too, are sure to enjoy the        camouflaged action hero, and more! Take a reprieve at the
gourmet home-cooking and modern accommodation in a country           nearby Bearded Dragon Tavern to catch the regular crocodile and
setting – you’d never suspect you were only 90 minutes away          reptile show or Sunday cane toad racing.
from Brisbane or the Gold Coast. Down the road from Lillydale,
Sheila Woolf’s Alpaca Farm is definitely worth a visit, as is
Mt Barney Lodge for its wealth of activities ranging from
beginner’s rock climbing and abseiling to night eco-tours and
                                                                                     where adventure
children’s rogaining.

Other family-friendly accommodation in the Scenic Rim region
                                                                                    collides with nature
includes the swish new apartments Oaks Aspire in Ipswich
Central (someone was thinking when they furnished the rooms
with kid-friendly king-split beds and put in a 25-metre heated lap   Even if you don’t know your stalagmite from your stalactite,
pool!) and Cedar Creek Lodges, a comfy place to collapse after       the thousands of gleaming bodies at the man-made Glow-
a day of adventure at Thunderbird Park at the foot of Tamborine      worm Caves at Cedar Creek Estate (North Tamborine) are
Mountain. O’Reilly’s (Lamington National Park) offers a vast         fascinating for all ages. From here, temptation awaits to the
range of family activities and The Kooralbyn Hotel Resort (off       north – saccharine fudge, gobstoppers and yard-long liquorice at
the Mt Lindesay Highway) offers horse riding, mini-golf and an       Granny Mac’s on Gallery Walk (Eagle Heights) – and to the south
Aussie-style farm show.                                              – to see the grand old St Bernard at the eponymous St Bernards
                                                                     Hotel (Tamborine Mountain).

    Why do families keep coming back to Mt Barney Lodge?

                                                                                   ::  Because the kids tell them to!
                                                                                   ::  absolute creek frontage
                                                                                   ::	 Kids night adventure and day activities
                                                                                   ::  abseiling and rock climbing for
                                                                                       the “Big Kids”
                                                                                   ::	 family friendly accommodation options
                                                                                   :: Bushwalks to suit all ages
                                                                                   :: open spaces to ride bikes

        T   5544 3233        |    E mtbarneylodge@bigpond.com                  |    W www.mtbarneylodge.com.au

                                                                                                                                              family fun
      scenic riM tourisM inc                                                     i P s W i c H n at u r e
                                                                                         c e n t r e
                                  Visit Boonah, home to the
                                  Boonah Show and the huge
                                  Spar Arts Festival Week in
                                  Try country hospitality in
                                  Kalbar, Aratula, Harrisville,
                                  Lakes Moogerah and Maroon,
                                  Rathdowney and Queen Mary
                                  Falls. Genuine rural Australia,
                                  it’s only just down the road.

Heart of the Scenic Rim.
For value accommodation, eateries, happenings and services.
w www.scenicrimtourism.org.au

 tHe Queen Mary falls                                                   Located within Ipswich’s iconic Queens Park, the Ipswich Nature
                                                                        Centre lets you get up-close to some of Australia’s unique native
caraVan Park & cabins                                                   animals including wallabies, emus, dingoes and the gorgeous
                                  Offers a range of unique style        southern hairy-nosed wombat.
                                  accommodation, luxury ensuite         Families can wander through landscaped gardens and exhibits
                                  and non-ensuite cabins, powered       which recreate the local bushland habitats. There’s even a walk-
                                  and unpowered caravan/camping         through bird aviary and adorable nursery farm animals. Simply
                                  sites. Our homely café offers a       a “must-do” for family fun.
                                  unique ambience where you can         9.30am – 4.00pm Tuesday to Sunday and Public Holidays
                                  dine in the warmth of inside or
                                  enjoy dining al-fresco on the deck.   9.30am – 4.00pm 7 days a week during Queensland
                                  The park is ten kilometres from                       School Holidays
                                  Killarney (near Warwick).
                                                                        t 07 3281 0555
t 07 4664 7151                    676 spring creek road,                e info@discoveripswich.com.au
e queenmaryfalls@bigpond.com       the falls via Killarney,             w www.discoveripswich.com.au
w www.queenmaryfallscaravanpark.com.au              Q 4373                Queens park, milford street, Ipswich, Q 4305

Nature   and the

Discover an ancient treasure trove in the largest and best              Cradled by Lamington National Park, the township of

                                                                                                                                               nature and the great outdoors
                                                                        Canungra makes an ideal base for paragliding, hang gliding and
preserved subtropical rainforests in the world, a remarkable
                                                                        bushwalking. The national park boasts the largest remaining
vestige of a time when Australia was part of the super-continent
                                                                        area of undisturbed subtropical rainforest and contains more
Gondwana. Catch your breath from urban living in a region
                                                                        frog, snake, bird and marsupial species than anywhere else in
celebrated for its unique geology, subtropical and cool temperate
                                                                        Australia. Traverse 25km of rainforest and Antarctic Beech forest
rainforests and rare animals.
                                                                        to the crest of the Border Ranges on the Great Binna Burra to
                                                                        O’Reilly’s Border Walk. Be rewarded by extensive views over the
                                                                        Tweed Valley.

                                                                        Seemingly a world away, but only an hour and a half south of
                                                                        Brisbane, is the Lost World Valley. Go hiking, cycling or horse
                                                                        riding to explore secret vales overlooked by the dramatic
                                                                        mountains of Lamington National Park and punctuated by the
                                                                        chilled rock pools of mountain creeks.

                                                                        at your leIsure... In the west
                                                                        The western Scenic Rim is a landscape of dramatic escarpments,
                                                                        hidden passes and impressive peaks, remnants of volcanic
                                                                        activity some 23 million years ago. For visitors to the top of Main
Engage with the wilderness – by foot, horse, 4WD, canoe or              Range, Cunningham’s and Spicer’s Gaps are favourite rest stops.
harness – to experience the irresistible beauty of cascading            Explore a walking track or pay homage at the Pioneer Graves to
waterfalls, rugged escarpments, mountain-chilled rock pools,            the 13 early settlers who met untimely deaths on the range. On
undulating valleys, craggy volcanic peaks and sublime sunsets.          the western boundary of Main Range, the perennial 40-metre
A series of themed drives, including the Rainforest Way, will           Queen Mary Falls is also a popular destination for day-trippers.
take you on a journey of exploration through this region of             To the east, the craggy pinnacles of Moogerah Peaks National
World Heritage-listed national parks, hinterland towns and              Park rise above the Fassifern Valley and encircle Lake Moogerah.
historic villages. Each drive presents a unique experience in           The peaks provide copious opportunities for play, from an easy
one of Australia’s most biodiverse regions. Drop into one of the        walk to the northern or eastern lookouts at Mt French, to rock
local Visitor Information Centres for detailed maps and more            climbing at Frog Buttress, to hiking Mt Edwards and Mt Greville.
information, including ideas on how to stretch your legs, from
abseiling to paragliding or simply a scenic stroll.

at your leIsure... In the east                                                 the largest and best
Drive for just one hour from Brisbane or the Gold Coast and              preserved subtropical rainforests
discover hidden waterfalls and spectacular views on the
Tamborine plateau. Particularly glorious is Witches Falls, a national              in the world
park of wet eucalypt forest, distinctive piccabeen palm groves,
huge strangler figs, rocky outcrops and, naturally, waterfalls.

                      b i n n a             b u r r a                M o u n t a i n                l o d g e
  For 75 years, guests have been relaxed, refreshed and renewed
  by nature at Binna Burra Mountain Lodge. Peace and serenity
  are guaranteed in this World Heritage listed paradise as is the
  fresh mountain air and spectacular scenery.
  Binna Burra offers Euphrasia Bella and some Acacia cabins with
  spectacular views of the Numinbah Valley from private balconies
  or budget Casuarina cabins.
  An easy drive from Brisbane or the Gold Coast, visit Binna Burra
  and get back to the real world.
  t 1300 246 622
  e reception@binnaburralodge.com.au
  w www.binnaburralodge.com.au
    Binna Burra road, lamington national park, Q 4211

0 ::
                                                                                                                                           nature and the great outdoors
                                                                          the national park boasts the
                                                                             largest remaining area
                                                                                 of undisturbed
                                                                              subtropical rainforest

                                                                    at your leIsure... somewhere In Between
                                                                    With views stretching to Mt Warning in the south and
                                                                    Brisbane to the north, Mt Barney rises a kilometre above the
                                                                    surrounding valleys and plains. Make a day of it and hike to the
                                                                    summit and back – you’ll need at least eight hours to conquer
                                                                    this revered climb.

                                                                    Be guIded
                                                                    To enhance your time in the great outdoors, let the locals show
                                                                    you the way. In the Boonah region, Horizon Guides leads a series
                                                                    of walks with natural history interpretation. On Sundays, learn to
                                                                    read stories of ancient lakes, rivers and mountains with the Rock
                                                                    Doctor, local geologist John Jackson.

                                                                    As well as their annual bird, frog and natural photography weeks,
                                                                    O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat runs a year-round “Discovery
                                                                    Program”. On their guided night excursions, discover glow
                                                                    worms and nocturnal animals that abound in Lamington National
                                                                    Park. For a comprehensive wildlife or nature tour (lasting one to
                                                                    three days), join Araucaria Ecotours in the Beaudesert region to
                                                                    learn about ecology and the behaviour of local wildlife.

                                                                      let the locals show you the way

                                                   s H a r P          P a r k
Sharp Park is a family bush camping ground situated five
kilometres from the township of Canungra. Sitting on five
hectares of shady well maintained parkland, this peaceful rural
setting offers families a chance to escape and unwind.
With a backdrop that includes the Coomera River, Sharp Park is
the perfect place for a family holiday. Let the kids go swimming,
dad go fishing and bring the dogs as well, but please keep them
on a leash. We are close to Mt. Tamborine, Lamington National
Park as well as the major theme parks.

t 0409 550 745 or 0409 550 740
e sharppark@qldnet.com.au
  3069-3095 Beechmont road, canungra, Q 4275

a green reVelatIon
With over 500 parks, Ipswich is a city that adores open spaces.
It’s a fondness best exemplified by Queens Park, Queensland’s
original. The park’s 22-plus hectares of undulating hills house the
Japanese-inspired Nerima Gardens, an expanded Ipswich Nature
Centre and a Children’s Playground.

A recent green addition to rival Queens Park is River Heart
Parklands on the Bremer River in Ipswich Central. A maze of
riverside boardwalks, restored wetlands, sculptural walks, water
features and barbecue areas creates an ideal setting for family
fun. Stay until dusk, when the flying foxes from the Woodend
Nature Colony make their nightly exodus overhead and just 10
minutes to the north of Ipswich Central is Colleges Crossing
Recreation Reserve, yet another aquatic and wildlife haven.

Other great possies for picnicking and bushwalking in the
Ipswich area are Denmark Hill Conservation Park, Flinders Plum
Picnic Area and Paperbark Flats Picnic Area.

eco-frIendly lodgIngs
The Scenic Rim is a region at the forefront of eco tourism.
Visitors who wish to minimise their environmental footprint           a region at the forefront
will rejoice in the array of eco-certified accommodation, which
includes O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat and Binna Burra Mountain
                                                                           of eco tourism
Lodge (Lamington National Park), and Destiny Boonah and Mt
Barney Lodge Country Retreat (near Boonah).

                                                                                                                                            nature and the great outdoors
        a M o n g             t H e       guM s                      o a k l e a              c o t t a g e s &
                                                                       b e d &                b r e a k f a s t
                                   Nestled at the base of Mt                                           A working cattle farm in the
                                   Greville at Moogerah, this                                          spectacular Scenic Rim.
                                   three bedroom fully self-                                           Comfortable and spacious
                                   contained house is beautifully                                      accommodation. Mountain views
                                   appointed throughout with                                           from every window. Enjoy the
                                   sleeping for seven. This 34                                         birds, walks in the bush and the
                                   acre property is secluded and                                       serenity of country life.
                                   private with amazing views to                                       Small pets by arrangement.
                                   The Great Divide and with the
                                   National Park walking tracks                                        Hosts Rosemary and
                                   right next door.                                                    Neil Peterson.
t 07 3711 5193 or 0414 594 318 80 mount greville road,              t 07 4664 7161                     1966 condamine river road,
e ww@amongthegums.com.au moogerah, Q 4309                           e oaklea@halenet.com.au            the head, via Killarney,
w www.amongthegums.com.au                                           w www.babs.com.au/oaklea           Q 4373

d e s t i n y b o o n a H e c o c o t ta g e                           outdoors                       and           More
                                   Peace and tranquillity on 200                                       Independently owned and
                                   acres of inspiring bushland,                                        operated, Outdoors and More
                                   surrounded by magnificent                                           stocks a unique range of
                                   views. Spacious self contained                                      products: quality camping,
                                   3 bedroom solar powered                                             travel and climbing gear, books,
                                   cottage. Tracks for bush                                            swags and kayaks. Homebrew
                                   walking, wildlife spotting or                                       supplies, composting toilets,
                                   riding your own horse.                                              gifts, home wares and more.
                                   Yards available. Five minutes                                       Drop in to our historic shop for
                                   to Boonah, close to Lake                                            advice about the local area and
                                   Maroon and Lake Moogerah.                                           what to take adventuring.
t 07 5463 2643 or 0405 495 797 701 Boonah-rathdowney rd,            t 07 07 54634 114             12 high street,
e eco@destinyboonah.com        Boonah, Q 4310                       e info@outdoorsandmore.com.au Boonah, Q 4310
w www.destinyboonah.com                                             w www.outdoorsandmore.com.au

       M t b a r n e y l o d g e                                      f l a n a g a n r e s e r V e                               –
       c o u n t r y r e t r e at                                          b u s H c a M P i n g

Why do nature lovers keep coming back to Mt Barney Lodge?           Flanagan Reserve is situated on a no-through road located in one
It’s simple. Mt. Barney Lodge offers relaxation, serenity and       of the most peaceful areas of Beaudesert Shire’s Scenic Rim.
the most spectacular views of the Scenic Rim. The closest           Nestled amongst a natural bush setting at the foothills of Mt.
accommodation to the World Heritage listed Mt. Barney National      Maroon and the World Heritage listed Mt. Barney National Park,
Park, with a number of cottages and homesteads as well as the       the camping ground is bordered on one side by the Logan River.
camping grounds.                                                    Flanagan Reserve offers low cost camping, fishing, swimming,
Encounter an astounding variety of native animals, wildflowers      canoeing, rock pools, wildlife, on-site management, modern
and feel the passion of local experts as they share knowledge       amenities, dog friendly, easy access for vans and motorhomes.
about the history and geology contained within Mt. Barney           Less than two hours drive from Brisbane and the Gold Coast,
National Park.                                                      Flanagan Reserve is perfect for a weekend getaway or
share our wilderness heritage.                                      family holiday.

t 07 5544 3233                                                      t 07 5544 3128
e mtbarneylodge@bigpond.com                                         e ranger@flanaganreserve.com.au
w www.mtbarneylodge.com.au                                          w www.flanaganreserve.com.au
  1093 upper logan road, Barney View, Q 4287                          flanagan reserve road, Barney View, Q 4287


A drive into the countryside wouldn’t be complete without

                                                                                                              antiques and galleries
stopping along the way to browse for artwork, crafts, antique
furniture, old wares and bric-a-brac. It’s even better when you            the gorgeously restored
chance upon the artist who created the piece or learn first-hand
the history behind the beautiful artefact you’re taking home.               Old Town Hall houses a
Perhaps it’s the region’s natural splendour that attracts quality          number of gallery spaces
artisans to its peaks and valleys, but, whatever the reason, the
Scenic Rim is fertile ground for the arts.

exhIBItIng talent
A logical starting point is the Ipswich Art Gallery, one of
Australia’s best regional galleries, situated in d’Arcy Doyle Place
in the centre of Ipswich. Located in the gorgeously restored Old
Town Hall, it houses a number of gallery spaces – a dedicated
children’s gallery with stimulating, hands-on programs year-
round; a space that houses significant works from the City of
Ipswich Collection; another dedicated to new media; and a
leading-edge feature exhibition space that enables the gallery to
host national and international touring exhibitions.

Unwind from the buzz or refuel with a coffee or lunch at the
nearby Figjam Café, or continue your artistic exploration at one of
Ipswich’s many local galleries, among them Gallery Newton and
the Dingley Dell Gallery. Local artist Karen Oberg, who opens her
studio to the public on the last Sunday of the month, runs Arts
Unlocked, a series of workshops for adults. Antique collectors
can get their fix at Yesterdays Collectables at The Old Flour Mill
or Scotland Yard Antiques in the quaint town of Marburg.

creatIVe-mInded locals
Boonah has a particularly strong creative presence, evident as
soon as you reach the town from the north, where the Art & Soul
Gallery and adjoining café showcase works by celebrated painters
(among them, Dany Weus and Suzy Buhle), bronze sculptures,
handmade jewellery, fused glass, photography and more.

                            r a t H d o W n e y                        a l P a c a   f a r M
  Rathdowney Alpaca Farm at ‘Triple Peaks’, situated in the
  foothills of imposing Mt. Barney, is a tranquil setting where you
  are welcome to enjoy a farm visit to learn about the enchanting
  gentle alpaca and experience the pleasures of rural life. Visitors
  are able to touch, feed and talk to this unique farm animal before
  leisurely browsing in ‘The Alpaca Shack’. You will marvel at the
  high quality and luxurious feel of fashionable Australian made and
  locally handcrafted garments produced from superfine alpaca
  fleece. Come and enjoy this ‘touch sensation’!
  ‘THE ALPACA SHACK’ & FARM VISIT. Wed-Sun, 11.00-3.30pm.
  t 07 5544 3272
  e sales@ausalpaca.com
  w www.ausalpaca.com
    ‘triple peaks’, 10 mt. Barney road, Barney View, Q 4287

                                                                                                                                                 antiques and galleries
                                                                                learn first-hand the history
                                                                               behind the beautiful artefact

                                                                         Visit the Boonah Regional Art Gallery or browse for arts and relics
                                                                         at Antiques on Railway in the town centre, at the quaint Art Café
                                                                         du Kalbar and Wiss Emporium (weekends only) in nearby Kalbar,
                                                                         or at Aratula Old Wares, just off the Cunningham Highway. For
                                                                         performing arts, the town’s nucleus is the Boonah & District
                                                                         Cultural Centre, which hosts touring theatre productions and
                                                                         concerts, film screenings and more. The region’s creativity peaks
                                                                         during a two-week arts festival, organised by the Boonah Arts
                                                                         Collective, who also coordinate workshops ranging from mosaic
                                                                         to life drawing.

                                                                         arts on hIgh and low
                                                                         In Beaudesert, The Centre for Arts & Culture is the region’s
                                                                         newest arts attraction, a hub for artists, musicians, comedians,
                                                                         writers, thespians and film buffs. With a state-of-the-art auditorium
                                                                         as well as a number of more intimate spaces, The Centre
                                                                         showcases work from some of the Scenic Rim’s top visual artists
                                                                         and artists from around the world, hosts poetry brunches and
                                                                         presents both local and touring theatre and concerts.
a r t        &     s o u l          g a l l e r y
                                                                         Picturesque Tamborine Mountain has long been home to
                               Discover fine art to feed the             talented artisans, on display at the Marks and Gardner Gallery,
                               soul by Boonah’s talented artists
                               including 1999 Wynne Prize                Margaret Goldsmith’s and the Antone Bruinsma sculpture park,
                               finalist Dany Weus and “diva of           all exceptional. As its name suggests, Gallery Walk at Eagle
                               distortion” Suzy Buhle. Be inspired       Heights is home to a cluster of showrooms, including the PJ Art
                               by our wide range of paintings,
                               sculptures, handmade jewellery,           Gallery featuring scenes of the Australian Outback by Peter J Hill,
                               breathtaking photography,                 Vallard House and the Di Wowk Art Gallery.
                               woodwork, glassware, textiles,
                               pottery and more. Take home a
                               treasure created in Boonah.
t 07 5463 2003                 47 walter street,
e artnsoulgallery@bigpond.com Boonah, Q 4310
w www.artandsoulgallery.com.au

     M a c k a W ay s                      c a f é
                               Only 15 minutes from Ipswich
                               nestled in the main street of
                               historic Harrisville and close to local
                               wineries, we serve up a taste of
                               history combined with fabuolous
                               modern Australian food. Choose
                               from dine-in, alfresco courtyard
                               (both BYO) or take-away. Whether
                               it’s coffee and cake with friends,
                               lunch or a sensational dinner
                               you’re after, this is the place to be!
t 07 5467 1082                               33 Queen street,
e mackawayscafe@bigpond.com                 harrisville, Q 4307

                   Wineries   and

canungra Valley Vineyards

When it comes to food and wine these days, “local” is the             Boonah regions on the Scenic Rim wine trail. Pick up a trail map

                                                                                                                                             wineries and regional cuisine
                                                                      and meander at your leisure, or allow one of the region’s tour
new black. As well as the Scenic Rim’s traditional agriculture,
                                                                      operators to remove the guesswork. Cork ‘n Fork and Hughie’s
boutique wineries sprout from the rich volcanic soils alongside
                                                                      Grape & Golf Tours together cover much of the Scenic Rim,
cottage industries and roadside stalls. Local produce is plentiful
                                                                      while Tamborine Trolley Tours will see you around the plateau’s
– whether it’s generous servings of jam with Devonshire tea,
                                                                      wineries aboard their iconic trolley buses.
olives and cheese to accompany wine tastings at a cellar door, or
tender beef served to your plate at a country pub.                    The Scenic Rim Wine Country Trail encompasses seven
                                                                      or so wineries, from Ironbark Ridge Vineyard (Purga) and
                                                                      Queensland’s only producer of certified organic wine, Warrego
                                                                      Wines (Marburg), both in the greater Ipswich region, to the
                                                                      south towards Normanby Wines in Harrisville. Still further
                                                                      south in addition to the trail wineries, is Kooroomba Vineyards
                                                                      and Lavender Farm near Mt Alford. For a unique “beds and
                                                                      reds” experience, bunk at the secluded Barney Creek Vineyard
                                                                      Cottages, tucked neatly under Mt Barney National Park.

                                                                      Another eleven wineries beckon on the Gold Coast Hinterland
                                                                      boutique wine trail, which suggests the stately Albert River
                                                                      Wines at Tamborine; a lovely pocket of wineries up in North
                                                                      Tamborine, including the immaculate Cedar Creek Estate
                                                                      Vineyard and Winery and Witches Falls Winery; Aussie Vineyards
                                                                      and the atmospheric Heritage Wines in Mount Tamborine; and
                                                                      in the shadow of Lamington National Park, O’Reilly’s Canungra
                                                                      Valley Vineyards, newcomer Sarabah Estate Vineyard and Winery
      when it comes to food and                                       and Mt Nathan Winery, known for its unique honey wine.
     wine “local” is the new black

fruIt of the VInes
Reviving the traditions of late 19th-century European settlers,
the Scenic Rim is one of Queensland’s fastest-growing wine
regions and produces a tasty spectrum of whites and reds:
Verdelho, Chardonnay, Marsanne, Shiraz, Merlot, Chambourcin
and other varietals.

For the dedicated wine lover, there are two main itineraries.
Travel the gently winding roads, sunlight dancing through the
tall trees, to the cluster of wineries on Tamborine Mountain, or
journey past peaceful farmland scenes through the Ipswich and

                          c o r k            ’ n       f o r k        W i n e r y              t o u r s
  Let us drive you to drink! Cork ’n Fork is the premier wine tour
  business, which is family owned and operated. Let us take all
  the hassle out of your next wine tour experience with lunch,
  transport and wine tastings all included. Our great relationships
  with the wineries means you will receive special treatment that
  money can’t buy.
  Different tours are available with pick up from Coolangatta to
  Brisbane and west to Ipswich servicing the Scenic Rim area.
  All tours are available daily and subject to seat availability.

  t 07 5543 6584 or 0407144396
  e admin@corknfork.com.au
  w www.corknfork.com.au

        Albert River Wines | 869 Mundoolun Connection Rd, Tamborine QLD 4270
        Ph: 07 5543 6622 / Fax: 07 5543 6627 / info@albertriverwines.com.au / www.albertriverwines.com

0 ::
Just don’t descend from the plateau without dropping in

                                                                        wineries and regional cuisine
on passionate local producers Alla and Michael Ward at the
Tamborine Mountain Distillery at North Tamborine to sample
their innovative vodkas infused with flavours of the bush – lemon
myrtle, native forest peppermint and eucalyptus.

For those who prefer a slower pace, two wineries pair wine with
lively jazz on Sundays: Albert River and O’Reilly’s Canungra Valley,
or try the Sunday monthly music sessions at Witches Falls Winery.

        boutique wineries sprout
       from the rich volcanic soils

        taste temptatIons
        For many of the region’s talented chefs and self-taught cooks,
        the emphasis is on seasonal produce, locally sourced and so
        fresh it’s laced with dew drops.

        When a delicatessen in Ipswich starts selling premium
        Spanish jamon (going for over $100/kilo) and The Courier-Mail’s
        readers bestow it the “Best Deli” gong in Brisbane-dominated
        awards, you know Ipswich has categorically come of age. Be
        greeted with old-fashioned service from owner Chris Jones when
        you drop into Fed Up Deli for some antipasto goodies.

                  the ultimate paddock to
                     plate experience

        By night, look no further than dependable favourites such as
        Fenton’s and the Ipswich International Hotel’s Platform 9, or
        head further afield for fine dining by the green at celebrated chef
        Russell Armstrong’s restaurant, Armstrong’s at Brookwater, or
        Cottons Restaurant at Peppers Hidden Vale.

                                                                                                                                   wineries and regional cuisine
                                                                        Cedar Creek Estate
                                                                        Vineyard & Winery

                                                                     from the moment you enter the
                                                                     driveway you will appreciate
                                                                     that this is one of the gold coast
                                                                     hinterland’s most charming
The ultimate “paddock to plate” experience is found at the           wineries. Bring your camera and
Railway Hotel Steak House Restaurant in Beaudesert, where            take in the wonderful scenery, as
they specialise in Wagyu and Charbray steaks locally sourced         well as enjoying the taste of some
from Cryna Valley Beef. The steakhouse offers a rarity in            of Queensland’s finest wines.
Australian restaurants – Wagyu on the bone.                          • weddings          • art gallery
                                                                     • functions         • restaurant
Still in the greater Beaudesert area but nestled on Tamborine
                                                                     • cellar door
Mountain is Songbirds Rainforest Retreat, just 2km from Curtis
Falls. So close is the proximity to nature that the whipbird’s       Be sure to visit our winery - you won’t
                                                                     be disappointed!
calls are as ubiquitous as the attentive wait staff serving Philip
Edward’s seasonal menu.
                                                                     T 07 5545 1666 or 07 5545 1667
In Boonah, enjoy deliciously adventurous cuisine at the Boonah       Restaurant Bookings 07 5545 2722
Valley Motel’s Vue Restaurant or a classic pub meal at the           F 07 5545 4762
                                                                     E cedarcreekestate@bigpond.com
Dugandan Hotel or refurbished Commercial Hotel.                      W www.cedarcreekestate.com.au
                                                                     104 - 144 hartley road, mount tamborine, Qld

                                                                                 Glow Worm Caves
                                                                                                    Open Daily 10am - 4pm

                                                                                      guided tours leave every half hour

                                                                                                               T 07 5545 1666

        wineries and regional cuisine
                                                                                                                                          wineries and regional cuisine
maKe yourself resourceful
                                                                     k o o r o o M b a V i n e ya r d
Cooking classes are the ultimate creative outlet for those            a n d l aV e n d e r fa r M
eager to unravel from the daily grind but who still want to feel
resourceful. Wild Lime Cooking School in the Lost World Valley
uses its own wild limes and local wild produce such as lemon
myrtle, river watercress, macadamias and native fruits.

University graduates nostalgic for the Schonell Pizza Café at
the University of Queensland will be pleased to learn that its
creators are holding Italian cooking classes at The Centre in
Beaudesert. Local olive oil from Rathdowney’s Rathlogan Grove
is used in the cooking.

the epIcure’s epIlogue
What’s wine without cheese? Winter 2008 sees the exciting           Kooroomba has been created as a unique tourist destination,
relocation of Witches Chase Cheese Company to a site near           nestled in the Fassifern Valley at Mt. Alford near Boonah,
Gallery Walk at Eagle Heights, replete with a micro-brewery!        about 65 minutes from Brisbane and 1 hour 45 minutes from the
                                                                    Gold Coast.
Entertain your tastebuds with cheese tastings including the
                                                                    The property consists of a cellar door, restaurant and lavender
popular “Tamembert”, fetas, cheddars, curds and blues from          shop which overlooks a six hectare vineyard and a breathtaking
both Jersey cows and goats milk. Owners Andre and Meredith          lavender field, with magnificent views of the Scenic Rim
Morris, another husband-and-wife team keen for their craft, also    mountains. Kooroomba Vineyard and Lavender Farm provides a
                                                                    southern France experience on the doorstep of Brisbane and is
run cheese-making courses.                                          the perfect setting for a relaxing day away.
Of course, cheese is just as good an epilogue as it is a prelude.   free wine tasting!
Likewise, a home-grown and roasted coffee from Mount
                                                                    t 07 5463 0022
Tamborine Coffee Plantation or some sweet, sweet fudge from         e enquiries@kooroomba.com.au
the Fudge Shop or Granny Mac’s on Gallery Walk makes a              w www.kooroomba.com.au
                                                                      168 f.m. Bells road, mt alford via Boonah, Q 4310
delicious finale to a day on Tamborine Mountain.

        wineries and regional cuisine

mt Barney

        0 ::
The Scenic Rim’s varied terrain makes it the perfect natural            shout from the hIlltops

playground. Its challenging peaks, undulating valleys, lush             Experienced rock climbers would no doubt be aware that Frog
rainforests, patchwork farmlands, lakes and waterways allow             Buttress at Mt French is one of the most challenging rock faces in
recreational adventurers and professional thrill-seekers to explore     the world. Part of the Moogerah Peaks National Park, access to Mt
the region from every glorious angle.                                   French is less of a challenge, being an easy one hour drive south-
                                                                        west of Brisbane. For beginners (and the experienced), adventure
                                                                        is just as close at Thunderbird Park. Rock climb or abseil off an
                                                                        18-metre cliff in a supervised, natural rainforest environment.
           explore the region from                                      The hike to the summit of rugged Mt Barney, the highest of the

            every glorious angle                                        seven distinctive peaks that comprise Mt Barney National Park,
                                                                        is only for the experienced, fit and plucky. Allow at least eight
                                                                        hours for the round trip. Base camp is accessible from Brisbane
                                                                        via Beaudesert or Boonah.

                                                                        There’s nothing like a walk in the park to hush a busy mind.
                                                                        Strenuous walks in the Main Range National Park – such as the
                                                                        Gap Creek Falls track (9.8km return, 6hrs) from Cunningham’s
                                                                        Gap or the rough-circuit Mount Mathieson trail (8.1km, 3hrs)
                                                                        from Spicer’s Gap – should catch your breath. Back at Moogerah
                                                                        Peaks National Park, hike a rough trail to the summits of Mt
                                                                        Edwards and Mt Greville.

                                                                             Frogs Buttress at Mt French
a natural hIgh                                                              is one of the most challenging
There are few better vantage points from which to enjoy 360-
degree views of the Scenic Rim than the exhilarating heights of
                                                                                rock faces in the world
a hot air balloon. Beat the morning boot-campers to Limestone
Park, the launch pad for Floating Images’ city and country flights,
or be picked up from your Gold Coast hotel and get your fire
started with Hot Air as you rise over the Gold Coast Hinterland.

At the Boonah Airfield, take the controls and learn to fly a glider
or ultra-light with the Boonah Gliding Club, Scenic Rim Aviation or
Airsport Queensland over the majestic Fassifern Valley.

Elsewhere, get your Scenic Rim holiday off the ground with
skydiving at the Ipswich-based Brisbane Skydiving Centre or tandem
parachuting at The Kooralbyn. For hang gliders, there are two holy
grails: Witches Falls on Tamborine Mountain and Beechmont.

                                               c a M P             l a k e         f i r e
  Camp Lake Fire is a group-based recreational camping facility
  located on the shores of beautiful Lake Maroon, 25km south of
  Boonah in the heart of the Scenic Rim. Ideal for family groups,
  team bonding/workshops, clubs and tour groups. Camp Lake Fire
  is surrounded by water on all sides making it a great spot to enjoy
  lake-based activities such as fishing, kayaking and swimming.
  Facilities include four 8 person bush-style cabins with lake views,
  9 unpowered camp sites, fully equipped kitchen, conference
  centre, bathroom amenities and open camp fire pit.

  t 07 5463 6121
  e stay@camplakefire.com
  w www.camplakefire.com
    664 Burnett creek road, lake maroon, Q 4310

On Saturdays, join like-minded bushwalkers on the iconic Great
Binna Burra to O’Reilly’s Border Walk, a 25km self-guided walk
that takes you to the crest of the Border Ranges.

Or, do as the locals do and cycle “The Block”, a 45km circuit
around Tamborine Mountain. For a real challenge, go anti-
clockwise and tackle the infamous Goat Track, from Canungra to
Tamborine Mountain.

Note: If you intend to explore one of the national parks by foot,
ensure you get a copy of the relevant visitor guide from the
national park office or nearest Visitor Information Centre.

aQuatIc BlIss
Watersports enthusiasts are also well catered for in this sublime
pocket of south-east Queensland. Paradise is Lake Moogerah,
to the south-west of Boonah, where you can waterski, kayak,
sail and fish big bass to your heart’s content. Generally, you’ll
need your own equipment, boat included, though campsites may
have some for use by guests. Further south, Lake Maroon also
has a boat ramp and is a prime spot for fly-fishing. In the greater
Beaudesert region, drop a line for carp and eel-tailed catfish in
the Albert and Logan Rivers.
Visit the team at Ipswich Canoe Hire to see Ipswich by canoe or
kayak along its reaches of the Brisbane and Bremer Rivers. At a
leisurely pace, the 24km Bremer River Canoe Trail takes about
six hours.

                                                   too small
                                                                    choose your own adVenture

                                                                    Equine types will love the range of horse-riding experiences in
                                                                    the region. Luxury country retreat Peppers Hidden Vale, also a
                                                                    working cattle property, offers everything from hour trail rides to
                                                                    musters. Tamborine Mountain Trail Rides at Thunderbird Park,
                                                                    The Kooralbyn and Lillydale Hostfarm also offer trail rides of
                                                                    varying length. For a day out with a difference, bring your own
                                                                    horse, donkey or mule to explore Destiny Boonah. A registered
                                                                    Land for Wildlife property, Destiny Boonah is home to native
                                                                    animals as well as donkeys from the nearby Eselburg Donkey
                                                                    Farm, which provides rescue and welfare services.

                                                                    Adventure Parc, another of Thunderbird Park’s six mammoth
                                                                    attractions, is an SAS-style ropes course stretching through
                                                                    towering trees at heights of up to 18 metres above the ground.
                                                                    Make like tarzan in 65 elevated challenges and many more
                                                                    jungle games.

                                                                                      make like tarzan

                                                                    Peppers Hidden Vale has gone so far as to commission Centre
                                                                    of Gravity Australia to develop activities for adventure-seeking
                                                                    among their guests as well as outside visitors. If the Hidden Vale
                                                                    Survivor Challenge sounds too much, release your inner child
                                                                    instead at the National Paintball Fields.

       M t b a r n e y l o d g e                                               Hori Z on                  guides
       c o u n t r y r e t r e at
                                                                                                         If you enjoy bushwalking
                                                                                                         and nature contact Horizon
                                                                                                         Guides. We have many years
                                                                                                         experience leading groups in
                                                                                                         Australia and overseas.
                                                                                                         A guide will ensure that your
                                                                                                         hike is memorable for all the
                                                                                                         right reasons – whether a
                                                                                                         gentle ramble to a full day
                                                                                                         ascending one of the rugged
                                                                                                         volcanic peaks.
                                                                     t 07 5463 4114 or 0417 760 966 po Box 280,
                                                                     e info@horizonguides.com.au Boonah, Q 4310
                                                                     w www.horizonguides.com.au

An Adventurer’s Paradise
                                                                             iP sWic H caraVan
Enjoy the thrill of abseiling whilst immersed in the spectacular
mountain views. Be professionally guided up the more
exhilarating ridges of Mt. Barney - you get to leave the tracks                                          Enjoy this quiet caravan
behind! Enjoy immediate access from your accommodation                                                   village set in light bushland.
to the creeks, waterfalls and wilderness of World Heritage listed                                        Just 4kms to Ipswich CBD,
Mt. Barney National Park.                                                                                with bus route at the front
Be challenged by our leaders while rock climbing in a unique                                             gate. The park is 3 star rated,
volcanic playground. Feel the passion of qualified leaders as                                            with our tourist cabins 3 ½
they include you in their adventure experience.                                                          star rated.
share our wilderness heritage                                                                            Facilities include - swimming
                                                                                                         pool, play ground, barbecue,
t 5544 3233                                                                                              amenities and laundry facilities.
e mtbarneylodge@bigpond.com                                          t 07 3281 7951                      95 mt. crosby road,
w www.mtbarneylodge.com.au                                           e tivolicp@bigpond.net.au           tivoli, Q 4305
  1093 upper logan road, Barney View, Q 4287

        get your motor runnIng
        Perhaps the question “Holden or Ford?” will finally be answered
        in Ipswich. Choose between a V8 Commodore and a V8 Falcon
        and test your skills on Queensland’s premier race circuit with the
        Queensland Raceway Race Experience. Located to the south-
        west of the city, the Ipswich Motorsport Precinct (Willowbank
        Raceway and Queensland Raceway) draws huge crowds to
        leading racing events including the Winternationals Drag Racing
        Carnival and V8 Supercar Queensland 400.

          test your skills on Queensland’s
                premier race circuit

                     t H e         k o o r a l b y n                     H o t e l   r e s o r t
Nestled in the Gold Coast Hinterland, just over an hour from
Brisbane and the Gold Coast, lies the jewel known as Kooralbyn.
The Championship Golf Course was the original Resort Golf Course
in Australia, attached as it is to the 100 Room 4 Star Kooralbyn
Hotel Resort. Kooralbyn is as diverse as it is stunning, offering the
ideal venue for a picture-perfect wedding or business conference
with seating up to 300. Catering to every need and budget;
Kooralbyn is the ideal choice for your memorable day. Want more?
Try horse riding or our famous Aussie muster and bush dance.

t 07 5544 6222
e groups@kooralbynresort.com.au
w www.kooralbynresort.com.au
  routely drive, Kooralbyn, Q 4275

f l o a t i n g                 i M a g e s - H o t                     a i r   b a l l o o n   f l i g H t s
Enjoy the magical sensations and adventure of ballooning with
the Scenic Rim’s original balloon operator Floating Images.
South-east Queensland’s only balloon operator offering a unique
opportunity to combine a city and country balloon flight. The
flight provides spectacular views over the Scenic Rim region and
the heritage city of Ipswich. This activity is approx. 3 – 4 hours,
includes a 1 hour balloon flight, restaurant, champagne breakfast
and flight certificate. Only 30 minutes drive from Brisbane’s CBD.
Call or book online for flights, group discounts, accommodation
packages and gift vouchers.
t 07 3294 8770
e info@floatingimages.com.au
w www.floatingimages.com.au
  259 Junction road, Karalee, Q 4306

Brisbane river at Kholo Botanic gardens

Mt French
   Arts and Culture @ the Scenic Rim

  Boonah Arts Collective and festival partners present
  Boonah SPAR Arts Festival, September

  Regional galleries, Film, theatre, live music, exhibitions and entertainment

                                                         Image: Christopher Frederick           Image: Christopher Frederick

                          For all arts info visit: www.liveatthecentre.com.au

   The Centre                                                   Boonah & District
   (Scenic Rim Arts and Culture)                                Cultural Centre
   82 Brisbane Street, Beaudesert, Q 4285                       High Street, Boonah, QLD 4310
   Phone: 07 5540 5050                                          Phone: 07 5463 1524

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