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					Morgan Library – JPM Cables Jan 1912 to Aug 4 1913

Jan. 4 –JPM Jr to JPM, Olympic, Plymouth – All well. Things going smoothly. Newspaper comment on
your departure all very good. Stanley expressed regret and stated intended calling you, but believe subject
will now drop. Hope you will see Junius and then cable instructions as to payment his income…..Very
happy you have had so good voyage. Dear love. Jack.

Jan 5 – JPM Jr to JPM, American Embassy, Paris. Davison aid I with Ledyard had very satisfactory talk
with Mellon this morning. If he will continue on lines now arranged, think all will go comfortably. On
New York new Haven and Hartford rR.

Jan 9 to JPM, American Embassy, Paris, unsigned. Andrew Carnegie refused appear before Commissionon
ground he is one defendant in suit. He was promptly subpoenaed and will appear on Wednesday.

Jan 10 – JPM, Paris, to JPM Jr. Greatly distressed and stunned by Equitable fire. Fear will make grave
complications financial circles, wishcould be with ou to help solve them. Kindly convey August Belmont &
Co., H. L. Satterlee, and others, my personal sympathy in their losses. Goiing London tomorrow morning.
Love to all.

Jan 11 – JPM Jr. to JPM Doverhouse London. Complciations from Equitable fire clearing rapidly.
Mercantile Trust Company all securities, cash, andimportant records entirely safe. Vault acted perfectly.

Jan 12 – JPM, London, to JPM Jr. – Kindly communicate the following to E. H. Gary, Chairman U.S. Steel
Corporation dinner. – Realizing you are all together tonight. I desire to convey my conogratulations to one
and all upon the successful year; with bet wishes for eprsonal health and happiness and Corporatoin’s
success. Pierpont Morgan.

Jan 12 – JPM Jr to JPM, Doverhouse, London. Your cable to USSteel dinner received with great applause.
Belmont and Satterlee ask me thank you for exprssion sympathy. Bitterly cold here, very glad you are out
of it. Associated Press informs me death John B. Morganin Paris yesterday. All well. Love, Jack.

Jan 15 – JPM to JPM Jr. – everything goiing on well here. Plan to move collectioon meets with regrets but
no hostility. Will you see Collector Loeb, tell him I am ready to have man sent ouot here at once. Cable
when he will come and if he will bring over certificates and so forth which would require signature, unless
you can sign by Power of Attorney on arrival. Also ascertain to whom should apply here. Consul or others.
Reply by cable as quickly as possible, because want leave heere Thursday morning. CWKing has
correspondence with Dept for your reference. Love to all. Father

Jan. 16 – JPM Jr to JPM Doverhouse, London. Robert Bacon having retired from politics, think it very
desirable he should come back on US Steel Corp Board of Directors. Hope you will see him Paris and
arrange withhim so he will not take any other directorships which might exclude that one. All Finance
Committee liked suggestiong today. Don’t forget cable E. T. Stotesbury for his wedding on thrusday. All
well. Love. Chargeless.

Jan. 18 – JPM, London to JPM Jr. – if Duke and Duchess Connaught visit New York City shold like them
and suite shown Library. Dearest love. Flitch.

Jan. 21 – JPM to JPMJr. – Spoke to robert Bacon abouot US Steel Corporation. Are satisfied he would
appreciate and accept election whenever vacany offers after his arrival home. Flitch.

Jan 22 – JPM Jr to JPM, Hotel de Paris, montecarlo – referring to New York Central matter, it was sprung
on me suddenly Saturday night. Seems to me to fall very clearly in the lines of our discussion at Library,
with the great advantage of the support of W.K.V., which you said was necessary condition. Ledyard
distinctly stated to W.K.V. that we would not be willing to anything unless henot only agreed to but
diesired the association. William Rockefeller, Lovett and De Forest have all quaoted Jacob schiff as
desiring additional directors, so it may be Reading Comopany mater coming u in new form, though edyard
does not think so. He thinks Wm. Rockefeller is at bottom of it all, the C.M. & St. Paul RRd. Being only
one hurt by contract. We are not pledged at all and shall not be until you approve, but personally think it
very desirable maintain historical relations with new York Central and Vanderbilts by taking stand
definitely with them at the moment when attack seems threatened, even though attack may not be very
serious. Have no douobt we hsold have no difficulty whatever getting up party carry it out. Chargeless.

Jan 22 – JPM Jr to JPM, Hotel de Paris, Montecarlo – Hope you have pleasant trip across
Mediterranean.Customs House Appraiser sails for London Wednesday. Chargeless.

Jan 23 – JPM Jr to JPM, on board Adriatic, Genoa – Connaughts came this morning, saw Library,
muchintersted and pleased. Ask me cable you their great appreciation of being allowed see it and thanks for
your kindness. Chargeless.

Jan 24 – JPM Jr [unsigned] to JPM – While impossible to conosider question entirely settled, Interborough
Rapid Transit Company and City hve agreed on main terms for extensions to prseent Subway. Would
require legislation before agreement can be signed….

Jan 24 – JPM Jr to JPM, Adriatic, Naples – We see W. K. Vanderbilt tomorrow morning. We are glad you
did not see Stillman on subject. Think much better he sould not now be posted in view of unpleasant
position it might put him in regard to Rockefeller, and in this Ledyard, G. F. Baker concur, but we should
of course include him in party later on. Chargless.

Jan 25 – JPM Jr to JPM, Adriatic, via Naples – Carrie cables asking for her January income; see no reason
why she should not have it. [Caroline L. Morgan]

Jan 25 – JPM, Naples, to JPM Jr – Interborough Rapid transit Company most satisfactory. Heartiest
congratulations. How are $150,000,000 divided among original participants?

Jan 25 – JPM Jr to JPM, care Cook, Cairo – Interborough Rapid transit Co. Trio original purchasers, give
Lee, Higginson & Co. 15% at 1% advance.

Jan 25 – JPM, Naples, to JPM Jr – InformRobert W. De Forest would prefer delay election Hains until can
confer with ou and Cadwalader personally together. Flitch.

Jan 29 – JPM, Cairo to JPM Jr – Your report New York Central interview very satisfactory. Hope you
made them understand the importance of radical changes management, including W. H. newman and the
under gang at Grand central. L. C. ledyard will understand what I mean and I think agree with me a to its
importance. Sale Pacific Gas bonds very satisfactory. Sorry to hear abouot mrs. Drexel but ghlad deed
signed. Very lucky for present owners as well as ourselves. Sorry about your robbery; most essential you
have night watchmen inside house. Arrived all well, delightful voyage. Bright unlight at last for the first
time since arrival Cherbourg. Dearest love to all. Inform family, Flitch.

Jan 29 JPM Jr to JPM, care Cook, Cairo – New York Central. We hae not forgotten desirability changes
you speak about, but situation is not ripe for us suggest changes as yet. Matter must ake shape somewhat
slowly, and will I believe be all the more satisfactory in resut for doing so Ledyard concurs. Now have
night watchmanin house. So glad you have good weather. All well here except ursula who very ill again.
Dearest Love, Chargeless.

Jan 30 – JPM Jr to JPM, care Cook, Cairo – If you need Corsair on leaving egypt, remind you iportant
orders should be given early enough enable boat get there. Chargeless.
Jan 31 – JPM, cairo, to JPM Jr – I will cable you about Corsair moment can decide. However, small chance
needing boat over heere before middle of May if then. Starting up river tomorrow. Thursday afternoon;
continue send letters and cables care of Thos. Cook & Son, Cairo. Been laid up water on knee, but rapidly
mproving. Otherwise all well. Dearest love to all. Inform fmaioy. Library and Markoe. Flitch

Jan 31 – JPM Jr to JPM, cairo – Deeply distressed hear abouot water on knee. How did it occur?

Feb 1 – JPM, Cairo to JPM Jr – As usual accidentally knocked against corneer of door. Getting on well,
hoe is a question of few days. Do not understand why New York Central advances on weak market. Looks
as if leak somewhere. Flitch.

Jan 31 – JPM Jr to JPM, Cairo – about new York Central

Feb 3 – JPM Jr to JPM – on market…Family well. Ursula somewhat better. Hope your knee getting on all
right. Dear love. Chargeless.

Feb 6 – JPM, Luxor, to JPM Jr – Arrived here all well. Knee improving but still very painful. Fortunately
Kane party, including Doctor Kinnicutt heere. Dearest love to all. Father

Feb 7 – JPM Jr to JPM, Cairo – No business news. Delighted you hve Kinnicutt at hand. Deeply sorry you
have so much painand discomfort. Newspapers tonight say certain money trust investigatino will be
referred to Banking Currency Committee at Democratic caucas tonight, which will be a good thing.

Feb 9 – JPM, Luxor, to JPM JR- Tonight going Assuan for couople days, then back here. If necessary you
can cable me care Cook, Assouan. Thursday next shall go to oasis of Khargh. All well, knee getting better.
Dearest love to all.

Feb 14 – JPM, Naghamadi, to JPM Jr. – Starting for Ooasis all well. Knee rapidly subsiding. Return to
Luxor Ssaturday.

Feb 17 – JPM Jr to JPM, Cairo – Lake Shore & Michigan Southern RRd. Various market news – No
special political news. Roosevelt boom still progressing, but does not seem to us make much headway. All
well here.

Feb 19 – jPM Jr to JPM – Francis L. Leland, president New York County national Bank, sent for me, as
representing you, stating intended make gift to Metropolitan Museum of Art. Took De Forest there this
afternoon after annual meeting. He handed us letter too you enclosing 1200 shares new York County
national Bank, paying 40%, worth about $1,000 per share, as gift to Museum without condition. Hope you
will cable him the Clarendon, 86th Street, Riverside Drive, also permit me show him Library. Has been ill,
may not liive till your return. Know he would much appreciate this attentino. Chargeless.

Feb 26 – JPM Jr to JPM, Cairo – Delighted you had such pleasanttrip. All well here, no special news.
Giveno attentino to requests for help Morgan Smith or wife. Had ample funds and ticket to Australia.

Feb 27 – JPM Jr to JPM, Cairo – First shipment arrived. Delivered at Metropolitan Museum of Art without
slightest trouble or delay. Wooden casesnot sealed, still unopened. Do not know whether parcels inside
sealed. Seligmann very anxious check contents with lsts, and, if seals not on inside packages, I think this
very necessary. Cable instructions. Chargeless.

Feb 28 – JPM, Assiut, to JPM Jr – Perfectly enchanted success first shipment. See no way Seligmann can
check contents without unpacking. This is quite impossible at least until my return. My arrangement with
Robinson provided cases were to remain unpacked until permanent lcoation decided and prepared. Please
see this is absolutely carried out. Flitch.
Feb 29 – JPM Jr to JPM, Cairo – Your istructions as to cases perfectly understood and will of coourse be
obeyed. Interboro rapid Transit Company has put in offer at last in chape satisfactory to New York City
officials who are conducting negotiations. Feel we have got good step ahead. English situation very
disquieting as coal strike on tonight. Does not seem affect business here much. All well. Chargless.
[inmost of his cables, includes market quotes for Steel, new York Central, Reading.

March 2 – JPM Jr to JPM, Cairo – Seligmann says believes iside boxes not sealed either, but Museum seals
hve been placed already on outside boxes as received. We have arranged now with Government have all
cases sealed in London as passed so there will be no difficuty in future. Showed Leland Library yesterday.
Very much appreciated, much pleased with your cable. H.P. Davison had usual annual sore throat on
arrival Florida, was entirely well in week, now at Nassau very cheerful. Quite all right. All welel. Love
from all. Chargeless.

March 4 – JPM Jr to JPM, Cairo. In view of nonsealinig cases Seligmann say impossible them know what
may have happened between leaving their hands London and arriving metropolitan Museum of Art.
Therefore they are very anxious unpack, checkup, and repack cases received unsealed. They hoe you will
permit this. Chargeless.

March 4 – JPM Jr to JPM, Cairo – After consultation with mrs. Gray who showed our cable, saw Mrs.
Ashmore and her lawyere. Have advanced $7,500., also $1,000 more for examination books, which
necessary. Hope you will approve. Lawyer will see money applied only for purposes contemplated, and
assures me believes this will save Mr. Ashmore from any charges. Chargless.

March 5 – JPM, Cairo, to JPM Jr – Do not wish packages touched by anyone at least until my return.
Seligmann or Rey can then exmaine and check them if they desire. I am willing take responsibility until
that time. Sorry bother you so much about it. Flitch.

March 5 – JPM Jr to JPM, Cairo – Instructions understood, will be carriedout. Think bother has been to
you, not by you. Very sorry. All well, dear love, Chargeless.

March 7 – JPM Jr to JPM, Cairo – Mr. Choate says Director Robinson taken ill last week, much borken
down. Executive Committee hs givenhim holiday till September with underrstanding he is to be under no
obligation work for Metropolitan Museum in the meantime. He sails for italy March 16 th will probably see
you Rome. Kent and Robert de Forest will take care things meantime. Shipments your things will be taken
care of as you have directed. Chargeless.

March 11 – JPM Jr to JPM, Cairo – Third shipment, this time from Paris, at Metropolitan Musum of Art all
right. Fultan Cutting and Hewitts ask me become trustee Cooper Institute. Work not heavy, but already
have so much am somewhat disinclined accept, yet wish to do my share carrying on good work. Your wish
in matter, if you have any, would control. All well, best love. Chargeless.

March 13 – JPM Jr to JPM, Grand Hotel, Naples – Business very quiet. Nothing as yet from any
investigationo committee in Washington. Interborough rapid Transit, - still awaiting decision new York ity
officials, which still expected next week. H.P. Davison wires from Key West all going on very well. Are
you all right? We received no cable advising our departure from Cairo or change cable address. Family all
well. Dear love, Jack

March 14 – JPM, Naples, to JPM Jr – Arrived hereall well, going romoe Saturday. I think would accept
Cooper Institute. Love to all. Flitch.

March 14 – JPM Jr to JPM, Grand Hotel, Naples – Public Serbice Commission has approved Interborouogh
Rapid Transit Co. plan subject to legalities. Board Estimate still to hear form. Chargeless.

March 15 – C.S. and JPM Jr to JPM – Have had coonsultatioon with F. L. Stetson, Choate, Spooner,
Lindabury in regard to our rights as agaisnt U.S. Congress Investigation Committees. Lawyers concur in
opinion that as private individuals we cannot be forced give testimony or produce our books; that we have
perfect right stop investigation at any oint we wish by refusing answer questions. Our feeling here at
present is would probably be advantageous to general situation testify in general way as to our own affairs,
declining answer any questions in regard to our relations with depositors or as to our clients’ intersets in
syndicates etc. If asked, as probably shall be, as to control financial istitutions, believe probably wise
inform public of facts that we hold not more than one-sixth in one institution and not more than one-tenth
of any other. Seems to us it may be possible if this matter handled right may help dissipate present public
apprehension, as owing to our right not to answer we cannot be put on defensive, and all information will
be volunteered. Matter will probably not come up for a fortnight, and we understand present intention is
Comptroller of the Currency will be first witness called, but should be very glad your advice and opinion
on as many points as you feel like giving it to us. Chiffrant, Chargeless.

March 20 – JPM Jr to JPM, rome – various market info – We wnt your opinion before discussing with
Committee as to whether possible criticism by hostile newspapes that we are borrowing money to pay
dividends would be worth paying attention to, and what policy Company should be under cirumstances.
Please cable your views. All well heere, quiet. Hve not receied any reply to our cable of Marrch 15 th in
regard to investigations. Chargeless.

March 21 – JPM, Rome to JPM Jr – In my opinion would not for one moment let question of public
opinion prevent U.S. Steel Corp doing whatever is right in the transaction of their business. Think
favorably of issuing subsidiary companies guaranteed bonds to the extent of 75% of the amount required
for improvements and capital expenses of subsidiary compaies. Refer to your cable of the 15 th. My mind
still uncertain. Unless important act wihtout delay should like few days leeway. My first impression is I
would act as you suggest and refuse to answer. Should be glad if can be arrangedif necessary for anybody
give testimony that it be delayed until my return. This strictly confidential foro the moment until I cable
further. Flitch.

March 22 – JPM Jr to JPM, Rome – As to investigations, there is plenty of time consider subject. More I
think of it more I am convinced desirable give any information we feel will satisfy public demand as far as
we can without too much particularizing as t o our own affairs, andwithout any as to clients and custoers.
Wholly uncertain as yet when ommittee will begin – how fast it will go. Looks increasinigy probable that
they may take conseravative lines in investiagation and behave quite decently, but of course this cannot be
depended upon. Would prefer greatly if possible postponing any apperance I Washington until your return,
feeling that if you are not on defensive they cannot badger you and it might be opportunity outline
constructive policy for them. Chargeless.

March 21 – JPM, rome, to JPM Jr – Instruct bookkeepers render Junius, Carrie, George, statement of
account trustees under their mother’s Will, which was formerly regularly given to their father. Flitch.

March 26 – JPM, rome to JPM Jr – Bishop Lawrence will arrive tomorrow Wednesday adriatic. He has
twoo or three boxes old books and box cigarettes – latter cost 50 pounds. Can you arrange see him or
purser, who will have charge. Savingthem any trouble. Flitch.

March 26 – JPM Jr to JPM, Rome – market info – Will do all possible help Bishop Lawrence. Chargeless.

March 27 – JPM, rome to JPM Jr – Congratulatioons USSteel arrangement. Reserve me personally 200.000
Gary bonds. Flitch

March 27 – JPM, Rome, to JPM Jr. hear indireclty Nathan, man government sent over ispect collection on
the point of being recalled. I think this great mistake. Plan working well, why not let him continue until
collectioon finished. Show this Loeb and urge make no change present plan and leave Nathan London.

March 27 – JPM Jr to JPM, rome – Loeb assures me Nathan’s return at present not contemeplated. He will
stay till work done. Chargeless.
March 30 – JPM, Romoe to JPM Jr – greatly disappointed about Nathan. Everything was working well and
so satisfactorily feel it was great mistake make change wihtout notice prior to me. However, too late now.
If slightest difficulty arises or I think best will cable Collector thorugh you at once. Thanks your trouble.

April 1 – JPM Jr to JPM, Rome—only financial data

April 2 – JPM, rome to JPM Jr – Will take whole Mrs. Irvins Madeira. Can divide it when I return. Can
you take care of until then?….Flitch

April 2 – JPM Jr to JPM, Rome – Will look out for Madeira and place it your cellar. Have reserved you
200.000 Gary bonds at cost price. Chargeless.

April 3 – JPM Jr to JPM Rome – Learn that Stanley Committee meet again April 11th when likely adjourn
unless there is a prospect of our or Frick’s return in a short time after that. Public has lost entire interest in
Committee also apparently in other proposed investigations of which have heard nothing further. Chargless.

April 5 – JPM Jr to JPM, Florence – Have been agitating with Vanderlip question raising Natinoal City
Bank dividen….Family, office, all well. Quiet heere over Easter. Dearest love, Jack.

April 8 – JPM Jr to JPM, Florence – Fifth shipment seven cases by Baltic delivered Museum all in order.

April 11 – JPM, Florence, to JPM Jr – Have you altered your intention securing New York Central stock?
Notice only 2,000 shares bought between trial blaance February and March. Understood intention was to
buy that much daily. All well. Love to all. Flitch

April 11 – JPM Jr to JPM, Florence – Hve not altered intention New York Central sotck, but market was
extreley small and very strong, and we did not wish rush it up. During actiity last few days hae bought
about 4,000 more and expect continue. Have you any suggestion to make as to director Opera House
ompany in the place of Cutting? William Sloane, Harry Whitney, Ogden Mills are available. Whidch of
three would you prefer? All well. Best love.

April 11 – JPM to JPM Jr – Of the Gary bonds reserved for me charge your Aunt Mary $75,000, also
charge Mademoiselle Gianotti $25,000., also buy for her $43,000. Southern Development 4’s, charge my
account any balance at debit resulting Mademoiselle Gianotti account after charging her for above $68,888.
Bonds. Flitch.

April 12 – JPM, Florence to JPM Jr – Opera House. My preference would be Sloane – next Mills. Flitch.

April 12 – V.H.S. to JPM Jr – Propose sailing for New York ―Titanic‖ May 1st. Will it be convenient?

April 12 – JPM Jr to JPM, Florence – Have had discussion Mitchell in regard to Junius affairs. He believes
if Junius income paid to him now, Junius muchmore likely make proper provision on lins suggested by you
than if income withheld until after trade made. Junius’ prseent feeling quite clear he is being oppressed and
means being used which not justifiable to force him to do what he knows he ought to do. Subject to
anything you may have settled in Romoe with him, I would be inclined to pay January income, hoing might
reach settlement before July and leaving matter July income until then. This cable deals only with question
income, and Mitchell makes no suggestions in regard to division capital. While Mitchell hs no authority say
so, believes can work out to reasonable basis if this is done. Chargeless.

April 15 – JPM, Aix, to JPM Jr – Am here all well. Have just hear fearful rumor about titanic with icieberg.
Without any particulars. Hope for God sake not true. Dearest love to all. Flitch.
April 16 – JPM Jr to JPM, Aix – Conditions as cabled last night unchanged this morning. Still no word as
to otheer ships. Jack

April 17 – JPM Jr to JPM, Aix – No further news today of any kind regarding disaster.. Chargeless

April 17 – JPM, Aix to JPM Jr – Many thanks to you Jessie and all for message. All well but greatly upset
by loss Titanic which made sad birthday. Dearest love to you all. Father.

April 19 – JPM, Aix, to JPM Jr – Pay to Doctor Markoe $10,000. Flitch

April 19 – JPM Jr to JPM, Aix – Glad you wll go to Venice. Nothingimportant likely to occur. All accounts
substantially comfirm my cable last night. J. B. Ismay last night in bad shape physically and mentally, but
today somewhat better. He and all surviving officers appear today before Committee of US Senate here in
New York equiring into matter. All details so far heeartbreaking but magnificent. Courage of everyone on
board superb. Chargeless.

April 19 – JPM Jr to JPM, Aix – Senate Committee of investigation sat all yesterday, again today. J. B.
Ismay appeared and made perfectly clear statement. It is evident that he did all possible to helep.
Nevertheelss, newspapers, which are unspeakably bad, and Congress which is worse, seem to have made
up their minds in some way he is to blame for whole thing. His condition physically and mentally worn out.
Should be glad if you would cable him few words sympathy and support. Address him Ritz Hotel, New
York. It is great grief to all of usthat public bodies, newspapers, and irresponsible parties generally, should
say sort of thigns that have been said in regard to whole matter. Nevertheelss we believe Senate enquiry
may have value in eliciting facts in public manner instead of having them dribble out through newspapers.

April 21 – JPM, Aix, to JPM Jr – Greatly distressed about J. B. Ismay. I have sent cable yesterday
addressed care Morgan, Newyork. Flitch.

Aprili 22 – JPM, Venice to JPM Jr – Just arrived here all well, weather superb. Tell Captain Proter would
be glad accommodate Mr. May but seems to me it would be unwise becaue, if I decide to Kiel as now think
of doiing, shall want yacht over here by June 15 th. If you wish to I have no objection provided will not
interfere with that. Dearest love to all. Father.

April 22 – JPM Jr to JPM, Venice – China is assuming very important shape. Will be conferencein Paris
early in May to consider reorganization loan for new Government of 60 million pounds in which our
interest will be one-sixth. We consider matter of great importance and that we should be represented by
partner heere knowing most about it, so we are suggesting H. P. D. sail this week in order to be there. For
your information, there are many things I want him talk over withou – question of broad policy and wide
reaching matters which are impossible to do by cable or by mail, so thinkChina will serve for excuse,
andhoe you will be glad see him when he comes. Matters for discussion not immediate or imperative, but
think it is important theyshould be on your ind in order that you should have chance consider themin all
bearings. All well here. Business very quiet. H.P.D. cmparatively unoccupied, think excellent time for him
go, and we are all urging him to. Hope you will approve. Chargeless.

April 23 – JPM to JPM Jr – fully approve your suggestion about H.P.D. Should be only too glad see him.
Was my cable for J. bruce Ismay received and forwarded. From telegraphic accounts his treatment New
York infernally brutal. Cannot understand except the great excitement. All well. Flitch

Ajpril 23 – JPM Jr to JPM, Venice – Junius now cables asking payment $2000 from January income to
Josie without any condition. May I pay. Chargeless.

April 23 – JPM Jr to JPM, Venice – Bankers Trust Company building nearly ready – your room glorious.
Would you lke decoration arranged now, to be ready for your arrival. And if so by whom? Or would you
prefer wait your return? Will see to with pleasure if you like. Chargeless.
April 23- JPM Jr to JPM – our cable J. Bruce Ismay was receigfed. Peresume he has not had time answer
owing to Washington affairs. He was very grateful – spoke most warmly on the subject Sunday. Treatment
of him has been outrageous. In fact whole Senate investigation has been conducted most unfairly and
stupidly. Ismay’s statement published Monday morning has very much cleared the air as far as he is
concerned, and public sentiment seems to be changing in his favour. H. P. D. will sail on Mauretania

April 24 – JPM, Venice to JPM Jr – Robert Bacon sailed on the ―France.‖ Bankers Trust being joiing
account Robert Bacon, leave decoration to you and him after arrival, with full power. Josie, yes. Flitch.

April 25 – JPM Jr to JPM, Venice – Belief that investigation committee House of Representatives would
conduct investigation has been upset by apointmentUntermeyer counsel who refused to take that position
unless more drastic resolution than that already suggested ws passed. This resolution reported today,
passed by large majority although directly contrary to decision of democratic caucus on this subject before.
Investigationo will probably proceed now on as unpleasant lines as can be arranged. Do not yet know what
will be procedure or who will be called first. We are having further conference with four lawyers early next
week. Regret very much all efforts which have been made produce decent investigation should have been
so unsuccessful. All well here. Glad you had such good time in Venice. Chargeless.

April 30 – JPM Jr to JPM, Aix – Investigationo has begun by sending all financial institutions series of
blanks to fill in, including full details all syndicate operatoins for past five years, list of stockholders, list of
loans having stocks of other institutions as collateral with names of borrowers, the statement to be made as
of today. We have not received any questions as yet. Understand many banks here and other Cities very
firm onundesirability answering qeustions. All discussing with their counsel extent to which they must
answer and are considering what is the best way handling matter. Do not know yet what lines they will
take. We have meeting with lawyes tomorrow. Chargeless.

April 27 – Jacques Seligmann, Paris, to JPM Jr – Steamship LA France having left its freight at Havre,
cases announced on this steamer are shipped by Provence.

April 30 – JPM Jr to JPM, Aix – Fund being raised for Captain Smith memorial and family. May I
contribute $1,000 for you?

May 2 – H.P.D. Aix to JPM Jr – Most delighted appearance Flitchwho in spite of ―titanic‖ and New York
annoyances seems in good spirits and philosophical……Expect spend evening with JPM. Flitch expects go
Paris Sunday, I joining him.

May 3 – JPM and H.P.D. to C.S. and JPM Jr – We are clearly of the opinion it is noot only or duty but also
best for all interested that we should nt attempt dillydally with the Cmmittee but should stand strictly and
technically on ouor legal rights in every respect. This is our conviction after discussion with Aldrich, and
answers your original cable o the subject of March 15 th. Reason for this is affairs have now radically
changed since ouor cable came. We think also that all the institutions in New York City should adopt same
policy we should do all we can induce them do so, b ut, whether they do or not, our own actin should be
positive. If it should develop that the Clearing Houses as representing financial institutions of New York
City should see fit take any action, our opinion is that as this attack is evidently against New York City
firms and institutions we should not attmept bring into discussion Clearing Houoses outside New York
City, although if you all think othrwise it might answer to incluede Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia. We are
clear it is most important we and the financial institutions in which we are directly iterested should be
rperesented by best counsel obtainable, and that steps should be taken secure in confidential way best
publicist available, whose entire time sould be given to this movement to see in as far as possib le corrct
facts in regard to investigation as to the various institutions should reach the public in their true and proper
light. We would suggest if you all approve, including G. F. Baker, F. A. Vanderlip, this matter be taken up
promptly without regard to expense, which of course should be properly apportioned. Flitch Centipedal.