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									                         CITY OF HALLANDALE BEACH, FLORIDA

DATE:          January 31, 2011

TO:            Mark Antonio, City Manager

FROM:          Rebecca Munden-Correa, Director of Parks and Recreation

SUBJECT: Parks and Recreation Activities for February 16-March 15, 2011

The following are special events and activities for February 16-March 15, 2011:

*Wednesday, February 16
Recycling Team Clean-up
O.B. Johnson Park, 3:30pm
The O.B. Johnson Park Recycling Team will be leaving from O.B. Johnson Park and picking-up
one of the blocks in the Palms neighborhood.

“Roots” (Part 1)
O.B. Johnson Park, 6:00pm
In Observance of Black History Month the park will be showing “Roots” (Part 1). Movie will be
continued on the 17th and 18th.

*Thursday, February 17
“Roots” (Part 2)
O.B. Johnson Park, 6:00pm
In Observance of Black History Month the park will be showing “Roots” (Part 2). Movie will be
continued on the 18th.

*Friday, February 18
“Roots” (Part 2)
O.B. Johnson Park, 6:00pm
In Observance of Black History Month the park will be showing “Roots” (Part 3).

*Monday, February 21
President’s Day Holiday
Parks Open/Community Centers Closed

*Tuesday, February 22
Teen Field Trip: Dinner and the Movies
O.B. Johnson Park, 5:00pm
The teens will catch a bite to eat and then enjoy a night at the movies. Pre-registration required.

*Wednesday, February 23
Teen Visit to the Art institute’s Culinary School
O.B. Johnson Park, 3:30pm
The teens will be visiting the Art Institute’s Culinary School. Pre-registration required.
*Thursday, February 24
Movie Matinee
Cultural Community Center, 1:00pm
Enjoy a classic movie and snacks this afternoon at the Cultural Center.
Movie: Follow That Dream starring Elvis Presley.

*Friday, February 25
Black History Month “The Journey”
O.B. Johnson Park, 7:00pm
A tribute to Black History as a journey through time performed by the youth.

*Saturday, February 26
PAL Antique Sale
Cultural Center, 10am-5pm
Vintage Items on Sale. Entrance Fee of $2.00.

*Sunday, February 27
PAL Antique Sale
Cultural Center, 11am-4pm
Vintage Items on Sale. Entrance Fee of $2.00.

*Monday, February 28
Teen Cooking Class
O.B. Johnson Park, 4:00pm
The teens will be learning how to make their own quesadillas after their visit to the Culinary

Tuesday, March 1
March is “National Craft Month” Activity
Peter Bluesten Park, 4:00pm
In honor of National Craft Month stop by the park to create a “marching” craft this afternoon.

*Wednesday, March 2
Quiet Day Activities
O.B. Johnson Park, 4:0pm
For Quiet Day we will play quiet games like Heads Up Seven Up; have a drawing contest, play
charades to see just how quiet we can be.

*Thursday, March 3
Teen’s Design the Teen Center Ceiling
Teen Center, 3:00pm
The teens will be creating an eclectic new ceiling for the teen center.

*Friday, March 4
Movie in the Park
Peter Bluesten Park, 7:00p.m.
Bring your snacks and family to enjoy an evening of movies at the park.
Movie: TBA

*Saturday, March 5
Recycling Team’s Yard Sale
O.B. Johnson Park, 10:00am-2:00pm
The recycling team will see if the community would like to recycle slightly used items during this
yard sale.
*Monday, March 7
National Nutrition Month
Bluesten Park, 4:00pm
The children will bring in their favorite snacks to see how they measure up nutritionally. Then, to
reinforce what they have learned the children will make snacks using healthy alternatives.

*Tuesday, March 8
Celebrate Your Name
Peter Bluesten Park, 2:00pm
Stop by the park this afternoon to find out the meaning of your name.

*Wednesday, March 9
Thinking Day
O.B. Johnson Park, 5:00pm
In honor of Thinking Day put your thinking cap on and show us your best stuff in an afternoon of
checkers, chess and other fun board games.

*Thursday, March 10
Teen Debate Night
Teen Center, 5:00pm
The teens will be debating the latest and greatest topics (guys versus gals).

*Friday, March 11
Johnny Appleseed Day
Peter Bluesten Park, 4:00pm
Were going to be celebrating Johnny Appleseed today with the story, a craft, apple games and
by creating an apple snack.

*Monday, March 14-18
Spring Break Camp
O.B. Johnson Park from 7:30a.m.-5:00p.m.
Peter Bluesten Park from 7:30a.m.-6:00p.m. Fee Charged.

If you have any questions or need additional information I am available at your convenience.


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