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									                   Thank you for taking the time to
                   review my Marketing Plan. In my past experience

                   as a Realtor, I learned that most people don’t like

                   the high pressure sales tactics that many realtors

                   use. Because of this, I am willing to put

                   everything you can expect from me in writing.

                   You can review my Marketing techniques in the

comfort of your home in a stress free, non-pressure setting. I go

beyond standard services and provide a full-service promotional

approach that takes your Customized Marketing Plan to a higher

level. My Marketing Plan gives you, the seller, the distinct marketing

edge in the Local, National and Worldwide Markets. After reviewing

the following information, please do not hesitate to contact me with

any questions or concerns you may have.

About McBride Kelly & Associates Realty   4
Benefits of Hiring Dr. Real Estate        6
More Than Just a Yard Sign                7
30 Day Marketing Plan                     8
Setting the Asking Price                  10
Property Enhancement                      11
Broker Opens                              12
Showing Feedback                          13
Postcards                                 14
Print Media                               14
Online Advertisement                      15
Virtual Media                             15
Multiple Listing Service (MLS)            16
Realtor.com Enhanced                      16
Commission                                17
The Steps in Selling Your Home            18
My Personal Philosophy                    19
Brian McBride -Broker/Owner has 11 years of Real Estate
Experience. Brian was in the top 2% in the World for Sales at
Coldwell Banker from 2001-2007. His awards were New Sales agent of
the year 2002, Diamond Club 2003, President’s Circle 2004,
President’s Elite 2005, President’s Elite 2006. Brian sold over 130
million in real estate transactions in his career. In 2007 Brian
decided to become a real estate broker and open McBride Kelly &
Associates Realty with his business associate Rick Kelly in Hyde Park
Tampa. McBride Kelly & Associates has become one of Florida’s
fastest growing and most successful Real Estate Companies.

McBride Kelly & Associates Realtors are some of the top Real
Estate associates in the State. Our Agents are hand selected from the
top professionals in the industry to provide you with knowledge,
integrity and real estate expertise to help you with any of your Real
Estate Needs.

In-House Lending: Our Affiliate Company Bay to Bay Lending LLC
has every imaginable loan product. FHA loans to Hard Money. Perfect
Credit or Credit Repair Needed. We have a solution for you. Our Loan
Officers are on staff at all hours to help select the right program for
you. www.baytobaylending.com

Local Sellers: We have every possible tool to market your home. From
print media like Homes and Land, the Real Estate Book, Tampa Tribune
and St. Pete Times. To Internet media like Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow
and more. We use every mean possible to sell your home! Lacking
exposure? McBride Kelly & Associates is at the forefront of all media!
“In today’s market it takes more than a yard Sign.”

We hope you contact us soon. We can assure you that once you do you
will be on the way to a great Real Estate Experience!

Short Sale Negotiation: We have some of the best legal advisors and loss
mitigation experts to help negotiate a successful Short Sale for you. We
Streamline the process to make it a timely and smooth transaction.
Our negotiators work around the clock to handle every aspect of the
Short Sale negotiation. We explore all options to help you understand
what will work best with your particular bank. We have had great
success with Bank of America short sales, Wells Fargo Short Sales,
SunTrust Short Sales and many other major banks.

Investor Relations: We help savvy investors or a first time investor
understand the current market conditions. We help provide market
data that will guide you to the most profitable investments.
Foreclosures, Bank Owned Homes, Short Sales and more.

Property Management: Let one of our Property Manager’s help place
a good quality tenant for you, handle the bookkeeping and answer
those late night phone calls for maintenance. Our Full Service
Property Management division handles all the ups and downs of
renting out your biggest investment. www.luxuryrentalstampa.com
Relocation Division: Our relocation experts will make your Move to
Tampa an easy one. Understanding the local market, school districts
and intricacies of each neighborhood is our Job. You enjoy the
Florida Sun!

Brian McBride
                         McBride Kelly & Associates
                            and Bay to Bay Lending
McBride Kelly & Associates Realty is a boutique Full Service Real
Estate Company that also owns an in-house mortgage Company named
Bay to Bay Lending. Bay to Bay Lending opened in early 2005 and
has been one of the most successful independently owned mortgage
companies in the Florida Region. Its success has been derived from
upfront, honest, ethical, and fully transparent loan practices. Many of
the lending institutions have failed under the new regulations however
Bay to Bay Lending has survived because we do good solid loans and
we care!

                     DJ Rondeau has been working for Bay to Bay
                     lending for the past 4 years and has been the
                     top Loan Officer Year after Year. DJ has built
                     a foundation of helping sellers get their homes
                     sold by providing quality financing. The buying/
                     selling process has enough ups and downs, with
                     DJ and Bay to Bay Lending we will ensure that all
                     prospects are pre-qualified and fully capable of
                     buying your home before they even walk in your
front door. We value your time and want you to know all customers
visiting your home are fully qualified.

Some of our Loan Products include:

- VA Loans
- FHA Loans including 203K (Rehab Loans)
- Private Funding
- Hard Money Loans
- USDA Loans
- Jumbo Loans
- Conventional Financing
- Construction Loans

                          6            www.TampaREA.com
             Marketing Your Home - For Sellers

                        McBride Kelly & Associates
                                    and Rick Kelly
                          Rick Kelly entered the mortgage
                          business in 2005 after many years as
                          a top executive for Food & Beverage
                          Resort Management. Rick felt the
                          customer service foundation he
                          established in his past job life would
transfer over well into the mortgage business.

Rick Kelly has been given many awards for his experience
and contribution to the mortgage industry. Rick specializes in
Foreign National Loans, Jumbo loans and FHA. The philosphy
of customer first has given Rick a solid foothold on being one
of the top privately held mortage company executives in the
Florida region.

   813.313.0761              7
More Than Just a Yard Sign...

                      Marketing Your Home - For Sellers

What other companies           McBride kelly & associates
pay for:                       Gold Program

MLS                            MLS

Company Website                MKAREALTY.com

Yard Sign                      Yard Sign

   -                           Extensive Marketing Strategy & CMA

   -                           Featured in Real Estate Book Magazine

   -                           Featured in Homes & Land Magazine

   -                           Caravan

   -                           Catered Broker Open

   -                           Exclusive Zillow & Yahoo Premier Agents

   -                           Exclusive Agents to RightMove.com
                               (Europe’s #1 site)

   -                           Laminated High Gloss Flyers

   -                           Virtual Tours

   -                           In House Lead Call Center

   -                           Credit Counseling

   -                           Preferred Lending Closing Cost Assistance

   -                           Tribune/St. Pete Times Ads

   -                           Social Media Blogs & Ads on
                               Facebook, Twitter, Activerain,
                               YouTube, Email Blasts, Direct Mail, Craig-
                               slist Ads and over 50 websites...should we go

            813.313.0761              9

Once your home is listed, my team will create a custom “Just Listed”
postcard for your property. These cards will include high quality
photos pointing out the best features of your home along with
general information (i.e. beds, baths, square footage, price, etc.).
Custom postcards allow us to emphasize strong selling points (i.e.
large backyard, oversized lot, pool, wood floors, fireplace, etc.). These
postcards will be mailed to all your
neighbors. Many times your neighbors may have a friend or relative
interested in moving to their area. In addition to your neighborhood,
they’ll be sent to real estate offices and other potential qualified buyers.

• Create a custom color photo brochure outlining the key property

• Mail photo postcards to the executive offices and human resource
  departments of San Diego’s top 100 companies.

• Install a for sale sign on your property to generate buyer calls.

• Prepare 1,000 small “listing cards” for you to distribute to your
  friends and business associates.

• Mail just listed postcards to your neighbors inviting them to the
  broker caravan.

                             10             www.TampaREA.com
                   Marketing Your Home - For Sellers

                                                       Print Media

• Feature your home on the Internet including Homes and Land
  Magazine plus others.

• Create an enhanced Internet presence on realtor.com with the
  upgraded service.

• Use our nationwide relocation service to generate buyer

         813.313.0761             11
Benefits of Short Sales

           Issue               Short Sale                      Foreclosure

                        A short sale itself will
                        minimally affect your
                        credit score, usually
                        around 50 points. Late          Your credit score could be
   Credit Score         payments usually have           lowered 300+ points and
                        the largest negative            will stay on your record for
                        impact on your credit           10 years!
                        score from a short sale
                        and can average 30
                        points or more each.

                        There is not a credit
                        reporting item for a
                        short sale. Upon sale,          A foreclosure will
                        your mortgage                   remain on your credit for
   Credit history       company will tipically          10 years and
                        report the short sale as        is permanent in the public
                        ‘Paid’, ‘Settled in full’, or   records of your county.
                        ‘Paid as Negotiated’ on
                        your report.

                                                        Your employer has the right
                        A short sale is not an          and many times will actively
                        actual item on your             check your credit if you are
   Current Employment   credit report and               in sensitive positions.
                        typically will NOT              Sometimes a
                        affect your                     foreclosure is grounds for
                        employment.                     immediate
                                                        re-assignment or

                        A short sale is not an          Employers do check your
                        actual item on yur credit       credit history for many job
                        report and                      applicants. A foreclosure
   Future Employment    typically will                  is one of the most negative
                        NOT affect future               items you can have on your
                        employment.                     credit and may affect future

                                                        On the federally
                                                        mandated standard loan
                        You typically do not            application form 1003 you
                        have to declare                 will be required to answer
                        to future mortgage              ‘YES’ to the question ‘Have
   Future Loan with a   companies that                  you had property foreclosed
   Mortgage Co.         you previously                  upon or given title or deed
                        performed a short               in lieu thereof in the past
                        sale.                           7 years?’ Answering ‘yes’
                                                        affects the interest rate you
                                                        will receive.
         Issue                    Short Sale                   Foreclosure
           Issue                  Short Sale                 Foreclosure

 Future Fannie Mae        After a successful short       After a foreclosure you will
    Future Fannie Mae
                             After can be eligible for
                          sale you a successful short    be ineligible for a Fannie
                                                           will be ineligible for
       Loan-Primary          sale you can be eligible
                          a Fannie Mae backed            Mae backed investment
                                                          a Fannie Mae backed
 Residence                  forafter only Mae backed
                          loan a Fannie 2 years.         loan for a minimum of 5
         Residence            loan after only 2 years.    investment loan for a
                                                           minimum of 5 years.

                    After a successful short        After a foreclosure you will
 Future Fannie Mae  sale you can be eligible for be ineligible for a Fannie
 Loan-Non -         a Fannie Mae backed             Mae backed investment
 Primary                After a successful short loan for a minimum of 7
                    loan after only 2 years on
                    non-primary residences.
                        sale you can be eligible    years. a foreclosure you
    Future Fannie Mae  for a Fannie Mae backed         will be ineligible for
        Loan-non -    loan after only 2 years on      a Fannie Mae backed
          Primary              non-primary            investment loan for a
                                residences.           minimum of 7 years.
                    It is typical for the lender
                    to give up the right to         The bank has the right to
                    pursue a deficiency             pursue the deficiency
 Deficiency         judgement against the           judgment in all foreclosures
 Judgment           borrower. This
                    is stated in approval letters, (except in states where
                      It not legal to collect in there is no deficiency)
                    and is typical for the lender Employers do check
                         to give up
                    many states. the right to      your credit history for
                                 pursue a          many job applicants. A
         Deficiency       deficiency judgement     foreclosure is one of the
         Judgment         against the borrower.
                                    home is sold
                    A short saleis stated in       most negative items you
                             This                        have on your
                           near market value and cantheand may affect sale
                    at orapproval letters, and      If       home does not
                    in most cases is acollect in credit employment.
                        is not legal to             at a foreclosure auction it
                    greater value than a
                               many states.         will have to go through the
 Deficiency         foreclosure sale which          bank REO system. This
 Amount             results in a lower
                    deficiency. This deficiency will result in a longer time
                                                    to sell and potentially a
                    is typically forgiven.
                    Helping to cut your lenders higher deficiency judgment
                         A short sale home is
                                                    for the homeowner.
                        sold at or also market
                    loss as well is near the         If the home does not
                       value and to do.
                    ethical thing in most cases        sale at a foreclosure
                       is a greater value than a          auction it will
                            foreclosure sale           have to go through
         Deficiency    which results in a lower the bank REO system.
If you are “upside down”deficiency.ismore on your mortgage
                                 & owe
                        This deficiency typi- This will result in a lon-
than the market will let you forgiven. home time to asell and
                             cally sell your                for, you may
                                                       potentially higher
                          Helping to cut your         deficiency judgment
                         lenders loss as We
need to consider a “short-sale”. well is canfor the homeowner.
                                                        help you with
                         also the ethical thing
your sale, whatever your situation. Contact us for a
                                  to do.
free no-obligation consultation about your property.

                   813.313.0761                   www.TampaREA.com
                            Online Advertisement

Let’s face it. The internet is the first place buyers go when
searching for a new home. I have a very aggressive internet
marketing campaign that generates 100′s of buyer leads every

It is my goal to advertise your home in a variety of different
areas to gain the most exposure possible, including Realtor.
com, the #1 real estate website in the world, which attracts
over 5.7 million potential clients per month. Here are a few
samples of the tools we use to effectively market your home
both online and in print.

                       14          www.TampaREA.com
                    Marketing Your Home - For Sellers

                                                  Virtual Tours

The majority of serious home buyers are now starting their
search online. Sixty-seven percent of homebuyers believe
using the internet saves them time in their home search.
(NAR) Seventy-seven percent of homebuyers consider detailed
property information “extremely valuable”. (NAR) Instead of
viewing just still pictures of you home, virtual tours allow the
buyers to have a complete tour, inside and out, just by going
on the internet. This is an important tool especially for out of
state buyers whose time is usually very limited. This will help
give your home the maximum exposure to the largest pool of
qualified buyers when it’s most convenient for them.

          813.313.0761             15
                          Setting the Asking Price
One of the first steps to selling your home is establishing a competitive
asking price for your property. To do this, I will prepare a Comparative
Market Analysis for you. A Comparative Market Analysis or CMA is
an assessment of a property’s Market value. The price is established
by comparing your home to similar properties that have SOLD in the
area within the past few months. With my experience and keen under-
standing of the market, I can help you understand what price range
your home should be in and determine a price that will ensure you a
successful sale within your timeline.

• Thoroughly inspect your home and outline all the important features
  and upgrades.

• Determine the Fair Market Value of your property by doing a
  detailed written market analysis.

• Provide an estimate of the selling expenses to show your net

• Execute a listing agreement authorizing us to market your property.

                            16             www.TampaREA.com
                        Marketing Your Home - For Sellers

                                     Property Enhancement

With my experience, I know certain things that buyers may like or dislike
about homes. I will help you prepare your home for a successful sale. To-
gether we can determine what may be a buyer turn off and in turn hinder
the sale of the home. Usually it’s very minor things that need to be done
which are often very inexpensive and take little time to correct.

• Prepare a written home enhancement proposal and budget for your

• Recommend repairs and improvements to sell your property for the
  highest price.

• Schedule and supervise the home enhancement program, with your ap-

• Suggest additional enhancement and repairs based on buyer feedback.

            813.313.0761                 17
                                          Broker Opens
A Brokers Open House is a great way to inform Tampa’s best and
most active Realtor’s that your home is available and ready to sell!
Statistics say that there is a 95% chance that a realtor attending your
brokers open will show your house to an approved buyer. In this
market, holding a successful broker open is a very important part of
the Sales Program.

• Prepare and submit accurate information to the Multiple Listing
  Service (MLS).

• Schedule a professional photographer to take “perfect” digital
  photos of your property for the MLS and Internet web sites.

• Install a high-security, computerized lock box to facilitate
  showings (optional).

• Promote your property by networking with active agents from
  other companies.

                      18            www.TampaREA.com
               Marketing Your Home - For Sellers

                                      Showing Feedback

Being a seller in the past myself, I know that after each showing you’re
curious to know what the prospective buyer thought of your home. I will
contact the buyers’ agent and request positive and negative feedback. This
is an important part of the selling process as it lets us know what the
buyers liked and disliked about the home. If the buyers don’t particularly
prefer the layout or area of the home, you obviously can’t make those
changes; but more often than not, you’ll hear of minor things like: pet
odors, needs more neutral paint colors, carpet needs replacement, etc.
Those things can usually be quickly and inexpensively corrected.
• Send you a printed copy and a link to the MLS presentation for your
• E-mail you links to all the Internet presentations for your approval.
• Call weekly to check on showings.
• E-mail you direct feedback from other agents on all showings.
• Call or meet with you weekly to report on the activity and review market
• Provide regular updated written market reports showing the latest
  market activity.
• Constantly review our marketing strategy and adjust as needed to get
  your home sold.

  813.313.0761                   19
                 Multiple Listing Service (MLS) &
                          Realtor.com Enhanced
The single most powerful tool in marketing your home is the Multiple
Listing Service or MLS. More homes are sold via the MLS than any
other means. Visited by thousands of local Realtors every day, it is
important that your MLS listing have clear photos and descriptive text.
Your home will have the maximum of 10 photos allowed by the MLS.
My photographer is trained to take pictures of your home with the
correct lighting and different angles that will make it most appealing
to home buyers.

REALTOR.com is the #1 real estate web site. (1) 82% of home sellers
and buyers that are searching online for a home do it on REALTOR.
com. (1) its very important to make your home stand out and reach
as many potential buyers as possible. A normal listing on this site
simply gives one photo, no additional text or description and the basic
information (i.e. square footage, beds, baths, etc.). With a Showcase
Listing, it allows me to include up to six photos, a description of your
home pointing out all the features that may make your home different
from all the others, scrolling text to make it really Stand Out and a
Virtual Tour. It also gives me access to see how many times your listing
has been viewed. According to REALTOR.com, Showcase Listings on
their site are viewed 299% more often than homes that only offer one
exterior photo. (2) So, if any of the 6.6 million monthly viewers are
looking for a home like yours in your area, your Showcase Listing is
guaranteed to STAND OUT! Don’t settle for a basic REALTOR.com
listing that may cause a potential buyer to pass it up.

                             20            www.TampaREA.com
                         Marketing Your Home - For Sellers

                     The Steps in Selling Your Home
1. LISTING AGREEMENT & other listing paperwork such as Seller’s Prop-
   erty Disclosure. It is a partnership between the Seller and the Agent. Both
   have the same goal: To get the property SOLD!

2. Multiple Listing Service (MLS) –The house will be available through all

3. Yard Sign – What to do if people stop at the house without a Realtor.

4. Keysafe – How it works mechanically and how it should work with
   Realtors when they show your home.

5. Home Information – inside and outside.

6. 65 Mile Speed Limit & marketing the home.

7. Creating Terms, Price, & establishing the length of time the property
   will be on the market. Include the Salability Checklist, 30 Day Marketing
   Plan (if Seller meets all 8 requirements), and an appraisal of your home if

8. Seller to call us with every showing. Explain why.

9. Meet with Seller once a month to review what is happening with the prop-
   erty. Date to be set TODAY!

10. What to do when the home is shown. Refer to 65 Mile Speed Limit.

11. What to do when an offer is made on the home. I’ll make sure
    everything is covered in the contract. I work for YOU!

12. Pre-qualifying the buyer right after the contract is accepted. Very im-
    portant! We don’t want the home off the market if the buyer cannot

13. The escrow period is the time we work the hardest in order to close the
    sale. This is the time the agent earns the commission – especially if a new
    loan is involved.

14. Who selects the escrow/title company.

15. Who selects the lender.

16. Walk Through Inspection: What will happen, what has to be in working
    order, and if not, what happens. If the home is or will be vacant, we will
    do the walk through NOW.

            813.313.0761                      21
               My Personal Philosophy

You hire the BEST LAWYER
to keep you out of jail
and you don’t question the price.

to help you save money on taxes
and you don’t question the price.

You hire the BEST SURGEON
because you want to make sure you wake up after
the surgery
 and you don’t question the price.

You should hire the BEST REALTOR
to sell your home and find you a new home.

you are not a Victim of a Bad Market but you
could be a Victim of Bad Marketing.

Call Dr. Real Estate Today for a prescription
to a healthy home Sale!

Call for a Free Consultation….

Cell 24 hours a Day 7 Days a Week
(813) 313-0761

                22        www.TampaREA.com
          Marketing Your Home - For Sellers

813.313.0761             23
501 South Dakota Ave Tampa, FL 33606

          Kenneth Harrelson
             Dr. Real Estate
      Realtor & Marketing Director

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