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                                      Tsunami Quiz
                                       Study Guide
                             Quiz on Monday, March 21, 2011

        The Tsunami Magnitude Scale goes from 1 – 12

        Know what could trigger a tsunami. (seismic events – volcano, earthquake,
         meteor, mass movement)

        Know where is the safest place to be during a tsunami. (on a boat out to sea)

        Know that the largest wave in a tsunami is usually NOT the first one.

        Know the different parts of a tsunami or general waves. You will have a diagram
         and have to label it. (crest, trough, wavelength, wave base (formula is: ½wb),
         swash zone, wave height)

        Know what happens to the water as a tsunami moves closer to shore. (the wall of
         water rises as the ocean floor rises towards the beach – remember amplitude).
         More water squeezes into a small space.

        Know the sizes for wavelength, wave height, and wave speed. (wl –100 to 300
         mi; wh-inches to 300 ft; ws-300 to 500 mph)

        Mega Tsunamis can be up to 1,000 feet tall. They can only be caused by
         Asteroid Impacts or Mass Movement (Landslide).

        The west coast of the United States is at risk of tsunamis.

        Lake Michigan waves are wind-generated. If the length between two waves
         were 20 feet, the wave base would be 10 feet down (remember ½ of wave length)
         This is where the fish live.

        Constructed Response: Be able to state the difference between tsunami waves
         and wind-driven waves on Lake Michigan. Remember, during a tsunami the
         entire wall of water moves onshore. Wind waves are only half of the wave
         length. Then it is calm water.

        Know the values (numbers) for

                  Wave Length (3 00 – 5 00 miles) Crest to Crest
                  Wave Height (inches to 300 feet tall)
                  Wave Speed (100 – 300 mph)
                  Wave Period (up to 30 minutes between waves)
                  Swash Zone (goes miles inland)
                  Caused by a seismic event
Wahlberg Tsunami SG
rev 03/18/2011
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