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The Interlopers by Saki

VIEWS: 384 PAGES: 12

									The Interlopers
     by: Saki

Precipitous     Condolences
Marauders       Languor
Medley          Succor

Page 303
  Hector Hugh Munro (Saki)
►Born  December 18, 1870
►The master of short stories
►At an early age his mother died
 when she was run over by a
 runaway cow
►After her death he lived with his
 aunts who used corporal
 Hector Hugh Munro (Saki)
►The   Rise of the Russian Empire
 was Saki’s first published book
►Fought in World War I where he
 wrote many short stories and met
 his death
►Saki was shot by a sniper on
 November 16, 1916
►Hatfields  vs. McCoys
►West Virginia vs. Kentucky
►First shootings were in 1878 over
 a legal dispute about two hogs
►1888 = 6 people were killed

 Can you think of other examples of
 bloody feuds?
►Ulrich von Gradwitz
►Georg Znaeym
►Mountains of central Europe
 within a forest
►Late 1800’s to early 1900’s
►Two family’s feuding, especially
 between the two landowners
      Literary Analysis
►Internal   conflict vs. external
►Internal conflict occurs within a
 character who experiences
 opposing ideas or feelings
►External conflict occurs
 between characters or between a
 character and a force of nature
      Literary Analysis
►Direct  vs. indirect
►Direct is when an author
 directly states a characters
 personality traits
►Indirect is when a writer uses a
 character’s actions, thoughts and
 feelings to suggest their traits
What event is the cause for
        the feud?
►A  lawsuit over a narrow strip
 of land is the cause for the
►There is a personal hatred
 between the two men which
 keeps the feud going
  Is the conflict in this story
  internal or external? Why?
►Because  it is between a
 character and another character
 What happens to the men
when they meet face to face?
►Before  they can shoot each
 other a tree falls pinning both of
 them down
   How does the conflict
►Boast  about what their men
 will do to the other man
►Ulrich offers the wine to
►Ulrich offers peace to Georg
 resolving the conflict
►They become friends
► Review   and assess page 310
► Good follow up questions and essay
► Review and assess page 311

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