Descriptive Essay Topics (PowerPoint) by wuyunqing


									       Descriptive Essay
Copy This: You must do a pre-write, a
rough draft, revise and edit the rough draft,
 and then type a final draft, double spaced
 in size 12 font. Your final must have 10
sensory, 10 active verbs, and 3 similes that
  you elaborate on!!! The length of your
essay must be two pages typed or computer
Directions: Choose one of the following topics for
your descriptive essay. Remember to Pre-write first
      (list, cluster, free-write, bubble-cluster).

• 1. Recall a vivid experience from your childhood—a visit to an
  unfamiliar place or an incident in your neighborhood.Show your
  audience what the experience was like for you.
• 2.Think of something that drives people crazy like bumper to bumper
  traffic at a certain time of day, long lines at the bank on Fridays, or a
  new flu everyone catches. Write all of the details about how it affects
  people. How do they react? How do they cope?
• 3.Many people derive comfort from a childhood object throughout life:
  they may no longer sleep with a teddy bear, but the sight of it on the
  shelf provides security and a connection with the past. Think of such
  an object that exists for you-a Raggedy Ann doll,a model ship or car, a
  pillow, something in your parent’s house. Describe the object’s
  physical attributes and its significance to you.
   Or choose one of the following topics, or any topic they
suggest, for an essay developed by description. The topic you
    decide on should be something you care about so that
      description is a means of communicating an idea.
• People:
• 1. An exceptionally neat or messy person
• 2. A person whose appearance and mannerisms
  are at odds with his or her real self
• 3. A person you admire or respect
• 4. An irritating child
• 5. A person who intimidates you
• 1. A shopping mall
• 2. A frightening place
• 3. A place near water (ocean, lake, pond,
  river, swimming pool)
• 4. A place you daydream about
• 5. A prison cell, police station, or
          Animals and Things:

•   1.Birds at a bird feeder
•   2. A work of art
•   3. A pet or an animal in the zoo
•   4. A favorite childhood toy
•   5. A prized possession
•   6. The look and taste of a favorite food or

• 1. The devastation caused by natural
• 2. A scene of environmental destruction
• 3. A yard sale or flea market
• 4. Late night or early morning
• 5. The scene at a concert

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