Delta Delta_ Tau Beta Sigma Minutes by wuyunqing


									Delta Delta, Tau Beta Sigma Minutes
2/ 24/ 2008
Meetings Open: 7: 32pm

Secretary’s Report
Sister Marone moves to except the secretary’s report as read
Sister Ziegenfus seconds
Motion passes, 2 abstentions

President’s Report:
Welcome to second set of meetings away from joints. Good job at the game
everything moved smoothly and we got to eat dinner. I hope everyone who went,
enjoyed centrals and yeah for Sarah who went to Southerns.

Treasury’s Report
Opening Balance: 369.07

Dues: 240.00
Dues, Empties, Fundraiser: 108.45
Total Deposits: 348.45

Checks Written: none
Total: 0.00

Closing Balance: 717.52

Shirts: 70.00

Emergency Fund: 46.42
NC Travel Fund: 0.00
Working Balance: 601.10
Baker moves
Michele 2
Motion passes, 1 abstention

Old and new

New and old

New and old
Old, new closed

Old and New





No report

Groove and Funk:


Old Business:
Valentine’s Day Fundraiser
   ‐ This was kind of a dud, but we did make profit of $9. Not bad, considering
      that we didn’t have much time to advertise to concert band.

Check from USSBA Show
   ‐ We will be getting a check for $500 at joints tomorrow.

For now on when you are straw pulling on an event, or voting on a date PLEASE
do NOT raise your hand if the date is bad for you. There is a difference between
liking an idea, and actually having the time to do it. This will prevent us for
signing our selves up for stuff that we can actually follow through with. On that
same note we need to prioritize between what we think is more important.

We are going to host a few “rush” events this semester. This is a chance for
prospective members to come hang out with the sisters. They can ask questions
about what we are about, but we need to treat the activities a little different since
we won’t be giving them the option of MCing until the fall.

   • Jewelry making night
         o Tuesday March 24, 2008
   • Band trivia night
         o Thursday April 4, 2008
   • Roller skating
   • Ladies night out-Dinner & a movie
         o May 1, 2008

   At the membership meeting we had a discussion on changes that need to be
   made within the chapter

   •   Recognize what you have—we’re sisters. This is not a class, this is not your
       job; it’s a bond.
   •   Responsibility—this needs to be a priority in your life, you owe it to this
       organization to make it a priority. If you don’t like how things are going,
       don’t run away from it, stand up and try to change the things you don’t

  • Post membership education is going to be really different this semester.
     The board decided that written quizzes are not an accurate measure of our
  • You’re going to be split up into groups to be based on your MC Class.
  • Each member is going to be responsible for teaching the rest of the group
     one part of the information, so that way you are helping each other study.
  • You’ll go in front of the membership board together, and each be asked a
     few questions.
  • The objective is to test you on your knowledge, bring you closer to your
     MC mates, and grow in the bond.
  • The other is to choose your favorite purpose, quality, essential factor and
     write a paragraph of what it says to you, and how it is important to the
     sorority and our chapter.—the paragraphs will be shared and a later event
     in the semester.
  • The third assignment is to either write in a poem, gather a bunch of quotes
     or create some type of collage, photo montage or something fun, which
     expresses the mission statement. This is ultimately an expression of what
       tau beta sigma is to you. These will be used in our presentation at districts
       for the top chapter award.
   •   Due by the next set of meetings—mission statement collage
   •   Due by march 23- paragraph of what your purpose or something means to
   •   Pick on the purposes, five, or eight, and write what it means to you Due
       March 29th.
   •   The other part will be given to you later

Attendence Policy
Basically attendance is going to be strict, when you start to get close toy our quota
of absences, you will get a verbal and written warning from me and Steph. If you
hit the forth- you will be a probational status. If you feel that you are unjust then
you can appeal it and the membership board will vote on whether or not it is
expectable. Probation is when you lose voting rights, rights to a little, and your
office that semester. You must give written excuse to Alison, and the person
writing the event and if not it is unexcused. Alison has all class conflicts written
down so let Alison know the other things. Clarify class conflict- it is part of your
major and for credit. Sister can do one small service project to delete an
unexcused absence- ONLY ONCE.

Post Membership Education:
Split up into groups with your MC class. Each person will be in charge with
teaching someone else within your group a part of that particular membership
quiz that week. The group will go in front of membership and they will ask each
of us a question. Pick on the purposes, five, or eight, and write what it means to
you Due March 29th.

Color guard cleanup this weekend- only a small amount of people went. Be more
attentive to what is sent over list serve.
Will be choosing a new VPS in new

District Convention
- meeting after joints on Monday to talk about details

CC Danni on pen pals WRITE TO THEM!!!

Golden Typewriter:
Meeting Friday March 7th

District Penpals:
I haven't heard from Rose in a while, i'm working on it, but thank you to everyone
who volunteered. I also just contacted another chapter who e-mailed the list serve
about getting penpals so we'll have some soon.
Alumni Penpals:
If you haven't gotten into contact with your penpal you should, ASAP!
Please CC or forward me your e-mails, I've received e-mails from Diana/Lauren
and that's it.

also, please encourage your penpals to come to alumni day on April 5th so the
whole penpal idea can come full swing.

Delta Delta Delivers:
articles to me by tomorrow, thanks!
if you are not an officer/on my committee and you are going to write an article,
please let me know.

Meeting to edit articles on Thursday February 28

Southern Precincts: I hope it was fun, I wish that I could have gone

History Night will be April 3, 2008 @ 7:30. Its going to be History Trivia and Liz
and Mr. Parks will be invited and asking Alumni to come! Location TBA
Thanks for helping with FAC board!!!!

Groove and Funk:
Who wants to be on stepping committee? Pretty much everyone! 20 people are
going to districts! You have to go to committee meetings and learn the show!!!
Saturday Meeting: 4pm in CC basement
Sunday Meeting:
1:30pm CC basement

Workshop Sun. March 2, 2008 @ 3:30 pm, meet in 149

*When you are voting on a date, please do not vote yes on the idea, vote on the
time and date- whether or not you can go. Officers need to have exact dates and
times. Be a responsible voter/ stropoller

New Business:
Sister Iaconetti motions to pay for bags by check
Sister Marone seconds
Motion passes

Tote Bags
   ‐ Pricing should be $10 a bag, give or take – they cost about $2 apiece and
      the letters cost us nothing because they were in the chest. If we can sell all
       25 bags, we’ll make at least $200 – if we can sell raw letters as well, we’ll
       make even more.
          o Saturday, March 8th – 12-6pm: working on the bags- bring sewing
             machine, iron board, needle and thread.
          o Suggest you get both chapter and dress letters
          o Districts is the following week, so if need be, I’ll be moving my
             committee meeting on Tuesday, March 11th to somewhere that is
             sewing machine-friendly. We’ll discuss that at the next set of

Online Surveys
   ‐ You should all have received my email via the listserv by now. As the group
      leader for this, I can monitor who has joined, who is active, who isn’t doing
      surveys, etc. Please participate! I can’t force you, but all active members
      should definitely be trying their hardest to do all the surveys you get.

Ordering Things
   ‐ I have little order forms! Fill it out if you want something and get it to me
      by joints tomorrow – with money would be even better!

Empties for Cash
  ‐ We need to start doing this again! I have some with me. Encourage your
      friends, roommates, hall mates, etc. to participate. Sarah, I’d like to add
      them to the FAC board as well.
  ‐ I will be sending an email over the listserv to advertise to the band.

Passing around paper budget- look at it- study it.

Sister Maker motions to except budget as presented
Sister Boucher seconds

Sister Bogdan moves to split issue into two parts part one being the
miscellaneous $220.00 and the second being the remainder of the budget
Sister Kalifatus seconds
Motion passes, 2 opposed, 2 abstention

Sister Chueng opens up a vote to accept $220.00 as miscellaneous under service
Motion fails, 2 abstentions

Voting to except Part 2
Motion passes, 1 abstention

Sister Marone motions to recess to five minutes
Sister Bogdan seconds
Motion passes, 1 abstention

Reconvene 9:16pm

Possible Travel


UMaine visit: they want to come visit us because we visited them!

April 26th: Danni will email them both the dates and they can pick!

Wind ensemble, symphony band, and jazz concert. Sign up sheet will be going
around to a later date. Wind ensemble and Symphony Concert- Caitlin Baker and
Caity Bogdan. Jazz Showcase March 25th at 8pm – Jackie and Danni. Any ideas
for new food to be served: water.
Food waiver sent over list serve
Extra Reception will count as a service night

Any pictures for district board email to Sarah.

March 6, 2008 @ 6:40 in Newman Center
Go through your section of the constitution that need to be added and/ fixed. DO
not hesitate to email:

Dinner at 74- asking for $5. If money is the issue talk to them separately. March
7th, April 4, April 11
You have to give the money prior. Email any allergy/ vegetarian needs

Delegate Elections:
Jen, Danni, and Alison

Sister Dye entertains a motion to open elections for a district delegate for 2008
Sister Eaton so moves
Sister Bogdan seconds
Motion passes, 1 abstention

Sister Marone will be primary delegate
Sister Norton will be second delegate
Sister Iaconetti will be the tertiary delegate

Sister Chueng entertains to close delegate elections for 2008
Sister Roth so moves
Sister Marone seconds

Sister Maker moves to open nominations for Vice President of Service
Sister Marone seconds
Motions passes

Sister Bogdan nominates Sister Vinci
Sister Everdon nominates Sister Iaconetti
Sister Machuad moves to close nominations for Vice President of Service
Sister Pinaccles seconds
Motion passes

Sister Makers moves to open elections for Vice President of Service
Sister Machuad seconds
Motion passes, 1 abstention

New Vice President of Membership will be Stephanie Vinci
Sister Kalafatis motions to close elections
Sister Eaton seconds
Motions passes

Sister Largey entertains a motion to go to closed
Sister Kalafatis so moved
Sister Everdon seconds
Motion passes

Sister Bertelli moves to close meetings
Sister Burke seconds
Motion passes, 1 abstention

Meetings close: 10:48pm

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