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					                                                                            November 2010

    The newsletter of the Mercia Region of the Battlefields Trust

Introduction                                      Tony Spicer writes, the Battle of Worcester
Although we are heading toward the end of         (1651) walk on 24 October was part of the
the walking season we had a good spate of         St Peter's Festival at Battenhall in
events in October - Northampton, Edgehill         Worcester, an annual local community
and Worcester - which you can read about          event. Last year the walk explored Red Hill
below. There has been a disappointingly           and Perry Wood. This year, with a good
low turnout on some of the walks this year,       attendance of about 25 people, it went in
so it would be helpful if members could           the other direction, initially into Battenhall
come forward with ideas for the walks they        Park. Here Cromwell ordered Lambert to
would like to go on in 2011. Also in this         send more troops to assist with his bridge of
issue are details of threats to some of the       boats operation and initially Lambert
regions battlefields and details on the           refused due to concerns he would be unable
Mercia Region AGM.                                to support the Parliamentary troops at
                                                  Redhill and Perry Wood.
On the 10 October Mike Ingram led a small
but select band around his interpretation of
the battle of Northampton (1460). There
was positive feedback from those attending.
On 17 October Simon Marsh, ably assisted
by Keith Roberts and John Tincey, led a
walk across Edgehill (1642) for the Trust
and the Ratley Local History Society. There
was a good turnout of around 25 people and
this was matched by almost perfect
‘Edgehill’ weather with the sun shining and
                                                  The Battlefield of Edgehill from Castle Inn
a slight frost on the ground. The walk began
at the Trust information panel at the Castle
                                                  From Battenhall Park we crossed the A38
Inn, which provides one of the best views of
                                                  into Cherry Orchard and down to the east
the battlefield. Although battlefield access is
                                                  bank of the Severn to the confluence with
restricted, the walk skirted the Royalist left
                                                  the river Teme, where Cromwell built his
flank past the village of Radway. As well as
                                                  bridge of boats. We continued along the
talking about the battle itself there was
                                                  footpath to the Ketch Viewpoint from where
discussion about the different ‘styles’ of
                                                  the battlefield on the west side of the
fighting and what happened on the Royalist
                                                  Severn could be seen and the positions of
left during the battle. There was also some
                                                  Powick church and the old Powick Bridge
audience participation as the walkers
                                                  identified. On the way back to St Peter's
learned to counter-march by file as
                                                  Church, the weather, which had been fine
musketeers of the period would have done.
                                                  for most of the walk, suddenly changed into
The last stop was in Radway church where
                                                  heavy rain but by then we had covered all
the memorial to Henry Kingsmill, a Royalist
                                                  the main points of interest.
killed in the battle, was viewed before the
steep climb to the Castle Inn for lunch.

             7, Little Park, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, HP27 0HS.
                      Tel: 01844-274112      Email:
Stow (1646) Battlefield Project                     their duties at present. Simon Marsh was
The project is still trying to establish            re-elected as Chairman, Jonathan Smith as
archaeological support before making a              Treasurer, Harvey Watson as Events
Heritage Lottery Fund bid. Tim Norris, the          Secretary, and Gregg Archer as Regional
Trust representative at Stow has been doing         Secretary. It was decided though that
sterling work getting local letters of support      Simon would be hand over some day-to-day
and the Mercia region AGM agreed a part             aspects to Gregg. These arrangements
match funding £250 donation in the event            would continue with a view to a more formal
the bid to HLF is successful.                       handover of responsibilities to willing
                                                    volunteers next year. Anyone interested in
Edgecote (1469)                                     standing for the position of Chairman or
Trust Chairman Frank Baldwin has written            Treasurer should contact Simon who will be
to the Secretary of State for Transport and         happy to discuss.
other MPs about the threat from
the proposed High Speed rail link to the            Battlefield Trust Events
Edgcote battlefield site. Michael Rayner,           Forthcoming Mercia events for your diary
former National Co-ordinator for the Trust,         include:
has agreed to take on the campaigning role
                                                    Edgecote (1469) Sunday 28 November
for Edgcote using his wide experience
                                                    2010. The Medieval Siege Society will lead
fighting battlefield development at Blore           a walk over the battlefield Start at 1pm
Heath and Tewkesbury.                               from The Griffin Inn, Culworth Road,
                                                    Chipping Warden. Details at:
Naseby (1645)                             
English Heritage and the Trust continue to
express concern about the proposed                  Ashdown (871), Sunday 9 January
construction of a wind farm at Kelmarsh             2011. David Buxton will lead a walk
                                                    around the site of Alfred the Great’s first
adjacent to the battlefield at Naseby. Whilst
                                                    victory over the Danes. Meet at 2pm outside
this is not on the registered battlefield and       ‘The Bell Inn’ in the village of Aldworth.
with no battle related archaeology located          (Stout footwear and warm clothes are
on the proposed site, development there             advisable) Contact David on 01869 244031
still affects site lines on the battlefield.
                                                    2nd St.Albans (1461) 550th Anniversary
Northampton (1460)                                  Saturday-Sunday 26/27 February 2011.
Planning permission has been given for new          A weekend of events culminating in a 15th
development on the Ransome Road                     Century Requiem Mass in St Saviours
                                                    Church, which stands on the battlefield.
brownfield site in Northampton, which lies
                                                    Contact Peter Burley on 01727 831413 for
on the registered battlefield near the river        further information.
Nene. The Trust has engaged with English
Heritage and the West Northamptonshire              Stow (1646) Tuesday 5 April 2011 Civil
Development Corporation, arguing the need           War evening organised by Stow Civic
for more proactive archaeological activity          Society. 7.30pm in St. Edwards Hall, Stow.
                                                    Julian Humphries will be speaking. Contact
than the watching brief currently proposed.
                                                    Simon for more details.
Replies on this challenge are awaited. The
area is important as it is either the site of       Tewkesbury (1471) Sunday April 24
the battle - if the traditional interpretation is   2011. Meet at 11.00 am. Queen Margaret’s
accepted - or is likely to be ground over           Camp 2 hour walk to Tredington and back.
which the Lancastrians routed if the English        Contact Steve Goodchild on 01684 294939.
Heritage interpretation is correct.                 For further information on these events
                                                    please contact Harvey Watson on 07818
Mercia Branch AGM                                   853385 or
There was a low turnout of Mercia members
at the AGM. It was decided by those present         Simon Marsh and Gregg Archer
that the current officers would continue with

             7, Little Park, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, HP27 0HS.
                      Tel: 01844-274112      Email:

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