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									    Florida State
  University Career

                                 THE CEO REPORT

                                                                                           Volume 10, Issue I

                                                                                           SPRING 2010

                           2nd Annual Part-Time Job Fair a Success!
                           O     n Jan. 7th, the
                                 Career Center
                           hosted its second Part-
                                                      ceived by FSU students,
                                                      local employers and on-
                                                      campus departments,‖
                                                                                 Tallahassee who have
                                                                                 available job opportuni-
                                                                                 ties,‖ said Student Em-
Inside this
                           Time Job Fair in the       said program director      ployment Program coor-
                           Oglesby Union Ball-        Dr. Juliette McDonald.     dinator Rachel Kreis-
                           rooms.                       ―Students are some-      berg. ―It’s an excellent
Mock Inter-                                                                              way to connect
view Program         2       The event was
                                                                                         students with em-
                           such a success
                                                                                         ployers around
                           last semester that
                                                                                         our city.‖
                           the Career Center
Internships                                                                                The Career
                     3     decided to bring it
Defined                                                                                  Center will con-
                           back again!
                                                                                         tinue to host the
Employer                     The Part-Time
                                                                                         Part-Time Job
Spotlight:                 Job Fair consisted
                                                                                         Fair during the
Toy’s R Us, Inc. &   4-5   of more than 30
                                                                                         spring and fall
The Zimmerman              employers from
Agency                                                                                   semesters, ex-
                           various industries
                                                      times put at a disadvan-   panding student and em-
Student                    throughout Tallahassee.
Spotlight:           6
                                                      tage for jobs. They can-   ployer relations.
                           Students visited all ta-
                                                      not dedicate a specified     ―The primary intent of
Brittany Joiner            bles and talked with the
                                                      amount of time to          this event is to provide a
                           employers about poten-
                                                      searching for a job due    central and convenient
U.S. Marshals        7     tial positions.
                                                      to classes or extracur-    venue for students and
                             The biggest advantage    ricular activities. The    employers to connect,‖
                           was the convenience of     organized job fair helps   said McDonald.
Career Devel-                                         open doors for busy stu-
                     7     having these employers
opment Class                                                                       ―The event also sup-
                           under one roof. In addi-   dents seeking work.‖
                                                                                 ports our web-based
                           tion, employers were         ―The Part-Time Job
                                                                                 Student Employment
                           willing to work around     Fair is a great expo be-
Meet the Staff        8                                                          Program (SEP) which
                           a school schedule.         cause many students are
                                                                                 lists additional part-
                             "The Part-Time Job       not aware of the diver-
                                                                                 time, temporary and
                           Fair has been well re-     sity of employers in
                                                                                 seasonal jobs.‖
      Volume 10, Issue I                                                                          THE CEO REPORT

Practice Makes Perfect!

T         he interviewing process can be one of the most intimidating and fear-
          ful situations a young professional can encounter. Don’t be alarmed!
It’s completely normal. Some people are afraid that they will not know what to
say or that how to present themselves professionally. Others cringe at the mere
thought of their competition. Just as any other skill, interviewing skills must be
practiced to improve. The Career Center’s Mock Interview Program offers just

The Mock Interview Program offers a free service for current students and re-
cent alumni to sharpen their interviewing skills. Mock Interviews are con-
ducted by trained student mentors. Mentors are junior level through graduate
level students that have been trained in all aspects of the interview process.
The Mock Interview Mentor creates an environment as close as possible to that
of an actual interview. With state-of-the-art technology, the mentors can now
burn a DVD copy of your interview and instantly replay portions during the
critique/feedback session.

During the week of February 8th-12th, actual employers came on campus to
provide mock interviewing experience for registered students as part of our          Mock Interview Mentors Left to right: Donna
Spring 2010 Professional Development Week. Many students expressed the               Ruscito, Rachel Kreisberg, Kiaira McCoy, Na-
                                                                                     tacha Metayer, Janna Williams, and Kathy Dor-
benefits of having companies interview during this week. This semester the
                                                                                     sett (not pictured: Kate Johnston & Jennifer
Career Center was fortunate to have representatives from Target, Kaplan, De-         Clark).
partment of Children and Families, Coaching Options, The City of Hinesville,
Geico, Verizon, Capital City Bank, and Progressive.

To sign up for an interview, students must first be registered with SeminoleLink, submit a resume/cover letter, and se-
lect a date/time. For more information, visit

                               Spring 2010 Mock Interview Mentors
              Donna Ruscito              B.A. Liberal Arts                           Staff Member
              Jennifer Clark             Career Counseling                           Graduate
              Kathy Dorsett              Career Counseling                           Graduate
              Rachel Kreisberg           Human Resource Management                   Graduate

              Janna Williams             Human Resource Management                   Senior

              Kate Johnston              Humanities                                  Senior
              Natacha Metayer            Accounting and Risk Management              Senior

              Kiaira McCoy               Marketing and Professional Sales            Junior
        Volume 10, Issue I                                                                                  Page 3

What Are Mock Interview Mentors Saying:
     “The mock interview program             “I enjoy being able to offer my           “The aspect I like most about the
     has provided me an experience to        peers advice on how to improve            Mock Interview Mentor program
     learn about interviews while            and touch up on their inter-              is how the interview sessions are
     learning about other students. As       viewing skills as it is something         recorded. Often the best way to
     a year long program participant,        that we all need to be prepared           improve your interviewing skills
     I have greatly learned from this        for upon graduation."                     is by seeing your strengths and
     opportunity.”                                                                     weaknesses first hand”
                                                            -Kiaira McCoy
                     -Kate Johnston                                                                  -Rachel Kreisberg

Internships Defined
What is an Internship?
An internship is a structured, work-related learning experience for individuals who wish to develop hands on work ex-
perience in a certain occupational field.

Here are four beneficial steps to getting you through the internship search process:

1.      Assess yourself
2.      Organize the process
3.      Prepare for the job                                                       Common websites to
4.      Succeed on the job                                                       search internships are:
Assess and be prepared for the following questions:                            
          - What is important to you?                                            
          - What are you good at doing?
          - What do you like doing?                                            
          - Are you willing to commute or relocate to accept the job offer?     
          - Are you willing to work unpaid?
          - What skills do I have that employers are looking for?               
These questions allow you to start narrowing down endless options.

Organizing the process- You should make a timeline. Give yourself weekly or monthly goals. Goal setting can elimi-
nate stress in the internship search process. The typical search should start a semester before you desire to intern. For
example, if you want a summer internship you should start researching companies the beginning of the spring semester.
Avoid waiting until the last minute.

Preparing for the position- In this step, thorough knowledge of the company you intend to work for should be attained.
The easiest way to gather information is by going to the company web site. You might also want to check out current
events that are going on within the organization. The key word is ―network.‖ You will be surprised by how quickly you
can get an internship just by networking. Prepare your resume, get it critiqued, and schedule a mock interview.
Succeeding at the job- This step comes after you have landed the internship. Always do your job properly. During your
internship, keep a journal of the daily tasks that you complete. Therefore, when you are done interning and ready to up-
date your resume it will be easy. Stay in contact with your supervisor. These steps can better prepare you to obtain the
internship you want!
      Volume 10, Issue I                                                                                  Page 4

                                  Employer Spotlight
The Employer Spotlight section is a time for us to showcase employers that support our services by offering students
internships and other employment opportunities needed to advance their careers. The two organizations featured this
semester are Toys R Us/Babies R Us and The Zimmerman Agency. The next couple of pages will give you the inside
scoop from interviews conducted with company representatives on what these employers are looking for and why
they continue to recruit at FSU.

Spotlight I: Toys R Us/Babie’s R Us
    1. Why does Toys“R”Us, Inc. value and offer internships?
Toys―R‖Us, Inc. is the world’s leading dedicated toy and baby products retailer with more than 1,550 stores worldwide.
With an internal credo of ―Playing to Win!‖ the ―R‖Us Family is a dynamic, talented and hardworking team, and the
company realizes that its employees are its greatest assets. Through the Toys―R‖Us, Inc. internship program, students
can jumpstart their careers by gaining real-world experience and valuable skills, networking with talented executives and
learning how a successful global retail company operates.

Toys―R‖Us, Inc. internship programs are offered in its Stores, Distribution Centers and Headquarters. The store intern-
ship program was designed to allow students to
apply their classroom experience to gain valuable
retail and leadership skills through hands-on ex-
perience of the day-to-day operations of a success-
ful retail store. Toys―R‖Us, Inc. values the input
and perspectives of top talent from universities around the country. The Toys―R‖Us, Inc. internship program focuses
on educating students about the company’s management career opportunities for consideration of full-time career oppor-
tunities upon graduation.

    2. What are the typical job duties for interns?
In order to provide interns with a realistic preview of what is involved in the management operations of a Toys―R‖Us or
Babies―R‖Us store, the program is structured to expose the intern to every department, role and responsibility. Interns
are given management responsibilities on a smaller scale, creating the most comprehensive experience possible.

     3. Describe the performance of an intern who is offered further employment post graduation.
Toys―R‖Us, Inc. does not guarantee a full-time offer upon graduation for interns. Interns who stand-out are those that
strive to meet or exceed performance in relation to our competencies and who have a passion for a career in retail.

    4. What main qualities do you look for in candidates?
Toys―R‖Us, Inc. is looking for diligent, reliable individuals who enjoy working as part of a team and want to provide
customers with memorable store experiences. Interested individuals should have strong communication skills, be profi-
cient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), have a minimum GPA of 3.0, have completed at least two
years towards an undergraduate degree and be eligible to work in the United States upon graduation without requiring

    5. What advice would you give regarding the interview?
Know yourself and play to your strengths. Be prepared to draw attention to what you do well. Research the position and
company prior to the interview. Be professional by being on time, shaking hands, sitting straight, making eye contact
and dressing professionally. Bring extra copies of your résumé, an unofficial transcript, samples of your work, etc. Lis-
ten to what your interviewer is saying and ask questions. After the interview, follow up with a quick e-mail or thank

   6. What makes Toys“R”Us, Inc. target FSU students?
The Retail Center, Retail courses and programs, and Students interest in retail careers.
      Page 5                                                                            THE CEO REPORT

Spotlight II: The Zimmerman Agency
1. Why does The Zimmerman Agency value and offer internships?
Interns at The Zimmerman Agency have an important place in our make up. Instead of getting coffee and running
personal errands, we ensure that our interns work closely with account teams to not only learn what it is like to
work in a full-service agency, but also to help service our clients for national and international brands. The Zim-
merman Agency strives to provide students with a strong understanding of the impact advertising, public relations
and digital media has on the marketplace in order to foster their development as future communications profession-

2. What are the typical job duties for interns?
Public Relations interns draft and distribute news releases; research, negotiate and monitor cooperative and
broadcast promotions; develop media relations evaluations; develop publicity report and promotional grids; con-
duct marketing, competitive, destination, pop culture and media research; maintain client files; and assist in the
development of creative ideas. Media interns assist with the planning and purchasing of online, print and broad-
cast media. Digital interns work on various projects from building websites, web banners, email marketing,
online applications and email market-
ing. Advertising Account Service interns per-
form industry research; update status reports and
budgets and assist with gathering information for
new projects such as a print ad, piece of collat-
eral, and etc. Production and Traffic interns
work closely with the creativity to schedule and
traffic new projects. They also contact outside
production vendors for creative specifications
and to quote print jobs.

3. Describe the performance of an intern
who is offered further employment post
The interns that are offered full-time positions upon graduation are the ones that went above and beyond
throughout their internship. They were hard working, took initiative and exceeded expectations on a day to day

4.   What main qualities do you look for in candidates?
We look for candidates who are creative, energetic, enthusiastic, motivated and willing to learn.

5. What advice would you give regarding the interview?
Be yourself! Come prepared and show your interest in the agency by doing your research. Writing and creative
samples you bring to share are a plus.

6. What makes The Zimmerman Agency target FSU students?
The Zimmerman Agency's goal is to identify amazing talent and nurture their potential. Through our years of
strategic recruiting efforts with Florida State University the agency has been able to land talented candidates with
smart minds and passionate hearts, and then we teach them the business.
   Page 6                                                                           THE CEO REPORT

Student Spotlight: Brittany Joiner
Brittany Joiner, former Mock Interview Mentor/Intern here in the FSU Career Center, talks briefly about
her internship experience.
   1. Overall, how was your internship experience?
   My internship experience at the Career Center was ex-
   citing and informative. I got the chance to experience
   the interviewing process from the actual interviewer’s
   perspective. I also got the opportunity to write a news-
   letter which highlighted many of the services offered by
   the Career Center.
   2. In which ways would you say you have grown?
   I'm definitely more professional in how I present myself.
   As I interviewed students, certain mannerisms that I
   thought would be unnoticeable were actually quite dis-
   tracting. Whether a person was shaking their leg or
   playing with a strand of their hair, it always amazed me
   at how fast my attention turned from their answer to
   whatever nervous behavior they were performing. So
   now I’m more aware of how I present myself and I pay more attention to my overall demeanor during
   an interview.
   3. What was your biggest fear about your internship?
   My biggest fear was making sure that I did my job well. I wanted students to leave their Mock Inter-
   view session feeling more prepared for a real interview. If I was able to teach the students more about
   their strengths and weaknesses as an interviewee, then they could leave their Mock Interview feeling
   more confident and self-assured. I wanted students to find the Mock interview program rewarding and
   4. What transferrable skills did you get from this internship that will be helpful at your next job?
   I can definitely use my Communication skills in my next job. In the retail industry, being able to relate
   to others is imperative. I also feel that the ability to multi-task is extremely important because I have to
   be able to assist more than one customer at once. If I can’t help more than one customer at once, then
   I’m neglecting other customers and essentially hurting the business.
   5. How is classroom environment different from the organizational environment?
   In the classroom you learn about principles and theories, whereas, in an organizational environment
   you learn about specific processes that an organization uses to function. For instance, the Career Center
   relies heavily on networking with employers because the mission of the Career Center is to help stu-
   dents transition into their careers. I would advise all students to get more hands-on experience before
   entering their career because it only helps them to be more prepared and qualified for positions after
  Volume 10, Issue I                                                                                               Page 7

U.S. Marshals Form Recruiting Relationship With FSU

D     uring the Fall 2009 semester,
Florida State University officially be-
                                                 Be Juniors or Seniors

                                                 Be at least half-time
came one of the US Marshal Services              students
CSCEP Program participating Col-
leges and Universities.                          Have and maintain a
                                                 GPA of 3.0 in their
   The U.S. Marshals Service (USMS)              major field of study
is the nation’s oldest and most versa-           and an overall GPA
tile federal law enforcement agency              of 2.75
and CSCEP (Centralized Student Ca-
reer Program) is a cooperative educa-            Have a valid driver’s
tion program that prepares under-                license and a good
graduate students for Deputy U.S.                driving record
Marshal (DUSM) positions. This ex-
tensive program lasts 16 weeks and if             Successfully complete a struc-        Kawana Williams, Assistant Director
a student successfully completes it,             tured interview
                                                                                        in the FSU Career Center and
they will be given a DUSM position.                                                     CSCEP Representative. ―We are
                                                 Successfully complete a full-field
  The requirements are very strict.              background investigation               honored to be a participating school
Only students pursuing degrees in                                                       and look forward to strengthening
criminal justice, political science, psy-        Meet the USMS medical qualifi-         the relationship.‖ Two FSU students
chology, public administration, sociol-                                                 successfully completed the 1st round
ogy, or social sciences with a GPA of                                                   of interviewing in the Fall and have
                                                 Be in excellent physical condition
at least 3.0 in the major are eligible to                                               been selected to continue the proc-
                                                 and successfully pass the physical
                                                 fitness test                           ess. Spring applications were avail-
Other requirements include the follow-                                                  able Feb. 22nd – March 10th. For
                                                 Successfully complete the 16-
ing:                                                                                    more information about the program
                                                 week work experience before
                                                 completing their degree require-       visit
    Be U.S. Citizens
                                                 ments                                  careers/cscep.html or contact Ka-
    Be at least 20 years of age                                                         wana Williams at kawil-
                                             ―This is an excellent program,‖ said

SDS 3340: Introduction to Career Development
Looking for more career direc-              the class for one, two, or three          By the end of the semester, you
tion? Need help narrowing down              credits. The course is structured         will be more confident and aware
choices? Introduction to Career             into three units: Career Concepts/        of what is important to you in order
Development might be the course             Applications, Social Conditions           to make career decisions.
for you!                                    Affecting Career Development,
                                            and Implementing a Career Plan.           ―Coming into this class, I had an
The purpose of this class is to pro-                                                  idea about what I wanted to do af-
vide students with an opportunity           ―This class helps students solve          ter graduation but had no active
to learn or enhance skills needed           career problems and make deci-            steps in mind to prepare for the real
to make career and life decisions.          sions through large group lec-            world,‖ said Stephannie Cetoute,
At the beginning of the course,             tures, small group activities, and        FSU alumni. ―Through various
you are given the opportunity to            individual attention,‖ said Jake          assignments, it helped give me a
choose whether you want to take             Galles, teaching assistant.               path in which I wanted to follow.‖
         Florida State University Career Center

                                                                         Meet the Staff
         Dunlap Success Center
         100 S. Woodward Ave
         Tallahassee, FL 32306
         Phone: 850-644-6431
         Fax: 850-644-3273

   The Career Center
    Linking Futures.

                                                  (Left to Right:) Front: Janna Williams, Rachel Kriesberg, Donna Ruscito
                                                  Middle: Angelica Jackson, Kiaira McCoy, Kawana Williams Back: Dr.
           The Mission                            Juliette McDonald

    Provide comprehensive career                  Not pictured: Rachel Stephenson

    Train career service practitioners                                  W E’ RE ON THE WEB!

    Conduct life/career development                              W WW. CAREER. FSU.EDU

    Disseminate information about
    life/career services and issues to     Career Center Director                            Dr. Jeff Garis
    the university community, the
    nation, and the world.                 Program Director                           Dr. Juliette McDonald
The Career Center has creatively de-       Assistant Director & Mock In-                  Kawana Williams
veloped an effective, collaborative,       terview Program Coordinator
interdepartmental array of career ser-
                                           Program Assistant & Job Shad-                    Donna Ruscito
vices for students and other university
constituents.                              owing Program Coordinator

The Career Center is directly involved     Graduate Assistant, Student                    Rachel Kreisberg
in instruction and research to support     Employment Program
this mission. Although administra-
tively located in Student Affairs, Ca-     Mock Interview Mentor/Intern/                    Janna Williams
reer Center interventions impact virtu-    Newsletter Editor
ally every facet of university life, in-   Student Assistants                        Kiaira McCoy, Angelica
cluding new student recruitment, em-
ployer/community relations, research,                                                  Jackson, & Rachel
and alumni affairs.                                                                        Stephenson

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