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					Title:    C4 Sys Warning Light Flashing
Date:     12/24/1999
Question: I jumped started my car yesterday and ever since the Sys Warning Light is flashing. What
          could be the probelem?
          - Rob

Answer: This light flashes due to general system faults. This light may flash if the voltage drops below
        9v. The most common cause of this light flashing intermittently is an old or weak battery. Get
        the battery checked and re-charge or replace the battery if necessary. If the battery is ok then
        check the computer for codes because one or more of the electrical systems may have a
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    Removing Worn Targa Top Screws
Date:     12/1/1999
Question: I have no problem in removing my targa top on my 84 but the #40 torque bolts on the top
          forward window sill are starting to go bad and need replacing. How do I get them out?
          - Bob

Answer: If they are stripped you may have to drill them out.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    Bad Digital Dash Board
Date:     11/26/1999
Question: When do you know if the dash is bad or you have a short . Mine will go off and then it will
          just come back on sometimes 10 minutes later.
          - R13800

Answer: The digital dash boards for 1989 and back had many problems. It may be a short, bad dash
        unit, or a bad LCD (Liquid Crystal Display).
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1996 Passive Entry System
Date:     10/19/1999
Question: Hi, I have a 96 LT4. This morning when I started it up to go to work I got a Passive Entry
          System light on the dash. I shut it down and restarted it hoping it would reset. It did'nt. I got
          to work and left the car and sure enough it did not arm and lock. While at work I metered the
          battery and it indicated 3 volts as it should. When I got in it after work the warning light was
          gone but the system still is dead. What is the Problem? (aside from it being a Vette!) The car
          has 31k miles and this is the first problem. Thanks for any help.
          - Tom

Answer: The key chain transmitters for the Passive Entry System are prone to problems. Another 1996
        Vette owner has already submitted a question about this (see the question titled "1996
        Keyless Entry System and LTPWS Light" asked on 9/20/1999). It may be the battery in the
        key chain transmitter or the transmitter itself.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:     1996 MAF Screen
Date:      10/9/1999
Question: My question is; What is the purpose of the screen in the MAF? Do I need it? It seems to me
          that it would flow mare air without it. If it would help to remove it, how do I go about it?
          - Whitey

Answer: The screen catches any debris that might get past the air filter and destroy your engine. We
        would leave it in.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1996 Keyless Entry System and LTPWS Light
Date:     9/20/1999
Question: I have a burning question that no one I've talked to has been able to answer. I have the
          factory alarm or keyless entry sys. and it has worked fine for a while except that recently the
          door stopped unlocking when I walked up to it. also it doesn't lock itself after I leave. Is there
          some code to turn the alarm on and off? Oh I almost forgot one of the LTPWS is bad and the
          SYS light keeps coming on, is there any way to turn this off without getting it fixed?
          - Ben

Answer: GM has had problems with the transmitters for the keyless entry system. Get the transmitter
        checked or buy a new one and have it coded for your Vette. You should get the LWTPS
        sensors checked out the next time you have your tires off their rims. The sensors are attached
        to the inside of your rims and it's possible that their batteries are dead or they are
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1995 Storage
Date:     2/4/2000
Question: Could you help me I have a 95 Corvette with 26k miles on it and wish to put it in storage for
          an extended period of time to truly uphold and preserve it.
          - Bill

Answer: The best thing to preserve it would be NOT to store it and drive it! It's better for the entire car
        if it is driven regularly. If you must store it, put up on jack stand to take the weight off the
        suspension and tires. Add fuel stabilizer to the gas and run it a bit to make sure it gets in the
        fuel lines and injectors. Get a product to prevent moisture from building in the interior. Buy
        something that repels mice and other animals because they like to build homes and chew
        through everything. You could buy one of those big tent/bag things and put your Vette in
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1995 Outside Temperature Reading
Date:     1/31/2000
Question: I have a white 1995 corvette LT-1 with a ZF 6 speed transmission. It has 29500 miles on it.
          The problem I am having is about 6 months ago the outside temperature reading would drop
          down to -32 degrees for a while and the return to normal. After about 6 months of this, it
          now sits on 50 degrees most of the time but still sometimes drops way down and back up. I
          have changed the outside air temperature sending unit under the nose of the car. Once that
          didn't fix it, I took it to a dealer and was told it wasn't getting the required 5 volts to the
          sending unit and the control panel was bad so I have put a remanufactured control panel
          (witch I purchased from the dealer) in the car. Still no luck. Any help would be greatly
          - William Thomas
Answer: The wiring may be wrong or frayed. The new and remanufactured parts may be bad.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1995 "SYS" Light and Outside Temperature Sensor
Date:     12/29/1999
Question: I have two questions concerning my 95 LT1. I left the lights on for about 3-4 hours while my
          wife and I went shopping and when we returned to my Vette the battery was dead. I jump
          started the battery and started back home. "SYS" started flashing on and off every 15 seconds
          or so. Today when I started up my Vette everything seems to be back to normal. Did the
          system have to reset itself ? My second question is my outside temperature indicator will
          work fine for about 15-20 minutes then it will go crazy. It will go up to 50 (when the temp is
          around 40) then drop down to -37. This cycle continues for anywhere from 15 minutes to
          one-half hour and then maybe it will start reading correctly. I've looked under the hood for
          this sensor with no luck.
          - Denny

Answer: The "SYS" light will flash if the voltage drops below 9V. The light flashing intermittently
        may have been the battery getting back up to a normal charge. Watch for the light, if it
        happens again or the light comes on and stays on get the battery and the system checked. It
        sounds like a bad outside temperature sensor. Get it checked.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1995 Smoke And Fumes Inside
Date:     12/19/1999
Question: I have a 1995 LTI Corvette that I have owned for several years and have never had even a
          minor problem with. Last week I started the car and drove for approximately 1/4 mile and
          began smelling strong oil (?) fumes inside the car. I came to a stop light, rolled my windows
          down to determine if it was my car or if maybe I was just close to another vehicle with
          exhaust problems. Everything appeared ok so I continued my drive home. The following day,
          I was driving to lunch and parked in line at a fast food restaurant and I began smelling the
          fumes again but this time noticed that smoke was inside the car. I panicked, turned the engine
          off, rolled down my windows to release the fumes and sat there for a minute or two, turned
          the engine back on and it quit. It's been a week and it hasn't happened again. My husband
          seems to think it has something to do with the fuel injection. I plan on having it serviced (time
          for an oil change anyway) but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem
          and could you provide some feedback so I might be prepared when taking it to the shop.
          - B. Hunnicutt

Answer: It sounds like an oil leak or a short in the electrical system. Have this checked by a technician
        when you get it serviced.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1995 LTPWS Replacement
Date:     11/7/1999
Question: I recently purchased my first Corvette, a 1995 LT-1. It is equipped with the Low Tire
          Pressure Warning System. The right rear tire is not transmitting. Is replacing the module a job
          I can do myself? Or does the module require some type of calibration that requires special
          - Steve Foster

Answer: We recommend taking this one to the GM dealer or a tire shop that has the equipment to test
        these sensors after they have been replaced.
        - The Vette Pros
Title:    1995 Resonating Exhaust
Date:     11/3/1999
Question: Help - I have a 1995 Vette Convert with new Borla mufflers and the resonation is so bad that
          my head aches. The mufflers have the required four venturis but it doesn't help. I want the
          sound out the back and not up through my seat. Do I have to live with this as the cost of
          improved performance? How about straight pipes out with another muffler closer to the
          engine?? I say this because my muffler man says the problem is that there are no real tailpipes
          as in earlier years.
          - Joe Bryant

Answer: Sorry there is not much you can do to quiet these mufflers down. There are companies that
        make performace exhaust tailpipes. Contact Corvette Performance at (714) 347-1038. I don't
        think these will solve the resonation problem but you could use the tailpipes instead of the
        Borla mufflers.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1995 Cooling System Cleaning
Date:     10/20/1999
Question: I have a'95 vette with the LT1 engine.I would like to back flush cooling system,using a
          Prestone flush T. This is the type you put into heater hose.Can I use this on my car? Which
          heater hose do I install it in,if I can use it? I was told to put tablets in after putting in new
          coolant to lubricate water pump.Have you heard of this?
          - John

Answer: Yes you can install a Prestone Flush T on your Vette but we DO NOT recommend it. It can
        cause problems such as leaks, overheating, etc.. . We recommend draining the system,
        removing the thermostat, and then flushing the system with a cleaner and lots of water. To
        really flush your system, remove the bottom hose from the radiator and put it in a bucket.
        Next, add water to the system with the engine running and let the water run completely
        through the system. Take your Vette to a radiator shop and have them professionally clean the
        system if you want it back flushed. No, we have not heard of these tablets that lubricate the
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1995 High Mileage
Date:     10/14/1999
Question: I just bought a 95 vette from the original owner and it appears to be in excellent condition.
          The Chevy service department says it is one of the cleanest and best kept vettes they have
          seen. I know the service manager and trust him . It has 76000 miles on it( mostly highway
          miles). It does not use oil, doesn't have any leaks in engine, transmission or rear end. Is there
          any particular service that should be performed to maintain its excellent record? I have never
          owned a vette nor a car with high of miles. It has a new water pump, plugs, wires and
          ignition. It has also been serviced every 3000 miles. Does this high of mileage cause any
          - Mike

Answer: No, as long as you have the service records and the maintenance schedule has been followed
        your Vette should last a long time.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:     1995 LT1 Performance Modifications
Date:      9/24/1999
Question: I have a 1995 Dark Purple Corvette that has the LT1 Engine. I'm looking for ways to spice the
          LT1 up could you recommend some ways of doing that! Here is some items that I've been
          looking at doing:

           Port and polish cylinder heads
           Changing the Cam to a ZZ9 from TPI
           Switching to a 52mm Throttle body
           K and N air filter with High performace lid
           installing a Adjustable fuel presure regulator
           Changing the location of the mat sensor to the air filter housing
           Change stock pulleys to underdrive pulleys
           Change to flowmaster exhaust system
           - John

Answer: Our opinions on the list in your question:

           Port and polish cylinder heads
           - Yes, as long as it is done professionaly.
           Changing the Cam to a ZZ9 from TPI
           - Yes.
           Switching to a 52mm Throttle body
           - Yes.
           K and N air filter with High performace lid
           - A minor performance gain
           installing a Adjustable fuel presure regulator
           - Waste of money
           Changing the location of the mat sensor to the air filter housing
           - It might because the computer will think it is running at a lower temp.
           Change stock pulleys to underdrive pulleys
           - Minor if any gain
           Change to flowmaster exhaust system
           - Small performance gain

           Modifying or buying a new intake manifold with more airflow and get the cylinder heads
           professionally ported and polished are the most important items on your list. Also, one of the
           inexpensive ways to increase low end performance is to change the rear gear to a 370 ring and
           - The Vette Pros

Title:    1994 Antenna Won't Retract
Date:     2/14/2000
Question: I have a 1994 LT-1 with a radio antenna mast that won't retract. I want to troubleshoot it, but
          don't know how to get to it.
          - Billy Reed

Answer: First make sure the antenna motor has power. If you can here the motor struggling than it has
        power and the insides of the motor are worn. Only buy a Delco motor. The motor is way up
        behind the wheel well above the huge muffler. These mufflers make it difficult to reach and
        sometimes need to be lowered to get to all the wiring. This is not an easy job and usually
        requires a hoist so we recommend taking it to a professional.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:     1994 Engine Warm Up
Date:      12/22/1999
Question: I recently purchased a 1994, LT1, auto, corvette (35k) and it really is a joy to ride. I only live
          2 miles from work and it is a daily driver. I am concerned about damaging the engine since I
          live so close to work. Is there a proper amount of time I should take to "warm up" the engine
          properly? Should I do a cool down at the end of the day?
          - J. L. Arteta

Answer: Some reports say to let the engine reach operating temperature before driving because this
        allows time for the fluids to warm up and flow correctly. Other reports say to let the car idle
        for about a minute and drive conservatively until the engine reaches normal operating
        temperature because this allows the engine to reach the normal operating temperature faster,
        which means less engine wear, an article I read claimed this is how to make your engine last
        100 - 300 thousand miles. I (RJ) do the later and let the engine run for about a minute and
        then drive conservatively until it reaches normal operating temperature. Also, use a good
        synthetic motor oil. They do protect your engine from wear better, especially on cold days.
        There are many ways to cool down at the end of the day. I'll let you decide how to do that, as
        for your engine, just shut it off.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1994 Flaking Top
Date:     12/1/1999
Question: I have a 1994 LT1. great car. my question is about my lexon roof. lately the clear coat on it
          has been flaking off in spots. I have heard of this problem before. Is there a way to get the rest
          of it off? It looks terrible the way it is, and will it need to be clear coated again? it seems that
          it does not stick well to the surface. also i wash it by hand and only use turtle wax soap.
          - Car24fann

Answer: The elements, sun and acid rain, can destroy these tops. Have a body shop wet sand and
        polish the top. You can get the top clear coated again but we feel it is not needed.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1994 Sport Seat Lumbar/back Support System
Date:     11/25/1999
Question: I'm a new owner of a '94 Vette (Coupe) and I'm having a slight problem with my sport seats.
          The entire lumbar/back support system quit working recently. Well almost.... I can hear the
          relays clicking and the air pump only works in the deflate mode, it will not turn on to inflate
          the bladders. I've looked at the obvious, the fuse and that appears to be fine. I'm thinking it
          may be the pump itself or one of the relays, but don't want to start throwing parts at it until
          I'm reasonably sure which one. Any suggestions on where or how to start looking at the
          - Ed

Answer: Our guess is the pump is broken. Ed at Not Just Vettes sells them for around $109.95.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1994 Clicking Noise
Date:     11/18/1999
Question: I have a 1994 LT1 w/20,000 miles, 6 speed coupe Sometimes when I back up, it makes a kind
          of a growling noise...there doesn't seem, to be any grinding but more of a steady clicking with
          a rotating sound...maybe like the sound of a baseball card in bicycle spokes. It only lasts a
          second, and then goes away. I haven't figured out yet when it happens, but I think it is when
          the car is cold... Maybe you guys know the noise?
          - Dan
Answer: We think it is your ABS (Automatic Brake System) setting itself. This is normal. Have it
        checked by a professional to be safe!
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1994 Cruise Control Quit
Date:     9/21/1999
Question: I have a 1994 corvette and the cruise control just quit. What could be the problem?
          - Don

Answer: This is a very complex system that requires the electrical schematics to diagnose correctly.
        Here are a few simple things to check, but if these are ok than let the professionals fix this
        one. Check the fuse, check for power and continuity at the vacuum pod switch and the 2 part
        brake light switch behind the brake pedal.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1993 ZO7 Option Package
Date:     2/13/2000
Question: I have the ZO7 package. What do I have and what is good and not so good about it?
          - Tom Buckner

Answer: You have the adjustable suspension package option. It is an option that lets the driver select
        what type of handling they want. It is a nice feature. The only negative thing is it uses
        Bilstein shocks that tend to leak and go bad quickly.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1993 Gear Ratios And Chip
Date:     12/7/1999
Question: My car is presently equipped with an automatic transmission and a rear gear ratio of approx
          2.59(according to the seller). This is great for highway driving. The only modification I have
          done was install muffler bypass pipes. The stock cats and resonator are still in place. I'm
          looking for a little more performance, and considering going to a 3.73 ratio in the rear.
          Would this ratio be too much for the street resulting in very poor gas mileage?, or should I
          consider another ratio like the 3.55. The present gear ratio seems to make the transmission
          shift into high gear for fuel economy too early. I was hoping this gear ratio would correct
          this. What is your position on this change? I am also looking to upgrade the computer chip.
          What would you recommend, and should I have the rear gears in place before I select an
          upgraded chip?
          - Ray Waszewski

Answer: No a 3.73 gear ratio is not too much for a street Vette. This gear will work well with the
        overdrive and should help with the early shifting. You will decrease fuel economy quite a bit,
        it's the price you pay for performance. The gears will not effect the chip and vice versa, you
        do not have to wait until the gears are in to install the chip.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1993 Keyless Entry Transmitter
Date:     11/22/1999
Question: I have two questions for you. I have a 93 vette and I'm having problems keyless entry. I saw
          that you say this is common. I was hoping that you could tell the best place to buy a new
          transmitter. Also I'm looking to find out how many cars identical to it were made. Do you
          know who I can talk to or where I can find this information.
          - Tim
Answer: GM is the only place that we know that sells the transmitter. There are many books that have
        production numbers. Check out the "Corvette Black Book" on The Vette Site Billboard.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1993 Rear Axle Gear Ratio
Date:     11/17/1999
Question: I Have a 93 coupe-Auto trans- with the standard (2.59) rear axle gear ratio. Rear tires are also
          standard (2.85/40/17) I would like to go to a lower gear-a 3.31 maybe-to increase acceleration
          without a dramatic decrease in MPG. Is this possible without a huge expense,and how is the
          ASR affected-if any?
          - Joe

Answer: We recommend using a 3:55 gear set. This will offer more acceleration but will offer less
        MPG than the 3:31 gear set. We feel the 3:55 is a good balance for the street. The ASR will
        not be affected by the gear change as long as you keep the original tires.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1993 Failed Emissions
Date:     9/28/1999
Question: I have a 93 LT1 6spd that won't pass the MD state inspection. It has 50.8k miles on it and as
          far as I know, everything is orrigional. It failed the hydrocarbons protion of the test, with the
          allowable limit being 1.20 (ppm?) and it generated 1.57. the car seems to run well otherwise
          when warm, but during initial start-up after it has been sitting it seems to run rich for a second
          or two nad sometimes when it is warm, it takes a couple seconds to start. everything from cats
          to a vacuum leak , PCV valve, EGR and O2 sensors has been suggested by the chevy dealer
          but they want 65 dollars before they would even look at it. I have no idea where to start, but
          could replace anything if I knew what was faulty. Any ideas?
          - TCP

Answer: Save yourself time and money and pay for the diagnostics. This is the only way to find the
        root cause of the problem. You may get lucky and fix your Vette by throwing parts at it, but
        it's been my experience that this usually ends up costing a lot more! After you know what the
        problem is, you can decide if you can repair it.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1993 & 1994 Opti-spark Units
Date:     9/22/1999
Question: I'm replacing the opti-spark on a 93 lt-1 vette which shorted out due to washing the engine.
          When ordering the replacement I found out that in 94 GM redesigned it to vent the system to
          prevent moisture buildup. Can I use the new design on the 93? I know the 94 distributor cap
          will work but will it help to hookup a hose to the vent pipe without running it into a vacuum
          - Ray

Answer: Yes, the '94 opti-spark unit should work on the '93. We've never done this but it should work.
        Yes, you should hook up the vacuum hose to a vacuum source to vent the new opti-spark unit.
        This will keep the moisture out by moving air through it. This is the whole reason it was
        redesigned in '94.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:     1993 LT1 Performance
Date:     9/20/1999
Question: Hello, I'm writting frome FRANCE. I bought a red Corvette : LT1 of 1993. Do you know
          what could I do or order to make it more powerfull ? I heard about a chip, where can I find it,
          how much?
          - Cédric

Answer: The stock European chip should perform better the stock USA chip. You may not get much
        of a gain by buying a new performance chip. Here are a few of the endless options for
        modifying your Vette - port and polish the heads, larger intake manifold, or a super charger.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1992 T-56 Transmission Upgrade
Date:     2/13/2000
Question: I am wanting to upgrade my 92 LT1 to a 6-speed to complement the LT4 heads and other
          modifications. I would rather us a smooth and quiet T-56 transmission instead of the factory
          ZF. Has anyone seen or heard of a conversion tail housing/adapter kit for this?
          - Steve

Answer: We know of no adapter kit. You could try to find a later model ZF transmission. GM
        improved the ZF transmission every year. The later the model the smoother and quieter it is.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1992 Cracked Top
Date:     12/17/1999
Question: Hi, I have a 92 corvette with an acrylic plastic top. It has a crack on the drivers side rear that
          goes in about an inch then makes a right turn and goes about 3 inches. Is there anything I
          could use to seal this crack up?
          - Harry Bassette

Answer: Sorry, there is no effective way to fix this crack. You can buy an exchanged top from Ed at
        Not Just Vettes for $695.00.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1992 Clicking Noise
Date:     12/10/1999
Question: I have a 1992 Convertible. Auto, LT1, has about 70K miles. I hear a loud clicking coming
          from what I believe is the drivers side rear wheel area. With the brake depressed, by moving
          the shifter from reverse to drive and back I hear a load clunk with slack between gears. I
          visually inspected the axle u joints and can not see anything apparent.
          - harley-vettes-rule

Answer: Our guess is one of the U joints is bad or the front pinion bushing of the rear end is bad. Get it
        checked by a pro.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1992 6 speed Convertible Production Numbers
Date:     10/17/1999
Question: I have just purchased a 1992 triple white 6 speed. I was wondering if you knew or where I
          could find how many of these cars were produced. I heard less than 200 and even less than
          that for the 6 speeds. I have checked with G.M. and the Natl. Corvette Museum but info could
          be obtained. Any info you may have on this please let me know.
           - LT1VETTE

Answer: It is difficult, almost impossible, to calculate the exact number of vettes were produced for a
        specific color. There were 5,875 convertibles produced and 5,487 6 speeds in 1992. We feel
        that condition is more improtant than production.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1992 Engine Breathing & Oil Consumption
Date:     9/24/1999
Question: I have a 92 LT1 that has been stroked to 383 cu in and it presently uses about 1 qt per
          thousand which is more then the engine modifier deems acceptable. I added a K&N vent filter
          in place of the oil filler cap and two things happened: first, power is distinctly up, second, oil
          consumption has been reduced but I do not know by how much yet.

           Can you explain the effect the vent filter had/ has in this application particularly the power
           increase? Is it just a matter that the closed system could not vent enough crankcase pressure
           due to the small air intake via the closed system and allowing oil blow by, or is it something
           - John

Answer: This is a tough problem! We can't explain the big power increase because of adding a filter in
        place of the oil filler cap. That should not add a lot of power. We agree that consuming 1 qt.
        of oil every 1000 miles is a bit much. Your engine may be blowing oil past the rings or have a
        problem with the valve guide seals. We suggest doing a leak down test for compression on
        each cylinder to figure out what is going on.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1991 Sys Light
Date:     12/10/1999
Question: I have a 1991 coupe, and yesterday I was fixing the power mirror and then the next time I
          drove it the sys light keeps coming up, what does it mean? Can I drive it safely or should I
          leave it until checked?
          - Alan

Answer: We think the sys light coming on after fixing the mirror was a coincidence. Get your Vette's
        computer codes checked to be safe.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1991 Bucking Intermittently
Date:     10/24/1999
Question: I have a 1991 L98 roadster 6speed with 17k miles. lately the car starts bucking intermittently
          and the service engine soon warning comes on. If I shut the car off for a couple of minutes,
          the car starts up ok. The bucking may start up again, or sometimes I can drive the rest of the
          day without a problem.
          - Henry

Answer: This can be any one of the endless sensors or switches. Start by checking the computer for
        codes and go from there.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:     1991 Production Numbers and Value
Date:      10/21/1999
Question: I am interested in finding out how many corvettes where built in 1991. If possible separate
          hardtops from convertables. My wife owns a 1991 white corvette with about 8000
          miles,trying to determine a value. What do you think?
          - Roger

Answer: There were a total of 14,967 Vettes built in 1991. 5,672 of those were convertibles. The
        November 1999 issue of Corvette Fever listed one 1991 Vette coupe that was sold at the
        Bloomington auction for $13,500. The condition of your Vette will play a big part of how
        much it is worth. Check the Vettes For Sale page of the Vette Site and see what other 1991
        Vettes are selling for.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1991 Overdrive
Date:     9/18/1999
Question: I have a 1991 automatic convertible, L98 motor. I like the car, but I feel when driving in
          overdrive at speeds under 50mph, the car feels like it lugs, or doesn't downshift quick enough
          if I am just rolling on the power to accelerate. I need to really hit the gas to get it to
          downshift. Usually, I run in Drive under 50mph. It feels like the car stays in its powerband.
          Is this simply the way it is because of the effect of the overdrive and low gearing? What can
          be done to improve performance in overdrive?
          - Bob

Answer: The sensation you are describing is because of the master computer. The stock chip in the
        computer tells the overdrive to kick in at 32 mph. The only way to change this and improve
        performance is to buy a performance chip that instructs the overdrive to engage at 38 mph.
        There are many vendors of these chips.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1990 Vibration (rattle) In The Transmission
Date:     11/29/1999
Question: I have a 1990 corvette 6 speed transmission. In 5th and 6th gear at lower rpm there is a
          vibration ( rattle) sound that comes from the transmission. Can this problem be resolved and
          who can do this type of work.
          - Don

Answer: There is a design problem with the bevel on the transmission gears that causes this vibration.
        Our advice is to live with the vibration because it should not cause any harm to the
        transmission and is VERY expensive to fix. The only way to fix it is to replace it with a new
        ZF transmission because the parts are almost impossible to get and very few people
        understand how to re-build the original transmission.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1990 Infl Rest Light
Date:     10/12/1999
Question: I have a 90 corvette conv with 42,000 miles and suddenly the infl rest light came on and stays
          on ! I was given advice by someone ( who did know what he was doing ) to unhook battery
          and see if that fixed it. Nothing doing, it still comes on BUT now my radio is locked ! I guess
          I didn't realize that when I bought the car I should have asked the previous owner the code
          and changed it to one i knew ! Now, not having a mechanical background, should I take the
          car to the dealer with the INFL REST light RIGHT away ! ( I have looked at fuses and they
          seem ok ).. is their something else I should do, or just bite the bullet and pay the dealership ??
          any idea about the radio, getting it unlocked ?
          - Bill
Answer: Get the air bag system checked. Sometimes a GM dealer can reset the radio but most of time
        the radio has to be sent out to be reset.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1989 Radio Noise and Climate Control Display Problems
Date:     1/29/2000
Question: My 1989 vette makes a humming noise out of the 2 rear Bose speakers when I turn on the
          radio. Also, the temperature display for the climate controls sometimes starts making random
          digits and will often just shut off. What steps should I take to fix the problems.
          - Lee Robertson

Answer: A humming noise from the rear speakers is one of three things. A bad radio, a bad amplifier,
        or bad speakers. We think it's the amplifier. We think a bad climate control unit is causing the
        display problems.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1989 Coolant Sensor
Date:     1/6/2000
Question: I flushed my 89 cooling system and since then, the Coolant sensor comes on at around the
          time the thermostat opens. This did happen once or twice before the system flush but not as
          regular. I re-filled the system with the heater on , the system is full, What I did notice is that
          the expansion system ( pressure) is not working, Nothing is going back and fourth to the main
          system from the expansion tank. I have checked for leaks, no leaks , no fluid on the floor etc..
          I have removed the expansion tank, checked the fluid line, the radiator hoses etc..I have
          replaced the Hi Pressure cap and am considering the sensor but it's just a guess. The sensor
          does go off after a while and might come back on, the water temp does not run away, it is
          very stable, with the 160 thermostat. The car has 50k on it, and I am not certain that the
          expansion system worked when I bought the car back in late 98.
          - Tony in NC

Answer: You probably have air in your cooling system from when you replaced the fluid. This will trip
        the coolant sensor because the coolant level will not be correct. We think the 160 degree
        thermostat is to cool. It is not letting the engine temperature get warm enough to let the
        expansion system work correctly. Replace it with a 180 degree thermostat and get a manual
        that explains how to bleed the cooling system.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1989 With No Heat
Date:     10/21/1999
Question: I have a 1989 Vette with electronic heater/ac controls. I am unable to get heat from the heater.
          The sensor seems to be working properly as with the highest temperature displayed on the
          unit the fan will come on, in the auto and manual mode, yet only cold air emanates from the
          heater. The defroster functions similarly, with only cold hair. The cooling aspects of the AC
          seems to work fine. I have tried selecting a high temperature and running the AC, i hopes of
          getting heat that way, but to no avail. The temperature gauge indicates normal operating
          - G. A. Godbout

Answer: It sounds like the heater control unit on the center console. We would start there.
        - The Vette Pros
Title:    1989 Positraction?
Date:     10/12/1999
Question: I just bought an 89 coupe , 29000 miles, runs well, did all vetts come with positraction, it has
          6 spd, adj suspension. I put in Mobil 1 10-30 , is Mobile 1 trans and diff oil worthwile ?
          - Skip

Answer: Yes, most C4's came with positraction. Mobil 1 is a good product.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1989 Service Engine Soon Light
Date:     9/25/1999
Question: I have a problem with my pristine 89 Vette, which has 85,000 miles on it. The service engine
          soon light came on. So I put new plugs , cap and rotor. No more light. Three days later it's
          back on. I also put a new K&N air filter on it. I am unable to come up with solution to this
          problem. Any help I can get will be appreciated.
          - Larry

Answer: When this light comes on it can be a number of things. You need a diagnostic computer to get
        the code that is stored in your Vette's computer. This code will help narrow down the part that
        is failing. Save yourself some time and money and get it diagnosed. Most repair shops will
        have a diagnostic fee and the will tell you what it wrong and then you can decide if you can
        handle the repairs yourself.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1988 Vibrations
Date:     1/9/2000
Question: My '88 Vette 4+3 has a vibration I know not from where. It occurs at about 1100 RPM, 1700
          RPM and 2700 RPM. It is more pronounced when under load, however is apparent when in
          neutral or with the clutch depressed. I'm not sure if it's coming from the engine, the
          clutch/transmission or from the exhaust system, cover plate etc.
          - Santiago Tafoya

Answer: We think it is a problem with an engine component because it still happens when you
        disengage the transmission. Check the harmonic balancer, the clutch, or the flywheel.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1988 Battery Drain
Date:     12/14/1999
Question: I have a 1988 350 engine automatic. The battery power is constantly drained. I've replaced the
          battery two times in the past 6 months. I still have trouble starting the car at times when the
          battery drains. I have the factory Delco Bose stereo system in the car. I've been told that the
          stereo / clock light is not supposed to stay on when I shut the engine. However, the light stays
          on 24 hours a day. Is this supposed to stay on or off? Can this be the cause of the battery
          drainage? The alternator checked out OK.
          - Brian

Answer: We think the stereo/clock light is supposed to go off when the ignition is turned off. Have you
        tried turning the stereo off with the ignition off? I know it's a weird question, but someone
        may have re-wired the stereo to power on without having to turn the ignition switch on. The
        stereo/clock could be the cause of the draw on your battery. With a volt meter, check the draw
        on the battery. It should be between 30 - 40 mili amps. If it is greater than 40 you need to find
        the source of the draw.
           - The Vette Pros

Title:    1988 Falling Head Light
Date:     12/3/1999
Question: Thank you very much for responding to my letter. the other day i was driving it and it quit
          again. i had my fuel pressure gauge with and a new fuel pump relay. i hooked up the gauge
          and tried to start the car . NO FUEL PRESSURE. i put the new relay on and tried again. still
          no fuel pressure. so i took the gauge off and waited 20 minutes and the car restarted. i got a
          new ac delco pump where i work and put it in. buy the way, what an easy job that was. no pun
          intended. i took the car out for a spin. man was i shocked at the difference. second gear hit so
          hard it threw the car side ways. i havn't had a problem since. your diagnosis was right on.
          thank you very much. now i have the falling head light syndrom. sometimes they stay up and
          sometimes they dont. when you turn them on they'll just fall downward and stay there. once
          you work the lights a couple times the'll stay up. thanks again and keep up the excellent work.
          - Doug

Answer: Thanks! We take donations. Hey, we also need to keep our Vettes in perfect condition! It
        sounds like a worn gear, gear bushings, or a bad headlight motor.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1988 Vette Just Dies
Date:     11/12/1999
Question: I have an 88, 35th anniv. corvette. automatic., the other day the wife was driving it to work
          and as she was comming up to a red light about 2-3 miles down the road from where we live
          the car just died, it restarted right away. so she turned around to bring the car home a block
          down the road it died again as she was comming to a stop sign. that evening i put a fuel filter
          on it and checked the tps sensor. it was reading .200 i adjusted it to .54 exactly where the
          factory specs say. i drove the car the next day. i stopped at a store to get gas at the same
          intersection where the car died on the wife. i put gas in it which wasnt that low. i started the
          car and about 15 seconds of idling there it died and would restart i didnt have any tools with
          me or time to check anything. so i left it there. the wife came back an hour later and the car
          started and ran fine the whole way home. i put a fuel pressure gauge on it in the drive way
          and left it idle it died once and when it did the fuel pressure dropped with it. then it started
          right back up and hasnt acted up since. i checked the control modle it was ok. this got me
          baffled. relay maybe ? ive been whating for it to do it again but i dont want to be somewhere.
          any ideas ?
          - Doug

Answer: We don't know the exact cause of this problem, there are too many variables. We think it
        could be the fuel pump, the fuel pump relay, or a bad ECM (main computer). We recommend
        taking your Vette to a professional for this problem.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1987 Blown Head Gasket
Date:     1/30/2000
Question: I am buying an 87 with blown head gasket. The car has 110,000 miles on it. Should I just do a
          complete rebuild of the engine? Do the stock aluminum heads hold up to overheating. I
          haven't purchased the car yet and am wondering if the heads are likely to be re-usable or not.
          Any suggestions on brand and parts if I do a rebuild. (cam, valve train etc.) I want it to be a
          little faster than stock but must maintain California emissions.
          - Dean Simpson

Answer: You may not have to do a complete rebuild because of a blown head gasket. Pull the heads
           and see what the engine looks like, then you will know what has to be done. The aluminum
           heads can be reused unless they were really cooked. Get them checked by a professional
           engine machine shop. The heads may need to be decked if they are warped. There are so
           many after market parts to choose from. Check with Edelbrock, Comp Cams, Crane Cams, or
           Isky Racing Cams. Give them a call. They have good tech lines which can steer you in the
           right direction.
           - The Vette Pros

Title:    1987 Throttle Body Cleaning
Date:     9/28/1999
Question: I've read on another site that removing the throttle body and emerging it in a cleaning solvent
          (Autozone sells a "B9" product) is a good idea. I cleaned the TB already by removing the air
          duct and MAF and squirting throttle body cleaner into it. I held the butterflies open and used a
          clean rag to wipe out as much carbon as I could. Would it be more beneficial to actually
          remove the TB from the plenum and clean it? Judging from the large amount of carbon I
          cleaned out my way, I'm guessing it's never been cleaned before. When I clean the TB and if I
          do remove it, should I replace the IAC or just clean the carbon off of it and replace it? I
          thought maybe this is one of those "might as well" situations if I do go to the trouble of
          removing the TB might as well replace the IAC. I am not getting any codes telling me there is
          a problem with the IAC this would be done as a preventative maintenance step. I have heard
          that you have to set the minimum air for the idle if you remove or replace the IAC? Is this
          true or if I just replace the IAC will the ECM (or something) set the minimum air
          automatically? I believe this has to do with the idle RPMs.
          - Bob

Answer: Get a can of "Top Engine Cleaner" from a GM parts supplier (part no. 1052626). This stuff is
        great and is meant for cleaning the top part of your engine. Read the directions on the can and
        follow them exactly! There is no need to remove any parts (TB or the IAC).
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1987 Engine Temperature
Date:     9/26/1999
Question: I have a 1987 corvette with 86000 on the clock, car is in fantastic shape except for suddenly
          the temp. guage is acting up, what I mean is that the car normally runs between 185-195
          degrees, and if I get stuck in traffic or just at idle for any long periods of time the temp. shoots
          to the 240+ range, once I can open it up it does go down, I have checked for road debris
          (plastic bags,etc.)that might of got stuck on the radiator but nothing's there.
          - Carl

Answer: Make sure your electric fan is coming on when the engine temperature reaches 238 degrees. If
        it is not it could be the fan or the temperature sensor. Normal operating temperature on a hot
        day is between 238 and 240 degrees. If the temperature exceeds 241 degrees, get the car
        checked out by a professional.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1986 Cross Threaded Fuel Line Nut
Date:     1/30/2000
Question: I have a 86 coupe with 35,000 miles on it, I've owned it for 6 years, I tried to replace the fuel
          filter last summer. Got the old one off, Tried to put the new one on and the threads from the
          nut coming from the rear of the car felt like it was cross threading going in to the back of the
          filter, so I backed it out and tried to put the old filter back on to see If was any better, I ended
          up putting the old filter on, it went very hard and the fuel line nut is cross threaded, Its never
          leaked as I've putt a couple thousand miles on it since. I know the filter needs to be changed, I
           try to do all my own maintenance my self but I'll pay whatever it takes to get this fixed. I was
           hoping you've herd of this happening before and have a little trick for this stripped nut.
           - Steve

Answer: Sorry, there is no trick. You will have to cut the fuel line to get the cross threaded nut off.
        You can put a new nut on and flare the end if the fuel line is long enough. Otherwise, you will
        have to install a new fuel line if the fuel line is not long enough.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1986 Hard Top
Date:     11/4/1999
Question: My car is a 1986 Convertible. Is there anyplace that I can buy a removable hard top for my
          car in addition to the soft top. It seems I have seen them in ads somewhere. I would like
          something that would use the existing soft top holes and clamps.
          - Neil

Answer: Hard tops are available from Ed at Not Just Vettes or you could try Hemmings. The price
        range is $12.00 to $1400.00. We don't recommend the after market hard tops.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1986 Heads
Date:     10/13/1999
Question: I have a 1986 vette coupe with tuned port L98 with steel heads. I'm thinking about changing
          the heads to aluminum heads, but I want to keep the stock compression ratio of 9.5 to 1. What
          cc are the stock heads? What aluminum heads do you recommend?
          - Mark

Answer: We think the stock steel heads are around 70 CC's. We recommend the GM aluminum heads.
        They are well priced and they work.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1986 Transmission Parts
Date:     10/7/1999
Question: We are in the process of rebuilding a 1986 coupe with a 4+3 tranny. I know that the vette
          catalogs offer a kit, but I also understand that the kit is the basics for the overdrive part of the
          transmission only. There is reported to be a company in Florida somewhere named
          Autodyne(?) that bought the Doug Nash parts, rights, etc. to this transmission. Do you know
          how to contact them or do you know where to get other parts such as synchos, gears, etc. for
          the front end as well as parts for the overdrive?
          - Gary

Answer: Most transmission parts suppliers should sell parts for the stock T-10 transmission. Fixing the
        overdrive is a very complex task and we recommend taking it to a shop that specializes in
        fixing Vette transmissions.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1986 L98 Rough Idle
Date:     10/6/1999
Question: I have a 86 Convertible with 101K miles on it. I have replaced the intake manifold gasket and
          all of the plenum, TB, etc gaskets. Cleaned the TB, replaced the air filter with K&N. New
          plugs, Taylor plug wires, rotor, & 24# SVO fuel injectors(all 8). Set minimum idle air, TPS,
          and timing. The car still idles rough, jumps between 600 & 800 RPM when I'm stopped at a
           light. Does this sound like a vacuum leak? If so, what is the best way to find it?? What else
           might it be? "Service Engine" light IS NOT flashing.
           - Tom

Answer: The rough idle may be a vacuum leak. Here are a few ways to find a vacuum leak: You can
        use a 24" piece of fuel line or garden hose as a cheap stethoscope to locate vacuum leaks.
        With the motor running, place one end of the hose by your ear and move the other around the
        engine until you hear a hissing sound (be careful of the engine fan!). Or, try crimping off each
        hose one at a time and see if you can find the one that is causing the problem. Finally, take it
        to a shop that has a smoke machine that is designed to find vacuum leaks. The smoke
        machines will find any leak. It could also be a sticky throttle plate, the IAC may be jammed,
        timing setting, the O2 sensor, a bad or incorrect fuel injector, or too much fuel pressure.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1986 Backfiring and Sputtering
Date:     9/29/1999
Question: My 1986 started cutting out, and backfiring. Couldn't get it up to even fourty mph. Just barely
          runs and then cuts out. I had a VW once that was doing something similar and it turned out to
          be the fuel filter. Do you guys have a manual that points out where the fuel filter would be on
          the Vette?
          - Martha

Answer: You could have a simple problem with a restricted filter or a major problem with the fuel
        system. If changing the filter doesn't solve it bring it to a professional. The fuel filter is
        located under the car, just in front of the passenger side door. Be very careful when removing
        the filter. Make sure the exhaust and engine is cold, disconnect the battery, loosen the nuts
        SLOWLY to relieve the pressure so the fuel does not spray all over, and have something
        ready to catch the dripping fuel.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1986 Remanufactured Crankshaft
Date:     10/21/1999
Question: I am looking for a remanufactured crank(turned .010) for an 86(L98). It would be nice to get
          all the bearings also, but at this point I'll take what I can get. Thanks for your suggestions.
          - Brain

Answer: Check engine performance shops or a crank grinder. They should have a remanufactured
        0.10/0.10 in stock.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1985 Hard To Steer And Long Idle
Date:     12/6/1999
Question: I have a 85 vette 350 engine and the steering feels a little hard when turning. Should it be easy
          & smooth while turning. I owned the car for 2years, but I don`t know if the steering should
          feel like that. Also one more question when I start the car hot or cold the idle takes about 30
          to 45 seconds to adjust. Is that normal?
          - Victor

Answer: It sounds like a worn out steering rack. Over time the aluminum parts on the inside wear out.
        Also, the seals on the pistons wear out and cause pressure loss. Check the fluid and if it has a
        metallic color you need to buy a new or re-built steering rack. Make sure whoever replaces
        the rack also flushes the pump of all the contaminated fluid. If this is not done it will void the
           warranty of the new steering rack. The time to idle seems a little high. You may want to get it
           - The Vette Pros

Title:    1985 Seat Convertion
Date:     11/12/1999
Question: I have an 85 vette with sport seats. I want to buy new seat foam and covers but I want to
          change to the standard seats. Will standard seats fit in my sport seat frames or do I need to get
          new frames also?
          - JLBJR31

Answer: Yes, the sport seats can be changed to the standard seats. Here are the prices from Ed at Not
        Just Vettes: Standard leather covers mounted on new foam are $995.00 and used seat frames
        are $250.00.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1985 Weather Stripping
Date:     10/14/1999
Question: I own a 1985 vette most of the weather stripping on the car needs to be replaced.I wanted to
          know if there is anything special I should know ,or do before I start this project? Also most of
          the weather stripping is rather expensive. Do you have any suggestion on how I might save a
          few bucks???
          - Wayne

Answer: This is a tough and messy job. Do not cut corners on to save a few bucks when doing weather
        stripping. Buy GM stripping and spend time doing the job right otherwise, pay someone who
        knows what they are doing. Not Just Vettes, http://www.partsforvettes.com/, sells GM
        weather stripping kits.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1985 Oil Pressure Gauge
Date:     10/7/1999
Question: I recently purchased an 85 vette w/ 350 cu in., automatic. lately, the oil pressure gauge is
          dropping gradually to 0 from 40 when stopped and in gear but goes back up if I put the car in
          neutral. Also, the gauges and speedometer work on the digital dash, but the
          lighting/luminescence for them goes in and out at various times, sometimes banging on the
          dash gets it to come back on. Any tips?
          - Nate

Answer: First, check the oil pressure with an external gauge to see if the engine is really loosing oil
        pressure. If the engine is ok, it may be a bad ground somewhere in the dash. Pull the dash unit
        and get it checked.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1985 Speedometer Reading
Date:     10/1/1999
Question: Cannot get speedometer to register mph (newest switch locked up during test drive) and
          therefore overdrive unit will not engage. What else could cause speedometer problems when
          switch and gear have been replaced and head unit is seemingly functioning correctly?
          - Claire

Answer: Check the signal from the transmission. If it's good, pull the dash and get the head unit
           - The Vette Pros

Title:    1985 Auxiliary Fan and Alternator
Date:     9/17/1999
Question: I own a '85 vette that last night the aux fan would not shut off. The Alternator showed no
          charge. I disconnected the aux fan relay to turn the fan off, still no charge. Turned car off and
          on an connected the relay several time but nothing changed. Later I started the vette to put
          away and the alternator was charging, didn't check fan though.
          - Max

Answer: Electric problems such as these can be difficult to diagnose. We think there may be two
        separate problems going on with your '85. The auxiliary fan not shutting off could be any one
        of the following: The ECM (main computer) may think that the engine is over heating thus
        triggering the fan to stay on, the switch on the A/C compressor (turns the auxiliary fan on
        when the A/C is on) may be bad, the auxiliary fan relay could be bad, or there could be a
        loose ground to any one of these switches. The alternator sounds bad if it is intermittently
        charging. Take it to a local parts store (Track Auto) and have them test it.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1984 Transmission Overdrive
Date:     12/29/1999
Question: The overdrive on my '84 Corvette has started to not kick in until I reach 65 mph. (Or 2800
          RPM) I have attempted to adjust the TV cable and the results are; If I do it according to an
          after market tech manual the car shifts smoother through gears 1 through 3... but the overdrive
          will not kick in at all. If I manually adjust the slider the car revs to 2800 (or so) before it shifts
          in gears 2 - 3. It then reverts to the overdrive engagement problem that it initially had
          (engaging at 2800). Is this a linkage problem?? Is this some type of governor problem??? Or,
          is it time for a rebuilt transmission?
          - twmyers

Answer: The overdrive should engage around 1400 rpm. Check the transmission fluid, if it is not
        cherry red you should change it. If this doesn't help it may be time for a rebuild. You may
        want to consider a overdrive unit from a 86-89 Vette.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1984 Instrument Panel Problems
Date:     11/14/1999
Question: I recently purchased an 1984 corvette. I am having a problem with the instrument panel. The
          panel shuts off and the two blinkers and high beam lights come on and stay on. They don't
          blink or anything. The lights just stay on. You can see the speedometer and other gages in the
          daytime. But they are real dim. At night you cant see any gauges. After the vehicle has been
          turned off and sits for a while sometimes the panel will light back up.
          - Misst2102

Answer: The dash boards in the 1984 - 1987 Vettes have had many problems. It could be a bad ground
        somewhere in the electrical system or a bad dash unit. We would pull the dash board and
        check that first.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:     1984 Brake Pulling to One Side
Date:      10//1999
Question: I have a 1984 corvette I am restoring. I am having very odd brake problems. It pulls very hard
          to one side then to the other under hard braking. When I pull up to a stop and just tap them
          easing forward some times it pulls very hard (spinning the wheel to either the left or right).

           I have rebuilt the brake calipers on all fours. They were replaced with Raybestos parts and
           greased with MolyB grease. the callipers inside where clean and just slightly honed to clean
           them up. There were no signs of pitting on the pistons. the piston slides in easily with very
           firm hand pressure.there is no obvious damage to braces or such. I have turned all the rotors
           at the same time. I also have put about a gallon of fluid through the system hoping to avoid
           any contamination or bubbles. After this I still had problems and consulting the manual I tried
           replacing the master cylinder with an A/C Delco replacement. no change.

           I don't have any leaks and use no fluid and no contamination (replaced the pads twice) and
           only starting to show a little sign of glazing.. the supension seems to be tight with no apparent
           defects. The rack has been replaced before the brake problems (it got stiff to the left) and the
           car put to 1986 alignment specs adding the 3 degrees caster

           I witnessed the alignment at a trusted shop and did the rest of the work myself. the entire front
           supension has been replaced with a PST suspension. and other than a slightly off center drill
           on one of the upper control arm ball joint rivet/bolts it went as expected for an '84 rebuild.

           Help please!! I am at my wits end. get as technical as you need too..
           - jvette

Answer: It might be a bad brake line/hose or a bad caliper. It's hard to say without seeing the car. You
        may have to take it to shop and have the entire brake system checked. Try a product called
        Sill Glide over MolyB grease, it works better.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1984 Crossfire Conversion
Date:     9/26/1999
Question: Hi, I have got a quick question about an 84 Vette that I hope that you can help me with. As
          you know my Vette has the problematic crossfire set-up, this one seems to be OK at this time,
          but has over 130K miles on it. I am planning on installing a high performance small block
          which is caburated. I am planning on using the stock distributor, exhaust manifolds and
          accessories. This engine will have a mild cam and I am concerned about the computer shifted
          transmission. Will the trans still function properly? Is there any way to regulate the fuel flow
          down to meet the carb demands with burning something up? Is there anyway that the crossfire
          set-up could handle a 10.5-1 350? Will the distributor still work OK without the others
          sensors? Well I am sorry, it seems that my quick question has turned into several. I hope that
          you can help.
          - Art

Answer: We have never tried to convert a 1984 crossfire Vette to a carbureted small block. This will
        be difficult and we will try to answer your questions. The main computer controls the
        transmission in the crossfire setup so it will have to be disconnected. This will render your
        transmission useless. You will have to find some way to control the transmission. You may
        be able to use a transmission cable from an '81 Vette and figure out a way to connect it. Use a
        in line fuel pressure regulator to control the fuel flow to the carburetor. Yes, the crossfire
        setup can handle a 10.5 to 1 ratio. We know of another Vette that is 11.25 to 1 and is running
        fine. You will need a new distributor because the old one needs the sensors.

           We recommend getting the crossfire's throttle bodies balances and installing it in the new
           engine. It will make the engine swap much easier and should work fine.
           - The Vette Pros
Title:    1984 Top Removal
Date:     9/26/1999
Question: I bought a 1984 corvette and I can not figure out how to take the top off. Can you please help
          me? The top is not glass, I thank it is fiberglass.
          - Miss T

Answer: There are four Torx head bolts. There are two by the windshield, hidden up in the holes
        behind the sun visor and the other two are toward the rear. The bolts by the windshield do not
        come out, just loosen them. The bolts toward the rear come out. Your Vette should have come
        with a tool for removing these bolts. I would look in the glove box or check with the person
        you bought it from. If that doesn't work, GM sells the wrench for around $70.00 or you can
        buy the correct #40 Torx head bit from any tools supplier. Note: make sure your Vette is on
        level ground when putting the top back on, this will make it line up correctly.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1984 C4 Top
Date:     9/23/1999
          - Gregory

Answer: Yes, 84-96 should be interchangeable.
        - The Vette Pros

Title:    1984 Cross Fire Injection
Date:     9/18/1999
Question: I recently bought a 1984 corvette with the 350 cross fire injection. I have two questions. The
          first is that the fuel injectors seem to be making a loud ticking noise, is this normal? The other
          is what is, cross fire injection, and how does it work?
          - Steve

Answer: Yes the ticking noise is normal. Cross fire injection was introduced by Chevy in 1982 and
        ended in 1984. It has to do with which fuel injectors provide fuel to what cylinders. The right
        set of injectors fire the left (drivers side) bank of cylinders and vice versa. A unique design
        that generated good low end performance but lacked a little top end performance.
        - The Vette Pros

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