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					Sign into your blog at
If you have a google login, you will use the same login and password for blogger.

If you don’t have a blogger or google account, you will make one by clicking on “create.”

Then you will create a blog on this page. Notice how I typed in my name with sdol- as a
prefix. Also notice how I spelled out the full address to the blog as the “Blog Title.”
This is so that kids will easily be able to see the address on their screen from the back of
the room. If you want to use a catchy title instead of the URL, then just send the blog
website page to the students’ computers via SynchronEyes.

Then I pick a template, as seen on the next screen:
Don’t pick a dark template. You won’t be able to see the writing very well on a
Promethian Whiteboard when you have a dark template.

You can then press CONTINUE and then press START BLOGGING. Then you will see
a screen where you can start typing in your blog entry – BUT, we need to change some
settings first. Click on the word SETTINGS at the top of the screen.
Now click on COMMENTS:
Once you click on COMMENTS, your screen will look like what is below. You need to
change two settings, and hit SAVE at the bottom of the screen.
You will set COMMENT MODERATION to ALWAYS. (See above and below.)
Now your blog is set up and ready to go!

This is what your screen will sort of look like when you sign in from now on to blogger
at . (I have several blogs in my account, you will probably only
have one listed.) This is your dashboard:
You can click on NEW POST to make a new blog entry for the day. Or EDIT post to see
a draft or change a post. VIEW BLOG will take you to your blog.

The kiddos will not need sign-ins.

They get to your blog by going to the address you created:

You get to your blog by going to and signing in.
               Conventions for commenting on a blog:

Find the little word “comments” on the bottom of a blog and click on it.
When you click on that, you will get a comment box. Click on
“Comment AS” and you get a drop down menu – choose
“Name/URL” on the menu (see below.)
Have kiddos type in their first name, last initial, and period
number in the NAME field. Leave the URL field blank and
then press continue.

They can then type in their comment.

Teachers need to be instructed to moderate comments
appropriately, not allowing last names to be distributed on the

When you first sign into blogger, your dashboard will show
you if you have any comments awaiting.

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