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									GREEN LIVING Creating the Green Home in New England

                                                                                           THIS PHOTO AND COVER PHOTO BY JIM WESTPHALEN FOR CONNOR HOMES

            GOING CRAZY
             BY DIANE M. STERRETT

       From the coffee shop to the cocktail party, today’s conversations revolve
       around energy’s cost to our wallets and our planet, as well as how we can all use
       less of it. Since housing alone consumes 20 percent of America’s energy, here’s
       how you can get started at home in a meaningful, but achievable, way.

  GREENGOODS        n
                                                                               GREEN NOISE
  Access Connections                                                              An ever-increasing amount of
  Installing products such as lighting control or                              green news, building ideas and prod-
  smart thermostats can drastically reduce your                                ucts makes one think about counting
  energy costs and increase convenience. Light-                                carbons instead of carbohydrates. A
  ing control can be installed by simply replacing                             recent study confirmed it: all the
  your existing light switches with new ones; no                               green talk has made homeowners
  additional wiring is needed. Dimming your lights                             feel that a green home is an all-or-
  by 20 percent saves 20 percent of electricity                                nothing proposition. But you don’t
  used. Motorized shades allow you to control                                  have to be an enviro-maniac to make
  and adjust the shade for summer and winter                                   an impact; every single action counts.
  months. You can also monitor your thermostat                                    Since there are many facets of
  and control your temperature from a Web                                      green building, first determine your
  browser or easily set up a pre-programmed schedule. Access Connections       priorities. Whether it’s reducing car-
  designs the right system to fit your needs and helps provide a more energy-   bon emissions, reducing your energy
  efficient, comfortable home.                       use, improving indoor air quality,
                                                                               conserving water, recycling, or using
                                                                               sustainable materials, it helps to
                                                                               focus your energy. Then start with a
  Antique & Vintage Woods of America
                                                                               few bite-size choices and rely on ex-
  Dedicated to the Green Earth concept, our
                                                                               perienced builders, architects and
  major goal is to salvage and reclaim building
                                                                               designers to guide your plans.
  materials from old structures and incorporate
                                                                                  The U.S. Green Building Council
  them into current projects. We offer one of the
                                                                               (USGBC) is a good place to start.
  most respected and diverse inventories of re-
                                                                               It’s a nonprofit organization com-
  claimed wood available. With more than one
                                                                               posed of leaders from across the in-
  million board feet of inventory, we can supply
                                                                               dustry working to advance buildings
  projects of more than 30,000 square feet, for both commercial and resi-
                                                                               that are environmentally responsi-
  dential buildings.
                                                                               ble, profitable and healthy places to
    Our antique heart pine flooring is noted for its unusual hardness and its
                                                                               live and work. Chapters in nearly
  beautiful amber-orange to mellow reddish color. We hand-select each
                                                                               every state offer information and
  board from century-old homes, barns and gristmills to achieve a look that
  is bold, elegant and timeless.
                                                                                  Ready to get started?
                                                                               Here’s a baker’s dozen of great ideas.
                                                                                GET AN
                                                                               n you’re AGENT a home, a great
                                                                                If      building
  Archia Homes                                                                 way to cut through all the confusion
  Serious issues with climate change                                           is to hire an owner’s agent early in
  have begun changing the way we live.                                         the process, says Connie McGreavy,
  Some people drive more efficient ve-                                          chairperson of the Rhode Island
  hicles while others aim to lower the                                         USGBC chapter and founder of Con-
  effect their homes have on the envi-                                         serve By Design. “An owner’s agent
  ronment. Since the late 1980s,                                               gives you a single point of contact
  Archia has been involved in building                                         who knows the field, has intimate
  healthy homes, with interior atmos-                                          knowledge of green building materi-
  phere, occupant health and material knowledge at the forefront of our        als, can coordinate vendors, will ad-
  building and design concerns. Moving to the larger, more encompassing        vocate for you and look out for your
  environment of green building and sustainable design was an easy and         environmental priorities.”
  obvious transition. With much of our general knowledge and objectives           Say, for example, you tell your
  now becoming mainstream, we find ourselves able to offer information,         builder that you want to build a
  education and advanced building techniques for greener, more sustain-        green home. He’s partial to passive
  able homes.

  GREENGOODS        n
                                                                                  solar power, so he automatically cuts
  Architectural Design Incorporated                                               down your trees to let the sun in,
  Our team of architects and consultants brings                                   when your site might have been bet-
  you many years of experience integrating the lat-                               ter suited for geothermal energy. An-
  est green technologies in residential and other                                 other vendor’s priority might be to
  designs with a team approach of architecture,                                   sell you a system, not offer options.
  landscape architecture, interior design, environ-                                  “An owner’s agent can evaluate
  mental and energy conservation, and construc-                                   your site and recommend what’s best
  tion. We are actively integrating self-sustaining,                              for you. They know who needs to be
  low-energy strategies into current residential proj-                            involved depending on your environ-
  ects, including solar, wind and geothermal ener-                                mental priorities and are skilled in
  gy systems. In addition, our design for the Mass                                putting a team together. It saves you
  Audubon Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary earned                                  frustration and money in the long
  LEED Platinum Certification for exemplary contributions in the areas of sus-     run,” McGreavy says.
  tainable siting, water efficiency, energy and atmosphere, materials and re-
  sources, and indoor environmental quality. It is only the fourth building in
  Massachusetts to achieve the Platinum designation.

  Audio Video Intelligence
  AV-Intel can integrate your lighting, heat-
  ing, cooling and entertainment controls
  with Control 4 home automation, letting
                                                                                  “Look for a design and
                                                                                   construction expert
                                                                                   with a long track
                                                                                   record in sustainable
  everyone in your family be green and                                             building”
  significantly reduce their energy con-
  sumption. You program the system ac-
  cording to your lifestyle, and it automati-
                                                                                     The team she refers to includes
  cally adjusts lights and temperature at
                                                                                  your architect, civil and mechanical
  the appropriate times, whether you’re home, at work or away on vacation.
                                                                                  engineers, builder and energy sys-
  It’s all accessible by touch panels or remotely via the Internet. One touch
                                                                                  tems people, and it’s the keystone
  of a button in the kitchen, and your lights dim for dinner or come on full
                                                                                  of an integrated design approach.
  power for cleanup mode. One touch as you’re leaving, and it turns off all
                                                                                  That approach is the single most
  the lights and any TVs or stereos left on. And with Control 4, you never
                                                                                  important concept in building green,
  come home to a dark house!
                                                                                  says McGreavy.
                                                                                     “We have to get away from the
                                                                                  classic linear approach to home
                                                                                  building. If you have everyone work-
  Austin Design Inc.                                                              ing together from the outset, each
  Austin Design specializes in green                                              area of expertise helps inform the
  design—from the second LEED                                                     others, which reduces the need for
  Gold Certified affordable house in                                               costly changes along the way.”
  the nation, to high-end custom                                                     To find an owner’s agent, look for
  homes, both modern and tradi-                                                   a design and construction expert
  tional. Buildings are designed to                                               with a long track record of experi-
  be beautiful, sustainable, on the cutting edge technologically, and to fit the   ence in sustainable building, or con-
  client's needs, personality and budget. Austin Design works with clients to     tact your USGBC chapter. Nearly all
  find an affordable approach to sustainability. Through proper air-sealing,       of them have a green residential
  super-insulation, on-site energy generation, indoor air quality and the use     building advocate, McGreavy says.
  of local chemical-free materials, the company creates healthy, environmen-
  tally conscious homes. “When building, sometimes the greenest design             THINK ADVANCED
  moves are the simplest,” says Bill Austin, principal.                           nBUILDING DESIGN                                                            If you’re building new, the single

  GREENGOODS        n
                                                                                best thing you can do is emphasize
  Belisle Doors and Windows                                                     “conservation first” through an ad-
  An environmentally friendly company, Belisle crafts                           vanced building design, says Dan
  high-end all-wood doors and windows that add beau-                            Glickman, founder of Sustainable
  ty to your home while saving on your energy bill.                             Construction in Boston. It’s only logi-
  “All our windows and doors exceed Energy Star rat-                            cal that the first step in building
  ings, built with double panes filled with argon gas for                        green is not to let heat and condi-
  a higher insulation factor, and coated with low-E film                         tioned air escape through an ineffi-
  to block the sun’s rays,” says Kevin Thibault, sales                          cient, leaky building.
  director. “We don’t use vinyl, plastic or other materi-                          “Build a tighter envelope, use
  als that are not environmentally friendly. We use only                        super-efficient framing and insulation
  wood species that are easily renewable, such as western red cedar and red     methods and the most efficient win-
  oak, and we purchase only from lumberyards that certify their wood is from    dows and doors that you can. It’s easy
  renewable sources. In addition, we give our byproducts (sawdust) to area      now to build a wall that is extremely
  farmers to use so there is less waste, and dispose of brushes and rags in a   well-insulated. And you should con-
  responsible manner.”                                   sider a framing strategy to minimize
                                                                                thermal conductivity; the old two-by-
                                                                                four construction and fiberglass insu-
                                                                                lation is history,” he says.
  Berkshire Photovoltaic Services
                                                                                   Thermal conductivity happens
  Since 1985 BPVS has worked with residential
                                                                                when a structural member, such as
  and commercial customers, utilities, govern-
                                                                                a wall stud, is allowed to bridge in-
  ment agencies and research projects to design
                                                                                doors and outdoors, conducting heat
  and build safe, efficient and durable photovolta-
                                                                                with it. You can minimize that with
  ic systems. Our designs exceed code require-
                                                                                staggered two-by-six wall construc-
  ments to ensure user-friendliness and reliabili-
                                                                                tion that does not allow a stud or
  ty. We use Schott Solar modules made in
                                                                                header to create a bridge to the
  Massachusetts, the world’s most powerful modules. Built for New England
  weather extremes, they are rated for our worst wind and snow loads and
                                                                                   Similarly, thermal bypass occurs
  include features that assure optimal electricity production. BPVS is recog-
                                                                                any time there’s a gap in your insu-
  nized for careful designs, proven components and high-quality workman-
                                                                                lation that allows air to enter or
  ship. Our commercial and residential customers know that being con-
                                                                                leave. So for insulation, Glickman
  sumers and generators of clean electricity is important, and they rely on
                                                                                uses a combination of closed-cell
  our technical expertise to make it easy.
                                                                                foam insulation for an airtight barri-
                                                                                er and open-cell foam insulation,
                                                                                which is easier to work around if
                                                                                you ever want to make a change to
  Cathy Kert Interiors                                                          your wiring.
  We create stylish, comfortable spaces to call your                               Other innovative green insulations
  own with a full range of home decorating services.                            to consider are Warmcel 100, made
  As we partner with our clients to embellish their                             from 100 percent recycled newspa-
  homes, we are excited to offer natural, environmen-                           pers, and Thermafleece, made from
  tally friendly Lee furniture made in the United                               pure British sheep’s wool. Both are
  States. Lee uses organic and natural fabrics and                              nontoxic and use less energy to man-
  water-based finishes. And who says luxury bedding                              ufacture than traditional insulation.
  can't be eco-friendly? We also carry Mystic Valley                               The next step in advanced build-
  Traders’ Turtle Bay Collection, made from natural,                            ing design is your heating and air
  sustainable and replenishable fibers. All dyes are                             conditioning point of use and distri-
  chemical-free and meet certified global organic standards so you can feel      bution strategy. “You have to look at
  good and sleep well.                                                          how you get heated or cooled air to
     We are also an Exciting Windows member and can help you choose the         your rooms efficiently and how to
  right window treatments to control heating and cooling naturally!             keep it there. If a duct or piping is

  GREENGOODS        n
                                                                               planned to go through an uninsulat-
  Chip Webster & Associates                                                    ed area, change it. And add zones to
  Architecture must respond to the human needs                                 your system so you can avoid heating
  of comfort, functionality and security while fos-                            rooms that are not often used. Or if
  tering a sense of well-being. At Chip Webster &                              you’re putting on an addition, add a
  Associates, we ensure that physical, social and                              pellet stove for the new space,”
  budgetary needs are met while creating spaces                                Glickman says.
  that surprise, delight and inspire. Chip Webster                                The third element of advanced
  & Associates actively pursues green design                                   building design is a super-efficient
  projects, and we encourage our clients to con-                               heating/cooling system. “Today’s
  sider sustainable design options. We have                                    heating and cooling systems are so
  LEED-accredited associates on our team to                                    much more efficient than just a
  support these goals. We believe that every                                   decade ago,” Glickman says. “Then
  project is unique and requires a fresh perspective that will reflect the      if you’ve done those first three steps,
  needs and desires of the client. Utilizing an underlying design philosophy
  rather than a preconceived architectural style, we help bring our clients’

  visions to life.
                                                                                Heating and cooling
  Closet Factory–Boston                                                         account for about 56
  The ultimate custom storage design not only
  keeps you organized, it helps keep your envi-                                 percent of the energy
  ronment healthy. We use low- or no-VOC finish-
  es, which means no toxic off-gassing and a
                                                                                use in a typical home”
  better home air quality for you.
     And since we custom-design each storage
  solution, we can use the materials you desire,
                                                                               alternative fuels can make a dramatic
  from basic white to dramatic wood grains. Using Forest Stewardship Coun-
                                                                               difference. Do a cost/benefit analysis
  cil-certified woods means our lumber is harvested in an environmentally re-
                                                                               and consider your site characteristics
  sponsible manner.
                                                                               and see if solar, wind or geothermal
    Precision craftsmanship and our trademark attention to detail enhance      make sense.”
  the look of your Closet Factory system, whether for a walk-in closet, a
  pantry, or even an entertainment center. Contact us for your free in-home
  consultation at (800) 617-2567.
                                                                                HEAT AND
                                                                               n heatingCOOL EFFICIENTLY
                                                                                Since    and cooling account
                                                                               for about 56 percent of the energy
                                                                               use in a typical home, looking into
                                                                               your heating and air conditioning ef-
  Coneco Geothermal                                                            ficiency is a great first green step to
  Use the free, renewable energy in your own                                   take, even if you’re not building a
  backyard for heating, cooling and hot water                                  new home. Randy Scott, vice presi-
  with an earth-friendly geothermal system.                                    dent and general manager of Ideal
  You could save up to 70 percent on monthly                                   Home Environment for Trane,
  energy costs.                                                                agrees. “A twelve-year-old heating
    Coneco’s geothermal engineering experts                                    system is probably running at 60 per-
  can guide you to the right solution for your                                 cent efficiency,” he says.
  home, from early consultation to the final in-                                   For your furnace, Scott suggests
  stallation and maintenance of the heat pump. As a turnkey geothermal         looking for a high annual fuel utiliza-
  systems firm, Coneco manages each step of the design and installation of      tion efficiency (AFUE), which meas-
  your system, including drilling/trenching, radiant floor heating, ductwork,   ures the amount of heat actually de-
  electrical, plumbing and system start-up. A system can be configured for      livered to your house compared to
  either new construction or for your existing home.            the amount of fuel used. For exam-
                                                                                                 Continued on page 168

GREEN LIVING Creating the Green Home in New England

                                                               Boston Shade Company

This contemporary home in North Easton, Massachu-
setts, was the first in the state to receive LEED Silver cer-
tification. Designed by Maryann Thompson Architects and
built by CDS Construction Service, the 3,000-square-foot
scheme features a simple box form with expansive win-
dows. The home’s south-facing orientation takes advan-
tage of natural light and, in the winter months, solar gain
reduces mechanical heating demands. (Two pellet stoves
and an efficient, solar-powered radiant heat system take
care of the rest.) An asymmetrical roofline shades up-
stairs rooms in the summer, and cross-ventilation elimi-
nates the need for central air conditioning. Recycled and
energy-efficient materials used in the house include a re-
cycled tire rubber roof; reclaimed hardwood cabinetry,
casework and flooring materials; recycled glass tiles and
thermal efficient windows.


                          SPECIAL MARKETING SECTION   165
  GREENGOODS        n
                                                                                  Continued from page 160
  Connor Homes                                                                    ple, a furnace that has an 80 percent
  Connor Homes continually weighs the                                             AFUE rating converts 80 percent of
  environmental impact of the materials                                           your fuel to heat; the other 20 per-
  and methods we use. Homes built in                                              cent goes up the chimney. The U.S.
  our mill shops create far less waste                                            Department of Energy (DOE) has
  materials than site-built construction,                                         set a national minimum of 78 percent
  saving material from the landfill and                                            for new boilers manufactured since
  saving construction costs. Sustain-                                             1992. To achieve Energy Star status,
  ability of resources is another impor-                                          a furnace must have an 85 percent
  tant piece of our green building philosophy. It is our sincere belief that      rating, but there are many models
  durability, allowing a home to sustain itself on the landscape, is one of the   that exceed 90 percent.
  most important ways a home can be a positive force. Our homes use only             “Trane has products that go up to
  structural components that have withstood the test of time so that, given       96.7 percent AFUE. You can save up
  routine maintenance, they will endure for generations and not have to be        to 35 percent of your gas bill, de-
  rebuilt in fifty years or less.                           pending on the efficiency of your
                                                                                  home’s construction,” Scott says.
                                                                                      To measure cooling effectiveness
                                                                                  when comparing air conditioners,
  Crown Point Cabinetry
                                                                                  look for the unit’s seasonal energy ef-
  Crown Point Cabinetry, a family owned and oper-
                                                                                  ficiency ratio (SEER).
  ated custom cabinetmaker, introduces period-
                                                                                     “DOE’s minimum is 13 SEER. A
  style cabinetry crafted from FSC-certified antique
                                                                                  ten-year-old system is probably an
  woods. Carefully and responsibly reclaimed from
                                                                                  eight, significantly below today’s
  old barns, factories and textile mills destined for
                                                                                  minimum. Today Trane has products
  demolition, these woods are hand-selected for
                                                                                  that will reach up to 20 SEER. You
  their strength, durability and timeless beauty. An-
                                                                                  could save up to 60 percent on your
  tique heart pine, antique chestnut and antique
                                                                                  energy bill by replacing an old sys-
  oak boards with authentic nail holes, knots and
                                                                                  tem while addressing the comfort
  color variations are repurposed into stunning fur-
                                                                                  and health of the home,” Scott says.
  niture-quality cabinetry while preserving the beau-
  ty of centuries-old wood.
                                                                                   INSTALL A GREEN ROOF
                                                                                  n interesting green choice popu-
                                                                                  lar in Europe and just beginning to
                                                                                  catch on here are green roofs. They
                                                                                  really are green, covered with native
                                                                                  plants that help keep your heat in
  Custom Cable Services                                                           during the winter and cool your
  Of all your home technologies, tel-
                                                     Make Me                      house in the summer.

  evisions are one of the biggest                                                    Beyond reducing your energy bill,
  energy draws because they’re                                                    they help improve air quality almost
  never fully switched off, spending
                                                       Please!                    immediately, says Karen Weber, co-
  most of their time in a standby                                                 president of Earth Our Only Home.
  mode. Multiply that by several tel-                                             The company worked on three new
  evisions and the problem adds up                                                green roofs in the Boston area this
  quickly. The International Energy                                               year: the WGBH headquarters in
  Agency estimates that 5 to 15 percent of your electricity is wasted in          Brighton and Aircuity Inc. and a resi-
  standby mode, costing U.S. households more than $5 billion a year. Cus-         dential green roof, both in Newton.
  tom Cable Services can help you be more eco-friendly and save money by             “Green roofs absorb carbon diox-
  installing a switching device for proper power management.                      ide and pollutants almost immediate-
    In addition, we seek out and recommend technology products that are           ly after planting—in the first three to
  Energy Star-rated and companies that implement good green policies.             five years—while producing life-giv-

                                  ing oxygen. More green roofs will de-
                                  crease greenhouse gases faster, bring
                                  the air temperature down and impact
                                  our quality of life. Twenty-three
                                  thousand square feet of green roof
                                  can absorb one ton of carbon dioxide.
                                  Plus, they help manage storm water
                                  and keep freshwater runoff from pol-
                                  luting the ocean,” Weber says.
                                     One misperception Weber would
                                  like to clear up is that a green roof is
                                  not turf—you don’t have to mow it.
                                  While there are several plants you

                                   A green roof by Earth Our Only Home

                                  can use, Weber says sedums work
                                  best because they are succulent
                                  perennials that can last 90 days with
                                  no water, so they don’t need addi-
                                  tional irrigation, and can handle
                                     A more intensive green roof can
                                  have a thickness of 9 inches or more
                                  with a variety of plants and small
                                  trees, resembling a beautiful park on
                                  top of a building, like Chicago City
                                  Hall’s famous installation.

                                   GROW A SUSTAINABLE
                                  n green choice you’ll enjoy YARD
                                   A                          look-
                                  ing at every day is a sustainable land-
                                  scape, which can make a big differ-
                                  ence in using resources more
                                  responsibly. The technical term for it
                                  is xeriscaping, defined as landscaping
                                  that conserves water and protects the
                                  environment, says Sean Papich of Pa-
                                  pich Landscape Architects in Hing-
                                  ham, Massachusetts.

  GREENGOODS        n
                                                                                        “Good planning, along with appro-
  Cutting Edge Systems                                                               priate native plant selection and lim-
  Cutting Edge Systems has been designing                                            ited turf, are the top three of seven
  and installing energy-efficient automation sys-                                     xeriscaping principles,” says Papich,
  tems for nearly twenty years. Lighting control                                     who began working with xeriscapes
  can make your system extremely convenient                                          in the early nineties. “You have to
  to use and offers a great solution for reduc-                                      start with the right design using the
  ing energy usage. Dimming incandescent                                             right plants in the right place. For
  lights by 25 percent saves 20 percent of the                                       example, use plants that can tolerate
  energy and also extends the bulb life by four                                      sun in hot spots so you don’t need to
  times. Controllable shades improve your                                            overwater. Minimize use of annuals,
  room’s aesthetics while reducing heat-                                             which require a lot of watering, and
  ing/cooling costs and protecting your fine furnishings from fading. The compa-      use native perennials that are tough
  ny’s systems feature Lutron lighting control to automatically turn lights off      and hardy. Once they’re established,
  when no one is at home, giving you light when you need it and energy savings       you can shut off the irrigation. And
  when you don’t for earth-friendly convenience.             limit the amount of lawn you have,
                                                                                     using it just for recreational purposes
                                                                                     or maybe as art, in a perfect square
                                                                                     or circle.”
  DC Home Systems
                                                                                        We love our lawns, but they are
  Electronics are typically thought of as
                                                                                     the biggest water hog in the yard.
  consuming energy, but home automa-
                                                                                     Bluegrass seed is the most popular
  tion systems can actually control ener-
                                                                                     type, but it requires the most water.
  gy costs. DC Home Systems can help
                                                                                     Consider alternative turfs such as
  you put the right technology in the
                                                                                     zoysia, which is very drought toler-
  right place to monitor, manage and re-
                                                                                     ant, but can get very brown. Papich
  duce your energy use. For example,
                                                                                     uses a mix of bluegrass with fescue
  sophisticated occupancy sensors can
                                                                                     and rye, which require less water and
  turn lights and heat on and off de-
                                                                                     take quickly.
  pending on your schedule. Tie in daylight-harvesting keypads, and your sys-
                                                                                        Additional xeriscaping principles
  tem adjusts artificial light levels depending on how much natural light is avail-
                                                                                     include improving your soil so you’re
  able. Add a resource monitor to measure consumption of electricity, water
                                                                                     not using too much fertilizer, and
  and gas, for different items at different times of day, and you have all the
                                                                                     using a natural wood mulch to retain
  data you need to make smart energy decisions.
                                                                                     moisture, like a simple shredded
                                                                                     pine bark. Red and black mulches
                                                                                     have chemical dyes that are inappro-
                                                                                     priate for a sustainable landscape.
  Design Lighting & Electrical Supplies                                              Xeriscaping also requires a well-
  Design Lighting in North Andover, Massachusetts, of-                               planned, efficient irrigation system
  fers many energy-efficient products, whether you are                                with different zones for lawn and
  considering compact fluorescent lamps and fixtures                                   flower beds. Set the volume to low
  or ultra-efficient LED lighting. We also carry Hinkley's                            and time it for early morning. The
  Energy Star-certified lighting fixtures, which meet                                  last principle is appropriate mainte-
  strict energy-efficiency guidelines set by the U.S. Envi-                           nance, weeding and pruning to keep
  ronmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. De-                                 plants in good condition.
  partment of Energy (DOE). Each fixture combines a                                      “People are starting to get it, but
  compact fluorescent bulb and socket with a photocell                                the biggest challenge is overcoming
  that prevents the fixture from staying illuminated dur-                             the stereotype of what a New Eng-
  ing daylight hours, maximizing its energy-saving po-                               land landscape ‘should’ look like, be-
  tential. Visit us, and our experienced staff can help                              cause people are so used to fussy
  you choose the right products for your home.                      landscapes and manicured shrubs
                                                                                     that need constant maintenance.

                                  Xeriscaping actually needs less main-
                                  tenance,” Papich says.
                                     One misconception is that the sus-
                                  tainable plant list is limited to yucca
                                  and cactus, but Papich offers a long
                                  list of hardy native perennials,
                                  shrubs, trees and ornamental grasses
                                  that fit the bill. From black-eyed Su-
                                  sans and coreopsis to shrub roses,
                                  spirea, kousa dogwood, lacebark elms
                                  and native cedars, there’s a plant for
                                  every corner of your garden.

                                   BUILD A GREEN DECK
                                  n PATIO
                                     While you’re planning your sustain-
                                  able yard with your landscape archi-
                                  tect, don’t forget the hardscape: walls,
                                  decks, patios, arbors and trellises.
                                     “Everything we do is sustainable
                                  by nature of our job. As landscape ar-
                                  chitects, we’ve been on the sustain-
                                  able kick for the last hundred years;
                                  everyone else is just catching up,”
                                  says David Bartsch of Bartsch &
                                  Radner Design in Boston and Nan-
                                  tucket, Massachusetts.
                                     Using natural materials such as
                                  stone in landscapes gives them a
                                  green advantage, although one thing
                                  to keep in mind is where your stone

                                  “Using natural materials
                                   such as stone in land-
                                   scapes gives them a
                                   green advantage”

                                  comes from. “We work to source
                                  things as locally as possible, not only
                                  to cut transportation costs, but to
                                  use resources responsibly and cut
                                  carbon emissions from having mate-
                                  rials hauled across the country,”
                                  Bartsch says.
                                     Using woods certified by the For-
                                                    Continued on page 180

GREEN LIVING Creating the Green Home in New England

Vermont’s third LEED-certified home is tucked away in
Colchester on Lake Champlain. Designed and built by
Connor Homes, the 3,883-square-foot house was panel-
ized and precut in a local factory before being delivered
to the site, a construction method that reduces the im-
pact on the environment and saves on wood materials
and on-site labor time. In fact, more than 40 percent of
the 1.44-acre lot was left undisturbed during construc-
tion. Efficiency Vermont designed the landscaping, plant-
ing trees, shrubs and drought-resistant turf seed to
shade hardscapes, aesthetically root the house and min-
imize soil erosion. The rear portion of the lot was left to
wild grasses as a transitional habitat between the house
and woodlands. Energy-efficient Marvin French doors
and windows allow access to the outdoors from almost
every room of the house.


  GREENGOODS        n
                                                                                  Continued from page 174
  Dover Rug                                                                       est Stewardship Council (FSC) for
  For three generations, the Jafri family has been                                your deck or trellis may be a bit
  designing, weaving and exporting fine wool                                       more expensive, but Bartsch is work-
  rugs and carpeting from Pakistan, India and                                     ing to educate clients that it’s more
  Nepal. By the nature of our product, and be-                                    sustainable, too. The FSC is an inde-
  cause we follow centuries-old traditions, we                                    pendent nonprofit established to pro-
  have been green since our inception. From the                                   mote the responsible management of
  sheep to your living room floor, there is nothing                                the world’s forests. Products carrying
  synthetic about our materials or process. It                                    the FSC label are independently cer-
  starts in a rural village where the sheep are                                   tified to assure consumers that they
  sheared, their wool handspun into yarn, dyed                                    come from forests that are managed
  with vegetable and food dyes, and hand-knot-                                    to meet the social, economic and
  ted by local weavers onto a 100 percent cotton foundation. The result is        ecological needs of present and fu-
  an exquisite, one-of-a-kind product that will last for generations, making it   ture generations and are harvested
  a much more sustainable choice.                                responsibly.
                                                                                     “We are sustainable in every as-
                                                                                  pect of landscaping, from the master
                                                                                  planning down to the detail of glues
  Early New England Homes
                                                                                  and adhesives used. We don’t just
  We design and build homes that recall
                                                                                  design; we specify how things get
  our rich colonial heritage, built in harmo-
                                                                                  built and act as the client’s represen-
  ny with the countryside using time-test-
                                                                                  tative with the builder,” Bartsch says.
  ed sustainable building practices. The
                                                                                     While you’re planning, look into
  mills that we purchase lumber from ex-
                                                                                  the new eco-friendly composite
  clusively practice sustainable forestry
                                                                                  decking products to see if they’re
  methods. Every production step is
                                                                                  right for you. One example, sold
  geared to minimize waste. In the planning stages, careful consideration is
                                                                                  under the brand name Terratec Nat-
  given to positioning a new home to make best use of natural weather
                                                                                  urals, is made from rice hulls and re-
  buffers and the warmth and light from the sun. Material choices are based
                                                                                  cycled plastic. Rice hulls are ideal
  on effectiveness for enclosure from weather, degree of insulation, aesthetic
                                                                                  because they are an abundant and re-
  appeal and, most important, sustainability. In the end, the home’s size,
                                                                                  newable agrifiber that requires no
  shape and beautiful appearance are the result of natural resources and our
                                                                                  additional farmland for production.
  understanding of them.
                                                                                  And because of their inherent natural
                                                                                  properties, the decking contains no
                                                                                  added preservatives or biocides, as in
                                                                                  wood-based composites.
  Edward R. Stephen Company
  Edward R. Stephen is a plumbing and heating product
  supply company specializing in high-efficiency equip-
                                                                                  n can useRAINWATER all year
                                                                                   You     April showers
  ment as well as solar solutions.                                                long and use water resources more
    For example, we offer two Energy Star-rated boilers:                          sustainably when you capture rain-
  the Peerless Purefire, a gas-fired condensing boiler for                          water. The fast, easy solution is to
  either natural or LP gas that delivers 95.85 percent ef-                        connect a downspout to a rain barrel
  ficiency, and the Peerless Pinnacle for oil, which deliv-                        to collect rain, then use it to water
  ers more than 93 percent efficiency.                                             your plants and save on your water
    We offer cutting-edge solar solutions for heating and                         bill. It’s especially helpful during a
  ventilation, whether for an individual room or the whole                        summer water ban, and some munic-
  house. We also offer an array of SolarSheat air collec-                         ipalities even have rain barrel rebate
  tors that can be used to retrofit any forced-air furnace                         programs in place.
  and existing ductwork. Call us for a custom solution.                              According to the New England                                                               Rain Barrel Company, only a quarter-

  GREENGOODS        n
                                                                                     inch of rainfall runoff from the aver-
  Gardner Woodwrights                                                                age roof will completely fill the typi-
  For Gardner Woodwrights, green starts                                              cal barrel. The company’s formula:
  at home—our home. For our new of-                                                  one inch of rain on 1,000 square feet
  fices, we worked with our design team                                               of roof yields 623 gallons of water,
  to use many green principles and prod-                                             enough to water a 25-by-10-foot lawn
  ucts, exploring green ideas for our own                                            for a month.
  use as a way to be able to recommend                                                  Or, you can get more sophisticated
  them to our clients. That includes using                                           by connecting all your downspouts to-
  all zero-VOC, zero-carcinogen Mythic                                               gether with pipes linked to a big cis-
  Paints, sustainable cork flooring for the kitchen and copy room, and low-flow        tern buried underground and
  WaterSense bathroom fixtures to conserve water. We designed specifically             equipped with a pump to send the
  around the use of salvaged and leftover materials, such as tile and flooring,       collected water through your irrigation
  to avoid filling up the landfill. Reduce, reuse, recycle is the mantra here, as      system. An experienced irrigation en-
  we donated extra molding to South County Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore.

  Interactive Home Systems
  Interactive Home Systems can help you
  reduce your energy bill and your carbon
  footprint with an automated home technol-
  ogy system. By controlling your heating                                             Xeriscaping work by landscape
  and air conditioning based on time of day                                           architect Sean Papich

  or outside temperature, you’re not wasting
                                                                                     gineer or landscape architect can help
  energy when you don’t need it. For exam-
                                                                                     you design a system for your site.
  ple, hot water heaters use 14 to 25 percent of a home’s energy, according
                                                                                        Bartsch & Radner Design’s work
  to the DOE. To conserve energy, our systems can turn off or set back hot
                                                                                     at a Nantucket school ground in-
  water temperatures in your water heater based on timing or occupancy.
                                                                                     cludes plans to install a rainwater
     And since it’s all controlled through one easy-to-use interface, it’s conven-
                                                                                     capture system. For this system,
  ient, too. For fifteen years, Interactive Home Systems has been coordinating
                                                                                     they will connect the downspouts to
  all the home’s technology needs, including security, audio/visual, computer
                                                                                     a just-above-ground-level water
  networking and telephone.
                                                                                     tower, using gravity flow to deliver
                                                                                     water when needed. The cistern will
                                                                                     be an interesting vertical element in
                                                                                     the landscape, and will make a great
  Kitchen Views Custom                                                               teaching aid, too.
  With cutting-edge products and a
  focus on green design, Kitchen Views
  Custom designed its new Newton loca-
                                                                                     n manyGREEN PRODUCTS
                                                                                      With   exciting new products
  tion using all eco-friendly materials.                                             on the market, you can increase the
  That includes the beautiful IceStone                                               green factor of every room in the
  countertops made from recycled glass                                               house depending on your green pri-
  and concrete (pictured at right) and                                               orities. To improve air quality, use
  Corsi cabinetry made with bamboo, which are both stylish and environmen-           low- and no-VOC paints such as
  tally friendly. The showroom also features state-of-the-art displays created       Benjamin Moore’s Aura. To conserve
  by Kitchen Views’ award-winning design team. With an eye toward the fu-            water, choose low-flow fixtures in the
  ture, this must-see showroom incorporates universal design elements in             kitchen and bath. To help save natu-
  many displays. Shelving in one display can be easily reached from a seat-          ral resources, choose furniture and
  ed position; a fully accessible vanity with a contemporary Asian flair is an-       flooring made with FSC-certified
  other showroom “wow” factor with concrete countertop and sink.                     woods or reclaimed woods. Or, to

  GREENGOODS        n
                                                                                   save on the gas and electric bill,
  LaBarge Homes                                                                    choose Energy Star appliances.
  LaBarge Homes, a general contracting busi-                                          Suzi Kaitz, vice president and gen-
  ness specializing in custom homes, has been                                      eral manager of Kitchen Views,
  providing high-quality green building, hurricane-                                brings an optimistic perspective to
  resistant construction and Energy Star-rated                                     greening the kitchen. “The key is,
  homes since 1996. LaBarge, an NAHB Certi-                                        everybody’s trying, everybody’s look-
  fied Green Professional, uses Insulated Con-                                      ing for ways to save the planet. So
  crete Forms (ICF) to create beautiful homes                                      while having more choices may seem
  that honor all architectural styles while provid-                                confusing, it is easier than ever to
  ing an energy-efficient home, with greater de-                                    find green products. You no longer
  sign flexibility, comfort and aesthetic advan-                                    have to search far and wide for coun-
  tages than conventional construction. Insulated Concrete Form                    tertops made from recycled materi-
  construction provides structural stability and a healthier living environment    als, for example,” Kaitz says.
  while reducing energy consumption by approximately 40 percent. While                If green cabinetry is your choice,
  ideal for high wind oceanfront home sites, ICF can be used for all energy-       Kaitz recommends looking for the
  efficient homes, additions and pools.                   Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers As-
                                                                                   sociation (KCMA) Environmental
                                                                                   Stewardship Program (ESP) seal. It
  Massachusetts Energy Star
                                                                                   was created to help consumers easily
  Homes Program
                                                                                   identify environmentally friendly
  Many standard homes today lack energy-efficient
                                                                                   products. After meeting certification
  performance features—features that can save
                                                                                   requirements for air quality, environ-
  homeowners thousands of dollars in energy
                                                                                   mental stewardship and resource
  costs and significantly increase the comfort of a
                                                                                   management, cabinet manufacturers
  home. Energy Star-qualified homes incorporate
                                                                                   can display the ESP seal on their
  these features, such as efficient heating and
                                                                                   products. Look for details at
  cooling equipment, tight ducts, enhanced insula-
  tion and air sealing, to meet the U.S. EPA’ s strict energy efficiency perform-
                                                                                      Kaitz is very excited about a new
  ance guidelines.
                                                                                   line of cabinets she’s bringing to
    The Massachusetts New Homes with Energy Star program, sponsored by
                                                                                   Kitchen Views because of its green
  local electric and gas utilities and energy efficiency service providers, pro-
                                                                                   credentials. “Crystal Cabinets go
  motes construction of Energy Star-qualified homes, and offers incentives to
                                                                                   above and beyond the minimum
  homebuilders who construct such homes in Massachusetts.
                                                                                   green standards, and that’s what our
                                                                                   customers are looking for,” she says.
                                                                                   Every aspect of Crystal’s Green-
                                                                                   Quest cabinet line is eco-friendly,
                                                                                   from the boxwork to the facings and
  As a green leader in Massachusetts, NSTAR is
                                                                                   finishes, made with no added urea
  proud to offer customers innovative ways to
                                                                                   formaldehyde, 100 percent recycled
  contribute to a cleaner environment. Cus-
                                                                                   materials, low-emitting finishes, and
  tomers can help support the development of
                                                                                   rapidly renewable components.
  renewable energy by participating in NSTAR
  Green, the newest customer option that is
                                                                                   nAUTOMATE FOR ENERGY
  adding wind energy to the region’s electricity
  grid. NSTAR also offers many innovative Ener-
                                                                                      Another idea for greening up in-
  gy Efficiency Programs aimed at helping cus-
                                                                                   side is a home automation system.
  tomers save energy, money and the environ-
                                                                                   Tying all your home systems—lights,
  ment. To learn more about NSTAR's Energy
                                                                                   heat, air conditioning, entertainment,
  Efficiency Programs and commitment to the environment, visit
                                                                                   irrigation—together on automated
                                                                                   schedules can make your home more
                                                                                   efficient as well as reduce energy use

  GREENGOODS        n
                                                                                 when you’re not there.
  Out of Orient                                                                     One exciting new product in the
  Our furniture from Indonesia is                                                automation arena is the Lutron
  handcrafted by skilled craftsmen                                               Sivoia QED system to automate your
  and artisans. Special skills and pa-                                           shades and drapes. You can integrate
  tience are prerequisites when con-                                             it with Lutron lighting controls, or
  structing furniture from solid re-                                             with other systems such as security
  claimed teak. Reclaimed wood                                                   and climate control, to maximize the
  comes from various homes and                                                   entire home’s efficiency, according to
  buildings that are between 50 and                                              Leslie Mark of DC Home Systems.
  200 years old. The wood is carefully treated and refinished to give it a re-        “These Sivoia shades give the op-
  newed life while observing ancient joinery methods. Reclaimed wood             timum balance of reflectivity, absorp-
  saves trees. It is also less likely to warp, expand or contract. This makes    tion and transmittance, controlling
  it a more durable and environmentally friendly choice. Enjoy the relaxing      the amount of daylight depending on
  style of the Balinese and save the earth.

  Pastiche of Cape Cod
  Pastiche of Cape Cod offers com-
  prehensive design services for resi-
  dential and commercial interior de-
                                                                                 “You’re not alone in
                                                                                  wishing for help to
                                                                                  green your home”

  sign as well as custom botanical
  design, styling and staging. Owner
                                                                                 outdoor temperature or time of day,”
  Irina Weatherley-MacPhee has also
                                                                                 Mark says. “The programming is
  introduced green design services,
                                                                                 very flexible. In the past, these shade
  creating custom pieces such as the bench pictured here using reclaimed
                                                                                 fabrics used PVC, which gives off
  woods and low-VOC paints. Irina finds inspiration in personal stories and
                                                                                 VOCs. Sivoia shades use fabrics that
  collections, and strives to improve her clients’ quality of life through de-
                                                                                 are low- or no-VOC, plus they’re re-
  sign and the use of eco-friendly materials.
                                                                                 ally beautiful designer fabrics.”

                                                                                  HIRE             EXPERT
                                                                                 n A GREEN in wishing for
                                                                                  You’re not alone
                                                                                 help to green your home. Jess Lerner
                                                                                 of Green on the Inside has made it
                                                                                 her business to help homeowners cut
  Polhemus Savery DaSilva
                                                                                 through the confusion and the sci-
  Architects Builders
                                                                                 ence-speak. As a Brown University
  We promote an ethic of thoughtful sustainability
                                                                                 graduate in environmental studies
  with all our clients, leading to an increased willing-
                                                                                 working on the issue of toxins in the
  ness to accept ideas about light, siting, context,
                                                                                 home, she found that friends and ac-
  durability and conservative use of resources. Re-
                                                                                 quaintances were constantly calling
  sponsible approaches to these issues are primary
                                                                                 her for green advice.
  principles in our design and construction philoso-
                                                                                    “They’d call and say, ‘I’m redoing
  phy. We are also committed to a definition of sus-
                                                                                 my kitchen, where do I find
  tainability that is much harder to quantify but is
                                                                                 formaldehyde-free cabinets? And
  equally important. For a building to be truly sustain-
                                                                                 how do these everyday chemicals af-
  able—to be useful and beloved through genera-
                                                                                 fect my health?’ If I didn’t have the
  tions—it has to be based on more than merely fashion or blind adherence
                                                                                 answer I would research it for them. I
  to a certification system. In addition to being worthy on technical and func-
                                                                                 found a lot of confusing information,
  tional grounds, if it isn’t beautiful, it isn’t sustainable.
                                                                                 and many books contradicted each

  GREENGOODS        n
                                                                                     other. I started wishing there was one
  Ponders Hollow Custom                                                              place to get all the answers,” she
  Moulding & Flooring                                                                says. And a business idea was born,
  Ponders Hollow is a family-owned business located                                  putting her research training to work.
  in Western Massachusetts offering custom-milled                                       Today Brookline, Massachu-
  architectural moulding and solid wood flooring.                                     setts–based Green on the Inside spe-
    We are now proud to be a member of the Forest                                    cializes in helping people throughout
  Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC is a nonprofit or-                               New England create healthy and
  ganization devoted to responsible management of the                                sustainable living and working spaces
  world’s forests. FSC members use a chain-of-custody                                through home consultations and re-
  system that allows the end user to track a certified                                search. You start by filling out a ques-
  product throughout the manufacturing process, in-                                  tionnaire to determine your green
  cluding the forest it grew in.                                                     priorities, then Lerner comes for a
    With four generations in the wood industry, we are committed to using            home tour. She reviews both toxins
  local resources and offering earth-friendly alternatives.                          and health in the home as well as                                                              sustainability and the use of eco-
                                                                                     friendly materials. You choose the
                                                                                     depth of involvement, whether hav-
                                                                                     ing her check your home from top to
  RiverBend & Company
                                                                                     bottom, offer suggestions for a green-
  RiverBend focuses on all types of high-quality ap-
                                                                                     er renovation project, or just review
  pliances including the new ultra-energy-efficient
                                                                                     your cleaning products and offer
  Liebherr SBS245, a five-temperature-zone refrig-
                                                                                     healthier alternatives.
  erator with built-in wine storage. Liebherr is a
                                                                                        “People’s priorities for sustainabili-
  leader in green refrigeration and the first appli-
                                                                                     ty are shifting, and health is a strong
  ance manufacturer to remove CFCs completely
                                                                                     motivator. Many green campaigns
  from the production process.
                                                                                     focus on saving the earth, but when
    “We also carry Miele products, which are high
                                                                                     you think about saving your own
  quality and very green,” says Donna Spanos, co-
                                                                                     health it changes your conscious-
  owner. “We feel good about selling these appli-
                                                                                     ness,” Lerner says.
  ances because they are good for the environment. Their energy savings,
  longer lifespan and their higher level of performance ultimately result in fewer
  replacement costs for either the appliance itself or the items you put in it.”
                                                                                     n ADVANTAGE OF
                                                                                      CREDITS & REBATES
    RiverBend offers qualitative consultations to define the right products for          There are many financial avenues
  the lifestyle needs of its clients.                    that can help offset the cost of in-
                                                                                     vesting in more energy-efficient
                                                                                     technologies. For one, residential
  Runtal North America                                                               solar systems just became more af-
  For years, Runtal has been the favorite among archi-                               fordable, thanks to Congress’s finan-
  tects and designers, but today those in the green move-                            cial bailout package last fall. The bill
  ment appreciate the other aspects of Runtal more than                              extended the tax credit that would
  ever: durability, energy efficiency and cleanliness.                                have expired at the end of 2008, and
    Runtal’s unique flattened tube design, combined with                              removed the $2,000 cap. Now home-
  a rugged all-welded steel construction, allows for signifi-                         owners can deduct a full 30 percent
  cantly increased heat transfer. In addition, a well-de-                            of the entire project, minus any state
  signed Runtal system allows for a smaller boiler and                               rebates, says Doug Hannah, co-presi-
  pump, and usually less piping. All this adds up to a                               dent of S+H Construction in Cam-
  green, comfortable, attractive and efficient heating sys-                           bridge, Massachusetts.
  tem for surprisingly little more than the old-fashioned kind.                         “This dramatically reduces the                                                         costs and hastens the payback to
                                                                                     homeowners for solar PV (photo-
                                                                                     voltaic) and solar thermal installa-

  GREENGOODS        n
                                                                                 tions starting January 1, 2009,” Han-
  S+H Construction                                                               nah says. S+H is a fully certified solar
  S+H Construction offers sustainable re-                                        installer and will even take care of all
  modeling backed by a full-service,                                             the paperwork necessary for home-
  award-winning general contracting com-                                         owners to qualify for and obtain
  pany with more than 30 years of experi-                                        Massachusetts rebates.
  ence. Our Green Building Program part-                                            “When you add in any state rebates
  ners with designers and clients on a                                           such as the Commonwealth Solar
  range of projects, from kitchens in-                                           rebate, it cuts the net cost of a system
  spired by sustainability to LEED-certified new or renovated homes. The          by 40 percent of the original cost, re-
  team integrates green practices with years of professional experience in       ducing the average payback to about
  high-end comfort, high-end durability, historic restoration and cutting-edge   nine to eleven years,” says Jaime
  building technology. Our Renewable Energy Division designs and installs        Leef, program manager at S+H.
  solar electric, solar hot water, and geothermal HVAC systems and offers
  energy management consulting. Our Landscape and Sitework division of-

  fers sustainable elements such as permeable pavement, shade tree in-
  stallation and rainwater harvesting systems.             There is a $2,000
                                                                                  federal tax credit for
  Sage Builders
  For over a decade, Sage has been work-                                          building a new home to
  ing with clients to make design and con-                                        Energy Star standards”
  struction decisions that reflect our con-
  cern for the stewardship of our natural
  resources. We believe that truly green
  building must focus on energy efficiency
                                                                                    Leef says there are other metrics
  and durability. We understand the impor-
                                                                                 to consider. “For example, when you
  tance of insulation and air sealing to re-
                                                                                 buy a solar electric system you’re re-
  duce heating and cooling demands and costs. In addition, high-efficiency
                                                                                 ally just pre-paying for a chunk of
  HVAC equipment and lighting programs, moisture management, and perform-
                                                                                 electricity. Figure the cost per kilo-
  ance testing during construction are all part of our integrated, comprehen-
                                                                                 watt hour, then contrast that with the
  sive approach to creating a comfortable, healthy home with reduced energy
                                                                                 utility rate. All our spreadsheets show
  demands. Put Sage’s vast knowledge and experience to work for you. We’ll
                                                                                 solar beats current utility rates, which
  be your partner every step of the way.
                                                                                 will most likely only go up.”
                                                                                    S+H has two dozen solar projects
                                                                                 in the pipeline, and expects more as
                                                                                 homeowners become aware of the
  Sean Papich Landscape                                                          tax credit. “People are excited to do
  Architecture                                                                   something that helps in a significant
  We are a landscape architecture and                                            way to reduce their carbon footprint,
  site planning firm with a specialization                                        reduce their dependency on fossil
  in sustainable design, creating meaning-                                       fuel, and impact climate change,”
  ful places where people live, work and                                         Leef says.
  play with less impact on the environ-                                             In addition to the federal tax cred-
  ment. We use our earth-friendly design                                         it for solar, there is a $2,000 federal
  experience to help guide clients to be                                         tax credit for building a new home
  as green as they want to be, whether it’s selecting a hardy, drought-toler-    to Energy Star standards, according
  ant plant palette or coordinating design of a multi-zone irrigation system.    to Matt Dugan, principal at ICF In-
  Understanding each project’s unique microclimate helps us design New           ternational. ICF is the program ad-
  American landscapes rich in texture and color with four-season interest.       ministrator for the Massachusetts
  The end result is not only a beautiful landscape, but one that requires less   New Homes with Energy Star pro-
  water, less chemical fertilizer and less maintenance.                          gram that works with builders and

  GREENGOODS        n
                                                                                    utilities to encourage building more
  simpleHome                                                                        energy efficient homes and coordi-
  Look to simpleHome’s customized smart home                                        nates incentives from state and fed-
  solutions to optimize energy use in your new or                                   eral programs.
  existing home. The company can automate                                              “What’s more, the Massachusetts
  some or all of your home systems—lights, cli-                                     New Homes with Energy Star pro-
  mate, security, pools/spas, irrigation,                                           gram offers varying incentives for
  music/video—with a control system accessed                                        building to different Energy Star
  by keypads or touch panels throughout the                                         levels, up to $1,250 per home,” says
  home and remotely via a Web browser, so you can connect to your sys-              Dugan.
  tems from anywhere in the world. simpleHome programs typical activity                Why build to these standards? En-
  modes based on your schedule so you can control systems with one but-             ergy Star-qualified homes cost less to
  ton. “We make it easy to conserve without having to turn many things on           heat and cool than conventional new
  and off,” says Mark Komanecky, president. “Energy consumption can be              homes, and the program gives home-
  reduced 30 to 50 percent by leveraging all your systems together, and pro-        owners a certifiable way to prove
  gramming options are nearly infinite.”                          their home is energy efficient.
                                                                                       To earn Energy Star status, new
                                                                                    homes must be tested by accredited
                                                                                    auditors and be at least 15 percent
                                                                                    more energy efficient than houses
  Making your home more eco-friendly has never
                                                                                    built to the 2004 International Resi-
  been so easy. Soundscapes offers many prod-
                                                                                    dential Code (IRC). They must also
  ucts that can be blended into your home to
                                                                                    include other energy-saving features
  make it more energy efficient without changing
                                                                                    that make them 20 percent to 30
  your lifestyle. Connected to a central control sys-
                                                                                    percent more efficient than a stan-
  tem, automated lighting and HVAC systems can
                                                                                    dard house, such as high-perform-
  manage your home’s energy use. Simply arming
                                                                                    ance windows, tight construction and
  your security system on the way out the door can trigger the system to lower
                                                                                    more effective insulation. For more
  energy use, automatically reducing your heat, air conditioning, media and
                                                                                    details, visit and
  lighting while you are out. Plus, there’s no need to leave the outside lights
                                                                                    click on “Energy Star New Home
  on; your system will slowly turn them up as the sun sets.
                                                                                       While there, look for rebate pro-
                                                                                    grams on materials for your home
                                                                                    such as heating and cooling equip-
                                                                                    ment, appliances, windows, insula-
                                                                                    tion, lighting and more. To encourage
                                                                                    use of energy efficient products, En-
  Staples Cabinet Makers                                                            ergy Star partners occasionally spon-
  Craftsman Steve Staples and                                                       sor special offers, such as sales tax
  his team turn out handcrafted                                                     exemptions or credits, or rebates on
  furniture art made from re-                                                       qualified products.
  claimed wood. The wood comes
  from many sources—old homes
  being torn down, logs resurfac-
                                                                                    n A GREEN MORTGAGE
                                                                                     Even the banking industry gives
  ing from logjams, even an old outhouse—and is turned into tables, cup-            you credit for building green. Bank
  boards, hutches and more. “We’re one step ahead of the wrecking ball,”            of America, for example, offers an en-
  Staples jokes. “Clients like our pieces because of the stories the wood           vironment-friendly mortgage dis-
  tells: where it came from, how people lived, and sometimes even who lived         count program that gives homebuy-
  there. You can see where life was lived across the surface of a table, every      ers up to a $1,000 credit toward
  imperfection, and that’s the beauty of it.”Other saved materials-into-furni-      closing costs if their newly construct-
  ture include a copper hood from a restaurant stove and marble shower              ed property meets Energy Star effi-
  stalls from a high school. “I’ve even turned an old workbench into a center       ciency requirements.
  island for a kitchen and left the vise on it for hanging towels,” Staples says.
  GREENGOODS        n
                                                                                       McGreavy of the Rhode Island
  Sustainable Construction Services                                                 USGBC says the chapter is also
  Sustainable Construction Services cre-                                            opening up discussions with area
  ates exquisitely designed and finely                                               banks to develop the next generation
  crafted green homes to support your                                               of green loans. “They could be low-
  healthy lifestyle. Our emphasis on non-                                           or no-interest mortgages based on
  toxic building materials, energy-efficient                                         projected energy savings and a so-
  systems and pristine indoor air quality                                           phisticated calculation of greenhouse
  ensures both your comfort and your                                                gas emissions. It’s beginning to hap-
  family’s health in a stylish, yet earth-friendly environment.                     pen in the commercial arena, and we
    We strive to be responsible stewards of our precious resources, care-           are hoping for some trickle-down to
  fully selecting the most environmentally sound building materials to elimi-       the residential market,” she says.
  nate off-gassing of harmful fumes, while reducing our demands on the
  earth. Years of experience in whole-house remodeling, interior design and
                                                                                    nUPGRADE YOUR INSURANCE
  green build consultations let us tailor plans to your lifestyle, your taste        Another green money matter is
  and your budget.                            your homeowners insurance. Ask
                                                                                    your insurance company or broker,
                                                                                    as several insurance companies have
                                                                                    added green offerings in the past
                                                                                    year. Boston’s Lexington Insurance
  Terrene Sustainable Building Supply dis-
                                                                                    Company, a member company of
  tributes high-quality, environmentally re-
                                                                                    American International Group, Inc.
  sponsible green building supplies and in-
                                                                                    (AIG), created “Upgrade To Green
  terior finishes. Our goal is to expand the
                                                                                    Residential” to extend coverage be-
  availability and use of sustainable build-
                                                                                    yond basic replacement value to
  ing practices throughout New England.
                                                                                    help homeowners rebuild their
    The products at Terrene were carefully
                                                                                    homes in an environmentally
  selected by our founder. His mission is to reduce our carbon footprint, utilize
                                                                                    responsible way.
  local businesses, increase productivity and create a safe and healthy envi-
                                                                                       If an insured home requires com-
  ronment in which to live and work. At our showroom locations you can see
                                                                                    plete rebuilding due to a covered
  the versatility, quality and aesthetic value that our many products have to
                                                                                    event, the policy will pay to recon-
  offer. With our research and development team hard at work, you will always
  find the highest-quality and newest technology available.

                                                                                     Several insurance
                                                                                     companies have
  TMS Architects
  TMS Architects has been working with
                                                                                     added green offerings
  our clients for twenty-five years, translat-                                        in the past year”
  ing their dreams into built reality. These
  dreams are environmentally sensitive,
  energy self-sufficient and very special.
    We carry with us a strong sense of                                              struct the home to Energy Star
  aesthetics and a deep commitment to                                               Builder Option standards. In the
  the quality and nature of our work. Let                                           event of a partial loss, the coverage
  us help you interpret the many choices for energy-efficient materials and          enables homeowners to make repairs
  energy resources as you build a new home or renovate your present                 adopting Energy Star or equivalent
  house. We can make your project more functional, comfortable and sus-             levels of energy efficiency and pur-
  tainable while adding to its long-lasting aesthetic beauty. Contact us at         chase efficient products and materi-
  (603) 436-4274 or view our portfolio online.                als. You can find details at

  GREENGOODS        n
                                                                                    “We launched Upgrade in New
  Window Imagination                                                              England a year ago and it was so suc-
  As a manufacturer of truly custom drapery hard-                                 cessful we rolled it out nationwide,”
  ware, we can create just about any drapery hard-                                says David Valzania, vice president of
  ware you can imagine, with any finish and custom                                 personal lines at AIG. “It costs a few
  color matching to complement your decor. And with                               percentage points more depending
  the many new environmentally friendly materials                                 on the value and age of the home,
  available, your new hardware can be as green as                                 but it is a great value and people are
  you wish to be. Most of our rodding and finials are                              excited about it.”
  wood and our paints are water-based. We have low-
  VOC finishes for customers who prefer them, and
  our topcoats are Green Seal Certified. Let our twen-
                                                                                  n thatIS BELIEVING of
                                                                                   Now    you have all kinds
  ty-five years of experience guide you to a truly custom look.                    green ideas, take a look at a few in                                                       action. Six area builders have
                                                                                  teamed up with the Massachusetts
                                                                                  New Homes with Energy Star pro-
                                                                                  gram to construct single-family
                                                                                  homes using advanced energy effi-
                                                                                  ciency technologies. It’s a unique
  Wolfers Lighting
                                                                                  pilot program called the “Zero Ener-
  Wolfers’ new Green Zone in the All-
                                                                                  gy Challenge,” geared to help en-
  ston store gives customers one
                                                                                  gage homebuilders in using ad-
  place to explore and learn about
                                                                                  vanced building techniques. A zero
  new and rapidly changing green
                                                                                  energy home is one designed and
  lighting options. Lighting experts will
                                                                                  constructed to use no more energy
  help you cut through the watts ver-
                                                                                  than it produces.
  sus lumens confusion, and help you
                                                                                     “The homes will serve as laborato-
  choose the right green, sustainable
                                                                                  ries to help identify innovative and
  lighting solution for the right location. Here you’ll find proven technologies
                                                                                  cost-effective building technologies
  and factual information on everything from compact fluorescents to halogens
                                                                                  and practices that can be used by all
  to LEDs so you can compare technologies. Large displays help you visualize
                                                                                  building professionals interested in
  how energy-efficient lighting sources can work in your home, office or store.
                                                                                  constructing homes that have close
  You’ll also find beautiful new fixture designs, proving once again that green
                                                                                  to zero energy use,” says Dugan.
  can be gorgeous.
                                                                                     Winners will be chosen based on
                                                                                  their project scores on the Energy
                                                                                  Star/HERS rating scale. The Home
                                                                                  Energy Rating System (HERS)
  Woodmeister Master Builders                                                     index runs from 100 to 0. Typically,
  Woodmeister’s mission and pas-                                                  homes built to the prevailing stan-
  sion for a sustainable world ex-                                                dard would score 100, homes built to
  tends throughout the company—                                                   the Energy Star standard would score
  from the millwork shop floor to our                                              85, and a zero energy home would
  clients’ homes. We are strongly                                                 score 0.
  committed to incorporating state-of-                                               The project aims to prove that
  the-art green technologies and                                                  zero energy homes need not look
  strategies in order to build clean,                                             any different, they just perform at
  safe, efficient and ecologically conscientious homes for our clients. From       a higher level. To see the technology
  burning sawdust and other wood products to produce renewable energy for         firsthand, you can visit some of the
  area customers, to comprehensive shop recycling, to Energy Star certifica-       homes during public tours before
  tion, Woodmeister is leading the way into a future of responsible environ-      the end of the competition, and
  mental stewardship. We invite you to experience the Woodmeister differ-         you can follow their progress at

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