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					  Warwick Country Club
394 Narragansett Bay Avenue
     Warwick, RI 02889
     Fax 401-737-3410
     Warwick Country Club has facilities available for banquets, dinner-
dances, wedding receptions, corporate and charity golf outings, and business
meetings, etc. The Club was established by a group of influential Rhode Is-
landers in 1924 and was originally a yacht club. Today our members enjoy a
Donald Ross designed eighteen hole golf course, pool, tennis courts, and
complete dining facilities.

The Club is located on picturesque Warwick Neck overlooking Narragan-
sett Bay. Our facilities offer a spectacular view of the Bay including both
the Jamestown and Newport Bridges.
                                Warwick Country Club
                                     Availability and Facilities
                         The Warwick Country Club is available to non-members
                     for six hours on Saturdays and Sundays, March thru December.
                           (Excluding Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends)
            During June, July and August ~ Saturday’s ~ dinner must be served by 5:30 pm.

                               Maximum number of guests in attendance 175.
                         Please contact the Sales Manager for more information.

                 Entertainment must end one half hour before the conclusion of the event.
                       Bar service will end with the conclusion of your entertainment.
              Beyond a six hour period an additional fee will be incurred of $500.00 per hour.

                               Usage of the Club’s private facilities includes
                               the dining room, dance floor and outdoor deck.

                        We will be happy to assist you with all of your arrangements
      before and during your function, including recommendations for professionals in our area, menu
                                       selections and your floor plan.

                                    Reservation of Your Date
       A deposit of five thousand dollars is required for the reservation of our facility for a wedding
     reception. The five thousand dollar payment consists of a forty five hundred dollar rental fee and
state tax, with the balance of the payment to be applied to your final bill after your event. We cannot
       reserve any date until the full deposit has been received. Please note that in the event of the
                                                                non-               non-transferable.
        cancellation of your reservation, the entire deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable

                  Additionally the Club requires a minimum spend on food and beverage
                                       of fifty five dollars per person.

                All prices are subject to 20% Service Charge, 3% Capital Surcharge and
                             RI State 7% Sales Tax and 1% Restaurant Tax.
                                     All prices are Subject to change.
                      Once You Have Reserved Your Date

               Once you have reserved a date for your function, you are requested to make an
        appointment with us to discuss arrangements. This appointment should be made three months
                  prior to the date of your function. If you should have any questions
                       following the booking of your date, please do not hesitate to call.

         A guaranteed number of dinners will be required ten days prior to the date of your function.
This is the number of guests, including the bridal party, band and photographer, if you choose to offer
them dinner. At this time an estimate of your bill will be prepared, and an appointment will be made for a
meeting with us during the week preceding your function. At this meeting, all details and information will
 be checked. You are required to pay the entire estimate with a certified check or money order at that
            time. Any difference will be billed or returned to you with the final itemized bill.

        The following pages contain some forms, which should be helpful in the planning and execution
   of your event. Included is a planning sheet, a floor plan of our dining room, and a reminder sheet.
               Please complete the planning sheet and bring it to your planning session.
            Preparing Seating Arrangements and Place Cards

       Our tables consist mainly of 60” round maximum of 8 guests (there are 14 table of 8 in the room
at all times accommodating 114 guests) and 72” round (accommodates up to 12 guests). Please plan
your seating chart according to these requirements.

       Please complete your seating chart prior to your final appointment. If you would like a head table
(traditional long 2-10 people or a round table maximum 10 people) please diagram the seating arrange-
ment of your attendants. Complete the rest of the seating chart by filling in the table number and the
number of guests at each table. For example:

                     Table number                           Number:

                     Number of guests                       Guests:

                     Meal Choices                           6 beef
                     (if applicable)                        6 chicken

                                               Place Cards

               Your completed place cards, in alphabetical order with the head table separate,
                        are required at your final planning meeting (see reminder sheet).
              If you have offered a choice for your main course, please note with a colored “dot”
                     each guest’s (or couple’s) meal choice on the back of their place card.
                                                 For example:

                Mr. J. Smith & Guest
                      Table #5

                     front of place card                                back of place card
                                                      Examples of colored dot coordinates:
                                                                        blue = fish
                                                                        red = beef
                                                                        yellow = chicken
                                          Hors d’ Oeuvres
                       All items are priced per 100 pieces unless otherwise indicated.
         Some of the items below may be passed while others are more suited to stationary displays.

             Hot Selections                                         Cold Selections

Stuffed Mushroom Caps                                  Shrimp Cocktail                           $235.00
      vegetable stuffing               $115.00         Assorted Canapes on Toast Points $220.00
      ham and cheese stuffing          $115.00                seafood, beef and cheese
                                                       Antipasto Skewers                         $185.00
Scallops and Bacon                     $265.00         mozzarella balls, artichokes, olives and sundried
Spinach and Feta Cheese                                tomatoes on a skewer
      in Phyllo                        $175.00         Celery, Cucumber & Tomato Platter $115.00
Vegetarian Egg Rolls                   $145.00         with herb cream cheese stuffing
      with spicy plum sauce
Baby Stuffed Artichokes                $170.00
                                                                         Stationary Items
      served with marinara sauce
                                                       Cheese Display                            $185.00
                                                       assorted domestic and imported cheeses
                  Stationary Items
                                                       garnished with fresh fruit and crackers
Chicken Fingers                        $130.00
                                                       Fresh Fruit Display                       $185.00
      served with honey dijon sauce
                                                       seasonal melons, berries and grapes
Chicken Wings                          $125.00
                                                       Fresh Vegetable Display                   $165.00
      choice of bbq, buffalo or spicy plum
                                                       assorted seasonal vegetables served with dip
Mesquite Chicken Quesadillas           $170.00
                                                       Chocolate Dipped Strawberries             $165.00
      with sour cream and salsa
                                                       Antipasto Tray                            $250.00
Italian Bruschetta                     $130.00
                                                              traditional Italian meats and cheeses
      fresh mozzarella, seasoned
                                                              with assorted vegetables, olive
      tomatoes, garlic and olive oil
                                                              oil vinegars and Italian bread (serves 60)
Potato Wrapped Shrimp                  $215.00
                                                       Pineapple and Strawberry Trees            $150.00
      served with a spicy plum sauce
                                                              one of each, served with chocolate
Baked Clams Casino                     $175.00
                                                              dipping sauce and confectionary sugar
      cracker crumbs and bacon
Rhode Island Clam Cakes                $115.00
Red or White Chowder                   $140.00
Mini Maryland Crab Cakes               $185.00
      served with tartar sauce
                                         Gourmet Selections
                            All items are priced per 100 pieces unless otherwise indicated.
              Some of the items below may be passed while others are more suited to stationary displays.

                          Hot Selections                                         Cold Selections

Mini Beef Wellingtons                 $285.00              Cheese and
      bite-size beef tenderloin accented with              Dried Fruit Canape Cup                   $275.00
      mushroom duxelle & wrapped in pastry                 Fruit Canape Cup                         $275.00
Shrimp Plantain Skewer                $295.00                      served with a honey yogurt dip
      breaded shrimp in a plantain                         Fresh Asparagus                          $175.00
      and rum coating                                              wrapped with roast beef and
Fig and Goat Cheese                   $225.00                      horseradish mayonaise
      served on a focaccia flat bread                      Grilled Vegetable Canape Cup             $275.00
Chicken Marsala Pot Pie               $210.00                      with fire roasted red peppers and a feta
Spinach and Artichoke Crisp           $225.00                      dip
Roasted Eggplant
                                                                           Stationary Items
and Pinenut Crisp                     $225.00
                                                           Smoked Salmon Platter                    $135.00
                                                                   thinly sliced smoked salmon served with
               Stationary Items                                    crumbled egg, capers & onions
Beef Teriyaki Skewers                 $210.00                      (Serves 50 people)
Chicken Teriyaki Skewers              $190.00              Fresh Mozzarella, and Tomato             $115.00
Fried Calamari                        $215.00                      layered with red onion and fresh basil
      Giuseppi Style -                                             served with olive oil and vinegar, drizzled
      roasted peppers, garlic, black olives,                       with balsamic glaze, served with
      hot pepper rings tossed with balsamic                        Italian bread (serves 50 people)
      vinaigrette and finished with a balsamic                     add prosciutto ham                 $135.00
      glaze                                                Grilled Fresh Vegetable Platter            $150.00
Shrimp, Scallop                                            Assorted Sushi Platter                     $275.00
and Chicken Kabobs                    $225.00                      avacado & cucumber roll, yellow tail
      marinated in olive oil and herbs                             roll, petite tuna roll & fresh summer roll
Coconut Shrimp                        $225.00                      served with wasabi and soy sauce
Shrimp Casino                         $245.00              Seafood Display                    Priced to Market
      casino stuffing wrapped in bacon                             poached shrimp, clams on the half shell,
                                                                   oysters on the half shell, crab claws, and
                                                                   snail salad served on ice with lemons,
                                                                   cocktail and hot sauces
                                       Enhance Your Cocktail Hour
        all selections are priced per person (minimum of 50 people) and served as a three ounce hors d’oeuvre portion

                                                     Carving Station
Roasted N.Y. Sirloin                                   $9.50            Roasted Prime Ribeye                           $9.50
Baked Glazed Ham                                       $5.50            Chicken Roulade Florentine                     $7.50
Herb-Butter Basted Turkey Breast                        $5.75           Roasted Honey Dijon Pork Loin                  $5.50
Tenderloin of Beef                                     $10.50           Grilled Lemon Pepper Swordfish                $10.75

                                           Chef’s Pasta Station $9.00
                                                     attended by our chefs
                                               two sauces: marinara and alfredo sauce
                         choice of two stir-ins: black olives, roasted peppers or medley of vegetables
                              choice of two pastas: linguini, penne, cheese ravioli, shells or rotini
                   choice of two mix-ins: baby shrimp, scallops, grilled chicken, meatballs, or Italian sausage

                                 Chicken, Broccoli and Ziti with Alfredo sauce $5.50
Chicken Messina ~ chicken, spinach, roasted red peppers,                Gnocchi with Pink Vodka Sauce ~ spinach
olives, mushrooms and penne pasta tossed in a garlic                    and homemade gnocchi tossed in a pink vodka sauce
with mascarpone white wine and butter sauce            $5.50            cheese $6.50
Scallop Scampi ~ bay scallops tossed in a lemon garlic                  Baked Four Cheese Farfalle ~ ricotta, mozza-
rella,white wine sauce with angel hair pasta           $9.00            parmesan and Romano cheese sauce with Italian
                                                                        sausage tossed with farfalle and baked until golden
                                                                        brown $4.00

                                               Additional Offerings
Shrimp Cocktail                    $12.00                               Grilled Eggplant Manicotti                 $4.50
three u-12 fresh poached shrimp                                         fresh eggplant stuffed with ricotta cheese & seasoning
served with cocktail sauce and lemon                                    topped with marinara sauce
Pasta                              $3.50                                Palate Cleanser                            $3.50
penne pasta with marinara                                               your choice of raspberry or lemon sorbet

                                                 Additional Choices
        Soups                                                                     Salads
Cream of Broccoli                              $3.00                    Blue Cheese & Walnut                       $2.00
Lobster Bisque                                 $4.75                    Wild Field Greens                          $2.00
Clam Chowder (red or white)                    $3.50                    Tomato Mozzarella                          $3.00
Roasted Garlic Mashed Potato                   $2.00                    Baked Stuffed Potato                       $2.00
Grilled Vegetables Napoleon                    $5.50                    Rice Pilaf                                 $2.00
Tiramisu                                $5.00                    Crème Brule                              $5.00
Grape Nut Custard                       $4.00                    Bread Pudding                            $4.00

                                            Dessert Stations
Coffee and tea station with Brownies and Assorted WCC Cookies                                             $6.00
Coffee and tea with Chef’s selection of assorted desserts, choice of three;                               $10.00
Tiramisu, Cheesecake, Carrot Cake, Cookies and Cream Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Cake

                                             Beverage Information
                                             Bar Service Options
                                             Cash Bar: guests pay for drinks.
                                   Open Bar: host will be billed for drinks consumed.
           The bar may be opened for all or a portion of the event, beverages are charged on a per drink basis.
                                          Estimates are available upon request.

                                                Bar Related Fees
                         Bartender Fee, $150.00 per bartender (one bartender per 50 guests)
                                    Cocktail Server (Optional), $150.00 per server
                          cocktail servers will be available during your cocktail hour and dinner.

                                           Dinner Wine and Toast
        Our current wine list will be made available to you. All wines and champagnes are priced per selection.
                        All wines and champagnes must be supplied by Warwick Country Club.

                                       Additional Choices Available
                                     Non-Alcoholic Punch - $75.00 per punch bowl
                                      Champagne Punch - $100.00 per punch bowl
                                     Passed Cocktails - charged on a per drink basis

                                                    After Dinner
                                             Coffee Table $2.50 per person
                        In the library, our staff will set a large table with regular and decaf coffee.
                                     You may serve your wedding cake on this table.

                                             Additional Information
              The Coat-check will be staffed between October 15th and April 15th for a fee of $100.00.
                                  Coat-check service is always available upon request.

             The Club Manager must approve use of Club grounds other than during a reception.
All entrees include your choice of soup or salad, vegetable, starch, warm rolls, butter and coffee.

Roasted Stuffed Breast of Chicken                                                   $25.00
       seasoned bread and rice stuffing with veloute sauce

Chicken Caprice                                                                     $25.00
       grilled breast of chicken with fresh mozzarella, tomato, fresh basil, garlic and olive oil

Chicken Marsala                                                                     $25.00
       a boneless breast of chicken, sautéed with mushrooms in a marsala wine sauce

Chicken Francaise                                                                   $25.00
       a boneless breast of egg battered chicken, sautéed in a lemon wine butter sauce

Chicken Parmesan                                                                    $24.00
       a boneless breast of chicken, topped with tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella

Chicken Saltimbocca                                                                 $25.50
       floured and pan seared breast of chicken wrapped with prosciutto ham and sage
       and finished with fresh mozzarella in a tomato sauce

Sliced Sirloin of Beef (10oz) (minimum of 15 people)                                $28.00
       certified angus beef roasted and sliced, served with a mushroom sauce

Prime Rib of Beef (12oz boneless)                                                   $32.00
       certified angus beef roasted and served with au jus (minimum of 15 people)

Roasted Pork Loin (10oz)                                                            $25.00
       roasted and sliced, topped with apple chutney

Veal Marsala                                                                        $33.50
       tender veal, sautéed with mushrooms in a marsala wine sauce

Osso Bucco                                                                          $36.00
       braised veal shank in a tomato demi-glaze sauce

Grilled Veal T-Bone                                                                 $36.00
       topped with a barolo wine demi sauce
          New England Baked Scrod                                                          $28.00
                  fresh fillets baked in white wine and butter sauce, topped with cracker crumbs

          Tilapia Florentine                                                               $27.50
                  tilapia topped with spinach & fresh mozzarella finished with a lemon butter sauce

          Pan Seared Salmon                                                                $32.00
                  with lemon buerre blanc or southwestern encrusted

          Chilean Sea Bass Santa Lucia                                                     $36.00
                  pan seared with yellow & red tomatoes, scallions, lump
                  crab meat & topped with a garlic white wine sauce

          Baked Stuffed Shrimp (4)                                                         $33.00
                  Ritz cracker stuffing, drawn butter and lemon

          Filet Mignon                                                                     $39.00
                  eight ounces of certified angus beef tenderloin steak topped with
                  choice of béarnaise sauce or mushroom gravy

          W.C.C. Surf and Turf
                  two baked stuffed shrimp accompanied by:
                  Chicken (6oz)                                                            $34.00
                  Filet Mignon (6oz)                                                       $40.00
                  certified angus beef tenderloin topped with either béarnaise sauce or mushroom gravy

                                        Children’s Meals
                                         (kids 12 and under)
          Chicken Fingers - served with soup or salad and French fries                     $14.00

          Pasta and Meatball - served with soup or salad                                   $14.00

                                   Entree Accompaniments
                               choice of one from each accompaniment
                                           Soup or Salad
                 Chicken Escarole, Pasta e Fagiole, Italian wedding or Tomato Florentine
               Caesar Salad or Country Club Tossed Salad with house banquet dressing
      Wax and Green Beans Almondine, Seasoned Medley of Fresh Vegetables or Broccoli Spears
                      Asparagus, Zucchini and Summer Squash, Butternut Squash
Rice Pilaf, Herbed Risotto, Oven Roasted Red Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, or Baked Potato with sour cream
                                Warwick Country Club Planning Sheet
This “Planning Sheet” is designed to assist you in organizing your reception. Please fill out this Sheet as com-
pletely as possible before contacting us to make your final arrangements. Please advise your vendors that the cake
and centerpieces can be delivered no earlier than one hour prior to the start of your reception. Cakes cannot be
stored at the Club.

 Bride___________________________________                   Number at Head table_____ Traditional or Round

 Groom__________________________________                    Table Cloth Color________________________

 Date__________          Number of Guests________           Pictures at WCC- ________________________

 Time of Ceremony ________________________                  Receiving Line at WCC____________________

 Location of Ceremony______________________                 Cake Baker _____________________________

 Arrival Time at Club _______________________               Baker’s Telephone #______________________

 Dinner Time _____________________________                  Florist __________ _______________________

 Bar Arrangements:                                          Florist Telephone _________________________
 Cash _______            Full Open Bar______
                                                            Photographer ____________________________
 Limited Open Bar (beer, wine & soda) ______
                                                            Photographer’s Telephone __________________
 Hors d’ Oeuvres__________________________
                                                            Video __________________________________
                                                            Video Telephone _________________________
                                                            Music __________________________________
                                                            Time playing_____________________________
 Salad __________________________________
                                                            Feed Professionals_________ #_____________
 Additional Course_________________________

 Entrée _________________________________                   Questions:______________________________

 Entrée_________________________________                    _______________________________________

 Entrée _________________________________                   _______________________________________

 Vegetable _______________________________                  _______________________________________

 Starch _________________________________                   _______________________________________

 Additional Dessert ________________________                _______________________________________

 Coffee Setup in Library ____________________               _______________________________________
                                       Warwick Country Club
                                             Reminder Sheet

       Call the Club (739-0550 extension 15) with your final count (Number of Dinners) on
       ____________. A final estimate of your bill will be figured at this time. Also, make an
       appointment for the following week: __________________.

       To this appointment you must bring the following items:
       1.Floor Plan
       2.Placecards (Placecards must be folded and in alphabetical order; prepare a separate set of
       placecards for your head table.
       3.Completed Announcement Sheet from your band or dj.
       4.Certified or Treasurer’s Check in the amount of the final estimate.

       You may also bring to that appointment any of the following:
       1.Toast Glasses
       2.Cake Knife
       3.Guest Book with Pen
       4.Printed Napkins and/or Matches
       6.Going Away Clothes

       If there is anything else you wish to bring to the Club the day of the wedding, please be sure to
       check with the Sales Manager first. Please note that centerpieces and cakes cannot be
       stored at the Club. Cakes and flowers can be delivered one hour prior to the start of
       the event.

We will have an estimate of the bill prepared for you at this final appointment. You will be required to
pay the entire estimate at this time. Any difference will be billed or returned to you with an itemized bill
following your event.

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