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					              A Cancer Council Publication                                                                              Printed on recycled paper

INSIDE                    NEWS:
                          Make the
                                                                            INforMAtIoN for
                                                                            fAMIlIES ANd CArErS:
                          most of           SunSmart       protective       Photocopy and distribute
                          shade             success        shoes

SunSmart News
Sun protection news and information for childcare services                 Autumn 2009 | Issue 12

A great example of effective use of shade

Make the most of shade
Shade is an integral element of all                day at your services (keeping in mind that     as they require minimal support structures.
childcare service play areas, however              this will be different throughout the year),   Make sure you seek professional help when
many services contact Cancer                       downloading a copy of Cancer Council’s         using shade cloth, however, as different
Council uncertain if they are providing            Early Childhood Services Shade Information     cloth provides different levels of protection
adequate shade. Getting the amount of              Sheet for further guidance or by seeking       and its effectiveness is undermined if
shade right is one of the most effective           professional advice from an architect. The     incorrectly installed. The amount of shade
ways to protect against UV radiation               audit may also identify a need to improve      protection a fabric provides is expressed
so it’s important to get it right. We’ve           the shade at your services.                    in terms of its ultraviolet protection factor
created guidelines to assist you in                                                               (UPF) rating. Look for shade that provides
complying with licensing requirements              There are several shade options available:     at least 94% protection (UPF 15) from
and getting the most out of your                   • Natural, eg. trees                           direct UV radiation. Shade cloths made
outdoor spaces all year round.                     • Permanent systems, eg. pergolas and          from tightly woven fabrics that have been
                                                     verandahs                                    given a UPF rating can provide protection
Creating shade                                     • Adjustable systems , eg. canvas              from as much as 97% UV radiation.
Most services use a variety of built,                awnings or louvres
natural and portable shade to create               • Shade sails, which can be permanent or       Shade +
SunSmart play areas. Protective shade                demountable.                                 Be aware that shade doesn’t provide 100
needs to cast a dark shadow and allow                                                             per cent protection against UV radiation –
for daily and seasonal sun movement.               Not all shade sails are equal                  sun safe hats and clothing and sunscreen
                                                   Shade sails are a popular cost-effective       are also needed when the UV index is 3
Use shade wisely                                   way of providing shade over large areas,       or above.
A shade audit can help you make the
best use of the shade you already have
by identifying existing shaded areas
and adjusting your activity timetable to
                                                   Shade Information Sheets
coincide with shade patterns.                      the new ‘Shade for Early Childhood             adequate shade for children and staff.
                                                   Services’ information sheet provides
Conducting a shade audit                           an excellent overview about the                to download the shade information
You can do your own shade audit (or                importance of shade. It also explains          sheet visit
shade needs assessment) by taking note             how to go about effective planning and         au/sunsmart or phone the SunSmart
of where shade falls over the course of the        design to ensure your service is providing     Info line 02 9334 1761.

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              SunSmart News | Autumn 2009 | Issue 12

                                               Centre profile
Editor’s message                               SunSmart success
                      With shade being
                                                                                              What did the 2 year
                      such an important
                                                                                              review involve?
                      part of effective
                                                                                              It was a simple process. We checked
                      sun protection
                                                                                              to see if on a day to day basis we were
                      measures, our
                                                                                              still adhering to our policy and also
                      cover story
                                                                                              compared it against current information
                      outlines the basics
                                                                                              from the Cancer Council (information
of assessing and effectively using
                                                                                              we were able to get very easily from
shade at your service. We have more
                                                                                              the website). The only changes we
comprehensive resources specifically
                                                                                              made were some further definitions of
for early childhood services available via
                                                                                              terms that we had used – defining what
our website so please take advantage
                                                                                              ‘minimising outdoor activities’ actually
of them.
                                                                                              means so that it is easier for staff to put it
                                                                                              into practice.
This month, centres who have been
with the program for two years will
                                                                                              How has the SunSmart program
receive a reminder letter to resubmit
                                               Teachers and children from Norwest Child       helped your centre?
your sun protection policy. Please             Care Centre                                    There is a lot of different information
contact us on (02) 9334 1761 or email
                                                                                              out there; it’s nice to be able to rely if you
                                               Lorna King is the director of Norwest          on one agency to provide up-to-date
need any help.
                                               Child Care Centre in Baulkham                  information and guidelines that also
                                               Hills. It’s a large centre with a team         reflect best practice. It is reassuring to
A special thank you to Lorna King at
                                               of 27 staff members caring for up              get a tick of approval for our sun safe
Norwest Child Care Centre for sharing
                                               to 180 children. Two years into the            policy so that we can be sure we are
their story with us. We congratulate them
                                               SunSmart Program, Lorna has just               doing the best we can. With so many
on their great work. Please send us your
                                               completed the review process and               staff and families it is hard to always be
news as we would love to feature what
                                               shares with us the ways it has helped          consistent but our policy is now very
your centre is doing so others can benefit
                                               her centre.                                    clear and easy to follow.
from the successes you’ve had.
                                               Why did you join the                           What changes in sun protection
And finally, as usual, we’ve included a
                                               SunSmart Program?                              behaviour have you seen over
parent page for you to photocopy and
                                               We were finding it difficult to consistently   the past two years?
distribute to families to help keep them in
                                               implement our previous sun safety policy,      A few years ago when our sun safe
the SunSmart loop.
                                               especially with parents forgetting to bring    policy wasn’t as thorough, we constantly
                                               hats or not putting on the sunscreen that      had staff and children in the playground
Until next issue,
                                               we have available in the foyer. Becoming       without hats. Now we never have to
                                               part of this program, with a huge sign         remind staff to wear hats and children
Kym Buffett
                                               out the front and a comprehensive sun          are getting the message that when they
                                               protection policy available, gave parents      are outside, they must always wear
                                               and staff an understanding and an              a hat – even our babies are better at
                                               everyday reminder that we take sun safety      wearing hats.
                                               very seriously.

What’s on at Cancer Council

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea – May 28
Getting your service involved in Australia’s   Last year Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea
Biggest Morning Tea to raise money             raised more than $10 million Australia
for cancer is as simple as brewing your        wide. Money raised by our generous hosts
favourite cuppa. The children will love        and their guests goes towards cancer
being part of a grown-up tea party too.        research, services for cancer patients,
All you need to do is invite parents and       as well as education and prevention
friends to morning tea and ask them to         programs such as the SunSmart Program.
make a donation to the Cancer Council.         In the future we want less people to hear
One in two Australians will be diagnosed       the words ‘you have cancer’.
with cancer in their lifetime so you can
be sure people in your community will be       To register to host or to make a donation
keen to support the cause. The official        visit or call
date is May 28, but you can hold your          1300 65 65 85.
morning (or afternoon!) tea anytime in May.                                                   A very grown up tea party!

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                                                                        SunSmart News | Autumn 2009 | Issue 12

Are you a SunSmart service?                                                            Resources
If your service is not yet officially        3. To instil confidence in parents        Free CD
part of Cancer Council’s SunSmart            Families are increasingly concerned       Become a SunSmart service in 2009
Program (that is, you do not have a          about choosing childcare that meets the   and you will receive a free Cd with an
SunSmart sign to display at the front        health needs of their child. Becoming     updated version of the “SunSmart Song”
of your service) you may be wondering        SunSmart displays your commitment to      featuring Play School’s Justine Clarke.
why you are receiving this newsletter.       sun protection to both families and the   the song helps teach and reinforce
Cancer Council is committed to               community. On being recognised as a       SunSmart behaviour and makes getting
providing information about sun              SunSmart service you receive a large      ready to play safely outside fun for the
protection to assist all services to         metal sign to display and you will also   children at your service.
minimise skin cancer risk. All services      have access to ongoing support from the
are able to access Cancer Council            SunSmart team.
resources from the website or by
ordering online.

If you have not yet received support with
your service’s sun protection policy, now
is the time to contact us for three very
good reasons:

1. To develop a best
practice policy
Your current sun protection policy
may not be up to date with the latest
recommendations or cover all your sun
protection strategies. Cancer Council
offers a free review to help ensure                                                    If you are already SunSmart you will
your policy is comprehensive and best                                                  automatically receive a frEE copy of
practice, so you can be confident you are                                              this Cd.
providing a safe environment.
                                                                                       200 sun-safe hats to give away
2. To meet licensing and                                                               Simply go online and complete the
accreditation requirements                                                             simple shade survey for your chance to
Joining the SunSmart Program helps                                                     win this great prize. the first 20 services
you to meet licensing requirements. The                                                to complete the survey will each receive
Department of Community Services and                                                   an assortment of 10 children’s sun-safe
the National Childcare Accreditation                                                   hats valued at over $160.00. Go to the
                                              to become a member of the
Council refer childcare services to Cancer                                             early childhood section of
                                              SunSmart Program call the SunSmart
Council for information and expert advice                                    
                                              Info line on (02) 9334 1761 or email:
on skin cancer prevention.

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                  SunSmart News | Autumn 2009 | Issue 12

FAQs                                                                                                                                  Stop the statistics!
                                                                                                                                      “Every year, around 1600 Australians
Q: What should we do if children                                  Q: Can we reduce some of our
arrive wearing open sandals?                                      sun protection now that summer                                      die from skin cancer”
                                                                  is gone?                                                            Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer
A: The top of the feet are very vulnerable                                                                                            in the world. Almost one in two people who
to sunburn as the skin is rarely exposed,                         You should check regularly the UV                                   grow up here get some form of skin cancer.
is thin and many people forget to apply                           SunSmart Alert on Cancer Council’s                                  The major cause of skin cancer is UV
sunscreen there. Skin cancer can                                  website. Remember whenever                                          radiation from the sun.
and does occur on the feet, including                             UV levels are 3 and above skin
on the soles and between the toes.                                damage and skin cancer can occur                                    But the good news is that you can
                                                                                                                                      reduce your risk of getting skin cancer by
Closed-in shoes provide better sun                                so good sun protection measures
                                                                                                                                      protecting yourself from the sun’s UV rays.
protection and if children are wearing                            are needed. In most parts of NSW,
sandals, thongs or other open-toed                                June and July are the only months                                   Exposure to the sun in childhood and
footwear don’t forget to apply SPF30+                             when the UV levels drop below 3.                                    adolescence is an important factor in
broad-spectrum water-resistant                                                                                                        the development of skin cancer in later
sunscreen on their feet too.                                                                                                          life. Sunburn in childhood is a particular
                                                                                                                                      risk factor. Exposure in adulthood also
                                                                                                                                      plays a part. Current scientific evidence
                                                                                                                                      suggests that the damage to cells is done
                                                                                                                                      in childhood but exposure to UV radiation in
                                                                                                                                      adult years triggers skin cancer.

Latest SunSmart centres
Abacus Kindergarten & Learning Centre, Stanhope Gardens;          Fairy Meadow; Guyra Pre-School & Long Day Care Centre,              Learning Centre, Kariong; Little Beaver Pre-School, Forster;
Adamstown Heights Pre-School, Adamstown Hts; Adamstown            Guyra; Gyndarna Pre-School, Dareton; Hampden Bridge Child           Little Miracles, Tea Gardens; London Carriage Pre-School &
Pre-School, Adamstown; Adventure Pre-School, Regentville;         Care Centre Inc, Wagga Wagga; Happy Poppets Child Care              Nursery, Bondi; Lyndhurst Children’s Centre, Bomaderry;
All Star Early Learners, Botany; Amy Hurd Child Care Centre,      Centre, Bonnyrigg; Hassall Grove Child Care Centre, Hassall         Maher Street Cottage Child Care, Hurstville; Manilla Community
Wagga Wagga; Annandale Child Care Centre, Leichhardt;             Grove; Hawke Lane Children’s Centre, Kings Langley; Hillend         Pre-School Inc, Manilla; Maria Howey Child Care Centre,
Annandale Occasional Care, Leichhardt; Ardlethan Pre-School       Road Children’s Centre, Doonside; Holsworthy Long Day and           Minchinbury; McGraths Hill Learning Centre, McGraths Hill;
Kindergarten, Ardlethan; Ashmont Pre-School Centre, Wagga         Occasional Care Centre Inc, Holsworthy; Holsworthy                  Minchinbury Pre-School & Childcare Centre, Minchinbury;
Wagga; Astral Drive Children’s Centre, Doonside; Avondale         Pre-School Parents Association Inc, Moorebank; Honeybears           Mosman Kinderland, Mosman; Mountain View Early Childhood
Early Childhood Education Centre, Dapto; Balgownie                Early Learning Centre, Sylvania; Imaginations Early Learning        Centre, Albion Park; Nan Moran Child Care Centre, Willmot;
Kindergarten, Balgownie; Banjora Children’s Centre, Albury;       Centre, Mudgee; Isobel Pulsford Memorial Preschool, Epping;         Nana Glen Pre-School Inc, Nana Glen; Narnia Christian
Bankstown Children’s Educational Child Care Centre, Yagoona;      Jamieson Hall, Manly Vale; Jellyfish Child Care Centre, Quakers     Pre-School, Waratah; Narnia Christian Pre-School, Gosford;
Bankstown Occasional Care, Bankstown; Baulkham Hills Early        Hill; Jim Lynch Child Care Centre, Rooty Hill; Joanne               New Generation Child Care Centre, Minto; North Rocks
Learning Centre, Baulkham Hills; Bay Road Kindergarten,           Sammarco Child Care Centre, Kings Langley; John Armitage            Pre-School, North Rocks; North Ryde Community Pre-School,
Gymea Bay; Bel-Air Pre-School, Adamstown; Bennett Street          Child Care Centre, Mt Druitt ; John McMahon Child Care              North Ryde; Nundle C.W.A. Pre-School, Nundle; Oatley Red
Child Care Centre, Bondi; Berkeley Vale Pre-School                Centre, Leichhardt; Jowen Pre-School, Belmont South;                Bear Pre-School, Oatley; Olitots Pre-School & Long Day Care,
Kindergarten, Berkeley Vale; Bilgola Kindy, Bilgola Plateau;      Kangabunnabys Childcare Centre (Yamba) Pty Ltd, Yamba;              Oak Flats; Pandora Pre-School, Greenacre; Parramatta
Billabond Children’s Centre, Millers Point; Birdwood Occasional   Kangaroo Valley Pre-School, Kangaroo Valley; Kanwal Care            Preschool and Long Day Centre, North Parramatta; Pine Street
Child Care Centre, Doonside; Blackett Child Care Centre,          and Education, Wyong; Kidsmatter In Cabramatta,                     Kindergarten, Manly; Playful Beginnings Early Learning Centre
Blackett; Blacktown Happy Days Kindergarten, Baulkham Hills;      Cabramatta; Kidz Kare Pre-School and Child Care Centre,             Pty Ltd, Lugarno; Possum Place Child and Vacation Care
Bligh Park Pre-School, Seaforth; Blue Mountains Occasional        Temora; Kidz Paradise Early Childhood Learning Centre,              Services, New Lambton; Possum’s Patch Children’s Hub, Mt
Child Care Service, Hazelbrook; Blue Wren Child Care,             Auburn; Kidzland Pre-School Kindergarten & Day Nursery,             Victoria; Prune Street Child Care Centre, Lavington; Pumpkin
Kurmond; Bob Sinclair Centre, Seven Hills; Boronia Park Child     Macquarie Fields; Kinda-Mindi Children’s Centre, Kellyville;        Pie Childcare Centre, Quakers Hill; Quakers Hill Pre-School,
Care Centre, Gladesville; Boulevarde Pre-School and Childcare     Kinderoos Childcare Centre, Bexley North; Kindy Patch Cuddly        Quakers Hill; Rainbow Pre-School Association Inc, Broken Hill;
Centre, Caringbah; Bountiful Early Learning Centre - Seven        Bear Child Care Centre, Queanbeyan; Kings Langley Child             Redman Cottage Early care & Education, Dee Why; Riverstone
Hills, Toongabbie; Bright Beginnings Children’s Centre, Taree;    Care Centre, Kings Langley; Kings Park Child Care Centre,           Child Care Centre, Riverstone; Rozelle Occasional Care,
Broken Hill Public Pre-School, Broken Hill; Brunswick Cottage     Kings Park; Konomi Kindergarten, Willoughby; KU Bambara             Leichhardt; Scallywags Child Care Centre, Bathurst; Seaforth
Child Care Centre, Five Dock; Bumble Bee Early Education          Road Pre-School, Belrose; KU Blue Mountains Mobile                  Child Care Centre, Seaforth; Shore Preparatory School Early
Centre, Goonaellabah; Bunya Child Care Centre Inc, Winmalee;      Pre-School, Katoomba North; KU Bulli Pre-School                     Learning Centre, Northbridge; Shorebreakers Kindergarten,
Bunyip Pre-School, Harden; Burns Bay Cottage, Lane Cove;          Kindergarten, Bulli; KU Castlecrag Pre-School, Castlecrag; KU       Pambula; Sir Philip Baxter Child Care Centre, Woollahra;
Burren Junction Pre-School Association Inc, Burren Junction;      Chatswood Community Pre-School, Chatswood; KU                       Snowy Mountains Care & Early Learning Centre, Jindabyne;
Byron Busy Kids, Byron Bay; CA Montessori Children’s Centre,      Cheltenham Memorial Pre-School, Cheltenham; KU Cobbitty             Spotted Gum Care and Education, Wyong; St Abraams Long
North Ryde; Cambridge Hills Pre-School, Rankin Park;              Pre-School, Cobbity; KU Corrimal East Pre-School, East              Day Care Centre, Peakhurst; St Anthony’s Long Day Care
Campbell Hall Pre-School, Manly Vale; Cannon Street Child         Corrimal; KU Croydon Pre-School, Croydon; KU Donkin                 Centre, Croydon; St Mary’s Rainbow Pre-School, North Wagga
Care Centre, Prospect ; Care Bear Kindergarten, Doonside;         Pre-School, Moss Vale; KU Eastwood Pre-School, Eastwood;            Wagga; Step by Step Long Day Care, Appin; Stepping Stones
Casino West Public School Pre-Schoo, Casino; Castle Hill          KU Glenhaven Pre-School & Occasional Care, Glenhaven; KU            Early Learning Centre, Bexley; Stuarts Point Pre-School
Pre-School Kindergarten Inc, Castle Hill; Central Shoalhaven      Greenwich Community Pre-School Inc., Greenwich; KU                  Association, Stuarts Point; Sun Valley Pre-School Kindergarten
Mobile Pre-School Unit Inc, Nowra; CFK Dee Why Childcare          Gwynneville Pre-School, Gwynneville ; KU Heathcote                  Inc, West Pennant Hills; Sunbeam Pre-School, Alexandria;
Centre, Dee Why; Charlestown Child Care & Early Learning          Pre-School, Heathcote; KU Henson Street Pre-School,                 Sweetpeas Kindergarten, Cranebrook; Sylvania Waters Early
Centre Inc, Charlestown; Charlestown Occasional Care Centre,      Summer Hill; KU Karingal Pre School, Greenacre; KU Killara          Education, Sylvania; The Figtree Pre-School, Figtree; The
Charlestown; Coffs Harbour Community Pre-School, Coffs            Park Pre-School, Killara; KU Leichhardt Pre-School,                 Guardian Angel Pre-School Kindergarten, Claymore; The Hills
Harbour; Cootamundra Centenary Pre-School, Cootamundra;           Leichhardt; KU Macquarie Fields Pre-School, Macquarie Fields;       Little Learners Childcare Centre, Seven Hills; The Kerry Jones
Cowra Early Childhood Service Co-op Ltd – Carinya, Cowra;         KU Mayfield Pre-School, Mayfield; KU Merewether Pre-School,         Child Care Centre, Quakers Hill; The Neutral Bay Pre-School,
Culcairn Early Childhood Centre Inc, Culcairn; Dean Park Child    Merewether; KU Milperra Pre-School, Milperra; KU Padstow            Neutral Bay; The Oaks Kindergarten, Narellan; The Point
Care Centre, Dean Park; Duffy’s Corner Occasional Child Care      Pre-School, Padstow; KU Peninsula Pre-School, Tanilba Bay;          Pre-School Kindergarten Inc, Oyster Bay; The Rainbow Child
Centre Inc, Maroubra; East Hills Child Care Centre, East Hills;   KU Penrith Pre-School, Kingswood; KU Peter Pan Pre-School ,         Care Centre, Narraweena; The Rumpus Room Child Care
Eastgardens Kindy, Pagewood; Educare Playskool Croyden,           La Perouse, La Perouse; KU Peter Pan Pre-School                     Centre, Tamworth; Tillys Play and Development Centre,
Croydon; Fern Gully Child Care Centre, Baulkham Hills;            Paddington, Paddington; KU Rydalmere Pre-School Centre,             Dungog; Tom Stone Care and Education, Wyong; Toxteth
Foxdale Pre-School Kindergarten, Ingleburn; Frederick Street      Rydalmere; KU Saddington Street Pre-School, Turramurra; KU          Kindergarten Inc, Annandale; Treelands Care and Education,
Kindergarten, Rockdale; French Australian Pre-School,             Shalvey Pre-School, Shalvey; KU Wahroonga Pre-School                Wyong; Tregear Presbyterian Kindergarten, Emerton; Tumbling
Maroubra; Friendly Faces Child Care Centre, Padstow;              Centre, Wahroonga; KU Wentworthville Pre-School,                    Teddy’s Cottage, Bexley; Valla Community Pre-School Inc.,
Galloway Children’s Centre Ltd, Armidale; Gardner Farm Child      Wentworthville; KU Western Mobile Pre-School, Londonderry;          Nambucca Heads; Warriewood Children’s Centre, Warriewood;
Care, Falls Creek; Glendenning Pre-School, Glendenning;           KU Wickham Pre-School, Wickham; KU Windale Preschool,               West Wollongong Pre-School & Kindergarten, Wollongong;
Glenwood Hunny Pots, Glenwood; Goddard Cresent                    Windale; Kurri Early Childhood Centre, Kurri Kurri; Kurung Child    Westmeadow Child Care Centre, Wentworthville; Wilbur
Pre-School Education Centre, Quakers Hill; Goulding Hill          Care Centre, Marayong; Lalor Park Child Care Centre, Lalor          Butterfly, Unanderra; Wilbur Platypus Child Care Centre, Albion
Pre-School Inc, Marsfield; Greenway Montessori Academy            Park ; Leabon’s Lane Child Care Centre, Seven Hills;                Park Rail; Wilbur Turtle Child Care Centre, Unanderra; William
West Hoxton, West Hoxton; Greenwood Child Care Centre,            Leichhardt Children’s Centre, Leichhardt; Leichhardt Little Stars   Lawson Child Care Centre, Prospect; Williamtown Pre-School,
North Sydney; Gumnut House Child Care Centre, Lithgow;            Nursery and Early Learning Centre, Bankstown; Little Amigos,        Williamtown; Y Kids, Parramatta; Young Achievers Early
                                                                                                                                                                                                        CAN804 ISSN 1836-1218

Gumnut Tree House, Bexley; Gumtree Cottage Kindergarten,          Baulkham Hills; Little Amigos, Blaxland East; Little Angels         Learning Centre, Liverpool.

SunSmart News is produced by the Skin Cancer Prevention Unit of Cancer Council NSW.
Editor: Kym Buffet | Writer: Samantha Dunn | Designer: Alex Just | Contact: Kym Buffet
SunSmart News PO Box 572 Kings Cross NSW 1340. Tel: 02 9334 1761 Fax: 02 8302 3529

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Please photocopy this sheet to distribute to families and carers                                                     Printed on recycled paper

SunSmart News
Sun protection news and information for childcare services                Autumn 2009 | Issue 12

A great example of effective use of shade
                                                                                                What’s on at Cancer Council
Make the most                                   Shade +
                                                Be aware that shade doesn’t provide 100         Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea
of shade                                        per cent protection against UV radiation        Get involved in Australia’s Biggest
Getting the amount of shade right is one of     – sun safe hats, clothing and sunscreen         Morning Tea and help raise money for
the most effective ways to protect against      are also needed when the UV index is 3          cancer. Why not encourage your childcare
UV radiation. Cancer Council has created        or above.                                       service to hold a morning tea where
guidelines to assist services in complying                                                      parents and staff can make a donation to
with licensing requirements and getting the                                                     the Cancer Council? The children will love
most out of their outdoor spaces all year
round. As a parent you may want to check
                                                FAQs                                            being part of a grown-up tea party too.
                                                                                                The official date is May 28, but the event
                                                Q: Can we reduce some of our sun
out the guidelines when thinking about          protection now that summer is gone?             can take place anytime in May. Last year
SunSmart play areas for your children at        You should regularly check the SunSmart         Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea raised
home or what to look for when you’re out        UV Alert on Cancer Council’s website.           more than $10 million Australia wide.
and about in parks and playgrounds.             Remember whenever UV levels are 3
                                                and above, skin damage can occur so             To register to host or to make a donation
The basics                                      continue to slip, slop, slap and seek           visit or
Shade can be built, natural or portable.        shade. In most parts of NSW, June and           call 1300 65 65 85.
Protective shade needs to cast a dark           July are the only months when the UV
shadow and allow for daily and seasonal         levels drop below 3.
sun movement.

Not all shade sails are equal                   Is your childcare
Shade sails are a popular cost-effective
way of providing shade over large areas, as     service SunSmart?
they require minimal support structures. It     If your service is not yet officially part of
is important to seek professional help when     Cancer Council’s SunSmart Program
using shade cloth, however, as different        (that is, they don’t have a SunSmart sign
cloth provides different levels of protection   on display) why not encourage them to
and its effectiveness is undermined if          send their sun protection policy to the
incorrectly installed. The amount of shade      Cancer Council. Cancer Council’s free
protection a fabric provides is expressed       review will help ensure that your service’s
in terms of its ultraviolet protection factor   policy is up to date with the latest            For more on shade
(UPF) rating. Look for shade that provides      recommendations and covers all their sun        Go to
at least 94% protection (UPF 15) from           protection strategies.                          sunsmart if you’re interested in reading
direct UV radiation.                                                                            more about shade. You’ll find a variety
                                                                                                of information sheets to download.

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