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COW Bell
               Monday: Concept
 Verbs indicate whether events are taking place in the past, present, or
 Verbs also express action.
 Types of verbs:
    Action Verbs: Tells what action someone or something is
         Example: The swans float gracefully on the water. (Float tells
          us what the swans are doing).
    Linking Verbs: Are verbs that connect a subject with a word that
      describes or identifies it.
         Example: He is a general for the Army. (Is links “he” and
    Helping Verbs: Are placed before other verbs to form verb phrases.
         The helping verbs are: be, do, have, will, and can
         Example: has opened, will have opened, could have opened, is being
          opened (all forms of “have”, each has a different meaning).
       Tuesday: Practice

Identify the action verb in each of the
   following sentences.
1. Most people consider slavery the
   chief cause of the Civil War.
2. My father waited at the station for
   the train.
      Tuesday: Answers

1. Consider
2. Waited
     Wednesday: Practice

Identify the linking verb in each of the
   following sentences.
1. The winners were Tony and I.
2. He looks tired from all the
    Wednesday: Answers

1. Were
2. Looks
        Thursday: Practice
For each of the following sentences
    identify the helping and main verbs.
1. The year 1913 has been called the
    “glorious year of flying.”
2. After World War II, the airline industry
    would become prosperous.
3. This invention would soon influence
    the airline industry.
      Thursday: Answers

1. Helping: has been, main: called
2. Helping: would, main: become
3. Helping: would, main: influence
       Friday: Assessment
Identify the verb in each sentence and
    label it: action, helping, or linking.
1. Most people consider an education a
    necessity in life.
2. The race for president was a long
3. More people should have been
    encouraged to do their homework.

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