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       O F F I C E OF
                                Community Housing
       H   O U S I N G

      NSW Department
        of Housing

             Funding announced
                                                                                                     Issue 4 -February 2001
                                                                                                            December 2000

       for 2000/01 Community Housing
             Assistance Program
Dr Andrew Refshauge, Deputy                                                               provided for 12 supported housing
Premier, Minister for Aboriginal                                                          projects. These consist of:
Affairs, Minister for Urban Affairs                                                       l 37 redevelopment units

and Planning and Minister for                                                             l 10 spot purchases

Housing has announced funding                                                             l 3 short term leases

for projects under the 2000/01                                                            Six larger and three smaller hous-
Community Housing Assistance                                                              ing providers submitted successful
Program (CHAP).                                                                           project proposals. In almost all
                                                                                          cases, these projects are partner-
The CHAP provides funding to
                                                                                          ships between housing and
community housing organisations
                                                                                          support providers in local commu-
for additional capital properties
and leasing subsidies. In 2000/01
the objectives for the CHAP were:
                                                                                          Rural and regional NSW
l expanding community housing
                                          Dr Andrew Refshauge, Deputy
                                         Premier, Minister for Aboriginal                 As part of a commitment to en-
in high need areas;                                                                       hance community housing re-
                                      Affairs, Minister for Urban Affairs and
l continuing partnership projects;                                                        sources in rural and regional NSW
                                       Planning and Minister for Housing
l continuing the gradual expansion                                                        14 housing providers in rural and
of the co-operative housing sector;   Funding has been allocated to 3                     regional NSW have received
l promoting the development of
                                      housing co-operatives for:                          funding under the 2000/01 CHAP
new supported housing options;        l 20 redevelopment units for two                    for a total of 159 additional proper-
and                                   new co-operatives for older people                  ties. 26 of these properties are for
                                                                                          supported housing provision.
l enhancing community housing
                                      from a non English speaking
resources in rural and regional       background; and                                     Overall, community housing
                                      l 6 short term leases, pending
NSW.                                                                                      providers in rural and regional
                                      acquisition of a suitable long term                 centres in NSW accounted for:
                                                                                          l 31% of all the units funded under
General community housing             leasing property.

Funding has been allocated to 22      Promoting the development                           the 2000/01 CHAP;
housing providers for:                of new supported housing                            l 28% of the general community

l 270 redevelopment units             options                                             housing units; and
                                                                                          l 52% of the supported housing
l 20 spot purchases
                                      Under the 2000/01 CHAP an
                                      additional 50 properties have been                  units.
l 172 short term leases

l 1 long term lease.

14 of the 22 successful
                                                                         IN THIS ISSUE:
                                       „ Message from A/Executive Director                 „ Preview: Dubbo Aboriginal Elders Project
organisations are larger housing
                                       „ Housing for older people in Ariah Park            „ Housing management in small townships
providers managing more than 50        „ Themes from rural and remote consultations        „ Feedback on the first CHLP quarterly
properties.                            „ Balranald Supported Housing Project               reporting process

                                       „ Homes North receives funding for a feasibility    „ Welcome to ...
In addition, 15 organisations have     study under PICH                                    „ NSW shines in the National Community
been approved to manage proper-        „ Disability policy for the community housing       Housing Awards of Excellence
ties under the Long Term Leasing       sector                                              „ NSW Department of Housing Corporate Plan
Program.                               „ Community Housing Tenancy Satisfaction            „ Rural Housing Co-operatives lead the way
Building Stronger Communities

 Message from the
A/Executive Director

W      elcome to the first edition
       of the Community Hous-
ing Bulletin for 2001. The focus
of this edition is community
housing in rural and remote areas.
Strategies for building stronger
communities through commu-
nity housing provision is a key                                                     New Community housing for
focus for the Office of Commu-                                                       older people in Ariah Park
nity Housing’s work during
2000/01. A significant compo-
nent of this work has been
                                         Housing for older people
consultations with rural and
remote communities to inform                  in Ariah Park
the development of a rural and
remote strategy for community
housing. Inside this edition of       W       ith more than 22 per cent
                                              of its population over 60
                                      and 18 per cent over 65 and no
                                                                             support services as well as other
                                                                             community groups and services
                                                                             within the community. They
the Bulletin you will find articles
profiling successful approaches       facilities for the aged in town,       also consulted widely with
to the provision of community         Ariah Park had a major need for        other support providers and
housing in rural and remote           appropriate housing for older          Council.
areas as well as a feature article    people.                                A proposal for four, one bed-
summarising the key themes            The available housing in the           room units was successfully put
emerging from the Office’s work       town was inappropriate for             to the Office of Community
in this area.                         older residents due to the             Housing for funding under its
One of the strongest themes           considerable on-going mainte-          Special Projects Fund, a forerun-
emerging from the Office’s            nance and physical effort re-          ner to the Partnerships in
consultations in rural and            quired to maintain the large           Community Housing Program.
remote areas has been the             blocks and large, old houses. As       The Office of Community
importance of partnerships            a result, in the five years prior to   Housing contributed the sub-
between agencies for cohesive         1999, 20 older residents were          stantial part of the costs for the
service provision. Many ex-           forced to move away from Ariah         building and the project part-
amples of communities working         Park to larger towns.                  ners contributed the land. The
in partnership have been raised       The Ariah Park Community               APCP raised its own funds
during the consultations includ-      Projects Inc (APCP) decided to         through various activities such
ing: partnerships to provide          take steps to provide some             as holding raffles, street stalls,
additional housing; co-operation      accommodation for these                and concerts as well as from
between housing and support           residents within the communi-          cash donations and sales from
agencies to identify local hous-      ties in which they had lived. The      its opportunity shop. Temora
ing needs; and cross agencies         Ariah Park Mirrool Senior              Shire Council made an in kind
approaches to meeting housing         Housing Project, a sub commit-         contribution through project
need.                                 tee of the APCP, developed a           management, waiving develop-
                                      proposal to build four one-            ment fees and other fees associ-
Also in this edition, you will find                                          ated with landscaping, site
articles about the Community          bedroom units. Temora Shire
                                      Council assisted in the develop-       investigation, site remediation
Housing Tenant Satisfaction                                                  and footpaths.
Survey, the development of a          ment of the proposal and the
disability policy for the commu-      APCP gained support from               Construction of the four proper-
nity housing sector and the first     members of parliament, commu-          ties was completed in Decem-
housing co-operatives to be           nity organisations such as the         ber 1999 and all of the proper-
awarded accreditation.                Greater Murray Health Service,         ties have now been tenanted.
Alison Wannan                         church organisations, health
A/Executive Director
Community Housing Bulletin - 2
Building Stronger Communities

   Themes from rural & remote consultations
Previous editions of the Bulletin      Measuring need                       with Aboriginal service provid-
reported on the work currently         The difference between statisti-     ers and the Aboriginal Housing
being carried out to develop a         cal measures of regional housing     Office to better assist Aboriginal
rural and remote community             need based on expressed              people in these communities.
housing strategy, including            demand and the local experi-         The Office is currently exploring
community studies and consulta-        ence of housing providers was a      the feasibility of community
tions in six rural and remote areas.   strong theme emerging from the       housing associations providing a
This article discusses some of         consultations. A number of           service to households who can
the key themes emerging from           explanations for this were put       afford private rental but are
the studies and consultations.         forward including:                   facing barriers to the private
                                       l reluctance among people            rental market in their town. The
Increasing complexity of               living in rural communities to       proposed Rural Community
client needs                           ask for help;                        Housing Affordable Tenancy
The increasing complexity of           l households with specific           Scheme would be self-funding
client needs was common to all         housing needs not registering        and rely on the association
the communities studied. For           for Public Housing if suitable       leasing a small portfolio of
example, communities like              housing is not available in the      housing for subletting to house-
Cabonne Shire reported that care       area;                                holds seeking to rent from the
for older people, traditionally        l low vacancy rates in some          private rental market.
provided by community based            towns resulting in people not
organisations on a voluntary           registering for housing assis-       Local government
basis, is becoming more de-            tance unless there is a vacant       involvement
manding due to an increasing           property available.                  Many rural councils recognise
number of older people with                                                 the critical importance of ad-
disabilities in the community.         Barriers to the private              equate housing to the economic
Identifying this need has high-        rental market                        and social wellbeing of their
lighted the importance of              Consultations in several areas       communities but are not inter-
planning for housing assistance        highlighted the barriers to the      ested in being directly involved
with a support component in at         private rental market experi-        in social housing provision.
least some rural and remote            enced by some households             Community housing
areas.                                 perceived by real estate agents as   organisations are increasingly
                                       a high risk. Households com-         working in partnership with
The importance of                      prising former public housing        local government to develop
                                                                            responses to local housing needs.
partnerships                           tenants, single women with
Another theme is the importance        young children, people with          Other themes
of partnerships for building           support needs, and farm workers      Other themes emerging from the
cohesive service delivery. There       with no history of renting from      consultations include:
                                                                            l the importance for small rural
are many examples of partner-          the private rental market could
ships involving housing or             often have difficulty securing       and remote housing
support providers and other            private rental housing even          organisations of flexible prop-
agencies such as Public Housing,       when the combination of low          erty portfolios and funding
local Government, service clubs        rents and Commonwealth Rent          arrangements;
                                                                            l the potential role for commu-
and church or community                Assistance meant that the hous-
groups that have developed             ing was affordable.                  nity housing provision in areas
innovative solutions to local          Recent community housing             of where public housing proper-
problems. These partnerships are       planning workshops in each           ties are currently under utilised.
often initiated by housing             region specifically highlighted      Feedback from the call for
providers to address emerging          problems of discrimination           comment that went out in
issues and local housing need.         being faced by Aboriginal and        February 2001 will be included
They often take a long time to         Torres Strait Islanders in access-   in the final report which will
build and require patience and         ing private rent accommodation       inform the development of the
perseverance to achieve.               in their areas. Providers identi-    Office’s Rural and Remote Strategy.
                                       fied a range of strategies to work   Contact Gayle Adams 9849 8533
                                                                             Community Housing Bulletin - 3
Building Stronger Communities

     Balranald Supported Housing Project
W      ork has begun on six units
       for people with physical
and intellectual disabilities and
                                     intellectual disability were
                                     identified as extremely high
                                     needs. These young people were
                                                                           properties will be managed by
                                                                           Deniliquin CTS and tenants will
                                                                           receive ongoing support through
their ageing parents in the          at great risk of becoming home-       Mary Mackillop Rural Services
township of Balranald.               less should their living situations   and TAFE to help develop their
                                     alter, or elderly family member,      skills to live independently.
Funded under the 2000/01
                                     with whom they live, become ill,
Partnerships in Community                                                  Donations of furniture, white
                                     incapacitated or pass on.
Housing program (PICH), the                                                goods, landscaping and garden
Balranald Supported Housing          Teaming up with Mary Mackillop        maintenance from various local
Project is an excellent example      Rural Services and Balranald          service clubs and businesses
of what can be achieved when         Shire Council, Deniliquin Com-        will ensure the project can
partnerships are established for     munity Tenancy Scheme ap-             become fully operational.
the purpose of attaining a           proached the Office for funding
                                                                           Pat Fogerty of Deniliquin CTS
common goal.                         under Partnerships in Commu-
                                                                           says the value of the Partner-
                                     nity Housing (PICH). In PICH
In 1997, Deniliquin Community                                              ships in Community Housing
                                     partners contribute a minimum
Tenancy Scheme conducted a                                                 program is that it recognises the
                                     of 20% of the total capital cost of
needs analysis across the South                                            strengths and skills that different
                                     the project.
West NSW region. The analysis                                              organisations can make to
identified many housing gaps         Under the partnership agree-          achieving one goal.
across the region but, of those      ment, the Office of Community
                                                                           “By working together anything
identified, the needs of Balranald   Housing will provide funding for
                                                                           can be achieved and for these
became a paramount concern. A        construction costs, with
                                                                           young people it means they can
particular group – young people      Balranald Council providing land
                                                                           remain in their community
and adults with a physical or        and associated services. The
                                                                           where they feel comfortable.”

          Homes North receives funding for
           a feasibility study under PICH
T   he Director-General of the
    Department of Housing, Mr
Andrew Cappie-Wood recently
                                     Gunnedah Shire Council. As one
                                     of a number of support agencies
                                     in the region, Homes North
                                                                           Homes North, formed in 1998
                                                                           from an amalgamation of
                                                                           Armidale Community Housing
announced funding worth              currently manages four units of       and Gunnedah Community
$15,000 for Homes North Com-         accommodation for people with         Tenancy Scheme, has responded
munity Housing. The funding has      an intellectual disability in the     to local housing needs through
been granted to conduct a            region.                               the provision of a range of
feasibility study and preliminary                                          services including partnership
                                     In announcing the funding, Mr
design for the development of                                              projects for people with disabili-
                                     Cappie-Wood described the
two units of accommodation for                                             ties and supported housing
                                     project proposal as an example
people with an intellectual                                                projects for young people and
                                     of how “local solutions can be
disability in Gunnedah.                                                    people with a mental illness.
                                     developed to meet the specific
The funding provided under the       housing needs of the commu-           Projects such as this illustrate
1999/2000 Partnerships in            nity” and that the “capacity to       the role of community housing
Community Housing Program            respond to need in a flexible         as part of a co-ordinated and
will allow Homes North and           way illustrates one of the            responsive social housing
Gunnedah Shire Council to            strengths of a community              system where opportunities for
investigate the feasibility of       housing provider like Homes           genuine partnerships between
extending an existing joint          North Community Housing               government and local communi-
venture between the Office of        Company”.                             ties can be developed and
Community Housing and                                                      sustained.

Community Housing Bulletin - 4
Matching Products and Services

               Disability Policy for the community
                          housing sector
    The Office of Community Housing is developing a community housing
      disability policy as part of its strategy to maximise the capacity of
       community housing providers to assist people with a disability.
The Policy will establish a          for the Office of Community           nity housing providers, disability
framework to define the respec-      Housing to ensure that the            peak organisations, Public
tive roles and responsibilities of   community housing sector              Housing, and relevant govern-
both the Office as the funder of     provides accessible and sustain-      ment departments.
community housing and hous-          able housing for people with
                                                                           An exposure draft of the Disabil-
ing providers for providing          disabilities.
                                                                           ity Policy will be available for
housing for people with a
                                     Spice Consulting has been             comment in early March 2001.
                                     engaged to help develop the           Copies of the exposure draft will
The Disability Policy will pro-      Disability Policy for the Office.     be sent to all housing associa-
vide guidance to community                                                 tions, housing co-operatives and
                                     Work on the Policy started with
housing organisations on issues                                            other organisations consulted in
                                     consultation of a range of key
such as providing equitable                                                the early stages of the project.
                                     stakeholders during December
housing services, making appro-                                            Other organisations interested in
                                     2000 and January 2001. Stake-
priate allocations and determin-                                           receiving a copy of the exposure
                                     holders consulted included
ing when modifications to                                                  draft should register their
                                     community housing resourcing
dwellings may be needed. It will                                           interest by contacting John Hyde
                                     agencies, a number of commu-
also provide a clear framework                                             on 9849 8536.

   Community Housing Tenant                                                         PREVIEW

      Satisfaction Survey                                                   Dubbo Aboriginal
      A range of NSW community housing                                       Elders Project
 providers are participating in the first national                                         ta
                                                                             Another impor ta n t a s -
 Community Housing Tenant Satisfaction Survey.                                         ural
                                                                                     rur        remote
                                                                             pect of r ural and remote
The survey is jointly funded by      housing providers has been very         housing provision is
the Commonwealth Government          positive.                                       for
                                                                             housing f or Abor i g inal
and State housing authorities. The                                           comm unities. In the A pr il
                                                                             communities.           pril
                                     The Office would like to thank
survey is being conducted by
                                     all the housing providers that          issue of Community
Donovan Research and is similar
                                     have helped with the piloting
to the national surveys of Public                                            Housing Bulletin we will
                                     and carrying out of the survey. A
Housing tenants that have been                                               look at the Dub bo A b -
                                     summary of the results from the
conducted since 1996.
                                     survey will be published once           or iginal Elder s Project: an
                                                                                iginal Elders Project:
The sample of 44 organisations       the survey is complete. The
                                                                             e xciting par tner ship be-
participating in the survey was      Office will also be seeking
chosen at random by Donovan          feedback from participating             t ween the Dubb o Ab-
Research and included housing        organisations on how the survey         or ig inal community, OCH,
                                                                                iginal community
                                                                             orig           unity,
associations, co-operatives,         was conducted. In the meantime,
                                                                             the Wester n Institute of
Aboriginal organisations, coun-      contact Gayle Adams on 9849
cils, church and other               8533 if you would like more             TAFE and the Ageing and
organisations. So far, response to   information about the Community         Disa bility Depar tment.
                                                                             Disability Department.
the survey by community              Housing Tenant Satisfaction Survey.

                                                                           Community Housing Bulletin - 5
Matching Products and Services / Business Viability

Housing management                       Feedback on the first CHLP
 in small townships
                                         quarterly reporting process
T   he delivery of social hous-
    ing in smaller townships or
communities was a key theme
discussed at the recent commu-        A    s outlined in the December
                                           Community Housing
                                      Bulletin, the introduction of the
                                                                           various calculations required for
                                                                           the report was identified.
nity housing planning workshops
                                      2000/2001 Community Housing          The Office has received valuable
in non-metropolitan regions.
                                      Leasing Program (CHLP) in-           feedback on the reporting format
A major challenge for the             cluded a new electronic quar-        from a number of housing
community housing sector is                                                associations. Based on these
                                      terly reporting format for hous-
how to ensure viable models for                                            comments, a number of changes
                                      ing associations.
the provision of housing assis-                                            have been incorporated in the
tance in these communities,           Information from these reports       Quarter 2 reporting template
while continuing to be respon-        will be used by the Office to        including:
sive to local needs and structures.   calculate quarterly CHLP subsi-
                                                                           lClarifying some data require-
Guaranteeing viable manage-           dies and monitor the perfor-
ment structures, including            mance of CHLP funded
management committee mem-             organisations.                       lImproving the income and
bers with a range of business                                              expenditure statement; and
                                      Housing associations provided
and community experience, was                                               Incorporating information for
also considered an important          the first of these reports to the
                                      Office in late 2000. As could be     payment for the Long Term
issue for some rural providers.
                                      expected with a new format,          Leasing Program.
Strategies identified in the          some teething problems were          The Office is keen to continue
workshops will be included in
                                      experienced. While many of           receiving feedback from housing
the regional community housing
                                      these glitches will be resolved as   associations about the strengths
plans for joint OCH and commu-
                                      organisations become more            and weaknesses of the CHLP
nity housing provider action. The
Office will also be working with      familiar with the reporting          reporting requirements. If you
Public Housing to explore the         format, the need for the Office to   have any inquiries please contact
best way to provide and manage        provide clearer definitions and      Libby Gallagher on 9849 8526 or
housing in small townships.           instructions for making the          contact your regional office.

Welcome to....

Seema Srivastava                      General’s Department. Her most       Planning Team where he was
                                      recent position was as a Senior      Principal Planner and was
Seema Srivastava has recently
                                      Policy Officer in the Corporate      responsible for the development
joined the Office of Community
                                      Strategy Unit of the Rail Access     of the DoCS planning framework.
Housing in the Position of
                                      Corporation. In this position,       Mark also has extensive experi-
Manager, Policy and Planning. In
                                      Seema worked on a number of          ence in services for people with
this position, Seema will be
                                      strategic policy and planning        disabilities and spent several
responsible for leading the
                                      projects including the develop-      y ears managing DoCS disability
activities of the Policy and
                                      ment of the draft Corporate          services on the Central Coast.
Planning Teams as well as
                                      Strategy Plan.
overseeing the operation of the
Accreditation Unit.
                                                                           Jan Devos
Seema has a legal background
                                      Mark Shervashidze                    Jan Devos joined the Office in
                                      Mark Shervashidze joined OCH         December 2000 as the new
with experience in working on                                              Manager, Regional Services and
social justice and Indigenous         on 4 December 2000 as Regional
                                      Team Leader for the Hunter.          Programs. Jan has extensive
issues having previously worked                                            experience in government and
at Northern Territory Aboriginal      Mark came from the Department        community sectors, most
Legal Aid and the NSW Attorney-       of Community Services Strategic      recently in community health.

Community Housing Bulletin - 6
Housing News

     NSW shines in the National Community Housing
                 Awards of Excellence
T   hree NSW community
    housing organisations
received recognition at the 2000
National Awards for Excellence.
The National Awards for Excel-
lence recognise good practice in
the community housing sector
and are sponsored by all hous-
ing departments in Australia,
including the Office of Commu-
nity Housing. The winners of the
2000 awards were announced on
28 November at the Millennium
National Community Housing
Conference held in Fremantle.
Hume Community Housing
                                          inners             Community            ards
                                   NSW Winners of National Community Housing Aw ards of Excellence (Left to Right)
Association was the runner up      Barb McKenna (Marrickville Area Community Housing,) Margaret Illingworth,
for the National Award for         (Vice President Narr bri Community enancy               Pat Martin (Chairper-
                                   (Vice President Narra bri Community Tenancy Scheme) and Pat Martin (Chairper-
Overall Excellence, an award       son, Hume Community Housing Association)
category that was also contested                                            ties and Marrickville Area
                                   NSW based organisations also
by organisations from South                                                 Community Housing being
                                   featured prominently in the
Australia, Western Australia,                                               runner up for the same award.
                                   Service to Tenants and Communi-
Victoria and the ACT. St Kilda                                              Congratulations to Hume Com-
                                   ties category with Narrabri
Housing Association from                                                    munity Housing, Narrabri Com-
                                   Community Tenancy Scheme
Victoria was the winner of this                                             munity Tenancy Scheme and
                                   winning the National Award for
award.                                                                      Marrickville Area Community
                                   Service to Tenants and Communi-

      New Department of Housing Corporate Plan
                                                                            l Improving our services for
T   he Department’s Corporate
    Plan 2000-2003 was released
in December 2000.
                                   The Office of Community
                                   Housing’s Business Plan 2000-            people with complex needs
                                   2001 aligns with the Corporate           through the implementation of
The Plan identifies the            Plan in its Key Result Areas. It         the community housing sup-
Department’s objectives and        identifies the specific strategies       ported housing plan and new
challenges in its intent to pro-   and actions to be undertaken by          supported housing projects; and,
vide more flexible service         the Office during 2000-2001.             l Working in partnership with

delivery across all its business   Reflecting the key challenges            churches, local government,
units, to respond better to the    facing community housing our             community organisations and
housing and other support          top priorities in this period are:       Public Housing to make the best
needs of homeless people, low      l Implementing the capital and           use of housing resources for
income earners and people with     leasing programs to increase the         locally appropriate services.
special needs. Six Key Result      supply of community housing
                                                                            The Office has distributed its
Areas are provided in the Plan     and crisis accommodation in
                                                                            Business Plan and the
and these outline specific         high need areas;
                                                                            Department’s Corporate Plan to
                                   l Implementing new streamlined
actions and timeframes to guide
                                                                            all key stakeholders in the
the work of the Department to      funding arrangements for long            community housing sector. For
fulfil its commitments.            term community housing;                  further information or additional
Progress against the Plan’s        l Improving the ways we moni-            copies, please contact Miriam
deliverables will be monitored     tor the performance of the               Moloney on 02 9849 8535.
and reported regularly.            community housing sector;
                                                                             Community Housing Bulletin - 7
Accreditation News

                                                                                OFFICE OF COMMUNITY
Rural housing co-operatives                                                      HOUSING CONTACT
       lead the way                                                         CENTRAL OFFICE
                                                                            Level 3, Signature Tower
                                                                            2 – 10 Wentworth Street
                                                                            Parramatta NSW 2150
                                                                            PO Box 1217, Parramatta NSW 2124
                                                                            PH:     (02) 9635 5566
                                                                            FAX: (02) 9635 5599
                                                                            EMAIL: och@housing.nsw.gov.au

                                                                            A/EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR
                                                                            Alison Wannan

                                                                            A/MANAGER, ASSET AND
                                                                            DEVELOPMENT SERVICES
                                                                            Christine Hicks
            Bay Co-operativ         courtesy
     Nelson Bay Co-operative. Photo courtesy of the Association             MANAGER, REGIONAL SERVICES
                    Resource Co-operativ
                 to Resource Co-operative Housing                           & PROGRAMS
                                                                            Jan Devos

         rur co-operativ
    w o r ur al co-operatives,
    Nelson Bay Housing Co-
          ural         atives,

operative and Twin To wns
                                       contr ibution to the process, a
                                       contribution           process,
                                       view with which the co-ops
                                       evaluated and the Evaluation
                                                                            MANAGER, POLICY AND PLANNING
                                                                            Seema Srivastava

                                                                            MANAGER, PARTNERSHIP
Housing Co-operative Ltd, were                dinators
                                       Coordinator from
                                       Coordinator s from the Stan-         INITIATIVES
awarded 3 year (full) accredita-       dards        Accreditation
                                       dards and Accreditation Unit         Claire Croumbie-Brown
tion in December 2000.                                 ev aluators werere
                                       a g r eed. Both ev aluator s were    REGIONAL TEAMS
Situated on the mid nor th                        hav further exper
                                       k een to hav e fur ther exper i-     METRO REGION
                                                  evaluators       wer
                                       ence as e v aluator s and wereere    Manager
coast, both co-ops are
                                       enthusiastic about evaluating        Lynne Ready
       acterised by       lev
c haracter ised by a high le v el of                                        PH:   (02) 9849 8546
tenant involvement, and a              housing associations as well as      FAX: (02) 9849 8549
strong focus on the implemen-          co-ops.
                                                                            HUNTER REGION
tation of systems that suppor t        Rob Buchanan, a trained evalua-      Regional Team Leader
effective operations.
ef f ective operations. These          tor from Ningana Co-operative        Mark Shervashidze
                                                                            PH: (02) 4926 0616
include financial systems and             Sydney
                                       in Sydne y, stated at the ARCH       FAX: (02) 4926 1529
policies and protocols for             Regional Fororum         Nov
                                       Regional For um on 23 Nov em-
                                                                            SOUTH EASTERN REGION
tenancy and asset manag ement.         ber 2000 that involvement in         Regional Team Leader
      two       ev aluators from
The two peer ev aluator s from         the process had demonstrated         Jo Belford
                                                    “accreditation was
                                       to him that “accreditation was       PH: (02) 4224 5778
the co-operative sector that                                                FAX: (02) 4224 5797
participated      ev          for
par ticipated in ev aluations for      achievable for co-ops”, and that
                                       many          “proba
                                                         obab alread
                                       many co-ops “pr obab l y already     WESTERN REGION
     fir          ere
                wer impressed
the fir st time were impressed                                              A/Regional Team Leader
with the thorough process.             met the requirements of the          Jenny Fisher
They felt             knowledg
The y felt that their knowledge        National Community Housing           PH: (02) 6361 1816
                                       Standards.”                          FAX: (02) 6361 1832
       xperience co-operativ
     exper                   ative
and exper ience of co-operative
                                                                            NORTHERN REGION
membership was         invaluab
member ship was an in v alua b le
                                                                            Regional Team Leader
                                                                            Stephanie Ring
                                                                            PH: (02) 6642 0633
                                                                            FAX: (02) 6642 0640
                                                                            ACCREDITATION UNIT
                                                                            Senior Accreditation Officer
         ticle“Homes North receiv
      artic                     eceives         for feasibility study
  The ar ticle“Homes Nor th receives funding for a feasibility study
                                                                            Anne Rauch
  under PICH” did not appear in the December issue of Commu-                PH: (02) 9849 8530
  nity Housing Bulletin as listed in the contents. The ar ticle is          FAX: (02) 9635 5599

                                                                            The next issue of Community Housing
  published           issue.W apologise for any
  published in this issue. We apolog ise for any confusion the omis-

                                                                                 Bulletin will be out in April
  sion of this ar ticle caused.

Community Housing Bulletin - 8

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