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									                                                                notification to all players as soon as the change is
        ABSOLUTE WAR II                                         posted.
                  By Aaron M. Staley                              You will see throughout these rules that the words
                                                                “Round” and “Turn” have their first letters capitalized.
Absolute War II is a campaign system designed for use           These are abbreviations for “Campaign Round” or
on SFBOL. No other game system is necessary, as this            “Campaign Turn” respectively.
campaign has it’s own combat system. It can be based
on or use the spaceships from any sci-fi genre or game          RACES ALLOWED FOR PLAY
system. This campaign system does not attempt to
duplicate game play of other game systems, but works to         At this time, all SFB races may be used. (Yes, including
produce a result similar to the result of having played         the Andromedans. The Orion Pirates can be played as a
those game systems.                                             full-fledged race). Some races have various restrictions
   This set of rules primarily uses the ships from SFB          to keep the campaign balanced.
since it is being used on SFBOL. These rules are
copyright Aaron M. Staley and not to be reprinted or sold       PLAYER CAMPAIGN ENTRY
without permission. The races and some of the ship
designations within this document are copyright ADB inc.        Anyone wishing to enter the campaign may do so, at the
SFBOL is copyright Franz Games, LLC. This campaign              beginning of, or during the campaign, by contacting the
rule book may only be used with SFBOL for the Cold of           GM. If the campaign is open to new players, the player
Space campaign game. Enjoy the campaign!                        may request a race to play (Note: a player may choose
   Note - Various calculations are not revealed, for            to play any race even though another player may already
example, these rules do not cover how any particular            be playing the race selected. The two players need not
ship’s attack factor is calculated. Players do not need to      be allied and may very well war against one another).
know these things, please don’t ask the GM about it                Once no more space is available on the campaign
because I’m not going to reveal the system and I’m not          map for new players to enter the campaign, or CY173
going to change the system (so your ships are stronger          has been reached) the campaign will be declared closed
and someone else’s is weaker). However, feel free to ask        (no new players may enter the campaign).
me questions about the actual rules presented in this              Every player that enters the campaign will meet with
rulebook. E-mail is                     the GM online in a campaign room and the GM will
                                                                randomly determine the starting hex. The starting hex for
INTRODUCTION                                                    a new player cannot be within 15 hexes of another
                                                                player’s owned terrain. The new player’s home system
The year is 167. All galactic races have emerged from a         will be the closest star system to the randomly generated
dark age of minor space exploration, internal political         hex. If two or more such star systems exist, one of them
feuds, and natural catastrophes. At this dawn of a new          will be selected randomly.
age, they all push outward to explore their neighboring            The new player begins play at the start of the next
star systems; only to find they are not alone. Peace and        round after being placed on the campaign map.
alliances are made where possible, but there are those in
the galaxy not content with anything less than total            SEQUENCE OF PLAY
dominion over all others. Some choose the old pacifistic
ways, but are slaughtered mercilessly. Then it is realized      START OF YEAR
that sometimes there is no choice but to go to war, no
choice but to utterly annihilate those who would dominate         TURN
all. Coexistence is futility - when Absolute War becomes          1. Purchase new builds.
necessity.                                                               a. Purchase new units.
                                                                         b. Purchase new technology.
CAMPAIGN TIME-LINE                                                2. Make any economic transfers between races.

Time in the campaign is expressed by year.turn.round.                ROUND
For example Y1.3.4 (the 4th round of the 3rd turn of year            1. 1st movement phase. (speeds 2, 3, and 4)
1). There are 10 turns per year; 10 rounds per turn. This            2. Combat resolution #1.
campaign’s starting year is CY167 (Campaign Year 167).               3. 2nd movement phase. (speeds 1, and 4)
                                                                     4. Combat resolution #2.
RULES NOTES                                                          5. Repairs, Assign Carrier Escorts, Resupply.
                                                                     (Repeat until Round 10 is complete, then continue
Certain SFB rules are not used in this campaign. These          the Turn sequence.)
rules include (but not limited to):
   Monster scenarios, Joke ships or any unit the GM               3. Place builds purchased at the beginning of the turn.
decides to exclude, and command ratings.                          4. Conduct Strategic Relocation for small and medium
   These rules are not totally set in stone yet (I do           ground bases, pods, fighters and PFs.
apologize, PLEASE understand this is a massive                    5. Collect income.
project). SFB is a very large game system, and it is not          (Repeat until Turn 10 is complete)
the intent for this campaign to be that large. It is
impossible at this time to list all the rules from SFB not in   END OF YEAR
use. However, as rulings are made and time permits,
more SFB rules will be added to the above list. Rest            DEADLINES
assured that any changes to these rules will be minor.          There will be times when players become “unexpectedly
Further, any changes to the rules will be followed by a         unavailable” on a short term basis or permanently. For
whatever reasons, campaign deadlines must still be met,          TERRAIN
and the GM will not grant un-requested extensions.               The only terrain used in the game are star systems and
   A player may ask for an combat extension at any time.         empty space. A hex on the campaign map will either be
A combat extension (if granted) will be no longer than 24        empty or contain a star system. Star systems have a
hours, and no second extensions will be granted. There           base value of 3, 4, or 5 EPs (Economic Points). Star
are no extensions for movements or other activities.             systems worth 3 EPs, will be shown as red; star systems
   In the event that a deadline is missed, the GM will           worth 4 EPs will be shown as blue, and star systems
move to the next Step, Round, Turn, or Year in the               worth 5 EPs will be shown as yellow.
sequence of play. Any combats will be adjudicated.                  No star system may be developed to produce more
During movement Steps, the GM will not make your                 than 10 EPs per Turn.
moves for you if you miss the deadline. The GM will not             Ownership of terrain is achieved by simply moving a
handle any player responsibilities with the exception of         unit into the terrain hex. It is now owned by the race that
adjudicating combats.                                            moved a unit into the hex, and the GM will change it’s
   All players will have until 0400 hours EST daily to           background color to represent this. If two units from
submit moves. Any moves not received by the deadline             opposing races enter the terrain hex on the same round,
will be refused. The GM will then submit to all the players      they must fight for ownership, or one must peacefully
their updated maps.                                              concede ownership to the other. Both may also choose
   Once you receive your map, if you have any combats            to leave the hex unowned (for whatever reasons).
that need resolution, you must contact the players                  If a race enters a star system owned by another race,
involved and play those combats within 48 hours. (A              he must defeat all forces in that hex to achieve
message will be sent to all players letting them know            ownership. If the hex is owned, but none of the owning
when the next deadline is). This is done by sending your         race’s forces are in the terrain hex, ownership transfers
map, with the combat results on it, back to the GM.              to the race that now occupies the terrain hex.
   Once all combats are resolved and all final map                  If a race enters a star system owned by another race,
updates have been submitted to the GM, the GM will               he can declare “hostile intent”. While in this status, no
send a message to all players stating when the next              one may receive income from the star system until the
deadline is.                                                     non-owning race is destroyed or driven off (or the owning
   There will be times when the GM will be unavailable           race is destroyed or driven off, thus making a new
for several days due to real world military service. These       owner).
will be announced when necessary.
                                                                 STAR SYSTEM TERRAIN LOCATIONS
OBJECTIVE AND VICTORY                                            The base value of a star system determines the number
                                                                 of planets that ground bases may be placed. Besides
Your objective is to become the strongest power on the           asteroid fields, these planets are the only things of value
board by conquering all other race’s home star systems.          within the star system. Each planet is considered to be a
The campaign will end in CY205 with the strongest race           separate location. When a ground base or space base
on the board declared the winner.                                (or any other non-mobile unit) is placed in a star system
  This will be determined by totaling the entire player’s        hex, it must record it’s location (planet 1, 2, 3, etc.).
point value (all the units he has in play, and all the terrain      Some units (and the Jindarian race) use asteroid fields
he owns).                                                        to prospect (or live) in.
                                                                    Open space is also a terrain location (though it is
CONQUERED RACES                                                  actually devoid of actual terrain).
Once a race’s star system has been conquered by                     No more than one large base can be at any one
another player, all his units either defect to other             location.
opposing races, to the conquering race, or commit self              So, for example: A player owns a star system with a
destruction to avoid capture (determined by the GM).             base value of 3. It has 3 planets (Planet #1, #2, and #3).
  To conquer another race’s home star system, see the            If he places any units on those planets, he must record
TERRAIN rule.                                                    which planet each unit is on. If it is an orbital unit, he
  The GM will roll 1d6 for each surviving unit of the            merely assigns it a planet. Lets say he places units on all
conquered player, and consult the table below:                   3 planets, two units within asteroid fields at different
                                                                 locations, and has a battlestation in open space and
          ROLL (1d6)                      RESULT                 away from the planets. The star system has six locations,
             1-4                     Unit Self Destructs         that an enemy would have to conquer before he could
              5                     Defects to conqueror         take ownership of the hex.
              6                     Defects to other race
                                                                 RACIAL CAPITALS
                                                                 A race’s capital will be designated on the map as a
  In the case of the “6” result above, the GM will make a
                                                                 yellow star. This star system is worth 10 EPs. Once
table for all other races, who will have an equal chance
                                                                 conquered, the yellow star is replaced with a green star
each, and will roll for that unit’s new allegiance.
                                                                 system and is still worth 10 EPs. Conquering a race’s
  Units gained in this manner become Brother’s of the
                                                                 capital is done in the same manner that all other terrain
Anarchist ships, and MUST be converted to the new
                                                                 hexes are captured.
owner’s technology or scrapped. See rules on
                                                                 RACIAL OWNERSHIP OF STAR SYSTEMS
                                                                 Each race will be assigned it’s own color that will be
CAMPAIGN MAP                                                     applied to the star system backgrounds in which they
The campaign map is 100 x 100 hexes. It is surrounded
by a barrier (shown in gray) that no unit may enter.
SET-UP AND STARTING UNITS                                                                 ROUNDS
                                                                 SPD     1   2    3   4    5 6 7        8    9    10
Each player chooses a race to play. Once the race is
                                                                  4      1   2    1   1    1 2 1        1    1    2
chosen, the GM will assign the player a homeworld, 50
                                                                  3      1   1    1   1    1 1 1        1    1    1
points worth of terrain owned (including the value of the
homeworld), and the player’s starting units.                      2      -   1    -   1    - 1 -        1    -    1
   Each player begins the game with 1xSB with shipyard            1      -   1    -   -    - 1 -        -    -    1
(the shipyard has 3xCDKs and 1xFRD), 2xBATS, 4xBS,
1xSupply Fleet, 1xSupport Fleet, 1xDN, 1xCC, 3xCA,           Note - The Federation Express and X-Federation
4xCL, 1xDDL, 3xDD, 1xSC, 1xFFL, 3xFF, and 3 ships of         Express are capable of moving 2 hexes on every round
the player’s choosing (1 x Size Class 3, 2 x Size Class      and do not use the table above.
4). These three ships that the player chooses must be
from what is currently available on the ship list and        Note - PFs cannot travel from one campaign hex to
cannot be a base. The specific starting units for each       another. They must have a PFT or other unit capable of
race are listed on their tech list word document.            towing them or landing them to move on the campaign
   The player may place his BATS and BS units                map.
anywhere within 6 hexes of his home star system. No BS
or BATS may be in the same campaign hex at start. The        Note - Fighters and Shuttles cannot travel from one
SB and shipyard must both be in the home star system         campaign hex to another. They must have a unit to land
hex. Large bases (BATS, BS, and SB) may never be             on in order to be transported.
moved or relocated.
   Any other unit may be placed at any large base            TOWING - Any unit that has a movement rating above 0
location at start, to include the supply fleet and the       may tow one other unit (it cannot tow 2 units at the same
support fleet.                                               time). The towing unit’s movement rating is reduced by
   The supply fleet consists of 1xTUG (with 2 cargo          one while it is towing another unit. If the unit being towed
pods), 2xF-L, 4xF-S.                                         is two size classes larger than the towing unit (i.e., size
   The support fleet consists of 1xTUG (with 2 repair        class 4 towing a size class 2), the movement rating is
pods) 2xF-RL, 4xF-RS, 1xFRD.                                 reduced by two. The movement rating cannot be reduced
                                                             below one. PFs, fighter squadrons cannot tow.
                                                                A unit that is designated as a tug under a race’s
100% VISIBILITY                                              special abilities column of the ship list is not subject to
                                                             the restrictions above. Tugs still cannot tow more than
All players can see the other player’s moves, unit           one ship (even with no attached pods). A tug can tow an
locations and ALL economic information. In this              entire unassembled starbase to it’s assembly location
campaign, the only things hidden are your private            without penalty.
messages between other players and any agreements
they make between themselves. Players will always be         PASSING UNITS
able to see information such as, any new builds              It is possible for two opposing units or set of units to
purchased, any special cargo a ship is carrying, where       exchange hexes and pass each other. (Example, fleet or
any player’s units are, who owns what star system, etc.      unit A is in hex 0533 and moves to hex 0534; fleet or unit
This campaign is an open book!                               B is in hex 0534 and moves to hex 0533.)
                                                                In such situations, either of the players can demand
MOVEMENT                                                     combat. To determine the combat hex, designate one
                                                             hex as having a value of 1-3 and the other as having a
All units have a movement rating from 0 thru 4. Consult      value of 4-6 and roll 1d6. The result is the hex the
the owning race’s ship data table to find any ship’s         combat occurs in. The unit or fleet that was in that hex
designated movement rating.                                  prior to movement loses it’s move for that Round (unless
                                                             the combat took place in Round-step #2).
0 - These units cannot move on the campaign map; at             If the combat took place in Round-step #2, and that
least not under their own power. They can be carried or      unit or fleet did not disengage from the combat, it may
towed to a destination where they can operate. Similarly,    perform it’s normal move on Round-step #3. In this
some units are capable of maneuver but cannot move           situation, units with a MR of “4” do not get their second
fast enough to leave the campaign hex it is in for months    move.
or years.                                                       Also, the player who lost his move in Round-step #1
1 - These units are slow and hulking, capable of moving      may change his movement plot.
at warp speeds, but just barely. They generally cannot
maintain a fleet speed (moving with a fleet of fully         UNIT STATISTICS
capable combat ships). Their engines are too small for
that purpose, designed to move a mass three or four          All units must be assigned a name or a number by their
times smaller than what they are actually trying to move.    owning players.
2 - These units have state of the art engines; from twenty      Every unit has a set of statistics: Attack Factor (AF),
or thirty years prior. They can barely keep up a fleet       Defense Factor (DF), Hit Points (HP), and Movement
speed, but are easily out-paced by truly modern engines.     Rating (MR). Some units have Repair Points (RP).
3 - These units use the latest, greatest, state of the art
engines. Ships with these engines are the standard           AF - The Attack Factor is the maximum amount of
combat units of the game.                                    damage the unit can inflict on another unit in a single
4 - These units are a result from technological advances     round of combat. AFs will be combined with those of
and improvements which have resulted in exceptional          other units during combat calculations. Only fighters will
movement ability.                                            have fractions in their attack factors.
DF - The Defense Factor is the maximum amount of                   4 - All players assign damage points received to their
damage a unit can take before taking permanent                  units and adjust their statistics appropriately. Remove
damage. When the defense factor is reduced to 0, any            any destroyed units from play. Units affected by SFs
further damage is scored against the unit’s HPs. Once           become un-affected and re-adjust their DFs accordingly.
the battle is over and if the unit survived, it’s DF is reset      4a (Starting on Combat Round #3) - Declare
to it’s undamaged number.                                       disengagement for any units the player wishes to
                                                                disengage and consult the disengagement rule for
HP - The Hit Points of a unit is the amount of damage a         procedure. Remove any disengaged units from the
unit may sustain before being destroyed. The unit is            combat.
destroyed when it’s number of HPs is reduced to 0.                 5 - Attempt to capture an enemy unit. See rule.
These points also determine the status of a unit, and can       Maulers fire.
be regained by using the repair rules.
                                                                ATTACK FACTOR REDUCTION
MR - The Movement Rating of a unit determines at what           As a unit receives damage, it’s attack factor reduces by 1
speed the unit may move on the campaign map.                    point for every damage point. Once a unit becomes
                                                                crippled, it loses 2 AF points for every further damage
COMBAT                                                          point.
                                                                   Units with multi-turn arming weapons and scout
When two or more units from different races enter a             factors, have all the AF numbers reduced by 1 point for
campaign hex, no combat ensues UNLESS one player                each damage point (by 2 for each damage point while
decides to engage. (You can declare engagement to the           crippled).
GM then contact the other player and set up a time to
resolve the combat, or you can let the deadline expire          CRIPPLED UNITS
without declaring engagement.) Once the deadline                When a unit receives a total amount of damage equal to
expires, no combat is assumed and the campaign                  more than 50% of it’s undamaged hit point score, that
continues.                                                      unit is now in a crippled status. If a unit is reduced to
  The procedure is as follows: All players involved in the      80% damage, the unit is still crippled but is now
combat get online, enter a campaign game room and               considered to be “Severely Crippled”.
open the campaign game. Make a note of which units                 Crippled units have their MR reduced by 1. Severely
are involved in the combat scenario you wish to resolve.        crippled units have their MR reduced by 2.
Then open an SFB game room. Add the definitions for
the ships necessary for the scenario to the SFB game            SCOUTS
room. Next, import the .ssd files for each unit that is         A scout can be any unit that has special sensors. The
associated with the game pieces from the campaign               number of special sensors a scout unit has determines
room. Now you are ready to play the combat scenario in          the number of scout factors (SF) it has and may use on
the SFB game room.                                              every combat round. No more than 2 SFs can be applied
  The sequence for each combat round is described               to any unit (friendly or enemy). For each SF that is
below.                                                          applied to a friendly unit, the friendly unit’s DF is
  1 - Any units with Scout Factors (SFs) assign them to         temporarily increased by 1. For each SF that is applied to
units they wish to protect or harm. (note, this will effect     an enemy unit, the enemy unit’s DF is temporarily
the AF of any scout that used it’s SFs). See Scout rules        decreased by 1.
below for how the SFs effect units. Units with cloaking            Scout units have a special attack factor. The attack
devices specify any cloaking devices that are on.               factor is two values separated by a dash (example: 1 -
  2 - Each side then totals up the attack factors from his      3). If the scout unit uses any SFs on step #1 of the
entire force (this is the Combined Attack Factor) and rolls     combat round, that scout must use the value to the left of
on the table below for the CAF modifier.                        the dash. If the scout unit does not use any SFs on step
                                                                #1 of the combat round, it uses the value to the right of
                                                                the dash.
                  Roll 3D6      RESULT
                     3           95%                            DISENGAGEMENT
                     4           90%                            No unit may be disengaged from a battle earlier than the
                     5           85%                            end of combat round 3. No unit may be disengaged if it’s
                     6           80%                            damage status is red or black, or if it has an MR of 0. To
                     7           75%                            disengage, announce which units you intend to
                     8           70%                            disengage from the combat. If your opponent has no
                     9           60%                            objection, the units are considered disengaged. If your
                  10 or 11       50%                            opponent does object, roll 1d6 for each unit attempting to
                     12          40%                            disengage. Any result of 1-2 indicates success, and the
                     13          30%                            unit is considered to be disengaged at that time. If the die
                                                                roll indicates failure (3-6) the unit may re-attempt on the
                     14          25%                            next combat round (if it is still eligible).
                     15          20%                               Once the combat scenario is complete, any
                     16          15%                            disengaged units must be removed from the hex they
                     17          10%                            disengaged in. Roll 1d6 for each unit and place the
                     18           5%                            disengaged unit in the directional hex adjacent to the
                                                                combat hex. If your opponent agrees, (and ONLY if he
   3 - The CAF is multiplied by the modifier. Any resulting     agrees) you may keep all your disengaged units together
fractions are dropped. The final result is how much             as a single group and disengage them in a direction of
damage is scored to your opponent’s force.                      your choosing, or a direction your opponent will allow. If
he does not agree, then each unit must be rolled for and       cloaking device is inactive, the ship may use the AF to
disengaged as described above.                                 the right of the slash and receives no change to the DF.
                                                                  Cloaking devices only have an effect on combat
SUPPLY STATUS                                                  scenarios and have no effect during campaign play.
Units which have participated in a previous combat
scenario and have not been resupplied prior to another         MINEFIELDS
combat scenario will have a reduced AF. Apply the              Minefield packages may be purchased for 20 EPs.
penalty from the UnSup column on the ship list to the AF       Minefields may be placed in open space (get over it and
for that unit.                                                 buy a few minesweepers) or around a terrain location,
   In order to resupply a unit, the unit must enter the        such as a planet or to include a space base. Minefields
same hex as a resupply unit (a unit with at least 5            may not be deployed in an asteroid field. Minefields may
undamaged cargo boxes). The player pays the resupply           only be placed by minelayers.
cost on Round-step #5 (equivalent to the number for that          In order to conform to SFB rules, the number of mine
unit in the UnSup column of the ship list). The unit’s         packages that can be placed in any one location, is 1, 2,
unsupplied status is now removed.                              3, or 6. The number of mine packages placed in a
   No supply ship may resupply more than 2 units in a          location determine the strength of the overall minefield.
campaign round. A supply ship may resupply itself.                Any unit that enters a minefield location must roll 1d6.
   Fighter and PF resupply is handled differently. These       If the number rolled is equal to or less than the
units must be moved to their carrier/tender, or the            minefield’s strength, the unit has suffered mine-strike
carrier/tender can move to a location to pick them up.         damage. A natural roll of “6” is an automatic mine-strike.
                                                                  Each unit that has suffered a mine strike now will take
CAPTURING UNITS                                                damage as if it were attacked with a CAF of 10, +2 for
If a player wishes to attempt to capture an enemy unit         each additional minefield strength point beyond a
during an Absolute War combat scenario, he may try to          strength of 1, and then roll once on the combat table.
do so. He announces which unit he wishes to attempt to            If the force that entered the minefield has
capture and rolls 3d6. If the result is 18, the unit is        minesweeper units, it adds +1 to each die roll made for
captured. It immediately joins the capturing side with an      each minesweeper the force possess (MSS shuttles by
AF of 0 for the remainder of the scenario. Only one            themselves do not receive this bonus).
attempt may be made per combat round on step #5.                  If there is an enemy force (who owns the minefield) in
   There are modifiers to the die roll. If the defender’s      the same location, any damage from the minefield is
force has more BPs than the capture attempt’s force, the       scored first. Then the combat procedure continues
capture attempt is disallowed. For every three BP’s the        normally.
force attempting to capture has, a +1 is added to the die         If there is no opposing force in the minefield’s location,
roll. If the unit you are trying to capture is crippled, add   the minefield has been breached and can now be
an additional +2 to the die roll.                              passed through freely by that race (unless the minefield
   (INSERT GROUND ASSAULT RULES HERE).                         is later repaired by the owning race).
   Only one attempt to capture a unit can be made per             Non-Combat Minefield Passage: If no combat is
scenario.                                                      being conducted at the location of the minefield, the
   If you are resolving the combat by playing an SFB           owning race can pass through his own minefield using
scenario, use their rules as normal.                           the minefield pass-code. On the Round when the
                                                               minefield is laid (an only when it is laid) the minefield is
CARRIER ESCORTS                                                assigned a secret number from 1 thru 12. If the owner
Carrier escorts were originally designed to protect the        does not assign a secret number, the minefield is
carrier they were assigned to. Carrier escorts can be          assumed to have a pass-code of “1” (which means no
assigned to any unit, although there are restrictions as to    one, even the owning race, can pass through the
the benefits they provide to those units.                      minefield without breaching it). If the pass-code is given
   Carrier escorts give the unit they are assigned to          to an ally, and he presents this number to the GM, and
(only) a +1 to it’s DF (Escorts which are SC 3 provide a       his ships may pass through the minefield unharmed.
+2).                                                              Combat Minefield Passage: If the minefield is about
   Carriers have a limit to the number of escorts they         to be breached by a hostile force, the hostile force may
may have: SC2 = 5 escorts, SC3 = 3 escorts, SC4 = 2            present the GM with a number from 2 thru 12. If he gives
escorts.                                                       the correct number, he may pass through the minefield
   Carrier escorts are assigned on step #5 of the              unharmed! He gets one chance at a guess, and if he
campaign Round procedure and may not be re-assigned            guesses right, that means a spy somewhere has
during combat.                                                 successfully leaked the pass-code to the enemy!
   Carrier escorts can protect non-carriers, but only one         Changing Pass-Codes: Only a minelayer or
escort can provide protection to the non-carrier unit.         minesweeper of the owning race can change a pass-
   Carrier escorts can never be assigned to bases, pods,       code, and the unit must spend one Round within the
fighter squadrons or PF flotillas.                             minefield’s location to do this.
                                                                  Laying: Only minelayers or minesweepers may lay a
CLOAKING DEVICES                                               minefield. It takes one full Round to lay up to three mine
Units with cloaking devices work like ships with SFs; only     packages. A minefield with six mine packages would
better. Ships with cloaks (for Orion purposes) will be         require two full Rounds.
designated as such. Romulan ships will be assumed to
have them unless the SFB rules state the ship does not         MAULERS
have the device.                                               Maulers are capable of directing damage at a single
   Cloaking devices are declared to be “active” or             target. The AF for the mauler weapon is displayed within
“inactive” in step #1 of the combat Round. While the           parenthesis [Example (14)]. The AF points from the
cloaking device is active, the unit receives +4 to it’s DF     mauler weapon can be added to the CAF, but are not
and must use the AF to the left of the slash. While the        required to. If added to the CAF, all points must be
added. The mauler fires on step #5 of the combat round          1xSC3 & 1xPF flotilla per Turn, or
procedure. Any AF points the mauler has not associated          1xSC3 & 1xFighter squadron per Turn, or
with the mauler weapon may be used during combat                1xSC4 & 1xPF flotilla per Turn, or
round steps 1-4 OR may be used in conjunction with the          1xSC4 & 1xFighter squadron per Turn, or
AF of the mauler weapon.                                        2xFighter squadrons or 2xPF flotillas, or one of each
   The owning player simply designates a target for the           per Turn.
mauler and then rolls 3d6 on the combat table. The result
is the number of HPs scored on the target.                       Shipyards (CDKs) cannot act as a repair unit UNLESS
   If the target has a MR of “0”, the mauler receives a +4    they are not constructing anything (which is almost
to the die roll.                                              never). They will normally have FRDs assigned to them
                                                              to relieve them of the burden of having to act as such.
ADJUDICATION                                                  Remember, a shipyard is nothing more than a location
The GM will resolve combats in the event that players         with one or more CDKs in it. Destroy the CDKs and the
become unavailable for whatever reason. This is referred      shipyard is destroyed.
to as adjudication. If both players involved in a combat         Once X-technology becomes available, a SB cannot
become unavailable, the GM will adjudicate both sides         build a SC4 X-ship. An SBX can. Also at that time, CDKs
using the combat procedure in these rules.                    will be able to build X-ships.
   If one of the two (or more) players is available to play      If a shipyard is attacked and a CDK is destroyed,
the combat scenario, the GM will act as the opposing          anything it was constructing is also destroyed. Anything
player against him.                                           under construction cannot participate in the combat
   The GM does not retreat! If the GM adjudicates or          procedure.
plays a scenario for an unavailable player in a scenario,
disengagement cannot occur; all sides fight to the death.     BUILDING UNITS
                                                              Each unit in the game has a cost in EPs. Pay this cost in
USING SFB                                                     the first step of the Turn sequence and assign the
Players can resolve combat scenarios using the SFB            location of the unit being built. This should be done by
game system on SFBOL. They must play the scenario             adding a unit to a valid location on the campaign board
before the deadline and additional extensions will not be     and marking it as “under construction.” In step #3 of the
made for this purpose. Once played, the results should        Turn sequence, remove the “under construction” note,
be given to the GM so he can convert them to campaign         and the unit is now ready for use.
stats. If units were damaged on previous scenarios, the
GM will provide the damage information for each ship.         BUILDING BATTLESHIPS
   To set-up for SFB, all ships at weapons status III, 15%    Battleships (BBs) cannot be built like normal units. They
commanders options, tournament barrier for 3 turns then       require 2xCDK to build; one for each half. Simply pay the
disengagement when leaving the map, and the map is            cost for the BB, label each CDK as building a BB, and at
the standard fixed map. All ships have the maximum            the end of the Turn, the BB will be finished. If the player
number of T-bombs independent from the commander’s            does not wish to use 2xCDK, he can use 1xCDK and
option percentage.                                            expend 2 turns to build the BB.
   Units which are unsupplied have only 5%
commanders options, and only 25% remaining of drones          SPECIAL TECHNOLOGY
and reloads, shuttles, special crews such as boarding         Players may purchase special technology. Looking at the
parties, T-bombs and any other form of expendable             historical timeline, there are advances that occur in
ammunition or equipment. Probes and crew units are            certain years (new ship classes and types available on
unaffected by this penalty.                                   certain years, PF technology, Maulers, etc.). Players can
                                                              speed up this process.
CONSTRUCTION                                                     Any technology or new ship that would become
                                                              available no more than 5 years from the game’s current
GENERAL CONSTRUCTION                                          year, can be moved forward or purchased. For example:
Shipyards and large bases have the capability to build           In CY169, the Federation player wants the DD+ but
other units. The limitations on these units are as follows:   does not want to wait for CY171. The Federation player
    A BS or BATS can build only SC5 and smaller units.        pays the cost listed for that technology. The DD+ is now
    A SB can build only SC4 and smaller units.                available for purchase in CY170. He can pay the same
    A Shipyard can build any unit.                            cost a second time (in the same Turn phase he paid for
    No more than 1 fighter squadron or 1 PF flotilla may      the first one, or later) and immediately begin purchasing
be built at any large base per campaign Turn. A SB may        the DD+ in CY169.
build only 1 SC4 ship per Turn, and this does not effect         All special technology is handled in the above manner.
it’s ability to produce fighters or PFs. (For campaign        Take note that if he had not paid any of the costs for this
purposes only, a fighter squadron is 8 to 12 fighters.)       special technology, he still would not have to pay the
    Shipyards are composed of many units, the most            cost in CY171 (when the technology becomes available).
important of which is the “Dry Dock” (CDK, from SFB           The only time you must pay for technology is if you want
Module R11). The dry dock can build any SC4, SC3, and         to use it earlier.
SC2 unit. While it is working on such a project, it has the
capability to produce 2 PF Flotillas, 2 Fighter Squadrons,    CONSTRUCTING LARGE BASES
or one of each. CDKs cost 120 EPs to build and can be         Constructing large bases always begins at the
towed to a new location. They cannot construct while in       homeworld or other shipyard location.
tow. CDKs can produce units (beyond the PFs and                 First, the player must pay for the large base he is
fighters already described above) at the following rates:     constructing (which will be built by a CDK as if it were a
    1xSC2 per Turn (non-BBs), or                              SC2 unit, unless the base is a BS which will be built as a
    1xSC3 & 1xSC4 per Turn, or                                SC3 unit).
    2xSC4 per Turn, or
   At the end of the Turn in which the large base was             completed, the hex is designated as a “Salvage Hex”.
purchased, it is placed in the shipyard location in which it      The hex is worth 5% of the total EPs of all forces who
was constructed (noted as “unassembled”). No unit,                participated in combat. Further, if any units were actually
other than a tug, may now tow the unassembled large               destroyed in that hex, the hex becomes worth and
base to it’s final location. The final location CAN be a hex      additional 15% of the value of the destroyed units.
which already has a large base in it.                                The first salvage ship to enters a salvage hex collects
   Once at the final location, two F-RL (or 4 F-RS, or the        the income and it is instantly added to the owner’s bank.
equivalent in ship repair boxes) must be present in order         In the case of a tie, the salvage ships (along with anyone
to assemble the large base. Assembly begins in the first          else in the hex) may fight for it. Or they can share it.
Round after the unassembled bases’ arrival, and ends                 All Orion pirate ships have salvaging ability.
ten Rounds later (it requires one full turn to assemble a
large base - of any kind).
                                                                  REPAIR OPERATIONS
   While in this placement state, the large base has no
                                                                  Some units in the game have repair points (RPs). Some
attack factor. The defense factor and HPs are the same
                                                                  of these points can be used for any unit, and some can
as if the large base were operational and is destroyed
                                                                  only be used for PF units.
when the last HP is destroyed.
                                                                     The number of repair points a unit has is shown on the
   The large base cannot perform any action while it is in
                                                                  ship data table in the “RP” column. Units that can only
the process of being placed.
                                                                  repair PFs with their repair points will have an asterisk (*)
   STARBASES: SBs use all the rules above except that
                                                                  next to the number. This is the number of repair points it
it must be built in 7 parts. each part is considered a
                                                                  can give to another unit in a single Round.
separate SC2 unit for base construction purposes. Once
                                                                     No unit can receive more than one repair point from
all 7 parts are built, they are then temporarily attached
                                                                  one repair source in a round. The maximum any unit
together to be towed.
                                                                  could ever receive in a round is two per round from two
                                                                  different sources. Units may receive two repair points
                                                                  from the same source only if that unit is an FRD, CDK (if
Small/Medium bases (ground or space based) and pods
                                                                  it ever gets used for such a role), or large base.
are built as SC5 units (PFs). Once built, they must be
                                                                     If a ship is in a crippled status, it cannot receive
towed to the location they will operate. Bases are
                                                                  repairs from anything other than an FRD, CDK, or SB.
inactive while being towed; pods are usually active
                                                                     For a unit to receive repairs it must be in the same hex
unless they are being towed by a unit that is not a tug, or
                                                                  as a repair unit.
being towed by a tug that already has the maximum
                                                                     A repair unit that is itself in a crippled status cannot
amount of active pods attached.
                                                                  provide repairs to itself or other units.
   Base augmentation modules are built in the same
                                                                     When a repair unit gives another unit a repair point,
manner as pods.
                                                                  the point cost 1 EP and is subtracted from the players
   Once small or medium ground bases reach their
                                                                  economic point total (or bank) on the Round it is used.
location they immediately become operational.

REFITS AND CONVERSIONS                                            PF AND FIGHTER RESUPPLY
Refits and conversions available for individual units are
shown on the ship lists. The unit must be at a location           STRATEGIC RELOCATION
capable of constructing that unit and construction rates          Fighters and PFs at large base locations may be moved
apply. (shipyard for most units, SB or shipyard for SC4           to any other large base location on Step #4 of the Turn.
units, etc.). Once this is done, on step #1 of a Turn, pay
the cost of the refit or conversion, and on step #3 of the        OTHER        FIGHTER        AND       PF      RESUPPLY
Turn the unit’s refit or conversion is complete and the           PROCEEDURES
unit is ready for service.                                        Fighters and PFs must be built before they can be
   When you acquire a unit from another race by                   provided to a CV or PFT, they are not automatic, no-cost
whatever means, that unit must be converted to your               resupply items.
technology. This follows the same rules as conversions               The ship to be resupplied with fighters or PFs must be
except the new owner pays only 15% of the ship’s                  in the same campaign hex location as the supply ship.
current value (round fractions up). The GM will determine
the ship’s statistics and add the ship to your ship list. It is   ECONOMICS
now a Brother of the Anarchist.
   If the unit acquired would have no significant                 COLLECTING INCOME
difference if conversion were to be done (such as                 On step #5 of the Turn sequence, all players receive
acquiring an F-S from an enemy), then conversion is not           income. The GM does the calculation and updates the
necessary and the ship may be used immediately. The               players bank account. Red star systems are worth 3
GM will make the ultimate decision in these matters.              EPs, blue are worth 4, and yellow are worth 5. The
                                                                  player’s homeworld or any green star system are worth
SCRAPPING                                                         10 EPs. There are ways to increase the production level
Scrapping can be done at a shipyard or any large base             of a star system; but at no time can any star system
location. A unit is designated for scrapping on Turn-step         produce more than 10 EPs per Turn.
1a and is considered scrapped on Turn-step 5.
   Scrapping a unit produces 33% of that unit’s former            IMPROVING STAR SYSTEMS
EP value and adds that EP amount to the players EP
total.                                                            Star systems can be improved by adding certain ground
                                                                  bases and prospecting units. These units are listed
SALVAGING                                                         below:
When a battle takes place, and units are damaged or                UNIT TYPES                    EP IMPROVEMENT
destroyed, there will likely be debris. Once a battle is           APS                                  +0.33
 CPP                                    +0.5
 STB, BATS, BS, OR BSC                   +3
 SB                              Increase SS to 10
 F-OL*                                 +0.75
 F-S*, F-AS*, or SAO*                  +0.25
 F-L*, F-AL*, or LAO*                   +0.5
 F-OP                                   +1.5
 F-PL                                    +1
 F-PS                                  +0.75
 FTP                                   +0.33
 HAM                                    +1.5
 MB* (with 2 cargo pods)               +0.75
 OB, OAS or OA                           +2
 PCS                                   +0.25
 SAL*                                   +0.5
 SAM*                                  +0.33
 GMS                                   +1.75
 GSA                                   +0.25
* Adds to capabilities of a prospecting unit; cannot
provide a bonus by itself. Maximum of 1 of any of these
units per prospector.

There may be times when you wish to give another race
EPs for whatever reason. On Step #2 of the Turn
procedure, any race may give up to 10% of what he had
in the bank at the start of the Turn to another player.
Only that 10% can be given away to one (or more) other

Absolute War has returned, but without the complicated
rules! This version is a simple campaign, self supporting,
designed for play on SFBOL, and uses the SFB game
background. The rules you read above are actually part
of a larger game system I have designed and intend to
publish (with my own background and many other
differences, not using SFB’s background). I hope you
enjoy playing in this campaign.

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