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                Hogarth Fountain              Knox United Church
                                                                              Saturday, September 13th, 2008
                330 Waverley Street,          303 Pruden Street               10:00am – 4:00pm
                Waverley Park                 Built: 1889
                Year Built: 1790; Installed
                                                                                               Doors Open
                Prince Arthur Waterfront      Brodie Resource                             Thunder Bay 2008
                Hotel & Suites                Library
                17 North Cumberland           216 Brodie Street South
                Year built: 1911
                                              Built: 1912,
                                              New Wing: 1955-56
                                                                                   Hogarth Fountain
                                                                                       Waverley Park
                Atkinson's Jewellers          St. Patrick High School
                8 South Cumberland            621 South Selkirk Street
                Street                        Built: 1931,
                Year built: 1884              Additions/Renovations:

Waverley Park   HMCS Griffon                  St. Paul's Anglican Church
                125 North Algoma Street       Celebrating 100 year
                Built: (house) 1895,          Anniversary
                (barracks) 1943               808 Ridgeway Street
                                              Built: 1907

                St. John the Evangelist       Ukrainian Orthodox Church
                Anglican Church               of the Assumption of the
                226-228 Pearl Street          Blessed Virgin Mary             Year Built: 1790
                Built: 1872, rebuilt 1884     716 Pacific Ave.                Architect: Robert Adam
              Built: 1911
                                                                              Style: Renaissance
                The Thunder Bay               Thunder Bay
                Historical Society            Historical Museum                                           Event Details:
                Celebrating 100 year          425 Donald Street East             \doorsopen
                Anniversary                   Built: 1912, Addition: 1950's
                Year Established: 1908
                Founder: Peter McKellar
                Current Location: 425
                Donald Street East
                  Description                                                                  Architecture                  Major-General Donald
                                                                                                                             MacDonald Hogarth (1878-1950)
                                 The      Hogarth   Fountain        The fountain features nude children in a renaissance
                               forms the centrepiece of          style, along with bundles of wheat and garlands of             Although best known as one of Canada's prominent mine
                               Waverley Park, which has the      flowers. The water pours from the                           financiers and developers, Donald Hogarth's career
                               distinction of being the          mouths of lions mounted above                               includes a long list of achievements in politics, wartime
                               second oldest municipal park      leaves which deflect the water                              military service, and other business interests.
                               in Ontario. The park forms        away from the center and out into                              He enlisted in World War I as a private, went overseas
                               the centre of the Waverley        the pool. Unfortunately, the                                as a captain, and was wounded in France in 1917. He
                               Park       Heritage   District,   fountain is regularily plagued by                           ended the war as a Brigadier General and Canadian
                               currently the only designated     vandals, and as a result is boarded                         quartermaster, overseeing supply and transport activities
                               heritage district in all of                                                                   for the war effort. He resigned in 1919 with the rank of
                                                                 up for the majority of the year. A
                               Thunder Bay.                                                                                  Major General, after earning several medals for his
                                                                 tasteful fence is set to be
                                 A gift from Madge Hogarth,                                                                  wartime service.
                               wife of a prominent soldier
                                                                 constructed around the fountain so
                                                                 it may be available for viewing                                After the war, Hogarth focused his efforts on the
                               and politician, Major General                                                                 resources of the North: gold, iron, oil and lumber. He also
D. M. Hogarth, the fountain originated from the Luton Hoo        while still protected from vandalism.
                                                                                                                             played an important role in the political affairs of Ontario,
Mansion, in the town of Bedfordshire, England. Its ten                                                                                           beginning with his election in 1911 to the
tonne Portland stone foundation dates back to 1790. It was
purchased and shipped to Waverley Park in 1964, and              Robert Adam                                                                     seat of Port Arthur. He was re-elected
                                                                                                                                                 four times, and afterward remained an
dedicated on 5 June 1965. The fountain was designed by                                                                                           operator in the Conservative Party.
Robert Adam, who was considered “Scotland’s foremost               Robert Adam was a well known Scottish architect                                 The financing and development of
architect” at the time. There is even an entire architectural    heralded by some as the “greatest architect of the late                         Steep     Rock    was     unquestionably
movement dedicated to the work of this man, aptly named          18th Century.” He was trained both by his father, William                       Hogarth's greatest source of pride. He
the “Adam Style.”                                                Adam, and by Charles-Louis Clerisseau in Rome.                                  convinced the government that Steep
  Major General Hogarth, the man in whose memory the             Adam’s work was incredibly influential in the                                   Rock was an essential wartime industry,
fountain was donated, was quite involved in local business       development of Western architecture in both North                               and promoted plans for draining Steep
endeavours as well as politics. Upon returning from World        America and Europe; as he established a new style of        Rock Lake, diverting the Seine River and removing about
War I, where he rose from the postion of private to major-       the art, aptly named the ‘Adam style.’ The Adam style       100 ft. of overburden before opening the pit. It was only
general, he was elected MP for Port Arthur. He was also          combines decorative neo-Gothic characteristics within a     when these critical arrangements were completed that
among the original developers of the Little Long Lac mine        classical framework and is identified by pilasters,         Steep Rock was able to progress as an economically
in Geraldton. A generous man, Major-General Hogarth                                                                          viable operation.
                                                                 painted ornaments, complex colour schemes and roman
donated an X-ray machine to St. Joseph Hospital and
                                                                 style decorative motifs such as framed medallions,
made      monetary      donations     to   numerous    other                                                                 From the Mining Hall of Fame:
organizations throughout the area.
                                                                 vases, urns and tripods.

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