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SRFPS Map1 -Mission by wuyunqing


The runners are hires to record a meeting between Mr. Corp (MrC) and Mr. Yakuza
(MrY). They are to eliminate Mr. Yakuza after the meeting.

The meeting is taking place at factory building A. MrC arrives in limo with his
bodyguards. MrC goes inside; the bodyguards stay outside; two at the limo, two at the
door. MrY arrives in limo and goes inside; his 4 bodyguards positition themselves around
the four corners of the building. MrC and MrY has a short talk and MrC leaves. MrY
leaves the building after MrC has left the map. MrC are not to be alerted.

Remember, this is Cyberpnunk. It rains all the time. Everything is worn down, boarded
up, broken and dilapedated. The streets lights are out, but the neon-lights from the
commercial billboards light up the streets and makes everybody look like green zombies.
There are no stars on the heaven; the smog and all the lights block them. The rats are the
size of dogs; the dogs are the size of horses and the horses are extinct.

Map (top view):

The number in brackets [] are the number of floors in the building. The light-grey area is
asphalt; the brown is dirt. The dark grey area are rubble of buildings.

A: is the building where the meeting is taking place. The building is empty inside, but has
an "firestair" running inside all the way down. The player has to be at second level or
lower to record the conversation. MrY and MrC are standing at a table at the bottom. If
he moves on the stairs without being stealthy (aka crouching), he'll alert them both.
B: is tall building where you can se the whole area. The top level can be used as a sniper-
spot, but you only have about 5 seconds from Mr. Y leaves the building and enters the
C: is a building from which you can jump from second floor over the fences onto som
crates inside.
D: is a large, unaccesable building
E: is a series of identical abandoned unaccesable residental houses. Individualize them by
slapping some different neon-advertisments on them. There's corp-logo's in the files
section on the Yahoo-group.

Access areas:
The runner start at X.
There's various ways into the compund:
1) The gate; but then they'll have to shoot their way through the bodyguards. This will
alert Mr. C's to their presence.
2) It is possible to jump from the second level of the building over the fence and onto
crates inside.
3) There's a hole in the fence. You have to crouch to get through. Mr. Y's bodyguards
position themselves so that they can se it.
4) You can push a crate over so that you can jump up to the outside fire-ladder. The fire-
escape on the top are open and you can walk down the internal stair.
5) The front door. All the bodyguards are watching this, but an invisible mage might be
able to get inside, if they don't discover the door being opened and closed.

Possible tactics:
Insert a man inside though #2 (or #3 before Mr. Y's bodyguards arrive). Have him enter
the building either through #4 (or #5 if it's before Mr. Y's men arrive). Have him record
the conversation. Either he kills Mr. Y after Mr. C has left the map OR place a
sniper/mage in building B to kill Mr. Y when he leaves the building. The sniper/mage can
also cover the infiltrator's escape. You can also do a full frontal assault after MrC has left
the map

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