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                                    Tue Jan 01, 2008
                                    Showing Your Thong Is So Y2K - Here’s A
                                                                                                                                          Sherry Ford
                                    Modern Solution                                                                                       Freebie Friday: Win A
                                                                                                                                          Trendy Hip-T.
                                    Category: Fashion Solutions Tees Underwear                                                            This is adorable

                                                                                                                                          Freebie Friday: Win A
                                                                                                                                          Trendy Hip-T.
                                                                                                                                          I NEVER knew these
                                                                                                                                          existed! I can't even
                                                                                                                                          count the…

                                                                                                                                          Beauty Trend Alert: Fake
                                                                                                                                          Nails Are Back.
                                                                                                                                          Wow! i need to chk
                                                                                                                                          these out - could they…

                                    What: Hip-T , $19.95                                                                                  Freebie Friday: Win A
                                                                                                                                          Trendy Hip-T.
                                    Why: Enough is enough. It’s time to lay off the crack. Not only is it bad for your image, but it’s
                                                                                                                                          With my midriff bulge
                                    hurting your friends, neighbors, and that poor stranger stuck behind you when you bend down to
                                                                                                                                          and love handles, I can
                                    tie your shoes.
                                    So staging an intervention are the lovely ladies of Hip-T, a new product that offers lower waist
                                    coverage when your shirt falls short of expectations and your pants drop way below average. This      Krysta
                                    cotton wrap, worn around the mid-section, creates a layering effect underneath your favorite          Freebie Friday: Win A
                                    shirts. Instead of searching for extra long tees and camisoles that will keep you covered up, Hip-T   Trendy Hip-T.
                                    solves the problem by offering the coverage of a longer tee only where it’s needed. And there's a     Because I'm teaching
                                    bunch of fun colors and patterns to choose from.                                                      these days, and flashing
                                                                                                                                          undergrads is just…

                                    I instantly fell in love with mine the minute I put it on. It saved me from embarrassing thong
                                    exposure and kept my pants from going south. The wrap is cut on a slight angle that aligns with
                                    the hips, so it stays perfectly in place at all times, and in all positions.

                                    I firmly believe this indispensable gem should be mandatory for every celebrity in Hollywood.
                                    Especially Britney Spears. Maybe she should wear two at a time. And carry a third in case of a
                                    crack relapse.

                                    But I digress. Just say yes to Hip-Ts and end reverse cleavage forever. That means you, Spears.

                                    Get Yours:

                                    Posted by: SheFindsBrynT on Jan 01, 08 - 11:00 am | Profile

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1 of 6                                                                                                                                                     1/31/2008 3:06 PM - Freebie Friday: Win A Trendy Hip-T                   

                                     This is such a good idea! I would love to win because I am always
                                     self-conscious about this area of my body. Thank you!
                                     By Shannon on 2008 01 25

                                     I have been wanting one of these - just haven't cracked down and
                                     bought one!
                                     By Cat on 2008 01 25

                                     I have been watching these pop up all over the web! They are cute and
                                     practical...and serve a great purpose! I'd love to win!
                                     By Stephanie on 2008 01 25

                                     this would be a great addition to my closet full of cute but "just a bit
                                     too short" tops!
                                     By Jess on 2008 01 25

                                     I love the bella band while I'm pregnant so this will be great afterwards!
                                     By Amy on 2008 01 25

                                     I'd like to win a hip T. I'd like to win because i've never been ti this site,
                                     and my boyfriend an I got into many arguments about me showing my
                                     "crack", I don't believe people pay these, much attention, but i guess i
                                     was wrong!
                                     By Michelle Ray on 2008 01 25

                                     I would love to win a hip-t because they serve a dual purpose-- you can
                                     use them as a layering item so you don't have to always buy two sets of
                                     tees to layer!!
                                     By schmaltzy closet on 2008 01 25

                                     I would love a hip-t so that I could revive some of those cute, shorter
                                     tees I shelved when I realized I couldn't sit down in them!
                                     By Katie on 2008 01 25

                                     I'm nursing my six month old son and none of my shirts are long enough!
                                     By Naomi on 2008 01 25

                                     I really want to win a hip-t because I would like to wear some of my
                                     cute tops to school (I am a third grade teacher), without worrying about
                                     my students seeing all of my ass-ets!
                                     By Lynn Rubin on 2008 01 25

                                     So cute, I have a lot of shirts that I could wear again if I won.
                                     By megan on 2008 01 25

                                     I would love to win one of these. I would give it to my good friend who
                                     we have nicknamed BC. hahaha
                                     By Wendy on 2008 01 25

                                     I have so many cute shirts that are too short, and this would allow me
                                     start wearing them again.
                                     By Lisa C on 2008 01 25

                                     What a fantastic idea! I want one!
                                     By Paige on 2008 01 25

                                     I *need* one of these. My awesome new skinny jeans have turned out to
                                     be ass-some, if you catch my drift. With a hip-t, I could stop yanking at

2 of 7                                                                                                                       1/31/2008 3:14 PM - Freebie Friday: Win A Trendy Hip-T                  

                                     my jeans in public!
                                     By NB on 2008 01 25

                                     I wore one when I was pregnant and loved it. This is def'y a great non
                                     pregnant version, plus the lace makes it more fem.
                                     By Erica on 2008 01 25

                                     Amen to all the too short shirt comments... crack is ALWAYS hanging
                                     By Nic on 2008 01 25

                                     I'd like to win because I stink at doing laundry and always shrink my
                                     shirts! lol
                                     By Taryn on 2008 01 25

                                     This would allow me to stay in my normal clothes for a little while
                                     longer before I have to switch to maternity ones!
                                     By Karen on 2008 01 25

                                     WOW what a great idea. I've never seen this before and would love to
                                     try this out and tell everyone how great this product is. I truly hope that
                                     I win one!
                                     By GINA COLLINS on 2008 01 25

                                     My shirt always pulls up when I am carrying my 2 year old. One of these
                                     would help avoid tummy flashes..
                                     By Michele on 2008 01 25

                                     I would love to cover up my love handles! This looks awesome!
                                     By Chris on 2008 01 25

                                     My wife would love one of these. She had something similar when she
                                     was pregnant with our daughter.

                                     As a teacher, she is always looking for longer shirts so she is not
                                     accidentally showing anything off to the students while rasing her arms
                                     and working on the white board. This would be perfect.
                                     By Brett on 2008 01 25

                                     My daughter would love this! She just loves pink! It would soothe this
                                     mother's heart not to get a peek of my daughter's panties each time she
                                     bends over. Help a mother out.

                                     By shay on 2008 01 25

                                     So innovative! Sadly put away in storage all my favorite T-shirts that are
                                     just way too short. After I had my beautiful baby daughter, I am too
                                     conscious now about baring my mid-section.
                                     By Camille on 2008 01 25

                                     This is pure genius!
                                     By Julie C on 2008 01 25

                                     I'd love to win - there are days I'm afraid to bend over if I drop
                                     By Hestial on 2008 01 25

                                     this is great and would definitely serve me right as I'm still trying to lose
                                     the "baby weight"
                                     By lise on 2008 01 25

                                     DD can use this
                                     By Michelle Rosborough on 2008 01 25

                                     I love this! I think I should win because ever since I had my baby my
                                     jeans button but they are just to low and I need something to cover this

3 of 7                                                                                                                      1/31/2008 3:14 PM - Freebie Friday: Win A Trendy Hip-T                  

                                     By Kim on 2008 01 25

                                     I have seen these and would love to have one to bridge the gap between
                                     top and bottom
                                     By lace on 2008 01 25

                                     oh man, what a great idea...nothing is worse than worrying about sitting
                                     By Maggie on 2008 01 25

                                     I am tall and jeans are always too low. i could really benefit from this
                                     product. thanks for the entry.
                                     By Mary on 2008 01 25

                                     I think this is one of the stupidest looking things I have EVER seen!
                                     By Meredith Peters on 2008 01 25

                                     Awesome! I can quit my second job as a plumber haha
                                     By Natasha on 2008 01 25

                                     I love this! I could really use it to cover the "now it doesn't fit cause it
                                     just isn't the same since havin a baby" waist on my pre-pregnancy jeans.
                                     By Amanda Kaminskas on 2008 01 25

                                     At my age I need to look hip! thank you
                                     By Marilyn Wons on 2008 01 25

                                     Looks cool to wear
                                     By jesy on 2008 01 25

                                     I'd like the Hip-T.
                                     By Patricia Schraier on 2008 01 25

                                     It's cute.Thanks!
                                     By JJ on 2008 01 25

                                     This is cool.
                                     By Shannon Baas on 2008 01 25

                                     I would love to win this because I have a closet full of shirts that are too
                                     short in the midriff since I had my son! If I had one of these, I'd have a
                                     whole new wardrobe! Thanks for the awesome chance to win one!
                                     By Sara L. on 2008 01 25

                                     That is the most innovative piece of clothing I've seen in ages. I hate
                                     flashing panties to strangers.
                                     By ezmerelda on 2008 01 25

                                     This is great! I hate when my shirts are not long enough!
                                     By Regina Hershberger on 2008 01 25

                                     awesome..I love it!!
                                     By Tiffany G on 2008 01 25

                                     By susan varney on 2008 01 25

                                     Now they can all see my big gut!
                                     By Linda Moeller on 2008 01 25

                                     i would to have one of these to wear with all of those shirts that just a
                                     little too short!! thanks
                                     By stacey moore on 2008 01 25

                                     How nice, My niece would love this.

4 of 7                                                                                                                      1/31/2008 3:14 PM - Freebie Friday: Win A Trendy Hip-T                  

                                     By bob keck on 2008 01 25

                                     great idea...i need one!!
                                     By Jessica Harrison on 2008 01 25

                                     It's kind of like a "belly bra" ! I want one so I can wear my low-rise jeans
                                     with a lot more confidence that I'm not flashing.
                                     By Phyllis Silverstein on 2008 01 25

                                     This is great! Thanks
                                     By Shay on 2008 01 25

                                     I'm a teacher and this would be awesome for when I'm bending over
                                     working with more flashing the kiddos!
                                     By Jenna Hebein on 2008 01 25

                                     I'd love to win this, cause I hate when the shirt is just a little too short
                                     and the pants are a little too low, and I spend all night pulling my shirt
                                     down to make sure my undies don't show, or worse! Thanks for sharing!
                                     By Christi on 2008 01 25

                                     I would love to have it because it would expand my wardrobe!
                                     By Rachel on 2008 01 25

                                     Cant say that im exposing my backside, but i definitely dont like
                                     showing off my belly!
                                     By Jen B on 2008 01 26

                                     After having twins this year, my cute tops don't cover my not so cute
                                     waistline :( This would help me not to have to purchase a whole new
                                     wardrobe right now
                                     By caroline Schaffer on 2008 01 26

                                     I would love this, I'm always really self-conscious about my underwear
                                     showing, so I'm always trying to pull the back of my shirt over my jeans.
                                     Cute idea!
                                     By Traci on 2008 01 26

                                     I didn't even know they made such a thing. It is pure genius
                                     Hadn't seen those before. They would be great.
                                     By veronica sandberg on 2008 01 26

                                     Hello! I have been trying to win one of these!
                                     They are a great concept. I have shirts that for my age are too short and
                                     I would enjoy having one of these are wearing my shirts again. Thanks,
                                     By Cindi Hoppes on 2008 01 26

                                     this is exactly what I need.
                                     By Sylvia Belle on 2008 01 26

                                     This would be perfect for my daughter. She has a constant problem with
                                     showing more than is needed.
                                     By Tina Rath on 2008 01 26

                                     I am very tiny, and most hipster type pants that fit me every where
                                     else, are huge in my waist, this would solve many a problem for me!
                                     Thanks for the chance.
                                     By Tamara on 2008 01 26

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