HIDE ME AWAY by fdh56iuoui


									                 HIDE ME AWAY
                        Psalm 27: 5 – 6

Lately it seems I don’t recognize
The faces I see in my mirror
There’s no place to run, no where to hide
From the heartache just gettin’ nearer
I’m chasing my dreams on my own, and
I’ve wandered along way from you
I don’t understand why you do what you do
Why you’ll take me back home again,to

Hide me away inside your love
Teach me to stay so close to you
I don’t want to stray anymore from your tenderness, so
Hide me away inside your love….
Hide me away

It’s no easy task livin’ each day
Tryin’ to make the right choices
Go forward go back, Do this thing do that
I’m surrounded by loud empty voices
Whenever I’m spinning confused
And I feel life is out of control
You lift me on high, You clear up my eyes, and
Take me back home again, to… (chorus)

Seasons will come Seasons will go
But you, you’re always the same
No matter how high, no matter how low
The earth echoes your name
No one I know in this world
Can love me the way that you do
Come rain or come shine
My peace of mind’s with you
Back home again, so … (chorus)

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