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     Bras,Bikini Panties, Thongs, Briefs, and Boxers              Cotton Balls                    Cotton Roll

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                          Spa and Salon Product List

  DUKAL Reflections™ Chem Kit                                                              DUKAL Reflections™ Glycolic Applicators
  DUKAL Reflections™ Chem Kit includes all of the disposables you need to                  Feature double-ended heads with a perforated center to separate into two 4” single-
  perform a routine chemical facial. The tray itself reduces prep time and presents an     ended applicators.
  individualized experience for every patient.                                             PRODUCT #              DESCRIPTION                                        PACKAGE SIZE
                                                                                           900400                 Glycolic Applicators, 8”                             100/bx, 10 bx/cs
  PRODUCT #         DESCRIPTION                                       PACKAGE SIZE
  900200            Eack Kit Includes                                         10 kits/cs
                    • 2 Mixing Sticks          • 2 Eye Pads
                    • 2 Cleansing Cloths       • 1 Plastic Dish                            DUKAL Cotton Tipped Applicators
                    • 10 Esthetic Wipes        • 1 Plastic Cup                             Features a soft cotton tip that is absorbent and won’t lint.
                    • 1 Facial Cap             • 1 Face Mask
                    • 1 Headband               • 1 Pipette
                                                                                           PRODUCT #              DESCRIPTION                                        PACKAGE SIZE
                    • 1 Atmosphere™ Breathing • 2 Cotton Balls
                                                                                           9003                   Cotton Tipped Applicator, 3”                100/bg, 10 bg/bx, 10 bx/cs
                       Extender                • 1 Alcohol Wipe
                    • 2 Glycolic Applicators                                               9006                   Cotton Tipped Applicator, 6”                100/bg, 10 bg/bx, 10 bx/cs

                                                                                           DUKAL 1lb Cotton Roll
 DUKAL Reflections™ Esthetic Wipes
                                                                                           The Cotton Roll is easy to unwind and the short fibers make it simple to tear. Ideal
  These gentle and absorbent 100% cotton non-woven wipes are ideal for cleansing,          for facial, nail, or skin care applications.
  exfoliating, and applying or removing product.
                                                                                           PRODUCT #              DESCRIPTION                                        PACKAGE SIZE
  Non-Sterile                                                                              CR1-12                 1lb Cotton Roll                                      1 rl/bg, 12 bg/cs
  PRODUCT #         DESCRIPTION                                       PACKAGE SIZE
  900300            Non-Woven 100% Cotton Sponges, 2” x 2”, 4-ply       200/bg, 20 bg/cs

  900305            Non-Woven 100% Cotton Sponges, 3” x 3”, 4-ply       200/bg, 20 bg/cs   DUKAL Reflections™ Spa Undergarments:
  900310            Non-Woven 100% Cotton Sponges, 4” x 4”, 4-ply       200/bg, 10 bg/cs
                                                                                           Made of soft spunbonded material DUKAL Reflections™ Spa Undergarments
                                                                                           combine comfort with just the right amount of coverage. A variety of styles and sizes
                                                                                           are available to accommodate any treatment. Each garment is individually wrapped
                                                                                           for hygienic purposes. Headband is a soft spunlace with hook & loop closure.
  Atmosphere™ Breathing Extender
                                                                                           Panty - Non-Sterile - Latex Free
  The Atmosphere™ Breathing Extender can be used during chemical peels,
                                                                                           ITEM # DESCRIPTION                                                          PACKAGING
  microdermabrasion and other esthetic procedures to assist the client in breathing
                                                                                           900500        DUKAL Reflections™ Thong Panty, White, Disposable    1/bag, 25bg/pk, 10pk/cs
  above the fumes and debris. Patent Pending.                                                                                                                 1/bag, 25bg/pk, 10pk/cs
                                                                                           900502        DUKAL Reflections™ Thong Panty, Black, Disposable
                                                                                           900504        DUKAL Reflections™ Bikini Panty, White, Disposable   1/bag, 25bg/pk, 10pk/cs
  PRODUCT #         DESCRIPTION                                       PACKAGE SIZE
                                                                                           900506        DUKAL Reflections™ Bikini Panty, Black, Disposable   1/bag, 25bg/pk, 10pk/cs
  900700            Atmosphere Breathing Extender
                                                                         25/bx, 4 bx/cs

                                                                                           Bra - Non-Sterile - Latex Free
                                                                                           ITEM # DESCRIPTION                                                          PACKAGING
 Body Toaster™ Spa Wrap                                                                    900510        DUKAL Reflections™ Backless Bra, Black, Sm/Med       1/bag, 10bg/pk, 25pk/cs
                                                                                           900512        DUKAL Reflections™ Backless Bra, Black, Lg/XL        1/bag, 10bg/pk, 25pk/cs
  Our durable and thermal Body Toaster™ will capture body heat, using the
  advanced Mylar material, creating a heated environment to intensify any body
                                                                                           Headband - Non-Sterile - Latex Free
                                                                                           ITEM #          DESCRIPTION                                                 PACKAGING
  PRODUCT #         DESCRIPTION                                       PACKAGE SIZE
                                                                                           900526         DUKAL Reflections™ Headband White, Disposable        1/bag, 50bg/pk, 5pk/cs
  900105            Body Toaster Spa Wrap
                                                                         1/pk, 250 pk/cs

                                                                                           Boxer and Brief - Non-Sterile - Latex Free
                                                                                           ITEM #        DESCRIPTION                                                   PACKAGING
                                                                                           900528        DUKAL Reflections™ Mens Briefs Black, Lg/XL            1/bag, 10/pk, 25pk/cs
                                                                                           900530        DUKAL Reflections™ Boxers Black, Sm/Med                          1/pk, 50/cs
                                                                                           900532        DUKAL Reflections™ Boxers Black, Lg/XL                           1/pk, 50/cs

2 Fleetwood Court                                                                                          Phone: (631) 656-3800
Ronkonkoma,NY 11779                                                                                      Toll Free: 1-800-243-0741                                                                                                 Fax: (631) 656-3810

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