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Tecnologia do conforto Piccadilly by yaofenji


									                              Piccadilly’s Comfort Technology
The comfort of Piccadilly shoes is the result of intense research into new technologies and
materials. Each detail is tested and analyzed according to our rigid quality controls. Discover here
the special properties and features build into each part of Piccadilly’s shoes:

Upper – the upper part of a shoe
The upper is produced in “Derby”, a high technology synthetic material, imported from Italy,
exclusive to Piccadilly.

“Derby” synthetic was developed by the company technicians in partnership with Italian specialists
and has special characteristics, researched in the national and international market. This material is
made of a Polyurethane (PU) coagulated resin over a textile layer. It can acquire many types of
textures: Napa, varnish, suede, etc. and it has many advantages:

    -   Appearance: visually “Derby” has a better look than leather, because its finish is uniform, it
        doesn’t have marks or coloring stains.
    -   Shape memory: as its base is a textile, “Derby” doesn’t deform, which means that it
        doesn’t stretch, doesn’t break, wrinkle or show foot marks from frequent use. The web of
        the textile allows the shoe to fit to the shape of the foot during use and later returns to its
        original shape, maintaining the appearance of a new pair of shoes.
    -   Softness: the material is extremely soft and can be folded and squeezed
    -   Thermal: it doesn’t transfer the outside temperature to the foot and maintains the body’s
        average temperature. The foot doesn’t suffer from the summer’s heat and is protected from
        the cold of winter.
    -   Impermeability: the foot is protected from dampness. Even if the shoe gets wet, the inner
        part of the shoe stays dry. “Derby” doesn’t stain or discolor, even the suede doesn’t stain in
        the wet.
    -   Lightness: a synthetic upper weighs a third of leather – this makes a big difference in the
        final product.
    -   Resistance: the “Derby” synthetic upper was subjected to several resistance and quality
        tests. In the bending resistance test, which simulates walking movements, the “Derby”
        upper resisted 500.000 flexes, without suffering any alteration. International laboratories
        consider 35.000 flexes as reference for an excellent performance.
    -   Ecological: no animal is killed or hurt to produce a pair of Piccadilly shoes. The material
        doesn’t need chrome treatment or any other toxic substance, which are bad for the
        environment, like the ones used to prepare the leather. Furthermore, according to
        international environmental convention, every synthetic upper or polyurethane derived
        material is treated to initiate a process of decomposition after 4 years, leaving this material
        biodegradable. Piccadilly packaging is also made of recyclable material.

The inner part of a shoe has a covering - the lining which is the material which stays in contact with
the foot. Piccadilly uses a stretch material called “elanca gel” to make the lining and it is backed with
a foam layer. The weave has a cool and gentle touch and the foam makes the shoe much softer –
this is why Piccadilly fits like a glove. This lining absorbs the humidity and guarantees to keep the
foot always dry and comfortable. Piccadilly shoes receive bactericide treatment to prevent bad
odors. Piccadilly also uses a PU lining.
The innersole – the piece which holds the foot, has cushioned points which follow the foot anatomy,
having two functions: to soften the impacts and massage strategic points of the foot - you will stay
much more comfortable and your body will be relaxed. The innersoles also have micropores which
absorb the humidity - this way you will keep your foot always dry. However, because of this
advantage, it is very important to let your shoe rest for 24 hours after each use, this way the
humidity absorbed during the day will dry out and the bactericide will work.

Piccadilly’s soles are produced in Thermoplastic Rubber (TR) – a rubber material which is non-slip
and is abrasion resistant. This material is the best combination in adherence and low wear. The
heel base, called “heel cap”, is made of a more resistant material, due to the higher wear of this

Micro-fiber reverse
Piccadilly is the only brand of lady’s shoes which uses a micro-fiber reverse. The reverse is the part
of the shoe which involves your heel and in most other shoes it is made of a very rough material, as
its function is prevent the foot from slipping when walking. But this rough material tends to unravel,
damage tights and provoke heel injuries. Due to this problem, which upsets many consumers,
Piccadilly searched for a material that would perform this function, and that could be softer and
wouldn’t unravel, and in this way micro-fiber enter the scene. It is a very soft material, made of
microfilaments, which doesn’t let your foot slip out of the shoe and makes the shoe much softer.

Since the year of 2008, Piccadilly is part of SATRA (British Technology Centre), one of the most
important technology centre in shoes’ development and technology.

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