Westward_Expansion_by_Isaacs by stariya



Level: 1st                           Course: Social Studies                       Approximate
Savannah Isaacs                      Unit Title: Westward Expansion               Time: 3 days

         Organizer                                            Targeted Standards
                                      Academic Expectations:
 Life Issue or Problem                2.14 Students understand the democratic principles of justice,
 or Question:                         equality, responsibility, and freedom and apply them to real-life
 What does a good citizen look        Core Content For Assessment:
 like?                                SS-EP-1.3.2
                                      Students will identify and give examples of good citizenship at
                                      home, at school and in the community (e.g., helping with chores,
                                      obeying rules, participating in community service projects such as
                                      recycling, conserving natural resources, donating food/supplies)
                                      and explain why civic engagement in the community is important.
                                      DOK 2

                                      Program of Studies:
                                      Students will understand that local communities promote the
                                      basic principles (e.g., liberty, justice, equality, rights,
                                      responsibilities) of a democratic form of government.

                                      Students will use a variety of print and non-print sources (e.g.,
                                      stories, books, interviews, observations) to identify and describe
                                      basic democratic ideas (e.g., liberty, justice, equality, rights,

                                      Major Content: Citizenship, acceptable behavior, historical

Essential Questions:

What was it like living during Westward Expansion?
What is a good citizen?
                   Culminating Performance Product (Evidence of Learning)
Students make a Wanted Poster describing 3 characteristics they want in a good citizen.
4-Student lists 3 characteristics of a good citizen.
3- Student lists 2 characteristics of a good citizen.
2- Student lists 1 characteristic of a good citizen.
1- Student attempts to list a characteristic of a good citizen.
0- Blank

                                                                                    Scoring Guide

Enabling                      Instructional/Assessment                  Enabling
Knowledge:                    Activities:                               Skills/Processes:

Westward Expansion            Preteach vocabulary                       Web searching
Citizenship                   Students read articles about the “Wild    Cooperative groups
Justice                       West” on Nettrekker (ex Billy the
Liberty                       Kid)
Equality                      Students work in groups to list what
Rights                        makes a good citizen

                              Students make wanted posters listing
                              what make a good citizen.

                                                                                   Scoring Guide

Critical Resources:
Paper, Makers, Wanted Poster Template, Internet, Computers,

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