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					The Writer
 Brian Wojcik & Nora Bardi
Used with permission 5/2006
The Writer

   Features
     Wireless Infrared (must have line
      of sight)
     16 Folders, with up to 250 named
     Spell Checker
     Thesaurus/Auto-Thesaurus
     Spanish to English Dictionary
     On-Board Writing Prompts
The Writer features continued

   Daily Journal File
   Writer Auto-Rubric (customizable)

   Spell It!!!

   Keyboard Instruction (116
   Word Prediction
The Writer

   Batteries
       The Writer runs on three AA batteries
       Batteries will last about 300 hours
       A low battery signal will be displayed
        when batteries need to be changed
       Quickly replace old batteries with new
        as the backup battery will not save text
       Batteries should be removed during
        long breaks
The Writer

   Automatic shutoff
     The Writer is preset to turn off
      after 4 minutes of non-use.
     No student data is lost at turn off.

     Lessons (keyboarding) in progress
      will need to be repeated when The
      Writer is turned back on.
The Writer

   Saving Text
       All text and keyboarding scores are
        automatically saved
       No special steps are needed to save
   Initializing
       Erases all data on The Writer
            Turn off The Writer
            Press and hold Esc + Z keys
            Press the On key
            After 1 second release the Esc + Z keys
            Initializing password is ACE135, press Enter
The Writer

   Date Stamp
       Places a date stamp on the header of
        each file, Keyboard Progress Report,
        and Keyboard Assessment
       To set the date:
            When folder names are showing, press
             Option + Alt + C
   Use arrow keys to select the correct
    time, day, month and year
            Press Enter
The Writer

   Navigation
     Enter key will move you forward to
      the next screen.
     Esc key pressed at any time will
      return you to the previous screen
      and main menus.
The Writer

   Data Management
       Work folders
            New folder, naming, deleting (up to
             16 characters)
       Files
            New file, exiting, editing, deleting
The Writer

   Spell check
     80,000 word dictionary
     Replace the word

     Skip the word

     Edit the word
The Writer

   Thesaurus and Auto-Thesaurus
     Thesaurus, place cursor under
      word and press the thesaurus key
      for synonyms. Press thesaurus
      key again for synonyms for a
      different meaning of the word.
     Auto-Thesaurus, scans for over-
      used words when you press
      option + thesaurus. It then
      suggests alternative words.
The Writer

   Adding or Modifying the Auto-
    Thesaurus Word List
     Open a work folder and press Alt
      + Apps
     Select “Auto-thesaurus Editor”
     Press “A” to add an overused
     With the > on the overused word
      (example: >fun) press Enter to
      add alternatives
The Writer

   Spanish to English Dictionary
     Type a word in Spanish
     Place the cursor anywhere on the
      Spanish word
     Press Alt + S for the English word

     Does not translate conjugated
     May need to try the masculine vs.
      the feminine form of the word
The Writer

   Creative Writing Prompts
     41 writing prompts included (list
      can not be modified)
     Open a work folder

     Press the Apps key

     Place the > on Writing prompts

     Press Enter
The Writer

   Creative Writing Prompts continued
       Three choices to access prompts
            Select prompt by number from 1 to 41
            Select prompt randomly
            Browse prompt list
       After prompt is selected it is previewed
       Press Enter to accept the prompt
       Scroll down to the second space after
        the prompt and begin writing
The Writer
   Daily Journal File
       Open a work folder
       Press Apps, place the > on “Journal”,
       Student begins writing
       Each day begins with a new date stamp
       Prior entries may be read but not
       Journal capacity is 5 pages, then
        prompt is given to download the journal
        to a computer
       After download, delete the file to add
        additional entries
The Writer

   Writing Checklist Templates
     Good Writing checklist
     Perfect Paragraph checklist
     Multi-Paragraph Checklist
     Six Traits of Writing checklist
     Response to Literature Checklist
     Persuasive Essay Checklist
     Writing Prompts
     Customized Teacher Checklist
The Writer

   Writing Checklist Templates
     Open a file
     Press Alt + C

     Select the checklist

     Selected checklist automatically
      prints out or is sent to computer
The Writer

   Creating a customized checklist
       Open a work folder and press Alt +
       Select “Writing Checklist Editor”
       Press Add to add a new checklist title
       After adding the title, press Enter to add
        the specific checklist items
       Once added the checklist will be
        available in the same list with the other
The Writer

   Spell It !!! – 6 Different Spelling
    Activities with Customized Word
       Open a folder and press Apps
       Place > next to Spell It !!! And Enter
       Create a new spelling list
       Add words
       Press Enter after each entry
       Alt + E to edit the list, Esc to exit
The Writer

   Spell It!!! – The 6 Spelling Activities:
       Definition
       Sentences
       Unscramble
       Flash-n-spell
       Alphabetize
       Keyboarding
       Edit the list is listed last for easy access
        to change the list
The Writer

   Keyboard Instruction
       Instills home row and shift key discipline
       116 Sequential keyboarding lessons
       Benchmarks must be passed for student
        to advance to next lesson:
            Words per minute
            Accuracy
            Home row points – occurs three times per
             lesson, must have 2 to advance
The Writer

   Keyboard Instruction Window
     Open folder
     Press K for student options:
         Begin the next lesson
         Practice any lesson of their choosing

         Assessment with a 60 second timed
         Free typing for practice
The Writer

   Keyboard Instruction
     Disable and reactivate the Home
      row Advantage by pressing Alt + H
      while in the Keyboard Instruction
     Disable and reactivate the Shift
      Key Advantage by pressing Alt +
      S while in the Keyboard
      Instruction menu
The Writer

   Word Prediction
       Open a file
       Press Alt + W, Esc exits word prediction
       Begins prediction after first letter is
       Press corresponding number to insert
        the word
       Word prediction is bundled in the
        special education version of The Writer,
        but otherwise it is an option
The Writer

   Quick-Write
       Allows access to a file to begin typing
        immediately for notes, ideas, etc.
       Press the Quick Write key
       Select F1 to F9 to open a blank writing
       Press Esc to exit or Quick Write again to
        open another blank writing file
       These unnamed files can be deleted,
        sent, spell checked, etc.
The Writer

   Infrared
       Flat end
        plugged into
        USB port on the
       Square end
        plugged into the
The Writer

   Send Files to the Computer
     Turn computer on and open word
      processing program
     Position cursor where you want
      the text to begin
     Turn the Writer on, locate file to
     Point the Writer at the receiver
      within 1 to 5 feet and press the
      Send to Computer key
The Writer

   Send Files to the Computer
       If file is not being received accurately
            Slow the transmission rate by pressing Alt +
             1 and enter a number from 0 – 50
            0 is considered the fastest transmission
            50 is considered the slowest transmission
       To just send text without header or
            Follow the steps above but hold down the
             Option key while pressing the Send to
             Computer key
The Writer

   Send Keyboarding Progress Reports
    to the Computer
       Turn computer on & open word
       Select Courier font, 9 or 10
       Position cursor at top left of the screen
       Turn the Writer on and open work folder
       Press K to open the Keyboard menu
       Point the Writer at the receiver and
        press Send to Computer
The Writer

   Send Keyboarding Progress Reports
    to the Computer, continued
       If file is not being received accurately
            Slow the transmission rate by pressing Alt +
             1 and enter a number from 0 to 9
            9 is considered the slowest transmission
       If report columns are not aligned check
        that font is set to 9 or 10 point Courier
        and /or make the left and right margins
       Consider creating a template for this
The Writer

   Advanced Keyboard
    Technologies, Inc. P.O. Box
    2418 Paso Robles, CA 93447-
   Phone (800) 797-7121
   Fax (805) 239-8973
   Email –