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 Week 1                           Unit 2 The Wild West
 Day            Monday              Tuesday          Wednesday     Thursday              Friday
 Shared         Introduce the       Show book or     Repeat        Read a Steven         Summarize
 Reading        genre of Tall       use a            lesson from   Kellogg Tall Tale     the
                Tales—a story       document         yesterday     (Paul Bunyan,         components
                based on a          camera to        and choose    Johnny                of a Tall
                real person         show the map     new hero.     Appleseed, Pecos      Tale.
                but their           at the                         Bill, Mike Fink, or   Introduce
                positive traits     beginning of                   Sally Ann             the concept
                are                 the Tall Tale                  Thunder)              of collective
                exaggerated.        book. Show                     Compare and           nouns—a
                Use American        where the                      Contrast one of       group of
                Tall Tales by       story of John                  his stories and       things
                Mary Pope           Henry took                     illustrations with    (tribe, flock,
                Osborne.            place. Show                    those of Mary         nation,
                 Read the Tall      them the                       Pope Osborne.         herd, etc.).
                Tale about          figures of                      Which do they        Have
                John Henry.         other “Tall                    like better—          students go
                 Pass out           Tale” figures.                 why? What             through the
                graphic             Let the                        elements from         stories and
                organizer for       students                       either                make a list
                students to         choose a new                   author/illustrator    of the
                determine           “hero” to read                 would help them.      collective
                what they           about. Have                     Fill out Tall Tale   nouns they
                think is true or    students fill                  Graphic               found in
                what they           out the                        Organizer for         their Tall
                think is            graphic                        Steve Kellogg Tall    Tales.
                “exaggerated.”      organizer for                  Tale
                Discuss why         new character.
                this is a “Tall     (Do not show
                Tale.” Why do       pictures of
                you think the       Pecos Bill)
                story has a
                race between
                a machine and
                a human? Why
                did the man
                beat the
 Guided         Find Tall tales     Tall Tale        Tall Tale     Tall Tale Stories     Tall Tale
 Reading        on groups’          stories          Stories                             Stories
                guided reading
                Use above
                organizer for
               Tall tales.
Writing        Take a real         Look at the      Finish          Read your Tall       Short
               story and add       characters in    writing Tall    Tale to a partner.   opinion
               some fantasy        the story you    Tale Story.     Have them fill       piece—Who
               to it.              are writing                      out a Tall Tale      is your
                                   and add some                     graphic organizer    favorite
                                   exaggerated                      about your story.    “Tall Tale”
                                   positive                         Then do the          hero and
                                   characteristics.                 same things for      why.
                                                                    their story.
Science/Social What is the         Identify and      How have       What are various     Discussion
Studies        cultural            use               our            cultural groups in   about why
               heritage in our     information of    customs        our state, in our    Tall Tales
               community—          a map and on      and            nation? Do Tall      were so
               do we have          a globe—look      traditions     Tales help us        popular in
               any local Tall      at where each     been           understand those     the 1800s.
               Tales—The           of the Tall       passed on?     cultures and
               Ghost of Elmo,      Tales come        How have       traditions
               Jim Bridger,        from              the
               Porter                                customs in
               Rockwell                              our culture
                                                     come from
Week 2                           Unit 2___The Wild West
Day            Monday            Tuesday         Wednesday         Thursday        Friday
Shared         Read the          Introduce       Review the        Review the      Share ideas
Reading        story of The      The Cowboy      vocabulary        Cowboy book     that
               Princess and      and the         words that        again. Use      students
               the               Black-eyed      were chosen       the Tall Tale   have
               Pea. Discuss      Pea. Select a   for The           graphic         written
               the               list of 5 – 8   Cowboy story.     organizer to    about their
               elements of       vocabulary      Read the story    decide what     Fairy
               the story         words for       again and stop    elements of a   Tale/Tall
               and why it is     the students    at each of the    Tall Tale the   Tale. Help
               a Fairy Tale.     and ask         words. Think      story           students
               (You could        students to     aloud with the    contains.       focus on
               also use          listen for      students how      Discuss how     sentences
               “The              those words     to figure out     this story is   and
               Gingerbread       in the story.   what the          also like a     paragraphs.
               Man” and           Have the       word means        Fairy Tale.
               the next day      students        from the          Go back and
               read “The         listen for      context, word     find any
               Gingerbread       ways this       parts, or         adjectives or
               Cowboy.”          story is a      pictures. If      adverbs or
                                 Tall Tale.      unable to         collective
                              After           decide what it    nouns.
                              reading the     means, look it    Record these
                              story, create   up together.      on a class
                              a Venn          Have students     chart.
                              diagram on      add words to
                              the board       vocabulary
                              and have        journals.
                              and contrast
                              The Princess
                              and the
                              Pea and The
                              Cowboy and
                              the Black-
                              eyed Pea.
Guided         Review Fairy   Find other      Focus on new      Compare and      Discuss
Reading        Tales          examples of     vocabulary in     contrast Fairy   what
                              Fairy Tales     the books.        tales and Tall   students
                              that have       Use the steps     Tales            like best—
                              been            listed above                       Fairy Tales
                              changed for     to decide                          or Tall Tales
                              each leveled    what they
                              group           mean.
Writing        Write or       Take a Fairy    Have students     Use the Tall     Finish
               review a       Tale and        think about a     Tale             writing Tall
               Fairy Tale     change it       Fairy Tale that   organizer to     Tale/Fairy
               and what       into a Tall     they would        decide what      Tale and
               they would     Tale as a       change into       elements         share.
               need to        class.          something         they want to     Write an
               write their                    that might        include in       opinion
               own.                           happen today.     their story.     piece about
                                              Have them                          which they
                                              share their                        prefer, Tall
                                              ideas with a                       Tales or
                                              partner.                           Fairy Tales.
Science/Social Culture and    Culture and     Culture and       Culture and      Culture and
Studies        tradition in   tradition in    tradition in      tradition in     tradition in
               our            our             our               our              our
               community,     community,      community,        community,       community,
               state, and     state, and      state, and        state, and       state, and
               country.       country.        country.          country.         country.
Week 3                        Unit 2 The Wild West
Day            Monday                                                  Tuesday           Wednesday       Thursda
Shared         Read Bill Pickett: Rodeo-Ridin’ Cowboy. Before you      Continue to       Pass out “You   Continu
Reading         read the story preselect 5-8 vocabulary words to       talk about      Wouldn’t Want     to learn
                have students listen for. Turn to the poem at the      the story of    to Live in a      about
                first of the book and read the poem. Have students     Bill Pickett.   Wild West         the Wild
                think of how they would change the poem if it were     Reread the      Town!” graphic    West
                them instead of “that Pickett boy.” Read the story—    story. Create   organizer.        Town
                emphasizing the voice of the characters.               a chart that    Have them
                                                                       has Who?        circle one of
                                                                       What?           the questions
                                                                       Where?          in each box
                                                                       When? Why?      and answer it
                                                                       and How?        as you read
                                                                        Have           the book.
                                                                       choose two
                                                                       of the
                                                                       and answer
                                                                       them. As a
                                                                       class fill in
                                                                       the chart
Guided          Focus on the voice of any characters they read about   Focus on        Focus on          Focus o
Reading                                                                Who? What?      Who? What?        Who?
                                                                       Where?          Where?            What?
                                                                       When? Why?      When? Why?        Where?
                                                                       and How?        and How?          When?
Writing         Write a poem about themselves using the Poem           Review          How do the        Think o
                Starter. Have them write illustrate it. Share with     elements of     questions         how the
                class.                                                 writing in      talked about      could us
                                                                       informational   this week help    the
                                                                       text writing    write             questio
                                                                       Continue to     informational     in their
                                                                       work on         text?             own
                                                                       informational                     writing
                                                                       text writing
Science/Social Continue to talk about culture and traditions of Utah                   Think about
Studies        and America—reference places, food, customs,                            the book “You
               celebrations.                                                           Wouldn’t
                                                                                       Want to Live in
                                                                                       a Wild West
                                                                                       Town!” How
                                                                                       have our
                                                                                    been effected
                                                                                    by some of the
                                                                                    traditions of
                                                                                    the Wild
Other     Art: Compare The wood engravings of Michael
          McCurdy American Tall Tales (Do not show pictures
          of Pecos Bill) and the wood engravings of Brian
          Pinkney’s Bill Pickett. This site shows how it is done:

Week 4                      Unit 2 The Wild West
Day       Monday             Tuesday          Wednesday       Thursday       Friday
Shared    Read               Review           Train           Continue to    Share first
Reading   Cowboys and        yesterday’s      students in     work on        drafts
          Cowgirls           activities.      the skills of   reports. Help
          Yippee-Yay!        Read the two     the Big 6 to    students by
           Before            pages            begin their     focusing
          reading have       towards the      research.       instruction
          students           end of           Help them       on
          think of           Cowboys and      use books       informational
          several            Cowgirls         from the        text features
          questions          titled           library and     like sequence
          they have          “Famous          online          and
          about              Cowboys and      sources. Find   description.
          cowboys and        Cowgirls.”       out who they    Introduce
          cowgirls.          Read the         want to         them to
          Share a list of    brief            research. Let   other parts of
          questions          description      students        informational
          about              of the           choose to       text features
          cowboys.           famous           pair up if      by using the
          Read the           cowboys and      they want.      Text Features
          book, stop if      cowgirls. Tell   Help            Purpose
          any of the         them that        students        Chart. (Put in
          questions          they are         through this    Sara)
          they asked         going to do      process.
          are                research on
          answered.          the person
           When              most
          finished ask if    interesting to
          the students       them from
          think the          the Wild
          author had         West days.
          questions she      You will
          wanted             answer the
          answered.          questions
               Compare this      “who, what,
               book to You       where, when,
               Wouldn’t          why and
               Want to Live      how: as you
               in a Wild         write about
               West Town!        your person.
               Discuss if        Have
               they were         students take
               writing a         the time to
               book what         decide who
               questions         they will
               they would        research.
               want to
Guided         Informational     Informational   Informational Informational Information
Reading        books—what        books—how       books          books        books
               questions         is
               does it           information
               answer.           shared
Writing        Have              Have            Work on       Work on        Work on
               students          students        reports       reports        reports
               write a           share what
               paragraph         they wrote
               about one         yesterday
               thing similar     with a
               to how it was     partner and
               done in the       revise their
               Cowboy            paragraphs.
               book.             Have them
                                 begin their
Science/Social Talk about        Continue to
Studies        famous            focus on
               people from       famous
               the west who      people from
               have              the west
               the culture of
               their state.
Other          Learn the
               song “Home
               on the
Week 5                          Unit 2 The Wild West
Day            Monday            Tuesday               Wednesday   Thursday     Friday
Shared    Look at          Select one Curtis     Have            Continue
Reading   artwork from     and one Catlin        students        to talk
          George Catlin,   work to study.        look at one     about how
          Frederic         Have the students     of the Catlin   people
          Remington,       compare Curtis        or Curtis       share their
          and/or           and Catlin’s          artworks        feelings.
          photography      approaches to         and have
          from Edward      depicting Native      students
          S. Curtis.       Americans. How        discuss what
          These men        does Curtis’ use of   they think
          documented       the environment       the Native
          through          inform what we        American is
          painting and     learn about the       feeling and
          photography      Native Americans      thinking.
          what was         shown? Use text
          happening in     features of
          the United       Compare/contrast
          States in the    to structure
          1800s.           discussion.
          several pieces
          of their work.
          answer these
          What do you
          notice in the
          What can you
          learn about
          and cowboys
          by studying
          closely? Why
          do you think
          artworks are
          important to
Writing        Share Wild                               Teach            Give         Share
               West Reports                             students         students     opinion
               throughout                               how to write     time to      pieces.
               week                                     an opinion       write
                                                        piece on         opinion
                                                        what they        piece
                                                        think            about
                                                        someone is       Native
                                                        feeling.         American
                                                        Refer to the     feelings.
                                                        about the
                                                        feelings. As a
                                                        class write
                                                        about their
Science/Social Explain ways       Compare and
Studies        American           contrast elements
               Indians and        of two or more
               immigrants         cultures within
               have shaped         the state and
               both Utah’s        nation
               and America’
Week 6                           Unit 2 The Wild West
Day            Monday              Tuesday         Wednesday       Thursday          Friday
Shared         Introduce the       Review the      Review what     Have              Continue
Reading        story Cowgirl       discussion      was done the    students pair     previous
               Kate and            from            day before.     up in             day’s
               Cocoa. Ask          yesterday.      Ask for         partners and      activity
               students to         Tell them       volunteers to   read a book
               think, as they      you are         be Cowgirl      together with
               read the first      going to        Kate and        two people in
               chapter, about      read            another to be   it that has
               whether this        another         Cocoa. Tell     dialogue.
               story could         chapter         them to leave   Have them
               really happen       from the        out the part    do the
               or if it is a       same book.      that says,      previous
               fantasy. Have       Have them       “said____.”     activity with
               students find       listen to       Let several     the two of
               evidence that       your voice      pairs take      them. Have
               it is either a      and see if      turns and       them think
               fantasy or true     they can tell   read the next   about the
                  and use post-     which voice     chapter.        voice that
                  its to record     is Cowgirl                      would be
                  their thinking.   Kate’s, and                     appropriate
                                    which voice                     for the
                                    is Cocoa’s.                     characters
                                    Have them                       they are
                                    hold up one                     reading for.
                                    finger for
                                    Kate, and
                                    two for
                                    Cocoa. Read
                                    story, then
                                    discuss how
                                    they could
 Guided           Focus on what     Focus on        Focus on        Focus on         Focus on
 Reading          is real and       Voice           Voice           Voice            voice
 Writing                            Think about     Do a shared     Have             Share what
                                    voice in        writing         students         students
                                    their writing   where you       include          have
                                                    show how to     dialogue in      written
                                                    use voice in    their writing.   that
                                                    their writing   Help them        includes
                                                                    see how this     dialogue
                                                                    creates voice.   and voice.
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