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					                           How to
                           Beautify your lawn
                           •	   Fertiliser
                           •	   Weedkiller
                           •	   Lawn seed
                           •	   Top dressing - blended
                           •	   Turf

                           •	   Spade, rake, shears                                 •	 Rotary	Hoe,	aerator/corer
                           •	   Wheelbarrow,	weed	sprayer                           •	 Dethatcher, mower
                           •	   Turf cutter                                         •	 Edger, whipper-snipper, lawn roller
                           •	   Lawnseeder/fertiliser spreader

                           A new lawn
                           A	new	lawn	should	be	planted	in	Spring	or	               a	herbicide	with	a	weed	sprayer	to	the	soil,	to	
                           Autumn,	to	avoid	the	heat	of	Summer	and	the	             kill	the	plants	entirely	before	the	new	lawn	can	
                           cold	of	Winter	(when	many	grasses	won’t	                 be	planted.	Rake	and	fertilise	the	area	a	week	
                           grow	at	all).                                            before	laying	the	new	lawn.

                           The lawn can be started with seed, sprig                 The soil must be moist before the lawn is laid
                           (creeping	grass	only)	or	turf.	To	prepare	the	           and it must be kept moist until the grass is
                           soil,	use	a	rotary	hoe	to	till	the	soil	to	a	depth	of	   established.	Mix	the	seed	with	fine	sand	and	
                           100	–	150mm.		Remove	all	rocks,	stones	and	              spread	it	evenly	with	a	lawn	seeder.	Lay	turf	so	
                           organic	matter	(which	may	regrow).	Remove	any	           that	the	joints	are	staggered.	After	the	grass	is	
                           grassed	areas	for	later	re-use	with	a	turf	cutter.       sown/laid, use a lawn roller to bed the lawn into
                           For	problem	weeds	it	may	be	necessary	to	apply	          the	soil.

                           Improving your lawn
                           Thatch	is	undecomposed	layers	of	dead	grass	             fertilisers	with	a	fertiliser	spreader	and	liquid	
                           or roots that, if not removed for the base of the        fertilisers	with	a	sprayer.	Most	lawns	require	a	
                           grass,	will	prevent	the	entry	of	air,	water	and	         PH	level	of	6-6.5,	so	correct	if	required	with	
                           fertiliser	into	the	soil.	To	remove	thatch	quickly	      lime (acid soils) or sulphate of ammonia
                           and	effectively,	run	a	dethatching	machine	over	         (alkaline	soils).
                           the	lawn.	However	dethatchers	are	not	suitable	
                           for	creeping	grasses	(i.e.	those	with	runners)	so	       If	weeds	appear,	apply	a	weedicide	before	the	
                           rake	these	to	remove	the	thatch.                         weeds	flower	and	set	seed.	Some	lawn	products	
                                                                                    consist of a fertiliser and a weedicide in one,
                           To open up the soil further to air, water and            making	them	more	convenient	to	apply.
                           fertiliser, aerate the lawn with an aerator or
                           corer.	These	devices	literally	form	holes	through	       Mow	the	lawn	regularly.	But	not	too	closely	to	the	
                           the	grass	into	the	soil	below.                           soil	as	this	exposes	the	roots	to	the	heat	of	the	
                                                                                    sun.	Trim	the	edges	with	an	edger	or	whipper-
                           Bare patches can be treated with new lawn, as            snipper	for	a	neat	appearance.
                           described	previously,	but	if	the	area	is	too	shady	
With the right tools and   for	grass	to	grow	successfully,	consider	covering	       In	Autumn	remove	any	fallen	leaves	from	the	
a free little effort,
and a weekend, you         the area with a path or shade-loving ground              lawn	as	they	can	lead	to	bare	patches.
                           cover	instead.
can beautify your lawn
you can repair or                                                                   Note	that	the	times	of	the	year	for	thatching,	
or yard with a paved
rejuvenate your lawn       For	most	lawns	it	is	recommended	that	they	are	          aerating	and	fertilising	will	depend	on	your	
path, entertainment
to make it green and       fertilised	in	November	and	April,	with	a	half	feed	      locality	and	the	type	of	grass.
area or driveway.          in	December	and	February.	Distribute	powder	
healthy again.

                           Practical advice from the professionals at Kennards.
Establishing garden surrounds
Break	up	the	ground	for	planting	with	a	rotary	             usage, keep the soil moist and reduce weeds,
how.	Rake	in	organic	material/compost.                      apply	mulch	to	cover	the	soil.	If	you	are	using	
                                                            the	mulched	prunings	from	your	yard,	add	a	
Add	lime	or	dolomite	to	the	soil	to	correct	acidity	        nitrogen-rich fertiliser since the mulch will tend to
(below	7	pH);	sulphate	of	iron	or	sulphate	of	              rob	the	soil	of	nitrogen	as	it	breaks	down.
ammonia	to	correct	alkalinity.	Spread	fertiliser	
spreader	for	even	distribution.                             As	your	garden	grows,	use	a	weedsprayer	to	
                                                            apply	pesticides	as	required.
Install	the	plants	and	water	regularly	until	
established.	However,	to	minimise	water	

Hire tools to make the job easy
Using the right equipment will not only make your gardening job easier, it will make it much aster, giving you more
time for the other things you want to do.

Machines marked * usually require a ute or trailer for transportation. If your vehicle is fitted with a towbar,
Kennards Hire have trailers at very reasonable rates. Alternatively you can hire a one tonne ute or a tipper, to
carry the equipment and the other materials you may require.

Weed sprayer                                                Whipper-snipper or petrol lawn
Kennards	Hire	have	handheld	weed	sprayers	                  edger
for	small	jobs	and	knapsack	sprayers	for	larger	            Kennards	Hire	has	heavy-duty	petrol	driven	
jobs.	They	can	be	used	to	apply	water	(a	fine	              edgers and whipper-snippers for trimming edges
spray	so	as	not	to	disturb	new	seeds),	fertilisers	         and	along	borders	and	paths.
and	weedicides.

Turf Cutter *                                               Kennards’	wheelbarrows	are	heavy-duty	trade	
When	removing	existing	grassed	areas	to	lay	a	              models	with	a	3.5	cubic	foot	capacity.
new	lawn,	use	a	Kennards	Hire	petrol-driven	turf	
cutter	to	remove	the	lawn	in	300mm	(12”)	wide	
strips,	ready	to	be	rolled	up	for	use	elsewhere.            Lawn seeder/fertiliser spreader
                                                            The	spreader/fertiliser	from	Kennards	Hire	
                                                            automatically	spreads	a	400mm	(16”)	strip	of	
Rotary Hoe*                                                 seed	or	fertiliser	as	it	is	rolled	over	the	ground.
A	Kennards	Hire	5hp	self-propelled	petrol-driven	
rotary	how	makes	light	work	of	breaking	up	the	
soil	before	planting	a	new	lawn.                            Lawn Roller*
                                                            Most	gardening	experts	highly	recommend	the	
                                                            use of a smooth steel lawn roller, such as those
Aerator / corer                                             available	from	Kennards	Hire,	to	roll	a	new	lawn	
To	aerate	your	lawn,	at	Kennards	Hire	you	can	              after	the	turf	or	seed	has	been	laid.
choose	from	a	spiked	lawnroller	–	(fill	with	water	
for	best	results).	A	petrol	driven	self-propelled	
aerator which also punches holes into the                   Tipper, ute or trailer
ground (great for larger areas), or a petrol-               For bulkier materials such as topsoil and turf,
driven	self-propelled	lawn	corer	that	physically	           Kennards	Hire	have	1.8m	x	1.2m	250kg	(1/4	
removes	full	length	plugs	of	soil	for	maximum	              tonne)	capacity	box	trailers,	2.7m	x	1.5m	500kg	
effectiveness.                                              (1/2	tonne)	furniture	trailers	and	2	tonne	tippers	
                                                            (standard	and	wide	body’	class	1	licence	only	
                                                            required)	available	for	hire.
The	new	petrol-driven	dethatcher	from	Kennards	
Hire uses a series of knives to clear thatch                Safety gear
out from between the blades of grass, without               Fumes	from	weed	sprayers,	dirt	and	grit	from	
harming	the	roots.                                          edgers	can	all	be	hazardous	and	a	nuisance	
                                                            if	you	don’t	wear	appropriate	protective	gear.	
                                                            Kennards	Hire	have	inexpensive	safety	gear	
Lawnmower                                                   for sale, including dust masks, goggles and
Kennards	Hire	have	a	variety	of	lawnmowers	to	              ear	plugs.
choose	from,	including	2-stroke,	4-stroke	and	
slasher	models.

This information is provided as a guide only. Kennards Hire accepts no liability for any
aspect of the work, other than the performance of its hire equipment as stated in the
conditions for hire.

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