Senior Project: Presentation Outline - DOC by NLCP


									                                  North Lawndale College Prep Charter HS
                              Senior Project: Presentation Outline

Within each of these text boxes, you must fill in your content and the technique you will use for
each piece of content. As you approach the presentation stage, your understanding and
application of techniques that appeal to pathos, ethos, and logos will be critical.

         Content of the Presentation                        Technique to Deliver the Content
Introduction:                                         Possible techniques:
 Introduce yourself and your topic                       Role play
 Explain why you have chosen this topic                  Dramatic skit
 “Hook” your audience and pull them into                 Music
    your claim.                                           Photo montage
                                                          Film clip montage
                                                          Power point
                                                          Combo
Body:                                                 Possible techniques:
In this section, you must “build you case,” i.e.,         Power point (no more than 15 slides)
you must prove your claim.                                Poster boards
                                                          Handouts
                                                          Combo
                                                      Necessary techniques:
                                                          Notecards (reminder cards for you)
                                                          Sustained, powerful delivery
Conclusion:                                           Possible techniques:
Your conclusion must be persuasive, not                   Finish the “circle”
simply argumentative!                                     Any of the Introduction techniques

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