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									                                    The Bedroom
Why is air quality in the bedroom a big deal? 1/3 of our lives are spent in the bedroom. If this
room is clean and healthy your nose, throat airways and lungs (respiratory system), can actually
build up strength and resistance to allergens and irritants that are harder for your body to deal

How can I do this?
   1) Position bed away from air vents. Do not store anything underneath it.

    2) Do not allow pets in bedroom.

    3) Keep closets neat. Do not store blankets, sports equipment, etc in bedroom closet.

    4) Use synthetic pillows, Dacron or foam. Do not use feather down. Wash pillows monthly.

    5) Avoid dust catchers and cluttered surfaces.

    6) Cover vents with cheese cloth.

    7) Clean room at least twice a week with mop or damp dust cloth.

    8) Vacuum mattress frequently.

    9) Use allergy proof sheets and pillow cases.

    10) Curtains should be smooth washable cotton or synthetic. Roll up shades are preferable.

    11) Keep décor simple with little accessories.

    12) Try to drastically reduce clutter.

    13) Use hypoallergenic organic/biodegradable cleaning products.

    14) Place an air purifier in room.

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