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                                             Some Ideas for Making CJA a More Vital
 Dan Lucas                                  Organization
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 2       The Chess Journalist                                                                        December 2003
      Some Ideas for Making CJA a
        More Vital Organization
                                          By J. Franklin Campbell

                                        haps some other content that would        bol for our organization, something

I s CJA relevant in today’s world of
  chess journalism? Exactly what
purpose does CJA serve … what pur-
                                        improve the appearance and quality
                                        of the magazine. Also, see the next
                                                                                  people will instantly recognize. It
                                                                                  would be a convenient image to
                                        point.                                    use on web pages to identify CJA.
pose should CJA serve?                                                            It could be combined into other
                                            2. Pay for some articles. I see no    messages and awards. I think it
    It seems to me that CJA does one                                              is surprising that an organization
thing well … we have the one pres-      reason not to generate some excel-
                                        lent articles for the magazine by pay-    with our history does not have such
tigious awards program in the USA.                                                a symbol. We should have several
The annual CJA competition is well      ing the best authors a fee to write on
                                        selected, useful subjects. This could     varieties of logo … one for the CJA
known and well respected. People                                                  web pages and official communica-
are proud of achieving a CJA award.     be a combination of award to the au-
                                        thor (recognition of superior chess       tions, one to identify CJA members,
In addition, the awards program is                                                perhaps one for each year to identify
a valuable property, generating a       journalism or special importance in
                                        the chess world) and a way to get         specific recognition. For instance,
steady income for CJA. I believe                                                  the annual Chess Journalist of the
CJA should act to take advantage of     some truly superior or newsworthy
                                        articles for the magazine. Perhaps        Year could be presented with a logo
this one strong program to expand                                                 he could display proudly on his pub-
our services and influence into other   we could have an “invited article”
                                        for each issue and make the rest of       lications. Note that each on-line us-
valuable activities to improve the                                                age of the logo could be linked to the
quality of USA chess journalism.        the content unpaid articles, as are
                                        all the articles now. This invited ar-    CJA site to generate traffic at our
Following are some specific sugges-                                               web site and attract members and
tions … other CJA members are sure      ticle could be the showpiece of each
                                        issue of the magazine. It could also      create interest in our activities.
to come up with additional ideas for
making CJA a vital and positive in-     become a sought-after recognition
fluence on chess journalism.            by the best chess journalists, and            4. CJA should have its own In-
                                        it could provide a thought-provok-        ternet domain name. Currently CJA
                                        ing issue for discussion making           uses space given to it by the http://
    1. Improve the quality of our       our journal a significant magazine domain. I
magazine The Chess Journalist. If                                                 have seen CJA listed in links under
                                        whose publication would be eagerly
we represent the best in chess jour-                                              the correspondence chess heading,
                                        anticipated each quarter. Perhaps
nalism, shouldn’t our magazine be                                                 due to confusion over our URL
                                        a USCF official could be invited to
among the best in terms of produc-                                      
                                        write about the current condition of
tion values and content? Of course,                                               Having our own domain would ben-
                                        USCF and plans for the future. Per-
we are not a large organization with                                              efit CJA in several ways:
                                        haps we should have a committee to
unlimited funds, but it may still be
                                        determine who should be invited to
possible to make major improve-
ments by spending a little more
                                        write these articles and what impor-         • CJA would have a more recog-
                                        tant topics needed special attention.     nizable, easy to remember URL for
money. If membership fees need
                                        Of course, some invited articles need     the web site. For example, we could
to be increased to pay for this im-
                                        not be paid, but making some funds        use,
proved service, then I think it would
                                        available to the editor should make    or     some-
be worth it. Let’s make our maga-
                                        it easier to obtain a major article for   thing similar. (note that,
zine a showpiece of superior chess
                                        each issue. I suggest that a $50 fee, etc. are not available).
journalism. I propose we increase
                                        for an invited article would be about
our budget for printing to make
                                        right … not excessive, but enough to         • Greater access to uploading
it possible for our editor to make
                                        show respect to the journalist.           material and modifying web pages
improvements, such as provide a
better cover. We could also spend                                                 would be possible. Right now I have
a little money on graphics and per-        3. Creation of a CJA logo. I           access to these pages as a partner at
                                        think it is important to have a sym-

3     The Chess Journalist                                                                      December 2003
the CC.COM domain. I cannot share           the site to find some small item of        ficult for the editor to get commit-
the passwords, etc. with other CJA          information. Are there things that         ments simply to write an occasional
officials, so access is strictly limited.   would make your organization’s site        article for the journal, and even then
                                            more useful or is it fine just as it is?   commitments are often forgotten.
    • With our own domain, CJA                                                         Perhaps the chess journalism com-
would have more flexibility to ex-              6. With the Internet becoming          munity is not ready to expand our
periment with features and software         a bigger part of chess journalism,         involvement enough to turn our
packages, which could improve our           we should consider a program for           society into a truly professional or-
site considerably. For instance, there      recognizing superior chess journal-        ganization that is actively involved.
are Content Management Systems              ism on-line. For a modest fee (as          We must be realistic about jumping
(some free, like phpNuke and Post-          with our current chess journalism          into the deep end of the pool if, by
Nuke) which allow administrators            awards) we could judge web sites for       doing so, we would risk drowning.
to log into the site and add content,       quality reporting and writing. Un-
such as announcements and articles.         like the current program, though,              There’s no question we can be a
Right now everything must go                we could award an unlimited num-           lot more than we are. We could start
through the webmaster. Too much             ber of special logos the sites could       by taking some baby steps, such as
depends on a single individual.             display naming them as recognized          getting our own domain name and
                                            by CJA for their excellence. This          improving the web site. I think cre-
   • Various CJA people could have          would contain a year of award in the       ating a logo is also an obvious and
CJA-related email addresses such as         logo, so sites would be recognized for     non-committal step. CJA members               a specific moment in time, but they        could be authorized to display the
or           could apply each year for additional       logo on their web sites and in their
We could even offer such email ad-          recognition. Also, there would be          correspondence. This alone could
dresses to the members as a feature         no need for specific deadlines for         generate an increase in member-
of membership, though this may not          application, since sites wouldn’t be       ship, and it would certainly be a
prove practical.                            judged against each other to see           step guaranteed to generate more
                                            which was the best. Instead, they          enthusiasm within our member-
                                            would just be judged as being excel-       ship (I would proudly display the
    5. The CJA web site should                                                         membership logo on all my chess-
become a better resource for its            lent or not. It’s possible we could
                                            either not have a fee or have a very       related web sites). I think this one
members. At one time I attempted                                                       step alone could generate the kind
to provide links to some useful sites       small fee for this service, since the
                                            logo could be linked to the CJA site,      of enthusiasm we need among our
for journalists, such as on-line dic-                                                  members to make future expansion
tionaries, but I never got the sense        leading to visits and more members.
                                            Of course, it’s harder for a judge to      of programs a real possibility. Pride
that anyone cared, so maybe I’m                                                        of membership is a powerful force,
wrong on this point. Does the web           recognize quality in and of itself as
                                            opposed to our current competition,        one to be reckoned with.
site provide sufficient information
for people searching the Internet           where a judge only has to recognize
for information about chess journal-        which of a small selection is the best.
ism and the CJA? … maybe so. But            Deciding how exclusive such awards
perhaps the members could provide           should be would be a challenge
more ideas for features and links           since we would want the award to
that would make the site a useful           be meaningful (as opposed to sim-
part of their journalism work. How          ply saying, “this site doesn’t totally
about a list of contacts for anyone         suck”).
needing the services of a chess jour-
nalist? How about a chess journal-              I think the CJA membership and
ism hall of fame? Perhaps we need           leadership is in a position where we
a forum hosted at the CJA site where        can either decide we are more-or-less
chess journalists can discuss impor-        satisfied with where we are (offering
tant topics. Question … how often           limited services outside of our use-
do you visit the CJA web site? Per-         ful annual awards program) or that
haps you want to check the (slightly        we are ready to expand our presence
dated) membership list or find the          in the chess journalism community.
email address of the CJA President.         Perhaps expansion would be a bad
You may even want to check to see           idea, since it would require a greater
who won the 2001 Best Magazine              commitment by both the members
award. It’s likely that you only visit      and leadership.     As it is, it is dif-

 4       The Chess Journalist                                                                        December 2003
                                                      Levy vs. Keene
                                           the fraudulent methods used to          to Chapter 11). Yet already history
                                           set up the now bankrupt Brain           appears to be repeating itself, and
                                           Games Network plc. Some of these        this time the sale of shares to un-
                                           “coincidences” were published in the    fortunate inves-
                                           UK Magazine Private Eye (number         tors seems to be
    [[While this is exchange is not pre-   1093, November 14th-27th 2003). It      planned for the
cisely about chess, it does involve two    was also Private Eye that exposed       USA as well as
major figures in the world of chess        the previous frauds perpetrated         for the UK.
journalism. An important question:         by the very same people who are             After      the
should such affairs receive coverage       now involved with RTG Ventures          BGN investors
in the chess press? Printing them          Inc (see, for example, Private Eye      had lost all of
invites the charge of sensationalism;      number 1050, from which the             their 3 million
refraining from doing so, the derelic-     relevant article is attached here). A   pounds it was
tion of our duty as journalists.           more detailed account of the frauds     discovered that         David Levy
    Note that these articles were          may be found in the Internet article:   a large slice of
published (among other places) on a        “Is Fraud a Brain Game?”, which         money had been siphoned off by
web page maintained by Sam Sloan,          appeared on Garry Kasparov’s (now       Keene and Lubin, mostly into the
thus the “Dear Sam” of Mr. Keene’s         defunct) web site      account at Bank Cantrade of Lubin’s
replies. -- jh]]                           and was reproduced elsewhere.           Swiss company Giloberg Finance
                                                                                   Ltd. With RTG Ventures, which ap-
                                              The first two stages of the          pears to be about to change its name
  A “Pump-and-Dump”                        Keene/Lubin methodology consists        to Far East Challenges, the share
                                           of acquiring most of the shares in      acquisition has already taken place
Fraud from Brain Games?                    a newly formed or otherwise im-         (see below) and the hyping process is
          By David Levy                    poverished public company through       now under way.
                                           a share swap with other valueless           The hyping process itself is very
                                           companies, and then to hype their       much in line with one of the classic
             Summary                       new company’s prospects in order to     methods used in “pump and dump”
   During the period February-             encourage potential investors.          scams - the company puts out several
July 2000 two Londoners, Chess                In the spring of 2000 Keene and      press releases designed to create in-
Grandmaster       Raymond     Keene        Lubin fraudulently hijacked 88%         terest in the market. Typically these
and businessman Alan Lubin,                of the shares in Brain Games Net-       press releases contain a mixture of
perpetrated various frauds relating        work plc (BGN) while selling the        false, misleading and unverifiable
to a UK company called Brain               remaining 12% to a group of hapless     statements to the marketplace. In
Games Network plc. Within that             investors for 3 million pounds. That    the case of RTG Ventures, their sup-
short period the company’s investors       particular scam involved Keene and      posed business activities will lie in
lost all of their 3 million pounds         Lubin “selling” to BGN the share        the Far East and it is difficult to see
investment. These same individuals         capital of three worthless compa-       how prospective investors can hope
are currently engaged in the early         nies. In return for all this useless    to verify the company’s statements,
stages of what appears to be a very        paper Keene and Lubin snatched 22       for example those about agreements
similar “pump and dump” scam,              million out of 25 million BGN shares    it already claims to have or is ne-
using a US company called RTG              while almost simultaneously selling     gotiating with the Chinese Sports
Ventures Inc as the vehicle. RTG           the remaining 3 million shares to       Ministry.
Ventures Inc is supposedly based           investors at 1 pound each (total = 3        The acquisition of shares in RTG
at 185 Madison Avenue, New York,           million pounds). It is now only four    Ventures is described in a change of
and is traded in the USA as an over-       months since BGN went into liqui-       control document (Form 8-K) filed
the-counter bulletin board stock.          dation; Einstein Group plc, the UK      with the Securities and Exchange
Several “amazing coincidences”             company to which BGN sold off its       Commission in Washington on June
have been revealed linking the             chess “assets”, has since gone into     5th 2003: “On May 21, 2003 we
creation of RTG Ventures Inc and           administration (which is similar        entered into an Agreement for the

5     The Chess Journalist                                                                       December 2003
Exchange of Common Stock with            database containing in excess of 30        phones.” How the company devel-
MJWC, a British Virgin Islands cor-      million online players of the above        oped this amazing technology so
poration, the result of which MJWC       games.” In excess of 30 million!! Re-      quickly is not explained - documents
became our wholly-owned subsid-          ally?? Anyone planning to invest in        filed at Companies House in the UK
iary. On the same day, we entered        RTG would do well to conduct more          show that MVI was incorporated as
into an Asset Transfer Agreement         than a little due diligence before         recently as June 13th 2003, the very
with Brain Games Asia, Inc., a Brit-     parting with their dollars.                same day that BGN announced that
ish Virgin Islands corporation, in           In the case of Brain Games Asia,       it would be going into liquidation!
which we acquired all of the assets of   RTG describes its sole asset as: “the      When I went to MVI’s office ad-
Brain Games Asia, Inc. Pursuant to       rights to organize and promote the         dress in London recently I was told
the two Agreements, the Company          Chinese Chess championships.”              that the company had moved out
will be issuing a total of 26,475,000    But BGN announced at its Annual            two days earlier and had not left a
shares. At the closing of the transac-   General Meeting in December 2001           forwarding address. Their telephone
tion, the Company will have a total      that Brain Games Asia owned “the           rings and rings - no reply and no
of 31,683,000 shares issued and          worldwide multimedia rights to the         voicemail facility.
outstanding shares. As a result of       Beijing Opera”? What has happened              My attempt to find out more
this transaction, the shareholders of    to that particular asset? Did it ever      about RTG Ventures by visiting its
Brain Games Asia, Inc., and MJWC         exist or was that simply another lie?      “office” on the 10th floor at 185
control approximately 84% of the is-         Other recent announcements             Madison Avenue was also frustrated.
sued and outstanding shares of the       from RTG raise more questions              The company’s name does not ap-
Company’s common stock.” This            than they answer. Firstly there is         pear in the lobby on the list of occu-
modus operandi is virtually identi-      the company’s Chief Financial Of-          pants of the building, nor does that
cal to that used in the Brain Games      ficer, Barrington Fludgate, who            of Barrington Fludgate’s company
Network scam. With a quick swap          is also Chief Executive Officer of         Xborder Corporate Services (whose
of paper Brain Games Asia, largely       Xborder Corporate Services Inc, a          web site proudly gives the Madison
owned and controlled by Lubin            company that shares the same office        Avenue address, 10th floor). When I
(through Giloberg Finance Ltd) and       address in New York as RTG Ven-            telephoned the number given on the
by Keene, became the proud owner         tures. A quick glance at the web site      Internet for both companies, my call
of most of RTG Ventures Inc. Their reveals the            was answered by a law firm, Raice
84% of RTG Ventures is almost as         names of Xborder’s management,             Paykin Krieg. At first their telephon-
large a holding as their 88% stake       including that of David Massey. And        ist said she had never heard of RTG
was in BGN.                              who was the CEO of Brain Games             Ventures but on being pressed she
    The SEC Form 8-K also gives          Network from Spring 2001 until the         suddenly remembered that her firm
RTG’s explanation of why anyone          company went into liquidation in           took messages for RTG but had no
would want to own MJWC and               July 2003? Right first time - it was       idea where the company is located.
Brain Games Asia. “MJWC has a            David Massey.                              When I asked about Xborder I was
contract with Chinese Sports Min-            A New York Business Wire an-           told the same thing - the company is
istry to organize and promote the        nouncement on October 8th stated           not located there, she did not know
world Chinese Poker Champion-            that RTG “has partnered with MVI           where it is located, but Raice Paykin
ships until 2009. MJWC owns all          NOW Limited, a London-based                Krieg take messages for them. Final-
the multimedia and Internet rights       streaming video speciality company”        ly I asked her if Barrington Fludgate
to the championships and the events      which will allow RTG to “provide live      was a client of her company and she
leading up to it. MJWC also has con-     ‘ebuy now’ coverage by mobile phone        confirmed that he is.
tracts to organize and promote the       of all semi-finals and the finals of the       So RTG Ventures appears to have
world Mah Jong Championship until        Chinese Chess Championship”. This          no offices, XBorder Corporate Ser-
the games 2009.” These particular        seems extremely unlikely to happen,        vices appears to have no offices and
claims are somewhat mysterious to        given that BGN’s last foray into Chi-      MVI Now Ltd is uncontactable. How
those in the world of mind sports,       nese Chess left the company owing          strange!
given that the World Mah Jongg           some US$92,000 to Apco Asia Ltd in             What does all this mean? The
championships take place in Japan        Hong Kong (as revealed in Private          recent flurry of press releases from
and not in China! And as for Chinese     Eye number 1,044). But that is not         RTG Ventures Inc appears to be
Poker, what world championships?         the only surprising aspect of RTG’s        part of a classic attempt to create
Google knows of none, nor do any         partnership with MVI. On their             public interest in the company and
of the mind sports experts contacted     web site, MVI             thereby to find investors unwise
by Private Eye. Equally dubious is       claims to have developed a unique          enough to buy the remaining 16% of
the claim that: “Because of these        process “that enables quality video        the company’s shares for millions of
contracts MJWC has access to a           pictures to be viewed on 2.5G mobile       dollars? Preparations for such a sale

 6      The Chess Journalist                                                                      December 2003
might also explain the company’s              October 27th stated that: “RTG Ven-     sterling were certainly raised for
pretence that its assets - its “rights”       tures, Inc. (RTGV: OB), the interac-    the 2000 world chess championship
in China - have real value. And why           tive gaming company focused on the      but from this Brain Games had to
the claimed tie-up with MVI Now               Far East, has appointed Raymond         pay the organisational costs and
Ltd? Presumably this is to help con-          Keene, OBE, Games Consultant to         the prize fund of the match -- the
vince any prospective investors in            the Company. Mr. Keene is the chess     prize fund alone created a huge dent
RTG that the company has access to            correspondent for the London Times      in the investment and I can assure
some technology with huge earning             and International Herald Tribune        you that there was no margin for
potential, just as BGN claimed in its         newspapers. He is widely regarded       running off with unused funds -- -
Private Placement Memorandum in               as the world’s leading expert on        anyone who has ever been involved
March 2000 that it would develop a            chess and mind games.” But RTG is       in organising a world chess champi-
web site to attract huge pay-per-view         partly owned by Brain Games Asia        onship match can confirm what the
revenues, which BGN never did.                which in turn is partly owned by        likely costs of such an event are go-
    Where exactly do Lubin and                Keene, so RTG’s praise of Keene’s       ing to be! The figures you have been
Keene fit in this new venture? It is          expertise presumably comes straight     fed simply don’t add up!!
partly through their beneficial own-          from his own mouth.                         3) What caused the most serious
ership of equity in RTG, acquired                 The press releases from RTG         difficulties for Brain Games was the
via their respective ownerships of            Ventures continue with one dated        fact that the next flagship event,
much of Brain Games Asia. But                 November 6th, relating to the           Kramnik v Fritz, was due to be held
this is not the only connection. RTG          company’s claim that it is “working     in Bahrain just after 9/11. It was of
announced on October 22nd that                with the Chinese Sports Ministry”       course postponed by a year because
its “trading name” in Europe and              to stage a three day convention in      of the atrocity in New York and this
China is Far East Challenges. A               Beijing in May 2004, during which       postponement lost the company
quick search of the UK Companies              Keene “will simultaneously play 100     both momentum and investment.
House web site reveals that Far East          of China’s best players including 10    Numerous other companies and
Challenges is much more than a                Masters and five Grandmasters, all      relationships were affected by this
mere trading name - it is a UK pub-           under the age of fifteen.” As with      act of terrorism. As you will recall
lic company, registered at the office         most pump and dump press releases       I contacted you in New York at that
of Sinclair Silverman, the very same          and SEC filings it seems impossible     time to ascertain the safety of David
accountants in Golders Green Road,            to verify many of the company’s         Goodman, who had not spoken to his
London, where Lubin and Keene                 statements, while other of its state-   family in London for some time, to
registered BGN and various other              ments are simply lies. The claim        assure them he was unharmed.
companies! The directors of Far East          regarding players “all under the age        4) It is a matter of public record
Challenges plc are listed as Linda            of fifteen” in the November 6th re-     that we have already organised and
Perry of London SW3 (who also hap-            lease is one such lie - China has not   sponsored two Chinese chess cham-
pens to be the CEO of RTG Ventures            a single Chess Grandmaster under        pionships in Beijing (Peking) which
Inc in New York), Sir Brian Wolfson           the age of fifteen, as Keene surely     brought in huge tv audiences and
and Stephen Clifford.                         knows.                                  stacks of publicity. Our business is
    Yet another coincidence is the ad-    .                                           100% legitimate and already has a
dress of the recently opened London                                                   proven track record in China.
office of RTG Ventures (also known             Raymond Keene responds:                    5) I have agreed to promote the
as Far East Challenges plc). The               Dear Sam,                              company’s activities by playing west-
company is located on the second                  I am afraid you have been seri-     ern chess simultaneously in Beijing
floor of Berkeley Square House, in            ously misled by someone and I would     against invited junior champions in
London’s fashionable Mayfair dis-             like you to correct this highly inac-   the other games who would like to
trict. This is the very same building                                curate story     try western chess. Of course I could
and the same floor where Einstein                                        1) David     not face 100 western chess experts
Group plc’s London office was lo-                                    Levy and I       but in the past I have successfully
cated. Truly amazing! And when                                       were never       taken on 107 juniors simultane-
Private Eye telephoned the Far East                                  Kasparov’s       ously (won 101, drew 5, lost 1) and
Challenges office on October 31st to                                 business         in Korea a few years ago I took on
verify that Alan Lubin works there,                                  managers --      a group of players and champions in
the caller was told that Lubin was                                   anyone mak-      other mind games -- such as go and
not answering his phone and must                                     ing this claim   Korean chess -- who wanted to try
have “just popped out, probably for                                  is lying.        their hand against a grandmaster in
lunch”.                                                                  2) 3 mil-    western chess. I am sure you could
    As for Keene - a press release on                                lion pounds      do the same -- it is not a particularly
                                                Raymond Keene

7     The Chess Journalist                                                                          December 2003
amazing feat to face large numbers
of opponents who are not very adept
in ones own specialty!
    I was very hurt by your publi-
                                                CJA Membership
cation of these allegations without
contacting me first for the truth and
I would therefore be very grateful
if you could ensure that my correc-      Jeff Aldrich           Robert Byrne
tions reach all the recipients of your   4157 N Vassar Rd       2/6-0 Scarborough Manor
original message!                        Flint                  Scarborough
                Best wishes              Mi                     Ny
                                         48506-                 10501-
                Ray Keene
                                         R                      L
 Dear Sam
                                                                J Franklin Campbell
    I note David Levy has issued an-     Ray Alexis             227 E Chery St
other diatribe-at the end of this he     608 Emery St           Mason
attempts to explain who he is.           Longmont               Mi
    David Levy omits, however, to        Co                     48854-1713
mention -- surely an accidental omis-    80501-                 R
sion on his part -- that he used to be   R                      6/1/2003
married to my sister, but that they
had a very messy divorce. I think the                           Mark Capron
                                         Robert Basalla         3123 Juniper Dr
world has a right to know this and       35 Sprague Rd          Iowa City
draw their own conclusions.              Berea                  Ia
    I would be grateful if you could     Oh                     52245-
also distribute this piece of miss-      44017-                 R
ing information to the mailing list      R                      5/31/2007
which has received David’s pieces.       3/1/2004
Many thanks                                                     Bill Cornwall
                                         Frank Berry            837 Nw 110th Ave
    Perhaps I could also add one thing
                                         402 S Willis St        Coral Springs
-- what is the logic of doing a pump
                                         Stillwater             Fl
and dump operation with a company        Ok                     33071-6432
that is already dealing with China?      74074-2849             R
There is a general expectation in        R                      7/1/2004
the financial world that the Chinese     12/31/2003
market -with the Olympics due in a                              Stephen Dann
few years-is one of staggering poten-    Jerome Bibuld          Po Box 452
tial growth. Why should business-        2 Canfield Ave #302    Worcester
                                         White Plains           Ma
men wish to dive in and then quickly
                                         Ny                     01613-
exit from this market when the long
                                         10601-2048             L
term prospects are widely assessed       R
as being phenomenal and likely to        2/1/2005               Frisco Del Rosario
lead to far greater profits. I person-                          126 Fifteenth Ave
ally have been involved with the         Neil Brennan           San Mateo
Chinese market for four years now        439 E Marshall St #4   Ca
-- I find Chinese chess fascinating -    Noristown              94402-2414
- I presented the prizes on Chinese      Pa                     R
                                         19401-                 5/31/2004
TV for our first Chinese chess cham-
pionship in Beijing -- I have made
                                         7/15/2004              Daren Dillinger
numerous trips to Beijing and I have
                                                                400-b Mariposa Ave
tremendous faith in the long term        Tim Brennan            Sierra Madre
viability of the business. I just wish   901 Sherman St #516    Ca
I had as many shares in it as David      Denver                 91024-
Levy evidently believes I have! I am     Co                     R
-- sadly -- very much of a minority      80203-                 8/1/2004
shareholder.                             R
                Ray Keene

 8      The Chess Journalist                                               December 2003
    Mark Donlan               Kirian Frey           Lakewood
    15 Cove Rd                5 Sara Ln             Ca
    Harwich                   Barrington Hills      90712-1446
    Ma                        Il                    R
    02645-1406                60010-                2/28/2005
    R                         R
    5/31/2004                 5/31/2004             Dan Heisman
                                                    1359 Gadrden Rd
    James Du Bois             Jeremy Gaige          Wynnewood
    67 Vaughn Heights         2313 Green St         Pa
    Peru                      Philadelphia          19096-
    Me                        Pa                    R
    04290-3552                19130-                5/31/2003
    R                         L
    8/1/2004                                        Herbert Hickman
                              Joe Ganem             15 Crossbrook Pl
    Bobby G Dudley            236 Chartley Dr       Livingston
    107 Crosstree Rd          Reisterstown          Nj
    Moon Township             Md                    07039-
    Pa                        21136-                R
    15108-                    R                     6/1/2004
    R                         5/31/2004
    8/1/2005                                        John S Hilbert
                              Jim Glanville         140 Parkhurst Blvd
    Peter Dyson               1008 Evergreen Wy     Kenmore
    100 Chess Cove Ln         Blacksburg            Ny
    Merritt Island            Va                    14223-
    Fl                        24060-5366            R
    32952-                    R                     3/1/2004
    R                         2/28/2006
    5/1/2005                                        John Hillery
                              Howard Goldowsky      835 N Wilton Pl #1
    Joseph Erjavec, Jr        16 Lexington St       Los Angeles
    8074 Rolling Brook Rd     Canton                Ca
    Sagamore Hills            Ma                    90038-
    Oh                        02021-                R
    44067-                    R                     8/1/2004
    R                         12/26/2004
    8/31/2004                                       Burton Hochberg
                              Mike Goodall          315 W 70th St #k
    Larry Evans               461 Peachstone Terr   New York
    Po Box 1182               San Rafael            Ny
    Reno                      Ca                    10023-
    Nv                        94903-                L
    89504-                    R
    L                         3/1/2005              Randall Hough
                                                    1826 Garvey Ave #5
    John Fernandez            Roger Gottschall      Alhambra
    118 W 16th St             1341 Truman Pl        Ca
    New York                  Ames                  91803-4260
    Ny                        Ia                    R
    10011-                    50010-                8/1/2008
    R                         R
    11/10/2007                5/31/2005             Elie Hsiao
                                                    105 W 39th St #1015
    Mike Franett              Jerry Hanken          Baltimore
    10710 Alton Ne            2012 Yosemite Dr #1   Md
    Seattle                   Los Asgeles           21210-
    Wa                        Ca                    R
    98125-                    90041-                7/1/2012
    L                         L
                                                    Volker Jeschonnek
                              Tim Hanks             Po Box 257
                              5613 Samantha Ave     Cairo

9      The Chess Journalist                                   December 2003
 Oh                           44110-
 45820-0257                                              Jason Olson
 R                            Bob Long                   522 S Elm
 5/31/2004                    1101 W Fourth St           Ottawa
                              Davenport                  Ks
 Tim Just                     Ia                         66067-
 37165 Willow Ln              52802-                     R
 Gurnee                       R                          11/1/2004
 Il                           5/31/2004
 60031-                                                  Larry Parr
 R                            Daniel Lucas               222 Jalan Ampang
 6/1/2006                     1369 Field Creek Terrace   Kuala Lumpur
                              Lawrenceville              Malaysia
 Lubomir Kavalek              Ga                         50450-
 11224 Fairway Dr             30043-5334                 L
 Reston                       R
 Va                           5/31/2004                  James Pechac
 20190-                                                  3142 Richmond Rd
 R                            Ralph Marconi              Beachwood
 5/31/2004                    540 Sainte-therese         Oh
                              Joliette                   44122-
 John C Knudsen               Que                        R
 Chattenweg 10                R                          5/31/2004
 Borken-kleineglis            12/31/2003
 Germany                                                 Peter Prochaska
 34582-                       Michael Marsh              2373 Nw 185th St #261
 R                            344 W 80th St              Hilsboro
 12/31/2003                   Chicago                    Or
                              Il                         97124-
 Peter Lahde                  60620-                     R
 2609 Sailboat Ct             R                          5/31/2004
 Nashville                    11/30/2003
 Tn                                                      M L Rantala
 37217-                       Tom Martinak               5216 S Ingleside Ave
 R                            549 13th Ave               Chicago
 5/31/2004                    New Brighton               Il
                              Pa                         60515-4340
 Margarita Lanides            15066-                     R
 Po Box 1515                  R                          5/1/2005
 Mineola                      7/15/2004
 Ny                                                      Tim Redman
 11501-                       Russell Miller             3034 Brookshire Dr
 R                            Po Box A                   Plano
 2/28/2004                    Chelan                     Tx
                              Wa                         75075-7644
 Al Lawrence                  98816-0016                 R
 13755 Sw 119th Ave           R                          5/31/2004
 Miami                        5/31/2005
 Fl                                                      Ira Lee Riddle
 33186-                       Robert C Moore             400 Newtown Rd
 L                            423 W Delaware St          Warminster
                              Tahlequah                  Pa
 Harvey Lerman                Ok                         18974-5208
 921 Thistle Lane             74464-                     R
 Maitland                     R                          3/1/2009
 Fl                           2/28/2004
 32751-                                                  Robert T Rizzo
 R                            Michael Nagaran            102 Rosebud Ave
 5/31/2005                    17360 Caminito Canasto     Merrick
                              San Diego                  Ny
 Cleveland Library            Ca                         11566-
 17133 Lakeshore Blvd         92127-                     R
 Cleveland                    R                          6/1/2004
 Oh                           5/1/2004

10     The Chess Journalist                                         December 2003
     Sylvester Robes              Columbus                    Minneapolis
     4354 Marsh Elder Ct Se 289   Oh                          Mn
     Southport                    43209-2308                  55418-4520
     Nc                           R                           R
     28461-                       5/31/2005                   5/31/2004
     3/1/2004                     David Surratt               Jim Warren
                                  Po Box 2115                 Po Box 305
     Bleys Rose                   Walla Walla                 Western Springs
     7224 Calder Ave              Wa                          Il
     Sebastopol                   99362-                      60558-0305
     Ca                           R                           R
     94572-4352                   12/15/2003                  3/1/2005
     11/1/2005                    Peter Tamburro              Helen
                                  22 Budd St                  Warren
     Hanon W Russell              Morristown                  Po Box 305
     Po Box 30                    Nj                          Western Springs
     Milford                      07960-                      Il
     Ct                           R                           60558-0305
     06460-0030                   8/1/2005                    R
     L                                                        1/1/2004
                                  Matt Tamburro
     Harry Sabine                 22 Budd St                  Mark Weeks
     Po Box 381                   Morristown                  25 Ch. D’alsemberg
     Crossville                   Nj                          1630 Linkebeek
     Tn                           07960-                      Belg
     38557-                       R                           R
     R                            5/31/2004                   8/31/2004
                                  Ed Tassanari                Fred Wilson
     David Sands                  17 Madison Rd               Suite 334, 80 E 11th St
     1608 N Springwood Dr         Scarsdale                   New York
     Silver Springs               Ny                          Ny
     Md                           10583-                      10003-
     20910-                       R                           R
     R                            8/31/2004
     2/28/2006                                                Val Zemitis
                                  Tom Thrush                  436 Citadel Dr
     Don Schultz                  Po Box 50105                Davis
     3201 S Ocean Blvd #703       Henderson                   Ca
     Highland Beach               Nv                          95616-
     Fl                           89016-                      R
     33487-                       R                           3/1/2005
     R                            5/1/2004
                                  Josh Tompkins
     Yasser Seirawan              335 S Cloverdale Ave #101
     2100 Third Ave #1405         Los Angeles
     Seattle                      Ca
     Wa                           90036-
     98131-2355                   R
     L                            5/31/2004

     Daaim Shabazz                James Uren
     Po Box 7663                  313 Oaktree Dr
     Tallahassee                  Mountain View
     Fl                           Ca
     32314-7663                   94040-
     R                            R
     12/26/2003                   2/28/2005

     Michael Steve                Daniel Voje
     675 College Ave              2015 Central Ave Ne #307

11       The Chess Journalist                                            December 2003
      President’s                        ist who sees an area not being well
                                         covered by fellow journalists? Send
       Message                           a letter to the editor exhorting your      The First Principle: Cut
       By Daniel Lucas
                                         colleagues to pick up the torch!             the verbal clutter.
                                         Further, if you know of an article in
                                         a state publication or obscure web-          Train yourself to write with fewer
B    elow is the Preamble to the CJA
     bylaws, which can be found at
                                         site that merits reprinting for the
                                         CJA audience, send it to our editor
                                                                                  words. Your readers will love you for it.
                                                                                  If you can make twenty-five words do the
                                         for possible inclusion. With only a
cja/bylaws.htm:                                                                   work of fifty, you have reduced by half
                                         small effort from our membership,
                                                                                  the amount of material the reader must
I. To encourage chess journalists,       The Chess Journalist can be a true
                                                                                  assimilate to get the intended message.
    writers, editors, and publishers     professional journal.
    to exchange information and              Two: The CJA website will be-
                                                                                      If we were writing commandments
    ideas for their mutual benefit;      come increasingly important as
                                                                                  instead of principles of good writing,
II. To promote the highest standards     we go forward. Anticipating this,
                                                                                  this would have to be the first and
    of ethics in chess journalism;       I have asked webmaster J. Frank-
                                         lin Campbell to sign us up with a        greatest. Fat writing, which is to say
III. To represent United States                                                   writing cluttered with unnecessary
    chess journalists in appropri-       unique domain name, which should
                                         be accomplished shortly. The web-        words, is surely the cause of more bad
    ate national and international                                                writing than any other fault. Again
    bodies;                              site is how people unfamiliar with
                                         the CJA are going to find us. If you     quoting Barzun, “ Communication is
IV. To influence policies affecting                                               most complete when it proceeds form the
    the promotion of chess;              enter the terms “chess journalism”
                                         into Google, we are the fourth site to   smallest number of words -- and indeed
V. For each and all of the purposes,
                                         pop up, and the first using the terms    of syllables.” Consider, for example,
    an association is formed pursu-
    ant to these Bylaws.                 “journalist chess.” Again, I direct      this sentence, which we encountered in
                                         you to Mr. Campbell’s article for his    a business-wring seminar offered by a
    How have we as an organization       ideas on utilizing the web.              large national concern: “There is no easy
been meeting these obligations? I            Three: The annual awards should      shortcut to expressing yourself well by
would answer, “Not well,” at least       be run in a professional and mean-       means of the written word.” Evidently,
for the five years I have been a mem-    ingful manner. Certificates will be      the copy writer had not taken the course.
ber. If chess journalists think of us    ready for distribution at the same       Why not, “There are no shortcuts to
at all, it is primarily for the awards   time the winner’s are announced.         good writing”?
program. Yet, as important as the        Full results will be posted to the           Take a sample of writing, yours or
annual awards are, the program is        website the same week results are        someone else’s, and remove every word
only briefly mentioned in Article        announced.                               that does not contribute to the meaning.
VIII of our bylaws.                          Further, it is time to rethink the   You will be amazed at how may words
    The first item in the preamble is    categories. Many are ready to be
                                                                                  are unnecessary. You might become
the most important and what I will       split into web and print categories,
                                                                                  addicted to fat-cutting.
cover in this column: “To encourage      such as Best Review or the various
chess journalists, writers, editors,     Best Analysis categories. Printed
and publishers to exchange informa-      reviews and analysis only rarely will        from Sleeping Dogs Don’t Lay, by
tion and ideas for their mutual ben-     be able to compete with web-based           Richard Lederer and Richard Dowis.
efit.” My vision for the CJA involves    ones. Other categories are unclear,
a four-pronged attack that empha-        such as Best Chess Promotion. I          honoring something unusual that
sizes this statement (J. Franklin        judged this category last year, but      doesn’t fit in any other category?
Campbell’s excellent article appears     I’m still not sure I can tell you ex-        Four: Recruitment of new mem-
elsewhere in this issue, and I have      actly what the category means – this     bers. I am seeing a lot of good work
considerably shortened mine so as to     is an unfair state for all involved.     being done by people who are not
reduce duplication of ideas).            Best Magazine Tournament Re-             members of the CJA. These people
    One: our most valuable tool is       port should have a comparable web        can infuse our organization with
The Chess Journalist. Ably edited        category, separate from the Best         energy and new ideas. I will be con-
since 1999 by John Hillery, it has       Internet News Site category (and         tacting them and encouraging them
been underutilized. The editor can’t     this last category should be judged      to join – you can do the same. If you
print what he doesn’t have. Are you      at the same time as the rest of the      read or see something by someone
a state editor who has found some-       awards).                                 who should be a CJA member but
thing that works for you, such as a          Brand new categories are neces-      isn’t (check our membership list
trick you picked up from a printer       sary. Perhaps Best Chess Broad-          online) contact them or suggest to
that jazzes up the publication?          cast to take into account       me that I contact them, and let’s get
Write up a brief report and send it      and ESPN? Maybe a special Chief          them signed up.
to Mr. Hillery. Are you a journal-       Judge’s Award should be added,

 12      The Chess Journalist                                                                    December 2003
                                 News & Notes
                                         tunity to offer chess news, ideas per-
     USCF To Provide                     taining to chess clubs, fundraising
                                                                                  sive credentials on the literary side,
                                                                                  having authored numerous articles
     Weekly Electronic                   and sponsorship ideas, etc. which        and reviews on subjects including
        Newsletter                       can be distributed amongst those in      Platonic philosophy, the Kabbalah,
                                         the chess community.                     Giordano Bruno, and Classical
    The United States Chess Federa-
tion is pleased to announce that in         [[We have heard no more of this       mythology. Will this be sufficient
November 2003 they will begin pro-       since the above press release, but we    to compensate for his lack of chess
ducing a weekly electronic newslet-      encourage our readers to inquire or      expertise? And can any editor over-
ter. USCF will soon offer from their     contribute. -- jh]]                      come the financial and structural
website,, an online sub-                                              difficulties which are strangling the
                                                                                  publication? Time will tell. -- jh
scriber form for those who wish to       Payments remain slow
receive the newsletter via email. The
                                             Sources close to USCF report
form will also offer an unsubscribe
                                         that Chess Life contributor fees are
    USCF’s goal with producing the
                                         now being paid for the August 2003            Solutions to
                                         issue (mailed in July). Prizes from
newsletter is to offer a weekly forum
for chess players and chess clubs to
                                         the U.S. Open have apparently been            Chess Quiz
                                         paid, but several tournament-related              (see page 16)
pubish local and state chess activi-
                                         bills have not.
ties they are involved in. USCF also
                                             It is understandable that bills          1) Hvistendahl - Pollock,
hopes this will increase club develop-
                                         must be prioritized during the cur-      London, 1885: 1. ...Bxb1 2. gxh4
ment as it will offer an exchange of
                                         rent financial difficulties. (Staff      Rxf3 3. Rxf3 Nf2+ 4. Rxf2 Be4+
successul ideas of running clubs and
                                         salaries, for example, must be paid,     5. Rg2 Rxg2 6. Nc3 [White can
                                         or the employees will leave.) The        avoid immediate loss by 6. Qf4, but
    Anyone who would like to send
                                         USCF seems to be making a good-          Black is winning on material after 6.
newsworthy items can email them
                                         faith effort to meet its obligations.    ... Rg4+ 7. Qxe4 Rxe4 8. Ng1 Re3 9.
to Co-edi-
                                         But they must realize that acting        Bb2 Rd3] 6. ... Rxd2+ 0–1
tors for the USCF Newsletters are:
                                         in this manner inevitably makes the
Sara Walsh and Ed Scimia.
                                         organization less creditworthy. Few         2) NN - Kostrovitsky, St.
    The success of this newsletter
                                         if any professional writers would        Petersburg, 1893: 1. ... Qxf6 2.
depends on you. This is your oppor-
                                         choose deal with a publication which     Qc1 [Of course, 2. Qxf6 loses at once
                                         can be expected to pay promptly on       to Re1+ 3. Bf1 Rxf1+ 4. Rxf1 f2#. If
    The Chess Journalists of America     lawsuit.                                 2. Nd4, Black wins one of the pinned
is a professional organization. As                                                pieces with 2. ... Re3 3. Kg1 Be4 4.
such, it is dependent on the efforts      New Chess Life editor                   Rc2 (4. Rd2 Rxd3 5. Rxd3 f2+) 4. ...
of the professionals and dedicated                                                c6 5. Nb5 Qxc3 6. Nxc3 Bxd3] 2. ...
amateurs (in the best sense of that            appointed                          Qb2 3. Qf1 [The counterattack 3.
word) who make up the member-                In the wake of the staff decima-     Nxd6+ just leaves White two pawns
ship. Whether it is submitting mate-     tions reported in our last issue, the    down after 3. ... Kb8 4. Rxb2 f2+
rial for The Chess Journalist, gener-                                             5. Be4 Rxe4 6. Kg2 Re1+ 7. Kxf2
                                         USCF Executive Board has appoint-
ating ideas for the website, or giving                                            Rxc1] 3. ... Qxf2 4. Qxf2 [Or 4.
                                         ed a new Chess Life editor.
your time as a judge for the awards                                               Nxd6+ cxd6 5. Bf5+ Kb8 6. Qxf2
                                             The name of Kalev Pehme is like-
program, help your CJA become the
                                         ly to be familiar to chess players as    Re1+ 7. Qxe1 f2+ 8. Be4 fxe1Q+ 9.
organization it deserves to be.
                                         the father of Morgan Pehme, a fairly     Kg2 Bxe4#] 4. ... Re1+ 5. Qxe1 [5.
   [[Mr. Lucas wishes to note that       prominent junior player in the early     Bf1 Rxf1+ 6. Qxf1 f2+ 7. Qg2 f1Q#]
the final paragraph of his Sep-          1990’s. Indeed, both Morgan and his      5. ... f2+ 6. Be4 Bxe4+ 7. Qxe4
tember President’s Message was           father were portrayed in the motion      f1Q# 0–1
inadvertently omitted. The full text     picture Searching for Bobby Fischer.
may be found on the CJA web site         Mr. Pehme formerly competed in              3) Shepley - S. Arkell,
(            tournaments, but retired from play       Birmingham, 1990: 1. ... Bxf2+
cja)]]                                   in 1994 with a rating of 1708.           0–1 For if 2. Kxf2 Rxf1+! 3. Kxf1
                                             The new editor brings impres-        Ne3+.

13     The Chess Journalist                                                                     December 2003
                             -*-*                  Letters                        -*-*

F   or
                  past    few
for the Associated Press. I
                                            but I’m writing this letter in the
                                            hope that he’s wrong and that there
                                            is still time .
                                                                                          Now we are promised two
                                                                                          events next spring. Meanwhile, orga-
                                                                                          nizers in Prague, who had planned an
(and the chess world) have been for-            This        letter      should       not
                                                                                          event in September, cancelled it in
tunate in that the AP has seen fit to       be necessary. In many ways
                                                                                          order to avoid a conflict with the
give chess extensive coverage,              and       in     many      areas,     chess
                                                                                          Yalta match. And so it goes on and
sending me not only to both world           is doing very well indeed and is as
                                                                                          on. Just when you think FIDE has
championships (i.e., the Kas-               popular as ever, especially among the
                                                                                          accomplished all it possibly can to
parov-Kramnik          match       and      youth. More people play chess on the
                                                                                          make itself and chess look ridiculous,
the       FIDE       version),      but     internet than any other game. The
                                                                                          it surpasses itself. Ilyumzhinov is
to      the      top      tournaments       current chess boom in India and Chi-
                                                                                          said to have spent some $30 million
like Linares and Wijk aan                   na, the world’s two most populous
                                                                                          promoting chess. If he had given
Zee, the FIDE Grand Prix,                   countries, is remarkable. A year and
                                                                                          the money to the Fédération avec
the Olympiad, among others.                 a half ago, things were looking even
                                                                                          l’Intention        de          Detruire
    Unfortunately, in late Sep-             better.       The       Prague      Agree-
                                                                                          les     Échecs     (Federation      In-
tember,         immediately          af-    ment promised to heal the
                                                                                          tent        on Destroying Chess),
ter the cancellation of the                 rift     that      had     so    damaged
                                                                                          the result would not be worse.
Kasparov-Ponomariov             match,      chess’s reputation among the wider
AP informed me that they                    public (people who don’t know how a
                                                                                                               I am not placing
would no longer be
                                                                                                           the entire blame on
covering most chess
events. While they               “If       he        (Ilyumzhinov)                    had      given FIDE or No Ilyum-
cited economic rea-          the money to the Fédération avec Ponomariov was ex-
sons,      the     timing
of the decision leaves       l’Intention de Detruire les Échecs (Fed- travagant in his de-
                                                                                                           mands and con-
little doubt that FIDE’s     eration Intent on Destroying Chess), tributed to the
chronic inability to hold
an event as sched-
                                         the result would not be worse.”                                   cancellation of the
                                                                                                           Yalta match. The
uled was the cat-
                                                                                                           inability of Kram-
alyst.     They      had,
                                            knight moves can recognize petty pol-                          nik and Leko to
after      all,    twice     had      to
                                            itics and turf wars). A new, rational         schedule their match is a grave dis-
change or cancel plane tickets for me
                                            world              championship         for-  appointment. At least, they have not
and been put through considerable
                                            mat          was       promised         and   announced        phantom        match-
inconvenience as the Buenos Aires
                                            meaningful           reform        seemed     es. Kasparov’s original break-
match was moved to Yalta and then
                                            possible.                                     away        and     the      formation
cancelled. Regrettable as AP’s deci-
                                                That, of course, was an                   of the PCA, which drove FIDE into
sion is, one can hardly blame them.
                                            illusion.         President         Ilyum-    Ilyumzhinov’s arms, was a failed
    Coal miners used to carry a caged
                                            zhinov         has        returned        to  revolution. Had he either succeeded
canary into the mine to warn them of
                                            his former ways with a vengeance.             or not tried, things would surely not
invisible gas. If the canary suddenly
                                            Once the Olympiad and the threat of           be this bad today. In real life, rev-
died, they knew they had to get out
                                            reform had passed, the Kasp-                  olutionaries who fail are properly
quickly or they would perish them-
                                            arov-Deep            Junior         match     hanged. In chess, Kasparov shook Ily-
selves. Like the dead canary, the
                                            was         tossed       around        from   umzhinov’s hand in Prague only to
decision of the world’s largest news
                                            December          to      January       and   become just another one of his vic-
organization to stop covering chess
                                            from Jerusalem to New York;                   tims.
regularly should be taken as a warn-
                                            the               Kasparov-Ponomariov             These,     however,     are    pet-
ing to act and act now. My friend and
                                            match         was       announced        for  ty     failings    compared        with
colleague        Mig        Greengard
                                            Buenos Aires in June, then                    FIDE’s        and       Ilyumzhinov’s.
thinks my analogy to the ca-
                                            for        Yalta       in      September,     At a press conference in Bled, I asked
nary in the coal mine is
                                            then cancelled at the last minute. At         President Ilyumzhinov about the
misplaced. For him, the canary has
                                            that time, we were told there would           sudden        transfer      of      the
been dead for years and the miners are
                                            be       a      world       championship      Grand Prix from Abu Dha-
already dying. He’s probably right,
                                            tournament             in       December.     bi to Dubai, the postponement

 14       The Chess Journalist                                                                          December 2003
of the Moscow Grand Prix, the can-          remains to be done in addition may            and Dirk Jan ten Geuzen-
cellation of the remaining Grand Prix       well be debated, and should be. I can         dam.    They     have     made    ev-
events       and      the       postpone-   do little beyond advising all in the          ery press room I have ever
ment of the Kasparov-Deep Ju-               chess world to regard FIDE as anath-          been in, even those run by the most
nior       match       in      Jerusalem    ema until Ilyumzhinov is gone and             incompetent and difficult organizers,
(originally scheduled to conflict           reforms are instituted.                       an enjoyable place to be.
with Kramnik’s computer match in                 While      I     have     few    sug-
Bahrain). His response was to blame         gestions        beyond       the     obvi-                   Sincerely,
the local organizers and sundry others      ous one, my diagnosis of the
for these snafus. President Truman          problems I is the product of the                             Robert Huntington
of the United States used to have a         unique position I have had in trying to
sign on his desk which read, “The           explain chess to non-chessplayers,
buck stops here.” If President              not merely the wide audience that AP              *    In    the   meantime,     we
Ilyumzhinov is unwilling to take re-        reaches        through       its     mem-     should expect not only the
sponsibility for what happens on his        ber       newspapers         and      oth-    quantity       but     the     quality
watch, he should step aside for some-       er outlets around the world                   of AP coverage to decline since, on
one who is so willing.                      but to the editors and managers of            those few occasions where AP might
    The biggest harm that Ilyumzhi-            .
                                            AP I do hope, without the slightest           still find covering chess worthwhile
nov does is to scare off the legitimate     expectation, that with major reform           (e.g., the recent Kasparov-X3D Fritz
commercial sponsors upon whom all           chess can improve its position among          match), they are likely to send a non-
sports depend today. Chess should do        the wider public so that AP will once         chessplaying staff reporter and we
well here. While the numbers are            again consider chess events worthy of         can look forward to, not only such
small, the demographics are good            coverage.* Without such reform, I             factual errors as the consistent
(well-educated and concentrated in          have no doubt that chess’s reputation         mischaracterization        of     Kas-
the high tech field). And chess has a       will slip yet further and it will have        parov       as     “world     champi-
cost advantage over other sports.           ever more difficulty in reaching a            on,”     but    such    verbiage    as
Corus Steel sponsors a huge event at        wider public.                                 this (from the AP report of the first
Wijk aan Zee each year, including a              I would like to end this letter on a     match game):
tournament with virtually all the top       positive note by expressing my sincere
players,        strong        grandmas-     thanks to those with whom it has been             “The         two        opponents
ter B and C tournaments,                    a pleasure for me to work with over           played conservatively at first
along      with     amateur       events.   the past few years, not only the var-         with      Kasparov       using      his
All this cost about $1 million, bare-       ious editors and bureau chiefs at AP      ,   white pieces to keep X3D Fritz’s
ly enough for the appearance fee of         but especially those organizers               black knights and bishops, which are
one major player in a major sport. But      who, even though they are the most            moderately powerful, at bay.
when would-be corporate sponsors            professional and upstanding imagin-               “But      during      the     mid-
look at Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, they don’t      able, stand to lose valuable coverage         dle of the game, both play-
see his incompetent scheduling and          from AP’s decision. I refer in partic-        ers aggressively attempted to
rescheduling of major events, his mis-      ular to the wonderful people behind           position their queens, the most power-
guided attempts to get chess into the       the Linares and the Corus                     ful pieces on the board, to check each
Olympics, or any of the purely chess        tournaments.           I    also     want     other’s king, which would force an im-
sins I have been accusing him of.           to      thank        the     players      I   mediate defense of that piece to avoid
Instead, they see the stories of cor-       have had the privilege of covering and        losing.
ruption coming out of Kalmykia, the         watching up close. They are almost                “Neither        Kasparov       nor
endless investigations by the author-       all class acts, especially Vishy              X3D      Fritz     could     maneuver
ities in Moscow concerning vanished         Anand, and they deserve neither the           their pieces to checkmate the
millions, his ties to Saddam Hussein,       reputation they sometimes re-                 other’s king, and split the match for
the murder of Larisa Yudina, and they       ceive      from       the    more      no-    half a point each.”
look for something more reputa-             torious         players       nor      the
ble to sponsor. All sports, including       fate to which the politicians who run
boxing, are now more reputable              the game have condemned them.
than chess.                                 Finally,      I     want      to    thank
    It is obvious what must be done in      my fellow members of the
the first place: get rid of Ilyumzhinov     fourth           estate,         especially
even if it means bankrupting                Arvind       Aaron,        Aviv     Fried-
FIDE. It is also obvious that, while        man,       Leontxo        Garcia,      Mig
necessary, this is insufficient. What       Greengard,          John       Henderson

15      The Chess Journalist                                                                            December 2003
XIIIIIIIIY               XIIIIIIIIY               XIIIIIIIIY
9-+-+-trk+0              9-+k+r+-+0               9-+-+-+-+0
9zp-zp-+-zpp0            9+pzp-+p+-0              9+l+-+-zpk0
9-+-zp-+-+0              9p+-zp-vL-zp0            9-+-+-+-zp0
9zP-zpP+l+-0             9+-+l+Nwq-0              9zp-vln+-+-0
9-+-+-+rwq0              9-zP-+-+p+0              9-+-+-+Q+0
9+-+-+PzPn0              9+-wQL+pzP-0             9+P+-+-zP-0
9-+-wQN+-zP0             9P+-+-tR-zP0             9-vL-+PzP-zP0
9vLR+-+R+K0              9+-+-+-+K0               9+-+r+LmK-0
xiiiiiiiiy               xiiiiiiiiy               xiiiiiiiiy
 Hvistendahl - Pollock    NN - Kostrovitsky        Shepley - Arkell,S
 London, 1885             St. Petersburg, 1893     Birmingham, 1990
 Black to move            Black to move            Black to move

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