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									                                         Fed-up with your business tensions
                                             handover them with ease

                                         BUSINESS SOLUTIONS CONSULTANT
                                                                       We steer the company with vision and goal

                                         Only one company to take care of every requirement of garment business under one roof

                                                                     SALIENT FEATURES
                                                 • TO GET RID OF MANAGERS OF FAT SALARY
                                               • TO AVOID UNDERHAND ACTIVITIES LIKE COMMISSION OR
                                                ANY TEMPTATION
                                             • GUARANTEED REDUCTION IN COST
                                            • SURE FALL IN WORKLOAD
                                            • TRANSPARENCY
                                            • VIABILITY
                                            • CONSISTENCY
                                             • DIRECT ACCESS TO OUR PROFESSIONALS
                                              • AFFORDABILITY ......................................


      CO                          IN E
         NT   ROL OF           BUS


Garment Business Solutions Consultant- a highly effective body of rich but rare Professionals of every field for successful management of
your Garment Business whether it is domestic or international.
The body takes care of your company in every field such as Setup, Operation , Purchase Fabric, Accessories and other Purchases at very
reasonable Price, Export order, Domestic marketing, Job work, Sampling, Administration, Production Accounts, Taxation, Liasioning,
Documentation and disposal of old stock.
Our high caliber team endeavors to provide the right ladder for efficacy of your business decisions of any nature by exploring constant innovations
successfully to exploit changes -really a major challenge to find ways & means to stay competitive and earn profit, Particularly in the context of post
2004 scenario out of Phasing out of quota system: certain things will happen: a fall in Price, Quality and Quantity in a quick time margin will
decrease dramatically and profit will come from savings across the production and management system. The team aims at relieving the garment
manufactures/exporters of such business tensions that are/will be working as a nuisance to progressive growth of your business.
The company guarantees to reduce operational as well as direct cost of production by managing the entire business of your company. In other
words business profit is yours and tensions are ours. Certainly our team is here to work as a dedicated one with the highest sense of integrity,
honesty and sincerity. And that much! You can never expect of your present staff.
So allow us to share your business tensions only once and find yourself comfortable forever.
Sure you will be awakened to the ground reality and give us your valuable time to improve your business.

LAND : Best efforts to arrange a suitable land at minimum price with no room for bargaining at the best place of your choice with no tension

Your concerns are minimum cost, quality and time. We take over the following tensions:
        • To depute the architects
        • To finalize the contractor for building with minimum margin.
        • Wood work, Sanitary work, Painting and Whitewash
        • To ensure quality of building materials.
        • Correct valuation of work for payment.
        • To get building plans sanctioned.
        • Occupation certificate

Complete setup of plant & machinery of latest technology at various stages in the unit. Electrical fittings, furniture & fixtures, AC plant & DG set. The
above things will be handled in such a way that matches your expectations.

          • Government Approvals.
          • To arrange proper staff workers with right wages at right place.
          • To arrange contractors at stages.
          • Registration of company with PF, ESI & other concerned authorities.
          • Factory license.
          • Approval of electric connection.
          • Telephonic connection.
          • NOC Fire Fighting.
          • NOC from pollution control board.
          • To develop proper systems in the following areas like: Production, Inventory control, Wastage control quality, Accounts and

"Constant exploration brings about a positive change."
Fabric & accessories constitute a major chunk of purchases. And our focus is on cost effective procurement of best quality with scheduled delivery.
 We check five factors: Price, Quality, Service, Credit period and Reliability. Before deciding the supplier, we have a certain procedure to
authenticate value with no room for further negotiation.
Our responsibilities include Requirement planning, Order placement and Monitoring of scheduled delivery, Consumption & Wastage. "We handle
other purchases very economically."

Effective and low cost marketing is lifeblood for any company and its growth is possible, when best marketing team and best distribution base
are available, In the process of attaining the same, the company wastes both time & fund, causing irrecoverable loss to the already tight
exchequer. To avoid such situation we provide a proper marketing platform to sell your product at leading stores in the country by using
logistics in respect of sale, profit customers service and operational efficiency. We handle the following marketing activities :
            • To float a brand
            • To build up brand image
            • Marketing feed back
            • Business strategy
            • To develop marketing network
            • To organise exhibitions
            • Order Booking
            • Monitoring of timely execution
            • Recovery
            • Interpretation of results

Maximum Output Minimum Cost
Cost effective production means operational efficiency of various stages and judicious control of all-related inputs at a productive cost with no
room left for wastage beyond the prescribed limit. We will take full control of production with ease in the following ways:

      • Production Planning
      • Timely Execution
      • Rational Tailor Rate
      • Quality Control
      • Preparation of Tailor Payment
      • Allocation of work to ensure consistency

      • Identification of right Fabricators / Suppliers
      • Fabrication
      • Packed Shipment
      • Dyeing, Printing & Embroidery Work
      • To fix genuine rate for the above
      • Quality
      • Timely Delivery

       •     Latest Fabric Swatches
       •     Latest Accessories
       •     Design Skill
       •     To Develop Ideal Sample Set

A formidable challenge to face, but easily possible, that too with economy, In most cases the company appoints General Manager / Manager
(Export) at hefty salary, spends large amount on other related areas and waits for 3 to 6 months for efforts to materialize. Though over the period
they invest huge amount, there is no guarantee that such investment will yield the positive results. In such uncertain atmosphere we provide
complete marketing support to the company to get orders from the buyer at an affordable cost. During this we take care of the following services:
          • Best presentation
          • Follow-up
          • Genuine price
          • Correspondence
          • Business queries

       • To ensure good relations between workers and employer
       • To formulate policies for good governance better productivity and
       • To fulfill compliance formalities
       • To keep discipline
       • Cleanliness'
       • Salary Matters
       • Recruitment

      • Routine Accounts
      • Accounts Payable & Receivable
      • Fund flow /cash flow statement
      • Statutory Audits
      • Finalisation of Accounts
      • MIS Report
      • Development of Control System
      • Monthly Profit & Loss Accounts
      • Interpretation
      • Excise Matters
      • Insurance Matters

       • Sale Tax Matters
       • Income Tax Matters

        • PF
        • ESI
        • Labour
        • Excise
        • Sale Tax
        • Income Tax
        • HSIDC, HSEB, HSPCB and Others.

       • Customer Clearance
       • Submission of Documents
       • Follow-Up
       • Freight Matters
       • Duty Structure

         •   Disposal of Old Stock at best rate
         •   Development of software as per requirement
         •   Scrap
         •   Other Factory Works

                                           BUSINESS SOLUTIONS CONSULTANT
                                                  Our Contact Details:
                                  349-A, 6-B, K-Block, Mahipalpur Extn., New Delhi-37
                               Phone : 91-11-39441010, 26785323, Mobile : 9313208328
                          E-mail :, Website :

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