OIF OEF Support Program Seamless Transition

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					Information for
VA Northern Indiana
Health Care System:

Ft. Wayne Campus
2121 Lake Avenue
Ft. Wayne, Indiana 46805                            Iraqi Freedom/
Toll Free: 1-800-360-8387
           VA Northern Indiana Health Care System
                                Ft. Wayne Campus
Marion Campus
1700 East 38th Street
Marion, Indiana 46953                               VA Northern Indiana
Toll Free: 1-800-498-8792                           Health Care System

         VA Northern Indiana Health Care System
                                 Marion Campus

                                                    Department of Veterans Affairs
                                                    Veterans Health Administration
               03/2006 - ATaylor
                                                   Why Contact Us?                           Contact Information
  Welcome home and
                                                 If you are having difficulty or
  thank you for your                        problems readjusting to life after your
                                             military service and it is starting to
service and sacrifice to                     affect your personal life, family life,
                                               social life, occupational life, and
 our country! It will be                                  future goals…

our honor to serve you.                      If you believe that taking care of your
                                               mental and emotional health is just
The VA Northern Indiana Health Care             as important as maintaining good
System has opened a new outreach and                    physical health…
                                                                                       Ft. Wayne Campus
support program specifically for those
who have served in combat or combat         If you think that you could benefit from   Andra Rivers-Jones MSSA,LISW,LCSW,LICDC
support operations during a period of war     community support and resources…         Social Worker
after the Gulf War, or against a hostile                                               Office: (260) 426-5431, ext. 71160
force after November 11, 1998.                 If you would like to talk with
                                            someone about your veterans benefits       Toll Free: 1-800-360-8387, ext. 71160
The OIF/OEF Support Program is                        or VA services…                  B-1 Room: 170
designed to provide you with:
                                              If you are in need of dental care...
                                                                                       Marion Campus
    Assistance scheduling and
    accessing any needed VA medical          If you have medical issues or need        Ona Miller, LCSW
    center services                               follow-up medical care...            Social Worker
    Information on VA benefits for                                                     Office: (765) 674-3321, ext. 73289
    which you may be eligible                Or even if you just have questions…
                                                                                       Toll Free: 1-800-498-8792, ext. 73289
    Assistance finding your way
    through the VA system                         …then please call us today.          Bldg.: 138
    Referral to resources in the                                                       Room: 139
    Support to you and your family as                                                  VA Website: www.va.gov
    you readjust to life after military
                                                                                       Other Benefits (VA Regional Office
    Education about post-combat
    readjustment                                                                       at Indianapolis): 1-800-827-1000