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Test Scores Documentation.doc


									Importing Test Scores
Student Test Scores can be imported when initially setting up PowerSchool data,
enrolling a large number of new or transferring students, or entering test scores for
students after receiving the test results.

Before importing test scores, an ASCII text file that contains the test score data being
imported needs to be created, preferably delimited by tabs. Required fields include:

                           StudentID or Student_Number
                           Test Date
                           Grade Level
                           Any scores that need to be imported.    PowerSchool may
                              display a different set of available scores depending on the
                              test scores being imported.

IMPORTANT - To record the numeric, percentage, and alphanumeric scores for test
scores, use the following numeric suffixes after the column headings preceded by an

                           [Column name]_1:  Displays the numeric score. For example,
                              include in the Math_1 column scores like 17, 27, and 22.
                           [Column name]_2: Displays the percentage score. For
                              example, include in the Math_2 column scores like 57%,
                              90%, and 73%.
                           [Column name]_3: Displays that alphanumeric score. For
                              example, include in the Math_3 column scores like F, A-,
                              and C.

When this addition to the column headers is not performed, the test scores will typically
not import, but the rest of the test information will.

Note: It is good practice to perform a test import that only contains one student. If
anything needs to be modified, then only one students test scores would need to be

Note: Do not include any other extraneous fields in the import file when importing test
scores. Be sure to use only the required fields.

Note: Do not place spaces in the column headings. An underscore can be used to
indicate a space. (i.e. social_studies_1) If you use the Alpha score type, do not leave it
empty. If a student does not have a score, enter a hyphen or zero. Also, you do not
have to import all three score types (number, percent, and alpha). You can import just
one or two if you prefer. When importing the percent score, do not use an import file
that contains any null values.
To import student test scores from an ASCII text file into PowerSchool:

                             1. On the start page, choose Special Functions from the
                                 main menu.
                             2. On the Special Functions page, click Importing &
                             3. On the Importing & Exporting page, click Quick Import.
                                 The Quick Import page appears.
                             4. Select "Test Scores" from the Tables drop box. Complete
                                 the page as needed.
                             5. Click Import. The Select Test page appears.
                             6. Choose a test from the Test pop-up menu. If the test you
                                 want does not appear, create the test. For more
                                 information, see documentation for "Set Up Tests and
                             7. Click Submit. The "Import Records from an ASCII Text
                                 File" page appears.
                             8. From the PowerSchool pop-up menu, choose the
                                 PowerSchool fields into which you want the system to
                                 save each value in the "From your file" column.
                             9. When choosing to automatically map fields from the tests
                                 import file to PowerSchool fields on the Quick Import
                                 screen, scores from your import file will not automatically
                                 map to the PowerSchool fields. For unmapped fields,
                                 manually map the field from your import file to the desired
                                 score field in PowerSchool.
                             10. Click Submit.

The records the system successfully imported and those that the system could not
import because of your specifications appear on the Import Progress page. The system
imports the data into the Test Scores table. You can view each student's test scores on
the Student Test Scores page.

Existing test scores cannot be updated with an import. They would need to be modified
individually or a new test import would be needed.

Note: When importing test scores, the imported records will be associated with the
school number from which the data was imported. For example, when importing test
scores for high school students while at the district office, PowerSchool will import the
test scores as if they are associated with the district. If it is your intention to associate
the records with the high school, be sure that you are in the high school before
How it Works: Tests
This article details how to use the PowerSchool Tests feature to setup and enter tests
and test scores.

Create a Test
Follow the steps below to create a test:

                           1. Log into the District.
                           2. Navigate to Start Page > District > [Grading Functions]
                              Tests > New.
                           3. Populate the following fields, then submit the page.

                           Name:  Used to query the tests for reports and DATs (data
                             access tags).
                           Type: Used for reference only.
                           Description: Used for reference only.
Create Test Scores
Follow the steps below to create test scores:

                           1. Log into the District.
                           2. Navigate to Start Page > District > [Grading Functions]
                           3. Click on Edit Scores next to the appropriate test.

                           4. Populate the following fields, then submit the page.

                           Name:  Used to query the test score for reports and DATs
                             (data access tags).
                           Sort Order: Used to sort the test score on the Test Scores
                           Description: Used for reference only.

Example List of Test Scores for ACT Test:
Enter Test Scores
Follow the steps below to enter test scores:

                           1.   Log into the appropriate School.
                           2.   Select a student from the Start Page.
                           3.   Choose the Test Scores student screen.
                           4.   Select a Test from the Enter New Test drop-down menu
                                and click Submit.

                           5. Enter the Date that the test was taken, the Term in which
                              the date falls, and the Grade Level of the student when
                              the test was taken. These fields can be referenced by the
                              Tests DAT (data access tag) for reports.
                           6. Populate the test score fields. These fields can also be
                              referenced by the Tests DAT (data access tag) for
                           7. Submit the page.

Example Completed Test Entry for Student
Test Score Record in [StudentTestScore] Table
When test scores are entered for a student on the Test Scores student screen, a record
is created in the [StudentTestScore] table. Follow the steps below to view the record:

                          1. Locate the student's internal ID on the bottom/middle of
                             the Teacher Comments student screen.
                          2. Navigate to Start Page > Systen > DDE.
                          3. Select the [StudentTestScore] Table.
                          4. Search for StudentID = [ID from step #1].

                          5. It is possible to search for additional criteria if the student
                             has many test score records.

                          6. Click on Search all x records in this table.
                          7. Click on List View.
                          8. Select the appropriate record.

The record in the image below responds to the ACT_Mathematics score seen on the
Test Scores student screen.image above. The AlphaScore is blank, the NumScore is 28
and the PercentScore is 0.
Report on Test Scores
Refer to Knowledgebase article 5982 for information on how to report on test scores.
Relationship Between Test Tables
How to find and export student test score data
In order to export the results of a given test, it is necessary to search several tables
before exporting. The example below illustrates how to export a list of students who
have taken the ACT test with a Mathematics score.

                            1. In Direct Database Export (DDE) Search the Test table
                               for the test that you want to find; for example, if you are
                               searching for ACT test results, search the Test table for
                               records where the Name value contains ACT.
                               PowerSchool should return one record. Click List View to
                               view the contents of that record.
                            2. Note the value of the ID field in the Test record. For this
                               example, the ID value is 3.
                            3. Search the TestScore table for records where the TestID
                               field values equal 3, the ID noted in the previous step.
                               This may show several types of test scores, all which are
                               part of the ACT test, such as Mathematics, Reading, or
                            4. The TestScore table also has an ID field. For this
                               example, the TestScore record with the Mathematics
                               name has an ID value of 15.
                            5. Search the StudentTestScore table for records where the
                               TestScoreID value equals 15. In this example,
                               PowerSchool would return all student test score records
                               for the Mathematics score of the ACT test.
                            6. Export the selection of StudentTestScore records to get a
                               list of students who have taken the ACT test with a
                               Mathematics score. The following is a sample of fields
                               you might use for the export:
                               StudentID
                               [students]LastFirst
                               [students]Student_Number
                               [students]Grade_Level
                               AlphaScore
                               NumScore
                               PercentScore
                               StudentTestID
                               [StudentTest]Grade_Level
                               [StudentTest]TermID
                               [StudentTest]Test_Date
                               TestScoreID
                               [TestScore]Description
                               [testScore]Name
                               ID

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