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By: Jarrod Holt
       Describe “the Wanamaker era” of advertising?

• Inefficient
• Money on advertising was being wasted on individuals without
  interest in products
• Mr. Wanamaker said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is
  wasted, the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”
             What was created to fix this problem?

• Pay-per-click ex: Adwords, Overture
• New advertising is based on consumers themselves taking the
  initiative by showing up voluntarily and interacting with what they
  find online.
• Advertisers only have to pay for clicks
          What is the problem with “pay-per-click”?

• Click fraud
• Hundreds of people are being paid to click on other businesses
  advertisings to make them pay lots of money.
            What is being done to stop click fraud?

• Pay-per-print
Ex: Coupon model- advertisers are charged only when a consumer
   prints out something.
• Pay-per-call
AOL is biggest partner, charges advertisers only when they receive a
   live call from a consumer.
• Cost-per-action
Charges advertisers only when consumers purchase something.
          What are the pros and cons of branding?

• Reaches a wide variety of people.
Ex: video games, super bowl commercials
• Cost lots of money
• What would Coke like better: Google or Branded advertising?
What is Real time and Asset Management and how do they
                    affect each other?

• Real time= as things are happening
• Asset Management= The managing of ones assets
• Real time allows the advertiser to have knowledge immediately of
   the amount of interest that is being produced. This allows him to
   manage his assets in relation to his advertising.
Ex: An advertiser has 100$ and 2 possible ways of advertising his
   product, he could use Google or Overture. He could go with just
   one of them, but he does not know which one is better. So he puts
   10$ in both to see the real time performance. Depending on the
   results he will put the rest of his money with the best advertising.
       Why is Google educating advertising agencies?

• So agencies will know how to use their programs, and will also use
  Google's’ programs for business.
            In what ways is Google going offline?

• Magazines
Google bought pages in the magazines and then put these pages up
  for auction on the Google site.
• Radio
dMarc Broadcasting is a company bought by Google to buy radio time
  and auction that time off.
• TV
Spot Runner produced thousands of Ads in categories from automotive
  to clothing, which local advertisers can buy and customize.
What is going to be needed for Google’s offline advertising
            to be like their online advertising?

• Real time feedback
• Auctions

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