DIARY by linzhengnd


									It is 31st December 92 and I am sitting on my dining chair in my small 2-bedroom apt in
America, and I was just recollecting all that took place back home in India which made it
possible for us to be in the USA today. Then it occurred to me that there were so many
incidents of triumph, answers to prayers, fights with the devil and victories over them,
that I should not hold them in my memory alone but put it in writing. So, I decided to
write them down and maybe one day, this could help someone to know that our God is
alive and real

It all began in august 91 when one morning Raj told us that we will be going to America
so he could do his theological training and get in to full-time ministry. This sounded like
a joke or a dream but when things started moving, I knew that this was serious stuff and
Raj really meant business. The church – MCC and Pastor Chinnadurai were behind
100% with all our plans and stood with us in prayer. At this stage it would be unfair no
to mention the Chinnadurais’ involvement in our lives. They dealt patiently with us,
spiritually guiding us and brought us to a stage where we could boldly trust God and be
completely dependant on Him for everything. Sunday after Sunday, the teachings from
the word made us all grow stronger in our faith and prayer became the first priority in our
daily lives. So we began praying for God’s guidance and to really confirm that we were
on the right track. It was at this stage when we were confused to choose the right college
when God brought the Gnaniahs into our midst and after talking to them and praying we
felt peaceful about applying to Biola University in Los Angeles, California.

The paper work began in full swing. Raj was rushing up and down acquiring all his
certificates. We applied for our passports and photographs were taken. We had to
accomplish a few things before entering the USA. Raj had to write the TOEFL exam,
pay the first semester fees - $3000, get sponsors for $25,000, get our visas, and above all,
we required Rs.85, 000 to buy our tickets to enter the “land of opportunities.” We had
thought of informing our relatives and friends about our plans, once we had proof that we
were really leaving India, but God did not want it that way, so one day in our Saturday
bible study, we made the announcement. They were shocked, surprised and though they
prayed for our plans, I am sure most of them thought that were just not serious.

Prayer played a very important role in all our efforts. Every small detail or plan and letter
was taken and sent with prayer. Prayer helped us to lean more on God rather than man.
We acquired everything. Raj passed his TOEFL with flying colors (600) with lots of
prayer and fights with the devil, the Lord have us victory in getting our passports. Our
great friend, Samson (Kuwait) agreed to send the dollars to the college, which would be
re-reimbursed, to him after the sale of our computer center. We got the transfer
certificates from the children’s schools, which was indeed a major step in our faith
because we still had not got our visas. Getting visas for our family was a very big
question mark because everyone informed us that they will no issue visas for the four of
us. So we did not get any encouraging news from our friends and family. There arose
doubt in our minds “Will we get our visas? What if we are denied? All our efforts will
go to waste. How will we face our friends and relatives” All these questions disturbed us.
I remember the remarks that Raj made once or twice like “I wish we had not started all
this. I am doing this for you all. Are you sure we will go?” I had my own fears but deep
inside, I was surprised to find our that I had great confidence that God was going to solve
everything for us, seeing that He undertook for us so many things in an amazing manner,
especially the Rs.12, 000 that we needed to pay for our visas was miraculously met by the
help of our relatives.

I will always cherish those precious hours spent with Raj in our bedroom in India (144)
discussing things about God and the way He worked in different circumstances. My
spiritual knowledge increased by God’s intervention and His spirit within me built a
deeper desire to read and understand God’s word in a new perspective. We prayed
holding hands, claiming God’s promises, fighting Satan’s schemes and winning victories
in the name of Jesus.

The great day arrived when we received our I-20 form and proceeded to Madras to get
our visas. Our hearts were beating faster than usual as we were standing in line in
Madras outside the US Embassy and the time came for us to see the person who was
going to interview us. After talking to us and asking a few questions, he completely
denied still looking at our papers and shaking his head, but we continued praying and Raj
prayed aloud “Dear Jesus, do something now.” At that moment, the man was distracted
by a girl behind him and for a few seconds he was talking to her and as he turned around
to talk to us again, we could see a complete change of expression on his face and the tone
of his voice became softer and then Raj said to him “God will bless you – if you grant the
visa.” The guy smiled and replied “I do not know whether God will bless me, but I am
taking a big chance on you guys.” Oh how relieved we were that God heard and
answered our prayers and performed this great miracle right before our eyes and
moreover sealing it with His confirmation that we are on the right road. We had lots of
work to do now but the devil did not like what was happening and brought in lot of
obstacles in our way by not letting our computer center be sold. We continued to trust
God and He intervened and the place was sold just 2 days before we left. Everything
worked out ok after that and here we are in La Mirada, California.

Once again, I do owe a lot of gratitude to my husband for my spiritual strength. It was he
who brought me to the Lord and time after time taught me truth from the scriptures. God
has been wonderful to us even now in a strange land. God brought the Hurlberts in our
lives and they helped us in getting settled down in his house which is closed to Biola and
children’s school. They helped us a lot and paid $200 difference which we would have
lost when we moved here. They took me and the girls to get admitted in their schools.
They also helped through their church get a few things like couches, dining table, chairs,
and chest of drawers and kitchen items. They are wonderful people and angels sent from
Now I want to illustrate all the miracles that took place from September 92 onwards.

September 92:

   1.  Raj applied for a computer job at the university and was rejected as the place was
      filled. We prayed and left everything to God and a month later he was hired for
      the same job.
   2. We did not have enough money to pay the next month’s rent and no groceries in
      the house. Raj went to find out at Biola if there was any money left after his
      tuition fees. He was informed that there was $1000 in his account. He was
      surprised but knew God had yet worked another miracle and hence from that day
      we have not missed paying rent or starved even for a day. He has been providing.

December 92:

   3. It was my birthday and we did not have any extra money to spend. The Gnaniahs
       invited us over for dinner and presented me with a beautiful sari.
   4. Veena’s b’day: The Hurlberts surprised us with a lot of groceries from the
       church. They even brought some chicken, cake mixes and other things to
       celebrate her birthday. Lynn Miller gave her a beautiful skirt and blouse for her.
   5. One morning we were praying that God would give us some money to buy a few
       winter clothes. Our Korean neighbor (Myangjoo) who had just returned from
       Korea came up that same morning and gave us a lot of woolen clothes, socks,
       undergarments, stockings and umbrella and gave us $200 for our expenses. Isn’t
       God great?
   6. Raj’s professor have lot of dresses fro me and the girls and 2 beautiful comforters.
   7. The Rajasekarans brought a bunch of sweaters for Raj and the children and $50.
   8. Reuben and Packiam presented Raj with a beautiful ready made shirt for X’mas.
   9. The Gnaniahs and Hurlberts bought lot of Indian groceries and gave it to us for
   10. Raj was allowed to work 40 hrs a week during winter vacation (Dec 8 – Jan 31.)

January 93:

   11. An anonymous donor mailed a gift check for $150 as a X’mas present and sicne
       Raj also worked overtime and earned extra money, he bought a Yamaha
       Keyboard for the girls as a X’mas gift.
   12. God enabled us to pay the rent and all bills for these five months that we have
       been here.
   13. We have been praying that God will provide us with $4200 towards Raj’s tuition.
       Praise the Lord, till now He has provided for us $3500 form the college student
       Financial Aid Fund. We know that He will take care of the balance amount too.
   14. A member of the Florence Ave Foursquare Church has given us a car 1976
       Datsun to use until we leave California.
   15. Raj got his driving license.
February 93:

   16. Ethel Azariah presents Raj with a new shirt.
   17. Raj’s tuition fees have been paid by the college. Praise God!

March 93:

   18. Raj worked 8 hours a day and the salary was paid without any problems.

April 93:

   19. Raj’s boss and collegue pay for the car insurance and money to be sent to
       Premakka, Jeymani amma and others

May 93:

   20. Patty Mickley drives me to the DMV for my written test and praise God. I pass.

June 93:

   21. Raj and Dave Young teach me to drive the car. Praying for God’s strength and
       boldness to learn driving.

July 93:

   22. Raj is having a tough time with Dave at work. I am praying for God to intervene
       and give patience to Raj to deal with the situation. Confide in Ralph.

August 93:

   23. Dave presents Veena and Leelu with $100 for the back to school purchases.
   24. Ray and Terry buy and whole year’s stationery for the girls.
   25. God answered prayer and Dave and Raj worked out things at work.
   26. Raj’s scholarship comes through but praying for the balance of $475 from
       Mesghina to be given which is under debate
   27. Raj’s full tuition fees are covered through different sources at Biola.
   28. Praise God for everything that He is doing in our lives.

September 93:

   29. Leelu’s bday: She is 13 today. Praying for God’s protection and guidance all her
   30. Pastor Ralph and Patty call us to talk about some problems with one of the
       members of the church. We pray for God’s wisdom to bring about peace and
   31. Raj’s friend, Jody, gave a lot of clothes and sweaters for us.
   32. Helping in the nursery at Granada Heights Friends Church on Wednesday

October 93:

   33. Raj celebrates his 43rd birthday
   34. I have been praying for some good fitting jeans and pants and a good pair of shoes
       and my prayers were answered when Theresa gave me all I wanted including a
       new pair of walking shoes.

December 93:

   35. God helped me celebrate my 41st birthday and Raj presented me a camera – an
       earthly possession which I always desired.
   36. Ray and family surprise us with a beautiful Christmas tree with all the ornaments.
       God cares and knows the desires of our hearts.
   37. The girls are away on a youth convention at Long Beach. Raj and myself enjoyed
       our time together. He took me out to eat (which I love.)

January 94:

   38. Raj’s semester fees are paid and also $150 is sanctioned to purchase books.
   39. Doris’ m-in-law gave me a new watch when she found out that my old one was
       not working.

May 94:

   40. After 2 attempts in my driving test I got my driving license and purely by the
       grace of God.
   41. Raj is recognized and awarded for a “person who has distinguished himself in
       meaningful interpretation and public reading of the scriptures.”
   42. Rex took us to downtown LA.

June 94:

   43. Dave again gave us $400 towards insurance.
   44. Leelu goes to Disneyland with her school (HMS)
   45. Veena receives a letter from Who’s Who Among American High School Students
       and in nominated for an important award.
   46. Raj’s friend gave him a check for $50 (JC Penney gift certificate) to buy 2 good
   47. Jim Scott and Jerry from Foursquare Head office visit us over lunch at our house
       and discuss about the possibility of opening up a South East Asian Church in
       Artesia among the Indian community. We are praying that God will use us
       wherever He wants us.
July 94:

   48. 5th: Just when Raj was wondering what would happen if the foursquare church
       accepted his proposal – which meant his status as a student changes and all the
       scholarships from Talbot will be discontinued – he received information that the
       Lamb’s foundation has agreed to give Raj full tuition fees till he completed his
   49. 8th: We are walking around the shopping area in Artesia and visited one shop
       owned by a sardar ji
   50. 17th: We are invited to the Foursquare church in Artesia by George Shearer. The
       pastor talked to us and surprised that they have been praying for someone to come
       up and evangelize the people of India living in Artesia, Cerritos and Norwalk.
       Looks like God is moving.
   51. 19th: Raj had to undergo a minor surgery to lance oru a cyst on his back that was
       badly infected. Leelu suffers from a severe fever and shivering. We felt a satanic
       attack on our family and at once prayed and bound the demons in Jesus’ name.

August 94:

   52. 12th: We shift to our new 3 bedroom apt on the ground floor right down the
       street. It is beautiful and God provides for us through friends
   53. We have been faithfully visiting Artesia every week. We met a Hindu couple
       (Arun and Punitha) who gave us a few addresses and phone numbers. We met 2
       roman catholic families – Ashok & Latha and their son Ajay and Sekar and
           We at this time get a call from Washington D.C. asking Raj to come for an
   interview. Why now?? Is this from God? We talk and pray as a family over dinner.
   Veena suggests that we ask Him for a sign and Leelu says “let the sign be that hair
   grows on daddy’s head.” We receive a call from Ashok inviting us to dinner and we
   are peaceful about staying here.

September 94:

   54. 2nd: Ashok and his family are lovely people who have been exposed to God’s
       goodness and faithfulness. We enjoy their fellowship.
   55. 10th: Ashok’s family come over for dinner and they bring us a coffeemaker and t-
       shirts as gifts. God knows our needs and provides for us.
   56. 16th: We meet Sekar and Pamela in their home. Praying for God’s power to
       move in their lives.
   57. 17th/18th: We have our first home bible study with Ashok’s family.
   58. Pastor Bill gives us a gift of $200.
   59. We meet another Hindu lady – Sarojini Devi. I called her and she talked to me in
       Hindi and shared her problems. She believes in Jesus.
   60. 25th: Raj speaks in TCC (Heb 11:6) Bill asks the congregation for a special
       offering for us. The Lord is good.
October 94:

   61. 15th: Raj now officially ordained as Pastor for the Indian church

November 94:

   62. 1st: Raj thinks that we should campaign for the church by advertising and asking
       for financial support but I am not peaceful. A few days later, Jerry Vaughn calls
       Raj informing him that John Watson has agreed to pay us $500 monthly for at
       least 8 months. Isn’t He wonderful?
   63. 5th: Our car breaks down and it will cost $300 to fix. We are now without a car.
       We pray and call a few friends. John Starr prays with us on the phone that God
       will provide a good, automatic A/C car.
   64. 7th: Dave Pott calls and informs us that he was at Hilltop Church when John
       shared our need for a carl He told us that just recently that his boss had given him
       a new car as a bonus and he had been thinking what he should do with his other
       one. When John spoke, Hod hit him on his head, he says, and told him to give the
       other car to us. He came over and handed us over the 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass
       Sierra, a very modern car with everything. We never expected so much but God
       is good and we praise Him.
   65. 18th: We begin our official bible study at TCC. May God bless us as we minister
       to these lost people of India.

January 95:

   66. 7th: Veena suggested a few days ago that I needed to buy Tide with bleach
       (laundry detergent). Today, Myangjoo and family came to visit us and guess
       what they bought for us? Yes – Tide with Bleach. God gives us the desires of
       our heart.
   67. 17th: Raj goes to register and every semester we had to wait to know where the
       scholarship money was going to come from. But this time it was all paid for and
       there was excess of $2000 in his account.
   68. 24th: Raj shares a dream God telling him to go to Washington D.C. We are not
       sure whether this is from God or just his supposed imagination. When we called
       Washington, he was informed that they were still looking for a permanent pastor
       and would let us know when everything is finalized.
   69. 25th: I cut my thumb on the vegetable cutter. Raj takes the day off and helps me
       with the chores. Veena and Leelu also help me a lot. Thank God for a loving

February 95:

   70. 1st: The Lord provides all the money we need to buy a very good new computer.
       It is a latest Mac with a cd player too.
   71. 21st: We experience a severe thunderstorm and lightning early this morning
       around 5:30 am. We prayed the Lord’s prayer together.
March 95:

   72. 22nd: I experience my first shock while driving and hitting another car on our
       street. Praise God he saved Veena and myself. God worked out all the details
       beautifully and all is well.

April 95:

   73. 1st: Raj shares about how God gave Isaac back to Abraham because of his
       obedience and God is giving us back this Indian church.
   74. 8th: Raj calls Washington and we get a clear response that God wants us to
       continue here. I am sure that He will help us in this work.

May 95:

   75. 27th: Raj graduates with high honors. We planned a big party. The Lord
       provided the money for us through the church TCC. Pastor Bill raised up $685.
       It was a grand affair. Many Hindu friends turned up. They heard the message
       when Dr. Alexander spoke. May the Lord work on the hearts and minds of these
               We were not sure how we were going to live with Raj not having a regular
               job but we knew our Lord had plans for us and He will provide. The
               Foursquare church head office which was supporting us $500 per month 5
               and extended their support till December 9 increased their amount to

June 95:

   76. 4th: Raj teaches the adult Sunday school at TCC for 4 weeks.
   77. 8th: Raj and myself go to Riverside Foursquare church with Ralph and Patti to get
       the church license for Raj.
   78. 15th: Raj applied for a job at ECCU but God closed that door. He has great plans
       for us.
   79. For the past few months, Leelu has been having problems with her French
       teacher. We prayed with her that God will take control of the situation and that
       Leelu will learn to submit to authority and that the teacher too will work out their
       differences in a good atmosphere. A few weeks later, Leelu comes rejoicing that
       the French teacher has resigned and leaving never to come back.
   80. 17th: Reuben and Packiam come in to our lives and they promise to be with us as
       we reach the Indian community.
   81. 24th: The Lord shows us a good lawyer (Kumar) through Reuben for our green
       card. May the Lord help us.

July 95:
   82. We are trying all methods to go and reach the Hindus and Muslims but nothing
       seems to be working. We are praying for God’s infinite wisdom for us to use the
       right methods.
   83. Praying that God will provide a part time job for Raj, if it is His will.

August 95:

   84. 8th: Somebody broke into our car, smashed the driver’s side window and stole the
       car phone. Why did God allow this? We do not know. Pastor Bill called and
       when Raj told him about it he said he would pay the money for fixing the glass
   85. 10th: Raj frantically applies for jobs sending his resume by fax to different
       employment agencies. In the evening we are invited by Mark and Tammy for
       dinner. Mark recommends Raj join APU where there is a vacancy for a computer
       programmer. Calls are made and Raj goes fro an interview the next day. Monday
       they call him and say that he will get the job but he has to write a test as a
       formality. They say they are going to pay him $3000 per month with all extra
       benefits. We are praying for God’s will to be done in this matter that He will
       guide us and give us peace that we are following the right direction.
   86. 16th: Raj writes a test for computer programs at APU and scores 75%.

November 95:

   87. 24th: Call from Samson (Canada) that Amma had a stroke and her right side was
       paralyzed due to blood clot in the brain. She is now in the hospital and on the
       respirator. I am praying that God will take her home and not let her suffer
   88. 28th: Raj shares Gen 15:2&6 as a promise from God about our green card and
   89. 29th: Amma died this morning. They took her to Bangalore. Sheila and myself
       were the only 2 children could not go to India. It was very hard on me to accept
       the fact that my mother was not alive anymore. I am not sad that she died but that
       I was not there to see her face for the last time to bid her good-bye. I thank God
       that she now with Him.

December 95:

   90. 2nd: We have a memorial service for Amma at TCC. 35 of our friends
       participated and shared in my grief. Pastor Ralph and Bill shared the message and
       the good news went across to our non-Christian friends.

April 96:

   91. Praying that God will provide us $800 for INS fees for green card process.
   92. Prayer answered. We had $450 in the bank and we needed another $350. We
       received the amount by mail. It was a tax refund from the California state.
May 96:

   93. We do not have enough money to pay the rent for June. The money from the
       church got delayed. We received yet another tax refund for $840 in mail. God is
       wonderful, isn’t He?

June 96:

   94. Leelu gets a job at the Palms.
   95. 20th: Veena graduates high school from LMHS with high honors.
   96. 22nd: Graduation party goes off very well. God is glorified.

July 96:

   97. Veena also gets a job at the Palms.

October 96:

The Foursquare church financial support stopped this month, which means that we will
be losing a great amount, but God has not disappointed us at any time. He will open up
new doors. Raj writes a letter to IFSC saying that he would like to resign from his
pastorship but still preach and teach in different churches.

Veena needs $700 as tuition fees and pray that God will provide.

God is opening up teaching jobs for Raj at APU in both the computer field and the school
of theology. Praying that God will help us to make the right choice.

Raj is also pursuing D.Min hope this education and being a student again will give him
joy and bring him back to where God really wants him to be.

12th: Rev. Reinhardt calls from Canada to talk to Raj.

December 96:

Drive up to Phoenix, Arizona for a two day reunion with Jim and John, Sheila and Athan.

January 97:

We decide that Veena should attend APU and stay in the dorm as all her tuition and other
fees are paid through Cal Grant and Staff Institutional Aid. We praise God that the
financial problem has been taken care of for the girls.

May 97:
6th: Interview for green card
8th: Raj’s passport stamped. Praise God! Waiting for our passports to be stamped!

June 97:

9th: Leelu will be taking her driving test. She did not get through and both Raj and Leelu
were upset that whole day.
19th: Veena and Leelu are involved in a car accident on La Mirada. Praise God no one
was hurt. Our car was damaged in and around the bumper. We pray for God’s provision
to repair the damages.
20th: We help the Syed family with Sameena’s graduation party. Veena was MC and
Leelu sang a song with her guitar.
24th: Raj gets an offer to be promoted as Director at SCC. Veena says it is ok with her.
26th: Raj takes a leave of absence to take the car to the dealer for repairs and also talk to
Jerry of SCC for an interview this afternoon at 2pm. Raj is not happy and peaceful.
27th: Everything is cleared up regarding APU and SCC as Ken offers to give Raj a raise
this September. Praise God!

July 97:

6th: Raj receives his official green card by mail. We are still awaiting ours.
8th: Jerry from SCC is still calling Raj and they are negotiating about a possible job
there. They are even willing to give 75% tuition for Veena. So again we pray for God’s
wisdom and guidance.
14th: Veena gets her college algebra summer class at Fullerton JC. It was worth waiting.
16th: Raj has an interview with VP of SCC and is offered $47,500 per year and full
tuition benefits for Veena. We do not know what His plans are but we sure will after
some years.

August 97:

1st: Raj joins duty at SCC
22nd: Veena leaves home for the dorm. Sam and Tim visit us from Canada

October 97:

Trip to St.Louis

December 97:

Leelu gets more money because of inconvenience law.
$150 bonus for Raj.
$210 for teaching at Granada.
Manickam athan died.
Leelu gets license
I was sick on Christmas Eve. We prayed and was healed and spent Christmas with Sekar
family (Hannah’s first Christmas)
New Year’s Eve spent with Syed family overnight at Covina.

February 98:

Raj offered new position as Chief of Information Systems with more salary. Everything
works out well and he is appointed for this new status.

April 98:

After many visits to the INS office, God intervened and through the help of a Good
Samaritan officer called Paul Lovingood who stamped our passports for green card.
Praise God. His timing is perfect.

May 98:

We have been looking for homes at Costa Mesa fro the past 3-4 months now. Yesterday
(May 27), I go with Raj to SCC and meet Larry (broker) who shows us many houses, but
we like one home on Harbor Blvd and felt led to go ahead and proceed. Calls were made,
loans were pre-approved. Today (May 28) Raj will be signing the official papers to give
an offer of $190,000. Praying that if it is God’s will that all will go smoothly.

June 98:

463 Princeton Dr. Costa Mesa is officially our house now. Paper work and formalities
are in process and we thank God for giving us peace and joy in our hearts to move in to
our home. It is a dream come true. Veena and Leelu pitch in their share of money they
worked all summer towards expenses for the home. Praise God for such loving and
understanding children. May the Lord bless them.
This month is hectic. We are packing and Leelu is getting ready to graduate on the 16th
of June. We have the graduation party on Sunday the 21st of June at TCC.

July 98:

2nd: We have successfully moved into our house leaving La Mirada behind us after 6
years. We are relaxed but so much unpacking and arranging to be done before Steven
and Preetha visit us on the 20th of July. Washer, Dryer and Gas have arrived and so life
began for me.
18th: Leelu is all packed to go to her trip to France. Veena and I dropped her off at Miss
V’s house and bid her farewell.
19th (12:00 Midnight): Door bell rings and guess who’s standing at the door – it’s Leelu
with all her bag and baggage. We were shocked to see her back. What happened? Well,
we were all so smart that we forgot the most important formality – we forgot to get her
the visa to France and so they sent her back. We were all having mixed emotions and I
couldn’t sleep all night and prayed that God will somehow open up the door for her to get
her visa and she could go back. Leelu was so calm and cool on the outside but I bet she
was torn inside because this was her dream which she was planning the whole year.
20th: In all this turmoil on 19th night, Veena was peacefully sleeping and woke up to find
out what had happened and she felt bad for her sister. Well, all said and done, we started
working on how to get her back on the plane and so started making calls to the French
Embassy as Veena and I had to go pick up Steven and Preetha. Steven was happy that he
could see Leelu at least for a day. Everything went well at the embassy and we just had
to get the parents letter notarized and Miss V called and arranged for reasonable plane
tickets for her. This was extra money but bless Veena’s heart, she have all the money
that she had towards the ticket and the next day Veena and I both got her into the plane
back to Paris via Frankfurt and we were so relieved that all had gone well but I was still
scared as she was going alone and was happy once she called to say that she had joined
the group. All this really amazed me to think that my sweet little baby has ventured out
on her won without any fear trusting God all the way and I can say now we as parents
have done a good job on these two precious gifts.
27th: Steven and Preetha leave. We had a fairly good time and glad that they made the
effort to come and see us.
29th: Chandran surprised us with his visit for a day.

August 98:

2nd: Leelu returns safely from her trip and God’s protection was with her all the time she
was there and she felt that it was He who kept her safe on the day she got lost which was
a frightening ordeal for her and the group.
22nd: Both the girls move in to their college dorms and are going to begin another
academic year. God has been providing all the necessary funds for them to study thre
almost free and we thank Him for taking Raj ther for them to have their benefits.

October 99:

8th: As you can see that I have missed almost a year of writing in my diary and maybe its
because of smooth sailing or sheer laziness on my part. A lot has happened in the last
few months. We were able to refinance our house for a low interest rate and consolidate
our credit cards. Leelu went on a trip with her theater group to Dogshed, North Carolina
for 1 and a half months and enjoyed a very blessed and fruitful time with the church
group and ministering to the kids.
        After her safe return, both the girls got ready to leave for their mission trip to
India for a month. While they were there we decided to get rid of the old car and get a
new one. So we went ahead – way ahead and bought a brand new 1999 Toyota Camry.
We sold the Oldsmobile to Caesar and the Mercury Sable to Kareema. We still have the
Buick. Since we had the new car, we wanted to drive it all the time and so we planned a
road trip to San Jose – San Francisco and return via PCH. I know Raj is not pleased with
the idea of driving and visiting. His idea of a vacation is staying home, lazing around,
sleeping and not taking a shower!!!! But of course he is a loving and caring husband and
would love to please his wife’s desires and so made the sacrifice and took me on this
wonderful trip. We stayed at Latha and Ashok’s home in San Jose and had a very relaxed
        Veena returned safely from India and decided on the morning of the MCAT exam
that she was not going to write the exam after all even though that was the reason she
came ahead of Leelu. I was surprised and shocked but Raj kept his cool and agreed with
her. A week later Leelu also came back safely and for the next 2 days we were just
talking about their trip. Leelu went with her dad and got a new 1999 Pontiac Sunfire for
herself as she was going to pay for it. Veena keeps the Buick a while until she can also
buy a new car.
        Everything seemed to be going well when suddenly one day our peace is shaken
by Jay (Raj’s employee) who seems to be having some problems with Raj’s
administration and authoritative figure and the matter reaches to a level of the Human
Resources. It settles down for a while and this time it begins with serious allegations
(which are false) and he is creating a very tense atmosphere in the IS dept. He is not on
speaking terms with Raj. I have not seen him so upset and tensed but God’s grace
sustains all of us. We prayed as a family and are now at a stage where Raj will have to
leave this job.

November 99:

Raj has planned to resign his job at VU with conditions to continue the free education for
Veena and Leelu till they graduate. God worked wonderfully and everything was settled.
Raj began applying for jobs and posting his resume on the internet came across a very
expensive, but reliable company, that get jobs for people at Raj’s position. God was with
us throughout the process and finally with a few interviews he accepted the job at
KAPCO on 20th December.

December 99:

Raj starts working at KAPCO. He has to commute for 20 mins but he is enjoying it.
There is great fear and concern about Y2K and we have already filled up the garage with
non-perishable and canned goods, etc. The whole thing blew up in smoke. Nothing
happened. All was well and we could use up most of the stuff for the next 6 months.

January 2000:

All is well here at home but we got disturbing news from India. Selvaraj athan went to
be with Lord on 4 January. It was very sad time for us because we wanted to see him
before he died. Leelu decided to venture out on her own for an adventurous road trip to
Redding in her new Sunfire to meet Nat. I thought it was crazy but knowing her that was
her “life long dream.” She went and God was with her and brought her back safely.

June 2000:

Veena graduated from VU and also writes her MCAT and works full time at Truesdail in
Tustin. Leelu is working part time at Baran Accountancy.
        In the mean time, Raj and I felt we should visit India since it has been 8 years
now. There were many issues involved and had to be resolved before we even made any
plans. So once again we used the Biblical method of throwing lots to see if it was God’s
will for us to go or not at this time. Guess what? It was.
        There began my trips to the shopping malls and stores to get gifts for everyone. I
realized that I had never done so much shopping in my life. It became a gruesome task
when they started sending lists of things to buy from here which even we did not know
they existed. It all turned out fine and everyone was happy and we had a great time.

November 2000:

God enabled us to go and visit our loved ones in India which was a miracle as Raj had
just joined the new company and he was not even a year old and they gave him six weeks
of vacation with pay! We had a lovely and memorable time and God made it possible for
us to meet everyone from the youngest to the oldest. Except for a few minor health
problems He took care of us and brought us back safely.

January 2001:

A week after we arrived I underwent surgery for appendicitis. I recovered well. It was
great to see my husband trying his hand in cooking and he did a pretty good job too. I
felt loved and enjoyed the pampering which lasted for a few months.

March 2001:

We decided to remodel our house and so the project went on for at least four months.
God undertook for us in every area of work from the roof to the sprinklers to the brand
new kitchen, painting, new furniture, etc .etc. He brought in the right people for the right
job. The house was still getting the finishing touches when Ravi and Roopa arrived for a
weeks stay with us .We had a great time with them and they were the first ones to see the
new version of the house. It was a pleasant coincidence that Chandran and Sara were in
LA and could come and spend a few hours with us just a few days after Ravi and Roopa

May 2001:

Veena did not get any positive response from medical schools she applied to LomaLinda
University for the MPH program in International Health and to Dartmouth College in
Evaluative Clinic Sciences. She was accepted to both and decided to go to Dartmouth as
it is one of the Ivy League schools. That meant a big move for her away from family and
friends and for the first time to be on her own. God provided everything she needed from
a place to stay to her financial needs. It was at this time that my youngest sister, Sheba
and her family visited us from Canada .Her husband left for India after a week but they
stayed with us for another two months. We enjoyed their stay, especially me as I had not
seen them in nine years.
August 2001:

Veena wrote her MCAT again and she and Leelu both went on a 10 day missions trip to
Fiji with their Church group. Two days after their return Veena left for Vermont and
Sheba and co. left for Canada a day later. God took them safely to their destinations .

September 2001:

And then just a week later is when America was attacked by terrorists. We just thanked
God that our loved ones were safe and secure at this time. This was the greatest shock
that we have had in many years reminding us more than ever that God is in control and
that we have to be prepared as the end may be nearing soon.
         Leelu is in her final year in college and decided to commute from home. It is good
to have her around. She is really doing very well in her studies and other church
activities. Both the girls are a great joy to us and we praise God for their unshakable faith
in Him.
         Another miracle was that many of the workers at Raj’s company lost their jobs
due to the September attacks, but God was gracious and merciful to us and Raj was not
affected. We continue to thank God for every provision.

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