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Run Your Car On Water by mobileeducation


Free guide and info how to convert your car or truck to use water as fuel!

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									You can run your car on water! And in doing, so you double your gasoline and engine power increase of 25% or more! Let me explain how you can run your car on water. It will not be good to draw in a gas station more than half the time you do it because you decided to run your car on water? Together, be able to pass the gas station more often, smile because you realize how much money you save, you know that you included in the increase in the number of people who take responsibility the improvement of our environment. Believe me, it feels good, personal and financial! It seems strange that you can run your car on water, after all, gas and water do not mix really. However, hydrogen and oxygen when they are in the form of gas, hydrogen, oxygen and gasoline do mix quite well. To turn the oxygen and hydrogen into gas, I was use my electrical car system to turn water into oxygen and hydrogen. Through the action of the electrolysis of water, I use a car engine to inject hydrogen and oxygen gas in a fuel-air mixture is combined with the piston engine to compress the mixture and spark plugs to ignite it, I now have a car that runs on water! And this is how you can run your car on water! Benefits that easy to make changes to your vehicle so your car can run on water are many and include: - The proper functioning of the engine(Smoother Engine) - Less pollution - Increase the fuel consumption of up to twice - Remove carbon deposits in the engine - Less wear on the engine - Save money - Repayment of the IRS - 15 to 25 per cent increase in power - Low operating temperature engine When I started reading about how to “run your car on water“, I read many articles and outline, and I came across a number of observations that cars running on water is a hoax, because the process used more energy than. The investigation continues into the charges that yes, I realized, he brings energy to the system works, and this time it is an irrefutable fact of physics that can not do more than the machine used. Ultimately, of course, the use of energy. I can not work if it does not. This is not a fake, and it does not work. Think of how many resources an apple tree uses, the production of waste. We can see how mathematics is a good tree, and although I personally have not done that I think of efficiency, less than one percent. Who really cares? We are aware that we do not intend to use the food, the sun rays or radiation absorbed by the tree, and it is simply the cycle. We are pleased to produce the apple.

In an effort to launch a car on water, it will be the same process. Your car voltage regulator generator that die when the battery is charged and the generator is still not spinning. The potential loss of energy used to produce hydrogen. It saves money and gas and, yes, it works! It reduces pollution, carbon deposits in the engine, lower operating temperature of the engine, the engine 15 to provide a 25% increase in power and increase fuel efficiency twice. It is therefore natural to take advantage of the system and reap the fruits of that. Are you ready to learn how to build your own device to convert hydrogen to power vehicles and hybrid cars to run your car on water? And heyy, when you run your car on water, just go and enjoy an apple tooooooo!

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