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UK welcomes HM the King's commitment to reform

London - The United Kingdom has welcomed HM King Mohammed VI's stated commitment
to reform, following the Monarch's June 17 speech to announce the new draft constitution.
    "We welcome the King’s stated commitment to reform," a spokesman of the Foreign
Office told MAP news agency.

  Recalling the UK-Morocco friendship relations, the British official voiced his country’s
hope to see Morocco continues down “the path of reform.”

US House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman hails Morocco's draft Constitution

Washington - The U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
welcomed, on Tuesday, the draft Constitution announced by HM King Mohammed VI on
June 17.
   "I welcome proactive measures to strengthen parliament, safeguard judicial
independence, promote freedom of thought, uphold human rights values, and encourage
freedom of religious practice," Ros-Lehtinen said in a statement.

  She added that the "proposed constitutional changes are a welcome start in what must
be a long-term process to increase democracy and enhance stability in Morocco," insisting
that "Morocco's reform agenda could serve as an example for the region."

  Last March, Ros-Lehtinen had congratulated HM King Mohammed VI on the
comprehensive constitutional reforms announced in the Royal speech of March 9.

  She had said that these "impressive" constitutional reforms are forward-looking and aim to
promote democracy and the rule of law.

European Council welcomes Morocco's constitutional reform

Brussels - The European Union hailed Friday Morocco's draft constitution, to be voted in on
July 1, said the Council President Herman Van Rompuy.

At a press conference after the summit of Heads of state and government, held on 23-24
June in Brussels, Van Rompuy welcomed the reforms undertaken in Morocco and the main
provisions of the new Moroccan Constitution.

The text of the final declaration of the EU summit said that "the board praised the main
elements of Morocco’s new constitution" and welcomes the measures currently taken in the
countries of the region.

China welcomes Morocco's constitutional reforms

Beijing - China welcomes the constitutional reforms announced by HM King Mohammed VI
in his speech on June 17.

"We noted the progress made by Morocco in terms of constitutional reforms, and we hope
that the country will continue to carry the process forward," Chinese Foreign Ministry said in
a statement.

Many countries and international organizations, including the United Nations, welcomed the
constitutional reforms announced by the Sovereign, to be voted on July 1 in a referendum.

UNSG welcomes constitutional reforms announced by HM the King
New York, UN - The United Nations Secretary General (UNSG) Ban Ki-moon welcomed, on Wednesday in
New York, the constitutional reforms announced by HM King Mohammed VI and congratulated Morocco for
the "peaceful manner" with which it has carried out the process.

  "The Secretary General welcomed the constitutional reforms announced by HM King Mohammed VI on
July 17, 2011, which will be put to a referendum on July 1st," said a statement of the UNSC spokesperson.

  "All national actors, especially the youth, has a significant role to play," he added, stressing that Ban
supports them "to continue to take part in the process underway through dialogue and nonviolence."

  During a press conference, on Tuesday, the Secretary General expressed his appreciation of the reforms
undertaken by HM the King.

  "I appreciate reform measures taken by the King of Morocco," he had said

Togolese President commends HM the King's commitment to political reforms
Lomé - Togolese President, Faure Essozimna Gnassingbé, commended, on Wednesday in Lomé, HM King
Mohammed VI's courage and commitment to carry out political reforms.

   “These reforms will guarantee Morocco's stability and promote democracy building in the Kingdom,”
President Gnassingbé said at a meeting with foreign trade minister, Abdellatif Maazouz, on the occasion of
the arrival, in Togo, of the Export Caravan.

  Bilateral relations are excellent, the Togolese President added.

   Organized on June 19-25 by Maroc Export, the Caravan aims at promoting relations with Sub-Saharan
Africa and strengthening South-South cooperation.

  This year four African countries are targeted, namely Ghana, Benin, Togo and Angola.

Vice-President of Canadian National Assembly commends reforms announced by HM the King
Montreal - Vice-President of the Canadian National Assembly, Deputy Fatima Houda-Pepinn commended
the reforms announced by HM King Mohammed VI in a speech to the nation on Friday.
These reforms open prospects for strengthening democracy, said the Moroccan-born politician, describing
His Majesty’s speech as “groundbreaking”.

This Royal speech ushers a new era in the reform process, launched in Morocco a decade ago, said Houda-
Pepinn in an interview with MAP.

She pointed to the numerous initiatives launched under the leadership of HM King to promote development
all over the Kingdom and strengthen human rights and democratic practices, noting that these reforms
enabled Morocco to be in a leading position in the region.

The member of the Canadian National Assembly also commended the enshrinement in the constitution of
the diversity of the Moroccan identity, highlighting “that the recognition of Morocco’s cultural diversity
represents a considerable step forward.”

Spanish Sovereign congratulates HM the King on Friday speech
Rabat - HM King Mohammed VI received, Saturday, a phone call from King of Spain Juan Carlos I, during
which he congratulated the Monarch on the speech, which was adressed to the nation on Friday.
   The speech outlined the draft constitution that will be put to a referendum on July 1.
Sarkozy congratulates HM the King on new draft constitution
Rabat - HM King Mohammed VI received, Saturday, a phone call from French President Nicolas Sarkozy, in
which he congratulated the Sovereign on Friday speech to the nation.
   In the speech, HM the King outlined the new draft constitution.

   During the phone call, the French president expressed support for the constitutional reforms initiated by
the Monarch to promote the rule of law and strengthen democratic institutions.

France welcomes 'major advances' in new draft constitution, supports 'exemplary approach'
Paris - French President Nicolas Sarkozy welcomed, on Saturday, "the major advances" introduced in the
new draft constitution that was announced by HM King Mohammed VI, saying that France "fully supports
this exemplary approach."
   In a statement released by the Elysee Palace, President Sarkozy said the reforms announced, on Friday,
in the Royal speech will constitute the "major institutional changes."

   "King Mohammed VI proposed to the Moroccans to adopt democratically, through a referendum, reforms
that will constitute major advances with regard to public liberties, individual rights, the strengthening of the
rule of law and the recognition of cultural diversity in Morocco," Sarkozy said.

  For him, the important prerogatives granted to the Prime Minister as well as the strict seperation of
powers will create a new constitutional balance in favor of elected institutions, in full respect of the

  “Through this resolute approach, which is attentive to the aspirations of his people, King Mohammed VI
undertakes a path of profound, peaceful and modern transformation of institutions and Moroccan society,"
he added.

  “France fully supports this exemplary approach,” Sarkozy concluded.

HM the King announces popular referendum on new draft constitution to be held on July 1
Rabat - HM King Mohammed VI announced, on Friday in a speech to the nation, that a popular referendum
on the new draft constitution will be held on July 1.
"I shall be at the forefront, seeking an optimal implementation of this sophisticated constitutional project
which strengthens the foundations of a constitutional, democratic, parliamentary and social monarchy, once
the draft Constitution has, by the Grace of the Almighty, been approved by referendum, next July 1st,"
underscored the Monarch.

"When the nation's First Servant accomplishes his civic duty, and votes "Yes" to the draft Constitution which
will be submitted to the people via referendum, it is because of a firm conviction that this draft Constitution
duly takes into account the democratic principles, development-oriented institutions and mechanisms of
good governance required; and because it safeguards the rights and dignity of all Moroccans, in keeping
with the principles of equality and the rule of law,” HM the king said.

“I shall vote “Yes” because I am convinced that the draft Constitution’s democratic essence will provide a
strong impetus for the final settlement of the just cause of the Moroccan Sahara, on the basis of our
Autonomy Initiative. It will also enhance Morocco’s regional leadership as a State with a truly distinctive,
unity-based democratic approach,” the Monarch made it clear.

The Sovereign called on political parties, trade unions and civil society organizations, which participated
freely, from beginning to end, and with a keen sense of commitment, in developing this draft Constitution, to
seek “to mobilize the Moroccan people, not only for the purpose of voting the draft Constitution, but also to
see to it that it is implemented. Indeed, it constitutes the best means for the accomplishment of the
legitimate aspirations of our responsible, vigilant young people, and of all Moroccans, who aspire to achieve
our shared ambition of building our nation of the solid foundation of tranquility, unity, stability, democracy,
development, prosperity, justice, dignity, the rule of law and the institutions-based State.”

“As perfect as it may be, a constitution is never an end in itself, but rather a means for the establishment of
democratic institutions. The latter require reforms and political overhauling in which all stakeholders should
take part, so as to achieve our shared ambition, namely to promote development and enable all our citizens
to lead a dignified life,” said HM the King.

The new constitution, a 'watershed event' in process of completing construction of a State based on rule of
Rabat - The new constitution represents "a watershed event in the process of completing the construction of
a State based on the rule of law and on democratic institutions," HM King Mohammed VI said on Friday in a
speech to the nation.
  It firmly establishes "the principles and mechanisms of good governance, provide for dignified citizenship
and ensure social justice," HM the King explained.

   “This is the ambitious project I set out to achieve since my accession to the Throne, in close conjunction
with the nation’s stakeholders. Thanks to this approach we have managed, three months after having
launched a constitutional revision process, to develop a new democratic constitutional charter,” added HM
the King.

   He said the new constitution is based on the frame of reference set out in His Majesty’s speech of March
9, 2011, which received unanimous national support.

  “It is also based on the appropriate suggestions made by political parties and trade unions, community
groups and youth organizations, as well as the creative work of the Advisory Committee, in addition to the
constructive efforts of the Political Mechanism, both of which have been set up for this purpose,”
underscored the Monarch.

  The Monarch commended the “democratic contribution of all the parties and stakeholders involved.
Through this participatory approach, we have managed to overhaul the current Constitution and develop a
new constitutional text. The latter has unique characteristics relating to three aspects: methodology, format
and content.”

   Regarding methodology, “I wanted to make sure - and this is a first in the history of our country - that the
new Constitution is drawn up by Moroccans, for all Moroccans. As for format, it is based on a new layout
that concerns all its chapters, from the preamble - which is an integral part of the Constitution - to the very
last article. The new text is thus composed of 180 articles, up from 108 articles in the earlier version,” the
Sovereign noted.

  With respect to content, HM the King went on to say, the draft text “’is a distinctively Moroccan
constitutional model based on two complementary pillars.”

  The first pillar is “the commitment to the Moroccan nation’s immutable values, the preservation and
sustainability.” The second pillar “confirms the features and mechanisms of the parliamentary nature of the
Moroccan political system,” which is essentially based on the principles of “the nation’s sovereignty, the
supremacy of the Constitution as the source of all powers, and the link between public office and

The new draft constitution, 'genuine radical reform' - Govt. Spokesman says
Rabat - The draft constitution is "a genuine radical reform" that "leads us directly towards the parliamentary
regim with a distribution of powers between the monarchy and the Prime Minister," Communications Minister
and Government Spokesman, Khalid Naciri, said on Friday.
   Interviewed by "France 24" TV channel following the Royal speech, Naciri said that "the draft constitution
is a new conception of the state."

   "I think the new constitution was extremely bold, as the Prime Minister can exercise several prerogatives,
including his ability to dissolve the House of Representatives and appoint senior officials," he pointed out.

   Answering a question on the role of the February 20 movement in "the implementation of these changes,"
the Minister said that "it is true that (the movement) has given a boost to the move (…), but now we cannot
start the history of Morocco on February 20."

  "Morocco has embarked on a process of reforms since 1999," Naciri concluded.

The new draft constitution, 'a clear commitment to democracy and respect for human rights' - UE says
Brussels - The European Union (EU) praised, on Sunday, the new draft constitution announced Friday by
HM King Mohammed VI, saying that "it is a major step which highlights a clear commitment to democracy
and the respect for human rights."
  "We praise the announcement made by the King of Morocco of the main provisions of the new
constitution, which will be put to a referendum on July 1st, 2011," said EU foreign policy chief, Catherine
Ashton, and EU Enlargement Commissioner, Stefan Füle.

  "The proposed amendments concern key elements of the reform and modernization, such as the
separation of powers, the strengthening of the Government's role, the independence of the judiciary, the
regionalization and gender equality," they added.

   "Once the new constitution is implemented, it will be a major achievement in the process of reforms that
was already undertaken in Morocco," they noted, expressing the readiness of the EU to "support Morocco's
efforts to implement these profound reforms.”

  “The project of constitutional reform conforms to the ambitions of the Advanced Status” granted by the
European Union to Morocco, they said.

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