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					Spelling – Year Five
Teaching Strategies
   use spelling strategies based on knowledge of sound-symbol relationships and
    standard letter patterns e.g. single consonant sounds, two-letter consonant sounds

   use knowledge about words structures
          o   attempt to use patterns in smaller (base) words to spell longer words
          o   attempt to use –ing and –ed as verb word endings (tense endings) to spell words
          o   attempt to use – s and –es as plural endings
          o   hear syllables in words and use this knowledge when attempting to spell unknown words

   identify the link between spelling and word meanings
          o discuss changes to pronunciation of some words when adding plural endings e.g. plural ‘s’
            can sound differently but is written in the same way in words like ‘cats’ (‘soft ‘s’ sound) and
            ‘cars’ (‘z’ sound)
          o discuss changes to pronunciation of some words when tense endings e.g. ‘ed’ can sound
            differently at the end of ‘played’ (‘ed’ sound) and hopped (sounds like ‘t’)
          o discuss changes to words from singular to plural forms e.g. ‘man’ to ‘men’ , ‘child’ to
          o discuss words that alter when tense is changed e.g. ‘ride’ to ‘rode’, ‘go’ to we
          o discuss words that sound the same but are spelt differently (homonyms) e.g. see and sea;
            there and their; road and rode
          o discuss words that have a shared meaning component e.g. bake, baker, baking, bakery

   use a range of strategies to learn to spell words
          o   look at words to see familiar parts
          o   recognise ‘tricky’ parts to spelling patterns e.g. how and house
          o   identify familiar parts of words e.g. base words, familiar spelling patterns,
          o   say words and listen to sounds in words
          o   clap the word identifying syllables
          o   picture the word in the head
          o   try writing the word using to see what it looks like

   use a range of strategies when writing
          o   use familiar sounds in words
          o   use knowledge of simple base words
          o   experiment with tense and plural endings
          o   use easily accessible references to locate and copy words

   use a range of strategies to proof read and correct errors
          o identify possible spelling errors (eg. circling or underling doubtful words)
          o use a variety of references to find unknown words accurately for own writing tasks e.g. word
              lists, charts, books recently read, personal dictionaries, picture dictionaries
          o seek assistance to proof read and correct spelling
     discuss spelling errors with peers and familiar adults

                          (Source: Queensland Studies Authority Years 1 to 10 English Support Materials March 2004 – draft)
                                   OVERVIEW OF SPELLING AND WORD STUDY
                                           REVISION - YEAR FOUR WORDS
                                                                      (commence program in Term Two – refer to Year
                                                                         Two Resource book for further details on
Morphemes (units of            adult       hand           race        Term One: Revision of Year Three words
meaning within a word eg il    adventure   happen         reach
legal; dis appear)             against     happiness      read        Term Two
                               allow       haven’t        ready       List One: beach, beautiful, began, believe,
Suffixes and prefixes          animal      hear           real        happen, happiness, read, ready, real, really
change the meaning and/or      another     heard          really      List Two: hide, high, cried, fire, life, write, ride,
function of the base word      appear      hide           remember    ice, I’ll, I’m (long vowel sound ‘i')
                               Australia   high           rest        List Three: adult, against, allow, appear,
Suffixes:                                  holiday        ride        Christmas, decrease, explain, empty, follow,
           ly                 beach       hope           round       funny (two-syllable words)
           y                  beautiful   hurt                       List Four: different, disappear, family, another,
           er                 began                      sadness     animal, remember, suddenly, kilometre, litre,
           est                believe     ice            sent        metre (three-syllable words; metric words)
           ed                 best        I’ll           shoes       List Five: stain, state, stone, Easter, best,
Prefixes                       blood       I’m            sleep       east, lost, most, rest, west (st in words)
       un                     break       invite         space       List Six: gram, great, ground, break, broke,
       non                    broke                      stain       plane, planet, please, thanks, that’s (gr, br, pl,
       bi                     buy         jail           state       th)
       tri                                               stone       List Seven: race, space, face, games, lady (long
       out                    care        kept           straight    a sound); straight, street (str); train, try (tr);
Antonyms                       caught      kilometre      street      Australia
Synonyms                       cent        kitchen        suddenly    List Eight: pretty, push, mountain, nearly,
Homonyms                       Christmas   knew                       never, next, open, parcel, pass, peace
                               city        knife          talk
Plurals – no change – trout;   class                      thanks      Term Three
sheep; deer                    cold        lady           that’s      List One: care, caught, cent, city, class, cold,
                               cover       land           train       cover, dance, does, dream
Digraphs:                      cried       lead           try         List Two: every, felt, front, adventure, blood,
           ear (pear)                     leave                      buy, hand, haven’t, hear, heard
           or (word)          dance       led            west        List Three: holiday, Queensland, people, hope,
           ie (field)         decrease    life           which       hurt, invite, jail, kept, knife, knew
           ph (phone)         different   litre          woke        List Four: kitchen, land, leave, led, lead, reach,
           kn (know)          disappear   lost           write       round, sadness, sent, shoes
           wr (wrong)         does                                   List Five: sleep, talk, which, woke, young
           mb (lamb)          dream       metre          young       List Six: Days of the week
           ho (honour)                    most                       List Seven: Months of the year
           are (care)         east        mountain       Revise:     List Eight: Number to one hundred
           igh (high)         Easter                     Days of
           a (bath)           empty       nearly         the week    Term Four
           ue (blue)          every       never          Months of   Revision
           ea (read)          explain     next           the year
           ore (more)                     open                       Add words to the core spelling list from word
                               face                       Numbers     study section
Collective nouns:              family      parcel         to 100      Add community words to core spelling list
         school of fish       felt        pass
         choir                fire        peace          Community   EXPECTATION: Every Year Four student will
         class                follow      people         words       spell the core list words correctly, every time!
         team                 front       plane
         audience             funny       planet
         gaggle of geese                  please
         swarm                games       pretty
                               gram        push
Contractions – as met in       great
reading and writing            ground      Queensland
                                                YEAR FIVE
 PHONICS/ WORD                            SPELLING WORDS                        SUGGESTED LISTS FOR SPELLING
                                                                                WORDS (commence program in Term
     STUDY                                                                       Two – refer to Year Five Resource
                                                                                    book for further details on
Suffixes                   almost      flew          morning      swim          Term One: - Revise Year Four words
          tion            already     floor         mouse                      Term Two:
          ness            also        forward       myself       teacher       List One: almost, already, also,
                                                                                always, behind, believe, between,
          able            always      friend                     tear
                                                                                wasn’t, wouldn’t, you’re
          ture            aunt        fright        naughty      their         List Two: can’t, couldn’t, didn’t,
          sion                                      noise        they’re       don’t, he’s, it’s, I’d, o’clock, she’s,
          ful             behind      germ          north        there         they’re
          hood            being       give          notice       those         List Three: aunt, uncle, cousin,
          or              believe     gram                       threw         brother, parents, teacher, woman, Dr
          er              between     guess         o’clock      through       (doctor), friend, ladies
          ess             bought                    outside      touch         List Four: people, person, police,
                                                                                lady, ready, story, heavy, energy,
Prefixes:                  bread       half                       trip
                                                                                naughty, hungry
       re                 breakfast   happened      parents      try           List Five: bread, breakfast, bridge,
       mid                bridge      he’s          park party                 early, finally, lovely, quickly, slowly,
       circum             brother     heavy         people       uncle         threw, through
       over               build       horse         person       upon          List Six: myself, upstairs, maybe,
       under                          hour          piece        upstairs      outside, upon, without, Queensland,
Digraphs:                  can’t       hungry        poem         usual         there, their, those
       c (circus)         caught                    police                     List Seven: clean, close, flew, floor,
                                                                                try, trip, earn, earth, whole, whose
       aigh (straight)    chimney     island        prefer       wasn’t
                                                                                List Eight: build, bought, being,
       sc (science)       city        it’s          present      watch         germ, give, gram, guess, kilometre,
       ough (bough)       clean       I’d                        wear          millilitre, litre
Contractions – as met in   close       interesting   Queensland   whole         Term Three
reading and writing        colour                    quarter      whose         List One: park, party, knew, knock,
                           comb        joyful        quickly      without       tear, wear, noise, north, notice, joyful
Masculine and feminine     couldn’t                  quiet        woman         List Two: quarter, quiet, sauce,
usage                      country     keep                       wouldn’t      saucer, caught, city, colour, country,
                                                                                chimney, comb
        girl/boy          cousin      kilometre     ready        wrong
                                                                                List Three: dead, dinner, does,
        male/female                   knew          received                   drink, except, ever, farm, finish,
        stallion/mare     dead        knock         river        you’re        forward, fright
        son/daughter      didn’t                    road                       List Four: last, laugh, light listen,
        uncle/aunt        dinner      ladies                     Number:       lose, machine, meant, minutes, month,
Collective nouns:          does        lady          sauce        To million    mouse
        bouquet           don’t       last          saucer                     List Five: piece, poem present, keep,
        shoal             Dr          laugh         scare        Community     half, horse, hour, island, river, road
                                                                                List Six: scare, scissors, since,
        library           drink       light         scissors     words
                                                                                south, spring, station, square, sugar,
        crowd                         listen        she’s                      swim, touch
        mass              early       litre         since        Revise:       List Seven: usual, watch, wrong,
        mob               earn        lose          slowly       Months of     interesting, happened, sometimes,
        herd              earth       lovely        something    the year      something, received, morning, prefer
                           energy                    sometimes                  List Eight: numbers to million
Antonyms                   ever        machine       south                      Term Four - revision
Synonyms                   except      maybe         spring       Days of the
Homonyms – homophones                  meant         square       week
and homographs             farm        millilitre    station
                           finally     minutes       story
                           finish      month         sugar
HOMONYMS – Year Five
air, heir                   find, fined                 quay, key

alter, altar                fir, fur                    rap, wrap

base, bass                  fort, fought                rays, raise

bow, beau                   forth, fourth               rest, wrest

bell, belle                 heal, heel, he’ll           wrote, rote

bite, bight                 hall, haul                  seen, scene

board, bored                hew, hue                    scent, sent, cent

bold, bowled                him, hymn                   seem, seam

bridal, bridle              holy, wholly                sure, shore

ceiling, sealing            loan, lone                  side, sighed

cellar, seller              maize, maze                 size, sighs

cheque, check               meter, metre                so, sow, sew

coarse, course              mist, missed                sort, sought

cue, queue                  packed, pact                sole, soul

curb, kerb                  pear, pair, pare            taught, torte

current, currant            passed, past                team, teem

dew, due                    peal, peel                  thrown, throne

dye, die                    please, pleas               time, thyme

fair, fare                  paws, pores, pause, pours   vault, volt

fate, fete                  presence, presents          wade, weighed

angle              crow                         mean             record

arms               dart                         might            rest

beam               fill                         mine             row

bear               fine                         note             seal

bit                grave                        order            shed

block              ground                       harm             spoke

boot               jumper                       pick             spring

bow                let                          pile             stand

cast               letter                       pupil            tear

corn               match                        rear             watch

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