The Rough Draft by alicejenny


									The Rough Draft
              The Beginning of the End
• Make sure you have completed the
  foundation to your paper.

• Without completing the foundation in order
  you will have to go back to complete the
  process later. (DO NOT SKIP STEPS)
Applying the Outline
• Begin your rough draft with your thesis

• Then introduce your thesis statement and
  end the first paragraph with the thesis
Introducing Tips
• Do not introduce your thesis with cliché
  lines like, “I did a paper on Breast Cancer,”
  “I am going to tell you about Fisherman.”

• Avoid using I at all costs. “I” takes away
  from your professionalism.
• Avoid beginning your paper with a
  question. Like, “Have you ever thought
  about Breast Cancer?”

• The reader thinks, “Are you kidding?”
• Type a rough beginning then consider a
  thesaurus as a starting point.

• Begin with something like…”Breast cancer
  affects one in every three women in the
  United States every year.” “Fisherman are
  the vital organs in the system called the
  Chesapeake Bay.”
• Between paragraphs you must transition.
  Let’s say that your current paragraph is
  about the types of fish in the bay and your
  next paragraph is about the types of
  shellfish in the bay.
End you paragraph
• Not only are their thirty-six kinds of fish in
  the bay there are twelve types of shellfish.

• Begin the next like this…
    Of the twelve species the oyster is most
    commonly found along the shoreline.
• Always try and find a way to connect the
  paragraph together.

• Connections help the reader make
  connections as well while examining your
Continue the Process
• Move from each topic fluently and transition
  the appropriate way.

• When you are ready to close do not repeat
  the same sentences.
• Leave the reader with a sense of closure.
  Do not just end your paper abruptly
  because you are sick of writing.

• Try refreshing the reader with the main
  point worded differently than before.
• If you finish early hand you paper in to a
  teacher for revising…if you finish on the
  due date or later you will only be allowed

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